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items minimally, once a week. • The organization is responsible for storing and housing all items collected as the Department of Student Life will not be responsible. • The structure must be removed by the end date indicated on the Collection Drive Form. Violators of this policy will have their A-frame, Collection Box, or Exhibit discarded and will be prohibited from hosting a similar initiative.

For Sale, Need Childcare, Need Roommate postings

A bulletin board inside the Student Center is available for announcing items for sale, childcare, etc.

The Sentinel

The Sentinel offers one free ad per semester and discounted rates for RSOs. Online, Student Handbook & Planner, and magazine ads are also an option. Contact the Student Media Marketing Coordinator in the Department of Student Life for complete information at or call 770-423-6470. Your activity or event may be newsworthy; give your news tips to the student editors via the online news release at

OWL Radio

OWL Radio can help advertise or promote your event with underwriting, sponsorships, or free Public Service Announcements. You may also ask OWL Radio to DJ your event or do a remote broadcast from the location. Please visit or and find out all the ways available to you.

Newspaper Racks

Designated newspaper racks and machines are for the exclusive distribution of The Sentinel and registered Student Media publications. Other student publications may be permitted to distribute from these racks if permission is obtained from the editor in chief and KSUSM advisors. Violators will be charged the current insert rate.

Distribution of Literature

RSOs have the ability to distribute literature on campus. Literature can be used to advertise your organization, publicize information, promote an idea, or for a variety of other purposes. RSOs may distribute, or display literature on campus in accordance with the following guidelines: • The literature is not distributed by hawking, shouting, or accosting individuals. • The literature is not a promotion for an off-campus for-profit business, organization, agency, or national association. • The literature that is dropped on the ground in the area where it was distributed should be picked up by the sponsoring RSO. • Publications Disclaimer: All student organizations that create publications of any sort, including web pages, must include a disclaimer to read: [name of publication] is published by [name of organization], a registered student organization at KSU. [Name of publication] is not an official publication of Kennesaw State University and does not represent the views of the University, Georgia Board of Regents, or the University System of Georgia.


RSOs must insure that each sign includes the name of the student organization, the date of the event, and/or the date of posting before signs are posted. Outdoor • Signs can only be posted on kiosks near the student center and between the Library and University College Building. • An organization may only post two signs per kiosk. • Signs must be attached to the kiosks with non-permanent materials only(tacks, staples, tape). • Signs may not be posted on trees, lamps, columns, trash cans, or other physical structures on campus. • Signs may not be larger than 11x17.


KSU Registered Student Organization Manual  

Policy & guideline manual for Kennesaw State University's RSOs, under the Department of Student Life. 2012-2013.

KSU Registered Student Organization Manual  

Policy & guideline manual for Kennesaw State University's RSOs, under the Department of Student Life. 2012-2013.