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He who gives to me teaches me to give. — Danish proverb


Letters from our recipients

Emily Cherry The Sarah Watson Memorial Scholarship


“I would like to express my extreme appreciation for the $5,000 scholarship I am receiving through your generosity. I have always put forth much effort in my academic career, including maintaining my 4.0 GPA in both my journalism and mass communications and secondary English education majors, and I am grateful that my hard work can be rewarded with an honor such as this scholarship. Your contribution will allow me to further my studies at K-State, and it will help me continue receiving and achieving excellence in education through my junior year. I am a 1999 DeSoto High School graduate and a resident of Shawnee, Kansas. My family moved to this state six years ago, and my parents, my younger brother and I have had wonderful experiences with the educational opportunities here. For example, I have been able to participate and excel in several outstanding journalism and English programs, which helped me develop my passion and talents for these arts. When I receive my B.A. and B.S. degrees, I will be the first college graduate in both my

immediate and extended families. I have always been encouraged to pursue the best life possible, and I believe a solid education is a key part of this strategy. Although my future career goals include a job in magazine journalism and/or teaching high school English, I understand that it is important to expand my horizons and be a well-rounded individual. I have enjoyed participating in a wide range of activities, including church youth groups, choir, sports, competitive forensics, drama productions and honor clubs. One of the most valuable experiences I became involved in this last year was volunteering for The Crisis Center in Manhattan, Kansas. After several training sessions, I worked in a safe home with women and children who were victims of domestic violence and/or sexual assault. I am hoping to return for another volunteer assignment next year. I have the mindset that the most significant purposes for my life concern touching the lives of others, whether it be through journalism, education, volunteerism or any other type of activity. Obviously, you think the same way. Thank you again for your gift.�

“The purpose of my letter is to thank you infinitely for awarding me your scholarship. The amount of the scholarship is $1,500. I really appreciate your monetary contribution toward my education. I’m a second semester freshman at Kansas State University with majors in biochemistry, Spanish and probably a minor in French. My current GPA is a 3.4 and I’m working hard toward raising it to a golden 4.0. I was born in Mexico, but Garden City, Kansas is the place I consider my hometown. I graduated from Garden City High School just a year ago. My family is the first generation to be in the United States. I am, so far, the only one from my family to graduate from high school and attend college in the United States. I’ve been elected president of HALO (Hispanic American Leadership Organization) for the 2001–2002 school year at K-State. I’m an associate member of Sigma Lambda Gamma and I was initiated into Sigma Delta Pi, the Spanish honorary society. I graduated high school with high honors and was named outstanding student in French III, Chemistry, Latin I and ESL. I obtained a silver medal at the National Latin Exam. I was the first ESL student to exit ESL classes and be accepted to National Honors Society during high school. I love biology, chemistry and foreign language classes and so far I’ve concentrated

all my time toward taking courses in those fields. I think I have a talent for learning foreign languages and I take advantage of it. So far I’ve taken classes in French, Latin, German and, of course, I’m a Spanish native speaker. After I graduate from K-State I plan to apply to medical school, probably the University of Kansas Medical School. This will be around 2004 or maybe 2005 due to my double major and the heavy set of courses that I should take. Again, this short letter cannot show how much I appreciate your help. I would love to thank you personally. The only way I can repay you is by being successful in my studies and by thanking you. Thank you very much!”

Bianca Luna The Megan Elizabeth Taylor Memorial Scholarship in Modern Languages


Alexander Sappok The Dean of Engineering Scholarship “I would like to offer you my sincerest thanks for the engineering scholarship in the amount of $2,000. Having worked part-time to pay for school my freshman year, this award now gives me more time to concentrate on my studies without having to rely


on work during the school year. In addition to the valuable financial help, an award such as this serves to remind students that hard work and achievement do not go unnoticed, even at a large university such as Kansas State. Growing up the son of German immigrants, my sister and I learned the importance of hard work and perseverance at an early age. As the oldest child, I am the first person in my family to attend college in the United States. However, I will soon be followed by my younger sister, who hopes to attend Kansas State in the fall of 2002 to pursue veterinary medicine. Graduating as the class valedictorian from Wichita Collegiate School in 2000, I began my first year of college at Kansas State University last fall. After being accepted to and visiting schools such as Duke, Dartmouth, Notre Dame and Washington University in St. Louis, I finally made the difficult choice of deciding on a school and picked Kansas State University. I chose K-State for a number of reasons, the most important of which were the quality of the engineering program, the vast number of opportunities available to students both in and out of the classroom and its superior value. Coming from a rather small high school, I have been pleasantly surprised by the ‘small school’ atmosphere at this large institution.

I am currently pursuing a bachelor of science in mechanical engineering. I finished up my first year with a 4.0 grade point average each semester and earned a cumulative total of 79 credit hours, which includes my high school transfer credit. I was also selected as one of four finalists for the Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honor Society’s Underclassman of the Year award. In addition to engineering, I am currently pursuing a minor in German language. This year I also completed a course in German composition and a 700 level course in German film and fiction. In only my first year at K-State, I have attempted to take advantage of every opportunity I have been given. Seeking to pursue my interests in both engineering and German, I applied through the international office and will be studying mechanical engineering at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, Switzerland for a large portion of the current school year. Upon graduation from K-State, I plan to attend graduate school to earn a master’s degree in mechanical engineering. Eventually I hope to utilize both my engineering and German skills with a career in the automotive industry. Once again, I would like to sincerely thank you for your generous gift, which has made this scholarship possible. I hope that I, too, may one day be in a position to give back and help give others the opportunities which have been made available to me through actions such as yours.”

“I just wanted to take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation of being honored with the $1,200 Ada L. Swineford Memorial Scholarship. I transferred to Kansas State University in the summer of 1999 and enrolled in geology and the dual degree program of natural resources and environmental science. From the moment I entered Thompson Hall, I knew I’d made one of the best decisions of my life. I feel very privileged to be a part of such a close-knit, dynamic group of individuals that is the Department of Geology. I volunteered for the job of re-creating the departmental library that was lost as a result of the reconfiguration of the second floor when handicapped facilities were installed in the building. I spent seven months organizing all the library materials, cataloguing them and assembling a new library. As I opened the boxes of materials from the original library, I learned about the people who started the long line of dedication to the department and support for all who study there. There were several books that bore the name of Ada L. Swineford and I was excited to touch a piece of her past; Dr. Oviatt has often mentioned her accomplishments. As I catalogued these resources that students will be able to use to advance their knowledge in the area of geology, I thumbed through a couple books that once lined her desk or library. A fan of post rock since I came to Kansas, imagine my surprise when the faculty presented me with a copy of

Katherine A. Tietsort The Ada L. Swineford Memorial Scholarship Land of the Post Rock written, in part, by none other than Ada Swineford, at the library grand opening ceremony. My husband followed up by surprising me with a piece of my own post rock for the front yard. Honestly, each time I look at the post rock, I think of Ada Swineford and my immediate interest in something she had studied. This is why receiving this particular scholarship means such a great deal to me. It is important not only because it will cover the majority of my tuition, books and supplies in my first year of graduate school, but also because I feel proud to have been honored

with the Ada L. Swineford Memorial Scholarship. My grateful acceptance of this scholarship is made with high expectations that I, too, someday, will contribute something to the study of geology that would not otherwise have been contributed. I certainly appreciate the scholarship. Thank you for the opportunity you have given me by choosing to contribute to my graduate education. I accept it with fond memories of the Ada Swineford I wish I could have met.�


Letters from our donors “We all know how quickly time passes and how easy it is to postpone our financial support of the KSU Foundation. But the time to aid our KSU students is now. We’ve found that the joy of helping students through scholarships has repaid us many times over. It has been our experience that giving a KSU student a boost gives us a boost as well! Looking to the future, we realize that an educated citizenry is essential to a strong country. Supporting the KSU Foundation scholarship program will help bring that about.”

Keith and Marian Mull “Kansas State University has been, and is, a significant part of our lives. We met at K-State, our children are all K-State graduates and we have been involved through the years with the foundation, the alumni association and our separate colleges. We have always felt that our degrees are only as good as our university. To excel, as our university does, requires private funding from alumni and friends. It gives us great satisfaction to support K-State and its programs.”

Chuck and Georgia Chandler 6

Letter from the President “I want to thank the many donors whose generosity is helping to secure K-State’s future. To our individual alumni and friends, to our corporate friends and to the family and corporate foundations whose contributions all further our mission — I offer my heartfelt thanks. For public universities throughout the country, a gap exists between funding the state provides and support universities truly need to fulfill their missions. That gap is the difference between surviving and thriving. Mere survival is not acceptable to K-Staters, and that’s why your contributions are so very important. You create the margin that enables K-State to grow and to thrive! Since 1986, K-State has added nearly 1.6 million square feet in new buildings and additions to buildings. Although the state provided partial funding for these projects, they would not have been possible without private support. Your contributions during the past year alone have had a tremendous impact on our ability to provide significant enhancements to campus buildings. All of these projects were financed totally by private gifts or in partnership with the state of Kansas. In fiscal year 2001, private support for capital projects totaled $7.1 million. Buildings completed or initiated last year include: ◆ Fiedler Hall in the College of Engineering ◆ Stone House Ruth Hoeflin Early Childhood Education Center and C.Q. and Georgia Chandler Institute for Child and Family Studies ◆ Alumni Center ◆ University Gardens ◆ Student Union Improvements ◆ Frank Myers Field Renovation ◆ Ackert Hall Addition

Dr. Jon Wefald $11 million for student support through scholarships, loans and stipends. ◆ $3.5 million for faculty support including several Faculty of Distinction chairs, which produce income that is matched by the state. ◆ $13 million in program support that includes funding for research, academic support for classrooms and labs and support for Hale Library. ◆ $9.9 million in restricted and unrestricted donations for administrative support and other university needs including general scholarships. ◆

Altogether, donors contributed $44.5 million to New or renovated space accommodates technol- K-State through the KSU Foundation last year. Those ogy that is key to today’s learning environment. These dollars mean that we continued to thrive. improvements also continue to enhance K-State’s Our future beckons and it holds incredible prombeautiful campus. ise for us as an institution, and for the students who What else did donors provide to the margin of seek not just knowledge, but also enlightenment, excellence during the past year? I think you’ll agree from Kansas State University. I hope you will conthat the list is amazing: tinue to contribute to the realization of that future.”


Letter to our donors Dear Friends: It is a pleasure to report on fiscal year 2001 — the most successful in the history of the Kansas State University Foundation. K-State’s loyal alumni and friends contributed $44.5 million in support of the university this year. Combined with more than $16 million in pledges and bequests, the total gift activity for the year exceeded $60 million. This was the sixth consecutive year of recordbreaking contributions, and this year’s total was more than double the amount raised in 1996. It will come as no surprise then, to report that K-State alumni, who have ranked in the top 10 in alumni philanthropic giving among public research/doctoral institutions for a decade, climbed into the number four spot in the nation last year with 23 percent of our alumni making donations. This year’s report also introduces you to some of the people whose lives you have touched through your generosity. Read their letters, look into their faces and you will see that philanthropy is much more than the numbers alone can ever illustrate. The future of this great university has never been more promising. Your continued support will ensure the realization of that future. For your past — and your future — contributions, we extend our heartfelt thanks and our pledge that your contributions will be stewarded with great care.

Nelson Galle, Lee Borck and Gary Hellebust

Contributions from 1996–2001 $50,000,000

















Nelson Galle, Chairman Executive Committee

Lee Borck, Vice Chairman Executive Committee

Contributions by source


Alumni Corporations Foundations Estates Other Total

32.6% 23.4% 18.6% 13.6% 11.8% 100%

$14,524,420 $10,408,563 $8,299,663 $6,055,768 $5,258,789 $44,547,203

Gary Hellebust, President and CEO KSU Foundation

Volunteer leaders Executive Committee

Executive Committee

Board of Trustees

The Executive Committee of the KSU Foundation is composed of the chairman, vice chairman, secretary and treasurer of the Board of Trustees, the president of the university, the chairman of the KSU Alumni Association Board of Directors and additional members elected from the membership of the Board of Trustees. The Executive Committee meets quarterly to consider policy and management issues and is authorized to act on behalf of the Board of Trustees between its annual meetings. Executive Committee members also apply their expertise to foundation committees including investment advisory, development and prioritization, technology, budget and operations, accounting and audit, trust management advisory and nominating.

Nelson Galle Chairman Executive Committee

Terry Arthur III Manhattan, KS

Rolando Blackman Frisco, TX

Janet Ayres Scottsdale, AZ

Tamara Blackman Frisco, TX

Bruce Bachman Centralia, KS

Jerry Boettcher Beloit, KS

Sally Baker Granbury, TX

Eldon Boisseau Wichita, KS

William Barbe Greenwich, CT

Lee Borck Manhattan, KS

Joe Downey Treasurer Board of Trustees

Michael Barrera Shawnee Mission, KS

Ron Bramlage Junction City, KS

Doris Miller

Joseph Barton-Dobenin Weslaco, TX

Ben Brent Manhattan, KS

Jon Baum Kansas City, MO

Jacquie Brewer Manhattan, KS

James Baxter Winter Park, FL

Phil Brokenicky Manhattan, KS

Ross Beach Hays, KS

Sam Brownback Topeka, KS

Alan Bell Manhattan, KS

Franklin Burke Doylestown, PA

Wendell Bell Conroe, TX

Bernie Butler Manhattan, KS

Larry Bingham Kansas City, MO

Duane Cantrell Topeka, KS

Beth Bird Anthony, KS

Tom Carlin Manhattan, KS

Dan Bird Anthony, KS

Jean Hagans Case Marion, KS

James Birkbeck Holton, KS

Charles Chandler III Wichita, KS

John Black Grand Haven, MI

Charles Chandler IV Wichita, KS

Board of Trustees The Foundation’s governing board consists of up to 175 elected volunteers who serve four-year terms. The Board of Trustees meets annually to consider foundation policies and strategic direction. Trustee members also help identify, cultivate and solicit support for the university from individuals, corporations and foundations. Trustees not only volunteer their time and expertise, they also provide continuous financial support to the university.

Lee Borck Vice Chairman Executive Committee Jerry Boettcher Bob DeBruyn Chairman Board of Trustees

Dick Pearson Lyle Pishny Vice Chairman Board of Trustees Eleanor Stolzer James Tadtman Chairman KSU Alumni Association Richard Thiessen Mark Truitt Donna Vanier Secretary Board of Trustees Dennis von Waaden Jon Wefald President Kansas State University



Big Wheels and big hearts

Jerome Chandler Tucson, AZ

Paul Edgerley Brookline, MA

Jim Cheatham Jr. Edmond, OK

Sandra Emley Manhattan, KS

Dave Chelesnik Del Mar, CA

David Fiser Manhattan, KS

Ann Christian Manhattan, KS

Barry Flinchbaugh Manhattan, KS

Patty Clark Manhattan, KS

Ron Francis Topeka, KS

Bob Coe McPherson, KS

Curt Frasier Beloit, KS

Jim Colbert Jr. Las Vegas, NV

Nelson Galle Manhattan, KS

Pat Conderman Manhattan, KS

Henry Gardiner Ashland, KS

Randy Coonrod Wichita, KS

Doug Gaston Kansas City, MO

Don Cordes Wichita, KS

Malinda Gilchrist Manhattan Beach, CA

Jerry Cordill Topeka, KS

Jack Goldstein Manhattan, KS

Timothy Cranor Shawnee Mission, KS

Joann Goldstein Manhattan, KS

Chris Curtin Shawnee Mission, KS

Jim Graham Wichita, KS

Venette Davis Topeka, KS

John Graham Manhattan, KS

Bob DeBruyn Manhattan, KS

Mary Lee Graham Manhattan, KS

Ty Hedlund Montezuma, KS

Phil Hollis Tucson, AZ

Amy Dobbins Olathe, KS

Helen Graves Salina, KS

Michael Herbel Shawnee Mission, KS

Julie Hostetler Manhattan, KS

Dick Dodderidge Venice, FL

Jim Grier III Wichita, KS

Mary Hewson Larned, KS

Cleve Humbert Manhattan, KS

Joe Downey Manhattan, KS

Bob Hagans Overland Park, KS

Doug Hill St. Louis, MO

Ronald Iman Albuquerque, NM

Lou Ann Dunn Salina, KS

Bill Harbin Salina, KS

Jerry Hill Marina Del Rey, CA

Connie Jaynes Tulsa, OK

Martin Eby Jr. Wichita, KS

Lee Harris Leawood, KS

Joleen Hill Manhattan, KS

Jim Johnson Colorado Springs, CO

Red and Elaine Skelton, Wichita, are driven and, thanks to their enthusiasm and dedication, Telefund 2002 will award another Dodge Neon as the #1 caller prize. The Skeltons organize a group known as the Wichita Area Big Wheels that finances the car. Big Wheel membership has grown to 70 alumni and friends, and for the first time in four years, the Telecar is 100% financed by the members’ gifts. The Skeltons are chairs of the Wichita Presidents Club regional group, and the dozen charter Big Wheels members are all Presidents Club members. Telefund is the world’s largest allvolunteer telephone campaign for higher education. The goals for Telefund 2002 are $1.4 million and 1,600 callers.

Steven Johnson Minneapolis, MN

John Montgomery Junction City, KS

Hal Ross Wichita, KS

Joe Tiao Manhattan, KS

Steven Johnson Lawrence, KS

John Morgan Pacific Palisades, CA

Gary Rumsey Mesa, AZ

Frank Tillman Manhattan, KS

Frank Jordan Abilene, KS

Bill Muir Manhattan, KS

Duane Saunders Eden Prairie, MN

Betty Tointon Greeley, CO

Rich Kerschen Wichita, KS

Keith Mull Larned, KS

Bryon Schlosser Topeka, KS

Mark Truitt Shawnee Mission, KS

Kenny Knight Lyons, KS

Dennis Mullin Manhattan, KS

Rob Schneider Hinsdale, IL

Donna Vanier Brookville, KS

Joan Knoll Topeka, KS

Greg Musil Overland Park, KS

Ed Seaton Manhattan, KS

Jack Vanier Brookville, KS

Mel Kopf Topeka, KS

Keith Olson Topeka, KS

Rhea Serpan Danville, CA

Bill Varney Manhattan, KS

Curtis Krizek Prairie Village, KS

Dick Pearson Leawood, KS

Bill Sinderson Shawnee Mission, KS

Dennis von Waaden Edwards, CO

Dennis Lull Manhattan, KS

Caroline Peine Manhattan, KS

Roger Sink Manhattan, KS

John Walters Manhattan, KS

Ronald Lutz Topeka, KS

Ken Peirce Hutchinson, KS

Red Skelton Wichita, KS

Dan Wassenberg Marysville, KS

Lynn Markel Plano, TX

John Perrier Dodge City, KS

Tom Skinner Clay Center, KS

Jon Wefald Manhattan, KS

Don Matuszak Dacula, GA

Jan Pishny Stilwell, KS

D. L. Smith Topeka, KS

Scott Wieland Colby, KS

Bob McCaustland Manhattan, KS

Lyle Pishny Stilwell, KS

Gerald Sprong Manhattan, KS

Don Wilbur Jr. Paola, KS

John McCloskey Evergreen, CO

Randy Pohlman Plantation, FL

Paul Stephenson Wichita, KS

Kip Williams Manhattan, KS

Earl McVicker Hutchinson, KS

Mary Pollack New York, NY

John Stites Manhattan, KS

Larry Williams Halstead, KS

Fred Merrill Shawnee Mission, KS

Doyle Rahjes Agra, KS

Eleanor Stolzer Manhattan, KS

Barbara Wilson Manhattan, KS

Doris Miller Manhattan, KS

Sid Reitz Salina, KS

Bill Stolzer Manhattan, KS

Chuck Wilson Jr. Del Mar, CA

Joe Miller New York, NY

Michael Riordan Prairie Village, KS

Karl Stutterheim Salina, KS

Jan Wilson Salina, KS

Monte Miller Jr. Manhattan, KS

Roy Robinson Kansas City, KS

J. M. Thies Topeka, KS

Laura Wolf New York, NY

Rich Mistler Kansas City, MO

Richard Rogers Topeka, KS

Richard Thiessen Scottsdale, AZ

George Yapp Barrington Hills, IL


Anthony Johnson

“I would like to extend my appreciation and thanks for giving me this opportunity to receive this scholarship. I am a junior in secondary education with a double emphasis in history and Spanish. I anticipate graduating in December of 2003. After graduation, I plan to teach Spanish in a postsecondary school. I believe that with the Hispanic population on the rise in today’s society, bilingual education will be an important issue. Some activities I am involved in are Silver Key Sophomore Honorary Club, Student Senate, Kansas

National Education Association, English Conversational Program and the Study Abroad Club. Next year, I plan to study in Mexico, taking enhancement courses in the Spanish language and Mexican cultural history. I have had Spanish in high school, and taken three semesters of Spanish at Kansas State University. This fall I will continue in my Spanish courses and take Elementary Spanish Conversation. Also this fall I will join HALO, a Hispanic organization at Kansas State University that promotes diversity within the campus.”

The Jo Harriett Hofsess Popkins Scholarship

“I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your generosity. The $1,200 scholarship is more than I ever expected to receive and I am so grateful. This scholarship is going to make my last two semesters at Kansas State University much easier to finance. I live 65 miles outside Manhattan in Cloud County. My husband farms in the area and my two children attend school in the Clifton-Clyde school district, just as my husband and I did. Therefore, I drive to Manhattan every day to attend classes. This scholarship has come as a great relief to us and I want to express my utmost gratitude to you.


I am a senior in Family and Consumer Sciences Education and my GPA is 4.0. I will graduate in May 2002. I am a member of the Alpha Chi Chapter of Phi Upsilon Omicron and on the Dean’s List 2000. Following graduation, I plan to teach at the middle school level and/or the high school level in the Cloud County or surrounding area. In closing, I just want to say thank you again. I am very appreciative of this scholarship and I am going to continue to make my education a priority so that I can be the kind of teacher that the children of the community need to succeed.”

Keri Feight The Jay C. Marshall and Dorothy B. Marshall Scholarship

Scholarships and funds Scholarships and funds established between July 1, 2000 and June 30, 2001.

Scholarships American Ingredients Co Scholarship Frank and Nella Anneberg Scholarship Architectural Engineering and Construction Science and Management General Scholarship Fund Arcturis Scholarship for Design Excellence Philip R. Atkins Scholarship Ted and Tori Baehr Engineering Scholarship Tony Barnes Leadership Scholarship in Landscape Architecture James and Gail Baxter Scholarship Metta Baxter Scholarship Jason Befort Memorial Scholarship Jason Befort Sigma Alpha Epsilon Scholarship Merrill E. Blackman Construction Science Scholarship

Marcella L. Burks Memorial Scholarship

James H. and Mary A. Grossenkemper Scholarship

Kansas Society of Land Surveyors Scholarship

Homer Dodge “Bud” Caine Scholarship

Betty Hinshaw Gutru Scholarship in Business Administration

Kansas Building Systems Inc. Construction Science Scholarship

Carls Family Scholarship Fund

Betty Hinshaw Gutru Scholarship in Human Ecology

Dr. Samuel Kelsall, III Endowed Scholarship

Dr. John Cerny Endowed Scholarship

Beryl and Margaret Beryl Guy Scholarship

Kennedy and Coe, LLC Scholarships in Accounting

Mark A. Chapman Scholarship Fund

George R. Hanson Scholarship Loren E. and Phyllis L. Harris Scholarship

Lawrence E. and Gertrude E. Kern Family Scholarship in Agriculture

Herbel College of Business Scholarship

Willard Kershaw Construction Science Scholarship Fund

Bradley C. Heyka Memorial Athletic Scholarship

Larry W. King Scholarship

Capitol Federal Savings Scholarship

Kenneth and Martha Chappell Scholarship Fund L&L Chrisman Scholarship for Dickinson County, Kansas Students Council of Logistics Management Scholarship F. Douglas Dale Agricultural Engineering Scholarship Dr. Bishan Das and Ram Bai Minocha Scholarship in Veterinary Medicine Trish Davies Theatre Scholarship Charles Dean and Harriet McNeal Memorial Scholarship F.A. Dewley Scholarship Fund Leader Dole Scholarship Dow Diversity Scholars

Bombardier Aerospace Scholarship

Farris Family Architecture Scholarship

Brack and Associates Consulting Engineers Scholarship

Dr. Hi Faubion Large Animal Tribute

S.H. Brockway Memorial Scholarship

Dr. Alison Fleming Undergraduate Scholarship in Chemistry

Brungardt Honomichl & Company, P.A. Civil Engineering Scholarship

August K. ‘Mike’ Freeman Endowed Scholarship

Brungardt Honomichl & Company, P.A. Civil Engineering Technology Scholarship

Glenn’s Music Jazz Scholarship

Patricia Jordan Buckwell Music Education Scholarship

Andrea Glenn Journalism Scholarship Darin Eugene Golay Memorial Scholarship Robert Grindell Memorial Scholarship

Bradley C. Heyka Memorial Scholarship in Finance Bradley C. Heyka Memorial Tau Kappa Epsilon Scholarship Jimmy V. and Lucile A. Hoar Memorial Scholarship Minnie M. Howell Champe Scholarship Cleve Humbert Scholarship in Architecture Sallie Peterson Humbert Memorial Scholarship George Irvine Agricultural Scholarship Donald F. Jarchow, DVM, Memorial Scholarship JELD-WEN Foundation Scholarships in Business Administration

Daniel C. and Nancy L. King Scholarship Philip and Jeune Kirmser AFS International Scholarship Dave Kish Memorial Scholarship K-State First Ladies Scholarship KSU Adult Education Off-Campus Scholarship Susan S. Larson Memorial Scholarship Linbeck Construction Corporation Construction Science and Management Scholarship Ron and Carolyn Linscheid Scholarship in Arts and Sciences C.W. Longinaker Memorial Scholarship Keith Lynch Scholarship

John Deere Multicultural Engineering Scholarship

David L. and Constance S. Mackintosh Memorial Scholarship

John Deere Women in Engineering Scholarship

Eula M. Neal McCauley Memorial Scholarship

Johnson Family Art Scholarship

McCluggage Van Sickle & Perry Scholarship

Johnson Family of Saline County Scholarship G.E. Johnson Engineering Scholarship

Marie A. McKay Scholarship in Human Ecology William F. McKeen III Memorial Scholarship


Allison McQuilliam Memorial Scholarship Meredith Family Blue Key Scholarship Dr. Hugh and Beulah Meredith Scholarship in Veterinary Medicine Millennium Scholarship Greg B. Miller Scholarship

The Anita C. Lehner Geology Scholarship


before I came here. At that time, I was awarded the IET (International Engineering and Technology) Scholarship and Schlumberger Scholarship. I want to be a petroleum geologist. I love Manhattan very much. My wife, Grace Huang, loved it too as soon as she came here three months ago. She loves literature and wants to study theatre at KSU. She said that she wants to be a play writer. But it is hard for us to pay tuition. The $1,500 from your scholarship will help us both accomplish our dreams. I appreciate your generosity.�

Loyal and Pauline Rathbun Scholarship Raytheon Aircraft Company Salina Scholarship Charles and Sharon Reagan International Scholarship

Rodolfo J. Montes de Oca/ Costa Rica-Small Town International Scholarship

Ross & Baruzzini Inc Architectural Engineering and Construction Science Scholarship

Victor Regnier Architecture Scholarship

James K. Shaver Scholarship

Mark Moore History Scholarship

James W. Shaw Memorial Scholarship

Phillip T. and Janice M. Morris Engineering Scholarship

Harold and Gloria Shields Scholarship

Elbert L. and Kathleen M. Mundhenke Biological and Agricultural Engineering Scholarship Elbert L. and Kathleen M. Mundhenke Scholarship in Human Ecology Gaylord Munson Memorial Scholarship C. Alanson Foreman Family Engineering Scholarship

“I was very glad to hear that I would be awarded the Anita C. Lehner Geology Scholarship. Thank you very much. I would like to introduce myself and explain why the scholarship is important to me. I am a graduate student from Beijing, China. I came to KSU to study geology last fall. Now I am a research assistant. I got used to the environment and studying here quickly. I study hard and my current GPA is 4.0. I will finish my M.S. study in geology before next June. I am a member of AAPG and I had studied petroleum engineering at China Petroleum University

Dale W. and Frances V. Rake Memorial Scholarship

Judy Miller Graduate Scholarship in Hotel, Restaurant, Institution Management and Dietetics

Mark Moore Golf Scholarship

Yongkai Zhang

Purdy-McGuire, Inc Architectural Engineering Scholarship Fund

D. Craig and Dalene D. Nelson Construction Science Scholarship Glenn R. and Lena Marie Nelson Scholarship Nortel Networks Scholarship Fred W. and Martelle W. Nussbaumer Engineering Scholarship Mildred Sinclair Palmer and Fred Irving Palmer Scholarship Fund Blanche Howe Parsons Scholarship Marianne Simmons Pretzer Education Scholarship John E. Puchosic Jr. Memorial Scholarship

Grace M. Shugart Scholarship Dr. Ben A. Smith Scholarship in Education Cheryl Stoney Memorial Multicultural Education Scholarship Student Life Outstanding Student Award Stuart E. Swartz Civil Engineering Scholarship Catherine Hardin Tendick Scholarship Wilbur B. Tendick Scholarship Tulsacats Endowed Scholarship Turner Construction Diversity Scholarship J.K. Vanier Family Foundation Scholarship Larry Walling Landscape Architecture Scholarship William T. and Susan Walters Scholarship Ronald and Ellen Warren Scholarship Ruth Ann Wefald, KSU Social Club Scholarship

Ray and Pat Wells Engineering Scholarship

Library Directors Discretionary Fund

Douglas C. Weyer Endowed Scholarship in Agriculture

LMIC Equestrian Center Building

Chester J. and Elva W. Wiles Scholarship Verna H. and Arthur K. Wilhelm Geology Scholarship

Marshall/Southeastern Minerals Account Dr. John R. Massey Cancer Fund

Woodhull Family Scholarship

Dr. C.L. and Mrs. Beverly Olson Discretionary Fund

J.E. and Mary J. Zimmerman Scholarship

President’s Entrepreneurial Roundtable Fund

Discretionary Accenture Student Learning Center Hellen Herbel Callaway Memorial Fund Cargill Multicultural Engineering Mentoring Program Garnet Elizabeth Carter Discretionary Fund Dr. Philip R. Carter Discretionary Fund

Project Solve (Education) Southwestern Bell Diversity Fund Tallgrass Prairie Project Smithsonian TMDL Meeting Expenditure Fund Priscilla Tucker Memorial Fund Tuskegee University/KSU Aviation Partnership

Cat Fanatics Fan Club

Union Pacific Corporation Dean’s Engineering Excellence Fund

Evan Davis Discretionary Fund

Lee and Christine Young Fund for Excellence

Eisenhower Symposium English Language Program Development Fund Friends of the Beach Museum of Art Fundraising Activities Linda Ferguson Haller Fund for Excellence HOK Sport, Inc. Employee Fund Instructional Technology Center in Veterinary Medicine International Certificate Program

Lectureship Donald J. Adamchak Distinguished Lecture Series Fred and Mona Eyestone Lectureship

Research Alpharma Inc. Laboratory Support Fund Louise C. Averill Research Chair in Veterinary Medicine Concrete Structures Fund

Japanese Language International Program

Feed Research Account

G.E. Johnson Athletic Department Fund

Higgins 3M Fund in Chemistry

K-State Black Student Union KSU Solar Car Engineering Special Projects

Palmer and Marcia Price Fund for Excellence in Agronomy

Dr. Joseph E. and Sonya M. Landholm Endowed Fund

Sensory Analysis Center Leadership Fund

Grain Science Microbeam

Jonathon Mitchell The Max E. and Jean Hollinger Scholarship “I am a graduate of Junction City High School and I come from a family of five. I have two brothers who never went to college and a father who waited until he was 35 to get his degree. This scholarship made my parents prouder than they had ever been. My mother is the only member of her family who did not gain a college degree. She cried happy tears following the awards banquet where the students were recognized for their achievements. My current GPA is at 3.6 and my cumulative should be right around 3.00. My grades have been really hard to maintain because I have been working many jobs in an effort

to afford all of my expenses. Last fall I was working more than 60 hours a week to make ends meet. This scholarship will make it possible for me to focus on my education and allow me to devote more time to my studies. In 1998, I spearheaded an effort to get a skate park built in Junction City. After a year we had raised $15,000 and successfully applied for and received a $40,000 grant from the state. Now the park is built and every year I organize a tournament to celebrate the park’s success. If it were not for people such as you, many opportunities would not be available for students at Kansas State.”


Ram Singh and Basant Kaur Gill Memorial Award Carol Wagner Cancer Research Memorial

Faculty of Distinction John W. and Dorothy M. Burke Architectural Engineering Chair Ernest K. and Lillian E. Chapin Physics Chair Paul B. Edgerley Chair in Business Administration Mary K. Jarvis Chair in Landscape Architecture G.E. Johnson Construction Science Chair


Fellowships Deloitte & Touche Faculty Fellowship in Accounting Family Studies and Human Services Fellowship Fund Don and Cleo Mounday Graduate Fellowship in Computing Sciences Ross Fellowship in Sensory Analysis Dr. Carol Shanklin Fellowship in Hotel, Restaurant, Institution Management and Dietetics Union Pacific Corporation Accounting Faculty Fellowship Fund

Chris Hernandez

Elvon G. Skeen Chair in Education

The Dow Multicultural Engineering Program Scholarship

Bob and Betty Tointon Engineering Chair

Construction Science and Management ASC Regional Competition Fund

Dr. Roy Walter Upham Endowed Professorship in Veterinary Medicine

Dennis and Sally von Waaden National and International Competition Scholarship


Clubs and Organizations

“My name is Chris Hernandez and I am writing this letter to express my sincere thanks for your gift to Kansas State University. I was honored to receive the Dow Chemical scholarship valued at $2,500 a semester for two years. I will graduate in May with an electrical engineering degree and I cannot express how much this scholarship has facilitated my success. To tell you a little more about why this has impacted me so much, I need to discuss my family. My grandfather settled in the United States when he was 18 years old. He left Mexico City, with nothing more than a suitcase, to work for the Santa Fe Railroad. Needless to say, times weren’t always easy, but he definitely persevered. When I think about what he was doing at 22 years of age, I am totally humbled by the idea of working three jobs,

supporting a family and learning a totally new language all at the same time. He sacrificed for the good of the family, and for that I am truly grateful. I realize that by Dow Chemical awarding such a scholarship to me, it was not only a positive for myself, but one for the whole family. Knowing how hard my grandfather worked pushes me to work my hardest and aim for the top. To be awarded for this hard work makes me feel very honored. The Dow scholarship has allowed me not only to devote time to my studies, but to get involved with student organizations as well. Getting off on the right foot for my career was a goal coming into college, and Dow Chemical has helped me achieve this. I know many times you do not hear of the lives you have touched, but I can firmly say you have touched my entire family.”

Lydia E. Skeen Chair in Education

KSU Foundation Campaign Fund Alice Marshall Fund

Other Student Assistance

Boathouse Enhancement Fund

ZK-State Royalties Fund

K-State Rowing Boathouse Fund

Other Faculty and Staff Support

KSU Saline Student Club Account, College of Aviation and Technology

Ernst and Young, LLP, Faculty Fellowship in Accounting

Women’s Equestrian Fund

Management Advisory Board Meidinger Faculty Enhancement Award in Landscape Architecture PricewaterhouseCoopers Accounting Faculty Fellowship

Student Awards Phil Myers Award Virginia Howenstine Peine Food To Celebrate Life Project Marvin D. Severtson Senior Award in Electrical Engineering

Public Service and Education College of Technology Continuing Education Camps

Property, Plant and Equipment Dayton Garden Fund Division Facility Development Fund G.E. Johnson Beach Museum Fund Mary Ann Johnson Cancer Center Memorial


Don and Jane Good Unitrust

Louise C. Averill Research Chair in the College of Veterinary Medicine

Allan D. Halderman Biological and Agricultural Engineering Scholarship

Clifford L. Alcorn Engineering Scholarship

Willa Mae Jones Debate Fund

Laura E. Badger Scholarship Fund

Kenneth L. and C. Kay Martin Excellence in Chemical Engineering Fund

Thomas W. Badger Scholarship Fund

Jan and Frank Lyons Unitrust

Ross and Marianna Beach Life Estate

Margaret B. Marshall Human Ecology Professorship

Sara and Glenn Carnrick Endowment

Louis T. Marshall Engineering Professorship

Robert D. Crandall and Elizabeth W. Crandall Trust

Martin Elementary Education Academic Excellence Fund

Terry and Tara Cupps Women in Engineering and Science Scholarship

William M. Michael Trust

Terry and Tara Cupps Engineering Excellence Fund

Dean O. and Lavon Morton Engineering Scholarship

Terry and Tara Cupps Excellence in Debate Fund

Dr. Fran Pearson Discretionary Fund in Math

Terry and Tara Cupps Arts and Sciences Excellence Fund

Dr. Fran Pearson Discretionary Fund in Physics

Terry and Tara Cupps Business Administration Excellence Fund

Dr. Robert M. and Mrs. Opal K. Phillips Endowment

Mrs. John Steuart (Kathleen G.) Curry (donation of husband’s artwork to Beach Museum)

Loyal and Pauline Rathbun Scholarship Fund

L.S. and Betty Jane Curtis Family Fund

David D. and Lisa J. Rock Trust

Kenneth S. Davis Library Fund for Special Collections

Robert F. and Evelyn Schoeff Endowed Scholarship

Ladd Duryea Scholarship for Graduate Students in Psychology

Gene C. and Myrtle E. Shove Biological and Agricultural Engineering Scholarship

Dr. Harlan and Mrs. Velma Ellis Endowed Scholarship

Vivian St. Clair Trust

Larry E. and Laurel Erickson Chemical Engineering Enrichment Fund Dr. Howard and Ann Erickson Trust Victoria Farrell Scholarship

Lyons Ranch Scholarship

Greg B. Miller Scholarship

Viola L. Pickett Trust

Stanley L. Reib Scholarship

Keith Steyer Chemical Engineering Scholarship Virginia Edelblute Tindall and Arthur D. Tindall Family Scholarship Byron J. and Marjorie H. Warta Scholarship

Alice D. Fiedler Cancer Center Fund


George J. and Alice D. Fiedler Hall and Library Endowment

Class of 1983 Memorial Fund

Robert A. Hentzen Estate

Kim Candler The Ernest L. and Lou R. Adams Scholarship “Thank you so much for funding the $2,000 scholarship that I was recently awarded. I graduated Magna Cum Laude with Honors from Texas A&M University in May 2001 with a bachelor’s degree in animal science, and immediately began my graduate work in beef cattle nutrition at Kansas State University. I am originally from Rosenberg, Texas, which is located just southwest of Houston. For the last four years, I have been a proud member of the Fightin’ Texas Aggie Class of 2001. As a student at Texas A&M, I was able to maintain a 3.8 GPA and still be involved in a variety of activities including student government, class council, College of Agriculture Student Council, freshman orientation camp counselor and various activities within the Department of Animal Science. I was honored to be

named the outstanding sophomore for the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences in 1999 and this year I was proud to be added to the list of Who’s Who Among American College Students in 2001. My past four years at Texas A&M have been great, and now I am very excited to become a K-State Wildcat. I look forward to the many opportunities and challenges ahead of me. Many of the faculty and staff at Texas A&M recommended Kansas State. I had made two trips to visit the campus and, after spending time on campus and meeting the faculty, I now understand why KSU is held in such high regard. My expectations were high and I was not disappointed. Again, I sincerely appreciate the interest you have shown in me and your financial support is greatly appreciated. Many thanks!”


Ford Motor Co. and Grambling State establish diversity partnership with K-State


Ford Motor Company has contributed $40,000 to the Kansas State University Foundation to establish the Ford Motor Company/Grambling State University/KSU Diversity Partnership. The goal of this partnership is to expand upon the educational relationship between Grambling State University, Grambling, La., and Kansas State University, which started in 1968. The new partnership will provide highly educated and trained graduates of color for internships with Ford Motor Company, while diversifying the educational experience of all KSU students. With this partnership, two qualified GSU graduates of any major will each receive $20,000 annually to pursue the master of business administration (MBA) degree at KSU. Currently, an MBA degree program does not exist at GSU. KSU will benefit through the increase in diversity of its graduate business student population. The two current recipients of this fellowship are Andrea Dixon, Tallulah, La., and Christopher Boozer, Phoenix, Ariz., pictured on the opposite page. Ford Motor Company is the world’s second largest automaker, with approximately 380,000 employees in 200 markets on six continents. Its vision is to become the world’s leading consumer company for automotive products and services.

Corporate and foundation partners The following corporate and foundation partners have supported Kansas State University with cash or in-kind gifts of $20,000 or more during the 2001 fiscal year. 3M Company Accenture Inc. ADM Milling Co. Agilent Technologies Animal Feed Supplement Inc. AT&T Foundation Aventis BASF Corporation Bayer Construction Co. Inc. Bayer Stone Inc. Blicks Inc. Huck Boyd Foundation Brack & Associates PA Brungardt Honomichl & Company PA Capitol Federal Savings Cargill Foundation Cargill Inc. Carson Home Sales Inc. E. Eugene Carter Foundation Central Mechanical Construction Co. Inc. Cereal Food Processors Inc. Cessna Foundation Inc. Conoco Inc. Devlin Investment Dow Chemical Company Foundation E.I. Du Pont De Nemours and Company Elanix Incorporated ExxonMobil Foundation The Farmland Foundation Farmland Industries Inc. Farrar Corporation

Federal Home Loan Bank of Topeka Fidelity Foundation Fidelity Investments Charitable Gift Fund Fisher Space Pen Company Flower and Garden Foundation Ford Motor Company Fund General Electric Company/ GE Fund General Mills Foundation Dane G. Hansen Foundation Hills Pet Nutrition Inc. Hi-Tech Interiors Inc. Hubbard Feeds Inc. The R.D. & Joan Dale Hubbard Foundation Intercollegiate Athletics Inc. Intrust Bank JCK Family Foundation John Deere Foundation G.E. Johnson Construction Company Kansas Asphalt Pavement Association Inc. Kansas City Catbackers Kansas Corn Commission Kansas Gas Service Kansas Health Foundation Kansas State Bank Kanscapes Inc. Kaw Valley Catbackers Kellstrom Pharmacy William T. Kemper Foundation Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation Koch Industries Inc. KSU Athletic Dept KSU Department of Education

The Forrest C. Lattner Foundation Inc. Little Apple Toyota Honda Lyons Angus Ranch The Master Teacher McShares Inc. Mennel Milling Company Merck & Co. Inc. Merial Limited Mistler Family Foundation Monsanto Company Motorola Foundation Nike Inc. and Affiliates Novartis Animal Health U.S. Inc. Novus International Inc. ONEOK Foundation Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Center Payless ShoeSource Foundation Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co. of Marysville Inc. Pepsi-Cola Company Pfizer Foundation Pfizer Inc. Phillips Petroleum Company Pikes Peak Community Foundation Price Young Odle Horsch PA The Procter & Gamble Mfg. Company Purina Mills Inc. The Ethel and Raymond Rice Foundation Paul Ross Charitable Foundation Ross Foundation Ross Products Division of Abbott Laboratories Rotary Foundation Rottinghaus Co. Inc.

Dow establishes diversity partnership with K-State The Dow Chemical Company, one of our long-time corporate partners, recently made a commitment of $1.5 million to the Kansas State University Foundation to establish the Dow/KSU Diversity Partnership. “We are very grateful for Dow’s generous support of this partnership,” said K-State President Jon Wefald. “Support for a broad base of diversity initiatives is key to our commitment to prepare our students to be productive citizens in an increasingly diverse society.” Dow Executive Vice President Arnold Allemang announced the partnership at a news conference at K-State. “Dow has funded multicultural scholarships and programs in K-State’s College of Engineering since 1999,” said Allemang. “Now, we are very pleased to establish a comprehensive diversity partnership with K-State that supports scholarships and program initiatives in three colleges and several other areas.”

The Dow/KSU Diversity Partnership will: ◆

Fund scholarships for multicultural students in the Colleges of Engineering and Business Administration;

Safeway Inc. SBC Communications Inc. Sink Gillmore & Gordon LLP SME Education Foundation Sokkia Corporation Sosland Foundation Sprint Foundation

Back row, from left: Chris Hernandez, Kenneth Edwards, Terrence Higgins, Jah-Ra’el Muhammad and Christopher Boozer. Front row, from left: Rosalind Washington, Andrea Dixon, J. Randy Allen and Christina Phillips.

Provide funding to the College of Engineering’s Multicultural Engineering Program and the Women in Engineering and Science Program (WESP); ◆ Provide scholarship support to two Dow Diversity Scholars who will work on diversity initiatives with K-State’s Office of Diversity and Dual Career Development, the K-State Tilford Group, the KSU Foundation and the KSU Alumni Association; ◆ Provide funding to the Dow Multicultural Resource Center in Hale Library;

Provide support to a partnership between K-State’s College of Technology and Aviation and Tuskegee University that combines K-State’s professional pilot degree program with any degree program at Tuskegee; and ◆ Provide funding to the First Tee Program at Colbert Hills Golf Course. The Dow Diversity Scholars at K-State from 1999 through 2001 are Christina Phillips, Katrina Alexander, Chris Hernandez, Thomas Vera II, J. Randy Allen, Terrence Higgins, Michael

Martell — Multicultural Engineering Program Scholarship recipients; Andrea Dixon, Christopher Boozer — Willie Davis Dow/Ford Scholarship recipients; Rosalind Washington, Kenneth Edwards — Willie Davis Dow Scholarship recipients; Jah-Ra’el Muhammad, Anthony Carey — Dow Diversity/Tilford Scholarship recipients. Dow is a leading science and technology company headquartered in Midland, Mich. Their products include performance chemicals, performance plastics and agricultural products.

Sprint University Relations State of Kansas Steel & Pipe Supply Co. Inc. The Stolzer Family Foundation Stonecreek Family Physicians LLP The Sunderland Foundation

Synopsys Inc. The Tointon Family Foundation Union Pacific Foundation Vanier Family Foundation The Wallace Genetic Foundation

Wal-Mart Foundation Westar Capital Western Resources Foundation Wildcat Construction Co. Inc. World Golf Foundation Inc.


Assets and endowments increase Assets top $282 million in fiscal year 2001

$300,000,000 $250,000,000 $200,000,000










Assets include: ◆ Permanent endowments ◆ Expendable funds ◆ Unrestricted net assets – KSU underwriting funds – KSUF underwriting funds – University perimeter property – Foundation building

FYE FYE FYE FYE FYE FYE 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001

$150,000,000 $125,000,000 $100,000,000







$75,000,000 $111,648,820

The KSU Foundation holds endowed funds in perpetuity, investing the principal and using a portion of the annual investment return to support the programs agreed upon by the donor and the university. The portion of the investment return that is disbursed is determined by the spending policy set by the Executive Committee. Investment earnings that exceed the spending policy are returned to the principal to create an inflation buffer. ◆ Gifts of $10,000 or more may be endowed ◆ More than 2,200 endowed funds are currently under management by the KSU Foundation ◆ $15 million of the $44.5 million raised in 2001 were permanently endowed funds that will provide support to KSU for generations to come



Permanent endowments continue to rise

FYE FYE FYE FYE FYE FYE 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001

$35 million disbursed to K-State The Kansas State University Foundation provided over $35 million to K-State in fiscal year 2001, for undergraduate and graduate student scholarships; faculty chairs, professorships and lectureships; capital improvements; departmental support and administrative expenses.


Most contributions received through the foundation are designated for a specific purpose. Undesignated gifts are given to a college or to the university for use in the area of greatest need. Regardless of whether a gift is designated or undesignated, each gift ultimately enhances the university’s ability to provide students with the means to develop their potential as contributing members of a global society.

Investments weather a tough year The Investment Advisory Committee, working with our consultants and staff, continues to implement enhancements in the investment process despite the difficult world market situation. In an ongoing effort to enhance the return and reduce the risk to foundation assets, the committee continues making modifications to the investment process. Improvements completed in fiscal year 2001 included the following: ◆ Completed implementation of marketable alternative sector investments in the alternative strategies asset allocation ◆ Eliminated remaining indexing of inefficient asset classes to capture added value of active management ◆ Began addition of shorting strategies in volatile asset classes to reduce downside volatility of returns ◆ Evaluated portfolio liquidity versus liquidity needs

Initiated expansion of private capital allocation into international private equities ◆ Added an absolute return investment to the Expendable Fund asset allocation to reduce volatility and enhance returns to the core allocation ◆ Updated investment policy for Pooled Endowment Fund A ◆ Formalized a backup plan for the Vice President-Real Estate and Investments position as part of the departmental disaster recovery program ◆

Despite the difficult market environment of the past 12 months, the investment strategies in place produced a (3.34%) return to the endowment for the fiscal year. Lee Borck, Chairman

Pooled Endowment Fund A investment results as of June 30, 2001 25%

Annual return

Five-year average

Spending rate + CPI*


1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001

15% 10% 5% 0% -5%

Annual return

Five-year average

Spending rate + CPI*

11.44% 14.95% 2.91% 13.17% 14.75% 20.89% 12.90% 7.88% 16.27% (3.34%)

8.58% 9.96% 8.44% 9.98% 11.44% 13.33% 12.92% 13.92% 14.54% 10.92%

11.09% 11.00% 10.49% 10.54% 10.25% 9.80% 8.93% 8.96% 10.73% 10.25%

*To avoid diminishing the purchasing power of endowments for future generations, returns over time need to exceed the amount spent plus the reductions in purchasing power caused by inflation, as measured by the Consumer Price Index.

’92 ’93 ’94 ’95 ’96 ’97 ’98 ’99 ’00 ’01

Pooled Endowment Fund A asset allocation 0.7% 18.5%

Domestic equities


International equities 17.0% 38.4%


Real estate


Alternative strategies 15.4% Fixed income



17.0% Money markets


Purpose Statement: Pooled Endowment Fund A The mission of the foundation is to support the university and its mission over the long term. The purpose of this statement is to establish procedures for the investment of Pooled Endowment Fund A (the endowment) assets, and to ensure future growth is sufficient to offset normal inflation plus reasonable spending, thereby preserving the purchasing power of the endowment for future generations. For a complete copy of the investment policy, please send a request to Vice President-Real Estate and Investments, KSU Foundation, 2323 Anderson Avenue, Manhattan, Kansas 66502, or e-mail to




ASSETS Cash and cash equivalents Short-term investments and certificates of deposit Equity investments Book value — $103,725,960 at June 30, 2001 Book value — $111,835,594 at June 30, 2000 Corporate and other fixed income Book value — $49,175,039 at June 30, 2001 Book value — $51,960,176 at June 30, 2000 U.S. Government and government agency obligations Book value — $4,071,129 at June 30, 2001 Book value — $5,334,811 at June 30, 2000 Real estate investments Book value — $12,926,597 at June 30, 2001 Book value — $16,353,383 at June 30, 2000 Alternative strategies Book value — $25,565,498 at June 30, 2001 Book value — $19,768,031 at June 30, 2000 Other securities and investments Book value — $297,667 at June 30, 2001 Book value — $218,069 at June 30, 2000 Pledges receivable Receivables from estates Loans Real estate and other depreciable property Accumulated depreciation Net real estate and other depreciable property — Golf Course Cash surrender value of life insurance policies Other assets and accrued income TOTAL ASSETS

2001 629,549 24,470,859 108,836,533

2000 $ 2,341,492 9,192,945 122,747,045











14,220,338 2,455,367 4,374,342 16,107,483 (2,517,208) 17,828,182 1,427,640 491,537 $282,847,250

11,436,649 690,000 3,607,456 13,334,780 (2,040,622) 17,852,838 1,254,553 138,159 $277,632,536

LIABILITIES AND NET ASSETS Current Liabilities Accounts payable, deposits and other liabilities Accrued liabilities and line of credit Assets held for others Current obligations, unitrust and annuity liabilities Total Current Liabilities

$ 3,557,140 3,663,574 295,086 2,402,366 $ 9,918,166

$ 2,755,084 3,510,580 308,969 2,336,772 $ 8,911,405

Other Liabilities Unitrust and annuity liabilities, less current obligations Bonds payable — Golf Course Bonds payable — Educational and Agricultural Research Facility Rev Bonds Total Other Liabilities Total Liabilities

$ 14,104,159 7,925,000 785,000 $ 22,814,159 $ 32,732,325

$ 14,570,339 7,925,000 820,000 $ 23,315,339 $ 32,226,744

Net Assets Unrestricted net assets (designated) Temporarily restricted net assets Permanently restricted net assets Total Net Assets TOTAL LIABILITIES AND NET ASSETS

$ 23,260,628 72,921,317 153,932,980 $250,114,925 $282,847,250

$ 26,663,432 68,224,077 150,518,283 $245,405,792 $277,632,536




Temporarily Restricted

Permanently Restricted

2001 Total

2000 Total




$ 16,793,077

$ 47,408,169

$ 42,874,090







1,686,081 1,338,014

1,278,728 1,991,926







Investment income Net realized and unrealized gains on asset transactions Other support Operational service charges, management fees and other University allotment Receipts for grants, research, supplies, travel and other University departmental activities and funding allotments, etc. Actuarial gain/(loss) on unitrusts, and annuities obligations Net assets released from restrictions Satisfaction of program restrictions TOTAL REVENUE, GAINS AND OTHER SUPPORT

581,734 (156,797) 4,269,633



1,686,081 1,338,014

173,700 (164,026)

2,185,970 (577,716)

167,082 34,012,926

639,607 (34,012,926)


$ 4,697,240


$ 3,414,697

$ 48,682,270

$ 76,821,578

$ 7,021,190 5,869,856 15,374,711

$ 6,655,125 12,271,506 14,374,396

5,648,584 1,338,014

9,512,527 1,991,926

















$ 51,482,171

Change in Net Assets

$ (3,402,804)

$ 4,697,240

$ 3,414,697

$ 4,709,133

$ 25,339,407











EXPENSES AND SUPPORT Direct University support Scholarships and other student awards $ 7,021,190 University support — academic 5,869,856 University support — administrative 15,374,711 University support — capital improvements 5,648,584 University support — special projects 1,338,014 Investment — portfolio management Investment — loan interest expense and write-off

Net Assets at Beginning of Year Net Assets at End of Year

The Consolidated Statements of Financial Position and the Consolidated Statements of Activities are excerpted from the Kansas State University Foundation’s 2001 financial statements, which were audited by Varney and Associates, CPAs, LLC. For a complete copy, please send a request to Controller, KSU Foundation, 2323 Anderson Avenue, Manhattan, Kansas 66502.


Townsend scholars

Roxann Corcoran, Grant Reynolds, Danielle Bailey and Byron McFee, all graduates of Decatur Community High School in Oberlin, Kansas, are recipients of the Colonel Delbert L. Townsend Scholarship.


“I would like to thank you once again for your wonderful gift of generosity. As the class valedictorian, a successful forensics competitor, an involved and dedicated student and a diligent worker, I know I have been chosen on criteria other than financial need. My financial need, however, significantly increases the gift’s value to me. Instead of working full-time, I am able to work part-time and enjoy the college experience in its entirety.”

“This scholarship is important to me because without it, I would probably be going to a much smaller community college right now. I would not have had this wonderful opportunity to pursue a career in engineering. I also want to thank you for communicating with your recipients. It is very neat that you take the time to write your students and make an impact in their lives. Thank you so much for this award.”

“This scholarship that you have provided me is truly a blessing. It gives me the opportunity to reach my educational goals and my dream of becoming a veterinarian. It also gives me the chance to place my focus on my education and takes the financial worry out of my college experience. For this, I could never thank you enough. Thanks again for this amazing experience. It has been even more of an honor to get to know you.”

“This year I am a freshman in engineering. I am on the K-State men’s rowing team, and in honors engineering. I plan to graduate in the spring of 2005. It is very exciting to have received such a large scholarship. I worked very hard throughout high school and was involved in many things. I feel hard work is a necessity for success, no matter what you are doing. I am continuing this hard work right here at Kansas State University.”

Roxann Corcoran

Grant Reynolds

Danielle Bailey

Byron McFee

KSU Foundation 2001  

KSU Foundation 2001