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it’s all about being creative

We are a brand that plays basketball and Rock n’ Roll. We’re here for every independent, open-minded, creative person who just wants to do their own thing - as we continue to play on - on the court, the stage or anywhere else.

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14 06/ Kaizers Orchestra

Onto their biggest tour ever – But unfolding private dreams at home


08/ Spot festival

How do upcoming bands get a gig in the festival – The Festival director gives away the inside tips

10/ Graveyard

Alcohol in Scandinavia – A positive thing!

11/ Jonathan johansson

Sings in Swedish – And aims for nakedness

14/ Sleep party people

20/ Eva & The Heartmaker

Converse Scandinavia AS Transformervej 19 2730 Herlev Denmark

22/ Dúné

PR & Marketing Manager Jakob Mastek

24/ Disco Ensemble

Produced by We Are Inc Copenhagen +45 2993 7819

Up for grabs – Win a pair of band designed Converse Chucks! London vintage, 60’s and Lady Gaga – All in one go! In Berlin to record their new album – And escape from the sometimes superficial music scene of Copenhagen The Finnish rock act hate Sweden – But going back nonetheless

27/ Daniel Adams Ray

Moving from Kenya to Sweden – And becoming insecure

30/ The Floor is made of lava

In the rehearsal room – For the money or the fame?

32/ Jaa9 & OnklP

A new fashion emerging on the hip-hop scene – Norwegian rap duo take their sneakers seriously

Project Manager and Journalist Ulrich Quistgaard Art Director Kim Sivert Jensen Frontpage photo Paw Ager

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rowing up during the 80’s, in a small town on the west coast of Norway was quite boring for two friends, Janove Ottesen and Geir Zahl. Their friendship grew upon the basis that the town had little entertainment to offer them, and as such they hung out in Geirs basement playing guitars with most of their spare time. Today, they’re the backbone of one of Norway’s most popular rock bands. “We play Kaizer rock. It’s a very visual kind of music that gets your energy pumping – especially live”, says lead singer Janove Ottesen.

Electric oil barrels The band has toured a lot over the years and Janove above all remembers their show in front of 50.000 people at the Roskilde Festival in 2006. However, those experiences are a while ago. For the last two years the band has worked on a trilogy,

Norway’s increasingly popular ro Orchestra, have not played outsid land for two years. They are now their biggest European tour ever, still hovers over a cabin in the so

06 / c o n v e r s e magazine 3 r d e d i t i o n 2 0 1 1

ock-act, Kaizers de their rocky homeset to embark on but the real dream outh of Norway.

More than shoes, Converse is a story of legends, heroes and innovators tied together by the love of sport, fashion and Rock N’ Roll.

which will have a staggered released beginning in 2011, with the final installment to be released in 2012. “You can easily get stuck in old patterns, so we’ve added new instruments, like a pedal bass and electrified oil barrels”, tells Janove Ottesen, who writes and sings in Norwegian - one of the reasons for Kaizers Orchestras popularity in Scandinavia. “Here people can understand what I’m singing. A lot of people say that they can’t, but I still hear them singing their lungs out at our shows”. The band have played and recorded all the songs live and have grown hungry for new experiences on the road. “We really miss touring. I love waking up in a new major city in Europe every morning, walking around the old parts and having my Café Americano at some local café. It inspires me

and I often write new music or lyrics on the road”, explains Janove Ottesen.

A cabin with wine and love Even though the singer is excited about the huge European tour in front of him, Janove Ottesen’s real goal for life and happiness is located in a small and calm place – this time in the southern part of Norway, and he’s not far away realizing his ambitions: “My biggest dream is to drink my Coto De Imaz in a cabin in the south of Norway, sitting at my old piano, together with my wife, children and two Irish wolfhounds. I have the wine, my wife and children, but I am still looking for that cabin”.

/ 07

The SPOT Festival has fought hard for 17 years to be recognized internationally and become a respected show window for Nordic quality music. The festival’s managing director encourages bands, that dreams of playing at the festival, to follow their goals in the same persistent way

Through its innovations, leadership and contributions to the evolution and popularity of basketball, tennis, fashion and Rock N’ Roll, Converse has forever fused itself with the heritage and soul of American sports. An industry standard for generations, Converse is “America’s Original Sports Company.” Its rich heritage includes the shoe that revolutionized the game of basketball and would later become a favorite worldwide, the Chuck Taylor All Star – a true America icon.


he people behind SPOT Festival seek to find newer bands and artists with a quality that can make it on the international scene. However, the festival, in Denmark’s second largest town Aarhus, presents both newcomers and more established artists. “The SPOT Festival has become an effective catapult for launching many Danish and Nordic music acts to the world. The festival plays

08 / c o n v e r s e magazine 3 r d e d i t i o n 2 0 1 1

a part of securing the music of relatively small Nordic countries allowing them a disproportionately large amount of international attention. After 17 years SPOT has finally rooted itself as one of the hip international trade festivals, which dares to put quality and innovation over short termed economic interests”, says the managing director of SPOT, Gunnar K. Madsen. The festival now seeks to further develop their concept SPOT ON, where different groups of people from various media and music industries from different countries select a handful of bands, which they believe could have potential in their regions. “We’ll put together three or four bands and present them, about half a year after SPOT, in places like Bruxelles, Vienna or the Montreaux Festival. At these venues, we then invite more businesspeople, and a few months ago in Bruxelles we had 700 people filled in one of the city’s concerthalls, so it is possible to sell tickets to more or less unknown bands to a local audience”, says Gunnar K. Madsen. The managing director explains that new bands can enhance their chances of

Photo Jepser hedemann & Thorsten overgaard

playing at the SPOT Festival and thus benefiting from the exposure. All they have to do is chase their dreams and ambitions vividly and stay true to their goals.

Lifetime-musicians “It’s very important to us that we can feel a drive and a great deal of commitment, when we sort through the applicants. Our selection committee doesn’t only listen to the kind of objective qualities in the music, but also looks whether the applicants try to lift their originality into a professional performance. We try to catch as many ‘lifetime-musicians’ as possible. Not just the people, who are here today and gone tomorrow”, says Gunnar K. Madsen. The festivals selection committee listens, as a matter of course, to the applicants’ material, but they

often complement with background knowledge from their huge network of people in the industry about the bands’ live-performances and progression. “It’s important that the applicants deliver a decent application with great material. But it’s almost as important that they have the ability to perform and develop themselves as communicators of their art”, explains Gunnar K. Madsen. When the managing director thinks back over the years and is asked to name a band from each Scandinavian country that has received great popularity internationally, he mentions Sigur Ros from Island, Kent from Sweden, Kaizers from Norway and Mew from Denmark. Some of the many acts which have both played at SPOT and gone on to create a bigger international name for themselves.

/ 09

The music scene is different in all the Scandinavian countries, but Graveyard feels that the audience everywhere drinks the same amount of alcohol


ld school Swedish rockband, The Graveyard have experienced that the music culture changes from town to town. They also note that the scene differs between the Scandinavian countries. “Every time we have played in Copenhagen, we have been very well received. But I guess that the alcohol tradition is the same in all of Scandinavia, and that makes the audiences cheerful and welcoming everywhere”, tells Graveyard’s bass player

Rikard Ragnarök. Graveyard was formed in Gothenburg and released their debut album in 2007. Now, the band is awaiting the release of their next album, which was produced by Don Alsterberg, who also works with hit artists José Gonzales and Junip. “After our new album, Hisingen Blues, comes out,

10 / c o n v e r s e magazine 3 r d e d i t i o n 2 0 1 1

we will do a hell of a lot of touring”, says Rikard Ragnarök.

Fashion and Assholes Graveyard has based both their look and sound on retro-foundations. The band’s bass player has worn Chucks for more than half of his life and is a big fan of the Converse shoe. However, he doesn’t spend much time thinking about his clothes and the band’s image. “What’s important is that you feel comfortable in what you wear”, says Rikard Ragnarök and continues: “The fashion in the music industry differs a lot depending on the genre, but in general I think that at least Swedes are quite conscious about fashion. But a taste in fashion is like assholes – everybody’s got one”, says Rikard Ragnarök, who hopes that he can make a living of his music and pay the rent. “Apart from that my personal dream is to build a big-ass pyramid”, he adds.

In the year 1908, a young Marquis M. Converse starts the company with winterized footwear for men, women and children. Converse canvas shoes for the sport of tennis soon follow. And, during basketball’s formative years, Converse invents the All Star basketball shoe, helping to spark a centurylong love affair with the sport and fashion all over the world.


onathan Johansson is in the making of his second album, which will be released this spring. And, just like his first album, the lyrics will be in Swedish. “For me it was always clear; Swedish is my language,” he says. And Johansson always wrote in Swedish. “A part of me wanted to do and make something that you couldn’t find in any other place. But the scene has changed now. Swedish in Sweden is big now!” According to Johansson singing in Swedish is becoming more and more popular: “For a long time it was an unexplored field, but suddenly songwriters found out that there was a lot to find in the Swedish language and many of us have chosen to follow that path. There is a vulnerability and nakedness there, and I believe pop music needs that”.

Cities burn Even though Johansson’s sound is known for pureness, beauty and elegance, he himself describes it as music of grief and hollowness. “What can I say! The cities burn and the heart aches. We are alienated in our own society. It is something that I think about, and you find it in my songs,” he claims and points out that there are no fake emotions in his music: Honesty has always been his goal.

/ 11

Photo Frida Sjögren

Beautiful and spiritual pop music. That is the signature of Swedish artist Jonathan Johansson, who aims for nakedness, honesty and euphoria

DC Comics collaboration The collaboration between Converse and DC Comics, are based on the iconic characters such as Superman, Batman and The Joker as well. The Converse and DC Comics shoe collection brings comic book pages to life in footwear with visually stunning detail and classic DC Super Hero influence. Find the comic inspired All Star in your local retailer.

CONS skate Pappalardo

Dickies collaboration Converse and Dickies: two American brands known for their raw simplicity and everyday dependability. In spring 2011, we’ll pair Dickies triedand-true canvas with the cues of a work boot and add the iconic All Star signature patch, Dickies lining detailing and a heel pull with Dickies branding. These are authentic American heritage!

Marimekko collaboration In spring 2011, Converse will honor the way the Finish textile company has merged the worlds of fashion and art, inspiring people of express in new ways. The Converse Marimekko collection features three original prints from the 1960s created by influential Marimekko designers and applied our favorite canvases.

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newest mode r i ls e h .A ft

Chuck Taylor All Star 1966 – Converse adds seven new colors to the Chuck Taylor All Star line to coordinate with different basketball team uniforms. For spring 2011 you will find more than hundreds different types of Chucks in the retailers. Find your new Chuck-colours for spring 2011 in you local retailer.


Star Player Built on the Chuck Taylor DNA, inspired by sport, fashion and lifestyle. Star Player will come in Hi and Ox in several colours and qualities.

yo e r

ady e r u

a sa m pl e o

The Converse Rider and ambassador Anthony Pappalardo present his own silhouettes; CONS Pappalardo Pro Ox, which takes skateboarding toanother level!

... a year’s supply of Converse (equivalent to 12 pairs)

Join the competition at

y fo r s pri ng

d an

sum mer - Conver

Star Player S II inspired by Kenny Anderson

s e p

Converse is bringing back the Star Player S II shoe with a vengeance and new colorways. Worn and inspired by skate team veteran, Kenny Anderson

Jack Purcell Returned from the 1930s, the legendary Jack Purcell returns with the iconic smile on the toe. Johnny and Helen are back!

Chuck Taylor Lady All Star Converse introducing the Lady All Star sneaker. A low profile, sportinspired silhouette borrowed from the original 1930 women’s basketball shoe, in new qualities and a modified last and rubber outsoles.

CVO A clean and simple skate shoe always ready for your skate performance needs!

Chuck Taylor All Star American Dream Rock on in a pair of the legendary Chuck Taylor Stars & Bars from the American Dream Collection.

Fast Break Pro Converse is a brand that started out playing basketball. In spring 2011, we’ll celebrate Converse’s heritage in the game with the Fast Break Pro.

/ 13

d he nte se re

Arh.. Blood!!”, screams bass player Anders Møller, holds his finger up in the air as a warning display and reassures his fellow band members that they have to be careful. He has cut himself while working on the Converse shoe with a knife. “Stop whining and just use the blood for the shoe design”, says Jacob Høegh and laughs along with everybody else. They don’t use the blood. However, the musicians are stretching their creative talents to the max. They have

Brian Batz and his musicians behind mystical Sleep Party People met and redesigned four pairs of Converse shoes, which are now possible to win in the Converse MAGAZINE contest. This is how the shoes grew their ears ... met in a small two-bedroom apartment in Nørrebro in Copenhagen, where old records fill up most of the shelves. Here, they burn, draw, paint, sow, solder and cut with scissors and knives to transform four pairs of white chucks from Converse into unique band items, which will be rewarded as contest prizes. The apartment belongs to Brian Batz, the brain behind Sleep Party People. He had become tired of playing in a band,

14 / c o n v e r s e magazine 3 r d e d i t i o n 2 0 1 1

where everybody had a say, bought his own equipment and started working on his songs. “The sound on the album and our expression with masks seem very thought out, but I think it’s more luck than brains”, says Brian Batz. The guitarist Kaspar K. looks up from his take-away lunch and doesn’t think that Brian should be so humble. Bass player Anders Møller asks where the food is from. “It’s from ‘The Green Kitchen’ but it’s only for my conscience here after Christmas, because it really doesn’t taste very good. But I seriously need a detox right now”, explains Kaspar K.

Going your own way Sleep Party People are often compared to other bands like Cocteau Twins that also employ a heavy usage of delay, and Brian Eno, who has a similar ambient sound. Comparisons that Brian Batz doesn’t mind, as they are artists that he personally listens a lot to. “So I am very inspired by them, but naturally I would like to distinguish myself, and think that I have succeeded on the vocal side. But if you remove all the effects from my music, it’s more or less a row of pop songs”, says Brian Batz. During the work on his songs, Brian thought something sounded like a rabbit and so googled bunnyman. Here he stumbled across a picture of a boy wearing a

bunny-mask, which has now found its’ way on Sleep Party People’s album cover. “And then I thought that it would be a cool concept to bring along for live gigs. I think it fits the music’s peculiar sound quite well to dress up like rabbits”, says Brian Batz with a smile. He has thought a lot about

Photo paw ager

When became bunnies / 15

the bands visual expression, and they all wear black jeans, black t-shirts and black hoodies drawn over their heads. And the most visual aspect is of course the bunnymasks. Personally, Brian Batz believes that he cares very little about fashion. “However, I do subscribe to the MAGAZINEe Soundvenue and probably get some inspiration from that. But I’m quite casual, if you look in my closet”, says Brian Batz, who feels that the fashion in the Copenhagen music environment is very influenced from New York and thus quite ‘indie’ and ‘hipster’-like with tight jeans curled up, car-

digans a little too long and a hat or a beanie. “I definitely get associations to Brooklyn and New York’s hipster-music-environment”, says Brian Batz.

art, where as you wanna cut everything into bunny-ears”, replies Kaspar K. The young musicians work on the four pairs of Chucks, and after two hours they look at each other with a smile. “I’m so happy that we got to cut, colour, paint and everything. It was really fun, I’m

Bunny ears and burns Some of the musicians have prepared themselves for the Converse shoe-redesign venue and have clear ideas about their approach. They have brought along paint and tools. Others more move along the lines of improvisation. Keyboard player Jacob Høegh asks the guitarist, if he wants to share a white pair for decoration. “I’m not sharing my shoes with you. I’m about to make

... a pair of Converse shoes designed by Sleep Party People. Join the competition at

16 / c o n v e r s e magazine 3 r d e d i t i o n 2 0 1 1

... IT’S ALL ABOUT BEING CREATIVE satisfied and now we have tried shoe-design as well”, says Brian Batz with a cheeky grin. The five guys around the table lean back, decide that it’s time for some wine after the hard work and discuss the spring’s coming gigs across Europe.

Our company was fully believing th earnestdemandfr dealer for a rubb that would be ind not to follow ever in every thing they -1913 Converse Catalog

018 / c o n v e r s e magazine 3 r d e d i t i o n 2 0 1 1

organized in 1908 hat there was an romtheretailshoe ber shoe company dependent enough ry other company ey do.

/ 19


he Beatles, David Bowie, The Cure, Van Halen and Rihanna. Eva & the Heartmaker mix styles from various decades. Eva Weel Skram is the lead singer and her husband Thomas Stenersen the musical back-up. The Beatles have been an ongoing source of inspiration for the band, but why not combine the sound of the 60’s and 70‘s with the fierce and famous Lady Gaga as

album ‘Behind Golden Frames’ was released back in 2006, an immediate success, followed up with ‘Let’s Keep This Up Forever’ released in 2009.

Vintage-lover The band’s eclectic style is also visible in

As a new year has begun, Eva from the Norwegian success, Eva & the Heartmaker, is looking for new inspiration to look her best on stage the band did, when they performed a cover of the Gaga song ‘Bad Romance’. Everything is possible. “Yeah, of course! As long as the songs are good, you can combine anything with the sound of the 60‘s and 70‘s, but our newest material is mostly inspired by a mixture of music from the 80’s up until now”, says Eva Weel Skram. Their self-released debut

their artistic expression. “I used to be more laidback, wearing jeans, leather jackets and old t-shirts, but the last few years glamour has taken over. Last year for me, was all about different vintage swimsuits with short skirts and high heels, but this year I’m looking for new inspiration”, Eva Weel Skram says. “We’re going on tour in February, so next week we’re traveling to London to hunt down every vintage store there is. I love vintage, especially in London, because you find so many unique pieces that no one else has, and it doesn’t necessary cost you

20 / c o n v e r s e magazine 3 r d e d i t i o n 2 0 1 1

that much”. Beatles or Lady Gaga, leather jackets or swimsuits, Eva Weel Skram describes the vibe before the band make their entry on stage in one word: Electric!

CONVERSE Designed to help fight AIDS in Africa, the shoes continue to provide consumers with an outlet to speak their mind. This season Converse debuts “I AM ………” and “I WILL ………” shoes, inviting everyone to express their creativity and scribble on their Chucks.

5% of the net wholesale price of these CONVERSE shoes will be paid to The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (Geneva, Switzerland).

M The first and the original canvas and rubber classic Chuck Taylor All Star was burn in 1923 – today it’s a sport and fashion icon. Find your new Chuck-colours for spring 2011 in you local retailer.

usicians can be inspired by many things: Personal issues, a walk in the park, politics, international affairs and so on. Dúné’s members get their inspiration from the city in which they have chosen to live. They have lived in the small, dozy Danish town Skive, urban Copenhagen and they are currently residing in the German metropolis, Berlin. ”Berlin inspires us to create the type of music, that we are aiming for now. Take

Danish Dúné moved from Denmark to Berlin to find inspiration for their 3rd album and a transformation began

for example our rehearsal room. It’s far away from the city centre - far away from everything. It’s the craziest ‘white trash’area, and we have a view of a dump-site and a lot of sad looking buildings from DDR. It definitely affects us, but it is hard to say exactly how,” explains lead singer Mattias Kolstrup, one of the six band members, who have raced towards fame at a very young age.

Times of Transformation The youngsters of Dúné kicked off their musical career for real by performing at the Danish Spot Festival for upcoming artists. A performance at the famous Roskilde Festival followed. Among other prizes they have won three Danish Music Awards, a European Borderbreakers Award and the

22 / c o n v e r s e magazine 3 r d e d i t i o n 2 0 1 1

Superficial Copenhagen Living in Berlin, Dúné sometimes miss the Scandinavian music-scene - but only

sometimes. “What’s cool about the Scandinavian scenes are that they are so incredibly small. It is easy and fast to get to know a lot of people and build up a network of talents. In Copenhagen, unfortunately, that results in a lot of superficial confirmation and acknowledgment. It gets overly friendly in such a small group of people - and it definitely doesn’t rock internationally. That is also one of the reasons why we moved to Berlin; we didn’t want to get to comfortable”.

Photo paw ager

P3-Gold-Award and were nominated for lots more. They have been followed by a camera-crew for two years and had 700 hours of raw material captured, resulting in the emotional and serious documentary ‘Stages’. Dúné‘s 3rd album is now on the way, but it may take a little while yet, as the band won’t settle for anything less than music that they consider “fantastic”. “It’s like we’re undergoing a transformation!”, says Mattias Kolstrup. At the same time they’re getting ready for a lot of gigs this summer, which they are very exited about.

/ 23


Popular Finnish rock act Disco Ensemble toured Sweden with disappointment. Terrible episodes for the band were infuriating – and now, they have to go back.

he lead singer in Disco Ensemble is trying to calm down at the moment. He’s in Helsinki after a crazy year, where the band released the record ‘The Island of Disco Ensemble’ and went on tour over Europe. In Sweden something went wrong: “Based on our horrible experiences in Sweden, there must be something positive beneath all that snobbery with idiotic decibel limits and their general stuck-up atmosphere”, tells Miikka Koivisto. He joined the band back at the turn of the millennium as a guitarist but now sings and plays the keyboard. And over the years the band has hit some major stages like Roskilde Festival, Rock Am Ring and Glastonbury. Even though recently the Swedish scene was annoying for the Finnish musicians, the band enjoyed 2010 to the extent that they wish to emulate it again in 2011: Releasing a new record and more touring. “We prepare to do the same loop again. Basically it means that we sit around drinking coffee and wonder, which recording gear to buy”, says Miikka Koivisto.

24 / c o n v e r s e magazine 3 r d e d i t i o n 2 0 1 1

He has a harder time judging the Finnish music scene than the Swedish one. “There's some good stuff going on in different scenes, though most of the Finnish bands and artists are awful by default. But then again most bands are awful everywhere”, says Miikka Koivisto, who doesn’t believe that Disco Ensemble do anything to stand out from other artists. ”Originality is something that comes naturally. If you need to push it, you're doing the wrong thing”, says the singer.

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Live Concerts 12.03.2011/

Carpark North

KB Hallen, Copenhagen. Win 2 tickets to the show + 2 Carpark North albums ”Best Day”


The National

Helsinki Hall of Culture, Helsinki Win the album “High Violet” by The National



Lille Vega, Copenhagen Win the debut album “Catching A Tiger”


The Wombats

Debaser, Stockholm Win ”The Wombats proudly presents - This Modern Glitch” on release date


Kaizers Orchestra

Spectrum, Oslo Win the brand new album from The Kaizers Orchestra trilogy ” Violeta Violeta Vol. 1” on release date

Upcoming Albums 07.02.2011/

The Streets

“Computers & Blues” Win the album “Computers & Blues” on release date

Band of Horses

07.02.2011/ “5 Track Digital Live EP” (p3 Norway Session) Win the official “Band of horses- Skateboard” 14.03.2011/


“Libertiner” Win the album “Libertiner” on release date

Forår 2011/


”Euphoric ///Heartbreak\\\” Win the album “Euphoric ///Heartbreak\\\” on release date

26 / c o n v e r s e magazine 3 r d e d i t i o n 2 0 1 1

From isolation came hope and creativity

Daniel Adams-Ray grew up in Kenya, but it wasn’t until he moved to a safe suburb in Stockholm that he felt isolated and insecure


aniel Adams-Ray grew up in Nairobi, Kenya, a country that has suffered political corruption and social injustice for decades. At the age of 12 he and his family moved to a safe suburb in Stockholm. “Ironically it was here, in one of the countries that has the highest welfare, that, for the first time, I felt a social isolation and felt insecure. It was during this period of my life that I started painting graffiti and creating music. I believe that words and melodies can help people overcome the heartaches of life, so at the end of the day I guess ‘hope’ is what inspires me to create”, tells Daniel Adams-Ray.

Black and White

The Swedish rapper, singer and fashion designer recently released his solo album and is currently touring Scandinavia. Things are looking great! The album ‘Svart vitt och all däremellan’ (loosely translates into ‘Black, White and everything in between’) is pop orientated with an urban inspiration. The lyrics are in Swedish. “Whether you judge my vocals as rap or song, I believe one should write in the language one dreams in”, he says.

Daniel Adams-Ray lives and dreams through melodies, words and shapes. “When these expressions meet and are balanced in the right manner, magic is created”, he argues.

/ 27



onverse Skate and CONS collections return stronger than ever in Spring 2011 introducing brand new signature styles from the skate heroes Rune Glifberg, Kenny Anderson, Nick Trapasso and Anthony Pappalardo. Rounding out the line, Converse adds the XLT and Converse All Star Training to its roster of skate-ready classics.

Rune Pro Mid and Allston The Danish Converse riders Rune Glifberg, is a respected tyrant in the contest circuit, where his versatility as a skater springboards him to the next level in transitional skating.

the completion of his newest part in Flip’s “Extremely Sorry. Rune’s signature shoe, the Rune Pro, is a mid cut for ample ankle support, perfect for skating transition. The Rune Pro Mid shoe features durable vulcanized construction and a distinct oldschool Converse basketball aesthetic, accented with the Star Chevron logo. The Rune Allston shoe is the oxford version of the Rune Pro

ent style and fluidity on a skateboard is no doubt, untouchable. His reemergence on the team stands out as one that is natural and sincere. Kenny’s rightful return to Converse is seen as a sort of homecoming by the entire Converse skate team. Converse is bringing back the Star Player S II shoe with a vengeance and new colorways. Worn and inspired by skate team veteran, Kenny Anderson, the Star Player S II shoe is available in Mid for better ankle protection or oxford for increased foot control. Constructed of durable suede and canvas, this shoe is definitely made to skate, but can just as easily surf the crowd.

CONS Pappalardo Pro Anthony Pappalardo is rad because he’s just himself. He doesn’t need to talk a lot or at all. What you see it what you get with Pops. Pops skates a lot by himself and doesn’t care if something he does gets filmed, or if someone is watching him or not, he just skates because he loves it. Pappalardo also creates amazing furniture in an underground studio in Brooklyn, NY. He is a true individual. The CONS Pappalardo Pro shoe became an instant classic when it debuted and it continues to be one of the most anticipated CONS skateboarding shoes. Spring ’11 showcases two never before seen material plays for the CONS Pappalardo Pro shoe: a blacked out premium leather upper for spring and a refreshing sesame canvas, which drops just in time for the summer season.

CONS Trapasso Pro

Rune Glifberg’s smooth style and versatility sets him apart from every skateboarder out there. He continues to dominate the contest circuit, having just recently won the 1st place X Games Gold medal in 2009 for the second year in a row. Rune’s effortless agility, easy going personality and proven track record have earned him a solid reputation as one of the skateboarding industry’s most respected and admired professionals. Beyond his contest track record, Rune has over 8 video parts to date with

shoe with a low profile for increased foot control. The Allston shoe is available in suede and waxed canvas.

Star Player S II – inspired by Kenny Anderson Kenny Anderson returns better than ever as an alumni to Converse, having been on the original team in 1997. Kenny’s smooth, consist-

28 / c o n v e r s e magazine 3 r d e d i t i o n 2 0 1 1

Nick is a mellow kid that has a laidback approach to life. His laidbackness is obvious when you watch him skate; he’s just completely relaxed. He’s from Phoenix, Arizona but has moved to the cooler climes of Long Beach, California. You can catch him cruising the Long Beach streets, or off on far away adventures discovering new spots around the globe. The CONS Trapasso Pro shoe enters into its second season with a crispy new look for that feels light enough for summer yet strong enough for skateboarding.

TALES OF TRUE INDIVIDUALS PUSHING THE LIMITS. Converse team rider and Ambassador Kenny Anderson

Rune Pro Mid and Allston The Danish Converse riders Rune Glifberg, is a respected tyrant in the contest circuit, where his versatility as a skater springboards him to the next level in transitional skating. Rune’s signature shoe, the Rune Pro, is a mid cut for ample ankle support, perfect for skating transition. The Rune Pro Mid shoe features durable vulcanized construction and a distinct old-school Converse basketball aesthetic, accented with the Star Chevron logo. The Rune Allston shoe is the oxford version of the Rune Pro shoe with a low profile for increased foot control. The Allston shoe is available in suede and waxed canvas.

/ 29

Of course ‘The Floor is made of Lava’ would like to win the Danish award show P3 Guld. But more than the 100.000 kroner prize, they strive for innovation and originality.

Converse debuts its Spring 2011 Chuck Taylor All Star collection, celebrating the American dream and the music, art and culture that it represents. Possibly the most iconic shoe of all time, the Chuck Taylor All Star shoe is an American icon and this collection stylishly and playfully links its history to right now.


fairly tight knitted quilt of cigarette ash is coating the top of a black flightcase, which the guys behind the Danish rockband, The Floor is Made of Lava, use as a table. The drummer, who goes by the name Ace, lies on a couch, stretches his arm out and ashes his menthol cigarette over a random spot on the black box. The lighting in the small rehearsal studio is dim, and the four musicians are taking a brake. It’s a week before the Danish music award show P3 Guld, and The Floor is Made of Lava are nominated for the P3 Prize and will also perform live at the event. This is the third day in the studio in a row. “But we actually haven’t played the song for that venue at all. Vinnie Who is rehearsing next door, are also performing a song at P3 Guld and have been playing it over and over for three full days now”, says lead singer Tobias Kippenberger. The Floor is made of Lava will play their

song ‘All Outta Love’ at the award show. “But we’ll have to practice it 20 times at the TV-channel before going live anyhow, so we use our time now for something else”, says Tobias.

Art in a contest The band members all agree that they would like to win the prize, which they’re nominated for – but they’re not all in it for the money. They perceive the show as the most important music award venue in Danish television. “It’s the only one that takes the music seriously and delivers a great frame for musicians and those with an interest in music. The show ‘Zulu Awards’, on the competing TV-channel is more frivolous, incompetent and weird”, says Tobias. The band’s bass player, Simon Visti, really wants to win the prize, but feels at the same time that it’s odd to

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they plan to start working on their third album. “We’re quite conscience about working on an original sound and have just been talking about, how to make our music stand out. Every musician should think about this and strive to do so”, says bass player Simon Visti. The Floor is Made of Lava contemplate the notion of

Standing out

finding a Danish sound, but still singing in English and playing rock. “How can we fill out the Danish scene, but at the same time address the international market? We’re serious in our expression and music, but also use irony and humor, which is quite Danish”, says Tobias and is

During 2010 the band have heavily toured to such an extent that nobody has been writing or working on any new songs. The coming award show finishes that chapter for the four musicians, as it airs one year after the release of their last record ‘Howl at the Moon’. A piece that received praise for its renewed sound compared to the first album ‘All Juice No Fruit’. They are soon to begin a new period in the studio, where

backed by Simon. “We know that we haven’t experienced anything grave or serious compared to many other musicians, who sing about severe things. That’s why irony works well for us”, says the bass player. They all agree sitting around the graying ash covered flightcase, that they’re very happy and content with 2010, regardless if they win the P3 Guld or not. The Danish artist Fallulah won the P3-Award.

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have his music involved in a contest. “But if we win, we get attention and a bag of money”, says Simon, who is challenged by Tobias: “However, 100.000 kroner in prize-money is not a whole lot for a band, so that part of the prize is secondary”, he says and refers to all the new recording equipment that the band has just bought. “But it would still give some financial room for our work on the new record”, argues Simon.

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n the Norwegian music scene people today seem to conform less and have a more individual style, says Pål Tøien aka OnklP from the Norwegian hip-hop duo; Jaa9 & OnklP. And that’s a good thing: “I see fellow rappers in pants and haircuts they wouldn’t be found dead in earlier, but that is just a positive thing in the big picture. Sneaker culture is also getting bigger and bigger, people are taking their footwear really serious, including us,” he says.

Shoe-addicts: Norwegian rappers Jaa9 & OnklP take their footwear and hip-hop seriously. But still take to the stage with humor

Nice kicks with an attitude

For Jaa9 & OnklP it was never an option to rap in English, as they prefer to experiment and manipulate with the Norwegian language. “Shout out to those who can do it well, but those who rap in English with a thick Norwegian accent and get the grammar all fucked up... Well that’s just embarrassing to hear”.

Appearance isn’t everything. Or is it? Regardless, the two rappers are very conscious about their style and expression on stage. “We can’t really keep up with the skinny jeans phenomenon and that kind of stuff, and we don’t have fancy haircuts, but we do have a couple of great sponsors, who sends us boxes full of our favorite clothes. We don’t like to walk on stage without feeling fresh in some new gear. And the new gear... it’s sneaks,” says OnklP and jokes: “Between us we have a lot of nice kicks, so I suggest you don’t step on them - otherwise you might get into trouble!”

All fucked up Jaa9 & OnklP just released part one of their two-part album called ‘Lasse & Geir’, named after a classic 70’s flick by two notorious Norwegian film directors and producers Wam and Wennerød. Their single ‘Partysvenske’ is getting heavy rotation and they’re about to start touring. OnklP is positive about the current prospects for Scandinavian rap: “Scandinavian rap is looking better than ever, especially Norwegian rap, which has always kinda been in the shadow of both Swedish and to some extent Danish rap,” he says.

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1966 – Converse adds seven new colors to the Chuck Taylor All Star line to coordinate with different basketball team uniforms. For spring 2011 you will find more than hundreds different types of Chucks in the retailers.

Turn up the music and prepare to get chucked!


his season the Jack Purcell collection is giving a nod to preparatory academics, replacing etiquette with attitude in a way only Jack Purcell can. Inspired by some of the most prestigious universities in US, the Jack Purcell spring collection references collegiate sport, refinement and tradition. New materials taken from menswear classics, creative stitching, vibrant color palates and a story of spirit and heritage resonate with each new style. This spring it’s time for a Jack Purcell reunion of sorts - “Johnny” meets “Helen” once again. The Johnny, which first debuted in the 1930s and was aptly named for its creator, world famous champion badminton and tennis pro Jack Purcell, is being released in new styles. Also pulled from the Jack Purcell archives, the Helen, named for Jack Purcell’s wife, is being reissued stitchfor-stitch for the first time ever, available specifically to women. The spring 2011 collection mines Jack Purcell heritage, with modern twists and crafts-

manship that have become synonymous with the iconic shoe with a smile. The new Spring 2011 collection will be available beginning 2011.

Jack Purcell Johnny One of the original Jack Purcell silhouettes from the 1930s is back with an updated look. Using colorful stitching and new garment dye washes on seasonal twill, the recreation of the original Johnny has never felt so modern. Carefully positioned stitching on the overlays is reminiscent of the regal pennants that hang on the most esteemed university campuses. The color washes created for the canvas uppers pay homage to the preppy rebels of the East Coast. Ox silhouettes in White/Navy, Burgundy/Off

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CONVERSE JACK PURCELL COLLECTION Jack inspired spring c archive Jack Pur ever women’s on

White, Navy/Red and a Mid silhouette in Grey/White are a perfect way to take the colors off campus.

Jack Purcell Helen The Helen is a key archive model in the Jack Purcell line re-issued stitch-for-stitch this season. This season you will find Helen as a part in the brand new collection inspired by Marimekko. Converse has partnered with iconic Finnish design house Marimekko for the first time to debut a new women’s specific collection for spring 2011 that combines Converse’s most popular silhouettes with the brand’s signature prints. The Jack Purcell Helen silhouette was pulled from the Purcell archives and returns in 2011. Named for Jack Purcell’s wife, the Helen is an archival model in the Jack Purcell line and has been re-issued stitch-for-stitch – available specifically to women. This shoe features the Jack Purcell silhouette with a feminine touch and the signature Purcell smile on the toe.

PURCELL SPRING 2011 Purcell universitycollection re-issues rcell model for firstnly offering

Jack Purcell Material Updates This season brings new materials to the Jack Purcell collection taken directly from the unofficial uniform of higher education: Oxford, Pique and Seersucker. Seen in shirt form as East Coast staples, these popular fabrics have been repurposed on the shoe known for its rebellious smile. The Jack Purcell Materials Collection is crafted with quality and comfort in mind, bringing new meaning to business casual.

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