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Zamboanga crisis Zamboanga was attacked by the Moro National Liberation Front


that caused major


problems in the city

Zamboanga Crisis

Main Cause - The M.N.L.F. wanted to ta ke over Zamboanga and make it independent

- 45 members of the MNLF were captured -The 4 barangays affected are: Sta Barbara, Sta Catalina, Rio Hondo, Mariki, and areas in Talontalon. Climaco said they are verifying if the MNLF had taken over another barangay.

The battle stopped but the crisis is not yet over

Effects: Economy by: Kenzo Yao

Zamboanga City is one of the first class cities of the Philippines, which holds a bright, and even more growing economy. The invasion in Zamboanga City by the Moro National Liberation Front or M.N.L.F. affected the economy of Zamboanga. It is the only city in Visayas and Mindanao that has a free port and an economic zone. Zamboanga is also the gateway to Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Philippines which is also called the East Asia Growth Area or BIMP-EAGA. One of the main effects of the M.N.L.F. invasion on economy is a lot of business in Zamboanga lost their sales, especially the food business in Zamboanga due to food spoilages. A department store catering, the high end in the city had a 30% decline in customers causing a waste of money as much as P1.5M due to spoilage of food and the use of 19 drums of diesel fuel of generating electricity in the mall. Stall owners in Barter trade center greatly loses products due to food spoilage. It affected the economy because all the import goods were wasted. Another effect of the Zamboanga invasion on economy is inefficient government transactions. BIR, having delayed business transactions and wasting man hours because of blackout. BIR doesn't have a generator so they let workers go home instead because they cannot process anything and do anything productive so this affects the economy because it did not only on BIR but also on the business transacting.

Society by: Raf Dylim The effect of the Zamboanga crisis to the society is that many people lost their houses, their jobs or even their love ones. The people of Zamboanga have been staying at different parts of the area. On the first few days of the crisis the number of people increased in the evacuation centers starting from 13,000 and reaching its peak at 120,000 victims on the 10th day of the crisis. A number of people were also during the time of the crisis such as Jeomi Eithan who was shot by a bullet in the head during the 13th of september of that afternoon when the MNLF were fighting against the Government troops. Another incident

was on September 16 when May Ann who is a 6 year old little girl was shot in the head by a stray bullet that pierced through the roof. These people have lost many things and loved ones at times when it was least expected.

Culture by: Gab Romualdez

The belated Zamboanga crisis has greatly shook, and affected the Philippines in many different ways. In terms of culture, the Zamboanga crisis has affected the culture of people around the area. Culture is the accumulated knowledge, traditions, attitudes and beliefs of the people of a certain place. Saying this, the MNLF has affected directly the culture of the people in Zamboanga and indirectly has affected the whole Philippines itself. The Zamboanga crisis directly affects the culture of the people in Zamboanga because it has destroyed bloodlines through the possible deaths that were caused, homes and places used for industry such as fishing spots favored by certain families were un reachable during the crisis due to the potential threat that the MNLF posed around the area. Acts like these affect the people that live around the place, thus, affecting the way they live and affecting their normal traditions due to the threat that the MNLF posed while present. The MNLF also indirectly affected the entirety of the Philippines because it has forced us to take measures of war or bloodshed and required us to bear arms to defend our country and this has affected many people, not just the soldiers but these acts from both sides (the MNLF and philippine army) may have traumatized some. This means that the Zamboanga crisis has much affected Zamboanga and the Philippines itself as a whole. The roles of each also determine a part of culture and in a democracy, the people or masses are the ones who should hold power but in circumstances such as this, the government and army is given more power over our choices, thus, temporarily changing roles of people or temporarily changing the culture of some.

Politics by: Kenneth Sy

A peace agreement was made. A battle between the Philippine government and the mnlf was done to sabotage the peace talks. The government of the Philippines stopped the army siege against the mnlf. The Philippines and the MNLF is in the last stage of making the peace treaty. This peace pact would remove Mindanao into a self-governing Mindanao, The dswd and the local government are working together to find families who are having troubles. the government sees the Zamboanga crisis as a test of the governments power in terms of security. President Aquino, has went to Zamboanga to issue a cease fire.

Kenzo Yao 9D 36 The surprise attack of the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) caused a big problem in Zamboanga and also to the whole nation. Including this with the other problems in the Philippines like the pork barrel issue destroyed the hopes of the Filipinos to regain peace in our nation. The government should improve the Philippine military because they had a long and hard time defeating the M.N.L.F. ,which made a lot of people suffer in the evacuation center and the hostages in the hands of the M.N.L.F. If the government spend the budget more on warfare and the military training the military can defeat the M.N.L.F. faster. So now the government should start improving the Philippine army by providing budget for the warfare and making their training harder to secure our country more from external threats. Those local government in Mindanao should add or improve hospitals so during emergency a lot of people will be cured. These steps will make the hopes of the Filipinos higher because if the people see the improvement they will feel secured. Aside from the government, we as the people of Philippines should do something to rebuild our nation. In order to rebuild our nation, the people of the Philippines should start doing more peace talks in a lot of places to let the people know how can we achieve peace and strengthen the faith of the people that peace can still be achieved. A lot of the people think that the government is the cause of our poor nation today but in reality the people is also a cause to our poor nation. The Filipinos should have discipline to rebuild our nation. The next step is to discipline ourselves is to simply follow the law and rules of the Philippines even students can discipline themselves by following simple rules like throwing trash in the proper place so it will discipline them and start to follow the law implemented in the Philippines. People will copy each other and rebuilding a new improved nation. During the Zamboanga crisis, the M.N.L.F. is not disciplined so they didn't follow the gun ban rule and they're a lot of private armies in Philippines especially in Mindanao which is not allowed in the Philippines so if we start following rules, we can prevent this problem and improve our nation. Today, the problem with the people is they lack discipline that they throw trash anywhere, park anywhere even there is a no parking sign, and violating traffic rules. As a grade 9 student, I can rebuild the nation by starting to promote peace in school like stopping a bully fight and chaos inside the classroom. I will also be a role model to the

other students in school to be a peacemaker. By this, starting peace in a small communities growing into a larger community will rebuild our nation.

Kenneth Sy 9D 30 To rebuild the peaceful community of Zamboanga, all the people of Zamboanga, including the MNLF, must learn to embrace unity and learn the meaning of unity. The problem of the MNLF, in my opinion, is that they want to have there own country, going away from the Philippines. The government has taken actions to stop this but the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) has posed attacks to Zamboanga making the government counter attack. I think in order for the Philippines to achieve peace, the government should,first, fix the problems of the Philippines economy related because the rallies caused the society is usually economy related. I am not sure of the motive of the rebellion groups but all i can say is that they must learn to understand that war would only make things worst. The only problem of the Filipino people is that at greedy, if this greediness of ours was to be removed, there won't be such thing as the pork barrel or the Zamboanga crisis, because these problems is caused by the greediness of the Filipinos, so the Filipinos must stop being greedy because greediness is the cause of all the problems caused in the Philippines. I think the government has already done their best to try to solve the Zamboanga Crisis, they have tried doing peace talks and such, but the MNLF is sabotaging these peace talks by doing war in Zamboanga, at least that is what I know. The government has done everything but the government has not tried to threaten the MNLF, it may not be the best way to stop the MNLF but if it will work the MNLF would run and the government can hunt down these MNLF groups that is left. The people in the evacuation centers is experiencing a lot of problems, so what I think the government should do is to relocate these people to Manila so that no one in Zamboanga would be affected, this may give a momentary peace but it would be for long. So far the government has done good in pushing back the MNLF, but they should keep trying to push them back until they are all gone, then the peace will be obtained. As a student all i can do is to encourage peace in the school and in the neighborhood so that others may copy what I can do. To obtain peace in school i can step in in a bullying situation and try to stop the person in trouble, This will encourage others people to be men for others and stop bullying too. In the neighborhood, I can just not cause any troubles like shouting, vandalism and such. This can retain the peace in the community and keep it clean.

Rafael Dylim 9D 07 The Filipinos people can help rebuild the nation by uniting with the MNLF. By uniting with our fellow MNLF or the MILF, we could be able to not only rebuild our nation but also rebuild their nation by helping one another and support one another to reach a better form of a nation. In another sense, uniting with one another will help build a much stronger and healthy nation. And by healthy I mean free from the causes of the fighting between both nations. Filipinos can also help rebuild the Philippine nation in a sense that they could promote nation building by promoting tourist attractions over the Philippines, via the internet, social media, or by communicating verbally, so the economy may grow, and at the same time the people may see the beauty of the country and will appreciate and like it more than foreign attractions, and the people should also buy more local goods instead of always importing, for this will also promote local industries The government can help rebuild the nation by maintaining peace and order by stationing more troops and police in different areas in the Philippines, the police and government in another hand should not be corrupt so the people will trust them more.People should also be smart during the voting of the government officials because once the results come out, people who are placed in those positions are then bad for the people which then makes the people regret of whom they have voted for and once the people vote for a certain person they do not like, they will be blaming the government for something that they shouldn't be blaming for because it is them that voted for these officials. The government can also construct more infrastructures and public facilities for the people all throughout the country to use. I, as a grade 9 student I could help rebuild the nation by participating in public helping missions such as the red cross. By participating in these helping missions, I could help several people recover from their own problems, and by helping that's already a part of helping the nation. Another way to help rebuild the nation is by bringing in imported materials in not so it will replace our local products but to increase our supplies and be exposed to new materials that will help make our nation a step forward than where we were.

Gabriel Romualdez 9D 27 To push outside the boundary of normal thought will allow a country, our country to progress further than other countries that do not think outside the realm of what we consider "normal" or "safe" or which is, in a sense, what has already been achieved. As a Filipino, I believe that us Filipinos can help deal with this crisis and help the nation bounce back from this by standing together and fight for what's right which is to ask for peace. This means that because I believe that the people should stand and fight for what is right, and what (at the moment) is right is a peace treaty, then the government should listen to the people and try to formulate a deal and create a peace treaty. To truly rebuild the country, the Filipino people should help in whatever way they see fit and I believe that the best way to do this is for Filipinos to act as volunteers to, 1st help with manual labor to rebuild material or structure (houses schools etc) or 2nd if the 1st option is too labor intensive I believe that Filipinos should raise awareness on peace and the negative effects of war on a nation so that others will be more enticed to keep peace and try to work for true peace in a country. I believe the government should work on reconstruction projects especially in Zamboanga and areas within it’s vicinity. I also believe that the government should ask the military strategists to come up with brighter ideas to see how the Zamboanga crisis could have been stopped faster, easier, and safer so that if an event like this should arise again, it may be easily dealt with. I believe that this should also be done with not just war but also untouched topics so that the Philippines may hold greater knowledge and have somewhat more experience for certain, possible negative events. The government can also raise awareness of actions to take regarding certain events through media like TV commercials or interviews or other mediums such as through online articles or magazine articles. This will help the nation by making known to the public what to do if a certain situation arises. As a student, I can help rebuild the country by teaching others of peace and its benefits over war and also raise awareness and share my knowledge of what to do if a certain

situation arises, I can also help rebuild the country by donating what I can to those in need especially those who lost much of what they had in the Zamboanga crisis. Things that are actually worth doing, take time. This means that we cannot rebuild a country and develop a country very quickly. It means that we have to do things thoroughly and slowly but also right and correctly. It means that we should take one step at a time, but always remember to keep taking steps, and never stop. 1758902.html

Kenzo Yao  

Zamboanga crisis

Kenzo Yao  

Zamboanga crisis