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1. Who is VIP? 2. What are we proud of? 3. History of “Romania the 21st century” Summer School 4. “Romania the 21st century” Summer School - 2010 edition 5. Added Value 6. Human resources access 7. Testimonials 8. Media Coverage

Who is VIP? Founded in 1998, Volunteers for Ideas and Projects (VIP) is a nongovernmental, non-profit organization based on volunteering and formed exclusively of students from various universities from Bucharest: Academy of Economic Studies, National School of Political and Administrative Studies, University of Bucharest, Polytechnic University of Bucharest. VIP’s mission is to form a community of leaders that can bring a valuable contribution to the transformation of the Romanian economic, social and political environment. The values that we believe in and that we promote: • Initiative • Team spirit • Leadership • Professionalism The activity of VIP is based on the organization of personal and professional development projects. These are addressed to high potential students and youngsters attending a master program, from Romania and other European countries (in the case of international projects). Besides its external projects, VIP places a great accent on the development of its own members. For this purpose, we organize trainings both of general interest, like: Time Management, Leadership, Elaboration of Financing Requests, and of departmental interest on: Human Resources, Public Relations, Marketing, Sales, International Partnerships and Finance. VIP’s clubs: Business Club and Econosofia organize, besides trainings, many debates and case studies on entrepreneurship and respectively on macroeconomics.

Experience in organizing projects: • 11 years of experience and continuous improvement • Over 60 completed projects, out of which 12 at a national level


• Are recruited through a very careful selection process • Participate at both personal and professional training sessions held by specialists from Axa Consulting, Ethos, Classic HR, TMI, and Kinetco. • A community of over 200 alumni

Partners until present moment:

P&G, Roland Berger, URBB, The Heritage Foundation, Ursus, HVB, Unilever, Rompetrol, Alpha Bank, Estima Finance, ING, Integrator, Vanguard, Borsec, Kraft, Danone, Codecs, Aviva, PA & Co Raiffeisen, Capital & Investment, Banc Post, Intercapital, Prime Transaction, Coca Cola, Orange, Oriflame, Pfizer. • 100 media partners • Over 100 media appearances/year • More than 1000 participants in our projects that come from various university centers from Romania: Braşov, Baia Mare, Craiova, Cluj, Constanţa, Iaşi, Oradea, Sibiu, Timişoara We have created the most performing extra-university education program.

“Romania of the 21st century” Summer School “Romania of the 21st century” Summer School is the widest VIP project that has already become a tradition. The Summer School creates a dialog between the best students and the personalities of the Romanian society. In 2003, “Romania of the 21st century” Summer School was nominated at the Civil Society Awards Gala, Education and Research section. History: 2000 - “Romania 2020 – premises, challenges, tendencies” 2001 – “Globalization and its impact on Romania” 2002 – “Romania in makeover – between challenges and reality 2003 – “Romanian youngsters and the EU – between development and escape 2004 – “Having lost identity. Looking for values” 2005 – “Civil Society: User Instructions” 2006 – “Durable Development: Long term challenge” 2007 – “Romania at full age, 18 years of change” 2008 – “Rebranding Romania” 2009 – “Cultural Diplomacy” Through the years, many personalities that are symbolical for the Romanian society have attended the most daring project designed for students,“Romania of the 21st century” Summer School. As the subjects approached are so diverse, our guests come from various professional areas, such as: Economics: Mugur Isarescu, Jonathan Sheele, Lucian Croitoru, Paul Bran, Claudiu Doltu, Varujan Vosganian, Daniel Dăianu; Bussiness: Dinu Patriciu, Robbert Peter Oostveen, Monica Tatoiu, Eric Kish; Politics: Emil Constantinescu, His Royal Highness Principele Radu,Adrian Năstase, Ion Iliescu, Teodor Meleşcanu, Mircea Geoanã; Culture: H.R. Patapievici, Octavian Paler, Mircea Cărtărescu, Gabriela Adameşteanu, Ion Vianu, Mihail Sora, Vintilă Mihăilescu; Journalism and civil society: Mircea Dinescu, Lucian Mândruţă, Cristian Tabără, Stelian Tănase, Robert Turcescu, Dragoş Bucurenci.

2010 EDITION, 17th - 31st of July “Romania of the 21st century� Summer School wants to bring into discussion the problem of the education in the academic environment. We also want to suggest some solutions for the improvement in quality of the learning process. By doing that, we tend to transform the results of formal education into what the labor market needs. Our goal is to involve as much as possible the participant students into creating reforming ideas and guide them into awaking the spirit of change in others. In the form of a elite Romanian school, the project aims the building of an active community capable to participate in a dialog with illustrative personalities of Romania. The project implies series of lectures, workshops, non formal discussions between the guests and the student participants. For two weeks, the 25 participants will have the opportunity to share their informed opinions and to acquire skills in the matter. At the end of the Summer School, they will create a informative document about the way students see the change in the education system in Romania. The informative proposals will be evaluated by a four of the speakers who attended the event. The jury will evaluate depending on the degree on which proposals reach as many topics discussed during the summer school, their feasibility, level of investment required and other criteria suggested by the judges. The winning team will participate in a roundtable type discussion with the judges where they will particularize their proposals. The other four teams and the event’s media partners will also assist at this discussion. This message will be at fist advanced as a proposition for the Minister of Education, Research, Youth and Sports and then to the community through our media partners

The subjects proposed for the conferences are the following: • “Studying in Romania vs. studying abroad” • “Is the Bologna system sucessfully applied in Romania?” • “Students: partners, clients or raw material?” • “Classical education vs. e-learning” • “The analysis and evolution of the Romanian student” • “Evolution of reforms in what concerns scholastic system in Romania” • “Comparison between the theory-based and practice-based educational system” • “Which are the competences required by the labour market nowadays? But in the future?” • “The new law of education” • “”Studying” in a company” • “The scholastic system: through the eyes of a seminar teacher” • “Complementary educational institutions” • “The influence of volunteering upon the Romanian student” • “Practice vs. internship - a real problem for students”

Suggested Speakers and Guests Marian Staş - President CODECS Foundation for Leadership His Royal Highness Prince Radu Horia Roman Patapievici - President Romanian Culture Institute Robbert Peter Oostveen Ştefania Popp - President of Junior Achievement Roberta Anăstase - President Chamber of Deputies Eugenia Vodă - Host of “Profesionistii” - TVR Cătălin Ştefănescu - Host of “Garantat 100%” - TVR Sandra Pralong - SynergEtica Foundation Raed Arafat - SMURD Nicolae Idu - European Commission representative Gabriela Drăgan - European Institute from Romania Bogdan Mănoiu - Presidential Advisor Tincuţa Baltag - General Director of “Dinu Patriciu” Foundation Traian Brumă - Student Organizations Resource Center Simona Miculescu - UN Romanian Ambassador Dinu Patriciu - Businessman Cosmin Alexandru - President of Euridio Association Robert Turcescu - TV host Nicolae Iordache - Former General Manager of Gsk and Pfizer Neagu Djuvara - Historian Alex Ghiţă - Founder Educativa Oana Pellea - Actress Gabriela Vrânceanu Firea - TV Host Alexandru Mănăilă - Cultural Foundation Delta Andrei Pleşu - Former Presidential Advisor for Foreign Affairs Daniel Funeriu - Minister for Education, Research, Youth and Sports Florin Ion Pogonaru - Chairman Businessmen Association in Romania

Georges Haddad - Director Division of Higher Education UNESCO Anton Anton - Former Minister of Education, Research and Youth Andrei Marga - Former Minister of National Education Florin Iaru - Poet Ecaterina Andronescu - Former Minister of Education, Research and Youth

Organizations/Institutes League of Romanians Students from Abroad National Agency For Community Education Programmes and Vocational Training Romanian Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education Institute of Education Sciences Executive Unit for Financing Higher Education and Scientific University Research National Council for Financing Higher Education Student Organizations Resource Center Catalyst

Objectives Specific objectives to “Romania of the 21st Century” Summer School: • Offering alternative education – information for youth with potential • Facilitating the dialogue between today and tomorrow’s leaders • Creating a unitary system and approach. Objectives of the this edition: • Observing the problems of the university system and finding solutions for them • Creating a dialog between people with power of decision in educational issues and students • Building a unitary overview of the Romanian university system • Acustoming students with the notion of “debate” and teaching them what a clear argumentation means

Added Value We bring value added and notoriety to the partner’s brand by: • The association between the image of the partner and a high quality organisation • Working with a team of young professionals • Assuming the role of member of the civil society by involving yourself in the students’ formation • The investment in students’ performances • The access to a human resources database comprising young people with professional development potential

Access to Human Resources Target group: Students and MA students (18 – 26 year olds) from Romania or Moldavia, who study either in Romania or abroad. Coverage: • Nationally: universities in Bucharest, Braşov, Constanţa, Iaşi, Cluj, Timişoara, Oradea, Arad • Locally, in universities such as: ASE, SNSPA, University of Bucharest, Polytehnic, Medicine and Pharmacy University, Dramatic and Cinematographic Art University, Architecture and Urbanism University Candidate profile: • Hard skills: Students with high extracurricular and academic performances, solid knowledge in the field of general education, with an ensemble vision of the scholastic system and aware of the problems in it. • Soft skills: communicative, with an analytic spirit, creative, sociable, motivated, capable of teamwork, perspective thinking, adaptable and proactive. Beneficiaries and recruitment method: • Beneficiaries: the best 25 students in the target group • Recruitment method: CV, application form, essay on a pre-established subject and interview

Testimonials “A surprisingly active, demanding, intelligent group that fully displays the symptoms of a successful generation” Doru Buscu, senior editor Academia Catavencu “I am convinced that you are the generation that will truly change Romania.” Dan Pascariu, HVB Romania CEO “After having met you, I realize that the 21st century has well started. I can’t wait for you to reach the top. I will enjoy the pension paid from your contributions, but more than everything I will be glad to live in a better world.” Mircea Vasilescu, senior editor Dilema Veche “You’re a wonderful group in which I place all my faith that, should you get involved, you will indeed change Romania.” Sanda Pralong, Regional Communications Advisor UNDP “You are smart and you want to get involved in Romania’s makeover. Can I dare to wish you more than this? Yes, I can! I wish for you to succeed in what you are going to do and not to forget that you have a right in looking for your happiness” Renate Weber, Presidential counselor

Media Coverage

Contact: Cătălin Aramă Project Manager “Romania of 21st century” Summer School e-mail: phone: 0727 718 684

Volunteers for Ideas and Projects Association Mihail Moxa Street, nr. 5-7 Colegiul Economic Moxa, sala 3007 Bucureşti, sector 1

VIP - Summer School  

Volunteers for Ideas and Projects - Summer School

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