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katrinatech Industrial Designer

katrina is a young creative who was raised in the san

francisco bay area and o’ahu, hawaii. she grew up coming up with alternative ways to do things, since when she was a child, her mother would usually tell her “think anak!” (meaning “think my child!”). so from a young age, katrina would ponder on how to do things, figure out how things work, analyze why and how people do things, etc. she can genuinely see and understand situations and problems, with that she aspires to help as much as she can through her actions and designs.

contents iOle

handheld form study


sketch skills

kida cam

advanced prototyping


samsonite baby travel competition


SolidWorks, Rhino, Unigraphics


handheld scanner


The objective was to design a handheld scanner that can be used in two different handholds. This assignment was a form study project.


final & handholds


electronic toothbrush


The objective was to redesign a handheld electronic device of choice. This assignment was an analog sketching project.

concept evolution

twist on cap

rubber grip bristle head front casing padding

battery rubber stopper spindle gear motor battery bed battery spring back casing



kida cam rockclimbing camalot


The objective was to design a product using two fabricating techniqes learned in Advanced Prototyping class. The chosen methods in this project were moving mechanisms and CNC machining.

problems with camalots on the market are that there is no distinct identification of ownership (so people tend to mark them via nail polish etc) and the cables tend to snap (the distance from the shaft allows more vulnerable bends to cables when made contact with rock wall).

what is a camalot?

Camalots, or cams, are assistive rockclimbing devices that are placed in cracks of the rock being climbed, in order to have an additional secure point to attach rope. These points where the climber’s rope is attached add safety to catch the climber if the climber were to fall.

inspirations I was inspiried by the Disney movie Atlantis: The Lost

Empire, the illustration style has a “rocky” form to it, and it also included its own fictional language “Atlantean”. For ownership ID I considered besides labeling the cam with the user’s name, one can put a short saying as to why they climb. The Atlantean language has the same alphabet as English (but in a rocky/nature type scripture), so it’s easier to write any English statement or any name.

form study

functional mockups

cables are closer to body

of cam, less lone exposure to rock wall

owner identification along

the top of the cam is a saying/name of the owner for easier identification. the scripture is an indentation into the cam, which creates and doubles as friction against the stone

new features

more identification

initials of the owner can be etched into the side panel

ergonomic shapes are tweaked for a more ergonomic form



baby traveling pillow


The objective was to design a product that would assist in any way when traveling with babies. This project was entered into the Samsonite Baby Travel Competition of 2008, and won a “Judge’s Prize Award.”



comfort / health

field research

Chose to address the problem of children’s sleeping positions via travel.

chosen direction

concept sketches

The family is going out but the mother has to tend to the crying baby and tries to comfort it.

The mother then retrieves the Bluetooth iHearSafe speaker jack from the Hush’s Samsonite Logo pocket.

Unfortunately the mother fails to stop the child from crying. Since the family is in a rush the mother starts to get the child ready.

The speaker jack is plugged into the chosen music player, in this case an mp3 player.

After putting the child in the carseat she places the Hush on the child accordingly.

The mother turns the music on and sets the sound accordingly. The child is comforted by the music and falls asleep.

The pillow is bendable which allows it to accommodate all baby sizes as well as being able to widen the pillow to be used when the child is lying down. Simply bend the pillow to a wide enough shape to go around the baby’s head.

The woman bearing the child may place the Hush pillow around the stomach to play music for the child within. There is no strap to hold the pillow in place. This is due to the fact that the pillow must be held in place disabling the woman from doing anything else. This makes it a special time with the mother and child. The woman must also be at rest (lying or sitting down) for this special time.

scenario & how to


The Hush is an ergonomic travel pillow which plays music for children from 0-1.5 years of age. It can also be, and is recommended, to be use even earlier starting at two months of pregnancy, when the child develops the sense of hearing. Starting to play music for your child early in the womb is good stimulation for the child and also creates a connection with the music and the womb. When the baby is born and misses the womb, playing the same music will calm the child down. It is believed that playing classical music can make the child smarter, but others say the tempo is too fast for the baby. It is fully up to the parents/guardians on what music to play for the child. Some recommended music are Lovely Baby Music, Rockabye Baby, and Baby Loves Music. Some parents complain about how travel pillows on the market for babies only fit the child to a certain age. With the Hush’s bendable feature it can adjust to any baby size. It may even be used past the age of its ideal user of 1.5 years since the head grows slower around that age and stays that size to about the teenage stage. Once the child has grown out of the Hush pillow it may advance regular travel pillows. An internal lead strip allows the Hush pillow to bend. To make the lead strip safe to use, it is be coated with silicone reassuring that no lead will escape and harm the pillow’s users and can still allow the lead strip to bend and flex as desired. The Hush has magnets on its ends to gently fasten the pillow to the child and help hold it in place. Magnets make fastening easier and faster, and will not injure the child. The Hush pillow may also be used when the child is sleeping in a crib or anywhere where the child is sleeping flat. Simply widen the pillow wide enough to go around the child’s head but not touching the child’s head. The music can still be heard from a short distance with the pillow just sitting next to the child’s head. This is also a great alternative to regular speakers and head sets, for head sets can injure the child as well as having a hard speaker close to a sleeping child. The Hush also includes a pocket for the Bluetooth speaker jack disguised by the Samsonite logo. Having such a common household and travel item such as the Hush will constantly advertise Samsonite with its logo pocket. Having the speaker jack be Bluetooth allows the user to place the chosen music player wherever desired. The speaker jack will be compatible with any music player with a regular head phone jack. The parents may also use the Hush as well when they themselves finally find “me-time” and can take a nice musically soothing nap; because all parents need a break from parenting from time to time.

additional written entry & results

CAD samples

The following are samples of misc CAD work done via SolidWorks, Rhino, and Unigraphics. These renders are from learning the programs as well as from other projects.

thank you ! Katrina Tech 408-605-4356

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