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Concept: Werribee River and the Serpent.

Stage 1: Form Generation.

Stage 2: Developing the Form to Site Parameters.

1 Image: Breath of Life Gateway Installation. Time: Day. 10am. View: Western Interchange, Princes Freeway, Werribee.

Breath of Life: The Wyndham City Gateway Hamzah Mansoor, Grazi Prada, Kristian Tagliavento, Daryl Tan

Stage 3: Reducing the Scale Height.

The traditional owners of the City of Wyndham, the Wurundjeri

and delicate relationship. Much like the serpent deity, the gateway

Therefore, the ‘Breath of Life’ can be considered the ambition to

people maintain a spiritual connection to the land: through the

will conjure an inherent sense of scale, a sinuous structure which is

regenerate the municipality through the introduction of a powerful

stories of dreamtime and creation, the indigenous owners reflect

simultaneously objective, imposing, domineering and empowering

and identifiable landmark. Faarshid Moussavi promotes the

and acknowledge the cosmic, ancestral beings as the totemic

or subjective, an affect determined by the unique user. Furthermore,

idealisation of a plural, or layered architecture which evokes an

emissaries of the land. The rainbow serpent, particularly the serpent

aspects of light, interaction and perception figure to provoke a sense

affect which is both unique and subjective depending on the user.

deity, Myndii in Wurundjeri culture maintains the law throughout

of contemplation and reflection from the individual within the context

This is architecture of the twenty-first century. By coupling the

the land ensuring unity while evoking eternal wisdom. The Gateway

of the urban and social framework. Similarly, the exploration of

traditional nuisances of the area, the Wurundjeri people and their

facilitates the connection between the coast, Geelong, and the

visual imagery, primarily concerning day and night views, promotes

stories of dreamtime and ancestral creation with the technological

city, Melbourne, we will endeavour to re-interpret this spiritual

the idealisation of the indigenous stories of dreamtime and the

notions of the modern era, we endeavour to challenge the social and

and spatial acknowledgement through the innovation of redefined

silhouette, an affect innately perceived through the play of light and

economic drivers of the city, delivering an experiential and variable

relationships between the sculpture, the user and the landscape.

location as described by the apertures of the openings within the

sculpture that enables one to reflect and connect to the architecture

Site selection is imperative, as a means to achieve this complex,

skeletal, honeycomb surface structure.

and the landscape in a unity.

Stage 4: Resolving the Openings Layout.

2 Site Plan: 1:500. Mapping the Site Parameters.

3 Concept Development.

Air Intake System: Differentiating Panel Openings.

Air Intake System: ‘Breathing’ Opening Detail.

Fabrication Layout: Components for the Folding Joints.

4 Image: Breath of Life Gateway Installation. Time: Night. 10pm. View: Western Interchange, Princes Freeway, Werribee.

Detail: Attachment of ETFE Cell to Air Intake Panel.

Detail: Resolved Air Intake Opening System.

5 Documentation: Fabrication and Construction.

6 Site Section: 1:100. Mapping the Site Parameters.


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