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RESEARCH TOOLS.MONITORING SOCIAL ANALYSIS TOOL Monitoring is a tool that is within the social analysis, which helps to sustain the whole project of social media.

THE MONITORING. Monitoring requires appropriate technologies and tools for social networking platforms, in addition, the importance of monitoring lies in the analysis of the data obtained and only through this analysis can knowledge be created and strategic decisions made. Monitoring the content of social media involves getting reports, crossing data and analyzing statistics, all of these are difficult tasks due to the great variety in the nature of the data. According to the tools that are being developed, the actions integrated in this strategy must measure the results, It may be that one of the actions does not work well, so you can change that action for another, or the methodology of the development of that action. The first thing that must be taken into account to develop the monitoring of social networks is what you want to measure and with what objective you want to do it.

What should be measured to monitor. For each action carried out, a reaction is obtained from the users, this is the impact or attention, It is measured through the visits that have been made in the blog or website, the percentage of new visitors and the rebound; the clicks that the links receive in the different social networks, the amount of interactions that have been had in the social networks. The mentions you receive from each of the social networks, is what determines the authority, through the comments that are published in social networks where content is offered, as well as the "likes", the degree of interaction is measured. It is also useful to measure the influence, or what is the same, the number of subscribers that the blog has or the number of followers on social networks.


Monitoring requires appropriate technologies and tools for social networking platforms.


Discover what are the most liked content.

Know the followers better.

Identify the influencers.

Know what actions are increasingly successful within the strategies in social networks.

Identify the audience better, know where the brand came from and with what keywords.

There are different global and specific character monitoring tools for specific social networks, that are adequate to manage and obtain different types of monitoring metrics for different social media platforms. With the weekly monitoring of these tools, the traffic statistics data can be translated into easily identifiable concepts and values by the heads of each department and, thus, detect business opportunities and correct or finetune the web to achieve these objectives. These tools can be divided into two large groups: 

Well-known global tools.

Social web analytics tools.

The monitoring can be divided into two main components: 

.The identification or selection of the indicators to measure.

The definition of the monitoring plan, including the periodicity of the measurements and the method with which they will be carried out.

Well-known global tools.

    

         

Google Insights Google Alerts Workstreamer Radian6 BlogPulse Hootsuite ViralHeat ObjectiveMarketer Sysomos BrandMetrics

        

SocialPointer Seesmic Socialmention HowSociable Kgbpeople Social Report Twiter Search Google Analytics Sproutsocial Ubervu TweetDeck Alterian BlogScope Socialseek

Social web analytics tools. web analytics tools are also used in analytic social networks: 

Google Analytics

Offers all kinds of traffic data from a website.

Google Social Analytics

The Google Analytics tool focused on social platforms and allows the publication of social reports.


It allows the study of data in real time and provides detailed reports on visitors, language, popular page, etc.


A very complete web analytics tool.


offers global internet data.

Woopra Analytics application with two fundamental components:  Desktop utility for data exploration and analysis.  website statistics monitoring service. It is a professional tool, but paid. 

JAWStats Is a free and open source statistical analysis tool. 

MochiBot Free tool specifically for websites developed in Adobe Flash. 

This is a useful list of tools for monitoring social networks and web analytics, with which you can view the information in an automatic way. The options vary in the scope of what they offer, from some basic but useful to others very robust for an indepth analysis.

MONITORING Monitoring is a way to analyze the results.



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Monitoring is a tool that is part of the social analytics to strategically measure social media platforms


Monitoring is a tool that is part of the social analytics to strategically measure social media platforms