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a word from our PRESIDENT...

...and faculty ADVISOR During her first year as faculty advisor, Professor Angela Zhang oversaw chapter growth and a

Kari Porter's year as

variety of new opportunities within

PRSSA chapter

PRSSA. Going forward, Zhang

president included a

believes even more is possible.

wide variety of events, including participating in the 2017 PRSSA National Assembly. On March 30, 2017, I traveled to Seattle, Washington for the 2017 PRSSA National Assembly. The assembly happens once a year and is when the new national council is elected for PRSSA. Delegates from chapters all over the country attend the assembly to vote for their chapter. The voting process took 12 hours, but was a great opportunity for me to see what other chapters are doing around the country.  The four day assembly also consisted of various leadership training sessions, including a meeting for chapter presidents to share their successes and failures, a session on ethics, a session on finding your passion in public relations and more. I also heard from two accomplished keynote speakers, Karith Foster, comedian and motivational speaker, and Ty Rogers, director of corporate communications at Amazon. I learned a lot about myself as a leader, and brought a lot of great information back for the chapter. Aside from formal sessions, I had the opportunity to network with chapters from all over the country. I roomed with a chapter council member from Drexel University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and was also able to explore the city a little bit.

What has been your favorite part about being the advisor for PRSSA? I really enjoy seeing students and the chapter grow. The students are not only successfully running the organization on their own, they are also highly involved and motivated. It is especially rewarding to see that the students are proud of their own achievements within PRSSA and that PRSSA provides them with that stage. Why should students join PRSSA? Students who would like to pursue a career in public relations should join PRSSA. It provides you with a platform to practice communication skills learned from classroom and numerous opportunities for professional and career development. It really gives you a glimpse of what the real public relations world is like.  What experience from PRSSA helps students when going out into the "real world"?

It was a great experience and something I hope the chapter continues to attend in the future. It is an opportunity for our chapter to further develop its leadership and ultimately succeed.

We provide a lot of opportunities. For example, our participation in the Ketchum Mindfire program gives students a chance to directly solve problems for Ketchum's clients. The trips we organize to professional conferences and public relations agencies provide students the opportunity to network with public relations professionals and their future employers. PRSSA meetings offer workshops on resume and other skill development as well as a chance to skype with public relations professionals from around the country. We have recently taken on local non-profit organizations as clients so that students can have hands-on experience practicing their public relations skills.







On February 24th, PRSSA attended the Find Your Passion Sooner regional conference in Norman, Oklahoma. The conference was hosted by the University of Oklahoma's PRSSA chapter.

The following day consisted of networking sessions and guest speakers. Attendees heard from professionals in corporate, agency and travel public relations. Jake Basden, vice president of publicity and corporate communications for Big Machine Label Group, shared the story of his success. He encouraged students to "be a student for life" and to "be the most connected person you know." Basden is an alumnus of the University of Oklahoma. Throughout the two-day conference, donations were collected from each visiting chapter for Hayden's Hope. The nonprofit works with the Children's Organ Transplant Association to help families cover transplant-related expenses. KState was recognized among other schools as "Most Charitable" for the most significant contributions to the philanthropy.

Seven K-State students attended the conference on Feb. 24 to hear keynote speaker Bryan Ferrel, the founder of Factor 110, an Oklahoma City-based destination management company. He spoke to students about taking risks and managing his own business.


meeting recap!

puppy meeting...

...guest speakers

...ketchum and kit kat

...and agency tours! PRSSA SPRING 2017 | PAGE 06

internship summaries HALLE BLANCHON | MANHATTAN ARTS CENTER This past summer I worked as the Public Relations intern for the Manhattan Arts Center. Within this role I fulfilled many duties, including: planning social media posts, implementing an advertising budget, writing articles for upcoming music performances. I had the opportunity to combine two passions of mine, music and public relations! I was also able to improve my writing and communication skills during my time here and also learned to take the initiative and be a self-starter when needed. I definitely enjoyed my time working at the Manhattan Arts Center and recommend this internship opportunity for anyone interested! 

HAILEY PURDY | CHAFFEE COUNTY HABITAT FOR HUMANITY I spent three months as a public relations and marketing intern for Chaffee County Habitat for Humanity in Buena Vista, Colorado. Chaffee County Habitat for Humanity is a nonprofit with a mission of seeking to put God's love into action. Habitat for Humanity brings people together to build homes, communities and hope by building simple, decent homes. During my internship, I worked alongside one other public relations and marketing intern to plan, organize and manage an annual fundraising event. To promote the event, I spoke at local radio stations as well as designed and created various posters, signage and social media content. I also wrote press releases, audio news releases, the monthly newsletter and other articles. I was responsible for the budget and recording of all purchases. I also helped book the venue and solicit donations and sponsors for the annual event. I gained valuable experience in a wide range of areas from event planning and marketing to social media, media relations and more. I loved having the opportunity to live in the beautiful state of Colorado for a few months and meet so many new and great people. 

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alumni spotlight: JEREMY DAVIS From serving as Communications Chair, to promoting a fundraiser in an unusual way, Jeremy Davis' time in PRSSA was one for the storybooks. A 2015 graduate, Davis recounts his time in the organization, and everything he's been up to since (a lot). Q: Where are you currently working? A: I work as the Digital Marketing Coordinator for a finance company in Kansas City called Pioneer Services. Q: Did you have any internships while you were in college? How influential do you think that experience was in helping you nail your first job? A: If it weren't for my internship in college, I never would have met the person who eventually became my boss at my first job. So, my internship was extremely influential in helping me survive the job hunt. In addition to exposing me to the CEO of the startup that I ended up working for, it also gave me stories and experiences that made it easier to get through job interviews. Q: How has your experience in PRSSA helped you after graduation? A: Some of my favorite college memories come from my time as a PRSSA member and officer. Aside from giving me an excuse to run around campus dressed in a giant pizza costume, my PRSSA experience has helped me in so many ways. I've used the experience  in every single job interview and, without fail, the interviewers are always impressed by the stories. I've encountered people throughout my career so far who also were members of PRSSA at their schools, which helps us connect more easily by giving us something in common. I also developed networking skills while

in PRSSA. It's crucial to know how to start and maintain professional relationships, and my time in PRSSA definitely helped in that area. More than anything, I'm thankful for the friends I made while in PRSSA. Some of my closest friends after graduation are people I met in PRSSA. Q: What are your long term career goals? A: My long term career goal is to be able to financially sustain myself with my own business. I want to create my own company and see it through, from ideation to implementation. Q: Do you have any advice for current PRSSA members? A: First, get involved. PRSSA is entirely what you make it. It's important to attend meetings, but that alone is not resume-worthy. Make sure you have experiences to show for your time spent in PRSSA. It makes job interviews easier. Secondly, get an internship. Get several if possible. School is great, but experience is what employers are looking for. An internship will also help you get a preview of what the professional world is like, which helps the transition from college to the real world. Third, always think about what your actions say about your personal brand. People are always watching you. Make sure what they see is aligned with what you want them to know about you. Fourth, never think small. You're capable and you can contribute a lot of good in this world. You just have to have confidence. Lastly, be nice to people. The simple things go a long way. PRSSA SPRING 2017 | PAGE 08

7 1 0 2 e h t t e me crew!

2017 PRSSA officers! president




vice president

fundraising chair

ALYSSA KIRKLAND professional development chair


GARRHETT HURST communications chair


ketchum mindfire Engage in a creative challenge. Share an idea. Ignite the Mindfire. Mindfire is PR agency Ketchum's creative crowdsourcing platform. Available to all duespaying members of PRSSA, K-State saw an opportunity for real-world ingenuity.

K-State PRSSA joined the Mindfire program with Ketchum in Fall 2016. K-State PRSSA students are able to pitch creative ideas to Ketchum’s real-world client problems. Taylor Oldham’s strategy “Get the Double, Get the Gainz” has received first place in the Ketchum Mindfire competition in Fall 2016 and was adopted by Ketchum’s client Wendy’s. Next year with Mindfire promises to bring even more innovative ideas from PRSSA!

calling all alumni! Hey there, PRSSA alumni! Thank you for taking the time to stay updated on everything our chapter is up to. As you can see, it's quite a bit! Our organization serves many students in teaching the discipline of public relations. This is done via agency tours, national conference attendance, and much, much more! Any donations to help us continue to provide our services are much appreciated. We can't do this without YOU!

Please make check payable to:

K-State PRSSA 828 Mid Campus Drive South, Kedzie 105 Manhattan KS. 66506 Thanks for your support of PRSSA! PRSSA SPRING 2017 | PAGE 10

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Prssa 2016 17 recap  

A look back at the 2017 year!

Prssa 2016 17 recap  

A look back at the 2017 year!

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