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Greenhouse for the Good

Group Members Jillian Schmidt

Garrett Anderson

Marissa Boughman

Molly Spillman

Madeline Mehler

Sarah Nagel

Jake Aurand

Matthew Russ

Brookelynn Weaver

Izzy Wickerham

Jenna Mattas

Abby Storch

Mission and Vision Mission: Build a starter greenhouse on campus, provide produce to support organizations that are helping fight food insecurity and start a program that could be expanded upon for years to come.

Vision: The starter greenhouse project will expand to establish a more permanent structure, increase output of produce, increase involvement of individuals (staff, students, and community), and ultimately help more people.

“Plan for longevity.� -Melanie Knowles, Sustainability Manager, Facilities Planning and Operations

Food Insecurity


Who Who would have interest in maintaining the garden? ? ● Organizations ○ Environmental Conservation Group ○ Campus Kitchen ○ Kent State Environment Society ○ Greek organizations (service)

Who will benefit from this greenhouse? ● Campus Kitchen ● Food Banks ● Food Insecure Families


Where would we establish the garden?


How would we establish the garden?

Comparison to other universities Dominican University - May 2011 - community garden ○ Involves faculty, staff, students, community members and children ○ Volunteers take food they need and rest donated to local food pantry

● Cleveland State University

- Summer of 2009 - rooftop garden

○ Gained awareness with bake sales/ spaghetti dinners ○ Foundations paid for half, CSU paid for other half

Probable Costs

Figures estimated from Lowe’s

website and

● 6 ft x 8 ft hobby greenhouse - $599


● 72 11.7 in x 11.7 in concrete pavers - $112.32 (Lowe’s)

● Three plant racks - $300 (Lowe’s) ● 500 quarts of soil - $130 (Lowe’s)

Vegetable seed packets - $0.25 per pack or harvested from food products

25 pots - $250 (Lowe’s)

Garden shovels - $7.98 each (Lowe’s)

2-gallon watering cans - $4.98 each (Lowe’s)

Electrical wiring - $196.85-$251.60

● Heater - $109 ( ● 50-gallon rain barrel - $164.05 (Lowe’s)


The Proposal

What’s Next? The next steps Herrick Conservatory and Sustainability Club Publicity campaign Fundraising

Goals Successful starter greenhouse project Dependable volunteer maintenance program Expand project


Greenhouse for the good  
Greenhouse for the good