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04 Feb 2010

The Word From DET 630

13 July 2010

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A Message from the Commander As I sit here at my computer to write my Commander’s Comments for our spring newsletter, I can’t help but look around at my empty office and think of the wonderful three years I have had here at Detachment 630. Most of you don’t know yet, but I will PCS back to Offutt Air Force Base in Nebraska in less than two weeks to resume flying the E-4. We all know that the military is full of moves and changes. We also all know that, while necessary, it can be very difficult on our families to uproot our lives and move to another town and essentially start over every three to four years.

University of Akron Baldwin Wallace College Case Western Reserve Cleveland State University

I’m not going to make you read about my troubles, but this move has me thinking about plenty of things. This is a time of reflection on the past and also a time of excitement as my family and I move forward and continue our journey. I have seen this process every year as the commander of Detachment 630. Every year we celebrate a new group of AS100 students who are full of excitement as they begin a new journey in college and beyond. For the AS400 students, it’s a time of excitement when they put on those shiny, new, gold bars and head into the “real Air Force” to begin careers. Yet, as the year comes to a close, it’s also a time to reflect on the friends they made in college and in ROTC. Slide shows abound during their last Dining Out as a cadet and their last Leadership Lab. This is life at its best! Savor these moments. Yes, it can be a time for tears…but let those tears flow and then look toward the future with a huge smile on your face and be ready to tackle the next step.

Hiram College Kent State University Mount Union College Youngstown State University


AFROTC DET 630 125 Terrace Drive Kent State University Suite 104 Terrace Hall Kent, OH 44242

So, for my past three years I would like to say thank you to my wonderful staff. To those who have already gone onto bigger and better things…Captain Rob McGowan, Captain Tom Fiordelisi, Major (now Mr.) Paul McCroskey, TSgt Jeremy Steen, and TSgt Rick Campbell. Thank you for giving me a great start here at Det 630. You kept me out of trouble and taught me what I needed to know to begin my tour. To my current staff…Major Jim Ripple, Captain Mike Frymier, Captain Matt Sanford, TSgt Cheryl Williams, and TSgt Melissa Bryant. You are truly one of the best groups of military professionals I have ever had the pleasure of working with!! We managed to do a good job and yet still have a little fun! I wish all of you the best of luck as you continue your military careers. To my secretaries…first, Mary Fox; I have said that ever great secretary I ever knew was named Mary! This was again true here at Detachment 630. You anchored this detachment for more than 25 years and you were truly a huge blessing to work with for my first 2 years here. Keep running and enjoy your gardening! Second, Cindy Smith; you have been a welcome addition since you arrived last July. I have never met anyone who enjoys every day of life as much as you. Please continue Mary’s tradition of keeping this detachment thriving for many years to come. Thank you both so much for your service!! I am a better person for having met both of you! Finally, to all of the alumni of Detachment 630: We are a growing, thriving group and we need your continued support to keep it this way. There are so many ways to help. Monetary donations always help, but I would be happy if any of you are in this area to have you stop by and say hi to the staff and cadets. Share your experiences and let these future officers know what’s out there!


Lt Col Dave Krempasky will take over starting the last week in July. He is excited to be here and will do a terrific job as the commander. Please continue to support him as you have done for me. May God bless all of you as you all continue to slip the surly bonds and dance the skies on laughter silvered wings! Respectfully, Lt Col Lowell “Skip” Bailey

The Word from DET 630

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Col Desport was an outstanding guest speaker for our annual Dining Out. It was a wonderful evening with a few interesting characters running around. Make sure you spay and neuter your pets AND aliens!! We all had a great time and were pleasantly surprised at how good the grog tasted this year. Major Ripple, we need the recipe to market that drink! Thank you again Col Desport and please come back anytime and join us again.


Air Force Reserve Command COLONEL NICHOLAS (Nick) L. DESPORT Colonel Nicholas L. Desport is The Civil Engineer, Headquarters Air Force Reserve Command, Robins Air Force Base, GA. He is responsible for the planning, design, construction, maintenance, and operations of all facilities and systems for 67,500 reservists in three numbered air forces, operating 37 flying wings. Additionally, he provides functional management for 31 civil engineer squadrons and five RED HORSE squadrons comprising over 4,500 troops. Colonel Desport was commissioned through Officer Training School in December 1982 following graduation from Kent State University. He has served at various base level, RED HORSE, major command, and Headquarters U.S. Air Force assignments. His commands include the 437th Mission Support Group at Charleston AFB, South Carolina; the 27th Civil Engineer Squadron at Cannon AFB, New Mexico; the 8th Civil Engineer Squadron at Kunsan AB, Republic of Korea; and the 96th Civil Engineer Squadron at Eglin AFB, Florida. He also commanded the 319th Expeditionary Support Squadron in Bahrain immediately following the attacks of Sept 11th, 2001. Col Desport has also previously served on the Headquarters Air Force staff twice, once at HQ Air Combat Command, and once at HQ Air Mobility Command in addition to Headquarters Air Force Reserve Command. During his first tour at the Pentagon, he also was selected as a White House Social Aide and served for three years under Presidents Bush and Clinton. Col Desport is a registered architect in the state of Virginia. Col Desport is married to the former Doreen Neilan of Upper Marlboro, Maryland.

I HAVE MY Word NATION’S The fromCALL. DET 630 PageANSWERED 3 of 16

205TH Regional Corps Advisory Command STAFF NURSE ANESTHETIST I am a 93 grad of KSUahh the memories!!! My husband, Lt Col James Burleigh (94 KSU grad) suggested I forward this link to you all. I graduated with the last name Sveda back then. My husband still keeps in contact with his classmates quite frequently-- they are planning a 20 yr 'retirement' reunion.

Looks like KSU is still hopping.

The Word from DET 630

14 MAY 2010 Andrews, Faith Beachler, Steven Benner, Christopher Betting, Andrew Kay, Matthew McGuckin, Jessie McNelley, Joshua Seibert, Scott Sisek, Aaron Smith, Jeffrey Snyder, Lyndsey Spirnak, Stephen Sullivan, Tracey Ziemba, Michael

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The Word from DET 630

The Word from DET 630

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“Developing Quality Leaders For The Air Force� Integrity ~ Service ~ Excellence

AS100 Fall 2009-Spring 2010 Freshman class has been both a pleasure and a challenge as the largest freshman class in Detachment 630 history with 67 students. They all had great attitudes and we had fun in and out of the classroom which led to a great amount of freshman returning from the Fall to Spring semester. In-College Scholarships were awarded to Cadets Brent (Fall 2009) and Wilthew (Spring 2010).

Captain Matthew Sanford

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The Word from DET 630

The 2009-2010 Det 630 AFROTC Sophomores hit the ground running. We had a large class this year and had to turn a few of the eligible cadets away due to the stiff competition for a ticket to Field Training this summer. The AS 200 cadets worked very hard, both personally and collectively throughout the year to better prepare themselves for a strong showing this summer. I and the other cadre members all feel they are capable and qualified to excel in every aspect of Field Training and look forward to seeing their performance reports when they return as POC cadets and eager to take their next step to becoming Air Force officers! Good Luck 200’s!

Major James Ripple

The 2009-2010 Junior class faced their first year of the Professional Officer Corse with enthusiasm and optimism. They have successfully completed another milestone in their journey through AFROTC. Most of them will enter the upcoming academic year with increased responsibility within the cadet corps, as they round out their journey to becoming officers in the world’s greatest Air Force.

Captain Michael Frymier

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The Word from DET 630

The 2009-2010 Detachment 630 senior class was one to remember. They were a very diverse group of men and women who are headed out into the “Real” Air Force into a wide variety of AFSCs. They began the year full of ideas for making the Detachment and Cadet corps a better place. The best part was how many of those ideas actually came to fruition! This class will be remembered for their hard work and dedication. I know they will all do very well as officers in the world’s greatest Air Force.

Lt Col “Skip” Bailey

Who was responsible for all the shenanigans in the office? 1Lt McNelley, how could you possibly forget your folder (evidence) in the Commanders office after this?

Cadre – Cadet Gumball Challenge

Secretary, Cindy Smith and TSgt Melissa Bryant are NOT really in this picture! It is an optical illusion…… Oops!

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The Word from DET 630

Thank you for responding to our request for patches. These are proudly displayed in our new cadet lounge. Please‌.keep them coming!

Thank you to Major Jim Ripple for the donation of this big screen TV!

Thank you Captain Joseph A. Galletti! {Story on next page)

Your donations were put to good use carpeting our cadet lounge. The cost of this project was $1450. Thank you!

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The Word from DET 630

1995 Kent State Graduate Captain Joseph A. Galletti

AFROTC DET 630 cordially thanks you for the donation of the painting which is proudly displayed in our newly carpeted cadet lounge. We appreciate your visit and look forward to seeing you again soon. We look forward to receiving your patches!

On March 24, the university’s Office of Technology Transfer and Economic Development held an Inventor Recognition Ceremony as a tribute to Kent State University inventors, applauding the efforts of all who have developed university inventions. The event was held as part of the university’s annual Celebration of Scholarship event. The crowd of nearly 100 attendees included 27 first-time honoree inventors, as well as many seasoned university technology innovators. Each first-time inventor received an engraved glass block award, and each repeat inventor received an embossed leather Kent State business card holder.

The following Kent State faculty, staff and student firsttime inventors received special recognition, as they disclosed their first inventions to the university between the last invention recognition ceremony in 2007 and the close of 2009: Eric S. Soehnlen, Department of Chemistry Stefanie Taushanoff, Liquid Crystal Institute Bentley G. Wall, Liquid Crystal Institute Feng Wang, Liquid Crystal Institute Qi-Huo Wei, Liquid Crystal Institute Asanka Wijekoon, Department of Chemistry Young Cheol Yang, Liquid Crystal Institute Shin-Ying Lu, Liquid Crystal Institute Ji Ma , Liquid Crystal Institute Riya Mukherjee, Department of Chemistry Joseph D. Ortiz, Department of Geology Heung-Shik Park, Liquid Crystal Institute Augustine Samba, College of Technology Mohammadreza Shokouhimehr, Department of Chemistry

Aaron J. Sisek , Department of Physics Hari M. Atkuri, Liquid Crystal Institute Volodymyr Borshch, Liquid Crystal Institute Douglas R. Bryant, Liquid Crystal Institute Ebru A. Buyuktanir, Liquid Crystal Institute Mahinda Gangoda, Department of Chemistry Evgeny M. Garanin, Department of Chemistry Wilder G. Iglesias, Liquid Crystal Institute Chanjoong Kim, Liquid Crystal Institute Yannian Li, Liquid Crystal Institute Yongxiu Li, Liquid Crystal Institute Lu Lu, Liquid Crystal Institute

Culture of Innovation Celebrated at Kent State during Inventor Recognition Event Congratulations First Time Inventor 1Lt Aaron J. Sisek Department of Physics

Thank compliments on theDET first newsletter! Word from 630 Page 15you offor 16all theThe

I loved the e-mails and phone calls!

We are on a mission to produce the most elite and skilled officers for the Air Force. Detachment 630 has produced hundreds of quality officers and will continue to do so with your continued support. We invite you to help us in any way that you can. Please help us if you are able to with monetary donations, coin donations, patch donations, volunteer to be a guest speaker, creative support ideas, or attend community events with DET 630 We are beginning to collect alumni unit patches and coins and would like to invite you to send us one of yours to add to our new collection.

At the end of June, I celebrated my one year anniversary at Kent State University, in the AFROTC DET 630 office. As I reflect back on my year, I am both humbled and honored to have been chosen for this position. As the only civilian in the office, I was prepared to be somewhat alienated from the Commander and Cadre. No one, or mere words could have prepared me for the level of acceptance that I have experienced. I have been treated with equality, respect, and sometimes it still surprises me that I am included in everything, with my opinion valued no matter what the topic of business is. In fact, the acceptance has been so complete that sometimes I need to remind myself that I am NOT actually in the Air Force! I expected a period of awkwardness and from day one was made to feel like I had finally found my way home. How can I begin to thank each and every one of the cadre and cadets for such a great year!

Lt Col Bailey‌.Godspeed. Thank you for everything! I will miss you. You are the BEST! Did I mention that during my first year I was invited to Dining In, pied in the face for a fundraiser, hit with 32 cans of silly string for my birthday, participated in FLX, played paint ball in the rain with the cadets and cadre, was the first person grogged at Dining Out, and flew (with a little help of course) a Cessna 172 to Cleveland? This couldn’t have been a better year for me! I have loved every minute of it! From the


In case you haven’t seen enough pictures, and would like to see a photo video, click on this active link below to watch a 14 minute video featuring the cadets of AFROTC DET 630 at Field Leadership Training..

Alumni and Friends… We extend an open invitation to come and visit with us. The display board below featuring the cadre of AFROTC DET 630 was recently designed and is in the process of being made into a new wall display for the office. We thank you for your continued generous donations which allow us the opportunity to purchase items needed to keep our detachment looking professional and operating smoothly. Communication: All information, alumni news, and pledges for donations can be emailed to the attention of Mrs. Smith at the address above. If you would like to add or delete someone to our distribution list

please e-mail us at the address above.

AFROTC DET 630 125 Terrace Drive 104 Terrace Hall Kent State University Kent, OH 44242 PHONE: (330) 672-2182 FAX: (330) 672-2189 E-MAIL: DET630@KENT.EDU “Friend” us on Facebook: AFROTC DET 630

{Replacing the current display board}

Newsletter - Summer 2010  
Newsletter - Summer 2010  

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