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@KSU JUN 2013

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s I put pen to paper to jot down some points for this final editorial, I look around me and realize that over the last couple of weeks, I have surrounded myself with nothing but papers, highlighters and so many sticky notes that my room now looks like a rave party on full swing! My only consolation is that many of you reading this article have experienced a similar feeling and are now glad that exams are over! While I might be preparing myself for another busy year, many students have by now concluded their studies at the University of Malta. They are also probably smirking and thinking that they will no longer have to sit for exams, no more tight deadlines for assignments and endless hours at the library. No more all nighters spent in the company of friends while wasting time on Facebook!! A part of me longs for this day to come, but then again, I am looking forward to another year at University and at KSU.

Andrea A. Attard _ Public Relations Officer

KSU is planning for the year ahead

EDIT ORIAL in the midst of starting a new job. I hope that your experience at _ University has been fruitful and yielded the desired results. To those who have decided to continue with their studies, I can only extend an invitation to join us for the various activities KSU is planning for the year ahead.

Those who have terminated their studies will now be moving on to their chosen career paths. Best of luck goes to all of you who are

_ Illustration and design by Matthew Spiteri

_ Published by KSU Student’s House University of Malta

@KSU JUN 2013

Mario Cachia _ President

All good things come to an end! The past three years have been a constant rollercoaster ride, full of moments of joy, fun, tension and achievements. As the past few weeks marked the end of my KSU experience, I can’t not look back at these years and not think about the many different facets of the council, and how this shapes us up into more responsible and mature citizens. Represented your fellow University colleagues is neither a simple task nor one that is to be taken lightly. It’s a unique experience that helps you pinpoint your priorities and fosters important values and skills, which are essential in life. Education is the most powerful tool that man possesses, and I’m proud to say that for the past years I was part of an organisation that values education and ready to do everything in its power to safeguard it. Since 1901, exactly 112 years that mark the history of the oldest students’ council in Europe, KSU has been on the forefront of fighting for student rights and education, two pillars which have always been on top of the council’s agenda. My personal appeal for the future is a rather simple one. We need to keep holding on believing the importance of student representation. It is through this that we can foster a more active and socially conscious society. It is through this that we can build up our future. Now that my experience has come to an end, with the new members starting their term of the 1st of June, I have no doubt whatsoever that all of them

will keep up the good work that is already being done, whilst also keeping the student as the utmost priority. I am very proud that I was part of all this. The variety of experiences, the different people met and the students from all walks of life; they were all part of this journey, which made me realise how nice and fulfilling it is to serve others. In my St. Aloysius College years, we’d hear the phrase “men for others” from all corners of the school, and in these years I feel to have learnt what this truly means. I won’t stay naming all the people who’ve been part of this experience with me. There are too many and all of them have played a substantial role in it. You all know who you are, so starting from all my fellow executive colleagues from the past three years, going on to those who work at KSU, our commercial partners, sponsors

and suppliers, and last but not least all of you students, all I’ve got to tell you is a big huge THANKS. Thank you because it was you who actually made up this experience I had, an experience which gave me back much more than I have given it. And for this I will forever be grateful. Goodbye!


@KSU JUN 2013

Thomas Bugeja _ Secretary General



EXTENDING THE COUNCIL’S REACH As the end of yet another KSU term approaches, so does my role as Secretary General of the University Students’ Council. Heading into another year in KSU, our work plan for the coming term revolves around a number of set goals and long-term visions for the Council’s work, which is not solely restricted and limited to our University. Apart from our main raison d’etre which is education and student representation, as well as other core areas of KSU’s work such as Culture and Entertainment, Infrastructural projects and accessibility, KSU shall also work towards prioritizing a number of other goals and areas which should and will be given more importance throughout the coming year.

KSU is the University Student Council of all University of Malta students, including Junior College, Medical School, Valletta Campus and Bighi Restoration centre. Although, I believe that KSU’s reach is already quite extensive, our work should continue to increase the council’s reach. On this matter, KSU shall be working on a number of initiatives meant to open up the council’s operation and these include, the setting up of monthly consultation meetings within all areas of the student body, using online polls on the social media to get feedback on major KSU events and initiatives as well as organizing visits to secondary schools and private Sixth forms to introduce the University of Malta to its potential future students.



2014 HEALTH, SAFETY AND SPORT Health, Safety and Sports are without a doubt, already given a lot of priority by a big number of university students who commit themselves to taking up a healthier lifestyle, when it comes to eating habits and exercise. Despite having a number of student organizations which are solely aimed towards promoting sports and healthy living, both are also areas which KSU can promote and push for the benefit of the entire student body. In this regard a number of initiatives and projects which shall be launched next year revolve around these aims and these include, the installation of AED and First Aid Kits (Automated External Defibrillators) around campus, the provision of free First Aid courses for UoM students, and the promotion of sports and the setting up of a UoM futsal team amongst other plans.

Throughout the years charity has always been a constant part of KSU’s work, despite KSU being a non-profit NGO whose funding is derived solely from its own activities. Throughout the past year, KSU has given thousands of Euros worth in donations to charitable organizations and initiatives, such as L-Istrina, the Community Chest Fund and Puttinu Cares. Following such initiatives, KSU shall this year continue to work on the setting up of a KSU Charity Fund which shall devolve parts of the profits derived from KSU events to charitable organizations and causes, thus giving a structure and strengthening KSU’s charitable work within society. Such fund will be initially set up from the proceeds of this year’s Kokka Night held some weeks ago, which saw attendees give a 5euro donation in aid of this initiative. Voluntary work is also an important part of a students’ life which should, and will be given more importance throughout the coming year. This year, KSU together with the CRC (Cottonera Resource Centre) within the University of Malta organized the Voluntary Tutoring Scheme, whereby University students were encouraged to give up some of their free time to tutor students coming from the Cottonera area. The initiative was well-received with about 20 University students giving their active contribution this year. On these steps, KSU shall continue to strive to increase such opportunities, in a bid to continue fostering social awareness on Campus. The following were just 3 areas which KSU shall be working on, along with the usual work and events held throughout the year, to constantly keep up with student trends and expectations. I urge you all to keep following KSU’s work in the weeks to come, leading to what will hopefully be another fruitful academic year at the University of Malta.

@KSU JUN 2013

John Gabarretta _ Education Commissioner Naomi Said _ Education Coordinator

REACHI IN YOUR EDUCATION So you’re finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Your course is coming to an end; you’re done with that behemoth called a dissertation, and you’re starting to think about what comes next. Now comes the hard part.

Strangely enough, at least speaking from personal experience, finishing your undergraduate course at University can be a pretty intimidating experience. But looking at what you’re going to do next can be a pretty daunting experience. While many opt to go out into the working world and start creating a life for themselves, many seem to be choosing to continue pursuing their studies to achieve further qualifications at masters and doctorate level. In fact, the KSU Education Office recently carried out a survey among students at the University of Malta on their impressions of postgraduate opportunities and what their perceptions of furthering their education were. The findings turned out to be quite interesting, with most students saying that they would be quite willing to take on a post-graduate course without taking a break between their studies, claiming that furthering studies is essential in maximising potential for employability. Students seemed to have been torn




between studying locally and abroad, though the trend lately has been for many to opt to further their studies beyond our shores due to the greater availability of funding. Surprisingly though, many students who took the survey claimed that information about the opportunities and sources of funding available was rather lacking. In light of this, it makes sense to take a quick look at the current scenario and the options available. First of all, an overview of the various post-graduate opportunities is in order. Many people generally attribute these to Master’s and Doctorate, or PhD,level studies. The main differences are mostly in the duration and depth of these two courses. The Malta Qualifications Framework (MQF) equates a Master’s Degree to a MQF level 7 qualification, while a Doctoral degree is at the top of the scale at MQF level 8. Generally speaking, the former lasts around 1-2 years on a full-time basis while the latter usually extends up to around 4 years.

There are, however, other alternatives, these being Postgraduate Diplomas and Certificates, each of which offer individuals the opportunity to further their expertise in particular areas of study and extend their knowledge. Finally, taking a look at what funding options are available, one can easily see the national drive towards an increased proportion of the student population being engaged in higher education and lifelong learning. The most common sources of postgraduate funding are the Malta Government Scholarship Scheme (MGSS) which typically is aimed for courses of longer durations such as long-term Master’s and Doctoral degrees, while the Master It! scheme replaces what was previously known as STEPS and seeks to provide funding for most Master’s courses, both locally and abroad. More information and instructions on how to apply are readily available on

@KSU JUN 2013

Marie Claire Gatt _ Social Policy Commissioner Warren Sammut _ Social Policy Coordinator

UOM Eleven university students put their thinking hats on to submit creative proposals towards improving aspects of the environment through publicly appealing projects and initiatives as part of the Green Gene Competition. The Green Gene Competition aimed to promote environmental awareness in University students with the purpose of thinking up innovative ideas that can be made marketable to society, the end result having a beneficial effect on the environment. The competition was running since the beginning of 2013 and was concluded in the prize awarding ceremony during Environmental Fair, last April. The proposals were scored and discussed between a panel of judges, including University academics. The first prize was an Ebretti Electric Scooter, generously sponsored by Longbow Ltd. The eleven proposals circled around the following topics: reduction of emissions, waste reduction, sustainable resource use and management. The winning proposal, the brain child of Ryan Sultana (B.Sc. Biology & Chemistry, 2nd year) focused on the implementation of better

_We’re thinking!

environmental, waste and energy management at the University of Malta, creating a model of management for other entities. While the acquisition of a shiny new scooter is reason enough to participate in such an initiative, the principal goal of this competition was to instil observation, questioning and problem solving qualities in university students; tomorrow’s leaders, policy makers and professionals who will be shaping society and the environment within which it resides.

The projects are available for viewing on the KSU Social Policy Blog.

_Gilbert Gauci Roundabout Rearrangement

Numerous local roundabouts experience frequent soil erosion due to bad management. One can notice that the soil is often at a higher level than the barrier enclosing the roundabout, allowing soil to slide off. Therefore the soil level should be lower than the barrier, to reduce erosion.

Figure 2: Naxxar Roundabout

Figure 1: Heap of soil in the top part of the barrier enclosing the roundabout, thus prone to soil erosion

Thus, roundabouts having a higher soil level than the barrier need to be arranged. The barrier enclosing the roundabout can be heightened with reused building blocks.

Instead of demolishing a building, deconstruction can be an alternative approach. Building blocks in good condition can be reused for such purposes thus giving the blocks another use.

Figure 3: Soil lost from the roundabout, due to bad management

Positive impacts:  Less pressure on building block resources, such as limestone  Less demand for quarrying. Therefore flora and fauna close to quarry sites are less threatened from the negative effects of quarrying.  Building blocks used to their full potential  And many others ….

Gilbert Gauci 1st Year Earth Systems

Figure 4: Soil below barrier enclosing the roundabout, therefore the soil is more protected

Intentions  Helping society by reducing our human impact on the environment.  Making people more aware of our actions  Step forward to sustainable development projects

_Ryan Sultana Sustainable Campus (left) _Karl Xuereb Stories of a better World (right)




BETTER WORLD • Stories have the power to influence our perception of the world and our identities. • An engaging story with a theme of sustainability can empower an audience to take action towards a greener future. • This empowerment can be achieved by immersing the audience in the fictional world as if it were their own. • Narrating the story through several media (transmedia) ensures a high level of involvement and identification with the fictional. • Two-way interaction between audience and characters stimulates further innovation and idea generation to tackle environmental problems. • The audience incorporates this ‘green self’ into their identities (according to Narrative Identity), meaning that the project has long-term effects.

_Claire Pace Park Smart

_Florin Leban Refill Centres

_Josef Beck ReUse It!

Car Pooling Scheme for UoM Michael Buhagiar, BSc. Chemistry with Materials 3rd year

What is it? Car Pooling is an efficient way of reducing the amount of cars on the road and starting to address the parking problem at UoM by sharing car journeys to common destinations How does it work? 1. Users upload their daily schedule on their KSU personal profile together with their contact details 2. Users contact drivers (who happen to be leaving from desired destination at desired time) directly and arrange a meeting point Why Car Pool? 3. Payment is settled directly 1. Reduce the needless with the driver amount of traffic on the 4. Drivers can take up to 3-4 roads. passengers depending on 2. Reduce pollution size of vehicle 3. Cut expenses (for both the driver and the passenger) References 4. Make new friends

_Luke Micallef Long Route Faster

_Michael Buhagiar Car Pooling Uom

_Kris Bajada Mobile Solar Wind Turbines With these crafts millions of Euro can be saved; by using these crafts we

will no longer be dependent on oil and gasoline.

Interior is filled with helium Photovoltaic exterior provides energy to power the propeller and impeller

Capacitor Powerful magnet

Wind causes the air on the top of the wing to travel faster than air on the bottom. Since faster moving air has a lower pressure, this creates higher pressure air on the bottom of the wing which causes lift.




Flying wind turbines with a photovoltaic exterior is the solution to our electricity bills and limited fuel supply.

Interior will be filled with helium

Gear Generator

Primary Rotor shaft Secondary rotor shaft


Another way of generating energy from this craft is by using the photovoltaic exterior of the vessel; from this we get solar energy which is then converted to electrical energy.

The craft will not require much maintenance thus making it more cost effective.

The craft also gets electrical energy by magnetism; when the copper shaft rotates with the primary rotor shaft electrons are pushed out of the copper shaft because if a metal wire rotates in a magnetic field electricity is generated.

While in flight the rotation of the propellers and the impellers rotates the primary rotor shafts and the rotations of the primary rotor shafts spin a series of gears that increase the rotation; with an increased number of rotations the generators can produce a lot of electricity.

@KSU JUN 2013

Timmy Borg Olivier _ International Officer Albert Camilleri _ International Coordinator

Just over a year ago, the KSU Executive was introducing itself for the first time on this magazine. Here we are a year later, writing our final article, and what a year it has been for KSU, as well as the International Office! From hosting the 63rd ESU Board Meeting, to setting up regular meetings with fellow International officers as well as welcoming hundreds of new international students to our University. The International Officer recently held its last event for its term, the “Meet Your MEPS on Campus – Europe’s Agenda for the Younger Generations” in collaboration with the European Parliament Office in Malta. Two MEPs were present for this debate,; Joseph Cuschieri and Roberta Metsola, the latter elected recently following last month’s casual elections. The two explained that despite Malta’s small size in comparison to the other EU Member States, Malta still has great lobbying power in vital issues such as migration and youth opportunities. Following the debate, a small murel, sculpted by Victor Aguis was unveiled as a permanent reminder of what all the European Union has done for Maltese and European students. The European Union is constantly providing funds and resources to help us in our studies, be it through the ERASMUS Project, development funds and so on.

On a final note we would like to thank all those people who have helped us in any manner over the past year and would like to wish our successors, Yanica Sant and Thomas Naudi all the best for their term and hope that they continue to build on the work done in the past years.


Zoe Farrugia Culture & Entertainment _Officer Ryan Grech Culture & Entertainment _Coordinator

Our year in KSU is now coming to an end and this means only one thing; making way for the new Culture & Entertainment office to plan the next year of events, as the handover period begins. Although KSU has been a very demanding and tiring experience; what a year it’s been! We would like to thank each and every voter for having faith in us and for giving us the opportunity to have this wonderful experience in which we feel that we have grown, garnered new knowledge & come to love this Council. Following a record-breaking year in almost every top-notch event that we organised we decided to close off our year with the traditional Kokka Night. This annual event awards several students for their dedication, enthusiasm, and hard work throughout the academic year. Apart from the excellent work being done in each student organisation at University, there are other individual students who show great participation and ambition towards activities being organised on campus. Students are nominated by other students for various awards and a judging panel chooses the winner for each award. This night unites students, lecturers, and friends who share their day to day University life together. This year was the first year where we opened the event for all students who wished to attend and received an overwhelming response. A small donation fee of €5 was payed at the door as to help facilitate the set up of another KSU initiative which is The KSU Charity Fund, from which a number of entities and charities will benefit throughout the year.

THE WINNERS OF THIS YEAR’S AWARDS ARE THE FOLLOWING Kokka Paprata Duncan Muscat Kokka Akkademika Stephanie Dalli Kokka Kulturali Keith Zammit Kokka Internazzjonali Julia Shaaban Kokka Qalbiena John Reginald Casha Kokka Innovativa ICTSA The Million Dollar Idea Kokka Habrieka Kit Azzopardi Kokka Organizzazjoni MMSA Kokka Sportiva Daniel Balzan Kokka Onorarja Lawrence Zammit Kokka Tas-Sena Mark Grech My Favourite Professor Prof. Alex Torpiano

We would like to congratulate not only the winners of these awards but also those nominated! Without any of the hard working students and student organisations, University life wouldn’t be the same. Well done for all your hard work on Campus!

@KSU JUN 2013


Your worst fear/s Five most favorite TV series Your historical idol Favorite quote Back-up career choice, other than the course you're following


Most likely to skydive Best Driving Skills The perfectionist The drama Queen The environmental freak The foodie

THOMAS BUGEJA PRESIDENT_ a Losing a close relative b Scandal Suits Hell’s Kitchen Homeland Modern Family c Abraham Lincoln d Carpe diem - seize the day e Management, diplomacy, translation or having my own restaurant! f Noddy g Andrea h Tamara i Gayle Lynn or Becky j Yanica k Sean


BECKY CAMILLERI VICE PRESIDENT_ a lying on my death bed and thinking.. “crap…. I didn’t do enough”. b New Girl Criminal Minds One Tree Hill Game of thrones Grey’s anatomy c Steve Jobs d If you believe it , you can achieve it. e I’d probably be a journalist or something involving psychology f g h i j k

Noddy Gayle Lynn Sean Me Yanica Thomas

JOHN GABARRETTA SECRETARY GENERAL_ a Finding myself without a goal, at least in the short-term. b Fresh Prince of Bel Air Spongebob Squarepants Frasier That 70’s Show X-Files c Mahatma Ghandi d Ezekiel 25:17. e Teaching f g h i j k

Gayle Lynn Andrea Sean Noddy Becky Thomas

@KSU JUN 2013

ANDREA ATTARD FINANCIAL OFFICER_ a Rocking Chairs and Blood b Suits Anger Management White Collar Two and a Half Men Revenge c Abraham Lincoln d Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe. - Abraham Lincoln e Lecturing f g h i j k

Noddy Yanica Sean Gayle lynn Yanica Thomas

SEAN MALLIA PRO_ a Not achieving my goals, drowning. b Suits House of Cards Spartacus True Blood Rome c Leonardo Da Vinci d Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return. - Leonardo Da Vinci e Photographer or a Pilot f g h i j k

Noddy Me John Gayle Lynn Yanica Thomas




a Not being able to interact with people. b The Walking Dead Spartacus Arrow Prison Break Friends c Thomas Edison d The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page. e Travel Journalist

a Spiders and Injections b Scandal Nikita The Mentalist Big Bang Theory The Good Wife c Margaret Thatcher d I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it e Pilot

f g h i j k

f g h i j k

Becky Andrea Sean John Yanica Thomas

Noddy Luana Sean Luke Me Thomas

@KSU JUN 2013



a b c d e

To lack something to aim for South Park Family Guy Friends The Big Bang Theory How I Met Your Mother Kofi Annan Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value, Albert Einstein Photographer or a Pilot

a Cockroaches b The Walking Dead Game of Thrones Heroes Smallville Arrow c Mahatma Ghandi d In the end, we will not remember the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends - Martin Luther King Jr. e Lawyer

f g h i j k

Noddy Luana John Gayle Lynn Yanica Thomas

f g h i j k

Noddy Daniel John Noddy Yanica Gayle Lynn


LUANA VASSALLO SOCIAL POLICY COORDINATOR_ a Fear of the unknown b Gray’s anatomy, two and a half men, keeping up with the kardashians prison break, simpatici c Margaret Thatcher d Achieving starts with believing e Doctor of medicine and surgery f g h i j k

Noddy Andrea Sean Becky Yanica Gayle Lynn

TAMARA CALIGARI SOCIAL POLICY COMMISSIONER_ a Failing to reach my goals b White Collar Psych Merlin Star Trek Game of Thrones c Abraham Lincoln d Vincere non è importante, è l’unica cosa che conta! -Giampiero Boniperti e Graphic and web design f g h i j k

Noddy Gayle Lynn John Luke Yanica Thomas

@KSU JUN 2013

GAYLE LYNN CALLUS CULTURE & ENTERTAINMENT OFFICER_ a Cockroaches b Big Bang Theory Fringe The Mentalist 24 Prison Break c Maximilian Kolbe d Lead by Example. e Definitely theatre oriented! f g h i j k

Noddy Andrea John Me Malcolm Thomas

LUKE AZZOPARDI CULTURE & ENTERTAINMENT COORDINATOR_ a Clinical or cold design, leggings as pants and finally, Comic Sans. b Brideshead Revisited Downton Abbey The Tudors Sex & The City Naruto c Dante Gabriel Rossetti & Eiko Ishioka. d We live as we dream - alone -Joseph Conrad. e Any office work f g h i j k

Noddy Me Sean Gayle Lynn No one Thomas


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@KSU JUN 2013


STUDENT S Any project or policy is arguably most effective when it takes into account the situation of those, that it wants to serve. That is why KSU encourages you to raise any complaints you may have, so that they can better represent your interests. That is why the University asks you for your student feedback, so that it can improve your learning experience and environment. The same goes for policy that is aimed at improving life at your university. But apart from general facts and figures, little information is available on daily student life, such as: The number of hours you spend per week in lectures and practical lessons; to study at home; or on paid jobs; Responsibilities you may have besides studying that affect your student life; Financial assistance you receive for your studies and whether it is enough to meet your monthly expenses; or The obstacles you encounter to studying abroad; The National Commission for Further and Higher Education carries out national student surveys on a regular basis to inform education institutions and policy makers on the conditions of student life in Malta. This academic year it will do so again. In June you will receive an invitation to this survey via email from the University of Malta. Just follow the link in this email to participate in the online survey. The information you provide is kept strictly anonymous and confidential.

Your participation in this survey is important, because it will help address those matters that will improve student life in Malta! Some key findings of the previous student survey reveal that: 6 out of 10 university students are female. More than 1 out of 10 students enters university through non-traditional routes. They either enter without MATSEC or more than 2 years after having obtained it. More than half of these students make use of the ‘Maturity Clause’. 7 out of 10 students had some work experience before starting university. While 4 out of 10 had casual jobs; 3 out of 10 worked regularly. Income sources of students Students’ main income source is public funds. 45% of their monthly income is based on that. However, family support and own income also play an important role.


SURVEY _2013

STUDENTS’ WEEKLY TIME BUDGET Students spend 37 hours per week on their studies. Most of this time is spent on personal studies outside the classroom. Besides that students spend 7 hours each week on paid jobs. Students’ plans to continue their studies Most Bachelor students plan to continue their studies once they have completed their current programme. The share is lower among Master students. But 3 out of 9 students plan to continue their studies after graduating from their Masters. Only 1 in 12 students at university went abroad

during their studies. And a further 3 out of 12 students have plans to spend a period of studies abroad. To find out more about this survey, please check our website at: home-documents-and-publications-ncfhepublications/5963786/ Or contact us at: or 23 810 124

@KSU JUN 2013


OUR YEAR! Everyone is eagerly waiting for the next few weeks to go by as quickly as possible so we can welcome summer, forget our notes and head to the beach. From our end at the KSU Office, all we can say is it’s getting busy already! The Culture and Entertainment Office will soon be launching a new structure which will consist of three separate bodies that will be liaising directly with the Culture & Entertainment Office, these being the Culture Committee, Organisations Forum and finally the Events Team. The Culture Committee will be working handhand with KSU to ensure proper representation of University students’ at all major local art & cultural festivals. Here we will also be focusing on introducing the KSU Art in Action Space which will act as a permanent space for students to showcase different arts. Plans include the V.18 preparations, culture internships, and design master classes. The Organisations Forum will include Activity Officers from all organisations or at least one member from each organisation. This Forum will be meeting regularly and will enable a constant flow of communication between organisations and KSU. This Forum will also ensure that organisations have a more active role in the organisation of KSU major events also while serving as a platform where we can all broaden our views and increase the variety of ideas. This Forum could also be extended to discuss the possibility of ‘idea and knowledge pooling’ between the organisations themselves together with KSU.

The Events Team will mainly consist of students that would like to help KSU during specific events. This team will be made up of both eager new students who would like to help us for the first time and also helpers that have been assisting us along the years. Different roles and duties will be divided accordingly per event including logistics, promotion, sales, supervision, and much more.

We believe that this structure will bring everyone’s expertise to the table, and therefore we can definitely raise the standards of all that is to come out of the Culture and Entertainment Office as well as events on Campus in general. In thanking and bidding adieu to the previous office, we look forward to work towards a better university life both on and off campus. Gayle Lynn Callus & Luke Azzopardi CULTURE & ENTERTAINMENT OFFICE


@KSU JUN 2013

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@KSU Magazine - June 2013  

@KSU Magazine - June 2013