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Invitations is for ...

baby, boy & Brock



Join us for a baby shower honoring

Sarah Beth McIvor

wedding is not too far,

as she awaits the arrival of

let’s get

Brock Alexander

together and




Sunday, Sept. 18th from 2 to 4 p.m. The McCubbin’s House 1612 Ridgeside Avenue Bowling Green, KY RSVP to



Join us for a shower honoring:

Stacey Forsythe Sunday, June 3rd at 2 p.m. The Hunt Residence 411 Fonso Circle Bowling Green, KY

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Regets only to by May 28th

Stacey is registered at Target and Babies ‘R Us

Hosted by: Emily Buser, Katie Clark, Miranda Hunt & Holli Waltrip

Sarah Beth is registered at Babies ‘R Us, Target and Pottery Barn Kids.

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our vision and our passion by asking the

This is exactly how Melissa Kish explains

right questions. Now, she is someone I have on campus that I can talk to even after the

she was attracted to the LeaderShape

experience because she understands all of

Institute, an organization that draws college

the things we learned.”

students from all over the country to learn to

When Kish looks back on the week

share, discover, and most importantly, accept

in Atlanta, she notes that this wasn’t just

a disregard for the impossible as they look to

an influential experience for the students.

their futures.

Kish returned to UA with improved skills in

After submitting her application to

developing student leaders and program

become a LeaderShape facilitator, Kish

facilitation along with a new energy and

underwent an intensive selection process

outlook on the opportunities college students

that examined her familiarity with conflict

have. “College students have talent, passion

management, leadership and group

and drive to make the world better, and

dynamics. Kish used the skills and knowledge

they blew me away,” said Kish. She further

she has gained working in Student Affairs to

explains that the most rewarding part

impress a committee that ultimately offered

of cluster facilitation was witnessing the

her a position at the Atlanta national session,

transformation among the students she

where she served as a cluster facilitator.

led. “For some students, LeaderShape was

Kish packed her bags and traveled to

the first time they had ever been able to

Atlanta for faculty member training a few days

see themselves as leaders. It gave them

before students arrived ready to learn. She

confidence to go out and make a difference.”

knew there was a life-changing week ahead

Kish empowers her students at UA to

for the carefully selected college students and

make a difference through a daily example

was grateful for the added preparation time

of embracing new challenges and learning

for both she and the other facilitators.

opportunities in every aspect of a work

The University of Alabama sent 10

environment. For Kish, “teaching and

students to the national conference this

learning” defines her career in Student Affairs

past year. Leah Boyd, a senior at UA, was

where she serves as an Assistant Director

fortunate to be part of Kish’s small group

in University Recreation. As she practices

for the week and describes that Kish made

being observant of lessons in leadership, Kish

a profound impact on her experience.

continues to find teachable moments that

“Melissa pushed us to think critically about

inspire her students.


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“Everyone is a teacher and a learner.” her leadership philosophy and a main reason

“Melissa pushed us to think critically about our vision and our passion by asking the right q u e s t i o n s.” — L e a h B o yd


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the book 2012 – 2013


e m o c el


Univer s i ty A la b a m a

Th e


a glimpse of student We are thrilled to share A Book is distinct life at the Capstone. The in that it is written from other publications nts. It is a stude for entirely by students, as a simple tradition that began in 1908 Publication ceased guidebook for students. rience is excited in 1968, but First Year Expe year. Although to revive the tradition this us have changed, many things on this camp pride we share for one remains the same—the The nine of us this outstanding University. guide about the are eager to bring you this nt life, traditions stude University’s resources, . We hope that and surrounding community ghout your first year you refer to it often throu of “50 Things to and beyond. From our list to descriptions of Do Before You Graduate” niche on campus, opportunities to find your that we believe this book holds information experience. As you is integral to the student community, we become a member of our you make UA your hope The A Book helps home away from home. year at The University Have a phenomenal first ntage of all our of Alabama and take adva campus has to offer. Roll Tide!

, Alexis, Asha, Beth, Elizabeth, Kiara Lisa, Mimi, Sarah, and Tori The A Book Editorial Board

turn the page

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the best of collegiate



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Book Design

Table of Contents Chapter 1


Chapter 2


Chapter 3


Chapter 4


Chapter 5


Chapter 6


Chapter 7


Chapter 8


Chapter 9


Chapter 10


Chapter 11


Chapter 12


Chapter 13


Chapter 14


Chapter 15


Chapter 16


Chapter 17


Chapter 18


Chapter 19


Chapter 20


Epilogue: 2010 Acknowledgements

217 227

Las Vegas: A Bloody Assassination Las Vegas: A Top Cop Las Vegas: A Murder Foul

Las Vegas: Courthouse Conviction and Sub Rosa Pardon Havana: The Cuban Irony Elkins, West Virginia: Growing Up Bowling Green: The Kentucky Matrix Bowling Green, Kentucky: The Hound of Fate Hopkinsville, Kentucky: Love at the Bus Station Bowling Green and Tinian: Growing Into B-29s Post War Kentucky: Cave Acres and Hilda’s Lawyer Bowling Green: Jury Trials and Banking Cave City, Kentucky: Marvin and the Grandsons Miami and Las Vegas: Marvin’s Connections Hilda: The Chic Grandmother Havana, Cuba: Hotel and Casino de Capri

Havana, Cuba: Roulette and Revolution Las Vegas: Caesars Palace

Elkins, West Virginia: Money Jars and Lock Box Mystery Frankfort, Kentucky: The Kentucky Supremes

text.indd 5

1/20/11 10:12 AM


Las Vegas: A Bloody Assassination!

With less than two hours left to live, Hilda Reynolds Krause slumbered peacefully in the condo’s master bedroom. She had not awakened as her husband, Marvin, prepared to drive to Caesars Palace. He had slept in the guest bedroom so that his early departure would not disturb his wife. Hilda’s rude awakening to this last—and extremely short—day of her life was only minutes away as Marvin entered the attached garage, locking the door behind him. He fully intended to drive his Cadillac to the casino, but never made it. The nylon stocking mask did nothing to filter the venom from a slurred and snarled command. Not shouted, instead delivered at a decibel level barely above a stage whisper, the crude order seemed all the more threatening and seriously personal. “Stay outta that goddamn car, dumb ass!” The second nylon mask nervously repeated the uncompromising command while adding a string of imperative expletives. The gambler’s instinctive response was to resist. Moments earlier Marvin Krause had activated the garage door opener and was turning to open the door of his 1974 Cadillac when a pair of ill-defined shadows suddenly bloomed three-dimensional and charged him through the two-car-wide portal. The lead figure was little more than an apparition in the pre-dawn haze while issuing the initial warning against entering the car. Among those who knew him best, without dissent Krause’s pugnacious personality was acknowledged, always combat ready

text.indd 7

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1/20/11 10:12 AM

Book Design My Enemy...My Friend, 2nd edition



Brig. general Dan Cherry, USaF, (ret.)



owling Green, Kentucky is a great town—just the right size to find what you need without fighting the hassles of big city life. But it’s the people—special people—who define the uniqueness of Bowling

Green. I was a baby when my mother divorced my father. She and I returned to Bowling Green to live with my grandparents. I remember nothing about the divorce, but I do remember the love and care given me as a child in this small Kentucky town. My Granddaddy Sullivan or Dynamite Dan to his friends, was my hero. He drove one of the big K4B Pacific steam locomotives on the L&N Railroad, and I thought Granddaddy walked on water. One of my favorite childhood memories is Grandmother taking me to the depot to see Granddaddy’s train come in. I remember being scared

a story of reconciliation from the


Brigadier General Dan Cherry, USAF, (Ret.) with Fran Erickson


1/10/12 9:43 AM

of the smoke, steam and loud noise of the locomotive yet strangely drawn to it. My trips on the Pullman car, especially the ones at night, were quite the adventure for a little boy. I recall looking out the window draped with a sleeping curtain to block the glare ” ite Dan and letting my H. “Dynam iel an D e: Abov 46. 35. imagination run Sullivan, 19 Sullivan Cherry, 19 a th Left: Mar wild as the train raced across the countryside. “It feels as if we’re flying, Grandmother,” I said as the train sped over an elevated trestle or bridge. In my young and impressionable mind and heart, the sensation of flying had taken root. Other vivid memories of growing up in Bowling Green center on the World War II era. 2

Katie Clark Portfolio Samples

Uniforms were everywhere. I noticed the soldiers, particularly the Army Air Forces pilots with their flashy silver wings, getting on and off the trains, shopping in the stores, and strolling through the town. Just like my grandfather Sullivan, they too became my role models and my aspiration. By the time I was 10, Mother married her high school sweetheart. Henry Hardin Cherry, Jr. became my dad, and a great dad he was. As evidence of the love we shared, he adopted me and gave me the Cherry name—a blessing I will never forget. An aeronautical engineer, Dad moved us around a lot while he chased defense contracts. Henry Hardin Cherry, Jr. was not an aviator, but he worked on some amazing airplanes such as the F7U Cutlass, the B49 Flying Wing, the C-130 and the C-5A. We traveled from California to Texas and back again—finally residing in Powder Springs, Georgia. It was a great life, but Bowling Green continued to feel like home for our nomadic family. Wherever we lived I remember airplanes constantly flying over our house. I imagined what fun it would be to fly the P-51 and the early jets like the F-80, the F-84 or the FDan Cherry as Aviation Cadet Colonel, 1960. 86. Through high school, the years I 3

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the right parts on time the first time

Marion Precision Machining

Dennis Dudley, Owner

600 Bluff Road w Marion, South Carolina 29571 phone: (843) 433-4255 w fax: (843) 423-1557 email:

RetiRement 3 to 5 p.m. April 27, 2012




Honoring Mr. A ATriuM i n v i t a t i o n wi l l f o l l o w

M M Marion Precision Machining


the RIGHT parts on TIME the FIRST time Forgo the hassle of dealing with people who don’t understand your needs. Marion Precision Machining is a general machine tool shop that specializes in completing short-run jobs for large industry manufacturers. With over 25 years of experience, we bring precise understanding of specifications and on-time delivery of quality machined components to every job. MPM’s broad range of capabilities include:


u u u u u u

CNC turning CNC milling Precision machining Tool making Production machining Fixtures

MPM works with all common metals, plastics and fiberglass to supply you with a broad spectrum of machined components.



We can handle runs of 1 to 5,000 pieces and no matter the size we ensure you get the quality parts you need, when you need them.

College Heights Herald channel iPhone app

Katie Clark Portfolio Samples

600 Bluff Road u Marion, South Carolina 29571 phone: (843) 433-4255 u fax: (843) 423-1557 u email:

Student Work The following links are student pieces designed under my supervision:

Katie Clark Portfolio Samples

Katie Clark Portfolio Samples  

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