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“Midnight Distress, Part II” Robert McCowan

Written by Darwin Grey

Kyle Charlton

Commander Jason Mizen

Lieutenant Verr

Lieutenant JG T’Rel

As he left the bridge Jason decided to run a list through his head of different weapons they had on the shuttles that they were going to be using to board the Klingon bird of prey, as he did he began to run an idea to take with him his latest ballistic weapons inventions the T-64 assault rifle and the E-296 squad machine gun, while still not the most advanced pieces of fire power, they packed a lethal punch against any biological target and the bonus is that they don’t damage sensitive electrical components of ships provided you don’t use armour piercing rounds. “Mizen to flight crew, ready the Incapacitater for flight, load it with standard compression rifles and T64’s and E-296’s with their replicator magazines. We might want to try out our new toys and get a schematic of the ship and program it into our combat suits with the locations of primary systems and maps leading us to the bridge and engine room” Mizen thought a moment then added “and find out when it was commissioned” “copy that sir” replied the voice over the com-link” He knew that voice and it was always haunting to think that that young 25 year old had made it to the hazard team, but it was always impressive to watch this young sniper at any time he could blow a hole clean through a 20th century softball at 2000 yards, that’s the skill Jason thought, that’s the skill that makes the hazard team a force to be reckoned with at any time during any mission in any environment in any star system. “Greetings, Commander Mizen." Verr said holding a customized weapon in his hand. “Greetings lieutenant, I see you’re ready to join us on this surgical strike mission” Jason felt a little startled he was not used to seeing a Breen officer aboard a federation vessel especially since the strain in political relations during the dominion war Noticing he may have startled his Commander he added, "I hope my presence did not interrupt in your private business, I just believed you might like to take a look at this" placing the weapon on the desk to his right he went on "It is a ricochet disruptor I built, however I do not need it anymore." “that is a very interesting piece of hardware what are its special features of this disruptor” Jason picked up the weapon and rolled it over a few times in his hand “if we get a chance after the mission we’ll run through a good session and see what it’s characteristics are and how we would be able to integrate it into the ships arsenal, but most of the weapons we’ll be using today will be ballistics and compression rifle but you are more than welcome to bring this weapon as your own personal choice if you wish "As its name suggests it has a ricochet feature in which you select your target and will harmlessly bounce of any biological or metallic surface until it hits its target." Looking down at the disruptor he continued "It is developed for rapid fire combat so its seeking abilities are lacking, however the targeting

system is what I added to the blueprints. It can target a specific person or any one of a certain species." Changing the subject Verr began "Cardassians are usually stronger than Terrans, Commander what are your tactics should you be forced into hand-to-hand combat with them?” “In all honesty lieutenant I am rather hoping most of the fighting will be covert and we’ll have the upper hand in the fight” Mizen explained as he continued to the shuttle bay “but if we are to enter hand to hand then I think we should use large knives and go for vital parts of the body like the neck, the Cardassians armour only covers a small portion around the neck, should we hit the spinal cord then that should kill instantly tough or not, cut their nerve connection and they will die” with that Jason and lieutenant Verr entered the turbo lift “that being said” he continued “I believe that you will make a good addition to this away team, I believe that the Breen had close contact with the Cardassians and you knowledge of their hierarchy could come in quite use full on this” turning back to his data padd Jason barked a command into the turbo lift for the shuttle bay. Upon his arrival in the shuttle bay Jason could see the dozen or so people on the hanger floor moving boxes of weapons and explosive around and loading them onto the two small shuttles “well lieutenant I guess it’s time to show those Cardassians that Starfleet has a new type of away team that they have never encountered before wouldn’t you say” "I sure would like to show the Cardassians that they are not the Major power they thought they were." Scanning the room he went on "So who’s our pilot?" Verr asked. “Ensign Nue he’s the trill in the cockpit of our shuttle” Jason said motioning “excuses me lieutenant, Ok alpha team load up we’re moving out now” as the team boarded the shuttle Jason noticed lieutenant Elsman “Dearka how’s it going” “All’s good here commander, but I would rather be on a planet” “True enough, but this is our job now, I discussed the bird of prey’s layout with our Romulan attaché and decided that it would be best to board the ship from the underside loading ramp, which should give us the edge we need. The weapons are in a storage locker on C deck, so we can cut off their weapon supply, which would be good” Turning his attention back to lieutenant Verr Jason said “I’m hoping that you’ll enjoy yourself on the ship, I’m hoping to grab some extra science info like maybe some Cardie Tech” As everyone took their seats Jason felt a jolt run through the shuttle “Ok people point of no return we win or die trying, I want that ship” This is it Jason thought the first mission with the hazard team, let’s make it count, “Ensign Nue bring us to the docking ramp, I want on that ship fast” turning to his team Jason began to explain the game plan “Ok, we board through the docking ramp, alpha element will consist of myself Lieutenant T’Rel and Lieutenant Elsman. Beta Element Will consist of lieutenant Verr, Ensign Ra’kae and ensign Terak” “Alpha element will concentrate on ships vitals, beta you’ll go after engineering and take out its propulsion systems and communication systems” As he finished Jason Could feel the shuttle clamps connect with the Klingon ship, as he did he barked the order “Blow that hole and get me my ship” (Beta element) Parting from the Alpha element, Verr signalled Terak, the Vulcan Ensign "Ensign Terak, you will be our scout" Verr then changed his attention to Ra'kae "Ensign Ra'kae, you will act as our guard and cover our position, constantly looking behind us." Although noticing that Ra'kae seemed to be getting nervous, Verr continued his mission. Rushing down what seemed like an endless maze of corridors, Beta Element got to engineering. Standing outside the doors of engineering, Verr looked at Ra'kae, she was starring at Terak, and her pupils were dilated, obviously expressing attraction towards the Vulcan ensign. Verr understood it may

be embarrassing for Ra'kae, but he decided that she should not be distracted when they got into engineering and tried to complete their task so he said quietly "Ensign, you may court Terak later but we have mission to complete". "Set phasers, maximum stun" Verr ordered. "But let’s see if we can get this down without attracting attention. As soon as they entered, Ra'kae strangled the first Cardassian, Terak used a Vulcan neck pinch on two others and Verr took out the 'Glinn' with a swift but bone shattering kick in the back. "Ensign Terak, you get the warp drive and impulse engines off, I'll take out their communications system and thrusters and Ra'kae, you stand guard." Verr ordered. Verr managed to take both the comm. system and thrusters off line, but Terak seemed to be in trouble, so he told Ra'kae to help him and Verr stood guard. "Impulse engines offline sir." Terak said. "Alright, Ra'kae you stand guard and I'll help get the warp drive offline." Verr replied. After a few minutes the Warp drive engines were offline, with no Cardassians ever trying to stop them, "The Commander must be keeping the Cardassians busy." Verr thought. The three walked back to the shuttle and waited for the Commander to return. Verr had kept both his crew mates alive; he only hoped that Commander Mizen had done the same. His ensigns fell asleep in each other’s arms like exhausted children. Their sleep was disturbed however by chuckles echoing down the corridor. The three immediately leapt up. A phaser fired, hitting Terak. "Nooooo!!!" Ra'kae screamed dropping to the floor with Terak, nursing his wounds. Verr managed to drag the pair around the corner, then he peered around, blasting them, finally the fire-fight stopped. They went back to the shuttle and continued to wait, only these seconds seemed like hours, hours seemed like days. Only the arrival of the Commander could bring hope to Verr, Ra'kae and the dying Terak. (Alpha element) As lieutenant Verr left down the way towards engineering Jason surveyed his surroundings "Lieutenant T’Rel does it feel a little hot and humid here?” "According to my readings, it appears to be unusually warm for a Cardassian controlled ship; they usually have it slightly cooler." T’Rel replied "Can you give me an exact environmental reading?" Jason felt rather queasy about the situation something didn't sit right with him the temperature and humidity controls seemed rather close to that of a Borg vessel. T'Rel quickly re-checked the readings on his Tricorder "92 % humidity with a temperature of 39.1°C." "I knew it" Jason stated "that’s too high for Cardassians, either we have a Cardassian tropical retreat or this vessel is infested with Borg, switch to your T-64 assault rifles, this is going to be a little bit messy and by that I mean very messy" as Jason finished that order he pulled out his T-64 and fitted a magazine of explosive tipped bullets into the chamber, this is going to be one fun mission, first time I have ever faced the Borg this is going to test my new weapons nicely Jason thought T'Rel quickly threw his Compression rifle to his back as he reached up with his free hand to switch out with his T-64, "Where to sir?" he asked as he starred down the barrel of his rifle. "up to B deck, we need to take control of the bridge to secure the situation and bring this ship under our control, and if all goes well, we shouldn't have a problem" as Jason said this he motioned an all around silence and signalled Dearka to move to the stairs leading to B deck. As he moved, Dearka could make out a pair of shadows at the top of the stairs and raised his rifle to aim, as he did the shadow on the left turned to face down the stairs and the laser from the right eye flashed over his face "BORG" he cried shooting his rifle taking the Borg’s head clean off in one shot, after finishing his shot he slipped back around the corner just before a phaser beam sliced through the air

where he had just been standing, “Commander these are not ordinary Borg, they’re using energy weapons, that’s a trait of sentient life, not the hive collective.” T'Rel looked to Commander Mizen as he shook off the sound of the percussion weapon reverberating in his ear, "they appear to be Cardassian; however I can't see why they would use a salvaged Klingon war ship to make their way around rather than use one of their own ships?" "Salvaged OK that doesn’t make any sense at all” Jason thought for a moment, nothing at all is adding up Cardassian life forms, Borg technology and Borg using phasers. "This is crazy" Jason said "Dearka splatter their brains across the alpha quadrant T’Rel lets get to the bridge and take this ship" Taking cover around the corner with his back to the wall, T'Rel lifted his Tricorder level with his rifle so he was able to view its display as he held his rifle steady with the same hand. Viewing the Tricorder on silent mode, he took note of the Cardassians position then quickly spun himself around the corner snapping off a shot which found its mark on the Cardassians neck. "That was the last guard" T'Rel stated dryly, though the smile on his face was one that showed pride in his work. "good job, now Dearka take up the rear I have point let’s move up the stairs and place a caustic mine on the wall, if anything that is not Starfleet follows, they’ll be in for a surprise" as he moved up the stairs Jason kept his rifle ready to fire. As he looked down the corridor to the bridge Jason noted that there were no guards outside the bridge, checking back towards the living quarters his heart sank as there were three Cardassians that had had their physical structure altered to resemble that of a Borg in their regeneration alcoves, "Ok guys finish off those Cardies" raining his rifle, he took a shot at the head of one that appeared to have the rank of Gul, as he shot the other two opened their eyes and called for the alarm. "Here they come!" T'Rel shouted over the sound of the sections intruder alert klaxon. Taking aim he quickly fired a shot striking one of the Borg in the chest which harmlessly blew a chuck of armour from the Borg’s left side, "Their armour is set to shed like the ablative armour on our ship.” He paused as he began to reach for his side “Switching to Armour piercing rounds!" T'Rel then ripped the clip out of his rifle and quickly exchanged it with the micro filament armour piercing clip which was strapped to his side. Taking aim, T'Rel fired another shot, this time striking home, hitting the Borg square in the chest. The Borg slowly fell to his knees and collapsed as blood pooled out of the big hole in his chest. Bringing up the rear Dearka laid a shot strait through the eye of the last Cardassian blowing the back of his head clean off and pasting it nicely on the wall of the alcove. Jason turned to the bridge, as he did he could see the doors open and two Cardassians march out armed with phasers, throwing his plasma grenade down the hall he watched as the two Borg infested Cardassians shot their phaser at it, finally the grenade exploded instantly killing the two guards, as he watched in wonder he heard two gun blasts come from behind him, one from Dearka and the other from T’Rel both scoring hits in the chests of the Cardies. Standing in the door way, Jason shouted out orders, "Dearka, T’Rel move in and secure the bridge, get us flight control I’m going to find Verr and the others to see if we can get this beast up and running so we can meet up with the Leviathan." As he said this Jason Mizen made his way slowly to engineering. At the bridge, T'Rel spared a glance at his Tricorder and noted the absence of life signs on the bridge as he moved smoothly through the door of the bridge and up to the helm and navigation controls of the Klingon Bird of Prey. "Looks like we left the system, I'll see if I can get us back to the Leviathan." T'Rel said as he began working the controls. After a few minutes T'Rel's face became awash with frustration. "Looks like it's going to be a long ride, communications are down, warp drive is offline and it appears that the cloaking device has been sabotaged... We can't de-cloak."

as Jason drew closer to engineering, he could hear the sound of phaser fire coming from the hall directly in front of him, pulling out his Tricorder he found two Cardassians that had not under gone the transformation, pulling out his phaser, he fired two shots stunning both of the Cardassians "Verr you down there?" Jason called “Yes sir and we have a wounded officer" Verr called back "Ensign Terek has been severally wounded" “Mizen to Elsman" Jason called over his comm. Badge "sir?" Dearka answered “We have wounded here who needs medical attention at main engineering, get this ship moving to DS9" "Copy that commander" Dearka replied "move him to the ships sick bay and I’ll get him stabilized and feeling better"

"Ensign Nue, do we have contact with the Leviathan?" commander Mizen asked, "Sir the Leviathan is no longer in the area." ensign Nue responded, then continued, "they took off a short time after the Freighter left, sir we are on our own out here."

#10 Midnight Distress, Part II  

The Hazard team's Alpha squad fight to take control of a Klingon bird of prey which has been salvaged by Cardassians who have more to them t...

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