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Year in Review DVD Releases KSU’s SIFE Bands: Something Corporate, Rooney, All-American Rejects & more

COVER PHOTO BY KIKI AMANATIDIS. INSIDE FRONT/BACK COVER ART BY HEIDI PARUTA Robert Carmine of Rooney plays at Atlanta’s Cotton Club. Band coverage begins on page 16. The inside cover illustrations were created by Visual Arts freshman Heidi Paruta. Talon is a registered student feature magazine of Kennesaw State University and is published two to three times yearly. Opinions and ideas expressed in Talon are those of the individual artists, authors, and student editors and are not those of Kennesaw State University, its Board of Regents, nor the advertisers. Talon is paid for, in part, through student activity fees and is free of charge to all members of the KSU community. Summer/Fall 2003 edition. Talon © 2003

TALON, KSU’S STUDENT FEATURE MAGAZINE Editor in Chief: Kiki M. Amanatidis Copy Editor: Noelle Gregg Writers: Dara Bruner, Eric Croas and Leslie Thompson Advisor: Ed Bonza

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17Rooney @ Cotton Club 18Yellowcard @ Warped 19All-American Rejects @ Warped band banter talon n. (tal·on) Middle English, from Middle French, heel, spur, from (assumed) Vulgar Latin talon-, talo, from Latin talus ankle, anklebone (15th century). The claw of an animal and especially of a bird of prey. A finger or hand of a human being. A part or object shaped like or suggestive of a heel or claw. Talon, the student feature magazine of Kennesaw State University. Purpose: To provide members of the University communities with a visual and written record of campus life at Kennesaw State University. The opportunity to express themselves in a campus publication. The opportunity to learn and improve production, computer, people and leadership skills.

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Students at Hogwarts: Draco Malfoy: Spoiled brat. Come from a family of Death Eaters and Lord Voldemort followers. In Slytherin House and plays on the house Quidditch team as a Seeker. George and Fred Weasley: Twin brothers. In Gryffindor House and play on the house Quidditch team as Beaters. Ginny Weasley: The youngest of the Weasley clan and the only girl. Is in Gryffindor one year below Harry and Ron. Goyle & Crabbe: Malfoy’s sidekicks. Both are in Slytherin House Harry Potter: The hero of the series. Has fought Lord Voldemort on more than one occasion. The most memorable was when he survived an attack when the was a baby. Hogwarts student in Gryffindor House. Plays on the house Quidditch team as a Seeker. Hermione Granger: Is Muggleborn witch. Top student at Hogwarts and in Gryffindor House. Neville Longbottom: Harry’s roommate. Also in Gryffindor. Percy Weasley: Was a Prefect and Head Boy while he was at Hogwarts. Now works for the Ministry of Magic. Ron Weasley: Harry Potter’s best friend. The youngest Weasley male in Gryffindor.

2 Talon | Fall 2003

Albus Dumbledore: Headmaster of Hogwarts. Argus Filch: Caretaker at Hogwarts Filius Flitwick: Teaches Charms and is also head of Ravenclaw House. Minerva McGonagall: Teaches Transfiguration at Hogwarts. Head of Grynnfidor House as well as the deputy headmistress. Remus Lupin: Taught Defense of the Dark Arts during Harry’s third year at Hogwarts. Rubeus Hagrid: Keeper of Games & Grounds at Hogwarts. Care of Magical Creatures teacher. Severus Snape: Teaches Potions at Hogwarts. Was one of Voldemort’s followers but now helps oppose him. Head of Slytherin House. Sibil Trewlaney: Teaches Divination at Hogwarts

Miscellaneous: Cornelius Fudge: Minister of Magic. Lily and James Potter: Harry Potter’s parents. Were killed by Lord Voldemort when Harry was a baby. Sirius Black: Escaped from Azkaban (wizard prison) until he escaped. Friend of Lily and James Potter. The Dursleys: Muggle family that takes care of Harry. Petunia Dursley is Lily Potter’s sister. Dudley is Harry’s oversized spoiled-brat of a cousin. The Weasleys: Arthur and Molly Weasley have seven children. All their children went/go to Hogwarts. Arthur Weasley works for the Ministry of Magic. Lord Voldemort: Dark Wizard. Killed Lily and James Potter. Tried to kill Harry Potter but did not succeed. Attended Hogwarts and was in Slytherin House. Also known as Tom Riddle.

HARRY MANIA By Dara Bruner itches and wizards with wands, oh my! Big deal. Corny, I know, but this is a common view of the Harry Potter series. “How can you actually like that? It’s for kids.” I hate these comments but I hear them all the time just because I choose to read Harry Potter. Still, my response is always the same, “Because I want to.” However, I am not the only adult who appreciates the entertainment provided by these books. Despite the main character being a young boy, a diverse group of adults enjoy these stories. Friends, fellow students, colleagues and even one of my professors have delved into the world of Harry Potter. People read fiction for entertainment but they also want to be able to identify with what they read. This is why Harry Potter is so popular. These books are full of reality in an unreal world. The characters alone mimic our world. There are popular people, outcast people, intelligent and not so intelligent people, rich people, poor people and a whole slew of others. Each and every person can identify with at least one character in the books. We have all met someone like Hermione, who is so smart yet not so pretty or like Neville, who is always messing up and losing everything. The characters are real and just like you and me regardless of the fact they live in a world where nothing seems real. As Harry ages, the books seem to age as well. In the first book, Harry is


young and just learning about his new “wizarding” world. By the fourth book, Harry is dealing with the death of a schoolmate by a dark, evil wizard. With the increasing challenges comes more violence. The first two books were tame in comparison to the third and fourth books. Judging by the last two, the books are directed less toward children now. Therefore, it is only natural that adults would find the books entertaining. Dr. Keisha Hoerrner, assistant professor of communication says, “The books are full of visuals. Her [JK Rowling] writing is so distinct. She respects her readers enough to create a really compelling tale.” Many people share the sentiment, myself included. As soon as I heard about its release, I went to Barnes and Noble to pre-order (yes, pre-order) the fifth Harry Potter book that came out June 21. I had to wait behind two women. One was my age (22) and the other was clearly close to my mother’s age. It was funny to see a 46-year-old woman admitting to being addicted to Harry Potter. I mean I could never picture my mother asking about a child’s book. June 21, 2003 is a date I will never forget. The fifth Harry Potter book went on sale at midnight. Of course, I arrived at 11:30 p.m. thinking it would only take a few minutes. I was seriously mistaken. I walked out of Barnes and Nobles with my 870-page book at exactly 1:42 a.m. Before I left I managed to meet several people and discuss Harry’s fate in this massive book as well as previous books. “I’ve reread the books four times waiting for


this one to come out,” said Stan Wyatt, junior communication major. “The books are so great. I love Hermione,” says Jennifer Wright, a student at Kennesaw State University. Who wouldn’t love a name like Hermione? Well, that is, if you can actually pronounce it. Her-my-ohknee. Now...don’t you love it? Rowling creates characters that pop. Her storylines are great but her characters are brilliant. “I adore the names of the characters and the humorous scenarios,” says Hoerrner. The characters are unique, unlike any I have seen before. While the characters are imaginative and creative, they appeal to everyone. To add to this wizard menagerie, there are now two Harry Potter movies with one more in production. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone is the second highest grossing movie of all time...second only to Titanic. Having seen both movies, I am even more enthralled with Harry Potter. This “Pottermania” is amazing. Supposedly these are kids movies, and I only saw three kids in our theater when I went to see the second movie. Even though each movie is nearly three hours long, people line up to see them. “I like the fact that the movies stay true to the book,” says Hoerrner. Good characters, interesting plots, lots of action and creative descriptions. These are all necessary for good entertainment, book or movie. JK Rowling has captured the world’s attention with Harry and his world of wizards.

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SUMMERTIME DVD RELEASES By Eric M. Croas The weather was not the only thing hot this summer. The theaters offered a lot of great blockbuster releases, but their home counterpart also provided lots of wonderful choices. The semester started in May, and in that time over 30 DVD titles have come out. Let’s take moment to review just a small sampling of what is available and what they offer.


Star Trek: Nemesis - The tenth film released in the series, Nemesis continued to prove that The Next Generation crew produced better movies and stories. - The extras on the film were extensive, including four documentaries, deleted scenes and a photo gallery.

GRADES: B (movie), A (extras)

Windtalkers - John Woo directed Nicolas Cage in this WWII film that depicts the use of Navajo Code Talkers and the mission to keep the talker out if enemy hands at all costs. The DVD was released in standard and director’s editions. The standard edition does not offer much in the way of extras, but the director’s edition is three discs. - The extra discs include 20 minutes of additional footage, with an oncamera introduction by Woo; three feature length audio commentary tracks with Woo, Terence Chang, Cage, Christian Slater, Roger Willie and Albert Smith; original theatrical trailers; two documentaries about the

4 Talon | Fall 2003

Navajo Code Talkers; a featurette about the music of Windtalkers; and a complete disc dedicated to behind-thescenes features.

GRADES: B (movie), A+ (extras)

A Guy Thing - This film is what happens when you have a good cast, a good idea, a bad script and poor direction/editing. The movie is about a man about to be married waking up next to a girl from his bachelor party, and then finding out she is related to his fiance. It is a comedy and there are funny moments within the film, but for the most part the delivery was boring and the editing was disjointed. It was 101 minutes, but it dragged on like a four-hour walk in the desert. The extras on the disc were much better and they did offer the viewer some relief. They included deleted scenes, alternate endings, bloopers, a few featurettes, an interactive quiz, a photo gallery and an original theatrical trailer.

GRADES: C- (movie), A (extras)

The Recruit Al Pacino and Colin Farrell star in this CIA spy film about deception, mistrust and betrayal. Pacino plays a veteran recruit for the CIA who targets Farrell as a star pupil for the program. From there it becomes a constant question of what is real and who can you believe. Overall, it is not a bad film, and I really enjoyed Pacino’s characterizations when I saw them in Donnie Brasco and The Devil’s Advocate. He is certainly a great performer, but I would have been more

excited if he had presented something new. Farrell continues to prove that he is a rising star, and even though this script seems to be full of smoke and mirrors, Farrell delivers the best in this film. - There were only a few extras included on the film, but they were certainly enjoyable enough. There is a featurette about the CIA training program and deleted scenes with optional commentary.

GRADES: B- (movie), B- (extras)


Die Another Day This is the 20th film in the James Bond collection, and it is easily one of the best offered yet. It starts with a deal gone bad and Bond is actually captured. A great opening sequence that includes Madonna singing the title track and tripped-out graphics tells you that this Bond movie is going to be different than most. Bond’s freedom comes when the British and American governments make a prisoner exchange. After waking up in British custody, Bond is informed that he is being deactivated for allowing himself to be taken alive, and being the reason that a known terrorist was released. It becomes a film about revenge and vengeance as a pissed off Bond decides to find the person responsible for his capture. The film includes new gadgets, more beautiful women, a traitor and the introduction of a new character played by Halle Berry. - This was a two-disc special edition, and the extras offered are extensive. They include two commentary tracks from Lee Tamahori, Michael

G. Wilson, Pierce Brosnan and Rosamund Pike, a trivia game, catalog trailer, and DVD-ROM features on disc one. Disc two includes a documentary, lots of technical behind-the-scenes featurettes, Madonna’s music video, two making-of featurettes, trailers and TV spots and more DVD-ROM features.

GRADES: A+ (movie), A (extras)

The Animatrix - This direct-to-video film provides the perfect supplement to The Matrix. It is nine short anime movies that provide more insight about Andy and Larry Wachowski’s vision in The Matrix. It will appeal to fans of Japanese anime and it will appeal to fans of the Matrix trilogy. - The extras on this film provide as many minutes of entertainment as the short films. They include making-of documentaries for all nine films, a documentary about the history and culture of anime and more background information on the directors and animators. It also provides a trailer for the “Enter the Matrix” video game.

GRADES: A (movie), A (extras)

owns a successful consumer electronics retail stores and Ferrell is the kid who never really grew up. It is a great mindless flick that will leave people smiling at the end of the movie. - The extras on the film include a bloopers reel, deleted scenes, a promotional featurette, commentary from the stars and director, a spoof reel called “Inside the Actors,” TV spots and theatrical trailers, a photo gallery and sneak peeks at other films.

GRADES: B (movie), A (extras)

Once Upon a Time

GRADES: C (movie), B (extras)

- This is a film in the tradition of GoodFellas, The Last Don and The Godfather trilogy. It is a look at the New York underworld over a number of generations. It is 229 minutes and plays over two discs. It has been released on DVD with additional footage not originally seen in North America. The cast is definitely starstudded and includes Robert DeNiro, Joe Pesci, James Woods, Elizabeth McGovern and Treat Williams. - The films extras include commentary, a featurette about the film, a photo gallery and the theatrical trailer.

GRADES: A (movie), B (extras)

Old School - What starts as a major party for a man whose girlfriend cheated on him becomes the need to turn his new home into a fraternity house. Luke Wilson, Vince Vaughn and Will Ferrell bring viewers a movie worth watching. It is about three guys who are dealing with their own issues as adults. Wilson’s character is an uptight lawyer; Vaughn

about a whirlwind romance that leads to a quick marriage, and then a honeymoon full of mishaps in Europe. The commercials made this movie seem like it would be funnier than it was. It is worth renting at least once, but owning the film is less recommended. - The extras on the DVD make the movie worth renting. They include a standard promotional featurette, Comedy Central’s Reel Comedy feature and commentary from Kutcher, Murphy and director Shawn Levy.

Just Married - Ahh, to be young and in love. Is that enough to make a marriage or a film about newlyweds work? Mmm...the answer in this case would have to be, “maybe.” The chemistry between Ashton Kutcher and Brittany Murphy makes the film enjoyable, but the script is not as strong. The movie is

Narc - This movie is about the investigation of an undercover cop who is killed after his cover is blown. Jason Patric plays a suspended narcotics officer recruited to find out what he can from his own undercover contacts. Ray Liotta was friends with the dead officer, and he will stop at nothing to discover who the killer is. It is a taunt cop movie that will surprise when the end comes. - The film offers lots of extras including four featurettes. They include “Narc: Making the Deal;” “Narc: Shooting Up;” “Narc: The Visual Trip” and “The Friedkin Connection” which all show behind the scenes information about the film. There is the theatrical trailer and commentary by Joe Carnahan and John Gilroy.

GRADES: B+ (movie), A+ (extras)

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Gangs of New York This Scorsese blockbuster deserves all 10 Academy Award nominations that it received. It is a very intense look at early New York and the gangs that ran in the Five Points (currently known as Tribecca). It is a long movie at 167 minutes, but it goes quicker than expected. The film never lets up the tension as we watch a young man (played by Leonardo DiCapprio) come back with vengeance to kill his father’s murderer (played by Daniel DayLewis). It is a graphic depiction of poverty, corruption, greed, vengeance, lust and the tension of a pending draft for the Civil War. - The DVD offers a treasure chest of extra material. Included are several featurettes, the Discovery Channel Special “Uncovering the Real Gangs of New York,” a study guide of the Five Points, feature commentary by Scorsese and the theatrical and teaser trailers. It also offers the U2 music video The Hands that Built America.

GRADES: A (movie), A+ (extras)

The Real Cancun - Hot bodies, lots of booze and hidden cameras and crews all over the place. These are the ingredients behind the fun of The Real Cancun. The producers of MTV’s The Real World took 16 people and offered them an allexpenses paid trip to Spring Break in Cancun, Mexico. The only catch being that they had to agree to be filmed during the entire time. While watching

6 Talon | Fall 2003

all of the body shots taken, the wet tshirt contest, the hot body competition, nights spent at the dance clubs and a grand finale that included a concert with Snoop Dogg, it is evident that these kids were more than willing to let the cameras roll. - The extras were not extensive, but they did allow viewers to see more of the same with the deleted scenes. The cast insights were funny to hear, and the highlights from the theatrical premier make us wonder how much was not shown to us. In a time where audiences are eating up reality shows like Love Cruise, Joe Millionaire, Temptation Island and Paradise Hotel, The Real Cancun will be sure to please.

GRADES: B+ (movie), B (extras)

King of the Hill: Season 1 - From Mike Judge, the creator of Beavis and Butthead and the movie Office Space, comes King of the Hill. This three-disc set includes all 13 episodes from the first season, and a plethora of extras on each disc. They include special introductions from Hank, Bobby and Dale, deleted scenes, a making-of featurette, an interactive gallery and TV promotional spots.

GRADES: A (episodes), A (extras)

Phone Booth - This film is similar to a one-act play in that the primary action takes place in one location for the duration of 81 minutes. It is driven by the actions of psychotic sniper. A sick individual who has watched and followed the actions of a man who has not been unfaithful, but has considered sleeping with a client who is not aware of his marital commitments. Colin Farrell plays Stu Shepard, a self-centered and driven New York publicist who finds himself the target of a psychotic man’s anger. - The film is not only short on time (81 minutes), and the DVD offers nothing significant in terms of extra material. There is a commentary track and the theatrical trailer.

GRADES: B (movie), C (extras)

Friends: Season 4 This four-disc set includes 23 episodes with synopses for each episode, select commentary on some of the episodes and a handful of extras on the fourth disc. They include a documentary about Friends in different lands, a guestbook showing guests of the show and trivia about Friends.

GRADES: A (episodes), A (extras)

Other titles to know about



Features John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson in a military mystery thriller, and the extras include commentary, filmographies, trailers and three featurettes.

Based on the Marvel comic book, this movie follows the story of a blind attorney who has no fear, and his effort to protect his home of Hell’s Kitchen from the ruthless rule of Kingpin. The film also introduces the characters Bullseye and Elektra. It is a two-disc edition, and the extras include commentary, behind-the-scenes features, trivia, DVD-ROM material, documentaries, featurettes and music videos.

Shanghai Knights Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson initially paired up in Shanghai Noon, and now they are back in this film. From the Old West to Merry Ole’ England, they find themselves in an effort to save the Queen.

Final Destination 2 As described on the official Website, www.deathiscoming, Final Destination 2, the sequel to the hit 2000 supernatural thriller, finds Clear Rivers (Ali Larter) the only survivor of the crash of Flight 180 left alive. Locked away by her own choice in the perceived safety of a psychiatric hospital, Clear now lives in constant terror that Death is coming to claim her, as it did all her friends. Extras on the DVD being released by New Line Cinema include three documentaries, deleted and alternate scenes, theatrical trailers, two music videos, a trivia track, behind-the-scenes featurette and DVD-ROM features.

Solaris As described on the Fox Home Entertainment site,, Solaris is a sci-fi thriller. Aboard a lonely space station orbiting a mysterious planet, terrified crew members are experiencing a host of strange phenomena, including eerie visitors who seem all too human. When psychologist Chris Kelvin (George Clooney) arrives to investigate, he confronts a power beyond imagining that could hold the key to mankind’s deepest dreams...or darkest nightmares. The site does not mention any extras being included on the DVD, which releases July 29th, 2003.

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tudents in Free Enterprise, an international organization committed to teaching market economy, entrepreneurship, business ethics and financial success. With 27 teams in 19 states and in over 30 countries, S.I.F.E teaches college students leadership skills and entrepreneurship through teaching youth and doing charity work centered on helping others find the joy of owning and operating their own business. Here at KSU, the S.I.F.E. team has been hard at work to reach the common goals of everyone who is involved with this organization. “This summer we’re working with high school students in a summer camp run on campus,” said Brandi O’Conor, President of KSU’s S.I.F.E team. “The students really enjoy it. They are in a forum where they are learning through discussion and example and they really respond to it.” The camp teaches students between the ages of 14 to 16 about career opportunities, and entrepreneurship with an emphasis on business communication.


8 Talon | Fall 2003

“It gives students who may not otherwise be exposed to these opportunities to explore them, and learn to think outside the box,” O’Conor said. The project will last through the month of July. That’s not all that S.I.F.E is doing this year. Already plans are in motion to help Belmont Hills Elementary, open and operate its own student store. “Belmont Hills Elementary has the largest Latin and Hispanic population of students in Cobb County,” said Stella Xu, executive board member of Kennesaw’s S.I.F.E team. “They are very cash poor, and opening this store will not only teach the students how a business is run, but will also help generate some revenue for the school.” While keeping busy doing all this, S.I.F.E also competes yearly with the

27 other SIFE teams all over the country. In May 2002,0 KSU won more than $10,000 worth of prizes at the national competition in Kansas City. This year, KSU returned triumphantly with more than $8,000 in prize money. The prize money is then placed back into the S.I.F.E team’s coffers and is the year’s budget. With all the work that S.I.F.E and its teams do for the community, there are many perks for the individual member of the team. As well as being a great part of any resume, SIFE allows the team member to forge relationships, post their resumes on the official Website and hold career fairs for the alumni. But when push comes to shove, S.I.F.E is really all about learning important skills while helping others. “I am an international student,” said Xu, who hails from Shanghi, China. “And since I’ve been at Kennesaw I have been very involved with SIFE I really think that S.I.F.E makes a huge difference in our community, both locally and globally.”

AMBUSH: IT’S A BOARDING WORLD o you rack, pop? Then you need to know about Ambush Boarding Company Specializing in boarding sports, the sporting goods retail company has stores in Kennesaw and Duluth.. They stock everything from skateboards, wakeboards, and snowboards, to clothing, music, and gear. If they don’t carry an item in their extensive in store stock, then the staff is more than happy to special order it. Does your snowboard need maintenance? No problem. Ambush does in store waxing and alignment. You’re your skateboard needs new grips or other minor repairs? Ambush can do that. Want to learn how to skateboard or improve your skills? The staff is knowledgeable in the boarding community, so finding out where to get lessons is just a matter of asking. Ambush Boarding Company, and, an on-line wake board retailer, are owned and operated by Chuck Morrow, CEO of Ambush Board, Inc. Ambush began as a small store located in Kennesaw in 1997. Lee Elliot, a dark haired young man with a pleasing countenance has the original idea for Ambush. As a teenager, Lee spent a great deal of time on the beaches of Los Angeles. When he and his family relocated to Georgia, he


realized that boarding equipment was hard to come by. “I could have gone to the large sporting good chains, but the selection was minimal. And the small specialty stores were hard to find and not very easy to shop in.” Lee Elliott explained. So he and Chuck Morrow (his step-dad), got together and opened Ambush Boarding Company. In the meantime, Elliott enrolled at Kennesaw and began a marketing degree. He is due to graduate this summer cum laude. Business has been booming ever since. Ambush opened second store in Duluth. Paul Lizon, a graduate of the University of Tennessee and a friend of Lee’s, joined the team as the marketing and advertising manager. Lee’s brother Eric Elliott began the task of managing, a successful on-line retail boarding equipment store. Not only does Ambush offer quality name brand products in skateboarding, wakeboarding, and snowboarding, but they also hold free events open to the public. These events

have drawn some of the biggest names in the boarding community, including Tony Hawk, Mike Valley, and Parkas Bomifay. Such events frequently have demonstrations, autographs, and promotional shows. That is one reason why the move of the Kennesaw store to a new location next to Joe’s Crab Shack in early August is so exciting. “This will be our first free standing building,” Lee said with a grin. “Which means we’ll have our own space to hold our events without inconveniencing anyone.” And the events calendar is loaded. In July Ambush will hold the #second stop in the Wakeboard series and the Vans Warped Tour at the HiFi amphitheater. In early August there will be the Zero Skate Team demo, and the third stop of the Wakeboard series. (See for details) Ambush stays active in the community. Ambush frequently makes donations to charity auctions, makes donations to local churches, and has a “Good Grades” program that offers discounts to students with good grades. “Skaters have a rather bad image, and aren’t really known as book worms,” said Paul Lizon, Ambush’s Marketing manager and the one responsible for maintaining the program. “We hope to help improve the skater image, and promote education at the same time.”

By Leslie Thompson Kennesaw State University’s Student Feature Magazine |


Living on campus, remembering 9-11, Iraq, Lady Owls soccer and a KSU football team - just some of the stories and pictures from 2002-2003, thanks to The Sentinel newspaper. Join us on a short walk down Memory Lane.... RIGHT: IN ONLY THEIR FIRST SEASON OF COMPETITION, THE LADY OWLS SOCCER TEAM CLINCHED THE PBC TITLE. LADY OWLS RANK 9TH IN THE NATION AFTER CLINCHING PBC.

AUGUST 2002 Welcome Home Governor Roy Barnes, Chancellor Thomas Meredith, Regent Michael Coles joined President Betty Siegel and members of the KSU Foundation August 19 to celebrate the opening of University Place. It was red-letter day for KSU on August 17, when hundreds of students moved into the University's new stateof-the-art housing facility, University Place. Excited new residents arrived early with full vehicles, making the most of the first available move in date with multiple return trips. The last several months of construction activity that had echoed through the apartments was soon replaced by a flurry of unpacking, settling and meeting new neighbors. There was a general enthusiasm and busyness surrounding the move that could not be dampened even with skittish downpours and temperatures in the high 90s. Place Property and KSU staff manned stations between each of the 11 buildings, exchanging door keys and parking decals for registrations and fee 10 Talon | Fall 2003

payments. Residents had an entire week to move in, but by late afternoon most had already arrived, said Mandie Millwood, a leasing agent for Place Properties.

Bower, English language professor Linda Tucker, her classmates and Golden Key adopted Adams and his unit, HHT 2-17 CAV, 101st Airborne Division, Fort Campbell Kentucky.

Helping out ‘over there’ SEPTEMBER Student Jill Bower, a graduating senior and Golden Key member, holds the proverb “charity starts at home and spreads abroad” near and dear to her heart. When Bower learned that two of her fellow classmates have a son who is a participant in the war, she wanted to find a way to spread charity abroad to 20 year-old Spc. Clyde Tyrone Adams and his unit.

A 9/11 survivor David Douglas, a 9/11 survivor, spoke to 150 students at a Campus Crusade sponsored event on Sept. 12. Douglas, 35, a New York businessman, saw the World Trade Center in flames from his midtown trading office.



OCTOBER Lady Owls rank 9th in the nation after clinching PBC

The financier, ex-marine and sometime actor recalled his experiences as he headed toward the Twin Towers, looking for his mother at her apartment building, just three blocks from ground zero. En route, he watched as the South Tower of the WTC collapsed. He told students that he realized then, more than ever, that “control is an illusion.”

In only their first season of competition, the Lady Owls soccer team clinched the PBC title after Saturday’s 2-1 defeat of the Francis Marion Lady Patriots (11-5-0). This win catapulted the previously unranked Lady Owls to 9th in the nation in NCAA Division II women’s soccer and first in the NCAA Southeast Region rankings.

Dr. Chakravorty develops a new technique to solve productivity Since 1992, Dr. Satya Chakravorty has been studying the problems in the productivity at Freudenberg – Nok, the world largest producer of sealing

components. A new methodology called value stream mapping, developed by Dr. Chakravorty, was applied to the operating, investing and financing activities of Freudenberg-Nok. He used the hypothesis of value stream mapping to recognize what is adding value and how non-value added activity interferes with the Freudenberg-Nok's revenue, time management, operation functions and output. This is a major enhancement on the work rationalization model, which was intensely studied in the 1930s and applied to the productivity of assembly lines.

Clark Howard preaches the "gospel of cheapness" Clark Howard visited KSU on Thurs., Sept. 27 as part of WSB radio's "Managing Your Money" traveling show. Using his personal investments and savings, Howard showed the audience how to distribute money throughout their portfolio for maximum monetary return.

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Biochemistry degree new to KSU

Students face fee increase Soon students may be digging deeper into their pockets to fund improvements made on campus. The Student Fees Committee recently decided to propose an increase in the athletic fee and the creation of a student health fee to the Board of Regents. If approved, the increase will supply KSU with the funds needed to bring new services to campus and improve existing ones. Under their proposal, the $7 athletic fee increase will ease the cost of living adjustments for coaches and employees and decrease rental fees for


Talon | Fall 2003 12 | Fall 2003 12 Talon

housing athletes. The new health fee, which will be $27 in the fall and spring and $13.50 in the summer, will give operating revenue to the student health clinic on Frey Lake Road. It will also decrease the cost of $40 per visit to $27 per semester for unlimited student visits. Despite a rising student population and outstanding academic achievement, KSU is the lowestfunded school in the University System of Georgia, about $1,000 lower per student than other colleges.

Kennesaw State University is offering a new degree program in Biochemistry. The College of Science and Mathematics celebrated the approval of KSU's new degree program in Biochemistry on Nov. 19, 2002. Dr. Laurence Peterson, Dean of the College of Science and Mathematics, presided over the ceremony. Dr. Leon Combs, Professor and Chair of the department of chemistry and biochemistry said, "If you are interested in the fundamental nature of how life works, then you are interested in biochemistry." Combs was instrumental in bringing this program to Kennesaw State University.



KSU breaks ground on the Convocation Center

KSU's new ice hockey 6-5 in their first season

The large mound of dirt that can be seen from the East Parking Deck at KSU will soon be a 45, 000 square foot arena. On Jan. 17, KSU broke ground on what will be a new Classroom Convocation Center, a $19-$20 million facility donated by the Georgia State Legislature. The center will be used by the basketball teams, and will give the health and fitness departments more classroom space. It will also be used for conventions, premier speakers for students and faculty, athletic events and graduation ceremonies. The Convocation Center is scheduled for completion by early spring of 2005.

Imagine playing a game you love so much and actually having the opportunity to form a team from scratch at your school. Well, this is what happened for the group of guys that make up KSU's first ice hockey team.

FEBRUARY Sturgis Library facing journal loss Faxon/RoweCom, a subsidiary of divine, Inc., supplied the library with journals and annual standing order titles for more than ten years. The library paid Faxon $193,243 in Nov. for

690 titles, but Faxon has only paid publishers $8,173 for 114 titles this year according to its latest status report. Faxon/RoweCom officials filed a fraudulent activity complaint against divine, Inc., for $63.6 million and also filed for bankruptcy protection on Jan. 27, hoping to sell the company to its biggest competitor, EBSCO, a subscription agent based in Birmingham. Library Director Bob Williams is concerned about and aware of the possible harm to the journal collection but says nothing has happened so far. "I'm keeping my fingers crossed," he said.

Randy Krise campaigns to bring football to KSU Alumnus and Real Estate Broker Randy Krise dreams of forming a KSU football team. In an effort to create a high sense of school pride among alumni, current students and Cobb residents, Krise is proposing an Owls football team. He refers to his push as a "one-man campaign" and said every great plan begins with one person's idea. "I just love Kennesaw," he said, "and I just decided, for a couple of reasons, that we need football."

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YEAR IN REVIEW Earl Holley, vice president for business and finance, believes the proposal is an exciting possibility, but would require larger athletic fees. Athletic Director Dave Waples remains cautious about the idea. "It's sort of exciting to talk about," he said, "I don't know how practical it is, and that is the problem."

As Pinetree residents continue the long process of petitioning for road closure, they emphasize one major point: They are not against KSU, but they are against the traffic it produces. Resident Jim Stiber said, "We don't have a problem with the college. We just don't want their traffic going through our neighborhood."

APRIL 2003


Sound off on Iraq

KSU Free Enterprise Team leads the nation

Overall, the students who were spoken with shared the opinion that the United States needed to enter the conflict against Saddam Hussein. One Student, Jennifer Johnson, a junior in the communications department, said, “I think that right now, Americans should stand together and support our troops.” There are a lot of students who have friends and family in the military. The primary concern those students have is the safe return of their loved ones. As Holly Dugas, senior communication major from Warner Robbins, said, “I just want my friends to come home.”

Pinetree residents seek to close Frey Lake Road Homeowners in the Pinetree neighborhood on the west side of campus are circulating a petition to close the portion of Frey Lake Road that connects campus traffic to their streets. Earl Holley, Vice President of Finance and Business Services at KSU, said he is not against Frey Lake Road closure. When the proposed east-west connector is completed, he does not think commuters will need to use the road anyway. Although he acknowledged that traffic on campus would be smoother with the use of Frey Lake Road, he said the university is "OK either way."

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KSU's Students in Free Enterprise Team was the top money winner at the SIFE National Exposition held this May in Kansas City. The team amassed more than $10,000 in prizes. More than 750 SIFE teams from around the nation attended the National Exposition and competed by planning service projects.

A YEAR WITH BEER Students 21 years and older living in KSU's residence halls have been allowed to have alcoholic beverages in their rooms for the past year. Policies governing the use of alcohol by students are included in the Residential Code of Conduct, approved June 25 2002 by President Betty Siegel. Under the Campus Code of Conduct, alcohol is not allowed on the KSU campus. This policy had been amended so that the ban against alcohol is still effective everywhere on campus except the residence halls, which are governed by the Residential Code of Conduct. "We feel it is a good compromise between our educational mission, residential living and respecting students as adults," said Amy Wrye, coordinator of residence life.

Free pizza from last week’s staff meeting $0 Batteries for recorder for Thursday’s interview $2.39 Extra-large coffee to stay awake and make deadline $3.25 Skills gained, making a difference, new friends, and the feeling the first time I saw my own byline PRICELESS

There are still some things money can’t buy. One of then is the experience of being a staff member for a KSU student publication. Join us. Call the advisor at 770-499-3083 or e-mail him at

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ROONEY May 21, 2003


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WARPED TOUR July 23. 2003

*YELLOWCARD* From SoCal via Jacksonville, FL these boys put on a great show and kept the crowd going. They opened up the Stage.

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*ALL-AMERICAN REJECTS* The boys from Oklahoma got the crowd flying. Security guards were constantly pulling crowd surfers out of the pit. AAR played the Maurice Stage.

WARPED TOUR July 23. 2003

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Kiki Amanatidis

Talon: What is your favorite song to play live? Chuck Comeau: “Addicted” gets great crowd reaction. I also like performing “Perfect” and “Grow Up.” Talon: What do you miss most about home when you are on the road? CC: Good food! Montreal has great food. I also miss family.

Talon: VH1 and MTV play many shows that show what artists have to go through to “make it” in the U.S. From what you have seen, what are the differences or similarities in trying to “make” it in Canada? CC: Lots of Canadian bands sign to Canadian Labels. Our goal was to tour both the US and Canada. It is a lot easier for U.S bands. Talon: What does it feel like when you get the opportunity to play a hometown show?

20 Talon | Fall 2003

CC: The good thing is it is the hometown and family and friends get to come out. They were the first crowd to care about us. The bad thing is...the guest list. Talon: Being from Canada and touring in the U.S what is one of the big differences that you see on the road? CC: Kids are kids [referring to the crowd at shows]. The crowds are pretty similar.

Simple Plan has come a long way from their early days playing the Montreal music scene. They went from opening for fellow Canadian Avril Lavigne in May, to headlining the mainstage at this summer’s Warped Tour. (Photos Clockwise starting from Upper Left: Jeff Stinco, Sebastein LeFebvre, David Desrosiers, and Pierre Bouvier, Chuck Comeau

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Jesse Charmichael is the keyboardist for Los Angeles based band Maroon5. He took some time to speak with Talon while in Atlanta to play a show for Star 94’s “On the Bricks” concert series. The following are a short series of questions that were asked during the interview. Charmichael also spoke about his fascination with the Wilson Brothers (Owen and Luke). 22 Talon | Fall 2003

Why did you guys change the band name to Maroon5 from Kara’s Flowers? Jesse Carmichael: Kara’s Flowers was just tired, old. We had new songs that were so different. We had switched up everything in the band, plus James joined the band. What does it feel like when fans tell you that you have made an impact on their life?

JC: I think that it is wonderful. I remember growing up and having bands important to me and so it is a great feeling having somebody come back to us at this point in our lives, and tell us what we are doing makes a difference for them. Which artist that you have toured with ahs inspired you the most? JC: We learn something different from every band we tour with. In terms of

putting on a good show, John Mayer. Musically, Nikki Costa and her band. What is your all-time favorite song to play live? JC: Of our music I like to play “Secret” and “Sweetest Goodbye,” and cover songs, I like playing “Closer” by Nine Inch Nails. What is your favorite book? JC: I really like J.D Salinger books.

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THANK * YOU his issue has been a long journey for me. For the past several months I have experienced something that has been a longtime dream of mine. In just a short amount of time I have experienced a great deal and have met some people who have helped make this issue of Talon a reality. The first two people I would like to thank are my parents for their continuous support and help in achieving my dreams. Along with my parents, I would like to thank the rest of my family for their support as well. Next I would like to thank Ed Bonza for his continuous help. Thanks to Noelle Gregg for being a great mentor and for all her help with this issue. The staff writers that contributed to this issue- Leslie, Eric, Heather and Dara- thank you guys so much for sharing your talent with this publication. Thank you to the wonderful guys across the hall: Paul, Ken, Alex, Ryland, Greg, Jason, and Josh for the a


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million and one questions I ask you. Thanks to the Sentinel staff: Grant, Heidi, Tawnia, Justin and Cheryl. Paul Benton the coolest office manager there is! I would also like to thank the members of the Student Media Board.

Big thank you to Ms. Jeanette and everyone in the Student Life office. Thank you to Caren West, Warped Tour, “On the Bricks,” Coalition Entertainment, Geffen Records and

Octone for your help. Thank you to Simple Plan and Maroon5 for giving me the opportunity to interview you guys. To the greatest friends in the world! Thank you!! Jess, Kate, Grant and Zach- my lunch buddies!, Geo- roon girls 4 life Lex- Forget IB, shows are the way to go. Jo- Thanks for the antidolt help, Ren and Suzy- I miss my 712! Thanks for all being there. You guys rock! Frankie- Thanks for listening and for the ST! Eric- Don’t forget the raid okay? Bri- Thanks for all the laughter and the listening. ITZThank you for the inspiration. For making me realize that going for your dreams is worth everything. The music makes it all happen. To the /r/ boys: Thanks for the shows, the memories and most of all the music. It’s a good thing this is in print and not on TV because I would have been kicked off stage already :) Well this baby is done! Until next time...carpe diem! ~ KMA


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KSU Talon | Fall 2003  

Talon is the bimonthly student magazine of Kennesaw State University in Kennesaw, Georgia. Web edition is at KSU Student Media...

KSU Talon | Fall 2003  

Talon is the bimonthly student magazine of Kennesaw State University in Kennesaw, Georgia. Web edition is at KSU Student Media...