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“Investigations” Written by Katheryne Stripling

Kyle Charlton

Lieutenant Commander Katheryne Bloodstar

Captain Ta’Kor

Katheryne found DS9 to be the same as it had always been. Okay, but nothing special. Then again, maybe that was because the "new" had worn off of her a long time ago. For the time off, she decided that she wanted to just relax and nothing more. She found an empt empty holodeck and went with one of the pre-programmed programmed Sims. It probably would have shocked those who knew her, had anyone been there to see it. That was one reason she liked the holodecks on DS-9, DS 9, they had a privacy feature that was easy to use. Unfortunately, she would not get to use it for long this day. She had been laying out in the holo-sun sun getting a nice tan, when her comm. badge beeped. She really didn’t want to answer it. But, after three minutes of consistent chirping she reluctantly reached ached over and hit h the badge. "Yes." She said, in a clearly irritated voice. "Sir, I've found it!" came the excited voice of Lieutenant Williams. "Slow down Lieutenant, Found what?" "Sir, I've found where the remote signal was coming from. It bothered the hell out of me, that at the time I couldn’t find it, so I've spend the last six hours having the computer track the signal. Whoever designed it is damned good, and I mean damned good. It took the computer compute that long to track the signal Boss, they had six different tag lines, and another half dozen ..." "Lieutenant cut to the chase." ." Katheryne said, not in the mood to hear all the technical jargon. "Yes, boss, sorry, boss. The signal came from Daghobah, a small, isolated planet. Sir, the signal was also pre-generated. That is, it was programmed to go off at the precise time that the sh ship de-cloaked when it did. This is really advanced stuff, boos." he said.

While it was mostly mumbo jumbo to her, Katheryne certainly, understood the name of the planet. Dagobah. One of those obscure planets that nobody had ever heard of, in a sector anybody had gone to in ages and nobody really cared about. "Good job Lieutenant" She said, cutting the comm. badge off. She really wanted to lay there in the perfect sun, soaking up some more rays, but she knew she couldn't. Time was wasting. Which a silent curse, she got up, changed into her uniform, and ended the program. She hit her comm. badge again. "Captain Ta'Kor, I've got a lead on the origins of the remote signal, permission to take a small team and check it out." She said, being very vague. After all, it could still turn out to be this side of nothing... Seconds later Ta'Kor's voice filtered through the comm. badge, "Permission granted, you can use the Incapacitator to get to where you need to go, but if you find anything send us an update immediately, Understood?." Ta'Kor continued, "And Lieutenant, if you decide to use the holo-skin again, I would suggest you take Lieutenant commander Jadoon with you this time, we don't want to anger the Romulans again." He scoffed, like that’s such a hard thing to do, it’s almost impossible not to anger them in one way or another. He thought to himself as he looked over some padds on the bridge. Maybe now we’ll get somewhere with this investigation.

#16 Investigations  

Lieutenant Commander Bloodstar finds a lead that will soon draw her and the rest of Beta sqaud to a an out of way planet that's rarely visi...

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