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“T’mal mal Comes A Aboard” board” Written by Michael Grillo

Kyle Charlton

Lieutenant T’mal

Captain Ta’Kor

PERSONAL LOG: Lt T’mal I have received my final orders concerning my posting to the USS LEVIATHAN. I will be the Chief Engineer of the vessel. It may not be the posting I would have chosen, but given my skill set is it a logical decision. Switching off her personal recorder, T’mal placed the device in her carry case. Slinging the small case over her shoulder, she lifted her suitcase suitcase and left the temporary quarters that had been her home for the last three weeks. In the corridor she made her way to the docking ring. Ideally she would have at least two or three days to familiarize herself with the ship, its engine room and crew. When she arrived at the ship she was informed that the captain was on the station, so she headed to her quarters on Deck One. When she got there she noticed that for the time being she had the cabin to herself, though from her study of the DEFIANT-Class DEFIANT Class sh she knew that she’d be sharing the cabin before long.

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Before she began putting away her few belongings she went to the comm. panel and left a message for Captain Ta’Kor informing him that she had arrived and was available at his pleasure to present herself. She then began to quickly unpack her belongings; the last piece in place was the picture of her parent she placed on the shelf of her bunk. With everything in place, and no word from the captain, T’mal made her way to the Engineering Deck. On a ship the size of the LEVIATHAN it was a quick walk to the doors that opened to admit her to what was now her domain. She entered onto the mezzanine overlooking the main working space of Engineering. Across the deck she observed two crew-members working on a disassembled panel. They did not hear her enter the upper level which allowed her to see how they worked naturally. Judging from the nearby tool cart the workers seemed organized and competent. She also noticed the good natured joking between the human and the Ferengi, and while she only vaguely understood the concept of humour, she did appreciate the need for it between members of some species. Satisfied, for the moment, that the engineering staff was competent, she left the mezzanine, intending to make her way to the bridge when she received a notification from the Officer of the Day that the captain was on-board and would like to see her at her earliest convenience. She immediately changed her path heading for his quarters, arriving shortly at his door, she pressed the access panel to announce herself, “Lieutenant T’mal wishes to present herself to the captain.” "Ah Lieutenant, please come in!" came the jovial reply over the doors comm. Unit. As the door opened, T’mal stepped in to the captain’s quarters, which on the DEFIANT-Class ship served as his ready room. “Captain Ta’Kor, Lieutenant T’mal reporting as Chief Engineer.” Ta'Kor stood in response to the new Chief Engineers entry, '"Excellent!" he said haughtily, "We've been waiting for your arrival for a while. I'm sorry the ships not in the best of shape at the moment, we ran into some trouble on the way here from Mars. All of the major damage has been taken care of, but there are some small repairs that still need to be made." Sitting back down behind his desk, Ta'Kor deactivated the wall terminal which contained readings from the sections of space they were to enter, "I won't take much of your time, I know you have much work to do. Grab a seat."

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“Thank you, sir,” T’mal replied standing at ease across the desk from the Klingon. “I was able to access the major repair issues from the database on station, but was not able to find anything about the minor concerns.” Shaking his head Ta'Kor gave a small shrug, "To be honest Lieutenant, I'm not sure of all the repairs that need to be done on the ship, after reading through all of the reports from the attack, I've had my hands full. However Ensign Blidge has been temporarily in charge of Engineering during the major repairs, he can update you better then I on the repair status." Ta'Kor paused as he handed T'mal a padd, "If you’re looking for exact details, this padd contains all of the engineering related reports since we left space dock. Other than that, is there anything that you need?" he asked bluntly. “No, Sir. This should give me what I need to know.” Pausing for a moment, she continued, “When are we scheduled to get underway? I’d like to be able to have a meeting with my entire staff beforehand.” "We are actually scheduled to depart late this afternoon, so you have five hours to get whatever you need done before we leave. Now if that’s all, your dismissed." “Thank you, Captain,” she replied, turning on her heels and leaving the captain’s quarters. Returning to her own cabin, she queried the computer to make sure there were no conflicting meetings. Satisfied that there were none, she activated her comm badge. “Attention, this is the Chief Engineer. All engineering personnel are required to attend a staff meeting in on hour. The meeting will take place on the main engineering deck.”

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#19 T'mal Comes Aboard  

Meet the Leviathan's new Chief Engineer as she gets things going in her department

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