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“Takarian Flu” Written by Darwin Grey

Thomas Hart


Ensign Elizabeth Hyde

Sickbay, USS Leviathan Upon arriving the Quartermaster had handed Ensign Hyde with a PADD, it was short and to the point. Her quarters were assigned, belongings transferred aboard and she was ordered to report to her department head, MCPO S’Rel. This was something of a surprise to Elizabeth, as non-commissioned commissioned officers were rarely doctors. Indeed, she had never met one. Several Academy instructors nstructors had been civilians who had accepted provisional commissions during the war, and then returned to Earth to command little more than lecturer theatres and sail anything greater than desks, but they had been officers none the less. Nevertheless, as she approached sickbay, Elizabeth was nervous. This was her first assignment and it mattered. She had doubts, medical school had given her doubts and inwardly she had rarely felt adequately intelligent, and each examination result or practical assessment assessmen was greeted with relief that her incompetence had never been uncovered. Even graduating in the top 20% of her class had done little to dismiss these fears – indeed it scared her that 80% of the people her life depended on were less adept than she was. It was then that she was awoken from her inward spiral of guilt and inadequacy by a passing shoulder blade, the crewman was most apologetic and Elizabeth nodded in acceptance. She swallowed hard and entered the sickbay, striking the door chime. Page 1 of 3

Sickbay, like the rest of the vessel, was Spartan. Indeed as far as she could see, the room was empty and lacked staff entirely. It had four bio beds, a central console and other devices, instrument trays surrounded the room. It struck Elizabeth as odd, that a vessel equipped for war should have such limited medical facilities – then again life, by Starfleet standards, was more expendable than she cared to think. "I must be in Sha Ka Ree, someone else wearing a teal under-shirt." S'Rel glided across the room. "And you are? And please don't tell me your a science officer." S'Rel's only help was Verr, who was much more experienced at cutting up dead people. Elizabeth had raised an eyebrow while the Vulcan was speaking, a Science Officer. As if. “On the contrary, it would appear that I am the other half of your department.” She paused, unsure of procedure. Had S’Rel been a senior officer she would have stood to attention and saluted; but here she was the line manager and head of department, but technically, not an officer. Elizabeth went for the safe option. She saluted. “Ensign Elizabeth Hyde – Medical Officer – reporting for duty.” She smiled. "Although I'm happy to see some help around here, I regret to inform you that you'll be incharge of the department." S'Rel had been showing signs of Pon Farr and would need to be locked in her quarters meditating for most of the day whilst trying to find a mate. "Temporarily." S'Rel added. Elizabeth was stunned and steadied herself, grasping the central console for added support. She thought she saw S’Rel raise an eyebrow, no doubt an expression of Vulcan contempt. Although caught in a downward spiral of overwhelming self doubt and anxiety, she calmly looked her department head in the eye and replied. “Understood.” She paused, “May I ask the reason?” "Takarean flu." S'Rel quickly replied, not wanting to reveal her actual 'condition'. “Ah,” said Elizabeth, “That can be rather nasty.” She tapped the console a couple of times with her knuckle and looked around. “Would you care for an anti-viral?” Elizabeth asked, in a manner as casual as if she were asking the Vulcan if she fancied a drink. MCPO S’Rel raised an eyebrow surreptitiously; Elizabeth thought she saw something more than what passed for sardonic Vulcan wit. Clearly S’Rel was not amused. Elizabeth changed tack. “How much progress have you made with the crew medicals, and what are you expecting me to complete in your absence?” She was eager to move the conversation away from whatever awkwardness S’Rel was hiding and towards more appropriate first day conversation. "The first officer and the chief helmsman are yet to come for their physicals but the rest have all been completed, I will also need you to motivate the medical staff, their performance has been seldom satisfying." S'Rel said in a professional tone, trying to draw attention away from her personal condition.

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Elizabeth nodded and pondered slipping a mild stimulant into the air filtration system or putting caffeine into the water subroutine in the replicator. She chuckled inwardly, that idea would have gained her an MBA from the Subspace University of Orion. “Additionally, Ensign, the Captain has asked us to attend a briefing in the Mess Hall in about 20 minutes.” S’Rel paused and produced a PADD. “These are notes Lieutenant Verr, the Chief Science Officer, sent down about his autopsy. I would suggest you read it.” Elizabeth took the PADD and studied it for a couple of moments, there was a lot of data, and it was in an undigested form, it would take some time to make sense of. She nodded to her department head and poured over the notes. Sometime later Elizabeth pointed out that the Captain would be waiting and the two women departed Sickbay and walked through the cramped corridors.

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Season 1 Episode 23 - Tarakian Flu  
Season 1 Episode 23 - Tarakian Flu  

UponarrivingtheQuartermasterhadhandedEnsignHydewithaPADD,itwasshortandtothe wereassigned,belongingstransferredaboardandshewasorderedto repor...