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W 1.1

I can write about something I believe. I include the topic I am writing about, what I believe, the reason I believe it and add an ending sentence. W 1.2

W 1.3

I can write about something that happened in the order it happened in. I can include details about what happened, use ordering words (first, second, next) and add an ending sentence.

W 1.5

With help from my teacher, I can write about a topic. I can answer questions my friends have about my writing and use their suggestions to make my writing better.

W 1.6

With help from my teacher or a friend, I can use my iPad, Pages, Evernote, blog, or make videos of my writing.

W 1.7

I can do research with my teacher and friends. I can write instructions for how to do something.


I can explain something I know or have learned in writing. I include the topic, some facts about the topic, and add an ending sentence.

1st Grade CCS Student Friendly  

Student friendly 1st grade common core standards

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