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Funding for a banquet or ceremony must be advertised to the entire campus. Occasionally, and depending on the scale of the event, evidence of campus marketing may be requested. Additionally, administrative offices in the state of Georgia regulate food expenditures. All RSOs must comply with state limits for food costs, and be aware that food per diem rates vary based on the physical purchase location. The The Department of Student Life Business Manager is knowledgeable about the limitations and will ensure that the limits are not exceeded. Catered events, defined as buffet, sit down, food stations, etc., that hope to have food servers, set up, breakdown, table clearing, linens, etc. must be provided by KSU approved caterers. Drop off/pick up self-served, food providers are allowed as long as the food per diem limits are applied. Please see the end of this section for approved vendors.

Lecture, Performance, or Specialty Programs Requiring Contracts or Payments for Services

It is a university policy that all student activity funded events be open to all KSU students. Additionally, KSU has firm policies for service and performance contracts. While these events are welcomed and encouraged, extensive support and preparation is required. The Department of Student has a knowledgeable staff that is willing to work with student leaders to produce a seamless quality event. Organizations should schedule an appointment with a member of the team as soon as they begin the initial planning steps. Three to four weeks in advance is a reasonable time frame to orchestrate a sizeable function with ease.

Promotional Items Related to an Event or Functions

Please remember that ALL design/artwork (not just those using the Kennesaw State University name, trademarks, or official logos) must be submitted to University Relations at for review and approval prior to purchase. Items ordered without the approval of the University Relations Design Approval and the Department of Student Life Business Manager may be ineligible for payment. Remember to seek help first, and avoid the risk of becoming personally responsible for items purchased without appropriate approvals. Please see the end of this section for approved vendors.

KSU Contract Approvals Policy

This document sets forth the policy on contract approvals. The purpose of the policy is to provide guidance for the campus community on who has authorization to sign contracts for the University. This policy serves as clarification and official authorization for the following KSU personnel to sign contracts for the University (at the contractual value levels indicated), with the caveats below: • Only the personnel in the positions listed are authorized to sign contractual agreements for the University, at the indicated thresholds; • Any KSU personnel who sign contracts or agreements outside this official authorization or other specifically delegated authority may be subject to serious disciplinary action; • If any contract signing authority is further delegated beyond the personnel indicated below, that delegated authority must be in writing and on-file within the Office of the Assistant Vice President for Financial Services ; • Under Georgia law, unauthorized contracts or agreements will be void, and may subject the person who signed the agreement to personal liability under the contract. Authorized Signatory Annual Contract Value • VPs/Deans/Department Heads or designees: Less than $5,000 • University Procurement Officer/Controller (subject to Budget approval): $5,000 to $99,999 • Open Market Purchases (No limit on Purchases from State-Wide or Mandatory Contracts) • AVP Financial Services/Chief Operating Officer: More than $100,000

Contract Review Process

If your event has an outside artist, a contract MUST be used. Please use the steps below to gain approval. • First Step: Meet with The Department of Student Life to discuss contract. It is up to you to schedule a meeting for contract review in The Department of Student Life. Remember that your failure to do so could result in the contract 24 | KENNESAW STATE UNIVERSITY | DEPARTMENT OF STUDENT LIFE

KSU Registered Student Organization Manual  

Policy & guideline manual for Kennesaw State University's RSOs, under the Department of Student Life. 2012-2013.

KSU Registered Student Organization Manual  

Policy & guideline manual for Kennesaw State University's RSOs, under the Department of Student Life. 2012-2013.