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“Renewed Return” Written by Kyle Charlton

Darwin Grey

Katheryne Stripling

Captain Ta’Kor

Lieutenant Verr

Lieutenant Commander Katheryne Bloodstar

Ta’Kor stood on the bridge of the Hermes, a Prometheus class ship so called after the Roman god of speed and messenger of the gods, Ta’Kor thought it to be a fitting name as the Prometheus class was one of the fastest ships in the fleet. Looking at the display on the view screen Ta’Kor could see the Leviathan off in the distance grow gradually bigger with each passing second. Ta’Kor listened intently as the Hermes’ comm. officer contacted the Leviathan, “You best be off to the transporter room Captain, you don’t want to keep your crew waiting.” Ta’Kor turned away from the view screen to see Captain M’Rash approach with his arm extended, “Thank you Captain, I apologize for being the cause of such menial task” he said shaking the Andorian’s hand. “Not at all Captain, it’s the least we can do after all you’ve been through the past few weeks.” Ta’Kor nodded solemnly in agreement, “Well what’s past is past, it’s time for me to get to work.” With that the Klingon turned and exited the bridge. After arriving in the transporter room moments later and stepping onto the transporter pad, Ta’Kor, Ensign Herron and other Leviathan personnel were quickly transported over to the Leviathan.

Ta’Kor could feel the transporter effect wash over his body, then just as quickly found himself in Transporter room one of the Leviathan with Commander Verr and Lieutenant Commander Bloodstar there to greet him. "Greetings commander." Verr's voice synthesizer eliminated all trace of the relief he was feeling from his voice. Captaincy was stressful; too stressful for a scientist. "The ship is yours, as it should be." Diana nodded to the commander. She, like Verr, was glad that Ta'Kor was back. Ta’Kor could feel a smile tugging on the corner of his mouth as he quickly acknowledged his officers with a brisk nod, it felt so good to be back aboard ship, after so long a time on Deep Space Nine, Ta’Kor all too happy to be on his way… and under his own command in Starfleet. “Report!” "As you know, we encountered a pirate ship heading for the Dagobah system. Regretfully, four of our men died after boarding the vessel. Bloodstar and the others barely escaped before the ship destroyed itself. I think if we want answers, we should get to that system. However, you are in charge now captain, the decision is yours." Verr's monotone barely began to justify the loss of brave men and the guilt that was eating away at him. "We're in pursuit of the Solo clan. They work for a gangster named Vince Lombari. However, evidence and the like are not going to be easy. These people know how to bury their tracks." She said. Stepping down off of the transporter pad, Ta’Kor approached Verr and Bloodstar as more crew materialized on the pad behind him, “Did we learn anything from the pirate ship?” Not a lot." Katheryne said. "It self-destructed before we could get any concrete information. However, we did get a bit of something useful. There is a minor connection to the Dagobagh Corporation, albeit a tenuous one. The ships engines were manufactured by Dagobagh." She said.

Looking between his two officers, Ta’Kor’s tone grew sombre, “Was there a service held for the men who were lost in the attack?” Verr thought for moment. He knew how much rites meant to most species. "The men were given a dignified ceremony." Verr's voice synthesiser yet again annihilated the emotion on his tongue. Nodding Ta’Kor started to exit the transporter pad, “Very well, we will continue on our way to Dagobah and see if we can take care of this problem before it gets further out of hand.”

"Oh, one other thing." Katheryne said. "There’s been five other spider-Borg attacks. The victims were killed by a poison injected from the spiders, which then self-destructed." She said. This was news to Ta’Kor, “What! Where?” he asked as he quickly spun back around to face Bloodstar. "Yes sir. One was a Prosecutor, two were witnesses, and two others suspects in two other cases." she said. Ta’Kor shook his head, “No matter, just add it to your report and I’ll read about the details later, just make sure the Hazard team is prepared for that kind of scenario.” With that said Ta’Kor left the Transporter room and made his way to his quarters, on his ship where he belongs.

Season 1 Episode 33 - Renewed Return  
Season 1 Episode 33 - Renewed Return  

Captain Ta’Kor Lieutenant Verr Lieutenant Commander Katheryne Bloodstar After arriving in the transporter room moments later and stepping on...