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Join us for adult English as a Second Language (ESL) classes, starting soon.

Classes meet Monday and Wednesday evenings, or Saturday mornings. Three hours per week for eight weeks. Taught by experienced and highly qualified instructors. Cost is $250, plus textbook.

Beginning and Intermediate level classes available.


Contact us at iep@kennesaw.edu to learn more!

MONDAY, OCTOBER 26, 2020 KSU CENTER, 3333 Busbee Drive, Kennesaw, GA 30144 Dinner 6-7 p.m. | Entertainment 7-9 p.m. | $15

Register: 470-578-6765 or cpe.kennesaw.edu

GROWING SEASON Pat Walker, Community Programs Director As I write this letter, I’m working from my home

I have to admit that the online environment is a

office, just like many of you. While these last few

learning curve for many of us. This new reality requires

months have looked very different from what any of

staff, instructors, and students to be willing to tackle

us could have expected, I think we have learned some

technology and embrace a new way of teaching and

important things during this time.

learning. We have run into a few technical issues along the way, but we find that staying engaged as a

I believe that we have learned the importance of

community far outweighs these small imperfections.

family, friends, and staying connected. As our OLLI and Personal Enrichment courses moved online,

Now is the best time to learn a new skill, invest in a

many of our instructors and students were at first

hobby, and, most importantly, continue to grow and

apprehensive about distance learning. We quickly

seek knowledge. As we developed the courses that

realized that it is a way to stay connected and continue

you will find in this newsletter, we thought about

learning together. Many of us even learned a new skill

keeping students engaged and learning. Our future

or two during this process. Now, my favorite part of the

may look different, but it is still very bright. I encourage

workday is my early morning team meeting with those

you to take a close look at our Community courses and

who work in our Community department. We start

pick something that will help you move you into the

the day together virtually by having coffee and talking

bright future to come. I look forward to seeing you in

through our goals and tasks. It’s a great opportunity

class soon.

to meet each other’s families, children, and pets. You never know from day to day who may be popping in for the morning meeting! We also enjoy getting to know our instructors and students on a more personal level.

CPE.KENNESAW.EDU The College of Professional Education is accredited by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET) and is accredited to issue the IACET CEU.

WHO IS CPE? CPE is a robust teaching college within Kennesaw State University that focuses on the skills and


certificates needed to enhance careers and

Include personal enrichment courses, OLLI

communities. We work closely with employers to

courses for those 50 and older, and SummerU

identify the skills most needed in today’s workplace

camps for kids. These courses enrich lives and

and design our courses around those skills that help

include diverse, popular courses that support

you stand out in a competitive job market. Consider

our community.

us your source for modern-day skillsets that can help you get that promotion or enjoy life after you leave the office.


We focus on three areas:

Com mu Prog nity rams

Allows you to take your career to the next level. Whether it is to switch career tracks or gain an edge for that promotion, these courses prepare you for the

Profe Adva ssional ncem ent

Educ ation Colle Profe ge of ss Educ ional atio (CPE n )




Helps organizations develop customized educational programs that inspire employees to reach their full potential as leaders and innovators.

Scien ce Math & Busin Artsess


Corp or Learn ate ing


modern workplace.



Obtaining additional education can enhance self

courses designed to unleash your creativity and

image and have positive effects on other aspects

broaden your horizons.

of your life. Where does your passion lie? Do you

We offer courses in art, photography,

desire to learn a new hobby? Sharpen your skills?

decorating, crafts, music, creative writing,

Expand your mind and tap into your creativity? If

cooking, health & fitness, and more to assist you in

so, we have a diverse group of personal enrichment

developing your untapped talent.

OSHER LIFELONG LEARNING INSTITUTE pg. 8 The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI)

Curriculum draws from the interests, talents,

offers an impressive selection of educational and

and experiences of older adult learners. Academic

social opportunities for adults age 50 and older.

courses are college level (without the homework,

With a purpose to promote lifelong learning and

term papers, and tests), and cover everything from

continued intellectual and personal growth for

personal computers to fitness for life and visual

retirement age individuals, OLLI has become the

arts. Social activities include various gatherings for

place for fun, interactive learning in a safe and

dinner, laughter, entertainment and travel.

encouraging environment.

SUMMER UNIVERSITY CAMPS Paused until Summer 2021 The Summer University experience is an engaging

Choose a summertime activity for your kids

combination of learning and fun. Each summer,

that fills their free time with hands-on learning

our courses are designed to give students an

opportunities, entertainment and camaraderie.

opportunity to explore their creativity, challenge

Whatever the age, whatever the interest, there are

their minds and build new friendships. From rising

SummerU classes that meet the needs of your kids.

1st graders to 12th graders, there are camps for every age!



BY PHONE 470-578-6765

Monday-Thursday 8AM to 6PM Friday 8AM to 4PM

IN PERSON at KSU Center 3333 Busbee Drive, Kennesaw, GA

DIRECTORY Pat Walker Community Programs Director 470-578-3508 pwalke43@ kennesaw.edu Melissa Conners Program Coordinator 470-578-6529 mconne25@ kennesaw.edu Pam Moss Program Specialist 470-578-6963 pmoss6@ kennesaw.edu Dave Holbel Program Assistant 470-578-3177 dholbel@ kennesaw.edu Mari Lynne Bohn Program Assistant 470-578-6881 mbohn@ kennesaw.edu



Fall 2020 | cpe.kennesaw.edu | 470-578-6765



you will concentrate on capturing a likeness in fresh vibrant flesh tones in oils or pastels while working from photos or live subjects. Particular attention will

David B. Wright

be given to understanding light and shadow, and how

$179 | Thu 6:30PM - 9:30PM | 08/06/20 - 09/24/20

to model light and shadow using expressive drawing,

This course is designed to give you a sound

value, color, edges, and brushwork techniques to

foundation in drawing and improve any already

create the illusion of form. Instructor demonstration

established drawing abilities. Taught by an award

and presentations, lectures, and critiques are intended

winning professional artist, students will examine

to enhance self-expression so you can take your skills

the fundamentals of drawing while exploring various

to the next level. A supply list will be provided prior to

media and techniques. Students will learn the basics


of line, shape, value, texture and perspective to create finished drawings in pencil. Students will draw from subject matter provided by the instructor. A supply list will be provided prior to class.

Portrait Drawing and Painting Advanced Ernest Varner

Portrait Drawing and Painting Beginning

$179 | Tue 2PM - 5PM | 08/04/20 - 09/22/20 This class is designed to help advanced level students further develop their extensive skills

Ernest Varner

towards more completed works of art. You should

$179 | Tue 9AM - 12PM | 08/04/20 - 09/22/20

have experience painting portraits and figures,

Professional artist and instructor Ernest Varner says,

as well as knowledge and ability in the use of

“If you can sign your name and I can read it, you can

composition, proportions, values, colors, and edges.

learn to draw and paint portraits and figures. Now that

You will concentrate on capturing a likeness in fresh

that’s out of the way, let’s have some fun!” Mr. Varner

vibrant flesh tones in oils or pastels while working

has studied with many of today’s portrait masters

from photos. Mr. Varner has studied with many of

and uses his experience to enhance each student’s

today’s portrait masters and uses his experience

quest for personal expression. For beginning through

to enhance each student’s quest for personal

intermediate skill levels, this class is designed to take

expression. A supply list will be provided prior to class.

the mystery out of painting portraits and figures. Whether you prefer classical realism or impressionism,

Fall 2020 | cpe.kennesaw.edu | 470-578-6765



Oil Painting - Beginning to Intermediate

how to work with copper wire and metal sheets.

Herb Lambert

You will also learn wire wrapping techniques.

$179 | Sat 9AM - 12PM | 10/03/20 - 11/21/20 The focus of this class is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to draw

History Through Film

and paint a variety of subject matter from still life to

$79 | Wed 7PM - 8:30PM | 08/19/20 - 09/09/20

portraits. Students will learn oil painting concepts

This course will look at historical events told

and techniques that are relevant to every painting:

through movies. Each week will focus on a

composition, value, color, edges, light key, brush

different film as we discuss various themes from

strokes, paint quality, shapes, massing, light/shadows,

American history. We will be discussing movies

etc. Demonstrations and critiques will be presented,

such as Casablanca, The Wizard of Oz and more.

however each student will be mentored and taught at their current level of experience. A supply list will be

provided prior to class.

Dot Painting/Zentangle Tile Art

COOKING Cooking Fundamentals Kindra Watters

Jenn Fitzpatrick

$499 | Fri 6PM - 10PM | 08/06/20 - 08/27/20

$69 | Mon 7PM - 8:30PM | 09/21/20 - 09/28/20

Omit Date(s) 10/02/2020

This course will allow you to take a break and create

Good food begins with a basic understanding of

something beautiful and fun. Make magnets,

cooking fundamentals. Led by a professional chef this

garden decorations, gifts or release your inner

class will teach every home cook the basic skills and

artist through a series of dots. The Zentangle

techniques needed to create delicious dishes with a

Method is an easy-to-learn way to create beautiful

gourmet touch.

images by drawing structured patterns called tangles. You create tangles and combinations of dots, lines, simple curves and more. Learn two

Artisan Bread Making

new techniques and share your talent with others.

Kindra Watters $399 | Thu 6PM - 10PM | 08/06/20 - 08/27/20


of breads and pastries. You will learn the complete

Marjorie Ryan

baking process including: proper kneading techniques,

$199 | Mon 7PM - 8:30PM | 08/17/20 - 09/21/20

proofing and shaping. You will use these skills each

Omit Date(s) 09/07/20

week to create savory and sweet artisan breads like:

Learn hammering and texturing, as well as

multi-grain, focaccia, baguettes, pretzels, cinnamon

patinas to make all types of jewelry including

rolls and more.

pendants, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. This class is great for beginners and you will learn


Learn hands on bread making techniques for a variety

Fall 2020 | cpe.kennesaw.edu | 470-578-6765


HEALTH & WELLNESS Get Golf Ready - Ready for Fun?

for yourself and family. Explore base oils, methods of use, and blending to create recipes specific to your needs. Understand different herbs, pharmacology and

$149 | Wed 7PM - 8:30PM | 07/01/20 - 07/29/20

uses. Learn to use oils safely depending on your needs,

Intimidated by learning the game of golf? Get Golf

methodology, and quality of oils. This class is perfect for

Ready introduces students to the game of golf in 5

those who are interested in learning the full potential

one-hour group lessons. Each session will focus on the

of oils to nurture themselves and family in a holistic

various golf skills you will use while playing. In addition

way. No book required or recommended.

to learning the basics you will be guided into the golf course to put your skills into action in a casual, friendly setting. No experience or equipment required to participate. Students will receive golf gloves, golf balls and more from the course.

LANGUAGES Spanish I Angela Kyriacou

Holistic Massage

$249 | Thu 7PM - 9:30PM | 09/17/20 - 11/12/20 Omit Date(s) 10/01/20

Tracy Bacco

Are you planning a trip to a Spanish-speaking country?

$139 | Sat 9AM - 12PM | 09/12/20 - 10/24/20

Do you desire to polish your Spanish skills? In this

Omit Date(s) 10/03/20

class, you will learn the fundamentals of Spanish

As pathways to better fitness, yoga and Pilates take

communications including everyday vocabulary,

Discover the benefits that a holistic massage has

grammar and dialogue by becoming familiar with

to offer, based on the principle that body and mind

speaking, reading and writing. This class is ideal for

wellness helps the whole person feel more relaxed.

individuals interested in learning a new language or

You will practice techniques of medium and deep

refreshing their Spanish language skills.

muscle massage and Swedish massage as you learn a step-by-step massage sequence for each section of the body. The required text, “Book of Massage,�

Italian for Tourists

is available at KSU Center Bookstore. Wear a bathing

Antonella Giannasca

suit under your clothing and bring your book, a set of

$299 | Thu 7PM - 9PM | 08/27/20 - 10/22/20

twin sheets, pillow, and pillow case to the first class. A

Omit Date(s) 10/01/20

signed waiver is required at the first class session.

Are you planning your next travel adventure to Italy? Get a head start on the basic communication skills to

Essential Oils for Everyday

get the most out of your trip! Pronunciation, typical greetings, and travel-related dialogue will be covered

Cindy Franz

in a fun learning environment. Enjoy your discovery of

$99 | Sat 9AM - 1PM | 08/29/20 - 08/29/20

cultural observances, while you learn to speak simple

Discover aromatherapy and learn how to add essential

phrases in Italian.

oils to your everyday life. Oils and combinations can heal and enhance physical and emotional wellbeing

Fall 2020 | cpe.kennesaw.edu | 470-578-6765



HOME & GARDEN Decorating and Design for the Home: The Basics Jan Britt

provide their own sewing machine and supplies (Approximately $15 for pattern. Fabric, thread, etc. is a separate cost).

$179 | Thu 7PM - 9:30PM | 08/27/20 - 09/24/20

Sewing Refresher

Students will learn how to start decorating their

Stefanie Faith

home by identifying how to choose colors, fabrics

$79 | Sat 9AM - 12PM | 09/12/20 - 09/19/20

and paint. Through creating a storyboard, they

Want to take an intermediate sewing class but

will learn how to develop a focal point, arrange

not sure if you remember your skills? This special

furniture and wall hangings, and design window

two day class will serve as a refresher for how

treatments. The class will visit Decorating Mart

your machine works, fabric qualities etc. Students

fabric store to see the characteristics of quality

should bring their sewing machine, power cord,

furniture, pictures and fabrics. A wood floor expert

and sewing kit (fabric scissors, straight pins, seam

will teach students about the differences in flooring.

ripper, tailors chalk, machine needles, tape measure,

Students should bring pictures of one room in their

pin cushion, hand needles, thread and bobbins).

home for design feedback from the instructor. The last class will be held in one lucky student’s home.

Sewing for the Beginner

Stefanie Pifer $189 | Sat 9AM - 12PM | 07/18/20 - 08/29/20

Stefanie Pifer

Take your sewing skills to a new level with our all-new

$179 | Sat 9AM - 12PM | 09/19/20 - 10/24/20

messenger bag class. Skills you will learn will include

Omit Date(s) 10/03/20

sewing straight to curved pieces, strap construction,

In this class, you will learn the basic techniques of

how patterns come together, lining techniques,

garment construction and fitting. You will complete

pockets, hardware application and tacks. Students

at least one basic sewing project and expand your

must bring their own sewing machine, power cord,

knowledge and abilities for performing basic sewing

and sewing kit (fabric scissors, straight pins, seam

techniques. Students will learn how to set up and

ripper, tailors chalk, machine needles, tape measure,

thread the sewing machine, wind the bobbin and load

pin cushion, hand needles, thread and bobbins).

it in the machine; sew a seam, follow the seam guide, adjust stitch length, reverse the stitching, change a needle; follow a basic/simple sewing pattern; properly use and understand basic sewing terminology; and choose appropriate fabric for projects. Students must


Intermediate Sewing - Messenger Bag

Fall 2020 | cpe.kennesaw.edu | 470-578-6765


Landscaping for the Homeowner

make their forecasts. You will learn how to read a

Olivia Mickalonis

weather map, where to access data and track the

$149 | Sat 9AM - 11AM | 08/15/20 - 09/19/20

weather at home and how you can become an official

Learn to create beautiful planting designs with balance

National Weather Service storm spotter. We will also

and interest and add curb appeal. Grasp the concepts

cover recent trends in the weather and discuss how

of cohesion and proportion while maintaining your

our climate is changing.

own parameters for space and budget. Learn about popular soft and hard scapes so that you can easily purchase your conceptual design from local do-ityourself retailers. Gain knowledge of plants and


understand the importance of plant selection. This

Photo I

class is great for the landscape hobbyist or the house

$179 | Tue 7PM - 9PM | 08/04/20 - 09/08/20

flipper who is on a tight budget. Recommended by

This is your first step toward taking the kinds of

not required text: Landscaping: Principles & Practices.

photos you want. Learn camera operation and care,

Ingles/Smith. 8th ed.

f/stops, shutter speeds, exposure, and composition. Learn how to control perspective and to use different

Turning Paper Trash into Treasures

focal lengths to achieve that great image. Bring an adjustable camera, either film or digital.

Jenn Fitzpatrick $59 | Mon 7PM - 8:30PM | 08/17/20 - 08/24/20 This course will allow you to explore your creative

Photo II

side by taking paper and creating something new

$179 | Tue 7PM - 9PM | 09/22/20 - 10/27/20

and exciting for your home. Make paper flowers

Fine tune your current photography skills. Experience

to display or even make a frame out of those old

the excitement of sharing that moment of time you

magazines. Come see how you can reuse and recycle

captured with your camera. Photo II continues the

some of your trash into a new favorite new treasure.

journey into the process of developing the artistic eye that is within us all. Learn how to “see� a photograph,

Weather and Climate $99 | Wed 6PM - 8PM | 07/22/20 - 08/26/20

the importance of the Zone system, studio lighting, developing great camera habits, night lighting, and more! Photo I recommended but not required.

Tornadoes, hurricanes, blizzards and more! Are you interested in how the weather works? This 6 week course will cover the science behind various atmospheric phenomena and how forecasters use numerous observations and computer models to

Fall 2020 | cpe.kennesaw.edu | 470-578-6765



If you are age 50 or older, you could be eligible for an OLLI Scholarship!


Open Studio-Advanced Instruction for Oil and Acrylic Painters

It’s easy. Visit us at cpe.

Create and Compose

kennesaw.edu/olli and

$59 | Wed 5:30PM - 7PM | 07/22/20 - 10/21/20

$139 | Tue 1PM - 4PM | 08/04/20 - 09/22/20

click on the Al & Chet

$59 | Wed 5:30PM - 7PM | 07/29/20 - 10/28/20

For oil and acrylic painters with some experience. Work

Scholarship Application.

Art and music inspire and reflect our deepest feelings.

on your own projects with guidance and technical

Review the require-

The sensory stimulation of art and music has the

assistance. The instructor will stress design, value

ments, fill out a simple

power to reduce depression and loneliness, enhance

relationships, color and emotional impact. There will

form, and tell us about

relaxation and socialization, strengthen a sense of

also be opportunities for Alla Prima still life and Plein

yourself by selecting

identity and nurture spirituality. This four part course

Air to keep your skills growing. Through a combination

one of the topics listed.

will have art, opera, theatre and music combined to

of individual and group critiques you can judge the

give an overview of many of our programs. Each week

effectiveness of your work and find solutions and

computer access, stop

we will focus on one of these fine arts. Join us at one of

inspiration to move to the next level in your art.

by our Registration De-

the Heritage locations for this course.

If you do not have

partment at KSU Center located at 3333 Busbee

Ed Cahill

Have Fun with Acrylic Paints

Drive, Kennesaw, GA

Oil Painting - Intermediate

30144, to pick up an

Ed Cahill

$109 | Mon 3PM - 5:30PM | 08/03/20 - 09/28/20

application. You can

$139 | Mon 1:30PM - 4:30PM | 08/03/20 - 09/28/20

Omit Date(s) 09/07/2020

mail it back to us to the

Omit Date(s) 09/07/20

This class is designed to help students apply their

attention of Pat Walker,

A follow-up course succeeding Oil Painting -

creative talent in landscapes, still life, master copies,

Osher Lifelong Learning

Beginning. This class will continue to explore the use of

portraits, and more. Students will discover the flexibility

Institute, Kennesaw

oil paint with an emphasis on realism/impressionism

of acrylic paint and learn how to correct mistakes.

State University, 3333

using a limited palette. We will paint wet on wet

Required materials: paint, brushes, and canvas.

Busbee Drive, MD 3301,

(Alla Prima) over subjects such as: still life, landscape,

Kennesaw, GA 30144.

portrait, and florals. Final classes will focus on a

If you have additional questions, please

Herb Lambert

professional presentation over framing and reviews of local opportunities.

contact Pat Walker at 470-578-3508.

DID YOU KNOW? Our monthly email newsletter features OLLI news, upcoming courses, and Day Destinations. To subscribe, email us at KSUProfessional@kennesaw.edu. 12

Fall 2020 | olli.kennesaw.edu | 470-578-6765


Oil Painting - Beginning

contrast. Additionally, students will be granted the

Ed Cahill

opportunity to personalize their study based on their

$139 | Mon 9AM - 12PM | 08/03/20 - 09/28/20

own interests. With one-on-one guidance, students

Omit Date(s) 09/07/20

will individually incorporate their personal style into

An introductory course for those who wish to begin

their crafts.

painting in oil. Students will explore the uses of oil paint within the modern perspective with an emphasis on realism/impressionism using a limited palette.

Calligraphy - The Art of Beautiful Writing

After students’ evaluations of skills, the course will

Ruth Murphy

begin with the set-up of a proper palette, brush

$99 | Tue 10AM - 12PM | 09/01/20 - 09/22/20

selection, thinners, and dryers. Safe studio habits will

Give a touch of elegance to your personalized

be discussed.

invitations, posters, and greetings. Great for beginners; this course focuses on uppercase, lowercase, and basic

Pencil, Pen & Ink Drawing - Beginning

italic lettering using the broad pen. The final class will be devoted to a display of skill where each student

Abby Hermes

will create an original calligraphic design. All materials

$119 | Wed 12:30PM - 3PM | 08/05/20 - 09/23/20

included; no extra fees.

Whether you doodle in stick-figures or wish to advance your hobby in a different style for more realism, this what you see” through patient, expert guidance and

Let’s Go Outside and Paint - Successful Methods of Plein Air Painting

practiced technique. Requirements: one #2 pencil.

Ed Cahill

Additional supplies will be recommended when

$139 | Tue 9AM - 12PM | 08/04/20 - 09/22/20

suitable to your interests.

An introduction to the world of Plein Air! Gain skills

class will help the beginner artist to succeed! “Draw

that allow you to craft paintings of local landscapes.

Pencil, Pen & Ink Drawing Intermediate

Students begin with an evaluation of their basic skills. A checklist of essential materials will be provided. With some classes taking place outdoors, the course will

Abby Hermes

conclude with tips on how to enhance your work for

$119 | Wed 9:30PM - 12PM | 08/05/20 - 09/23/20

presentation including: varnishing and framing.

Expanding from the Pencil, Pen and Ink DrawingBeginning course, students will continue to work with techniques such as: shading, creating depth, and

Fall 2020 | olli.kennesaw.edu | 470-578-6765



ARTS & MUSIC (CONTINUED) Gouache Painting

judgmental so students gain confidence with solo performance.

$99 | Thu 10AM - 12:30PM | 09/03/20 - 09/24/20

Legends and Basic Playing of the Native American Flute

Gouache is a centuries-old painting method with

Carmen Gonzalez

characteristics of both water-color and acrylic paint.

$89 | Tue 6PM - 8PM | 08/25/20 - 09/29/20

This painting method can be used to create a wide

In this course, students will learn how the flute was

variety of styles, forms, and details. In this course,

originally used by the Plains Indians and how it has

students will be introduced to gouache painting

re-gained popularity in the music industry. Students

methods and techniques. Students will also study

will also be introduced to basic steps on how to play

some of the history behind this ancient form of art. A

the Native American flute. Students are encouraged to

supply list will be provided prior to class.

bring their own flute; however, flutes will be available

Abby Hermes

for purchase.

Color Theory for the Artist

One Hit Wonders

Abby Hermes

Gerald Flinchum

$69 | Thu 1PM - 3:30PM | 09/10/20 - 09/24/20

$79 | Sat 10:30AM - 12PM | 07/11/20 - 08/29/20

This course introduces students to the basics of

In this course, students will revisit the exciting music of

palette mixing where lessons will include: how colors

the 60’s through various artists and genres. Students

interact with one another to make or break an artist’s

will be introduced, or reintroduced, to vintage songs

work. Exposed to a variety of techniques, students will

and bands from 1960-1969, period songs, and obscure

be introduced to the color theory of James Gurney.

bands from the days of AM radio and 45RPM records.

Recommended for students who have taken or are planning to take, a watercolor/oil/acrylic course.

The Joy of Singing

Michael McMillan $59 | Mon 1PM - 4PM | 08/10/20 - 08/10/20

Donna Angel

Learn secrets your piano teacher never told you in

$99 | Mon 10AM - 11:30AM | 08/03/20 - 09/28/20

this 3-hour session. Students will learn all the chords

Omit Date(s) 09/07/20

needed to play any song, any style, and any key.

A voice class for anyone who enjoys singing and

Students will then perfect their technique at home

wishes to improve their technique. In this course,

using the student manual issued during class. A cash

students will vocalize as a group and individually.

or check payment of $29 is required for the student

Each student should bring a piece of music to

manual and supplies.

work on. The class will be constructive and non-


Instant Piano

Fall 2020 | olli.kennesaw.edu | 470-578-6765


Piano By Ear Michael McMillan

Masterpieces of Classic Choral Literature

$79 | Mon 5PM - 9PM | 08/10/20 - 08/10/20

Donna Angel

Contrary to popular belief, anyone can learn to play

$99 | Mon 12:30PM - 2PM | 08/03/20 - 09/28/20

by ear. Learn the inside secrets professional pianists

Omit Date(s) 09/07/2020

use (but never reveal), how to pick tunes right out of

In class we will listen to CDs of great choral works,

your head, how to get songs off the radio, and how

discuss how they are formatted, and learn about their

to transpose. This workshop goes beyond mere “ear


training” Open to all musicians (not just pianists) who have a basic understanding of chord theory. Beginners should take Instant Piano as a prerequisite. Bring cash or check for $34 to pay instructor directly for the student manual and accompanying materials.

HISTORY Korea “The Forgotten War” 1950-1953 Gerald Flinchum

The Wonderful World of Wilder: The Films of Billy Wilder

$99 | Tue 6PM - 7:30PM | 07/14/20 - 09/01/20 This eight-week course will cover the post World War II situation in Korea, the initial invasion and battles

George Mengert

that would result. A blatantly unprepared occupation

$129 | Tue 10AM - 12:30PM | 07/07/20 - 08/25/20

army from Japan, lack of domestic support, UN Forces,

This 8 week course will examine the films of the great

the Chinese intervention, and specific battles will

writer/director Billy Wilder. The creator of such films

be covered. Also discussed will be the military and

as “Double Indemnity” and “Sunset Boulevard” in

political similarities of the French Indochina War with

the 1940’s and 50’s morphed into the great comic

the Korean War during the 1950-1953 period. Course

director of “Some like it Hot,” “The Apartment,” and

charts and a source-reading list will be handed out

“The Seven Year Itch” in the latter part of his career. In

during class. Photos, maps and videos will be a major

addition to his Oscar awards and nominations, Billy

portion of the class, questions and discussions are

Wilder received the American Film Institute’s Lifetime


Achievement Award in 1993. By viewing an discussing 8 of this most popular films, we will come to a greater understanding and appreciation of this cinema icon.

Fall 2020 | olli.kennesaw.edu | 470-578-6765




Mapping the World from Ancient to Modern Times Tom Metcalf

Michael Shaffer

$79 | Wed 6:30PM - 8:30PM | 07/15/20 - 08/19/20

$69 | Mon 7PM - 9PM | 06/01/20 - 06/22/20

The history of maps is the history of civilization

$79 | Thu 6PM - 8PM | 06/11/20 - 07/02/20

and it’s changing values, beliefs and practices.

Whether a seasoned veteran, or a new recruit, this

In this workshop we will examine maps from

course will help everyone have a better understanding

classical to modern times, including a wide variety

of the basics of the American Civil War. Topics covered

of ancient maps, those from the Age of Discovery,

will include: organizational structure, formations,

and mapping devices from Eastern and Asian

tactics, weapons, jargon, and much more!

cultures. Join us and get lost in a collection of maps.

Civil War Spies Michael Shaffer

Why “2020” Presidential Election is Critical for America

$69 | Mon 7PM - 9PM | 08/10/20 - 08/31/20

Dan McIntyre

This course will explore the various methods used, North

$69 | Fri 10AM - 11AM | 08/07/20 - 09/18/20

and South, in deploying spies to gather intelligence

A strong case may be made in 2020 is the most

during the Civil War. Men and women served as spies,

“consequential” presidential election in America

and secret socities formed, as the combatants sought

since 1860! History shows us clearly that nations with

to gain a military advantage. This course will explore the

“extractive” political/economic institutions struggle

use of encrypted messages, life-risking missions behind

economically and are generally poor! For similar

enemy lines, and much more. Optional Textbooks: Spies

reasons, nations with “inclusive” political/economic

and Spymasters of the Civil War. Donald E. Markle.

institutions generally flourish! Nations with “extractive”

Hippocrene Books, 2004. ISBN: 078181037x.

institutions limit voting rights, free press, rule of law, accountability, and are generally authoritarian in their

Cowboys, Indians and Others Quentin Thomas

political/economic institutions!

$69 | Wed 9:30AM - 10:30AM | 09/16/20 - 11/04/20

Read Your U.S Constitution

This course will look at the authentic American West.

Quentin Thomas

Discover the great Native American civilizations

$69 | Wed 11AM - 12PM | 09/16/20 - 11/04/20

and cultures, better understand how the west was

The American Presidency is unique to the United

populated, learn about the real American Cowboy, look

States. The founders feared the “Executive Branch” and

at crime and outlaws in the west, and study legendary

did not want a monarchy. During the Constitutional


Convention of 1787, there was much discussion about the selection and power of the office. Since


Fall 2020 | olli.kennesaw.edu | 470-578-6765


the ratification of the Constitution, each president

and use hardware/software, technology shortcuts,

has personalized the office to his style and the

parts of the computer, proper operation of the mouse,

nation’s needs. There have been dynamic presidents,

and examination of computer storage. Windows 10 will

accidental presidents and during the Gilded Age,

be used in this course.

“Forgotten Presidents.” This class will cover the establishment of the office, review the dynamics of the office, and the interesting personalities that have occupied it.

OLLI Scholar Class 2

Windows 10 Stephen Timm

COMPUTERS Let’s Begin With Computers!

$199 | Wed,Thu 9AM - 3PM | 08/18/20 - 08/19/20 Learn the core functions and features of the Windows 10 interface, which includes how to set up multiple desktops, organize your start screen, utilize search

Stephen Timm

tools, mark up and share websites, install and use apps,

$59 | Mon 10AM - 12PM | 08/10/20 - 08/10/20

view multiple email accounts in one application, and

This is a course for those who have no experience with

much more!

computers. This short session will help prepare you for the Introduction to PCs course. You will learn how to power up the computer, as well as how to navigate using the mouse and keyboard.

OLLI Scholar Class 3

Microsoft Word Stephen Timm


$199 | Wed,Thu 9AM - 3PM | 08/26/20 - 08/27/20 This is a fun, basic, hands-on class. Students will use software involving the basics of Microsoft Word.

Following are the five foundation courses to be

Learn the fundamentals of navigation and selection

completed for the OLLI Scholar Computer Certificate.

techniques used in email and the Internet. This class

Each course builds upon what the previous course has

uses Microsoft Word 2016 to create, edit, save and print

presented. You should complete all five courses within

a letter format. Prerequisite: Introduction to PCs.

one year to earn the certificate.

OLLI Scholar Class 1

Introduction to PCs Stephen Timm $109 | Thu 9AM - 3PM | 08/13/20 - 08/13/20 Designed for those with some basic knowledge of computers, students will learn: how to properly identify

Fall 2020 | olli.kennesaw.edu | 470-578-6765




Microsoft PowerPoint Stephen Timm $109 | Mon 9AM - 3PM | 09/21/20 - 09/21/20

OLLI Scholar Class 4

Communicating Through Social Media

There are so many reasons to learn PowerPoint! In this course, students will learn to create effective

Stephen Timm

presentations, organize a collage with added

$199 | Tue,Wed 9AM - 3PM | 09/08/20 - 09/09/20

commentary, personalize a slideshow, animate slides,

Go beyond the basics you learned in Introduction to

and add sound/music to creations. Have fun becoming

PCs. Discover useful websites and gain insight into free

more familiar with a program in the Microsoft Office

email, software, and photo-sharing space. Work with


attachments and get some important tips to help you communicate effectively, learn the dos and don’ts of email, and discover Internet navigation.

Beginning Basics of Microsoft Excel Stephen Timm $199 | Wed,Thu 9AM - 3PM | 09/29/20 - 09/30/20

OLLI Scholar Class 5

Easy Steps to Safeguard Your Computer

This course teaches students how to use the Microsoft Office Program, Excel. Students will learn how to: make

Stephen Timm

columns of information, manipulate large amounts of

$109 | Thu 9AM - 3PM | 09/17/20 - 09/17/20

data, insert basic formulas, use auto format and auto

Spring clean your computer to keep it running at

fill, and create a presentable spreadsheet. Additionally,

its best. Using Windows, and other tools, learn how

students can learn how to make a graph from their

to free up disk space and clean up Internet files,


including cookies. Additionally, learn how to deal with security issues such as: Spyware, viruses, and pop-ups. Prerequisite: Introduction to PCs.

Basics of Amazon Selling James Daniel

Social Media for Seasoned Adults

This course offers an introduction to Amazon and

Abby Hermes

the selling opportunities available for third-party

$69 | Fri 9:30AM - 12:30PM | 06/05/20 - 06/05/20

merchants. Students will learn how to set up a

Designed for seasoned adults with little experience

merchant’s account and identify which type is best

using social media, and for those looking to gain

for them. They will also learn how to list and price

in-depth knowledge on the workings of social media.

products on the Amazon platform. Class will cover how

The platforms covered will be: Pinterest, Twitter and

to use Amazon’s fulfillment service and why.

Facebook. Seasoned adults can also employ outlets to engage in research, and to learn about topics that may be of interest.


$119 | Wed,Thu 6PM - 9PM | 06/10/20 - 06/11/20

Fall 2020 | olli.kennesaw.edu | 470-578-6765


HEALTH & FITNESS Ballet Barre and Low Impact Aerobic

Pilates Basics Emily Berreth $189 | Tue, Thu 9:30AM - 10:30AM | 07/07/20 -

Barbara Hancock


$119 | Fri 10AM - 11AM | 07/10/20 - 09/11/20

Ideal for seniors, joint-friendly Pilates increases

Learn Basic Ballet Barre with stretching to improve

strength and flexibility through gentle toning exercises

strength, flexibility, and balance, all in a safe and non

and can be adjusted to suit all fitness levels. Boost your

competitive environment. Then enjoy a low impact

stamina and muscle tone without the risks of high

aerobic to improve stamina and brain power. Finally

impact exercise. Wear loose clothing and bring a towel

completing the class with a relaxing cool down.

or yoga mat. Students must sign a waiver prior to class.

Ballet Barre and Low Impact Aerobic

Qigong/Tai Chi for Seniors I

Barbara Hancock

Lynn Cunningham

$119 | Mon 10AM - 11AM | 07/20/20 - 09/28/20

$119 | Wed 11AM - 12PM | 07/22/20 - 09/23/20

Omit Date(s) 09/07/2020

In this senior-centered program, learners will be

Learn Basic Ballet Barre with stretching to improve

taught Tai Chi moves and postures designed to

strength, flexibility, and balance, all in a safe and non

improve balance, strengthen and tone muscles,

competitive environment. Then enjoy a low impact

improve concentration, and encourage an overall

aerobic to improve stamina and brain power. Finally

sense of well-being. This is done without high impact/

completing the class with a relaxing cool down.

strenuous activity. Students will also be taught Qigong breathing and relaxation techniques. A signed waiver

Pilates Basics Emily Berreth

is required prior to start.

$119 | Mon 7PM - 8:30PM | 07/06/20 - 09/14/20

Qigong/Tai Chi for Seniors II

Omit Date(s) 09/07/20

Lynn Cunningham

Ideal for seniors, joint-friendly Pilates increases

$119 | Wed 10AM - 11AM | 07/22/20 - 09/23/20

strength and flexibility through gentle toning exercises

This course is expanded from its precursor, Quigong/

and can be adjusted to suit all fitness levels. Boost your

Tai Chi for Seniors I. It will have the same beneficial

stamina and muscle tone without the risks of high

breathing and exercise techniques, but with more

impact exercise. Wear loose clothing and bring a towel

advanced techniques. Learners will be taught more

or yoga mat. Students must sign a waiver prior to class.

exercises as well as advanced Qigong style meditation. A signed waiver is required prior to start.

Fall 2020 | olli.kennesaw.edu | 470-578-6765



HEALTH & FITNESS (CONTINUED) Gentle Yoga Emily Berreth


$99 | Wed 7PM - 8PM | 07/01/20 - 09/02/20

Spanish is Fun! Part II

$189 | Tue, Thu 11AM - 12PM | 07/07/20 - 09/10/20

Nancy DeLisle-Brown

Enjoy the benefits of a class that leaves you feeling

$159 | Mon 1PM - 3PM | 07/20/20 - 09/28/20

refreshed and relaxed, yet energized in a heightened

Omit Date(s) 09/07/2020

state of awareness. This beginners class consists of

This is a continuation of the course Spanish is Fun! Part I.

gentle yoga stretching and is open to people aged 50 and over. A signed waiver is required at the start of the first class session.


OLLI Scholar Class 3

Spanish is Fun! Part III Nancy DeLisle-Brown $159 | Wed 10AM - 12PM | 07/29/20 - 09/30/20 This is a continuation of the course Spanish is Fun! Part II..

Angela Kyriacou $159 | Wed 1PM - 3PM | 07/29/20 - 09/30/20

OLLI Scholar Class 4

This course is designed to introduce students to

Spanish Is Fun! Part IV

the Spanish language, and become familiar with

Angela Kyriacou

its similarities with and differences from English.

$159 | Thu 1PM - 3PM | 07/23/20 - 09/24/20

The course will provide students with a beginning

Spanish is Fun! parts I-III are required prior to the

vocabulary base. Additionally, students will learn to

enrollment of this course. Students will be provided

form short sentences and answer questions using the

with new vocabulary related to conversation, dining,

present tense of regular “ar� verbs.

and vocabulary when travelling. In addition to this knowledge, students will acquire language skills, such as learning more complex sentence structures and vocabulary.


Fall 2020 | olli.kennesaw.edu | 470-578-6765


Pause to Practice Claudia Rendon

Let’s Learn to Sign! - Beginning American Sign Language (ASL II)

$99 | Mon 10AM - 12PM | 08/10/20 - 09/28/20

Val Johnson

Omit Date(s) 09/07/2020

$159 | Wed 10AM - 12PM | 07/29/20 - 09/30/20

This course is for students who wish to take time aside

In this course, students will learn new vocabulary,

to practice the simple past, present, and future tenses

phrases, and simple sentence structure to apply to

in Spanish. Students will engage in basic drills and

previous ASL knowledge. The instructor will use an

short dialogues in which they will practice alternating

online curriculum along with in-class handouts and

among the tenses listed.

a textbook. The course, Beginning American Sign Language (ASL I) is a prerequisite to this class.

French Conversation I Vladia Lartey

Character Development - Writing Craft

$199 | Mon 6PM - 8PM | 07/13/20 - 09/21/20

June Converse

Omit Date(s) 09/07/2020

$139 | Wed 10AM - 12PM | 08/05/20 - 09/23/20

This course is designed to introduce students to

In this course writers will discover how to build

French the natural way. Students will focus on

and bring to life complex, vivid and unforgettable

listening, reading, writing, and speaking. This class will

characters. Students will develop inner (thoughts

also explore fiction, comics, and goofy stories. Students

and feelings) and outer (appearance, habits,

should come to this class prepared to participate, as it

behavior) lives for their characters, and have

is very interactive.

the opportunity to work from their own writing.

Let’s Learn to Sign! - Beginning American Sign Language (ASL I)

Dissecting the Novel

Val Johnson

$169 | Wed 1PM - 3PM | 07/29/20 - 09/30/20

$159 | Wed 10AM - 12PM | 07/29/20 - 09/30/20

In this course, rather than focus on their own writing

In this course, students will learn the basics of

process, students will spend this course peeling back

communication in sign language. Students will learn

the layers of an actual bestseller. Students will study

the manual ASL Alphabet, greetings, introductions,

what structures/styles the author uses, plot points

and a variety of vocabulary words and phrases. Deaf

demonstrated, and all other elements the author

Culture will also be introduced. Class size is limited to

utilizes to create gripping scenes and intriguing

20 students.


June Converse

Fall 2020 | olli.kennesaw.edu | 470-578-6765



LEISURE & LEISURE ARTS Beginning Chess Yvonne White

of reverse mortgage to purchase a new home, along with the latest research and program upgrades. This course will include a lot of content, games and fun and will include time for questions and answers.

$69 | Tue 9:30AM - 11:30PM | 08/25/20 - 09/29/20 This class is designed for those that have always wanted to learn the strategies behind the game of

Understanding Medicare

chess. You do not have to know anything about the

Robert Cox

game to get started.

$39 | Fri 10AM - 11:30AM | 08/07/20 - 08/07/20 $39 | Sat 10AM - 11:30AM | 08/22/20 - 08/22/20

Mah Jongg

As you approach Medicare age or if you are already eligible for Medicare, you have important decisions to

Martina Goscha

make. Not knowing all of your options and time lines

$99 | Tue 10AM - 12PM | 07/21/20 - 08/25/20

can cost you. This course will explain who is eligible

This tile game, similar to Gin Rummy or Dominoes, is

for Medicare, the different parts of Medicare and the

an Asian favorite and an exciting alternative to card

costs and coverage associated with each part. We

games. Learn the basic rules and play of the game.

will discuss the time line for enrolling in each part of

Enjoy a fun and challenging experience. No partner

Medicare and when plan changes can be made as

is needed. Hurry and register, the class is limited to 8

well as penalties for not enrolling during the initial


enrollment period. Finally, we will discuss the different combinations of options available for Medicare

FINANCE Reverse Mortgage



$69 | Mon 10:30AM - 12PM | 06/01/20 - 06/22/20

Medicare 101 - Navigating the Medicare Maze

The Reverse Mortgage has been around for 30 years

Robert Cox

and continues to be misunderstood. It is crucial

$39 | Thu 4PM - 5:30PM | 09/17/20 - 09/17/20

that older adults, their adult children and trusted

Medicare Plans can be confusing! Join us so that you

advisors learn the details of how they can effectively

can better plan your benefits strategy – or –help you

use their housing wealth in a proactive and informed

guide your parents in their choices. Learn the many

manner. This class will cover the history of the Reverse

facets and particulars of Medicare. Gain a foundation

Mortgage, uses, strategies, case studies, facts, pros

of Medicare Part A, B, C (Medicare Advantage) and D

and cons and the research that has been done on

(Prescription Drug Plan) and Medicare Supplement

how using housing wealth helps with a more efficient

plans. What are the deadlines? What are any

retirement. I will also share information about the use

penalties? Learn what factors to include in choosing

Fall 2020 | olli.kennesaw.edu | 470-578-6765


the right plan. We also discuss Pros and Cons of a

Women Wealth and Wellness

growing trend of working past age 65 at your employer

Nic Yeomans

but leaving employer benefits plan to enroll in a

$39 | Thu 10AM - 1PM | 08/20/20 - 08/20/20

Medicare plan to save money on premiums.

$39 | Tue 2PM - 5PM | 09/22/20 - 09/22/20 Statistically, a large number of women will survive a

New Retirement and Tax Laws

spouse or live on their own in single-hood. Moreover, women often bear the burden of care for younger and

Nic Yeomans

older generations of family, sandwiched between levels

$59 | Tue 4PM - 6:30PM | 08/18/20 - 08/25/20

of dependents. Our class offers a unique opportunity

$59 | Thu 10AM - 12:30PM | 09/10/20 - 09/17/20

for students to ask difficult questions. Our instructor

How can the New Tax Law seriously impact many

is passionate about these challenges and helping

of today’s retirees? Are you paying Uncle Sam too

students. This class offers a fun way to address issues

much? This class will focus on teaching retirees and

while thinking about money and true wellness.

pre-retirees how to MAXIMIZE tax advantages in their finances regarding the NEW tax rules.

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