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THE ARCHER Theta Xi Fraternity ALPHA IOTA Fall 2010 Edition

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From the President’s Desk

Alpha Iota’s newly elected president addresses the chapter about the state of affairs and this semes ter’s events thus far. // page 2

Building the Basement; rhood Building Brothe Alpha Iota poured

This summer, the men of over 60 hours in 6 days to renovate the basement. They came out of it with a nice new basement and sense of brotherhood. // page 6

The Search is on... Alpha Iota’s house mother has decided to leave the house at semester to live with her boyfriend in Illinois. The men are now in charge of filling the big shoes that Mom Stultz has left. // page 4

From the President’s Desk Brothers,

leyball, and many other types of individual events such as bowling, table tennis, and racquetball.

With another semester down comes another edition of the Archer. As usual the members of the Alpha Iota chapter of Theta Xi Fraternity have had a successful semester. The bonds of brotherhood continue to grow with the initiation of the 14 members of the Fall 2010 Associate class. This new class has shown great leadership qualities along with a good work ethic and providing a good fit for Alpha Iota. They were initiated on September 30, 2010. The fall semester has been filled with many activities such as date parties, functions, homecoming, intramurals, and renovations. As usual we held our annual Wet n’ Wild, Tuffy Strut, and Semiformal date parties. All of which went very well. During the month of October we had homecoming at Kansas State University. We were partnered with Alpha Xi Delta to help promote school spirit in the days leading up to the football game against Oklahoma State. We received 3rd place overall. All through the semester the men of Theta Xi have participated in intramurals. We played flag football, vol-

Our 2nd annual Theta Xi and Kappa Kappa Gamma dodgeball philanthropy was held on November 14, 2010. We had 16 teams sign up for the tournament and the competition was heated as was expected. We raised $1000.00 for Multiple Sclerosis and the Manhattan Public Library. We hope to have another successful fall philanthropy next year and start up a spring philanthropy with the new Zeta Tau Alpha chapter on campus. Renovations to the house have been on the rise recently. We are hoping to renovate the 3rd floor bathroom along with the basement bathroom. Mom’s club money will help with many smaller renovations such as lighting. Many of these new ideas are due to a new and very motivated executive board. The new executive board was instated on November 28, 2010 and elected two weeks prior. We all have many ideas and suggestions for improvements to the fraternity and hope to incorporate them into this coming semester. In the Spring 2010 semester we placed 4th in grades out of all fraternities on campus. This is down since last semester, but the men are all working their hardest to bring ourselves back to our 3.4 we had two semesters ago. With finals coming up brothers are scarce around the house as they began to search for good study areas for the upcoming weeks. We are all greatly looking forward to winter break when a number of us will be making the trip to New York to see Kansas State play in the Pinstripe Bowl.

Other upcoming and current events consist of the President’s and Rising Star’s Academy held in St. Louis in mid January and finding a new house mother. I will be attending along with five freshmen who have all shown desire to someday hold leadership positions in the fraternity. We all hope to learn about the rich history of Theta Xi Fraternity, leadership skills, and meet fellow brothers from around the nation. The house mother hunt began a little over a month ago when we were informed by “Mom” Denise Stultz that she would be leaving after the Fall 2010 semester concluded. Denise will be moving to live in Illinois with her current boyfriend Dave. She has thought long and hard about this decision and believes that at this point in her life it is what is best for her. Obviously we will all miss her greatly as she will be difficult to replace. However, we currently have two good candidates looking into the job. We hope to have the situation solved by the start of winter break. All in all our house is running smoothly due, in part, to a great deal of help from our current chapter advisor Jeff Gill. With his constant influence the men of this chapter are able to keep our priorities in order and turn out results. In conclusion I would like to remind you that you are all welcome to come by and visit at any time. Wish us luck in the upcoming semester as it will be packed full of activities and events all across campus. YITB, Blaine Warden (A.I. 919 – – 660-909-5593)

Commitment to Excellence Proven Once Again Hard work and a commitment to the purpose of Theta Xi have propelled Alpha Iota to win it’s eleventh Memorial Trophy in twenty years. written by Alex Burnett | A.I. 958


hat does it take to be the best chapter of Theta Xi in the entire country? Outstanding grades? Intramural Championships? Philanthropic successes? In actuality, it takes all of these things and more. Each year, an honor is bestowed upon two chapters of Theta Xi around the country. This honor is highly prestigious amongst chapters, and viewed as a highly coveted award to win. This honor is the Memorial Trophy. “The Memorial Trophy is an award given to the top two chapters in the country,” Scott Soptick, Alpha Iota 913 and senior in accounting, said. “But it means so much more than that.” Theta Xi’s around the country work hard all year to be recognized as one of the best and receive the Memorial Trophy. “Winning the Memorial Trophy is making a huge statement,” Soptick said. “It is a statement that says, ‘this is a group of guys that have goals, that are motivated to achieve, and that take the

THE ARCHER // FALL 2010 // 2

standard and go beyond it.’ It exemplifies wanting to be the best and then backing it up with actions.” Each year, the Memorial Trophy recipient is announced in the middle of fall for the previous academic year. This October, the Alpha Iota chapter of Theta Xi was surprised when Dr. Phil Barrineau, Gamma Pi 23 and Director of Leadership Development for Theta Xi Fraternity, announced that they were once again the recipients of the Memorial Trophy during his visit to the chapter. “It was a bit of a shock,” Tyler Hamilton, Alpha Iota 933 and sophomore in Theater Production, said. “I was excited. It was a big honor to know that we were once again considered the best Theta Xi chapter in the entire country.” Though, Alpha Iota’s are accustomed to receiving such praise, as they have now received the award in 11 of the past 20 years. However, the men of Alpha Iota remain very humble and appreciative of the recognition. “There are over 50 chapters of Theta Xi nation

wide, and to be recognized as the best that many years in such a time frame says a lot about the men in this house,” Soptick said. “It says that we weren’t just good for a certain period of time, but that we have always strived to be the best.” And so, once again, the Alpha Iota chapter of Theta Xi has made a statement. They have made their statement with achievements in academics, athletics, philanthropy, and six other areas of critique. They’ve once again made the statement that for the past year they truly were the best.

6294 Formal

The 6294 formal will be held on Saturday April 30th at the Holiday Inn in Overland Park. The add ress is 8787 Reeder Road, Overland Park, Kansas 66214. Please contact Ben Mense at with any questions .

Fall Semester Reports Philanthropy Brothers, As in past semesters, the men of Alpha Iota have tried their hardest to participate in philanthropies across campus. By doing this, we show the community, university, and all of you that we are willing to put forth time and money in order to help those in need. We started off the Fall 2010 philanthropies by entering two teams into the Sigma Kappa mudbowl philanthropy. This philanthropy was unanimously voted the best philanthropy that we have yet participated in. It consisted of playing volleyball in the mud pits at Tuttle Creek State Park. If only we had thought of it first! We followed up this philanthropy by participating in the WildKAT chase, a 5K race, put on by Kappa Alpha Theta. We entered five runners into the race and finished near the top. We are currently entering our house and dining room into a Christmas decorating contest put on by Alpha Chi Omega. We hope to finish the semester with a win in this competition. The men of Alpha Iota also put on a philanthropy of their own this semester. We partnered up with Kappa Kappa Gamma to put on our second annual dodgeball tournament to raise money for Multiple Sclerosis and the Manhattan Public Library. Multiple Sclerosis is a disease that affects the brain in a way that causes the body’s immune system to attack its own neurons. This results in symptoms such as physical, cognitive, and psychiatric disabilities. By helping to raise money the men of Theta Xi hope to aid in the search for a cure for this terrible disease. Our efforts led to raising $1000.00 for our causes. We had 16 teams participate in the tournament, and as expected, the intensity was high. With a successful semester such as this one, we can only hope to do as well in the coming semesters. We are currently looking into starting a spring philanthropy with the new sorority on campus, Zeta Tau Alpha. If all goes well we will have yet another event to look forward to throughout the year! YITB, Blaine Warden A.I. 919 660-909-5593

The Treasury Brothers, The house finances are set to be on par with previous semesters. With the house having less vacancy, hopefully becoming full next year, there will be more income coming in to fund the various house maintenance projects that need to be done. We have been doing some cost analysis and reevaluating where money is being spent in certain budgets. The overriding goal

next semester is to obtain funds for house projects while still maintaining our budgets. The first of these methods is changing the service for our DD phone, which has been switched to save the house over $300 a year. YITB, Aaron Smith A.I. 935

Homecoming Brothers, As one of the co-chairs for Homecoming 2010, I was very proud of how we did this year. This year we were partners with Alpha Xi Delta and FIJI and we received 3rd place over all. Getting ready for Homecoming Week is about as daunting as Homecoming Week itself. We started having meetings with the other Homecoming chairs at the beginning of September,

throughout that month, and on into October. We had to meet deadlines for designs of building projects, t-shirt and jacket options and other group activities. Once Homecoming week rolled around, we spent several days working on our patio until as late as 2 a.m. to make sure it all got done. Going to class at 8:30 later that morning was rather difficult. Even though we were working till the wee hours of

the morning, it was still very fun. The people involved with the different projects worked very well together and became much closer than what they were before the week began. It was a very stressful responsibility, but the memories made during the week and the reward at the end of the week made up for it. YITB, Tyler Hamilton A.I. 933

Intramurals Brothers, As the fall semester of 2010 comes to a close, so does the fall intramural season. Currently we sit in 7th place in fraternity rankings. Unfortunately, the house football and volleyball both just missed the playoffs. The football team lost on the last play of the game to fall by by one point to Sigma Phi Epsilon, keeping us from getting into the playoffs. The volleyball team improved this year by winning one more game than last year. Also, in the team’s defeats, it tooking each opponent to four or five games. House soccer made the playoffs by making it out of the group of death that contained the eventual champions along with last year’s

fraternity champions. Although they lost in a close battle to Sig Ep 2-1, the soccer team continues to be on the rise. The semester was highlighted by the third straight Swim meet championship. Jeremiah Ungerer won the 50 free and 100 free along with setting new K-State swim meet records in both events. Theta Xi also won the 200 medley relay swam by Jeremiah, James Ungerer, Connor Colboch and Eric Balas. All-in-all, it has been a good semester for Theta Xi intramurals, and all of our teams are improving with each game. YITB, Drew Kershner A.I. 941

THE ARCHER // FALL 2010 // 3

The Housemother’s Report


am writing my last House Mother’s Report with a bit of sadness in my heart. This past June, I met a very fine man from El Paso, Illinois at my state trap shoot. Much to Dave’s and my surprise, we found ourselves to be well matched and enjoyed one another’s company immensely. In six short months, our relationship has grown to the point that Dave has asked me to join him as his life partner beginning this Christmas. The joy of finding a special man to share my life with is saddened by the fact that to pursue that relationship, I must leave my awesome Men of Theta Xi.

The Search is on...

In the past 6.5 years, I have been allowed the greatest privilege and honor I have ever known. Serving as housemother to such quality men has brought much joy and love into my life. My time here will forever remain a special and memorable part of my journey. The Men of Theta Xi have shared great joys and sadness with me, including the deaths of my husband, his parents, and my father’s terminal battle with lung cancer. Throughout those difficult losses, the men were always a source of pride and joy in my life. Many were able to attend my father’s funeral Mass. At the funeral dinner, my father’s

friends and family had the opportunity to meet “my sons.” The impression the men made upon those guests was incredible. Everyone could then easily see why I always spoke lovingly and proudly of “my men.” I have great confidence that the men of the Alpha Iota chapter will maintain their strong commitment to excellence and retain their highly respected image amongst university staff and their fellow students. This chapter truly is one the best Kansas State has to offer. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of it. Denise “Mom” Stultz

Saying Goodbye

Alpha Iota must now find a After spending 3.5 years in the house, one Alpha Iota must move on to pursue housemother for the future an incredible career opportunity written by Alex Burnett | A.I. 958


ith the departure of Alpha Iota’s current housemother at semester, the search for a new house mom has begun. “The unofficial search for a new house mom has been going on since the middle of October when we first heard that she would be leaving at semester,” Ben Mense, A.I. 915 and senior in finance, said. “The official search, however, has been going on for a little over a month.” According to Mense, it is crucial to future generations of Theta Xi that the right house mom is selected. “It’s important to find the right house mom, because she helps set the tone for the rest of the house,” Mense said. “We need someone here for the long run. Someone that will be a staple in the house, year in and year out.” Mense and the rest of the house mom search committee have decided on certain criteria that potential candidates must meet. “We need someone who is energetic and enthusiastic about the house,” Mense said. “Someone that has a good idea of where we want to go as a house and is willing to help us get there without interfering too much.” The search started with around 11 potential candidates for the new housemother of Alpha Iota, and has since been narrowed down to just a few finalists. The new housemother is to be announced in late December. “We look forward to searching long and hard to find the perfect fit for this position,” Mense said.

THE ARCHER // FALL 2010 // 4

written by Alex Burnett | A.I. 958


uccess can be thought of as the combination of creating opportunity and seizing that opportunity when it arises. Through hard work, charisma, and professionalism, senior Scott Soptick, A.I. 913, has created a great opportunity for himself. And now he has chosen to seize it. Soptick has accepted an offer for an internship at Grant Thornton that begins after the fall semester ends. “Grant Thornton is the fifth largest accounting firm in the country,” Soptick said. “It is based out of Chicago, but I will be working in Kansas City.” Though accepting this offer means that Soptick must leave the Alpha Iota house at semester, he views this opportunity as a good way to determine his future plans. “College is a great time to explore what we like and what we want to do for a living,” Soptick said. “This intern experience will give me a good idea if this career is something that I will enjoy.” However, though this is a great opportunity for Soptick, he will miss living in the Alpha Iota house immensely. “I’m really going to miss the home atmosphere that Theta Xi has,” Soptick said. “I enjoy being on campus, but being at the house truly makes me feel at home. I’m going to miss having all of the guys around to talk with and get to know.” Through his experiences at Theta Xi, Soptick feels exceptionally prepared for the corporate world and life beyond college. “At Theta Xi we are a team and are all working toward a common goal: academic excellence,” Soptick said. “Teamwork in the office place is the same. Theta Xi has really given me a great foundation for what to expect.” Though Alpha Iota is ecstatic for the opportunity that Soptick has been presented with, the men are sad to see him go.

“With Scott leaving, we are losing someone that is very unselfish, committed, and passionate. Scott never does anything half way. When he sets out to do something, he gets it done,” Dan Mulder, A.I. 922 and junior in Architectural Engineering, said. “We’re losing someone that is extremely mature and always puts his brothers’ best interests before his own. We’re losing Theta Xi’s biggest fan.” When talking with Soptick, his passion and love for Theta Xi are apparent. When asked what his favorite memory at Theta Xi has been, Soptick struggled to find just one answer. “There are so many to choose from, but my favorite memory was October, 11, 2007,” Soptick said. “October 11, 2007. The day I was initiated into Theta Xi. I felt like I was part of something big, something special. I was so thankful that the guys were willing to invite me into the brotherhood. I felt on top of the world.” So as Soptick continues on in his journey, seizing the opportunity that he has created, he leaves behind the memories and legacy of a true Theta Xi.

A Letter from the Editor Bright Future for Alpha Iota Brothers, While I may just be a freshman and have yet to learn much of the rich tradition and history of the Alpha Iota Chapter of the Theta Xi Fraternity, let me say that the future of this chapter is a bright one. Everyday the house works to improve. Whether it is academically, by hitting the books until the wee hours of the night; athletically, by running to the Recreational Complex, working out, and then running back; or as leaders, by participating and leading student-run organizations on campus. This is all done while improving our social standing and reputation on campus as “The Men of Theta Xi,” and not just another fraternity. In addition, the newly elected executive board is full of brand-new progressive ideas, ambition, and vigor. From top to bottom, we strive to not only perform the duties of our office, but to improve the house in our own specialization. For example, Brother Smith, our treasurer, has already saved Alpha Iota money on our cell phone bill, and continues to review chapter finances. Brother Schroll, our kitchen manager, has worked with our cook to improve meals and has begun a massive project of organizing and cleaning the kitchen over winter break. Also, Brother Mueller, our house manager, has been extremely active in finding projects both small and large that can be completed to greatly improve the house. His know-how and excitement for the job have impressed everyone. I would list the projects he has planned, but there are space constraints as this newsletter is only 6 pages long. And so, with this team of leaders in place, and a growing attitude in the house of getting better all the time, Alpha Iota is in line for some great days filled with success, fun, laughs, and memories in the house. And I just can’t wait for it all. YITB, Alex Burnett Secretary A.I. 958

Meet the New Leaders of Alpha Iota nt Preside

Blaine Warden

sident e r P e c i V


Architectural Engineering

Nick Reed

er Treasur


Aaron Smith Sophomore Psychology

Electrical Engineering

anager anager ecretar y M M e n s e u h S Ho Kitc

Jacob Mueller Sophomore

Justin Schroll Junior

Alex Burnett Freshman

Mass Communications


Chemical Engineering

rship Scholram an Chai

Austin Davis Freshman Chemical Engineering

Meet the New Members of Alpha Iota This fall, 14 new members were initiated into the Alpha Iota Chapter of Theta Xi. They are: Connor Colboch - A.I. 946

Matt Kraus - A.I. 953

Kevin Thomas - A.I. 947

Austin Davis - A.I. 954

Gordon Zimmerman - A.I. 948

Tyler Fortney - A.I. 955

Eric Balas - A.I. 949

James Nyp - A.I. 956

Casey Heim - A.I. 950

Jake Kabler - A.I. 957

Derek Feist - A.I. 951

Alex Burnett - A.I. 958

Garrett Oliphant - A.I. 952

Spencer Low - A.I. 959

A Word from the Rush Chairs At Theta Xi, we uphold a legacy of Scholarship, Respect, Leadership, and Responsibility. This tradition of excellence is continued through the Recruitment Process. The house is very excited to find its next group of leaders. We are planning on holding three rush events, as well as

many home visits. We are looking for men that are deeply involved within their school and community and have held key roles of responsibility in these groups. We look for strong scholastic achievement and well rounded social involvement. We know that you under-

stand the quality of men that our house seeks in order to advance the prosperity of our Fraternity. If you know of any men who fit this mold we encourage you to contact our rush chairmen, Derek Feist at dfeist1@ or Connor Colboch at

THE ARCHER // FALL 2010 // 5

Building the Basement; Building Brotherhood After pouring hours upon hours into renovating the basement, Alpha Iotas’s come away with a brand new basement and a renewed sense of brotherhood. written by Jacob Mueller | A.I. 937

Theta Xi’s basement has had a rough

past, but now renovations have been performed that makes it look nicer and last longer. The pool room has seen everything from flooding, to halloween parties, to watching football games, and just playing pool. The pool room is one of the most used rooms in the house, which posed two problems: it didn’t look good, and mom’s sleeping quarters were located directly above it. We sought out to fix this problem out of respect for our house mother and give us something

The newly renovated pool room is a favorite room to hang out in for Alpha Iotas when they have guests over to the house

THE ARER // FALL 2010 // 6

to be proud of. The week after everyone moved out, the construction crew moved in. We were armed with hammers, saws, power drills, a hot water pressure washer, and a truckload of materials. We knew our main objective of soundproofing the pool room was going to be no easy task. Our plan to soundproof the basement was to incorporate a special sound deadening fiber board underneath all ceiling coverings as well as covering the walls with acoustic carpeting to absorb the sound. The plan also called for new composite tile floor, new paint on all surfaces, new lighting, and a new sound system. We thought not only should we spruce up the pool room, but the rest of the basement would need just a little work to keep it up to par. After the ceiling was torn out, drywall removed, and floor pressure washed to remove the eroding floor paint, more insulation was put in the ceiling. Finally there was a clean slate to work with. The sound fiber board was put up on the ceiling and covered with drywall in a staggered pattern to prevent the seams from cracking and painted flat white. New, low-profile, round fluorescent lights were installed on the ceiling. All the pine paneling was put back up to cover up the steam pipes and painted blue. Recessed halogen lighting was installed in the blue overhang to keep visibility up on the perimeter of the room instead of having dark corners like before. Wall sections were built, put into place, then insulated. The bottom four feet

were covered with half inch OSB and the remaining two and a half feet were drywall. The OSB creates a more sturdy section that resists puncturing and was a good surface to glue the tan colored acoustic carpet to. The drywall was painted a neutral yellow color to keep in with color scheme. Some weeks later, laid the tan VCT flooring. The room was finished off with a navy blue chair rail and cove base, new faceplates and switches, and new flat panel TV mount and sound system. Total, the group clocked in over 60 hours of work in 6 days. For finishing touches, the Theta Xi crest was painted at the bottom of the stairwell and words “Theta Xi Fraternity” were written on the upper west wall of the pool room. Overall, the basement’s transformation was well needed, looks great, and will last a long time. As for soundproofing, our ambitions were a little out of reach. Music and loud noises can still be heard through the floor, but mom did tell us it had improved. Even though the main goal of completely soundproofing fell shy of being successful, the pool room is a much more inviting place for us to use. Through all this, we enjoyed working together and making stronger friendships that will benefit our brotherhood. Through our efforts of working together, we can all now be proud of our basement and shows what some willing guys and a little determination can accomplish.

The Archer - Fall 2010  

Theta Xi newsletter Fall 2010