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LT 1 ď‚Ż Warfare by Pulong

Ag's profile Katip Pasig meeting Balintawak meeting Aug 1896 start of rev Boni is fighting in Manila *Boni's leadership style Ag fighting in Cavite *Magdalo & Magdiwang Dec 1896 Boni arrives in Cavite Dec 28 1896 Imus Meeting Feb 1897 Sp counter-attack March 1897 Tejeros Convention May 1897 Boni is executed Aug 1897 Ag re-establishes himself in Biak na Bato Dec 1897 Ag exiled to HK

Ag - elected mayor of Kawit -meant that he was approved by Sp -at the same time inducted to masonry -inducted to Katip by Mariano Alvarez 1895 head Katip - secret society -founded 1892 Provincial chapters -goal: overthrow Sp -structure appears centralized by decision-making is consultative -consultation - essence of Katipunan pulong -recruitment method: Triangle Method -first made up of working class -slow recruitment bec of elaborate method -mostly in Manila Katip 1895 - do away with Triangle method -non-tagalog regions -entrance of principalia Pasig Meeting - In danger of being discovered by Sp. What to do? -Boni: premature to go to war with Sp -Ag: consult Rizal -Pio Valenzuela --> Dapitan Balintawak Meeting - cry of Balintawak/Pugad Lawin -Katip is already discovered, go to war or no? -result: Go to war & War Cabinet: Boni - pres Emilio Jacinto - minister of state 4 other Katip

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Boni's leadership style - not dictatorial -mix of leader & consulter -during war: mtg or own decision -consultative approach to war --> detrimental to Phil side Why consultative? -operated like other nongov't orgs -precolonial SE Asia - strongly consultative -rulers in region shared power

â—‹ When Boni left for Cavite, Manila became a little centralized Boni (communicated while in Cavite) Mataas na Pamunuan

Mataas na Sanggunian

Aug 1896 Start of Rev -all Katip chapters to rise up simultaneously -attack Manila -Ag in Cavite/Binakayan bridge -Boni didn't attack Manila, attacked gun powder storage in San Juan -retreated to Montalban -Ag went back to Kawit -imprisoned Sp guards (coup) -liberated Cavite -urged other towns to do likewise Cavite - needed 2 chapters bec so many members Magdiwang


-Mariano & Santiago Alvarez -Emilio & Baldomero Ag -Noveleta -Kawit -older & bigger -west -east 2 Ministates Disadv: no coordination, both almost fell Adv: better administration

Mariano Alvarez & Ag --> ex gobernadorcillos -transformed Katip in Cavite --> centralized --> didn't improve entire rev -military affairs & nonmilitary affairs Sept 1896 All of Cavite except Cavite City & Sangley Pt. Liberated -effectiveness of centralized -Ag's manifesto

**check handout

Dec 1896 Boni arrives in Cavite -stayed in Magdiwang -Gregoria de Jesus

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Dec 28 Imus Meeting -called by Magdalo -no result

Feb 1897 Sp counterattack -Magdalo almost fell --> implication: Magdiwang in danger & flocked by Magdalo refugees March 1897 Tejeros Convention -called by Magdiwang -election for single gov't --> Top: Ag Magdalo Others: Mariano Trias Artemio Ricarte Magdiwang de Dios Director of Interior: Boni -- v Tirona -didn't improve fortunes on battlefield -Boni - supremo & convened meeting -organized own gov't -tried for treason

**POV of Boni **POV of Ag

-many people in Tejeros convention joined Katip after start of rev -loyalties to rev leaders, not to Katip Katip Rev Katip in Manila Katip in Cavite May 1897 Boni executed All of Cavite back to Sp Ag on the run

Aug 1897 Ag re-est himself in Biak na Bato Dec 1897 Ag exiled to HK Ag = P400 K Ag v Isabelo Artacho Felipe Agoncillo -HK Junta -fight over money Wood -HK Supreme Court Dewey -standby in HK; highest navy commander -to escape, ship to Saigon --> Singapore Pratt -Am consul in SG -contacted by Pratt Build govt't Wildman -Am consul in HK -back in HK -contacted by Wildman -bought arms for Ag -helped Ag hitch in Am warship --> McCulloch -consulted HK Junta --> go back to Phils April 1898 Sp-Am War May 1898 Ag returned to Cavite Battle of Manila Bay -Am in Sangley Pt -wait for reinforcements

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Rev 2nd Phase

US Pres: Roosevelt McKinley Sp Gov-gen: Primo de Rivera Augustin Jaudenes Highest US official in Phils: Merritt Otis

 Ch. 11  Malolos Republic  Provincial & Municipal Elites May 19 1898 Ag arrives back to Phils (Cavite) May 24 1898 Ag est Dictatorial gov't *Ag is winning End of May-June 6 1898 Ag blockades Manila June 12 1898 Declaration of Independence June 18 1898 Decree to reorg local gov't June 23 1898 Ag est Rev gov't July 1898 Greene asks for space Aug 13 1898 Fall of Manila Sept 1898 Malolos Congress Nov 1898 Constitution completed Dec 1898 Treaty of Paris Jan 21 1898 Constitution ratified Jan 23 1898 Republic proclaimed Feb 4 1899 Phil-Am war April 1898 Sp-Am War

May 19 1898 Ag back in Phils / Battle of Manila Bay -Dewey -- Olympia -docked in Cavite -stay in Sangley Pt. wait for reinforcements May 24 1898 Dictatorial Gov't In between: Ag blockades Manila June 12 1898 Declaration of Independence -Pro & Cons **check notes & handout -Julian Felipe: Marcha Nacional Filipinas -Kawit -Ambrosio Rianzares Bautista -Phil Nat'l Flag (Marcela & Lorenza Agoncillo, Delfina Herboza) June 18 1898 Decree: Reorg Local Gov't **check handout June 23 1898 Rev Gov't -changes in national level

Pres Cabinet Congress Note: Am in Sangley Pt. waiting for reinforcements: Anderson Greene McArthur Merritt - highest US official -arrived later than Anderson -came to Phils to fight Sp-Am war not Phil Rev July 1898 Greene asks for space Aug 13 1898 Mock Battle / Fall of Manila -no Fil allowed -Sp gives Manila to Am only -Sp Gov-gen -- Jaudenes


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Oct-Dec 1898 Protocol of Peace -Sp-Am meeting in Paris

1. 2. 3. 4.

Sept 1898 Malolos Congress -Ag appointed some: Pedro Paterno Trinidad Pardo de Tavera Felipe Buencamino Felipe Calderon -Mabini v constitution

**check notes

**check notes

Nov 1898 Constitution completed Dec 10 1898 Treaty of Paris Dec 21 1898 Benevolent Assimilation **check notes ď ś Pres: McKinley

Jan 21 1898 Constitution ratified Jan 23 1898 Republic proclaimed Feb 4 1899 Phil-Am war

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