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“Killing Time� Written by Katheryne Stripling

Lieutenant Commander Katheryne Bloodstar

Katheryne was in the galley already, having something to eat. She was still a bit shocked at her findings about the damned half borged out spider that had been discovered. She had gone to the landing bay to work out in the improved holodeck, but found it occupied, and so had taken a couple laps around the ship. Nott that the laps equalled out to much distance. It wasn't like taking laps around the Patton or some other ship. While it had been a while since she had served regularly on a ship this small, it was something she had quickly adapted to. When the announcement ment came about the staff meeting, she just relaxed. Well, she's already there, so what the hell. She might as well just stay put. She rose from her seat and went to the replicator and ordered another large cup of Earth Soda, called Coca Cola. She had ad found, over the years that she had developed a taste for the dark liquid. She returned to her seat and then waited for everyone else to show up.

Season 1 Episode 24 - Killing Time  

Katherynewasinthegalleyalready,havingsomethingtoeat. Shewasstillabitshockedatherfindingsaboutthedamnedhalfborgedoutspiderthathad adfound,ove...

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