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Zeno & Creativity The way forward

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The challenge • 

Creativity is not one person, we ALL need to live and breathe it


An inexperienced team


The inter-agency playing field is leveling


But we currently think like a PR agency


Need to be more integrated in our approach


Media landscape is tougher than ever


Competitors have the creative edge

Merchandising creativity

A comedy team & creative team structure A dedicated Creative Director

Non-exec marketing director

Head of creativity and planning

Creative sessions

Creativity School

Zeno creative workshop • 

Merchandise our creativity better


A package we can ‘sell’ to clients


Or give away for free to prospects


A proper structured brainstorming session


Hosted by trained creatives

Living and breathing • 

A creative brainstorming room/area


Inspiration wall


The Zeno credentials


The website


Zeno owned collateral

The pitch process • 

Introduce the Zeno pitch process –  –  –  –  –  –  –  – 

A proper brief Pitch timeline Research, insights and planning Creative time Idea testing Standardised documents The presentation The follow up


All pitches to be reviewed by senior team


All pitches to be presented to the Zeno team post pitch

We need outside help

Creative facilitator

Creative director

Marketing director: consumer

Content expert

Healthcare professional

Creative trainer

Marketing director: healthcare

Media consultant

Marketing director: tech

But who?

Christian Jennsen Healthcare professional

Creative director/ facilitator/trainer

Marketing directors

Content expert

Luke Blackall National journalist

We can’t afford all of them, nor do we need all of them each month … So …

Producing dramatic creative together

Dramatic – because we believe in ideas not channels and focus entirely on capturing the imaginations of audiences through our creative

Produce – because at heart we are producers and love seeing our ideas come to life

Commercial – because our ideas can pay for themselves

We produce dramatic, commercial, brand entertainment Brand – because everything we do is bespoke to a brand and builds advocacy for it

Entertainment – because we understand how to engage through action and drama as our team are drawn from the worlds of publishing, TV and live action

Every brand has an experience attached to it. Dramatising that experience makes content more engaging and marketing more believable

We use the principles of commercial entertainment to devise and deliver brand entertainment properties that help people believe‌


Red Bull



Art Director


Les Miserables

Interactive Producer

Ridley Scott


TV Producer

Content Producer

We are a team that has produced thousands of hours of commissioned TV, shot content compelling enough to go viral online, staged live events so desirable people pay to come in, created products sold on thousands of high streets, coded apps ranked in the Top-10 download charts, written books that top the best-sellers charts, built Hollywood-blockbuster sets and directed shows on the biggest stages.

As well as built world-class brands and designed and delivered multi-award winning creative campaigns all over the world.







Ex-Marketing Directors Creative Directors Planners Communicators Social Specialists

Art Directors 2D designers 3D designers Illustrators

Event Producers Set Builders Stage Designers AV Specialists Promoters

TV producers Directors Editors Cameramen SFX animators

Digital Producers Technologists Coders UI / UX Designers

Screenwriters Authors Stage Directors West End Producers Commissioning Editors


Talent Booker




Live Producer



West End Producer

Horrible Histories

Director of Photography

TV / Live Producer

We combined the worlds of entertainment and marketing and designed a new creative product

We call this Brand Capital‌


Brand Capital is… Bespoke and unique to your brand Centred around a piece of emotionally-resonating drama Specifically designed for today’s social communications landscape Built around participation and engagement with your brand Long-term in nature and delivers a disproportionate return for your investment

Creative Capital is the only agency of its kind, delivering cost-neutral brand-building ideas


There are numerous pieces of work that we are proud to show. However, the fastest way to understand why we’re different is a live project in-store now with Sainsbury’s…

Live Well For Less with Sainsbury’s

The creative brief: Summers can be hard work for parents yet they should be the most magical time for kids. Planning all those activities, needing new inspiration, not to mention the cost of it all. With rose-tinted hindsight, summers used to be about glorious Famous Five-style adventures. But parents today worry they aren’t able to provide the same life-defining summer fun for their children. Work, imagination and cost all play their part.

Time for some easy inspiration and good oldfashioned fun‌

Live Well For Less with Sainsbury’s

The creative solution: New ideas? Magical summers No extensive planning? No breaking the bank? Tick, tick, tick and tick – a highproduction-value publishing asset that featured a 148-page book showcasing over 60 fun things to do with the kids using largely stuff from around the home. Pirate Adventures, Treasure Hunts, Garden Water Parks, Nature Exploration. Everything a kid might want with fun and education in equal measure. Thrown in was a scrapbook to record the adventures, a TV-quality DVD featuring 30 how-to guides and a wall planner…

All for just £5!


Activity book Scrapbook DVD Poster Stickers

In-store and online 3rd July for 8 weeks

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/2013 09:45

Written by Random House author, beautifully illustrated and featuring dozens of Active, Imaginary, Craft and Nature adventures

Spawned a massive campaign with the book at its heart – Boredom Busters

Sold in 800+ stores

Featuring heavily in POS

Book retailed front-of-store with pirate treasure hunt to find characters from the book around the store to engage kids

3-week TV campaign

Retail Week Campaign of the Week

No.1 Bestseller

Creative integrated into every channel

72,000 books sold in first 30 days

Time Out Takeover

Fastestselling Sainsbury’s book of all time Extensive PR coverage

Set to be the biggest too

There are dozens of other projects spanning TV, live experience, digital, theatre and viral productions

26 x 11’ Children’s TV series

Tequila immersive theatre

Christmas “Give Joy” viral (with Zeno)

Youth social shopping app

Football circus arena tour

Beauty Food & Drink Retail & Leisure

Client / prospect creative workshops


Idea generation for proactive new business activity

World health / NGO Technology

Producers Directors Art Directors

On-tap, awardwinning creative direction

Pitch doctoring / rehearsals

Designers Authors

Facilitated brainstorms


Working together

Digital Build

Pitch presence (if required)


Access to CC specialists

Live Producers

Game Design Photography


Access to production services

Moving Image Illustration

Access to CMOs

Finance Energy


Animation Event build



3D Design


2D Design

Consumer Health

Creativity Pitching

New technology

Thinking like a CMO

Consultancy on agency materials




Single-minded insight

Thought Leadership

Zeno Creative plan 19 08 13  
Zeno Creative plan 19 08 13