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Contents • Tory Burch – The Brand • Tory Burch – Brand Ambassador & Working Mother • Tory Burch – Design Inspiration • Fall 2010 – Collection & Inspiration • Milestones • Market Positioning • Global Overview • Boutique Photography • Store Openings & Growth • Celebrities in Tory Burch • Press/Editorial Highlights

Tory Burch The Brand

LIFESTYLE • Launched in 2004, the collection reflects founder Tory Burch’s own unique sense of style. • The collection is defined by classic American sportswear with an eclectic sensibility, including ready-to-wear, accessories, shoes, jewelry and eyewear.

LUXURY • Tory Burch balances a sophisticated, designer

aesthetic and high-end quality with an accessible price.

• “Luxury is about having personal style and living your life based on your individual aesthetic.”

Tory Burch

Brand Ambassador & Working Mother

A mother of three, Tory Burch successfully balances family, work, travel and her passion for design, music and art. • Entrepreneur • Philanthropist • Style Icon • CFDA Award Winner • Industry Spokesperson

Tory Burch Design Inspiration

Tory is inspired by... • The effortless style of her parents Reva and Buddy • Bold interiors, like the prints and textures done by David Hicks • The countries she visits and the people she meets around the world • Vintage images, art, books, music and movies

Tory Burch Fall 2010 Inspiration

Fall 2010 Collection

Fall 2010 Collection

Milestones Tory launches in Hong Kong Launch of the “Reva” Ballet Flat

Launch of NYC flagship

Tory receives Ace Award for Accessory Designer of the Year launches

Oprah hails Tory “the next big thing in fashion”

Tory inducted into CFDA

Tory launches in London and Dubai

Tory is awarded the CFDA Accessory Designer of the Year

Milan Showroom opens

Tory launches the Tory Burch foundation

The presentation is moved to the tents

Tokyo flagship opens 2010 South Korea, Rome, Hong Kong, Taiwan & London expansion planned

Eyewear launches

Market Positioning

Market Positioning Editorial Adjacencies

Market Positioning Location Adjacencies

Global Overview

Tory Burch has over 340 points of distribution worldwide

Boutique Photography

Boutique Photography

Store Openings* 2 35



E urope A sia* U nited S tates

1 2004









*Asia doors include stores in Department stores and Flagship stores *US and Europe doors exclude Department stores




Sales Index Growth Benchmark 2007

Celebrities in Tory Burch

Press/Editorial Highlights U.S.

Press/Editorial Highlights Asia / Europe

June Brand Book  
June Brand Book  

June Brand Book