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Making a difference in people’s lives as a leader in lifelong learning.


To provide quality, personal and professional lifelong learning opportunities through continuing education programs.

OUR VALUES: • Quality • Customer Satisfaction • Integrity • Creativity • Respect For The Individual

The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) offers an impressive selection of educational and social opportunities for adults age 50 and older. With a purpose to promote lifelong learning and continued intellectual and personal growth for retirement-age individuals, OLLI has become the place for fun, interactive learning in a safe and encouraging environment. Our curriculum draws from the interests, talents and experiences of older adult learners. Academic courses are college level (without the homework, term papers and tests), and cover everything


from personal computers to fitness for life and visual arts. Social activities include various gatherings for dinner, laughter and entertainment. Every student that enrolls in our courses or programs becomes one of our OLLI members and will begin to receive our quarterly Newsletter. Our members become part of our unique OLLI family where learning is a continuous part of our culture. Our members are proud to be a part of OLLI, and many of them have developed close friendships and experienced memorable learning experiences. Come join us and see what OLLI can do for you! All courses held at KSU Center unless stated otherwise. 470-578-6765 3333 Busbee Drive Kennesaw, GA 30144

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DIRECTORY Michelle Girage Assistant Dean 470-578-3100 Dick Harp Director Pat Walker Program Manager 470-578-3508 Donna McIntosh Administrative Associate 470-578-4448

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DIRECTOR’S NOTES Dick Harp, Director Occasionally, I receive an e-mail message from a member of our OLLI family. Some of the messages detail a recent and pleasant experience someone has had as a result of being part of our program. I appreciate these messages as most of them are from individuals I have had the pleasure of meeting. I am happy to say that all of the messages over the years have been pleasant and enjoyable with only one that contained negative comments. Yesterday, the most unusual message I have ever received was sent by a woman who had an idea for a new class. She was asking if we could possibly add a course on flying. She had always dreamed of being a pilot and thought OLLI might be able to help. I politely responded that, unfortunately, this was a type of class that could not fit into our program and gave her the many reasons why it would not work. However, her message made me realize that there might be some new classes or events that our members would like us to consider. One of the smartest things we did when we started our program 16 years ago was to convene a group of seniors and ask them what classes and social events

they would like us to offer. The information we garnered from these meetings became the foundation for what we included in our program. I have never been a believer in the “Build It and They Will Come” theory. A better theory is, “Ask Them What They Want, Provide What is Feasible, and They Will Come.” I would like to invite you to consider what you feel would be a good class or event for us to add to our program. If you have an idea, please send your suggestion via email to either me at or our new program manager, Pat Walker, at You can also send a letter to me or to Pat at the following address: College of Continuing and Professional Education Kennesaw State University 3333 Busbee Drive MD 3301 Kennesaw, GA 30144 Hope to see you in class soon.


IF YOU ARE AGE 50 OR OLDER, YOU COULD BE ELIGIBLE FOR AN OLLI SCHOLARSHIP! It’s easy. Visit us at and click on the Al & Chet Scholarship Application. Review the requirements, fill out a simple form, and tell us about yourself by selecting one of the topics listed. If you do not have computer access, stop by our Registration Department at KSU Center located at 3333 Busbee Drive, Kennesaw, GA 30144, to pick up an application. You can mail it back to us to the attention of Michelle Girage, Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, Kennesaw State University, 3333 Busbee Drive, MD 3301, Kennesaw, GA 30144. If you have additional questions, please contact Michelle Girage at 470-578-3100.

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With 1,000 students

under his belt, Quentin Thomas could be considered a history expert. As the instructor for “Spirits of the Great American West,” he fulfills his passion for history by educating others in Canton, Kennesaw, Marietta and Roswell. Quentin began teaching with OLLI in 2013. As current events change, especially in politics, he aims to keep his class content neutral and focuses instead on historical discussions. This course views American history westward ranging from the Mississippi

River to California, and Quentin plans to explore Indian cultures in more detail. There is an element of freedom in his class. Quentin allows his students to guide the discussion, even though he has a class outline. “Sometimes when you see the class interested in a direction, you just run with it,” he said. “I’ll plan to [discuss] cattle drives, but they’d rather hear about missionaries.” He said all of his classes have personalities. Here at OLLI, Quentin said it’s more academic and his students take a lot of notes. He’s also had people repeat the course in order to reengage in conversation about historical topics. In-depth discussions are also a signature of the OLLI students. “They follow up a lot,” he said. “My bibliography has gotten to such a point where I don’t hand it out anymore. I email it to them - it’s 8 pages.” In addition to books, Quentin also shares certain movie selections with

the class that are related to his course content. “The Revenant,” “Dances with Wolves” and “Open Range” are a few on his list. Quentin’s teachings extend beyond the OLLI Suite. You can also find him serving as a docent at the Booth Western Art Museum in Cartersville, and he’s published a book of cowboy poetry titled, “Half Them Lies Is True: Simple Cowboy Poetry.” So, what about history continues to invigorate him? Quentin said, “I keep learning and discovering. I’ve been in a constant state of study since I started this class.” He said historical truth can be more intriguing than a book of nonfiction. For example, Quentin speaks of the love President Andrew Jackson had for his wife, Rachel, who was buried in the dress she’d planned to wear at his inaugural ball. “I read about truth,” Quentin said. “What’s more exciting than that?”

Esther Romanoff Kazer

Senior Literacy Program Build your confidence with this FREE program offered throughout the year.

Do you know someone who struggles to read or write well? This comprehensive reading skills improvement program is taught by two highly-trained educators who will offer specialized instruction. Through this course, you will improve your reading and writing skills. For more information, contact Pat Walker at or 470-578-3508.


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Make new friends and enjoy scheduled activities in the OLLI Club Room, a special, members-only area at KSU Center.



PRIVILEGES INCLUDE: FREE Coffee • FREE Internet access & computer usage Regularly-scheduled Bridge and Mah Jongg 10% off OLLI courses (some exceptions apply)

The OLLI Club Room is open to members Monday-Friday from 8:30AM-4:30PM. In the case of inclement weather or school holidays, the OLLI Club Room will close if Kennesaw State University is closed. For more information, contact Pat Walker at 470-578-3508.


Intermediate Party Bridge

• Monday and Wednesday 12:30-3PM Contact - Sara McKinley

Duplicate Bridge

• Tuesday 5:30PM Contact - Ed Friend Twice a month we offer 30-minute lessons prior to playing and to score ACBL Master Points for a $5 fee. • Thursday 1:30PM Contact - Ron Poteete

Party Bridge

• Tuesday and Thursday 10AM

Contact - Dick Easley

• Tuesday 1:30-4:30PM Contact- Clair Rice

• Wednesday 5:30PM Contact- Mike Tavares

• Thursday 6:00PM Contact- Ann Daniel

MAH JONGG • Friday 10:00AM

Contact - Sara McKinley


• Monday 10AM-1PM Contact - Bill Needs

The OLLI Club Room has been a wonderful place for bridge and fellowship. The facilities, administration and supplies are top notch! We thank everyone involved for the success of the Club Room and the pleasure it brings. Ed Friend, Duplicate Bridge Facilitator

THANK YOU! to our

community donors for their continued support of our programs.


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OLLI COURSE OFFERINGS ART & MUSIC Digital Photography Introduction

Learn how to recognize and use the controls of the camera to capture images that you will want to share with your friends and family. Learn how to set your camera to take better photographs. Learn how to retrieve the photos from the camera, upload them to your computer, manipulate the size and quality and output them to email and/or your printer. Bring your camera, storage media card and camera instruction manual to class. $149, 10 Hrs Instructor(s): Todd Hull 01/25/17 - 02/15/17 4 Session(s) Wed 1PM - 3:30PM Course# 173SFNA2327A

Calligraphy - The Art of Beautiful Writing

Give the touch of elegance to your personalized invitations, posters and greetings - great for beginners, students, teachers, draftsmen and production technicians. Course fee includes all the materials you will need. Focus is on uppercase, lowercase and basic italic lettering using the broad pen. The last class will be devoted to executing an original calligraphic design. $79, 8 Hrs Instructor(s): Ruth Murphy 02/06/17 - 02/27/17 4 Session(s) Mon 10AM - 12PM Course# 173SFNA2261A

Drawing FUNdamentals

This course will cover the basic fundamentals of drawing in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. We will cover line drawing, composition, proportion, perspective, value and other basics. By the end of the course, students should be able to see and accurately replicate shapes and forms, use light and shadow

for effect, and depict simple drawings suitable for display. $119, 20 Hrs Instructor(s): Abby Hermes 01/31/17 - 03/21/17 8 Session(s) Tue 1PM - 3:30PM Course# 173SFNA2204A

Pencil, Pen & Ink Drawing Beginning

Believe it or not, everyone can learn to draw! Whether your doodle results in stick figures, or you want to advance your hobby in watercolor or oil for more realism, this class will help the beginner “draw what you see” through patient, expert guidance and practiced technique. Bring a #2 pencil to the first class. Additional supplies (pencils, eraser, and sketchbook) will be discussed and recommended to suit your interest at the first class. Basic supplies will not exceed $10-$15. $119, 20 Hrs Instructor(s): Abby Hermes 01/31/17 - 03/21/17 8 Session(s) Tue 9:30AM - 12PM Course# 173SFNA2260A

Beginning Watercolor

This beginning watercolor class will teach the basics: supplies, preparing the paper, creating value studies, painting washes, painting on wet and dry paper, mixing colors and techniques for saving the white of the paper. Instructor will complete class demonstrations and students will complete the exercises the first 6 weeks. In remaining classes, students will paint their own watercolors from a class still life or their own reference photographs. Returning students will build on the skills learned in previous session. $119, 20 Hrs Instructor(s): Kathy Rennell Forbes 01/23/17 - 03/13/17 8 Session(s) Mon 6PM - 8:30PM Course# 173SFNA2210A

Painted Vacations in Watercolor

Capture your cherished vacation memories in watercolor! Students will create paintings inspired by their vacation and/or travel photos, personal photographs or sketches. Instructor will give watercolor demonstrations and critiques during the first 30-45 minutes of class. Returning students will build on the skills developed in previous sessions. Do not buy new supplies. We will work with what you have initially and then assess if anything additional is needed. $139, 24 Hrs Instructor(s): Kathy Rennell Forbes 01/23/17 - 03/13/17 8 Session(s) Mon 1:30PM - 4:30PM Course# 173SFNA2237A

Watercolor From the Masters

Intermediate students will study the paintings of watercolor masters. Instructor will provide some printed copies to use in class (or you can bring your own). We will discuss their style, techniques, composition and color palettes while painting one of their masterpieces. Instructor will demonstrate both a copy one week and then create a new painting from her sketches or photos the following class using techniques learned from the master just studied. Students will then create their own studies and original paintings. $139, 24 Hrs Instructor(s): Kathy Rennell Forbes 01/23/17 - 03/13/17 8 Session(s) Mon 10AM - 1PM Course# 173SFNA2230A

Painting From Your Photographs

Create beautiful paintings from your favorite photos and sketches. Teacher will discuss composition and design while providing guidance on each student’s painting. Work in the art medium of your choice (except pastel). To see examples of Kathy Rennell (Continued on page 8)

Register online at or call 470-578-6765


OLLI COURSE OFFERINGS (Continued from page 7)

Forbes paintings visit www.artbykrf. com. Students should have prior painting experience. $139, 24 Hrs Instructor(s): Kathy Rennell Forbes 01/18/17 - 03/08/17 8 Session(s) Wed 1:30PM - 4:30PM Course# 173SFNA2279A

Painting Abstractly

Discover the joys of abstract painting with different class exercises each week. Paint in any medium (except pastels). Each exercise will take 1-2 weeks. Bring your own supplies you currently use and supports (paper, canvas, panels, whatever you normally paint upon). Must be proficient in the medium you will use. This is not a how to use the medium class but to learn how to create abstractly. $139, 24 Hrs Instructor(s): Kathy Rennell Forbes 01/18/17 - 03/08/17 8 Session(s) Wed 10AM - 1PM Course# 173SFNA2242A

Sketching Your World

We will be exploring beginning sketching skills and materials. The goal is to help those new to sketching to find suitable media and basic skills to begin exploring their world through frequent sketching in a sketchbook. The focus will be on pen and watercolor. $99, 15 Hrs Instructor(s): Steve Nudson 02/09/17 - 03/16/17 6 Session(s) Thu 1PM - 3:30PM Course# 173SFNA2249A

The Artist’s Way

YOU are a creative person just waiting to be discovered. Based on the groundbreaking book, The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron, this 12-week course is designed to help you discover and recover your creative self. Using lecture, discussion and creative assignments such as artist’s


dates and morning pages, instructor Beth Hermes will guide you toward expressing creativity in your life and in your work. You deserve to do something you love, so stop telling yourself it’s too late! Learn to release the blocks that impede your growth as an Artist. Make time for yourself and the creative person within who is waiting to be acknowledged. Required text: “It’s Never Too Late to Begin Again” available at the KSU Center Bookstore. $149, 18 Hrs Instructor(s): Beth Hermes 01/26/17 - 04/13/17 12 Session(s) Thu 10:30AM - 12PM Course# 173SLTW2561A

Exploring Modern Art: 1890-1960

Join us as we explore the world of Modern Art from Matisse and Picasso to Pollock and Mondrian. Tagged by critics as wild beasts, degenerates, and untalented hacks, we will come to our own conclusions about these founders of Modernism through hands-on activities and interactive dialogue. $169, 20 Hrs Instructor(s): Scottie Foss 01/18/17 - 03/22/17 10 Session(s) Wed 10AM - 12PM Course# 173SFNA2247A

Mozart: the Man and His Operas

This course will explore the uncanny musical genius of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, his early childhood performances and writing, and we will explore all of the beauty and captivating story lines of all of his operatic works in both DVDs and CDs. Listening to the “magic of Mozart,” and learning more about his short life, will make our class time together meaningful and help us gain proper respect for the amazing talent of this incredible composer. $99, 12 Hrs Instructor(s): Donna Angel 02/06/17 - 03/27/17

8 Session(s) Mon 10AM - 11:30AM Course# 173SFNA2303A

Instant Piano

If you already know your way around a keyboard a little, then you are ready for this workshop. Learn secrets your piano teacher never told you in this 3-hour session. You will learn all the chords you need to play any song, any style and any key. You’ll then perfect your technique at home using an exclusive CD. Bring cash or check for $29 to pay instructor directly for the student manual and accompanying CD. $59, 3 Hrs Instructor(s): Michael McMillan 02/20/17 - 02/20/17 1 Session(s) Mon 1PM - 4PM Course# 173SFNA2311A


Giants of Silent Film Comedy: Chaplin, Keaton, Lloyd and Laurel and Hardy

The Silent Film era in Hollywood lasted for 30 years, and during that period, many talented actors rose to stardom. But there were five comedians that became household names and movie icons: Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, Harold Lloyd, and Laurel and Hardy. These “Silent Clowns” have influenced the history of comedy in America like no others, with several of their best films being included in the American Film Institute’s list of the best American films of all time. This eight-week course will examine the unique talents of these comedic artists through the viewing of several of their most popular films. Be prepared to both laugh and cry as we strive to experience the talents of these giants of silent film comedy. $129, 16 Hrs Instructor(s): George Mengert 02/01/17 - 03/22/17 8 Session(s) Wed 10AM - 12PM Course# 173SFNA2293A

Look for our newsletter online at

Slavery from the Civil War to the Modern Day

HISTORY Great Decisions

Great Decisions is a current event series of eight lectures/discussions on foreign affairs. Each year since 1918, the topics are selected by the Foreign Policy Association of the United States based on their direct affect on the American people. $99, 12 Hrs Instructor(s): Jack Carew, Charles Maddrey 01/27/17 - 03/17/17 8 Session(s) Fri 10AM - 11:30AM Course# 173SHIS2538A

This class will examine the Black experience from Reconstruction to the modern days. Discussion topics will include the Great Black Migration north and the White migration to the suburbs and Sunbelt, Civil Rights and Voting Rights Acts, and White backlash. $99, 12 Hrs Instructor(s): Sal DePasquale 01/19/17 - 03/09/17 8 Session(s) Thu 10:30AM - 12PM Course# 173SHIS2601A


Spirits of The Great American West

This class is a very unique look at American History westward from the Mississippi River to California. Major historical events are chronologically tied together with personal accounts, legends and myths. Little known and rarely addressed events and characters are woven together in a classroom lecture and group discussion environment using source documents and hard copy maps. Some historical questions are addressed but are left as “histories mysteries” since there are no complete explanations that resolve them. Facts are woven together with legends and common sense to make history come alive as you have never experienced it. This class is frequently repeated by students who find each session equally as informative as the preceding one. Students find that Quentin Thomas, a recognized historian, author and cowboy poet, is an entertaining, informative and enlightening instructor. $99, 12 Hrs Instructor(s): Quentin Thomas 01/11/17 - 03/01/17 8 Session(s) Wed 10AM - 11:30AM Course# 173SHIS2565A

Fighting Sail: America in the War of 1812

When the War of 1812 began, the United States had a 17-ship blue water navy to face the 600-plus ships of the British. In this course, we will examine the events leading up to the war, the construction and deployment of the six “super” frigates, the amazing officer corps of the fledgling Navy, the strong opposition they faced, and the sea battles that rattled the British Admiralty. We will also see the action that took place on the Great Lakes and Lake Champlain. We will use firsthand narratives and correspondence between the captains and the Secretary of the Navy and cover a potpourri of nautical facts and trivia. $99, 12 Hrs Instructor(s): Thomas Metcalf 01/23/17 - 02/27/17 6 Session(s) Mon 1PM - 3PM Course# 173SHIS2603A


The City: A Geographic Review

This visually-rich, PowerPoint overview of the landscapes of cities from International, national and local perspectives allows the student to engage in class discussions based on their own travel and metrourban living experiences with an emphasis on North American cities and Atlanta.

Historical, cultural, political, social, environmental, and transportation topics will be explored with a specialist in Urban Geography to present the student with interesting investigations of the impact of the city on the landscape and their lives. $139, 16 Hrs Instructor(s): Harry Trendell 01/10/17 - 02/28/17 8 Session(s) Tue 10AM - 12PM Course# 173SHIS2608A


Cavalry Operations in the American Civil War

This course will explore the theory, practice, and operations of Civil War cavalry, the development of the mounted army, and the tactics various officers (Forrest, Sheridan, Stuart, Hampton, Custer, and others) adopted. We will examine partisan operations, raids, and review major cavalry engagements. Optional Textbook: “Cavalry Raids of the Civil War,” author Robert W. Black. Available at the KSU Center Bookstore. $139, 16 Hrs Instructor(s): Michael Shaffer 02/13/17 - 04/03/17 8 Session(s) Mon 7PM - 9PM Course# 173SHIS2610A

Problems in the Middle East, Past and Present, Part II

From its emergence as the site of the earliest civilizations and three major religions, the Middle East has always been an important but troubled area of the world. In the 19th century it was an imperial battleground. With the invention of the auto, its oil resources had become a cause of dispute by the end of the 19th century. In the 20th and 21st centuries, the lasting effects of WWI and II and the decolonization that followed, turned the Middle East into a powder keg. In this class, after a brief overview of its past, we will learn how the Middle East has become a major battle ground for both the (Continued on page 10)

Register online at or call 470-578-6765


OLLI COURSE OFFERINGS (Continued from page 9)

nations which comprise it and the rest of the world. We will also discuss what hopes there are for a Middle Eastern peace in the future. $99, 12 Hrs Instructor(s): Elsa Nystrom 02/08/17 - 03/29/17 8 Session(s) Wed 1PM - 2:30PM Course# 173SHIS2611A


If you’ve been afraid to take a writing course because you think it will be a bunch of stodgy folks who sit around in the quiet with their pens scribbling furiously, then THIS IS THE CLASS FOR YOU because it’s NONE of those things! Beth Hermes facilitates a class that is creative, inspiring and downright FUN. Beth brings a generous spirit and love of story that are contagious. Her class includes instruction, writing prompts and class sharing. Whether you’re writing fiction, non-fiction, poetry or prose, prepare to be motivated! $119, 12 Hrs Instructor(s): Beth Hermes 01/25/17 - 03/15/17 8 Session(s) Wed 1PM - 2:30PM Course# 173SLTW2519A

Memoir Writing

See how quickly you can get on track with your life story, a collection of stories, or a small sliver of time, using the fine art of Memoir Writing. With humor, writing prompts, class discussions and the opportunity to share in-class from their own works, students will learn a variety of memoir-writing formats and choose the one that best suits their story. Throughout the eight-week workshop, the facilitator will introduce tips and exercises that will help writers of any experience level to break down barriers and release the writer within!


$119, 12 Hrs Instructor(s): Beth Hermes 01/25/17 - 03/15/17 8 Session(s) Wed 10:30AM - 12PM Course# 173SLTW2559A NEW COURSE

Write Your Novel, NOW!

You’ve been thinking about it for a long time. You may even have started it, perhaps several times, only to get bogged down. Why keep fooling around? Get serious! Discover the tricks and techniques novelist Josh Langston uses to produce a new novel every year. If he can do it, so can you! You’ll pick up a thousand story ideas in the very first class. Learn plot strategy, characterization, how to create and maintain tension, and how these critical elements apply to all genres. Gain insights on sensory writing, dialog construction, and tools for editing and revision. You’ll also get tips on finding an agent, an editor and a publisher. $159, 16 Hrs Instructor(s): Josh Langston 02/08/2017 - 03/29/2017 8 Session(s) Wed 12PM - 2PM Course# 173SLTW2563A

Publish Your Own Book

This course focuses on the many facets of independent publishing. In addition to the most common forms, novels and memoirs, the instructor will offer expertise in developing other subject material and alternative formats. This course offers instruction on finding the best platform for your work, preparing and polishing your manuscript, cover design, developing a marketing plan, and avoiding common pitfalls. The instructor, Josh Langston, has 10 novels in print and has helped numerous students develop fiction, memoirs, children’s books, and technical manuals. $119, 12 Hrs Instructor(s): Josh Langston 02/08/17 - 03/29/17 8 Session(s) Wed 10AM - 11:30AM Course# 173SLTW2562A

COMPUTERS & TECHNOLOGY Let’s Begin With Computers!

Finally, a course for those who have NO experience with the computer. This short session will help prepare you for the Introduction to PCs course. You will learn how to power up the computer, as well as how to navigate using the mouse and keyboard commands. Important basic information in a non-intimidating environment. $59, 3 Hrs, 0.3 CEUs Instructor(s): Debbie Temple 01/19/17 1 Session(s) Thu 9AM - 12PM Course# 173SBAS1010A 02/03/17 - 02/03/17 1 Session(s) Fri 9AM - 12PM Course# 173SBAS1010B

Get to Know and Love Your iPad

Join us for a hands-on workshop that will empower you to get the most from your iPad. Get acquainted with iPad features and apps, play music, browse the internet, use email, watch movies, keep your calendar and address book, take and share pictures, video chat, and even more. You’ll discover how apps can help you to simplify tasks, stay connected while you’re on the go, keep you in touch with family and friends, and stay current on news and interests in your life. Students must bring their own iPad or iPad2 to this class. $59, 3 Hrs Instructor(s): Courtney Teague 01/28/17 1 Session(s) Sat 10AM - 1PM Course# 173SVCM1000A 02/24/17 - 02/24/17 1 Session(s) Fri 10AM - 1PM Course# 173SVCM1000B

Look for our newsletter online at

OLLI SCHOLAR COMPUTER CERTIFICATE Listed below are the five foundation courses to be completed for the “OLLI Scholar” certificate. Each course builds upon what the previous course has presented. You should complete all five courses within one year to earn the certificate. If you are a computer novice, we suggest taking Let’s Begin With Computers before beginning the OLLI Scholar Certificate.

Introduction to PCs

1 2 3 4 5

For those with some basic knowledge of computers (you can locate the power switch, use a mouse, and recognize Windows desktop). Course covers: how to properly identify and use hardware and software, technology shortcuts, parts of the computer, proper operation of the mouse, and what’s on your computer and what will fit. Even if you have been exposed to the computer for years, this course should help you build a solid foundation for using the computer to its fullest advantage. $199, 10 Hrs, 1 CEU 01/25/17 - 01/26/17 // 2 Session(s) Wed, Thu 9AM - 3PM // Course# 173SBAS1000A 02/06/17 - 02/07/17 // 2 Session(s) Mon, Tue 9AM - 3PM // Course# 173SBAS1000B

Internet and Email Savvy

Go beyond the basics you learned in Introduction to PCs. Discover useful websites and gain insight into free email, software, and photo-sharing space. Work with attachments and get some important tips to help you communicate effectively. Learn the do’s and don’ts of email and internet navigation. $199, 10 Hrs, 1 CEU 02/01/17 - 02/02/17 // 2 Session(s) Wed, Thu 9AM - 3PM // Course# 173SBAS1008A 02/20/17 - 02/21/17 // 2 Session(s) Mon, Tue 9AM - 3PM // Course# 173SBAS1008B

Windows 10

Learn the core functions and features of the Windows 10 interface, how to set up multiple desktops, organize your start screen, utilize search tools, mark up and share websites, install and use apps, and view multiple email accounts in one application. Learn to manage files, browse folders, configure user accounts, and use system security tools. Prerequisite: Introduction to PCs. $199, 10 Hrs, 1 CEU 02/15/17 - 02/16/17 // 2 Session(s) Wed, Thu 9AM - 3PM // Course# 173SBAS1041A 03/06/17 - 03/07/17 // 2 Session(s) Mon, Tue 9AM - 3PM // Course# 173SBAS1041B

Microsoft Word

This is a fun, basic, hands-on class. All software uses the basics taught in Microsoft Word. Learn the fundamentals of navigation and selection techniques used in email and on the internet. Use Microsoft Word to create, edit, save and print a letter. $199, 10 Hrs, 1 CEUs 03/01/17 - 03/02/17 // 2 Session(s) Wed, Thu 9AM - 3PM // Course# 173SMOF1002A 03/20/17 - 03/21/17 // 2 Session(s) Mon, Tue 9AM - 3PM // Course# 173SMOF1002B

Easy Steps to Safeguard Your Computer

Spring clean your computer to keep it running at its best. Using Windows and other tools, learn how to free up disk space and clean up internet files and “cookies.” Security issues (“Spyware,” viruses, and pop-ups) - what they are and how to help your computer deal with them. $109, 5 Hrs, 0.5 CEUs 03/23/17 // 1 Session(s) Thu 9AM - 3PM // Course# 173SBAS1005A

Register online at or call 470-578-6765


OLLI SCHOLAR SPANISH CERTIFICATE Complete all four courses within one year to earn the OLLI Scholar Spanish Certificate..

1 2 3 4

Spanish is Fun! Part I

This course is designed to introduce students to the Spanish language and its similarities with, and differences from, English. The course will provide students with a beginning vocabulary base related to family, school and everyday things. Students will acquire basic language skills needed to introduce themselves and their family. In addition, students will begin forming short sentences and answering questions using the present tense of regular “ar” verbs. Various components of Spanish culture will also be explored. $159, 20 Hrs, 2 CEUs // Instructor(s): Angela Kyriacou 01/26/17 - 03/30/17 // 10 Session(s) Thu 10AM - 12PM // Course# 173SLAN3320A

Spanish is Fun! Part II

This is a continuation of the course Spanish is Fun! Part I. $159, 20 Hrs, 2 CEUs // Instructor(s): Nancy DeLisle-Brown 01/23/17 - 03/27/17 // 10 Session(s) Mon 2PM - 4PM // Course# 173SLAN3321A

Spanish is Fun! Part III

This is a continuation of the course Spanish is Fun! Part II. $159, 20 Hrs, 2 CEUs // Instructor(s): Joe Aguilera 01/23/17 - 03/27/17 // 10 Session(s) Mon 10AM - 12PM // Course# 173SLAN3322A

Spanish is Fun! Part IV

This is a continuation of the course Spanish is Fun! Part III. COMING SOON!

FITNESS The Labyrinth A Walking Meditation

The labyrinth, known to be at least 4,000 years old, has been used by many cultures, countries, and faiths around the world. It is a walking meditation on a spiral path leading to a central point and then back out again. Like the spiral found in nature, such as the conch shell, the pine cone, or the rose blossom, the labyrinth is also a curving line around a central point, symbolizing movement, growth, change, and providing a continually shifting perspective that is inspiring and life-renewing. Walking a


labyrinth is a metaphor for life - the path shifts in unexpected ways, sometimes away from your goal, but ultimately leading to the center. It is a powerful meditation tool, helping to quiet the mind and allowing time for personal reflection. Learn about the labyrinth, walk a large canvas labyrinth, and center yourself in quietness and reflection in this class hosted by a Veriditas Trained and Certified Labyrinth Facilitator. Extended labyrinth walk, meditation and journal writing time from 3-4PM.

Pilates Basics

$49, 3 Hrs Instructor(s): Chris Beam 02/08/17 1 Session(s) Wed 1PM - 4PM Course# 173SHRC1202A

$119, 15 Hrs Instructor(s): Emily Berreth 01/23/17 - 03/27/17 10 Session(s) Mon 7PM - 8:30PM Course# 173SHRC1204A

It’s never too late to try a new exercise, especially one that promises the benefits of Pilates. Ideal for seniors, joint-friendly Pilates increases strength and flexibility through gentle toning exercises and can be adjusted to suit all fitness levels. Thrive in a congenial atmosphere of mutual support. Boost your stamina and muscle tone without the risks of high impact exercise. Wear loose clothing and bring a towel or yoga mat. Signed waiver is required at the first class session.

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Pilates Basics (continued) $99, 10 Hrs Instructor(s): Emily Berreth 01/19/17 - 03/23/17 10 Session(s) Thu 10AM - 11AM Course# 173SHRC1204B

Qigong/Tai Chi for Seniors I

Tai Chi, once an ancient Chinese martial art, has evolved into an excellent exercise program for seniors. In this class, created specifically for older adults, we will learn Tai Chi moves and postures that are designed to improve balance, strengthen and tone muscles, improve concentration and encourage an overall sense of wellbeing. All this is done without high impact or a lot of strenuous activity. Students will also be taught Qigong breathing and relaxation techniques. Signed waiver required at the first class session. $119, 10 Hrs Instructor(s): Phil Robinson 01/23/17 - 03/27/17 10 Session(s) Mon 10AM - 11AM Course# 173SHRC1211A

Qigong/Tai Chi for Seniors II

Qigong II will have the same beneficial breathing and exercise techniques as Qigong I but with more advanced techniques. More exercises will be learned as well as advanced Qigong style meditation. Signed waiver required at the first class session. $119, 10 Hrs Instructor(s): Phil Robinson 01/25/17 - 03/29/17 10 Session(s) Wed 10AM - 11AM Course# 173SHRC1213A

Gentle Yoga

Enjoy the benefits of a class that leaves you feeling refreshed and relaxed, yet energized in a heightened state of awareness. Class consists of gentle yoga stretching and guided meditations and

is open to people aged 50 and over. A signed waiver is required at the first class session.

class. Please bring cash. Supplies provided will include everything you need to make finished pieces of jewelry.

$99, 10 Hrs Instructor(s): Emily Berreth 01/25/17 - 03/29/17 10 Session(s) Wed 7PM - 8PM Course# 173SHRC1215A

$139, 18 Hrs Instructor(s): Marjorie Ryan 01/12/17 - 02/16/17 6 Session(s) Thu 10AM - 1PM Course# 173SHGD2464A

$99, 10 Hrs Instructor(s): Emily Berreth 01/17/17 - 03/21/17 10 Session(s) Tue 10AM - 11AM Course# 173SHRC1215B

LEISURE Jewelry Making Techniques for Beginners

Astronomy - What’s Out There

Have you ever looked up at a star-filled sky and wondered what’s out there? Come and find out! Besides gaining an understanding of our universe, you’ll also learn to find your way around the night sky, as well as learn how to choose and use a telescope. Course meets 4 mornings and the 5th class will be an evening field trip to a darker sky. Star chart is included. Signed waiver is required. Bring a flashlight to class for the last session.

In this course, you will learn several techniques for making your own beautiful custom jewelry in the color of your choice. Techniques include simple stringing, silk knotting, bead weaving, crochet, wire work and more. A supply fee of $70 is payable to the instructor at the first class. Please bring cash. Supplies provided will include everything you need to make finished pieces of jewelry.

$99, 10 Hrs Instructor(s): Alex Langoussis 03/15/17 - 04/08/17 5 Session(s) Wed 10AM - 12PM Sat 7PM - 9PM Course# 173SHIS2576A

$139, 18 Hrs Instructor(s): Marjorie Ryan 01/10/17 - 02/14/17 6 Session(s) Tue 10AM - 1PM Course# 173SHGD2463A

No experience is necessary in this easy course that shows you how and where to catch fish. If you do not have a fly rod yet, the instructor has plenty to practice with in class and can make recommendations for your first purchase when you are ready. Learn about fly fishing tackle, terminology, reading a stream, safety, where to find the fish, and where the best trout streams are near Marietta and in Georgia. You will even tie some basic flies. A signed waiver is required at the first class session.

Jewelry Making - More Techniques

This course is for those who have taken the Jewelry Making - Techniques for Beginners class and wish to build their skill by learning some additional techniques. You will learn stitches such as peyote, herringbone, and netting and do some work with wire. You will also learn some new bead weaving techniques. The projects you will do are stunning one-of-a-kind pieces. A supply fee of $70 is payable to the instructor at the first

Fly Fishing for Seniors

$99, 8 Hrs Instructor(s): Steve Lamb 03/02/17 - 03/23/17 4 Session(s) Thu 7PM - 9PM Course# 173SHRC1031A

Register online at or call 470-578-6765



This tile game, similar to gin rummy or dominoes, is an Asian favorite and an exciting alternative to card games. Learn the basic rules and play of the game. Enjoy a fun and challenging experience. You do not need a partner. Class is limited to 8 students.

responses, minor suit openings and responses, weak two bids and strong two club openings. This course does not require completion of the first three courses in the series, but it is recommended that the student consider taking those classes prior to taking this class.

$49, 2.5 Hrs Instructor(s): Ted Sanders 01/18/17 1 Session(s) Wed 9:30AM - 12PM Course# 173SPGF3600A

$99, 12 Hrs Instructor(s): Mary Martina Goscha 02/07/17 - 03/14/17 6 Session(s) Tue 10AM - 12PM Course# 173SHRC1045A

$99, 16 Hrs Instructor(s): Chris Kohlmiller 01/24/17 - 03/14/17 8 Session(s) Tue 10AM - 12PM Course# 173SHRC1057A

Bridge in the 21st Century Part II - Play of the Hand

Getting Started in Genealogy

Do you want an orderly transition when you “check out” or do you want total chaos? Who should attend this class and learn how to avoid the most common mistakes made by retirees? Everyone! Don’t accidentally disinherit your children or cause major tax problems for your heirs. This is a fun class taught by a certified Estate Planner and Certified Financial Planner with more than 20 years experience. Concepts perceived as complex are explained in terms everyone can understand and apply to their own situation.

The second in a new series of classes developed by the American Contract Bridge League (ACBL) designed to introduce a new player to the game of duplicate bridge. This second course PLAY OF THE HAND IN THE 21ST CENTURY focuses on the play of the hand. This class is a stand alone class and the first course in the series is not a prerequisite for this class; however, students should be familiar with bidding concepts introduced in the first class. The focus of the class will be on declarer play. While designed for players interested in duplicate bridge, the class is also beneficial to players interested in playing social bridge. $99, 16 Hrs Instructor(s): Margaret Peabody 01/24/17 - 03/14/17 8 Session(s) Tue 1PM - 3PM Course# 173SHRC1055A

Bridge in the 21st Century Part IV - Bidding Conventions The fourth class in a series of classes offered by the American Contract Bridge League and KSU. In this class, we introduce bidding conventions to improve communications between partnerships to allow more precise information in the bidding process. The class covers Stayman and Jacoby Transfers, major suit openings and


Tracing your family ancestry is a fascinating process. Getting Started in Genealogy will help you learn how to begin your family search using family, governmental, library, and electronic resources. Students learn how to access the billions of records and tools available in person and online. Items to be explored include vital records, family trees, census records, newspaper archives, military records, church and cemetery information, immigration information, library records, genealogy software and other resources. $99, 15 Hrs Instructor(s): Chris Schleier 01/17/17 - 02/02/17 6 Session(s) Tue, Thu 6:30PM - 9PM Course# 173SPGF3556A

MONEY MATTERS Retirement Income Planning

When it comes to planning for your retirement income it’s easy to overlook some of the common factors that can affect how much you’ll have available to spend. If you don’t consider how your retirement income can be impacted by investment risk, inflation risk, catastrophic illness or long-term care, and taxes, you may not be able to enjoy the retirement you envision

Do I Need an Estate Plan

$49, 2.5 Hrs Instructor(s): Ted Sanders 01/11/17 1 Session(s) Wed 9:30AM - 12PM Course# 173SPGF3608A

Retirement and Social Security

Are you planning for retirement or have you already retired? Get first-hand knowledge from an expert in the Social Security area and take home strategies to help you understand how social security works. • who is covered/not covered • benefits you may be eligible to receive before retirement • common phrases • choosing when to retire • other benefits - Medicare FREE, 3 Hrs Instructor(s): Ted Sanders 01/09/17 1 Session(s) Mon 6PM - 9PM Course# 173SPGF3612A 02/01/17 1 Session(s) Wed 9:30AM - 12:30PM Course# 173SPGF3612B

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eBay Stores 101

The most successful eBay sellers are those who have eBay stores. Learn how to open, setup, merchandise and market an eBay store. Course is primarily for those who are serious about selling on eBay beyond just the basic selling format. Learn how to enter the arena of internet commerce (eCommerce) via the easiest, fastest and most economical method available today.

$119, 6 Hrs Instructor(s): James Daniel 03/04/17 1 Session(s) Sat 9AM - 4PM Course# 173SPGF3647A

THANK YOU to our community sponsors for their continued support of our programs.


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Prerequisite: Basics of eBay Selling. $119, 6 Hrs Instructor(s): James Daniel 03/25/17 1 Session(s) Sat 9AM - 4PM Course# 173SPGF3644A

OLLI Winter Social

Basics of eBay Selling

$10, 3 Hrs 02/13/17 1 Session(s) Mon 6PM - 9PM Course# 173SORI0010A

Seminar includes:

• an introduction to eBay, eBay safety and a synopsis of opportunities available on eBay • setting up a secure seller’s account • pricing strategies • putting together a complete listing • completing the sale $119, 6 Hrs Instructor(s): James Daniel 01/21/17 1 Session(s) Sat 9AM - 4PM Course# 173SPGF3645A 02/20/17 - 02/21/17 2 Session(s) Mon, Tue 6PM - 9PM Course# 173SPGF3645B 03/14/17 - 03/15/17 2 Session(s) Tue, Wed 6PM - 9PM Course# 173SPGF3645C

Join us for an evening of food, fun, and dancing from 6 to 9 p.m. Reservations are required and can be made by calling 470578-6765 or you can register online. Cost is $10 per person. Payment is required when reservations are made to secure seating for the program. Doors open at 5:45 p.m.

Please call Michelle Girage at 470-578-3100 for more information.

Hearing Screening

OLLI brings to its members a free hearing screening with Dr. Laurie Nelson, who carries her Doctorate and Master’s degrees in Audiology and is the owner of the Marietta Hearing Center. Screenings will take approximately 10 minutes per person. Registration is required and space is limited. FREE, 3 Hrs Instructor(s): Dr. Laurie Nelson, Au.D 02/10/17 1 Session(s) Fri 9AM - 12PM Course# 173SORI0025A


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Building Your Business on eBay: Beyond the Basics This six-hour workbook advanced selling seminar is instructor led and will include information on: • starting a business on eBay • listings, formats and pricing • efficiency and cost control • marketing your business • after the sale Prerequisite: Basics of eBay Selling.

STUDENTS! Post a photo on our page by Dec. 10 to win a gift bag!

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3333 Busbee Drive, MD 3301 Kennesaw, GA 30144-5591

Paris Nights MONDAY • FEBRUARY 13

sponsored by •

Come for an evening of food, fun and dancing! KSU CENTER, 3333 Busbee Drive, Kennesaw, GA 30144 $10 Per Person (Advanced Payment Required) Dinner 6-7 p.m. | Entertainment 7-9 p.m.

Register: 470-578-6765 or EMPOWER // REINVENT // SUCCEED

OLLI Courses January - March 2017  

OLLI Courses January - March 2017

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