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In partnership with you! 2012

TO CONTACT THE CENTER Office hours: 8am - 5pm, Monday through Friday

1 Chalmers Hall Manhattan KS 66506-3901 Phone: 785-532-6705 Website: Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Join the fight against cancer, contact: David Spafford, Associate Director of Development KSU Foundation Center, 2323 Anderson Ave, Manhattan, KS 66502 1-800-432-1KSU Cell: 785-477-7657

ACCEPTING A CHALLENGE ANNUAL REPORT OF THE CENTER SINCE 1980 The center makes every effort to keep up with the latest technology and to use all of our funds with the utmost care. In keeping with that policy, you will read Accepting A Challenge 2012 online only. During the preparation of this publication, we have made every effort to ensure its accuracy and completeness. If you find any errors or omissions, we apologize, and ask that you call them to our attention. Thank you!

TABLE OF CONTENTS FROM THE DIRECTOR.................................1 STATEMENT OF PURPOSE Vision, Mission & Goals..............................2 Program Overview......................................2 Research, Education & Outreach..................3 CONQUEST 2013......................................4-5 RESEARCH FACULTY...................................6 New Affiliated Researchers...........................7 RESEARCH FUNDING Innovative Research Awards....................8-10 Seminar Co-sponsorship.............................10 Equipment Awards...............................11-12 Faculty Travel Fellowship...........................12 EDUCATION PROGRAMS Undergraduate Students Cancer Research Awards.......................13-14 Orientation for CRAs................................15 CRA Banquet Highlights.............................15 June Hull Sherrid Scholarships ..............16-17 Student Partners: K-State Cancer Fighters.........17 Graduate Students Summer Stipends......................................18 Travel Fellowships.....................................19

Alpha Kappa Psi BBQ................................29 Pink Night, Independence HS.....................29 Power of Pink, NZone...............................29 Blueville Nursery.......................................29 Tallgrass Brewing Co..................................29 G. Thomas Jewelers..................................29 USB BWA City Bowling League..................29 Cats for a Cure, K-State.............................30 New Beginnings Salon................................30 Manhattan Breakfast Optimists....................30 Manhattan Country Club Ladies Golf Assoc.... 30 Fredonia HS.............................................30 Smoky Valley Chiropractic.........................30 Bunko for a Cure......................................30 C BAR H Do It Center..............................30 Sub Deb Sorority......................................30 'Pig Out' honors Shirley Olson....................31 Mason's Wish...........................................31

SPECIAL EVENTS K-State Women's Volleyball Team..............32 MOvember..............................................32 Learn & Serve, HandsOn K-State................32 CANCER CENTER STAFF............................33 ENDOWED FUNDS................................34-35

OUTREACH Presentations, Tours, Community Events......20 Pink Power Luncheon............................... 21 Bascom Lecture: Yvonne Reid, PhD.............22

A TRIBUTE In Honor.................................................36 In Celebration..........................................37 In Memory.........................................37-42

ON BEHALF OF THE CENTER Coach Bill Snyder & Sunny 102.5fm...........23 15th Rob Regier Golf Tournament..........24-25 Tough Enough To Wear Pink: KVRA......26-27 Tour de Ted............................................28 K-State Fabulous Feud...............................28 Citizens National Bank Bowling Classic..........28 'Pink Out', Ladies Basketball MHS..............28

CONTRIBUTORS Individuals..........................................43-68 Matching Contributions.............................69 Businesses & Organizations....................69-71 BECOMING A PARTNER............................73 ADVISORY COUNCIL.................. inside back cover

FRONT COVER: Dr. Masaaki Tamura and colleagues have

constructed nanoparticles to specifically direct genes to lung tumors. This section of a lung tumor shows that the nanoparticles have been successfully localized there, and other evidence indicates that the tumors shrink. This image featured on the cover of the prestigious journal Cancer Research, April 15, 2012. (cancerres.


Editor & Design: Janis Clare Galitzer Photography: Marcia Locke Contributors: Rob Denell, Jean Bridges, Betty Book, Marcia Locke

From the Director Dear Friends, Welcome to Accepting a Challenge, the annual report from the K-State Johnson Cancer Research Center. This magazine provides a summary of faculty and student research activities and awards, fundraising events, outreach activities, and memorials. You can read even more about the center in the second annual Conquest magazine, which highlights the year’s biggest stories! It is available in hard copy and also online. 2012 has been another highly productive year. We now have more than 80 affiliated faculty researchers in 17 departments of five colleges: Arts & Sciences, Veterinary Medicine, Agriculture, Engineering and Human Ecology. The diversity of their approaches to furthering our understanding of cancer and its prevention, diagnosis and treatment is apparent on pages 8-12, where you can read about the projects we supported with our Innovative Research and Equipment Awards. The use of stem cells from the umbilical cord matrix is one the most exciting areas of investigation. These cells are easily isolated from the umbilical cord after a normal birth and offer great potential for cancer diagnosis and treatment. In some cancers, it is necessary to destroy a patient’s bone marrow and replace it with marrow transplanted from another individual. This treatment can result in graph-versus-host disease, in which the new cells begin to attack the patient. Dr. Mark Weiss, in the Dept. of Anatomy & Physiology, in Veterinary Medicine, has evidence that adding matrix stem cells to the transplanted bone marrow may alleviate this problem. He is working to expand this research into more extensive human trials. Dr. Deryl Troyer, also in Anatomy & Physiology, is working with Dr. Stefan Bossmann of the Dept. of Chemistry, in Arts & Sciences, to use the stem cells to target therapeutic agents to cancer to avoid otherwise devastating side effects. They also are using nanotechnology to generate new methods of diagnosis and treatment. One new approach recently received national attention. Many cancers result in the presence of specific enzymes, called proteases, in tissues and the blood. These researchers have constructed extremely small nanoplatforms in which iron oxide molecules are attached with a protein linker to an inactive fluorescent dye. When a cancer-associated protease is present, it breaks the bridge between these components. The dye is then able to measurably fluoresce when illuminated by light or a laser. There is a different nanoplatform to detect each of a number of cancer-associated proteases. This approach offers the promise of detecting various kinds of cancers at an earlier, more treatable stage, and may be rapid enough for the recognition of cancerous tissue even during surgery. Our support of cancer research by K-State faculty and students depends on gifts from people, like you, who appreciate the importance of fighting these terrible diseases. Unlike other cancer philanthropies, we are able to direct 100% of your gifts for cancer research and education, and use none for administrative salaries or expenses. On pages 23-31 you will see stories about many friends of the center who held fundraising events in 2012. The second half of the magazine recognizes our supporters and the people they honored this year. As always, we would be delighted to host visitors who wish to learn more about this center and the cancer research underway at K-State. And we thank all our supporters who make our programs possible. Sincerely,

Rob Denell University Distinguished Professor of Biology and Director, Johnson Cancer Research Center

Accepting A Challenge 2012


Statement of Purpose Each year cancer researchers at Kansas State University leverage your support to develop millions of dollars of extramural funding from federal and private resources. As the university works towards its goal to become recognized as a top 50 public research institution, the center serves as a model of interdisciplinary research, encouraging the sharing of information, equipment, expertise, and demonstrating the power of joint efforts.


The Kansas State University Johnson Cancer Research Center will take a leading role in conquering cancers in our time.

MISSION: Further the understanding of cancers by funding cancer research and supporting higher education, training and public outreach.


Improve cancer-related research and education. Provide scholarships and fellowships. Enrich the student experience. Educate citizens about cancer and cancer research.

PROGRAM OVERVIEW The center has a variety of awards programs for researchers and students to help them solve cancer questions and search for new ways to approach these diseases. The funds for the awards are provided by people who have either created endowed funds or who send donations to the center. The center has two awards cycles per year. Researchers apply for awards through a competitive process and applicants are given feedback from the review committee. The center is proud to report that 100% of funds that are donated annually for cancer research are used to support these programs, and not for administrative costs. In addition to funding research and training, the center has a variety of public education and outreach programs to inform the public about cancer, tell the story of cancer research at K-State and provide support for people dealing with these diseases.


Accepting A Challenge 2012

RESEARCH ASSISTANCE FOR FACULTY 1. INNOVATIVE RESEARCH GRANTS for new faculty establishing their research, and veteran faculty exploring new frontiers 2.

TECHNICAL SUPPORT for purchasing new equipment to remain competitive


CANCER RESEARCH MENTORS training undergraduate cancer researchers


FACULTY TRAVEL FELLOWSHIPS for collaboration and training on new research techniques


ASSISTANT PROFESSORSHIP funds for K-State departments to recruit cancer scientists


CANCER RESEARCH AWARDS for undergraduate laboratory research


JUNE HULL SHERRID SCHOLARSHIPS for undergraduate students from Kansas high schools, with career interests in human health


SUMMER STIPENDS for original research


TRAVEL FELLOWSHIPS to attend and present research at professional meetings


HEART RESEARCH AWARDS for heart research (in alternate years)


PRESENTATIONS about cancer, risk reduction and research


COLLABORATIONS with community groups, to inform about cancer, and address local cancer issues


EVENTS & ACTIVITIES raise awareness about cancer and cancer research at K-State


OUTREACH FACILITY for visitors to do internet research


PUBLICATIONS: About the center: CONQUEST: annual magazine highlights K-State cancer research and center programs œœ ACCEPTING A CHALLENGE: the annual report about center awards, programs and activities (available online only) œœ

Educational materials: A DAY WITH DR. WADDLE children's activity book teaches about research, cancer, and good health habits (also in Spanish) œœ WHEN A FRIEND HAS CANCER booklet offers ideas for giving practical help and emotional support to loved ones facing cancer œœ

Accepting A Challenge 2012


Conquest 2013 The second annual Conquest features center highlights for the year. Here is a preview of this year's stories.



Dr. Annelise Nguyen studies how cancer cells communicate with each other and how to enhance their receptiveness to drug treatments. Her breast cancer research has led to the discovery and patent of a drug that eliminates breast cancer cells.

Dr. George Wang, who typically eats only a couple pieces of fruit for lunch, studies how nutrition and exercise can play a role in preventing cancer.

The goal of improving cell communication is to improve the passage of chemotherapeutic drugs from one cell to the next, which would decrease drug dosage levels and make patients less resistant to drugs.

His research is decoding the molecular mechanisms behind weight control and the chemical compounds in fruits and vegetables. Wang has investigated a purple sweet potato created at the university and found that it was filled with anthocyanin, a pigment associated with reduced risk of cancer.

MORE ADVANCES FROM DRS. BOSSMANN & TROYER Their cancer detection blood test that we reported on last year is experiencing great success. It has been proven to be able to non-invasively detect very early stages of breast cancer and non-small cell lung cancer in less than an hour. It’s being investigated for its potential to detect pancreatic cancer. This blood test could eventually be used as part of wellness exams or to confirm whether chemotherapy is working. BASCOM MEMORIAL LECTURE: A LEGACY OF COMMUNITY EDUCATION The lecture series honors George S. Bascom, a local physician, poet and leader in the formation of the cancer research center. Bascom felt it was important to inform researchers, physicians and the public about challenges faced in clinical medicine as well as in research. When he died of cancer in 1993, family and friends established the fund for this lecture series in his honor.


Accepting A Challenge 2012

The 2012 lecture was held in association with the university's common book The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, about a woman whose cells were used for research without her knowledge. Presenter Yvonne Reid, PhD, a cell culture expert, said she was pleased to contribute to the university-wide discussion of this important subject and hoped her lecture showed the human aspects of the issue. (2012 Bascom Lecture, Accepting a Challenge, pg. 22)

STUDENT INVOLVEMENT Angela Grommet is K-State's 68th Goldwater Scholar. When she became involved in undergraduate research she was working on her goal to get this prestigious award. But today, having achieved that goal, her newfound love of research motivates her to find continued success. Research is tough and not always fun," she said. But I love problems that no one else deals with and finding an answer...I would tell myself as a freshman that through hard work and many hours, you can do pretty much anything.

SUPPORT THE KLINGLER FAMILY IS TOUGH ENOUGH TO WEAR PINK For the Klingler family, rodeo has long been a favorite family pastime. But supporting cancer research is one of their highest priorities. As a physician and surgeon, Gene saw many cancer patients, and so does his daughter, Becky, a pediatrician. But the strongest impact on the family was the loss of 4-year-old Eugene "Burt" Klingler to brain cancer. The Klinglers' loss was a major factor in their desire to aid cancer research and work with the Tough Enough to Wear Pink committee. However, they say that it is the enthusiasm and community atmosphere associated with the event that is their inspiration. (2012 TETWP, Accepting a Challenge, pgs. 26-27)

MIKE & ELAINE JACOBSON The Jacobsons are copresidents of the center's Advisory Council this year, and they are distinguished skin cancer researchers. Their three biotechnology companies create products based on their research enterprises. Mike is currently the founding dean of the University of North Texas System College of Pharmacy in Ft. Worth. Elaine recently retired from academia but remains active in their companies. She was one of K-State's first undergraduate biochemistry majors and graduates. She worked in a lab that Mike joined as a doctoral student. Both of them earned doctorates in biochemistry from Kansas State. Since then, they have worked at leading universities across the U.S.

To read the full stories, contact the center for your copy of Conquest 2013 or view it online at Accepting A Challenge 2012


Research Faculty The cancer research center has more than 80 research teams in 17 departments of five colleges and the School of Leadership Studies. This includes 11 distinguished professors*, 2 endowed chairs** and 7 NEW AFFILIATES. Our multidisciplinary research faculty contributes a wide range of knowledge and talents to our fight against cancer.





1. Jianhan Chen 2. Yasuaki Hiromasa 1. Ron Madl 3. * Michael Kanost 2. *Susan X. Sun 4. * Subbarat Muthukrishnan HORTICULTURE: Sunghun Park 5. Om Prakash 6. Gerald Reeck PLANT PATHOLOGY 7. * Thomas Roche 1. Dorith Rotenberg 8. John Tomich 2. Richard Todd 9. Qize Wei 3. Anna Whitfield 10. Anna Zolkiewska 11. Michal Zolkiewski



1. ANTJE ANJI 2. * Frank Blecha 3. Peying Fong 4. Fernando Pierucci-Alves 5. Bruce D. Schultz 6. Masaaki Tamura 7. Deryl Troyer 8. Lei Wang 9. * Philine Wangemann 10. Mark Weiss

CLINICAL SCIENCES 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Laura Armbrust Ronette Gehring Mary Lynn Higginbotham Dudley McCaw Thomas Schermerhorn



1. Katsura Asano 2. Alexander Beeser 3. * Susan Brown 4. S. Keith Chapes 5. Rollie Clem 6. * Gary Conrad** 7. * Walter Dodds 8. Sherry Fleming 9. Revathi Govind 10. Lynn Hancock 11. Michael Herman 12. Stella Lee 13. Kristin Michel 14. Beth Montelone 15. BRAD OLSON 16. Lorena Passarelli 17. Jean-Pierre Perchellet 18. Jeroen Roelofs 19. Stefan Rothenburg 20. Kathrin Schrick 21. LOUBNA TAZI 22. GOVINDSAMY VEDIYAPPAN 23. *Ruth Welti



Accepting A Challenge 2012


1. BRETT FLANDERS 2. JEREMY SCHMIT 3. Robert Szoszkiewicz


1. Christer Aakerรถy 2. Stefan Bossmann 3. Viktor Chikan 4. Christopher Culbertson 5. Daniel Higgins 6. * Duy Hua 7. Takashi Ito 8. Ryszard Jankowiak 9. Olga Koper 10. Jun Li 11. Ping Li 12. Sundeep Rayat


1. Vikas Berry** 2. John Schlup



Mark Haub Dingbo Lin Brian Lindshield Tonatiuh Melgarejo George Wang


New affiliated researchers Veterinary Medicine

Engineering Antje Anji, Anatomy & Physiology, studies regulation of the NMDA (a synthetic amino acid) receptor gene and its significance to cancer.

Punit Prakash, Electrical & Computer Engineering, studies energy-based devices like radio frequency, microwaves, ultrasound, and treatment delivery strategies for minimally invasive thermal therapy of cancer.

Arts & Sciences Loubna Tazi, Biology, studies HIV evolution and host gene response to disease.

Brad Olson, Biology, studies the evolution of multicellular eukaryotes—clues for detection of cancer and future cures.

Govindsamy Vediyappan, Biology, studies the development of disease from a fungus, Candida albicans, and multidrug resistance (MDR) efflux pumps in bacteria.

Jeremy Schmit, Physics, studies formulation strategies for protein-based drugs.

Bret Flanders, Physics, studies the use of nanoscale fiber to sample tumors and cancer cells.

The center is taking a leading role in K-State's effort to be recognized as a top 50 public research university by the year 2025.

Accepting A Challenge 2012


Research Funding Innovative Research Awards In order to be competitive for significant funding from national agencies and private foundations, researchers must demonstrate the potential of their proposed studies. The center provides funds for projects by researchers pursuing innovative areas of study. In 2012, grant requests equaled $400,851 and the center was able to provide $201,400.

VETERINARY MEDICINE ANATOMY & PHYSIOLOGY ANTJE ANJI Project: Do epigenetic changes in the promoter region of GluN2B gene contribute to the development of esophageal cancer following chronic ethanol exposure? GATA transcription factors are important regulators in the development of many cancer diseases. This project will determine the genome wide DNA binding sites and transcriptional targets of a GATA factor family, to understand mechanisms regulating its activity. $12,000

DERYL TROYER Project: Development of a large animal model for human cancer. Ninety percent of all drugs that look promising when they have been tested in rodents never make it to human therapy. This research group is developing an animal model for human cancers. This new breed of pig is very physiologically and anatomically similar to humans and could greatly speed the translation of preclinical research to treatment of human cancer. $20,000


Accepting A Challenge 2012

PEYING FONG Project: SMCT1 regulation in mammalian tumor suppression. SMCT1 is a tumor suppressor which also acts as a membrane transporter. How the transport function suppresses the growth of tumors is poorly understood. This project will provide necessary groundwork for clarifying specifically how SMCT1 acts to suppress tumor growth. $13,300

FERNANDO PIERUCCI-ALVES Project: TGF-beta signaling in epithelia of the male excurrent system. The purpose of this study is to provide solid evidence for signaling by a growth factor that may contribute to disease in portions of the male reproductive tract. By identifying the basic components of signaling by this growth factor in epithelial cells, this project could establish distinct targets for intervention to manage disease and male infertility in these locations, potentially affecting virtually everyone in our society. $20,000

ARTS & SCIENCES BIOLOGY KATSURA ASANO Project: 5MP-ATF4 pathway as a novel metabolic target for Sarcoma therapy. The gene coding for this protein is present in extrra copies in subtypes of cancerous growths characterized by the mutation of a major tumor suppressor. These researchers are testing the hypothesis that this pathway is a novel metabolic target responsible for the survival of these cancers. $12,100 SUSAN BROWN Project: Live imaging of nuclear movement in normal and Wnt mutant embryos. The Wnt signaling pathway is a network of proteins that passes signals from receptors on the surface of the cell to DNA expression in the nucleus. It controls cell-cell communication. This project will optimize live-imaging techniques to study the effects of altered signaling activity. Understanding this function provides insights into misregulation leading to cancer and possible treatments. $24,000 BRAD OLSON Project: Clues to the origin of cancer: Implication of the retinoblastoma tumor suppressor pathway in the evolution of colonial multicellularity in a novel eukaryotic multicellular model system, the volvcine algae The purpose of this project is to determine the primary causes of the development of cancer. Then cancer can be better detected before tumors are visible and contribute to future therapeutic targets in the retinoblastoma tumor suppressor pathway. $25,000

MICHAEL HERMAN Project: Identification and characterization of genes affecting C.elegans susceptibility to the nosocomial pathogen S.Maltophilia. C.elegans is an important model system for understanding innate immune responses. The human pathogen, S.maltophilia, causes fatal infections in immunocompromised individuals, including cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. This team will identify genes involved in susceptibility to it. These experiments will help understand the maintenance of genetic variation of disease susceptibility in humans, including those involved in cancer progression. $16,500 RUTH WELTI & SHERRY FLEMING Project: Lipid changes in inflammation. This project will develop capability to produce lipid arrays that display levels of bioactive lipids occurring during inflammation that can lead to cancer. These lipid arrays can be used as tools in research, including identification of cancer biomarkers. $25,000 GOVINDSAMY VEDIYAPPAN Project: Bifunctional small molecules for cancer patients with candidiasis. Candida albicans is a fungus that causes thrush in the mouth and throat of cancer patients. Antifungal agents with anticancer activity could offer multiple drug delivery solutions. This team has identified two novel man made compounds with potent antifungal and moderate anticancer activities. In this project they will define these activities. $8,000

Accepting A Challenge 2012


Innovative Research Awards continued... (Arts & Sciences continued)




PING LI Project: Synthesis of inhibitors/Substrate analogs for human ghrelin O-Acyltransferase (hGOAT): A new way to combat cancers. Human ghrelin O-acyltransferase is a good drug target for obesity that might have a close relationship with cancers. The purposes of this project are to develop an enzyme assay and synthesize new inhibitors, which could potentially lead to treatment of obesity and obesity-related cancers. $15,000

PUNIT PRAKASH Project: Nanoparticle enhanced hyperthermia at microwave frequencies. Hyperthermia is a heat-based treatment that is a clinically proven technique for cancer therapy. A limitation of available hyperthermia devices is their inability to selectively heat tumors. The purpose of this project is to use nanoparticles with electromagnetic properties which may allow selective heating of tumors as a practical method for precise heat-activated drug release in tumors. $7,500

PHYSICS BRETT FLANDERS Project: Gaff, auger and scalpel for direct tissue manipulation at the single-to-few cell level. The purpose of this project is to develop a set of microscopic surgeon’s tools that will enable incisions, excisions, and ultimately transplantations to be made at the single-to-few cellular level. This is a first step towards innovative surgical methods that provide more consistent tumor-eradication. $3,000


Dr. Grant McFadden is a leader in the fields of innate immunity and virology and has published more than 280 peer-reviewed papers and reviews. His specific scientific expertise is in the field of viral immune evasion by poxviruses and how this relates to virus-host tropism. He is also currently investigating poxviruses to treat cancer and is developing one particular poxvirus to treat various human cancers, including acute myeloid leukemia (AML), multiple myeloma (MM) and metastatic pancreatic cancer. He and Dr. A. Lucas co-founded Viron Therapeutics to develop the use of viral proteins for therapeutic purposes against systemic inflammatory diseases. He is a member of many editorial boards, including PLoS Pathogens (Deputy Editor-in-Chief) and Journal of Virology (Senior Editor). Dr. McFadden, was the guest of center affiliate, Stefan Rothenburg.


Accepting A Challenge 2012

Equipment Awards Remaining competitive in the area of technology is critical. The need for new equipment and support from the center is very important. We try to maximize our impact by encouraging the sharing of equipment. In 2012, items requested totaled $76,957. The center was able to provide $55,465 for equipment. We are pleased to note that center contributions to purchases helped to leverage nearly $300,000 in funding from other sources. Equipment acquired in collaboration with the other funders of our scientists has an even greater impact on cancer research at K-State!

HUMAN ECOLOGY BRIAN LINDSHIELD, Human Nutrition Item: BioTek Synergy HT Multi-Mode Microplate Reader The analyzer provides absorbance, luminescence, and fluorescence detections of biological samples. The cancer center provided these funds to match equal support from the Kansas Bioscience Authority and some support from the manufacturer. The reader improves cancer research productivity, publications and potential for future funding. $11,000

ARTS & SCIENCES JOHN TOMICH, Biochemistry Item: Thermo-Fisher Scientific Orbitrap Velos Plus Mass Spectrometer This equipment is used for the description of post-translational changes on proteins, and a variety of analyses and applications that require high-resolution capabilities. These funds were requested to help leverage a grant written to NIH for the full cost of the $600,000 instrument. The instrument expands capabilities to meet the increasing research needs of NIH funded investigators at several institutions in the state. There is no equivalent instrument available in Kansas. $3,000

SUSAN BROWN, Biology Item: BioNanos Genomics NanoAnalizer The KINBRE bioinformatics core at KSU was identified as a beta test site by BioNanos Genomics to test their new nanoAnalyzer. The analyzer uses a new technology to image long single molecules of DNA in nanoscale channels imprinted on the surface of a nanofluidic chip. The full price of the nanoAnalyzer is $325,000, which was discounted to $243,750 as a result of the collaboration and matching funds from the university, Division of Biology, K-INBRE and cancer center. $15,000 REVATHI GOVIND, Biology Item: Infinite 200 Pro-Tecan This instrument monitors spore germination and subsequent bacterial growth in order to understand the pathogenesis of a substance which causes diseases ranging from mild diarrhea to colitis and death. $4,000

Accepting A Challenge 2012


Equipment Awards continued... ROBERT SZOSZKIEWICZ, Physics Item: Class II Biological Safety Cabinet This instrument is used for growth and incubation of cell cultures, protein expression, and atomic force microscopy sample separation. It is used to study nanomechanical properties of proteins at the single molecule level. It will be the first biological cabinet in the department and supports projects previously sponsored by the cancer center. $2,465

PING LI, Chemistry Item: Cary-100 UV-Vis Spectrometer This instrument is used to control the quality of purified proteins and to perform time-dependent experiments on small molecule kinetics. $10,000 Dr. Li also recieved funds for... Item: Used Kintek rapid chemical quench flowRQF-3 This is an essential instrument to perform single turn-over experiments and to carry out kinetic analysis to decipher enzyme mechanisms. It enables the lab group to generate critical, otherwise unavailable data for publications in high-quality journals and helps them apply for extramural grants. $10,000

Faculty Travel Fellowship Our researchers are eager to learn new scientific techniques and collaborate on projects. They seek opportunities for training that will enhance their own team's outcomes and as well as benefitting their colleagues in other laboratories. The new technical knowledge they gain is brought back to K-State to keep the university at the cutting edge of research. MARK WEISS, Anatomy & Physiology, attended the 2012 workshop, Manufacturing Cell Therapy Products, in Houston, TX. Weiss' team hopes to use cell therapy to prevent graft-versus-host-disease, using the new techniques learned at this workshop. Bone marrow transplantation is used to treat patients with blood cancers such as leukemia or lymphoma. This workshop taught methods for helping prevent graft-versus-host-disease which many patients develop after bone marrow transplantation. $500


Accepting A Challenge 2012

Education Programs Cancer Research Awards for Undergraduate Students

In this unique program, undergraduate students participate in and often get to publish the results of their own cancer research. At most universities this experience is reserved for graduate students. Many former students say that this was a pivotal experience in their undergraduate education. Many go into professions related to cancer and research, and make notable contributions in their fields. Cancer researchers serve as mentors and develop projects for the students who work with their regular lab teams. Students receive $1,000 awards, and mentors receive $1,000 per student to help cover research expenses. For the 2011-2012 school year, the center awarded $94,000 to 47 outstanding students and their mentors. They were recognized in April at the Cancer Research Awards Banquet, attended by families, faculty, administrators, and the friends of the center who make the awards possible. Awards were made in honor or in memory of the following individuals or organizations. 1.

Sunny 102.5fm & Coach Bill Snyder: KATIE GEORGE


Gladys Hoerman Llewelyn: PHUOC (VAN) BUI


Mentor: Weiss, A&P

Mentor: Fong, A&P 2.

Kansas NAPUS Don Marrs: STERLING BRAUN SARAH SCHREIBER (below) Mentor: Beeser, Biology

American Legion Auxiliary, Unit 17: JACOB HULL JIMMIE STEWART Mentor: Schultz, A&P


Regina M. Hudiburg: STEPHANIE JACQUEZ (left below)


Mentor: Tamura, A&P

Mason's Wish: MARLENA BIRKEL JARED KEVERN RACHEL OTT (above) Mentor: Tomich, Biochemistry


John & Jennie Haymaker: JYMIE GRAHAM, DAVID MILES (below) JAMIE OATMAN Mentor: Asano, Biology


Michael Lukert & Lee & Selma Fent: TERRAHN WALL (right above)


Muriel Alcorn & Cancer Center Advisory Council: FADDY KHAMIS Mentor: Brown, Biology


Dr. & Mrs. Neal Morehouse: VICTORIA DAVIDSON RACHEL NICHOLS Mentor: Chapes, Biology

Mentor: Tamura, A&P

Accepting A Challenge 2012


CRA continued.... 11. Bert

Klingler and Rodney Nemechek: JOHN NAIL (below) Mentor: Clem, Biology

18. Phil

& Margaret Howe: ANGELA GROMMET

Mentor: Aakerรถy, Chemistry 19. Fraternal


20. Helen

L. Graves Award: CHARLES ROACH Mentor: Welti, Biology

21. Clarice


12. Steven

Cutright: CHRISTOPHER RICHARDS Mentor: Roelofs, Biology

13. Roy

& Catherine Johnson: JOSHUA P. BEYER JOSH KIENE

Mentor: Bossmann, Chemistry 22. Jerome

Lueers Family: DAVID VILLANUEVA Mentor: Bossmann, Chemistry

& Jeanne Schroeder: JESSE FITZPATRICK BRYANNA POCKRANDT Mentor: Lu, Geography

27. Karen

Eileen (Jones) Prevette: CHRISTOPHER LARSON Mentor: Rayat, Chemistry

28. Mahlon

Wheeler: LOGAN WARK Mentor: Lin, Human Nutrition

29. James

& Sue Ryan Sr. Family: GEOFFREY DIGIACINTO Mentor: Lindshield, Human Nutrition

30. Joanne

L. Reeves and Dr. Darrel Loder, Smoky Valley Chiropractic: KELLEY NELSON Mentor: Wang, Human Nutrition

31. Philip

"Woody" Woodward and Minnis & Helen Nelson: XIAOYU (ROBBEN) SU

Mentor: Rothenburg, Biology 14. Rob


Mentor: Wang, Human Nutrition

32. Dale


Mentor: Schrick, Biology 15. Wayne

& Nancy Cottril: LUKE WENGER (below) Mentor: Passarelli, Biology

26. Paul

Mentor: Rotenberg, Plant Path 33. Clifford 23. Carol

Wagner and Clarice Painter: PAMELA MAYNEZ (above)

Veatch: SCOTT JONES (below) Mentor: Palmatier, Psychology

Mentor: Bossmann, Chemistry 24. Veterans

of Foreign Wars, Auxiliary 1786: NALLELY BARRON-GARCIA

16. Lincoln

& Dorothy Deihl: JESSICA LONG Mentor: Schlup, Chem Engineering

17. David

& Janice von Riesen: ALEXANDER NOBLETT Mentor: Hua, Chemistry


Mentor: Nguyen, Diagnostic Medicine/Pathobiology 25. Kaw

Valley Rodeo Association Tough Enough to Wear Pink: KRISTINA BIGELOW EMMA FAULKNER Mentor: Nguyen, Diagnostic Medicine/Pathobiology

Accepting A Challenge 2012

34. George


Mentor: Palmatier, Psychology

ORIENTATION FOR UNDERGRADUATE CANCER RESEARCHERS This is the CRA Class of 2012-13. They met at the orientation in November. The event is designed to enhance the students' appreciation of their connection to the center and the field of cancer research. It also gives the students a chance to meet and learn about each others' projects, mentors and departments.


The banquet provides an opportunity for the people who support these awards to meet their students and learn first hand, about their accomplishments. It is a way of saying thanks for this important undergraduate experience. Here are some 2012 banquet highlights.

Lincoln Deihl presented the Lincoln & Dorothy Deihl Award to Jessica Long.

Mason Wolf presented her Mason's Wish Awards to Marlena Birkel, Jared Kavern and Rachel Ott.

Gene & Sue Klingler and Becky Klingler presented the Bert Klingler and Rodney Nemechek Award to John Nail

Mary Lou Little and Leonard Delgado presented the Fraternal Order of Eagles Awards to Morgan Armbruster, Allison McKiearnan and Neema Prakash.

Billie Woodward presented the Philip "Woody" Woodward and Minnis & Helen Nelson Award to Xiaoyu (Robben) Su. Tom Dunn Sue Bath Dunn Char Henton & Steve Charland presented the TETWP Awards to Emma Faulkner and Kristina Bigelow. Charles Bascom presented the George S. Bascom Award to Chloe Noll.

Accepting A Challenge 2012


June Hull Sherrid Scholarships for undergraduate students in health related fields

In addition to supporting undergraduate research, the center helps recruit some of Kansas' best students to K-State. In 2012, graduates of Kansas high schools were awarded more than $72,850 in June Hull Sherrid Scholarships. This list of students represents 197 scholarships of $250-$1,000. Students can remain eligible for this scholarship throughout their undergraduate career, and many receive it for several semesters or even years. Some of these talented students have also received Cancer Research Awards. SPRING ONLY 1. Brandon Abbott 2. Ashley Atwell 3. Ben Buchanan 4. Alexander Burnett 5. Aaron Deeds 6. ••Geoffrey Digiacinto 7. Danielle Dobratz 8. Christine Dowling 9. Kelsey Duffy 10. Rebecca Eichorst 11. Michael Ellis 12. Kimberly Fredrichs 13. Mckenzie Gee 14. Wade Gutierrez 15. Meghan Herde 16. Katherine Horning 17. Carlie Houchen 18. Samantha Kellerman 19. Diane Larson

20. Mackenzie Mong 21. •Laura Mosher 22. Joshua Neufeld 23. Brennen Richman 24. Eli Schooley 25. Kendra Schuler 26. John Seitz 27. Monica Shelton 28. Carla Simpson 29. Mark Sowers 30. Trevor Steiner 31. Taylor Veh 32. Katherine Volle 33. Grace Winter 34. Benjamin Yunk

Some of these students were also: • CRA 2010-11 •• CRA 2011-12 * CRA 2012-13


Accepting A Challenge 2012

ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS: 1) Incoming freshmen must have an excellent high school record and a minimum ACT composite score of 27 (or SAT equivalent). 2) K-State students must have a strong academic program and a minimum GPA of 3.5 and a declared major in biochemistry, biology, chemistry, math, microbiology, physics, pre-health professional programs, etc. 3) Career interest in the betterment of human health, pre-professional health fields, or fields that apply to human health. FALL ONLY 1. Matthew Ayres 2. Sophia Bachman 3. Victor Bedros 4. Emily Beneda 5. Jared Bourek 6. Logan Breault 7. Tyndol Brundage 8. Tanner Davis 9. Brannon Donovan 10. Olivia Eller 11. Melissa Evans 12. Emily Ewert 13. Kelsi Field 14. Jenae Hicklin 15. Sophia Hitchcock 16. Lauren Hutley 17. Molly Jennings 18. Emily Johnson 19. Mariah Jones 20. Sara Joyce 21. Lauren Komer 22. Cassandra Linville 23. Jeremy Lott 24. Alec Maly 25. Taylor Mann 26. Domonique Marquez 27. Marwa McClintic 28. Shayla McElyea 29. William Mischnick

30. Jacob Morris 31. Megan Murray 32. Justice Oehlert 33. Lauren O'Toole 34. Erika Peters 35. Ella Popova 36. Jessica Reed 37. Danielle Rome 38. Mackenzie Selzer 39. Katherine Sensenich 40. Madelaine Smira 41. Sarah Smith 42. Spencer Smith 43. Trevor Spencer 44. Jeb Stewart 45. Katherine Stewart 46. Elizabeth Stone 47. Elizabeth Stubenhofer 48. Laurel Thomas 49. Matthew Tobaben 50. *Alexander Vo 51. Sydney Webb 52. Robert Weber 53. Riley White 54. Emily Williamson 55. Carlee Wollard 56. Ceclia Wuertz

Sherrid Scholarships continued... SPRING & FALL 1. Cheyanne Alvarado 2. Orlando Anderson 3. Jamie Ball 4. ••*Joshua Beyer 5. Lucas Bider 6. Zach Boal 7. Amanda Bradley 8. Patricia Brady 9. Connor Brass 10. •/••Sterling Braun 11. Molly Brobst 12. Bailey Buer 13. Keith Bullinger 14. Joyce Chen

15. Canaan Coker 16. Ethan Copeland 17. *Sarah Cossey 18. ••Victoria Davidson 19. Katherine Deckert 20. Kevin Durkee 21. Justin Ewald 22. Matthew Galliart 23. Katelyn Gardner 24. Paul Harris 25. Taylor Hart 26. Rachel Hoppins 27. Hunter Jewett 28. *Andrea Kieffer

29. Jack Klenda 30. Jeanette LaFreniere 31. Jennifer Legino 32. Paul Lewis 33. Lacey Lokken 34. Jordan Marquess 35. Wren Michaels 36. Julie Opperman 37. *Amanda Osarczuk 38. Lydia Pace 39. *Jordan Parker 40. Allison Penner 41. Christina Peterson 42. Harrison Petrik

43. Carrie Remillard 44. •Sarah Schreiber 45. KaraJo Sprigg 46. Kylie Stanley 47. Andrew Talbert 48. Allison Thompson 49. Ian Waters 50. Riley Williams 51. Cassidy Winkler 52. Chayce Wynn 53. Sarah Yunk 54. Kelly Zachariasen

STUDENT PARTNERS: K-STATE CANCER FIGHTERS A new student organization has joined the fight against cancer. They call themselves the 'K-State Cancer Fighters' and hold regular meetings and assist with center activities. These students support the center's mission as ambassadors, volunteers and fundraisers. Zach Zaborny the group's founder, recruited friends and student cancer researchers to do something for students and the university when he started the group in 2011. In 2012, Derek Schneweis took the leadership role for the group. Derek is now a graduate student. He has a special appreciation for the impact of the center on student research, because he was a cancer research awardee as an undergraduate and has received a graduate summer stipend this year. The students have volunteered at several of our annual events. They also attend center sponsored activities. It is great working with these generous, motivated students. Their support is greatly appreciated.

Accepting A Challenge 2012


Summer Stipends

for Graduate Students

Graduate students have many responsibilities—taking and teaching classes while also working on research. These summer stipends help them make advances in their own research during the summer, when they have fewer encumbrances. In 2012, scientists requested $132,793 for 28 students The center was able to award graduate summer stipends totaling $77,100 for 20 students in three colleges.

AGRICULTURE PLANT PATHOLOGY: $10,000 Dorith Rotenberg for Derek Schneweis (pictured)

Richard Todd for Damien Downes

CHEMISTRY: $19,000 Christer Aakeröy for Dhanushi Welideniya (pictured)

Stefan Bossmann for Dinusha Udukala Ping Li for AruniI Malalasekera

ARTS & SCIENCES BIOCHEMISTRY: $11,200 Anna Zolkiewska for Sara Duhachek Muggy (pictured)

S. Muthukrishnan for Meera Kumari Jianhan Chen for Wehong Zhang Michal Zolkiewski for Fabrice Ngansop

Viktor Chikan for Raj Kumar Dani Duy Hua for Thi D.T. Nguyen (pictured)


Matt Palmatier for Ashley Sheppard


BIOLOGY: $20,700 Stefan Rothenburg for Chen Peng (pictured)

Masaaki Tamura for Lakshmi Deepthi Uppalapati (pictured)

Michael Herman for Suhao Han Sherry Fleming for Kaori Knights Jeroen Roelofs for Prashant Wani Kathryn Schrick for Aashima Khosla


Accepting A Challenge 2012

Deryl Troyer for Sivasai Balivada Mark Weiss for John Hirt (pictured)

Travel Fellowships

for Graduate Students

The cancer center helps graduate students by providing support to attend professional meetings, where they present their research, meet and listen to experts in their fields, and network with colleagues. In 2012, $22,213 was requested for 23 student travel opportunities. The center was able to award $14,865 in travel fellowships to 18 graduate students in eight departments, in four colleges.



BIOLOGY: $2,200


Susan Brown for Ezzat El Sherif to go to the Euro Evo-Devo & 2012 Tribolium Meetings Lisbon, Portugal Ruth Welti for Sunitha Shiva to go to the Gordon Research Seminar & Conference on Plant lipids: Structure, Metabolism & Function, Galveston, TX

BIOCHEMISTRY: $2,075 Jianhan Chen for Debrani Gangully (pictured) & Weihong Zhang to go to the Gordon Research Conference West Dover, VT

S. Muthukrishnan for Sujata Suresh Chaudhari to go to the 6th Annual Arthropod Genomics Symposium Kansas City, MO S. Muthukrishnan for Meera Kumari to go the Entomological Society of America meeting Knoxville, TN


Dingbo Lin for Hua Jia to go to the Experimental Biology 2013 meeting, Boston, MA


Masaaki Tamura for Atusushi Kawabata & Naomi Ohta to go to the American Association Cancer Research meeting, Chicago, IL Deryl Troyer for Tej Shrestha (pictured) to go to the American Association of Cancer Research meeting Chicago, IL


Mary Lynn Higginbotham for Diana Burr to go to the Veterinary Cancer Society meeting Las Vegas, NV


Christer Aakerรถy for Sheelu Panikkattu & Abhi GRAIN SCIENCE & INDUSTRY: $750 Sinha to go to the Gordon Research Conference on Ron Madl for Oscar Ramos to go to the American Crystal Engineering, Waterville Valley Resort, NH Association Cereal Chemistry International meeting Hollywood, FL




Biology Travel Fellowships by the Consigli & Bassett Families $2,700

Katsura Asano for Hiroyuki Hiraisha to go to the Translational Control Meeting Cold Spring Harbor, NY


Richard Todd for Damien Downes & Cameron Hunter to go to the 10th International Aspergillus & 27th Fungal Genetics Conference Pacific Grove, CA

Kristin Michel for Xin Zhang & William Bryant to go to the 61st American Society of Tropical Medicine & Hygiene, Atlanta, GA Accepting A Challenge 2012


Outreach The center's outreach mission includes providing speakers and being involved in community activities to educate the public about cancer, risk reduction, and resources. We provide informative materials for children and adults, and center staff work with individuals and groups to coordinate workshops and other events.

Presentations, Tours & Community Events In 2012, presentations were made by director Rob Denell, center staff, faculty affiliates, and graduate and undergraduate students. In addition, staff coordinated and exhibited at events, and provided information on the radio and television, and in many university, local, and regional publications. TOURS & PRESENTATIONS 1. Alpha Kappa Psi


Radio & TV stations support center activities with broadcasts and public service announcements: WIBW TV, KTKA TV, Sunny 102.5fm, KMAN 1350am, B104.7fm, K-Rock 101.5fm, KSAL News Radio 1150am, KJCK 1420am


K-State Women's Basketball: Play 4Kay Pink Night


K-State Open House


Alpha Kappa Psi BBQ, Ray's Apple Market (pg 29)


Tough Enough To Wear Pink activities: Chamber After Hours, Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser, Steak Fry & Auction, Pink Rodeo (pgs 26-27)


Purple Power Play on Poyntz


Pink Power Luncheon (pg 21)


Fabulous Feud fundraiser (pg 28)


Taste of Home Cooking School with Sunny 102.5fm at McCain Auditorium

2. Manhattan Country Club Ladies Golf Association 3. Topeka's Brewster Place Seniors (pictured)

4. HandsOn K-State 5. Manhattan Breast Cancer Support Group 6. Upward Bound (pictured)

7. Cats for a Cure

10. Healthy 11. KUCC

8. MHS Biology Classes

12. Tour

9. Topeka Shriners

13. Regier


Meet & Greet

de Ted Promotions: Manhattan Rotary Club, Manhattan City Park event, Topeka event (pg 28) Golf Tournament (pgs 24-25)

14. Bascom

10. Lafene Staff

15. Ft.

Accepting A Challenge 2012

Lecture (pgs 4 & 22)

Riley Spouse Club Bunko for the Cure (pg 30)

16. 'Pig

Out' honoring Shirley Olson (pg 31)

17. K-State


Moms & Babies Fair

HandsOn Learn & Serve Event (pg 32)

PINK POWER LUNCHEON The luncheon was held on October 12, 2012, Holiday Inn at the Campus, in Manhattan. The center

is pleased to work with cosponsor, Susan G. Komen for the Cure® on this very popular and educational event. Participants had lunch, and received a souvenir item, informational materials, and prizes. The keynote speech, Why Me?: A Breast Health Awareness Journey, was presented by Gayle Thomas, Executive Director of the Witness Project® of Kansas (WPK), Wichita, an affiliate of the National Witness Project, a breast and cervical cancer awareness, education and outreach program. Ms. Thomas' presentation discussed how we all are at risk for having to ask the question “why me?” She emphasized that a breast cancer diagnosis is not a death sentence. Her presentation covered breast health/cancer, early detection techniques and navigating the health care system with and without insurance.

Above: Kirsten Bruce (from Komen), Gayle Thomas and Marcia Locke (from the cancer center).

Above & Left: Many thanks to members of the Breast Cancer Support Group, Karen Spaeth, Mary Coroh and Janet Rice who helped register guests as they arrived.

Right: Sue Bath Dunn, Becky Klingler and Molly Sarvis. These ladies work hard all summer on Tough Enough To Wear Pink, so we were happy to have them enjoy the luncheon.

Above: Sue Haas, Kathy Leonard, Mickey Chance-Reay & Suzanne Otto.

Accepting A Challenge 2012


George S. Bascom Memorial Lecture The lecture series honors George S. Bascom, a local physician, poet and leader in the formation of the cancer center. Bascom felt it was important to inform researchers, physicians and the public about challenges faced in clinical medicine as well as in research. This year's lecture was presented in association with the 2012 university common book, The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, by Rebecca Skloot. The purpose of this campus wide reading program is to encourage new students to engage with good books and challenging ideas as they begin their college careers. Discussions about the book's content are encouraged in disciplines across campus as a way to build campus community and to welcome new students to the university. This year's topic was significant in the scientific and medical community and a perfect fit for Bascom's goals for these lectures. Henrietta Lacks' story has engendered world-wide debate, as well as legal action, and governmental intervention in the collection and use of biological material. Researchers of all kinds use her cells. Indeed, these cells have contributed to the advancement of treatment for many diseases, including cancer and polio.


Manager, Scientist, Cell Biology Program ATCC Yvonne Reid received her Ph.D. in Zoology from Howard University, Washington, DC, in 1986. Since 1980 she has been at American Type Culture Collection (ATCC) a private, nonprofit biological resource center and research organization whose mission focuses on maintaining and providing standard reference microorganisms, cell lines and other materials for research in the life sciences. Her doctoral research focused on using DNA-based approaches to identify human cell lines, and led to the implementation of routine screening of all such lines at ATCC and other cell banks. As a Collection Scientist for the Cell Biology Program for more than 10 years, she was responsible for the testing of new animal cell lines. Recently, she co-chaired an ATCC committee on the Development of a Consensus Standard for the Authentication of Human Cell Lines. October 10, 2012 — 7pm Forum Hall, K-State Union 22

Accepting A Challenge 2012

On Behalf of the Center The center is fortunate to receive support from many sources. The next few pages show organizations, businesses, and individuals who raised funds in 2012 for cancer research and education. Their ingenuity and willingness to help are essential to providing much needed resources to our faculty and student researchers.

Sunny 102.5fm & Coach Snyder Wildcat Challenge raised over $21,000 Sunny 102.5fm supports the center by providing free advertising, promoting our activities with public service announcements and live broadcasts, and sporting our logo on its van and website. Each fall since 1995, the station and Coach Bill Snyder have issued a Wildcat Challenge to raise funds for cancer research and education. The campaign starts at the Purple Power Play on Poyntz, a community pep rally to kick off the fall semester and celebrate K-State football.

RAISE THE ROOF event raised over $6,400 Many thanks to McDonald's owners Clark & Christy Linders! Each year they help promote the center with John Anderson, morning show host from Sunny 102.5fm. They encourage his rooftop antics, place donation boxes on their counter tops, and make a generous donation to the cause. These partners really make a difference. Every year, rain or shine, John does a 12-hour live broadcast from the Westloop McDonalds rooftop in Manhattan, to raise awareness and funds for K-State cancer research. This year was a cold, windy, dreary day, but John Above: John Anderson and Marcia stood his ground, as usual. Many Locke display the center's banner (notice the forbidding weather in the thanks to all the Wildcats who background!). answer his call for support! Ken Jennison and John Anderson present Katie George her Sunny 102.5fm & Coach Snyder Cancer Research Award at the banquet.


provides the printing and supplies for the letters and envelopes mailed to 5,500 wildcat fans each year!

2012 SUNNY PARTNERS! MANHATTAN, KS Briggs Auto Lane Briggs Used Car Super Center Cary Company Dick Edwards Hyundai Feldkamp’s Furniture

Film at Eleven Homecare & Hospice HuHot Mongolian Grill K-Scrubs K-State Credit Union Merry Maids Radio Shack

JUNCTION CITY, KS Champions Car Wash Dick Edwards Auto Plaza Geary Community Hospital

Accepting A Challenge 2012


15th Annual Rob Regier Memorial Golf Tournament raised nearly $22,000 Les and Sandy Regier have been hard-working partners of the center since they lost their son Rob to cancer. Rob and his twin brother Randy graduated from K-State, and the whole family are big wildcat fans. Their loss called them to action and in 1995 they started raising money for K-State cancer research.



($2,500) Manhattan





Cancer Research Center Advisory Council

Sandy & Les Regier Overland Park Jack & Donna Vanier Brookville

HOLE SPONSORS ($150) Steve Barbour Family Ray & Raena Borth Bob & Kathy Chesner Cobalt Boats, Paxson St. Clair Mark & Amy Dobbins Jad & Erin Gleue Larry & Wanda Gleue Peg McElhinney & JD Goodwin Grand Merè David & Deborah Harris Bruce & Kathy Johnston Kansas Farm Bureau Bob & Nancy McConnell John & Karen McCulloh Doug & Jody Meier Rick, Jalayne & Alston Nelson Nunns Construction Tom Nunns Dennis & Chris Olin 24

Mike & Lorene Oppy Linda & Missy Patton Pretz Farms, George & Marj Pretz

Prudential KC Realty Carol Chartrand

Les & Sandy Regier Jim & Cibyl Ronen Jack & Jenney Ryan Mark & Judy Schrock Joannie Sneed Stephens Advanced Woundcare Thad & Diana Stephens

The Trust Company Mark Knackendoffel

Bill & Marlene Trenkle Beth Winans & Brady Jerry & Jeny Williams Jatrice, Savanna & Evan Wyatt

Accepting A Challenge 2012

BANQUET Manhattan

SILVER ($500) K-State Credit Union, Man. Larry & Edie Dahlsten, Lindsborg Powercat Illustrated, Man. Shred-It, Rob Boyer, Olathe


of the


Abbott Laboratories Bud & La Donna Bailey Kevin & Brenda Harden Rich & Sheila Henry Jeff & Joy Konnesky Colin Leatch Pfizer, Inc. Bob & Kathy Sailors John Stonner

For the first time in the history of the tournament ... it rained and rained and rained. Participants were great sports. They waited out the storm and enjoyed the great view of the city and the course. The Regier family with the beautiful 15th anniversary cake. (left to right) Les & Sandy, Randy and his sons Andrew and Stan Crawford.

After a long wet wait, the carts took off and the weather took a fabulous Kansas change to perfect!

Denell's team (left to right) Dennis Olin Phillip Klebba Rob Denell Rob Huether Brent Benkelman

Golfers enjoyed beautiful blue sky and gorgeous sunshine later in the afternoon. Maggie Huether cheers daddy and grandpa (Denell) as they roll out to golf!

MANY THANKS TO: Sunshine in the background for the banquet was a perfect end to the day.


16th Annual Tournament Manhattan Country Club October 11, 2013


staff for their kind hospitality and assistance with this first tournament at their location.


for the "Hole-In-One-Car" and the Sig Ep brothers who volunteered at the tournament. Sadly, no one won the car!

K-State vs. Baylor. Oct 12th — Snyder Family Stadium Photos, winners and sponsors are at

Accepting A Challenge 2012


TOUGH ENOUGH TO WEAR PINK raised over $9,800 The Kaw Valley Rodeo Association joined Wrangler's Tough Enough To Wear Pink breast cancer awareness campaign in 2007, and chose to support research at our center. KVRA's pink rodeo, in July, caps off months of fundraising activities and events. Overall, they have raised $47,289! Many thanks to the sponsors and friends who donated funds, food, auction items, space, and their energy. Their support makes this project such a great success! Sandy Chandler Sue Bath Dunn Tom Dunn Char Henton


Barbara Finnegan Jane Houghton Janet & Harvey Kiser Becky Klingler

Gene & Sue Klingler Molly Sarvis Bobbi Schesser Sharon Tally



Innovative Livestock Service, Lee Borck provided steaks for the Steak Fry Blue Eagle Productions, Mike Herbel, DeSoto, TX provided logo T-shirts


Cox Brothers BBQ, Chef Drew Zink provided the food for the Spaghetti feed 1st Presbyterian Church provided the use of their Family Center for the dinner

COWBOY PINK $400-$999 Riley County Medical Society Schultz Construction Women's Health Group

ROSE $300-$399

Community First Bank

HOT PINK $200-$299

Burnett Automotive Shear Dynamics, Belinda Snyder The Diamond Connection 26

Accepting A Challenge 2012

PETAL PINK $100-$199 Michael & Barbara Finnegan Christie George Barry's Drug Center Dunne's Pharmacy UMB Bank The Dental Health Group

JUST PINK $50-$99 Jan & Steve Galitzer Dannenberg Jewelers


Jean Peterson Ruby & Brenda Platt Hillary & Scott Anderson Bill & Faye Kennedy Absolute Stitching, Sarah Galanville

VOLUNTEER GROUPS K-State Cancer Fighters Phi Eta Sigma Breast Cancer Support Group Sigma Alpha Steve & Carla Hoard

PINK EVENTS AND FUNDRAISERS SPAGHETTI BUFFET: Cox Brothers & Chef Drew Zink donated the wonderful food for over

225 people. Diners enjoyed the evening at the 1st Presbyterian Church's family center, that graciously donated the use of the space and equipment.

Guests enjoyed the great buffet, served by Chef Zink himself.

Hazel Zink provided great atmosphere with her music.

STEAK FRY: Folks enjoyed an evening of good food and fun at RC McGraws.

The auction was very successful — raising funds for Pink and for the rodeo association! This photo shows just the Pink part of the extensive auction selections.

PINK RODEO NIGHT: Folks came to see the rodeo events, participated in the balloon launch and tried to stay cool!

It was really hot, but our volunteers worked hard selling balloons and other pink items. The cowboys were really in the pink spirit and the action was awesome!

Accepting A Challenge 2012


Many individuals & organizations have special events to raise funds for the center. The cancer center is grateful to all of these folks for their creativity and dedication to the success of our researchers. "TOUR DE TED—13 Courses, 14 Days & Hundreds of Miles for Cancer Research in Colorado, Kansas and Missouri" by Edward Jones raised nearly $17,000 for our cancer center alone! Edward Jones supported the fundraiser with a $10,000 donation to our center, in addition to the $7,000 donated by individuals. The company's financial advisors were celebrating the life of the firm’s second managing partner, Ted Jones, and commemorating his unique vision for serving clients in rural communities. In 1960, Ted built a telegraph wire from St. Louis, Missouri to Pueblo, Colorado so that the many branch offices in small towns along its 1,500 mile path, could connect to the firm’s home office. The company lost this special friend, mentor and visionary to cancer. They designated several cancer related organizations in Kansas and Missouri to receive funds from the tour. In September, folks in this multi-state bicycle tour traced the path of Ted's telegraph wire, cycling and joining in the many activities at stops along the route. By establishing a special link for online giving, the Kansas organizers made it easy for participants and friends to make their donations to our center beginning in May. Some Kansas groups even created their own competitions, to encourage supporters to make their donations to cancer research at K-State in particular!


Accepting A Challenge 2012

K-STATE FABULOUS FEUD raised $700: A Business and Professional Speaking class at K-State, was given the task of creating a philanthropic fundraiser. The group was hoping to support an organization connected to our university. After talking to DJ Dave Lewis, they chose the cancer center. It fit exactly what they were looking for, especially because it directly benefits K-State students. On April 13, with Dave's help, they had a fun evening at the Manhattan Country Club playing his FEUD game. The students who organized the event were: Kyle Cook, Kyle Kennedy, Trenton Mein, Cara McGrath, Samantha Shirley, and Sande Williams. ANNUAL CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK BOWLING CLASSIC raised $2,100: Citizens National Bank of Greenleaf, with the help of Washington Bowl in nearby Washington, organized this two-day benefit tournament. Several years ago Brandon Vering and Brenda Nelson, from the bank, decided to use their enjoyment of bowling to support a cause. They had experienced cancer in their community and in their families, and Brandon loves K-State. They decided the Johnson Cancer Research Center was the perfect beneficiary for an annual tournament! 'PINK OUT' AT MANHATTAN H.S. LADIES BASKETBALL TEAM raised $150: For several years, this event has been held at MHS in memory of Coach Mall's wife Karen. They sell shirts and hold the special Pink Out event to highlight their fundraising efforts.

ALPHA KAPPA PSI, ALPHA OMEGA CHAPTER BBQ raised nearly $1,500: The K-State chapter of Alpha Kappa Psi business fraternity has partnered with the center for several years, raising funds in many creative ways. In 2012, they held a BBQ and gave away products donated by local area businesses. This co-ed fraternity's goal is to develop the business students of today into the business leaders of tomorrow, by involving them in a variety of service projects in the community. 'PINK NIGHT' AT INDEPENDENCE H.S. raised nearly $1,100: The school's girls basketball program held another cancer awareness night in January. The team wore pink, the cheerleaders held a little girls’ cheer clinic, and several activities were done to raise funds for the center, in memory of Brooklyn Butts. NZONE 'POWER OF PINK' PROMOTION raised $150: NZone Sportswear, in Manhattan, decided to promote the 'Power of Pink,' during August and September, in time for their clients to promote National Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October. The company donated 10% of gross sales on pink T-shirts and associated pink items.

BLUEVILLE NURSERY, INC. raised $920: Keith & Sherri Westervelt, owners of the Manhattan nursery, have been fundraising for the center for several years in memory of Keith's mom, Dorothy Westervelt. In April, they held their geranium and pink flower sale, offering patrons a discount for wearing pink to the event, encouraging them to make a donation to the center, and donating 10% of their weekend sales. TALL GRASS BREWING CO. raised $245: The Manhattan-based brewery sold pink versions of their brewery T-shirts. They donated a percentage of the proceeds of the sales. G. THOMAS JEWELERS, donated $3,000: The Manhattan jeweler held a gold collection and sale in October. The value of the recycled gold was donated to the center. Donors got a 40% discount on in-stock merchandise. USBC BWA CITY BOWLING TEAM, in Manhattan-Wamego raised $250: Carla Jacobia helped organize this fundraiser in memory of Catherine A "Kay" Sultzer.

Accepting A Challenge 2012


CATS FOR A CURE raised $500: This student organization raises funds to fight cancer throughout the year. Kelsey Hedlund presented Marcia Locke a check from a variety of fundraising activities.

NEW BEGINNINGS HAIRSTYLING raised over $250: Linda Collins, proprietor of the Manhattan salon organized the fundraiser and educational event in recognition of breast cancer awareness month. Clients made donations to the center and were entered in a drawing for a basket of beauty supplies. MANHATTAN BREAKFAST CLUB OPTIMISTS provided $350 to assist with distribution of Dr. Waddle activity books. The Optimists support all kinds of programs for children and have been helping Dr. Waddle spread his message for many years! MANHATTAN COUNTRY CLUB LADIES GOLF ASSOCIATION raised $1,000: We thank Elaine Haun and Susan Baxter and the association for their continuing support of the center. FREDONIA H.S. raised $500: Each year their women's basketball team holds a breast cancer awareness night with the help of Barbara Baker, FHS Pom Sponsor. During the evening there are special activities and sales. The donation is made in memory of Cathy Pryor.


Accepting A Challenge 2012

SMOKY VALLEY CHIROPRACTIC raised $1,240: Anniversaries are important to the Loder family. Dr. Darrel Loder, chiropractor, and his wife, Mari, celebrated the anniversary of their chiropractic clinic in Lindsborg, by holding a fundraiser for the center. This year they challenged their staff and patients to raise $1,000 and their reward...a clean shaven Darrel! BUNKO FOR A CURE raised $550: The Ft. Riley 'Our Community Spouse Club' held this event to raise funds for cancer research at K-State and to get blankets for patients at the Tammy Walker Cancer Center in Salina. This social, philanthropic and mentoring non-profit organization supports local military & community programs. They decided to do a breast cancer related event for the first time this year. C Bar H Farm & Home Do It Best raised $1,700: Brian Shaw, in Garden City, became a partner of the center a few years ago and sends a portion of his paint sales to support cancer research at K-State. SUB DEB SORORITY raised $1,000: Jenna Crusinberry, president, helped organize a series of fundraisers during the year for cancer research at K-State.

'PIG OUT FOR SHIRLEY' EVENT AND MANY PEOPLE HONORED SHIRLEY OLSON donating nearly $6,800 for cancer research: The College of Arts & Sciences honored their assistant to 10 deans and longtime friend who was lost to cancer this year. Shirley Olson will be remembered fondly by administrators, coworkers, students and friends as the woman who could answer any question and solve any problem. The college depended on her for everything for over 40 years. New deans learned that if they needed help all they had to do was "ask Shirley!" The college honored her with this fundraiser for a scholarship in her name and for the cancer center. Over $9,000 in donations was received for the scholarship fund, in addition to the nearly $6,800 for cancer research. Many people also made donations to the two funds through the all university fund drive and after her funeral.

THE MASON'S WISH CAMPAIGN raised nearly $10,400 THIS YEAR: Mason Wolfe, a teenage fundraising dynamo, was nine years old when her dad Fred was diagnosed with cancer. Since then, she has worked tenaciously to fund cancer research, selling candles and "Find It" games and working on many fundraisers. Mason has raised neary $64,000 since 2007! She has been recognized by a Denver television station, Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey, Western States Fire Protection Company, United Floor Company, and others, who have helped her raise research funds. Mason inspires many people with her desire to help conquer cancer. She and her parents established an endowed fund, assuring that her legacy of hard work and determination will be remembered by future generations of K-State cancer researchers.

Accepting A Challenge 2012


EVENTS THAT PROMOTE CANCER CENTER PROGRAMS AND RAISE CANCER AWARENESS We appreciate the support of groups that help raise awareness of cancer issues. These activities are an important service to the community, providing information for better health choices, encouraging attention to health risks and early detection options, as well as inform people about the center. K-STATE WOMEN'S VOLLEYBALL TEAM held its 2012 K-State 'Dig Pink' volleyball game vs. Texas Tech on Saturday, October 20th, in Ahearn Field House. The purpose of the 'Dig Pink' annual event is to raise breast cancer awareness. The center is invited to set up a display about cancer research at K-State.

MANHATTAN BROADCASTING CELEBRATES 'MO'VEMBER: This is the third year that K-ROCK and B104.7fm has joined the national effort to raise awareness of men's cancer issues and K-State cancer research. This project encourages men to grow moustaches in November. At the end of the month there are competitions and many fun events to celebrate men's good health. Many thanks to Manhattan Broadcasting for supporting this effort.

"LEARN & SERVE" WITH DR. WADDLE: As part of a new service week initiative, the center partnered with HandsOn K-State/Academic Mentoring, Alpha Delta Pi, and seven community organizations. Family Volunteer Week encouraged family members to volunteer together. On Saturday, Nov. 17, families had an opportunity to learn about cancer from a 'real live' Dr. Waddle, and work with K-State students to help St. Jude's Research Hospital (Memphis, TN) and Children's Mercy Research Hospital (Kansas City, MO). Families assembled "Hope Bag" craft kits for teen in-patients at both hospitals. The event took place at Eugene Field School, the Head Start site in Manhattan.


Accepting A Challenge 2012


Assistant to the Director

ROB DENELL, university distinguished professor of biology, works with center supporters and affiliated researchers to maximize the impact of gifts on K-State's fight against cancer. He administers the center's competitive funding mechanisms, fosters new collaborations among the scientists, and promotes new grant proposals for national support of faculty research. He also represents the center at the state and national levels, interacting with other anti-cancer organizations and advocating for K-State cancer research and education. Denell was associated with the Division of Biology at K-State from 1973-2012 and a researcher with the center since its inception.

ASSOCIATE DIRECTORS S. KEITH CHAPES, professor of biology, is an immunologist studying human intrinsic defenses against cancer. He also serves as Training/ Mentoring Coordinator for the Kansas Idea Network of Biomedical Research Excellence (K-INBRE), a program to attract undergraduates to enroll in graduate studies in the biological sciences at Kansas universities. MARK WEISS, professor of anatomy & physiology, studies new treatments for cancer patients. He is a Founding Fellow of the Midwest Institute for Comparative Stem Cell Biology at K-State, studying the use of stem cells from the umbilical cord matrix for treating cancer.

JAN GALITZER works with the director on program development and with donors on special projects, is responsible for office management and staff supervision. She is the center’s liaison with university administrative departments and the KSU Foundation. She designs and writes promotional materials.

Jan Galitzer, Marcia Locke, Betty Book, and Jean Bridges

Public Relations & Outreach Coordinator MARCIA LOCKE is responsible for publicity and community relations. Through such avenues as the media, community collaborations, and event coordination and participation, she works to raise awareness of the center and K-State cancer research, and cancer in general. She also writes and edits promotional materials and maintains the center's website. Sr. Administrative Assistant JEAN BRIDGES is responsible for the donor database, donations and donor communications. She manages data for special mail groups and registration for major events. She manages the staff calendar and printed materials, works with guests who use center facilities, and performs many other organizational tasks. Administrative Specialist BETTY BOOK is responsible for bookkeeping tasks, time and leave reporting, fund information management with the KSU Foundation and the Alumni Association, and maintaining data related to awards and expenditures. She is responsible for supplies and inventory, and assists with donor files and correspondence with departments about awards.

ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR OF DEVELOPMENT DAVID SPAFFORD, KSU Class of '90 in Political & Social Science has joined the cancer center team. He most recently worked at the Oklahoma State Foundation as Sr. Director of Development for the School of Business. For twenty years prior to becoming an academic fundraiser, he raised major gifts for athletics at the University of New Mexico, Arkansas State, Wichita State, UMKC and K-State, and he coached football at Manhattan High in the late ‘80's. David said, "Kansas State University is a continually growing and dynamic University that provides great opportunities academically for its students, faculty and staff and for the State of Kansas." We look forward to his re-dedication to supporting K-State, the cancer center and our vision for the future. Accepting A Challenge 2012


Endowed Funds We thank these supporters for their belief in the limitless possibilities of the scientific future and the cancer researchers at K-State. Their commitment is inspiring to the scientists and students of today, and will surely benefit generations of young minds far into the future.


1997 Roger & Virginia Reitz

2005 Wayne & Nancy Cottril John & Kathryn Mollet Jack & Donna Vanier

1988 2000 Sandra Emley Jane Floersch Catherine Flinchbaugh in Ervin & Marleen Gnadt 2007 memory of Jeff Flinchbaugh Loren & Sandy Koch 2002 Anonymous K-State alumna 1991 Michael Michel Mark Jones 2011 2004 Joseph & Ronda Cook 1994 Gary & Carolyn Haden Earl Kvasnicka Marvin & Myrtle Jones in Warren R Rolf Memorial honor of Glenn Dallas Curtiss James Ronen & Cibyl Teichman Ronen

Becoming a partner in the scientific research of the future... These endowed funds ensure that the legacy of these people will support K-State’s cancer research far into the future. There are many ways that you can create a partnership with cancer researchers. We invite you to contact us today and find out how to get involved. Cash gifts Memorial gifts Real estate Annuities Trusts Life insurance Bequests Securities

YOU can make a difference! Contact David Spafford, Assoc. Director of Development KSU Foundation Center, 2323 Anderson Ave, Manhattan, KS 66502 1-800-432-1KSU Cell: 785-477-7657


Accepting A Challenge 2012

ACTIVE CANCER RESEARCH FUNDS 1979 Paul & Jeanne Schroeder Memorial 1980 Dr & Mrs Neal F Morehouse Cancer & Parasitology 1981 Basic Cancer Research Center Elizabeth Circle Garver James Garver John Haymaker Memorial 1983 Roy & Catherine Johnson Memorial Michael Lukert Memorial

Rodney A Nemechek Research & Education Clarice M Painter Philip “Woody� Woodward Memorial 1994 Charles Dominy Marvin Luttges Memorial June Hull Sherrid Scholarship 1995 Helen L Graves Family Cancer & Heart Rob Regier Memorial Sunny 102.5fm & Coach Bill Snyder

Ken & Rosemary Visser Undergraduate Research 2005 Dale Augustine Memorial Hair Experts Bert Klingler Alden Krider Mary & Jim Lindquist and Karolyn & Ron Tacha 2006 Wyman & Elizabeth Clark Steven Cutright Ellery by Beth Montelone Jerome Lueers Family Zelma Miller Dale & Joan Evans Nordstrom

1984 1996 2007 Fraternal Order of Eagles Thomas Lewis McCarter Family KS American Legion Auxiliary Minnis & Helen Nelson Kansas NAPUS Don Marrs 2000 Willie Sisson by Carol Muriel Alcorn Memorial 1988 Hellen Herbel Callaway Memorial & Lowell Regehr Edward & Lucille McCosh Gwendolyn Tinklin Memorial Wayne & Nancy Cottril Memorial Mary Ann & Terry Johnson 2008 1989 Memorial Gladys Hoerman Llewelyn Richard & Barbara Consigli Joanne Reeves Gwendolyn & Louis Richter Memorial Graduate James & Sue Ryan Sr Family Mahlon Wheeler Research & Education Research & Education 2009 Carol Wagner Memorial 1990 Myrtle & Evelyn Bryan Maude Crandall Research 2001 2010 & Education Alice Fiedler Janice & David von Riesen Lee & Selma Fent Research Regina Hudiburg Lincoln & Dorothy Deihl & Education Dr John Massey 2011 1991 2003 Joseph & Ronda Cook Kenneth Bassett Memorial Phil & Margaret Howe Homer & Marilyn Lindsay Graduate Research Lillie Lafene Building Memorial & Education 2012 Martha Brill Education 2004 Mason's Wish & Outreach Alice Fiedler Distinguished Charles & Doris Setterquist Professor 1993 James & Kathryn Haymaker George Bascom Research Karen Eileen Jones Prevette & Education Memorial Accepting A Challenge 2012


A Tribute These are the names of people who have been honored by friends and loved ones through donations to the center in 2012. We are especially in debt to the families who designate the center for donations and we appreciate your kind consideration at a difficult time. We join in this tribute.

In Honor John Anderson McDonalds Rooftop Fundraiser

Johnson Cancer Research Center Staff

New Beginnings Hairstyling Salon

Darrel Boutz

Kaw Valley Rodeo Association Tough Enough To Wear Pink

Karen Nickel-Creusere

Jeanne Burdett Mike Burdett Bernie Butler Glen Carlton Gayle (Cardwell) Cline Gordonna Cole's Recovery Maynard Cox Robert L Dannebohm Gordon Dowell Nadine Edie's Birthday Sara Erickson Karen Ericson Becky Filbert Our Community Spouse's Club Ft Riley Coleen Gale Sabrina Glenn Erma Goering Helen L Graves Dianne Heins Carroll V Hess Family Art Holbrook Independence HS Gina Jennings Eileen Jesse


Victoria Kirkham Janet Kiser Eugene Gene Klingler Sue Klingler Larry D Kneller's Recovery Cyndi Smith Knudson Susan Kolzow Cinda Krenzin Jean Linder Leslie Lines Darrel Loder, Smoky Valley Chiropractic

Kenneth Nicely Dale & Joan Nordstrom Family Shirley Olson Positive Air LLC Barbara Pretzer Marilee Puls Janet Rice Jim Ronen's Recovery Jillyn Peters Schmidt Alvena Spangenberg Ken Spangenberg Sub-Deb Sorority Survivors

Beverly Lueers

Nolen Taton

Brittany Mai

Tour de Ted, Ride The Wire

Jeff Mai

Robert Updyke

MHS West Campus Tribe Club

All Washington County Citizens

Janet McDougal

Mary Westfall

Nadine McDougal

Marilee Whelan

Jim Miller

Elizabeth Meier Willets' Recovery

Sandy Miller

Delores Winfough's Recovery

Larry Mix

Fred Wolfe

Jeannine A Mock

Mason Wolfe's Wish

Marjorie Mock

Shirley Wood

Connie Myers N Zone Sportswear

Accepting A Challenge 2012

In Celebration Melody Aldrich Kim Beckham Kyle & Jenny Bridges' 2nd Wedding Anniversary Christmas Debbie Dalke's Birthday Hunter James Kozak's Arrival

Amber & James Kozak's 6th Wedding Anniversary

Daniel Tamura's Birthday Hana Tamura's Birthday

K-State Fabulous Fued

Hamilton Tsen Manhattan Country Club Ladies Cathy Verschelden Golf Association Matt Verschelden Phi Eta Sigma Jillyn Peters Schmidt's Birthday Jonathan Stepp

Dr Waddle

Daniel Winter

In Memory Dorothy Ackerman

Harriet Cornelia (Grote) Beatty

Robert Louis Bob Boozer

Jack J Adolph

Frances Stumpff Beaver

Brooklyn Leann Botts

Lana S (Marler) Alexander

Betty Marie Bechard

Dorothy Dee Bowling

Weesam Kassim Alkhatib

Judy Kay Beck

Judia Judy Darlene Boyett

All Who Have Lost The Fight

Kenneth R Berg

Betty Boyle

Bill Allen

Mary Jane Janie (Knobbe) Berning Harold Bracelin

Dayton E Allen

Robert Frederick Berning

Harris E Bredesen

Leota Jean (Ball) Allen

Billy Lee Bevard

Billy Lee Brevard

Donna Jean Anderson

Kelly Beymer

Wilma D Brewer

John P Anderson

Henry Biehl

Daryl Brock

Denise Ann

Grant D Bigler

Robert L Brown

Dale Brinkley Brink Arnold

William Billingham

Ralph D Bryson

Barbara Ann Atha

Marian Billingham

Irma M Buchele

Lessie Lee (Lutrell) Atwood

Anna Jean Bingham

Ron D Bullard

Dale Augustine

William Howard Bishop

Franklin A Buller

Connie Sue Bailey

Carolee Anna (Miller) Blair

Betty Carolyn (Frady) Burgess

James Lewis Balding

Lyle Dewayne Blanchard

Linda Patricia Burkett

Jack Dillian JD Bales

Clark Blockcolsky

Virgil Bill Burr

Larry Ballou

Emily Jeanne Bode

Margaret Burtis

George S Bascom

Jacqualine Lea Boeka

Orville Brown Burtis Jr

Jane Bascom

Barbara Lynn Bogart

Robert W Bob Bush

KF Bascom

Emma Louise (Tharp) Watson Bondie

Melvin Cales

Gina Marie Ross Boo

Jacquelyn Adele Cammarn

Loren Batchman Nancy Evans Baumgarten

Willetta M Callahan

Accepting A Challenge 2012


William Thomas Will Canan

Phyllis Jo Corey

Patti Eidson

Jan (Beddow) Carlisle

Felix Paul Corley


Charles R Carlson

Suzanne Couch

Sharon Ellis

Frank Robert Carpenter

Dean Coughenour

Terry Lee Ellis

Alice Carpenter

Barbara E Cragg

Ruth Maurine (Kubler) Elliston

Frank R Carpenter

Bonieta Lou Craig

LE Gene England

Roberta Carter

Mary Helen Cross

Keith Engle

Angelia Grace Marie Angie Chadwell

Evelyn N. Cruzan

Douglas D Doug Engstrom

Joyce Chalkley

Glenn Dallas Curtiss

Pippy Engstrom

Takako Tak Dalluge

John R Evans

Donna Louise Daniels

Linda Alison Evans

Claire Dauer

Lawrence J Larry Faflick

Margaret Ann (Smith) Davey

Gustave Edmund Gus Fairbanks

Lee Davis

Beverlee Ann Fairchild

Dale D Dayhoff

Family & Friends

Phillip Dean

Mary Geraldine Jerry (Baumgardner) Faubion

Clifford Chance Herbert Chance Ida Chance Suzanne C (Peralta) Chance Glenn Channell William G Chase Beta Lea Clagett Lynn Clark

John P deLain

Mike Clark

Aileen (Vining) Denholm

Don Clary Lila Ellen (Edwards) Clary Class of 1955 Naomi Dandridge Clay Wayne Douglas Coffelt Eunice Cohen William J Bill Cole Pearlie Fay (Bradley) Comp Nancy Sue Laughton Conner Richard Conner Barbara Consigli Richard Dick Consigli Juanita Cook Audrey Jean Cordell


Dorothy Deihl

Loretta Lillian DeSandro Tyrel Lee Tye Dieball Irene V Diedrick Virginia L Dittemore Robert William Donaldson Audrey Lucille Dorsch Sharon Dozier Francis James Dugan Margaret Dumler Lawrence Larry Dale Duncan Ruth Aletta Dvorak David Eckert Charles H Eddy Charlotte L Edelman

Accepting A Challenge 2012

Vivian E Fawl Robin A Feeley Dennis Leo Ferguson Buford Ferron LaVita Ferron Bill L Fielder Judy Kay (Stowell) Figge Karen G Figge Jerry Foltz Tiny Foltz Benjamin Hebel Ben Ford Paula Bridgid Ford Esteline (Nunnery) Frazier Terry Lee Frederick John Edward Freeman Rachel Helen Funk

Darrel Dee Gale

Mark Dale Hall

Loyce Derald Doc Jernigan

Monte Gale

Margaret Hamann

Paul C Jessen

Charles Galitzer

Margaret R Hannah

Elizabeth Betty Johnson

Edythe Galitzer

Darrel R Hanson

Catherine Kitty Johnson

Debbie Bertaud Gandar

Glenn E Hardesty

Clifford Cliff Johnson

Thoran Gatterman

Bud Harenchar

Edythe Johnson

Ila M (Godfrey) George

Marjorie Harenchar

Geraldibe Gerry Johnson

Eugene Gering

Jack Haymaker

Jarrett J Jerry Johnson

James Gieber

Jennie Haymaker

Kathy Johnson

Lois Gieber

Ralph Vincent Heng

Leland H Johnson

Scarlett S Gill

Bud Heroff

Mary Ann Johnson

Armand D Gingles

Betty Hershey

Raymond Ray Johnson

Marianne P Gledhill

Larry D Hewitt

Roy A Johnson

Evelyn Totsy Goar

Devin Wayne Hickman

Terry C Johnson

William Bill Godfrey

Eleanor Fern Hickman

Laurinda Kay (Bastian) Jones

Jack Goldstein

Gordon Gordie Hinchcliffe

Larry Earl Jones Sr

Eugene J Gene Golec

James E Hoff, Society of Jesus

Kyle Austin Junghans

Dona Mae Gottsch

Charlene M Hogue

Marie Ann Kaberline

Doris F Graham

Sandra Sue Holdsworth

Katie Reve Kalmer

Charlotte Graham

Dora A Holliday

Jonathan Kampfe

Ross Graham

Evelyn Hooper

Kristi Karr

Esther Toburen Greenegard

Arlene Agnes Hopkins

LaVon E Kats

Jim Grey

Donna Horton

Helen L Kaufholz

Margaret Bayer Grimm

Donald Huddleston

Leo G Kaufholz

Grace Griffis

Joel William Huelsmann

John W Jack Kelman

LaVon Marie Griffith

Katharine (Ryals) Humphreys

Oscar John OJ Keltz

John Grimm

Donald Deviere Hunter

Bill Kendall

Ethel A Guliford

Heather R Hurtig

Jay P Kenney

Vicki Ann Gwartney

Jim Isaac

Jack F Kersting

Gary Haas

Judy Kay Isaac

Donald A Don Kesinger

Robert F Hagans

Stanley Iverson

Robert R Kibler

Louis Dean Hank Hale

Frances Ruth James

Janice Kientz

James E Hall

Richard L Jepsen

Virginia D Kimzey

Accepting A Challenge 2012


Sue Kinnick

Betty Ann (Powell) Lofgreen

Leo J McNeill

Walt Kinsey

Elva Lorenz

Justin Wayne McNish

Janet Kinzler

Loren J Loucks

Anne Louise McPherson

Bert Klingler

Ernie Love

Joe Meier

Richard A Klover

Tracy Michael Loyd

Michael Meier

Gerald E Jerry Knowles

Jerome Lueers

Garry Franklin Melville

Virginia Carolyn (Knauer) Kobett

Lois Lueers

Dean E Metcalf

Takeko Iida Koike

Ernest O Ernie Lukert

Myrna M Michler

Maxine Koon

Garth Lukert

Romaine Marie Millick

Carolee (Orme) Krase

Michael F Lukert

Bryson Mills

Prakash Krishnaswami

Brenda Hemken Lumpkins

Elmer Mock

Donald W Kuite

Debra R Lundberg

Ray Mock

Dale T Lackey

Mark J Lyon

Ruth Mock

Shirley Ann Lakin

Larry Dean Madden

Emily (McKigen) Monitor

Lori D Lamb

Eric Mai

Phil Moore

Georgia K Larmore

Karen J Mall

Lisa Morgan

Vivian Janice Larson

Jim Louis Marchesi

Donald D Morton

Brenda Jean (Odle) Laughlin

James Frank Marr

Marjory Lee (Marvin) Mortvedt

Lucille Leeds

Don Marrs

Stephen Morz

LaVern Charles Leonard

Paul Martin Jr

Anna Moulton

Dwight W Leopold

Daniel Nicolas Nick Mascareno

Hollis G George Moulton

Robert D Lester

Frances L Matteson

Bill Mumma

Harry Levine

Barbara Bobbie Matthews

Richard Munday

Rhoda Levine

Clarence E McConnaughy

Mary Murphy

John P Lignitz

Edward W McCosh

Walter Myer

Rita K Lind

Lucille McCosh

James Taylor Myers

Homer Lindsay

Dennise Ann McCurdy

Glenn Nagel

Marilyn Lindsay

Bruce Lee McDonald

Mrs Glenn Nagel

Dale E Linin

Martha McHenry

Evelyn Maxine Nelson

Roger F Litton

Marty McHenry

John Taylor Nelson

Gary E Livengood

Shirley J McKinzie

John Williams Nelson

Martha A Livesay

Alan Drew McMillan

Laura J Nelson

Jon Ryan Loder

Marvin McMillan

Merle W Bill Nelson


Accepting A Challenge 2012

Rodney A Nemechek

William Arthur Reynolds

Jean Schwerdtfeger

Alan C Newberry

Judy Ribelin

Betty A Scott

Marie Newell

Jack Lee Rice Jr

Doris M Setterquist

Frank Niles

Beth Rich

Clarence Shandy

Hugh Ed Noland

Gary V Riedy

Lee E Shank

Harold L Olsen

Mildred Ringel

Harold G Shankland

Shirley L Olson

Charles Edward Roberts

Mary Elizabeth Betty Shankland

Catherine Elaine Kay O'Mara

L Dean Roberts

Betty Lee Shawgo

Belva Jo BJ Orbison

Loretta Ann Salava Rodriguez

Junior Arthur Shields

John Oswald

Victor Rohling

Jack A Shumard

Lizzie Louvene Pack

Clinton Rollenhagen

Ken Sieloff

Deloma Dee Pangerl

Sandra Ross

Maxine Sisson

Janice Pankratz

Wayne Ross

Willie Sisson

Jack E Park

Renita (Horton) Rothe

Nicole L Sloan

Bonnie Lynn Parker

Celia Rundquist

Cynthia Cindy Smith

Jane Riley Pendry

Jack Runkle

Ida M. (Anno) Hall Smith

Eloyce Pettijohn

Marguerite E Russ

James E Smith

William D Peverley

James Jim Ryan Sr

Lois E Smith

Robert Phalen

Gary Saathoff

Richard Allen Smith

Charles J Pickell

Denise Ann Salisbury

Virginia L Smith

Ruby Pilgrim

Thomas Michael Tom Sarwark

Warren H Smith

Leland Dean Piper

Hazel Irene Sass

Dail Smith's Father

Shelley Coach (Woodar) Poynter

Eugene L Gene Sayler

Hugh E Snyder

Karen E (Jones) Prevette

Juanita Schafer

Jacob Jake Sorch

Cathie Pryor

Glenn K Scheuerman

Carol Sue Sorensen

Myrna Marie Rabe

Kenneth Schmid

Alvena L Spangenberg

Larry Dean Radabaugh

Ralph Schmidt

Patricia Ann Spears

Leola Mae Ramsey

Wanda Schmidt

Charles R Speck

Barbara Rapoza

Paul M Schmitt

Bob St John

Joanne L Reeves

Harold David Schneider

Don Starnes

Rob Regier

Marguerite M Schneider

Don Stehley

Leonard L Renyer

Sally Schroeder

Rudy J Stejskal

James E Jim Resch

Patricia A Pat Schultz

Alan C Stephen

Accepting A Challenge 2012


Sarah Ann Sally Steuart

M Dean Tucker

Joyce R White

Ungela A Strahm

Verlan Tucker

Edwin L White Jr

Patricia A Trish Strickland

Rosemary Twitty

Kathleen J Whittaker

Dean R Stroda

Bernard L Ulrich

Dorothy Wicks

Mildred Leach Stumpff

Alfred Bud Umscheid

Karl Wilhelmy

Delbert J Stumpff

United Commercial Travelers Passed

Marie Wilhelmy

Steve J Upton

Andy Williams

Mrs Delbert Stumpff Catherine A Kay Sultzer Leonard Swallow Paulene Swallow Cecil Jay Swatzell Janet M Sweat Joseph Mark Joe Tappehorn Floyd O Temple Connie Sue Tenbrink Coleen Ruth (Fowles) Terry Jerry Doyle Thomas Kenneth Thompson Wilbur G Bill Thompson Darlene Thurman Lois Tillinghast Jacob Jake D Tjaden Mary Ellen Tomich Ralph Topliff Ernest H Touhey Dale H Tracy Mr Trahan Mrs Trahan Carl Mark Travillion Mary Ann (Faber) Travis Cho Ching Tsen Po Kwei Tsen Doris Tucker


Rienk R van der Ploeg Janice Elaine Van Tuchelt Sally A Vaughan Deborah Ann Vaught Clifford Veatch Darlene Veh Brian E Vining Ila Vining Dorothy L Voigt Joan P Voth Gladys Ward Henry G Wassenberg Clyde E Wassom John L Watkins Clyde W Watson Susan Waugh Helen Elizabeth (Kidd) Webb John H Jack Weber Maurice J. Weckerling Jean Weeast Ruby Ann Wendling Edward Richard Ed Wentworth Georgia Wertzberger Dorothy Westervelt Mahlon Wheeler

Accepting A Challenge 2012

Richard Dick Wilhelmy Judy (Conrad) Williams Otis Ot Winfough Wayne Winfough Carl Dean Wingfield Wilma Winter Eileen Elizabeth Wirt Joseph Wirt Fred Wiruth Helmut Wituk Earl Wohler Margaret Wolfe Linda Wood Claude L Woodard Gladus Elizabeth Woodside Philip D Woody Woodward Estle Orville Worcester Mary Lou Wright Mariana Wurtz Donnie L Wyant Hildegard Anna Hilda Yadon John E Yoxall

2012 Contributors You have partnered with our scientists and students in their efforts to eradicate cancer. Your support helps them develop a clearer understanding of the basic nature of these complex diseases and address the need for new prevention and treatment strategies. With your help, this research is creating new drug and other therapies in the clinical sector.

Thank you! Individuals Jasmin Patell & Christer Aakerรถy Manhattan Lonnie & Marlene Abel, Garfield Lee & Barbara Abitz, Emmett George & Wilma Ackerman Sabetha Larson Acres, McPherson Dennis & Ilene Adams, Manhattan Jackie Adams, Council Grove Kenneth & Wilma Jo Adams Manhattan Larry & Barbara Adams Council Grove Michael & Alice Adams Council Grove Stephen & Christine Adams and Troy JR & Debbie Adcock, Hiawatha Coburn & Deanna Adkins Janet Marsh & Marsha Grunewald, Green Carol Adolph, Manhattan Carl & Elsie Affolter, Morganville Joseph & Genia Sue Agnew St George Yama Ahmadullah, Arlington, VA Joseph & Shelley Aistrup Manhattan

( Donors are from cities in Kansas unless otherwise noted.)

Douglas & Jan Albrecht, Salina

Mark & Vergie Anderson, Kinsley

Les & Sue Alderman, Lyons

Norman & Malinda Anderson Indianola, IA

David & Melody Aldrich Overland Park

Peggy Anderson, Manhattan

Vernon & Donna Aldrich Molly, Jim, Connie & Arec Aldrich, Council Grove

John Anderson, Sunny102.5fm Rooftop Fundraiser at McDonalds, Manhattan

Lana Alexander

Carl & Rosalind Andreas North Newton

Loren & Donna Alexander Manhattan

Delbert & Caro Anno, Tecumseh

Dell & Joyce Allen, Derby

Kyle Antignini, Bithany, OK

J Robert Allen, Abilene

Steven & Denise Appelhanz Topeka

Joyce Allen, Manhattan Shirley Allen, Coffeyville Dorothy Almquist, La Crosse

Joseph & Daralyn Arata Manhattan

Barbara Arensman Snyder Karmon & Mary Anne Almquist Hutchinson Lindsborg Steven & Deann Armagost Darrel Altwegg, Manhattan Andover Robert & Linda Ames, Chanute

T James & Kathleen Armatys Great Bend

Deanna Amstein & Al Thompson Morgan Armbruster, Manhattan Manhattan Carolyn Andersen & Friends Shawnee

John & Ann Armstrong Parkville, MO

Debbie Anderson, Clifton

Lois Arnold, Fair Oaks, CA

Delbert & Erma Anderson White City

James Arpin, Manhattan

John Anderson, Abilene

Sidney & Emily Arpin Hutchinson Accepting A Challenge 2012


Tom Arpin, Manhattan

Winifred Barker, Clay Center

Marie Artim, University City, MO Mary Barkley, West Newton, MA Dean & Carolyn Athey Columbus, NE Terry & Janell Atkinson Manhattan Almita Augustine, Salina Andrew & Jackie Augustine Lima, OH Cindy Augustine Kansas City, MO David Simmons & Carol Augustine, Salina Mark & Rebecca Augustine Salina Jack & Lelya Austin South Hutchinson Monty Averite, Clay Center Bob & Becky Avery, Olsburg Steve Baccus, Minneapolis Bob & Gladys Bagby, Hutchinson Betty Lou Bailey, Manhattan Bud & La Donna Bailey Neodesha Barbara Baker, Fredonia Richard & Shirley Baker Manhattan Chuck Jackson & Mimi Balderson, Manhattan

Maurene Barnes, Onaga Mike & Cindy Barnhart Manhattan Robert & Sue Baron Charles City, IA Tim & Cathy Barr, Manhattan Ernie & Bonnie Barrett Manhattan Roger & Janice Barrons Manhattan Todd & Janet Barrows Manhattan Janet Bartel, Manhattan Gailand & Bettye Jo Bartlett Dodge City Charles & Kay Bascom Manhattan George & Roxanne Bascom Kearney, NE Mary Bastian, Coffeyville Sandra Bateman, Wichita Earl & Kathryn Baugher Manhattan Steve & Susan Baxter, Manhattan Brent & Amy Bayer, Manhattan Burke & Margery Bayer Manhattan

LaVerne & Mary Ballou, Delphos Max & Sue Bayer, Manhattan Russell & Kathleen Ballou Manhattan Steve & Brenda Barbour Leawood Patrick Bardsley, Tulsa, OK Donis Barker, Beaumont, CA 44

Lena Beattie, O'Fallon, MO Frances Beaty, Manhattan Steve & Susan Bechard, Clifton Joe & Coleen Beck, Manhattan Charles Becker, Clearwater Darrin Becker, Lenexa

Accepting A Challenge 2012

Robert & Rebecca Beckley Manahattan Harold & Wilma Beckman, Paul, Linda, Susan, Mike, John & Thea, Phillipsburg Peggy Beery, Maize Sandy & Heather Beeser Manhattan Carl & Nicki Behr & Boys St John Gerald Behr, St John Jordan & Kari Bell, Hutchinson Twila Bell, Manhattan Brent & Virginia Benkelman Manhattan Joyce Sue Bennett, Chicago, IL Shirley Benteman, Clifton Bruce & Marilyn Benyshek, Salina Craig & Michelle Beran, Claflin Charles & Dody Berg Westmoreland Eugene & Debbie Berges, Onaga Lyle & Phyllis Berges, Wamego Lavina Berner, Norman, OK Roxie Berning, Marienthal Rick & Melanie Berry, Manhattan C Dean & Patricia Bertholf Anthony A Cory & Anne Bertie Independence John & Coralea Bevan, Newton Kristy Bever, Wamego Shawnna Bieberle, Lyons John & Vicki Bieberly, Manhattan Mary Biehl, Bettendorf, IA

Robert & Charlene Bierly Overbrook Fred & Colleen Biesemeyer Topeka Virginia Bigbee, Manhattan Kristina Bigelow, Manhattan

John & Elsie Bock, Elmdale

Rodney & Sondra Bracelin St Francis

Galen Boehme, Offerle

Dean Bradley, Wichita

Rickey & Lisa Boeschling Waterville

Eunice Bradley, Manhattan

Mickey Bogart, Manhattan

Max & Mark Branfort, Clifton

Don & Rosemary Boggs Walter & Marjorie Bigham, Vassar Manhattan

Roger & Doris Brannan Manhattan

Wilma Bigler, Junction City

Rodney & Beth Bohn, Manhattan Charlotte Brantley, Hays

Dale Billam II, Manhattan

Jack & Dee Bolding, Manhattan

Andrew & Belinda Braun, Russell

Greg & Lorie Billingham Charleston, SC

Jean Boline, Topeka

Sterling Braun, Manhattan

Mark & Karen Boling, Topeka

Gertrude Breault, Concordia

Sarah Boller, Louisville, CO

Mary Bredemeier, Denver CO

Carol Bolyard, Osage City

Carol Bredesen & Family Manhattan

Patricia Binek-Singer, Indianola, IA Don & Helen Bingham, Novi, MI Byron & Donna Bird, Liberal Greg & Alicia Bird, Liberal John Bish, Houston, TX Joyce Bixby, Assaria Jeff & Karma Black, Abilene D Jay & Amy Blackwood Manhattan David Blanchard, Ft Collins, CO Mitch & Shelly Blanding, Lenexa Elsie Blanka, Junction City Elmer & Roxie Blankenhagen Exton, PA Paul & Kathy Blasing, Topeka Earl & Roann Blauer, Hays Terry & Lisa Blide, Hays Larry & Candace Blomenkamp Emporia Debra Blomquist, Salina Hilliard Bloom, Scottsdale, AZ Steve & Pat Bloomfield, Clifton Richard & Cynthia Blount Marion

Betty Book, Manhattan

Roger Brewer, Montgomery, AL

Rosalyn Borchers, Ellinwood

Tharon Brey, Whiting

Gary & Charla Bornholdt Hutchinson

Kyle & Jenny Bridges, Manhattan

Carlos & Mootjarin Borrero Haymarket, VA

Rich & Jean Bridges, Manhattan

Ray & Raena Borth, Leawood Stefan & Katharine Bossmann Manhattan Rheva Boswell, Onaga

Elsie Briscoe, Hutchinson Joyce Brite, Manhattan Craig & Glenda Broadbent Wichita Maryan Brock, Kinsley

Darrel & Dorothea Boutz Manhattan James & Nancy Bowman, Liberal Shane & Misty Bowman, Salina John & Lora Boyer, Manhattan Rob Boyer, Olathe

Barry, Kasee, Brighton & Everett Broeckelman Brooks, Emily, Grant & Finn Broeckelman Robert & Mary, Broeckelman and Family, Wichita Billie Broils, Larned

Benjamin & Carrie Boyle Manhattan

Darrell & Louanna Brooks Manhattan

David & Janis Boyle Raymond, NH Janis Boyle and Stuart, Stacey & Sharon, Exeter, NH

David & Sherri Brown Woodland, CA Greg & Robin Brown, Alta Vista

Accepting A Challenge 2012


Ralph & Anna Lou Brown Mullinville Sue Brown, Manhattan Gregory & Jill Brungardt Berryton Dean & Jan Brunsel Bill & Marilyn Wheeler and Dan & Jo Evers

John & Sandy Butler, Manhattan Lyle & Christeene Butler Manhattan

Ernie & Peggy Chaffain, Hartford

Jaret & Julie Byer, Stafford

Donna Chance, Wathena

Joe Byer, Stafford

Michealine Chance-Reay Manhattan

Kevin & Teri Byrne, Shawnee Brent & Darci Cain, Wamego

Ruth Bryson, Overbrook

Tom & Doris Cain Little Rock, AR

Mike & Shelly Buchanan Manhattan

Pamela Catlin, Lone Tree, CO

D & Jennifer Byarlay, Randolph

Gail Bryan, Livermore, CA John & C Jane Buchanan Orinda, CA

Lawrence & Sherry Casey South Hutchinson

Mac & Andrea Callaham Jr Carlton, GA

Virginia Channell, Loveland, CO Preston & Diana Chapel Manhattan Keith Chapes, Manhattan Larry & Judy Chaput, Clifton

Betty Campbell, Manhattan

Steve Charlander

Orville Buchheim, Topeka

Dorothy Campbell, Yates Center

Rick Charles, Centennial, CO

Frank & Margaret Mary Buchman, Alta Vista

Dorothy Campbell & Family Westmoreland

Harold & Carole Chartier, Clyde

Steven & Barbara Buck Marysville

Matt Cannon, Glendale, MO

Leann Buethner, Augusta

Danny & Donna Carley, Wamego

MM & Muckatira Chengappa Manhattan

John & Lynn Carlin, Manhattan

Bob & Kathy Chesner, Austin, TX

William & Susan Bunyan Dodge City Bradley & Linda Burgess Wamego Orley Burgess, Evergreen, CO William & Doris Burnett Manhattan William & Marva Burr, Kinsley Rosemary Burroughs, Manhattan Stan & Debra Buseman, Riley

Gary & Macel Caplinger, Larned

Carol Chartrand, Olathe James & Nova Chase, Manhattan

John & Sydney Carlin Manhattan Theodore & Judith Christian Garden Grove, CA DJ Carlson Doris Christiansen, and Jerry Carlson, Olathe Thelma Galen, Erma & Edna Columbus Mary Carlson, Osage City Donald Clagett, Manhattan Yolanda Carmichael Scaremento, CA Mary Ann Clair, Lewis Warren & Shirley Carnahan Wamego

Aaron & Mildred Clark, Logan Alan & Sharon Clark, Manhattan

Vivian Bush North Hollywood, CA

Charla Carnes, Parkville, MO

Larry Butel, Overbrook

Kenny Dean & Christine Carter Altoona

Lorena Clark, Junction City

Jean Case, Marion

Gayle Cline, Honoulu, HI

Bernie & Sherry Butler Manhattan C Michael & Connie Butler Manhattan 46

Keith & Joanne Carr, Manhattan

Gregory & Carol Clark Minnetonka, MN Shawna Clarke, Lyons

Mark & Patty Casebeer, Lindsborg John & Annette Cline, Onaga

Accepting A Challenge 2012

Leon Cline, Havensville

Laura Gayle Coon, Edinburg, TX

Raymond Crist, Holcomb

Patrick & Diane Close, Wichita

Dale & Marjorie Coonrod Belleville

Jody Crocker, Manhattan

Donna Coash, Clifton Jim & Sandi Coast, Dodge City Kyle & Glenda Coe, Soldier Valorie Coffland Kansas City, MO Jack & Virginia Colbert Manhattan Dorothy Coleman, Junction City Kristina Coleman, Hot Springs National Park, AR Linda Collins, Manhattan Virginia Colvin, Liberal Don & Mildred Combs Manhattan Alma Compas, Leoti Jon Congleton, Wayne, PA Carol Conley, Woodland, CA Joe & Pauline Conley, Delia Robert & Sue Connelly, Anthony

Norman Cooper, St John

Jay & Virginia Crofoot Lubbock, TX

Earl & Frances Cordell, Soldier

Tyler Crow, Wamego

Elden Cordell Family, Havensville

Charles & Carole Crumbaker Salina

Audrey Jean Cordell's Friends Jean Cordts, St Marys Carolyn Cordwell, Jamestown

Larry & Jackie Cruzan Springfield, MO

Don Corey, Phoenix, AZ

Chris & Anne Culbertson Manhattan

June Cornwell, St John

Satoris Culbertson, Manhattan

Wayne & Nancy Cottril, Topeka Huey & April Counts Jr, Salina

Jack & Karen Cunningham Manhattan

Maynard Cox, Topeka

Leslie Cunningham, Manhattan

Monty & Kelline Sue Cox Woodbine

Dana Custer, Raymore, MO Jewell Cutright, Westmoreland

Robert & Melissa Cox, Manhattan Jamie Dahlen, Manhattan Rocky & Leina Cox, Topeka

Larry & Edie Dahlsten, Lindsborg

Beverly Jo Craft, Kinsley

Brad & Christina Daily, Salina

Charles & Nova Cragg Manhattan

Melvin & Randi Dale, Manhattan

Diane Conner & Family, Leawood David & Daniel Craig, Topeka Gary & Abigail Conrad Howard & Evalina Craig, Kinsley Manhattan Brian & Bonnie Cramer Jill Conrad, Manhattan Concordia Kenneth & Margaret Conrow Andrew Crawford, Overland Park Manhattan Ben Crawford Carole Converse, Larned Mark Crawford, Salina Leo & Sybil Converse, Olsburg Stan Crawford, Overland Park Wayne & Valeria Converse Maynard & Jeanice Cress Manhattan Humboldt William & Carolyn Cook Mel & Karen Creusere Junction City Danville, CA William & Lois Cook, Wamego Sam & Sharon Crissman Kevin & Stephanie Cool, Salina and Family, St John

Glen Dalluge, Decatur, IL Richard Dalton, Benton James & Judy Damm, Larned Rodney & Kathy Damme, Topeka Amy Damon, Manhattan John & Karen D'Angelo, Wichita Tawn Daniel, Sacramento, CA Doyle & Sue Danker, Manhattan Clark & Nancy Danner Manhattan Stanley & Sharon Dardis Woodbury, MN Dennis & Jan Darting Baldwin City

Accepting A Challenge 2012


Raymond & Janet Daudet Topeka

Harvey & LaDonna Demel Decatur, TX

David & Bernice Dauer, Falun

Rob & Mardi Denell, Manhattan

Dirk Daveline, Manhattan

Larry & Margo Denning, Salina

Ivalee & Stacey David, Russell

Patricia Denton, Bendena

Lyman & Myrna David, Lenora

Linda Lukert Devoe & Richard Devoe, Topeka

Victoria Davidson, Manhattan

Eric & Tyna Dorsey, Liberal Bobby & Deb Doudican, Emporia Jerry & Winifred I Dove, St John Darren Dove, St John LeDona Dowell, Narka Elizabeth Doyle, St Paul, MN

John & Bonnie Devore Manhattan

John & Susan Drach, Manhattan

Steve & Ruth Dick, Fresno, CA

Larry & Tami Duch, Wamego

Dean & Marlene Davis, Maple Hill

James & Carolyn Dickson Stafford

Jerry & Debbie Dugan Manhattan

Duane & Pam Davis Westmoreland

Tyrel Lee Tye Dieball's Friends

Jaylene Dumas, Topeka

Larry & Dolly Davis, Duluth

Gary & Linda Diehl, Salina

Roxane Duncan, Osage City

Nathan & Pamela Diekmann Woodbine

Mildred Dundas, Hutchinson

James & Maggie Davie Manhattan Chris & Roxie Davis, Salina

Lloyd & Tamara Davis Dodge City

Geoffrey Digiacinto, Manhattan

Mark & Teri Davis, Manhattan

Lyle & Carol Dixon, Manhattan

Weary Davis, Junction City

Roland & Shannon Doane Fredonia

Jack & Bobbett Davis and Brian, Kevin & Laura, St John

Mark & Amy Dobbins, Olathe

Gary & Kaye Dayhoff, Osage City Gary & Joan Dodd, Junction City Judith De Noon, Olathe Tom & Diane Deaver, Manhattan Stephen & Judith Deghand Topeka

Courtland & Patricia Dodds Climax Springs, MO Lary & Jeanne Dodge, Topeka Orville & Melba Dodson, Onaga

Jody Dreifurst, Columbus, NE

Bob & Linda Dunehoo, Shawnee James & Evelyn Dunham Manhattan Sue Bath Dunn & Tom Dunn Manhattan Kenneth & Mildred Dupree Kinsley Zeke & Tiffany Durr, McPherson Ruth Dvorak, Pratt Robert & Lindsey Dyer, Germany Phyllis Eads, Wichita

Darrell & Eleanor Deibler Manhattan

John & Diane Doehling Manhattan

Lincoln Deihl, Manhattan

Holly Doidge, Richardson, TX

Kevin & Lora Eaton, Topeka

Kerry & Judy Domke, Shawnee

Ken & Cathy Eaves, Larned

Ruth Domme, Kinsley

Douglas & Kirsten Eckard Marlton, NJ

Dale & Helen Delay, Lewis Leonard Delgado, Manhattan Jerry & Donna Dellinger, Howard Bill & Ruth Demain, Peabody Tom & Deb Demanche Republic, MO


Michael & Jackie Donnelly Manhattan Pat & Wynette Donovan Minneapolis Jane Dooley, Wichita

Accepting A Challenge 2012

John & Jennifer Eastman, Kinsley

Don & Mary Ann Ecker, Wichita John Eckert, Hutchinson Bradley & Hallee Edwards Hiawatha

Carl & Jeanette Edwards Fredonia Morris & Janet Edwards Chapman Peg Edwards, Manhattan Suzanne Edwards, Marion, IA Shirley Ehrlich, Junction City Stephen & Jane Eisenhauer Liberal Brian Eller, Manhattan Robert & Mildred Ellerman Nortonville Pam Ellington, Floresville, TX Craig & Deb Elliott, Sedgwick Dennis & Gwendolyn Elliott Topeka

Henry & Doris Ericson, Ft Scott

Lois Findley, Manhattan

Harold & Beverly Erwin, Augusta Ralph Fine, Junction City Malo & Ravae Eteuini, Manhattan Michael & Barbara Finnegan Manhattan Alice Evans, Hutchinson Leonard & Janet Finney Charles & Bernice Everhart Manhattan Herington Alan & Vickie Fischer, Wheaton Richard & Sharon Evers St Joseph, MO Karla Fisher, Manhattan Dennis & Patsy Ewy, Kinsley

Kenneth & Michelin Fiske, Salina

Lois Faflick, Wichita

Gary & Hope Fitzmorris, Fredonia

Bradley Fagan, Manhattan

Richard & Connie Flammang Climax Springs, MO

Rocky & April Fahey, Clifton Bob Fair, Manhattan Mont & Marsha Fair, Manhattan Helen Fairbanks, Manhattan

Lewis & Crystal Flax, Dodge City Rodney & Sherry Fleming Manhattan Nancy Flentie, Sabetha

Betty Ellis, Wheaton

Jeannine Fairchild, Topeka

Juliavina Ellis, Havensville

Kenneth Fairchild, Vermillion

Mark & Jill Ellner, Manhattan

Joe Fanning, Manhattan

Harold & Nola Elsasser, Clyde

William & Becky Fargo, Colwich

Barry & Catherine Flinchbaugh Manhattan Jane Floersch Colorado Springs, CO Lamberto & Karen Flores, Liberal

Jared & Jayna Elsasser, Manhattan Kay Farley, Manhattan Ron & Tammy Elsasser, Clifton Micheller Fassler, Wamego

John Florez, Newton

Diane Elston, Overland Park

Betty Fay, Manhattan

Dorothy Flory, Nortonville

Scott Emley, Manhattan

Jerry Feeley, Manhattan

Eric & Renee Flott, Emporia

Jeff Endacott, Manhattan

Ron & Renee Fehr, Manhattan

Sylvia Flott, Emporia

Bill & Phyllis Engelbert, Salina

Hurley & Carolyn Fellows Manhattan

Jack & Peggy Flouer, Manhattan

Geary & Linda Engemann Wathena Roger & Jane Engle, Herington Ted & Elna Ensley, Topeka Donald & Phyllis Erickson Manhattan

Sheldon & Wilma Flowers Britt & Camille Feltner, Manhattan Sanibel, FL Lawrence Ferguson, Manhattan Mike & Wanda Flynn, Wichita Roger & Sheryl Ferguson, Reading Tim & Peg Flynn, Goddard Kurt & Susan Folmer, Argyle, TX Steven Ferron, Tescott Leota Figge, Wamego

Peying Fong, Manhattan

Larry & Laurel Erickson Manhattan

Judy Kay (Stowell) Figge's Friends

Cecil & Linda Fordham, Onaga

Tom & Julie Erickson, Clifton

Dan & Becky Filbert, Macksville

John & Carol Fore, Lyons

Gene & Kathy Fordham, St Marys

Accepting A Challenge 2012


Robert Forge, Leavenworth Gerald & Mary Fortier, Milford John Foster, Miltonvale Raymond & Karen Foster Osborne Jerry & Linda Fox, Manhattan Jim & Judy Fox, St John Kevin & Shelley Fox, Larned Ron & Vicki Francis, Topeka Daryle & Marilyn Frank Manhattan Jo Ann Frankforter, Oneill, NE Kay Frantz, Topeka Allan Fredenburg, Brighton, CO Max Frederes, Manhattan Jay & Lynne Fredrickson, Topeka Fred & Jan Freeby, Manhattan Gloria Freeland, Manhattan Fred & Patricia Freeman Manhattan Edward & Margaret Freshnock Manhattan

Mark & Beverly Funke Edmond, OK

Gregory & Jean Anne Gleason Halstead

Steve & Jan Galitzer, Manhattan

Ronnie & Janice Gleason, Offerle

Luis & Irma Garcia Woodland, CA

Virginia Gillett Gleason, Kinsley

Larry & Mary Beth Garner St John Rex & Gloria Garrelts, Lenexa Jane Garrett, Peachtree City, GA Genevieve Gartner, St Paul, MN John & Virginia Garwick Manhattan Violet Garwood, Junction City Jim & Lorraine Gaskell, Chanute Frank Gatschet Manhattan Bruce Gatterman, Larned Norma Gatterman, Larned John & Juanita Gatz, Colby Terry Geisler, Alma Darin George, San Antonio, TX

Edward & Lorita Frey Garden City

Bill & Sandy Giersch, Salina

Max Friesen, Overbrook Nancy Friesen, Stilwell

Scott Giersch, Los Angeles, CA Stan & Lois Giles, Wichita

Tim & Sheri Glliam, Washington Bruce Glymour, Manhattan Ervin & Marleen Gnadt, Alma Hershel & Sondra Goar Burleson, TX Orville & Erma Gobber Manhattan Johnnie & Karen Goddard Ellsworth William Bill Godfrey's Friends Richard & Judy Goehring Manhattan

Bob & Danielle Goodband Manhattan Donald & Eula Mae Goodfellow Lyons

Jeff & Tricia Gill, Manhattan

JD Goodwin, & Peg McElhinney Leawood

Norma Gilpin, Emporia

Ron & Marsha Gordon, Chanute

Edward Fry, Hamilton

Michael & Marian Girrens Wichita

Tom & Angie Fryer, Manhattan

Nadine Girrens, Colwich

Todd & Pamela Fulmer, Wamego Jerry & Nancy Glasgow Shawnee, OK Jon & Mary Funk, Manhattan Kimberly Glathar, Lincoln, NE Robert & Donna Funk Shreveport, LA 50

Rhett Gleue, LeRoy

Ila M (Godfrey) George's Friends Joann Goldstein, Manhattan Troy Gerken, Wichita

Richard Friedeman, Great Bend

Larry & Wanda Gleue, Leroy

Jim & Ruth Goering Eldon George & Family, Lebanon Valley Center

Ed & BJ Frey, Wichita

Pat Frey, Manhattan

Jad & Erin Gleue Simpsonville, SC

Accepting A Challenge 2012

Anita Gore, Salina Kenneth & Mary Goreham and Kevin Wood, Junction City Patrick & Susan Gormely Manhattan Michael & Loretta Gorrell, Salina

S Eugene & Jean Goslin, Dwight Roger & Betty Lou Gossard Coffeyville Harold & Jean Gottsch Hutchinson Govind Vediyappan & Revathi Govind, Manhattan Michael & Bonnie Grabowski Kansas City, MO Connie Gragg John & Mary Lee Graham Manhattan Jymie & Cyrisha Graham Manhattan Phyllis Graham, Shawnee Kathy Grannell, Wamego Mr & Mrs Thomas Granzow Herington Joe & Jane Gray San Francisco, CA Michael & Kathleen Green and Perry Virginia Green, Edna Rocky & Charlene Gregory Cheney Dwight & Debrina Grewing Garden City Laura Leiker & George Griffin Meriden Connie Griffith, WaKeeney James & Mary Ann Grimm Prescott, AZ Angela Grommet, Manhattan Edith Ann Gronquist, Alma Paul & Susan Gronquist, Alma Rod Grosnickle, Shelby, IA John & Elvina Grossnickle, Onaga

Rex & Kairn Grothusen Scott City

Dora Bond & Marge Hammond Augusta

Dennis & Kay Grunewald Wamego

Neva Handley, Onaga

Lance & Mina Grutzmacher, Gina & Ian Roberts and Mitch Grutzmacher, Westmoreland

Roger & Sally Jo Hanhardt, Hays Gary & Donna Hanna, Riley Mary Jo Harbour, Manhattan

Judith Gugler, Manhattan

Vicki Hardaway, Derby

Katherine Guill, Harrisburg, MO

Brian & Jayme Hardeman Manhattan

Scott & Amy Gurtner Dodge City Vicki Ann Gwartney's Friends Galen & Jodee Haas, Clifton Geraldine Habiger, Kinsley

Kevin & Brenda Harden Shawnee Mission Joe & Karen Harder and Family Wheaton James & Jerry Harding Manhattan

Gary & Carolyn Haden Manhattan Angela Hageman, Manhattan

Robert & Cheryl Harding Fredonia

Aneta Hagenmaier, Randolph

Margaret Harenchar, Manhattan

Craig & Nancy Hager, Norton

Robert & Annette Harlan Hanover

Terry & Mary Ann Hager Norton

Edward & Nita Harrell, Topeka

Robbie & Gail Haid, Topeka Darlene Hailey, Goff

John & Maria Harrell Homestead, FL

Karen Halderson Albuquerque, NM

Lyle & Joyce Harrell, Ellsworth

John Hall, Independence

David & Debbie Harris Overland Park

Sharon Harrell, Lindsborg, TX

Kathleen Hall, San Antonio, TX

George & Alice Ham, Manhattan Lavon Harris, Pomona Les & Gwen Harris Robert & Gail Hamilton Westmoreland Edmond, OK Ruby Harris & Family, Topeka Doloros Hamm, Kinsley Frances & Regina Hammerschmidt, Hays

Lauren & Maggie Harrod Yates Center

Ken & Marcia Hammill Woodland, CA

Pat Hartman, Manhattan

Dale & Deanna Hammond Clay Center

Karen Hartner, Manhattan Stan Hartwich, Onaga Accepting A Challenge 2012


R Clay & Patricia Harvey Topeka

Bryan & Katie Heinrich Manhattan

Betty Haskell, Kinsley

Rockne & Laura Helm and Family Marjorie Heyne, Manhattan Wichita Gene Hickman, Axtell Carrol Niles Henderson, Lyndon Janice Hiebert, Newton Dorothy Hendrix, Topeka Larry & Sharon Hiebert Marlan & Phyllis Hendrix, Wichita Valley Center

Dan & Colette Haskell Great Bend Randy & Lynda Hassler, Salina Lisa Hatcher, Liberal Mark & Michelle Haub Manhattan Gil & Betty Haug, Manhattan

Barbara Heng, Liberty, MO

Sue Hiebert, Wichita

Ronald & Tracie Hengst San Antonio, TX

Eric & Cathlene Higgins Manhattan

Nelson & Dolores Haugh, Wichita Woodrow & Linda Henneberg Wheaton Rudy & Elaine Haun, Manhattan Wil & Anna Henneberg and Boys Michelle Haupt, Manhattan Wheaton Nancy Havenstein, Manhattan Terry & Joby Henning, Ness City Orwin & Eleanor Havenstein Abbie Henry, Kirwin Westmoreland Darryl & Donna Henry, Colby Dale & Morene Havercroft Rich & Sheila Henry, Olathe Hutchinson Landon & Victoria Haydock Ashland

Vera Hays, Ft Scott M Janice Heath, Overland Park Lisbeth Claus & Robert Hector Silverton, OR Bruce & Alona Hedstrom Lost Springs April Mason & Frank Heiliger Manhattan John Heiman, Manhattan 52

Nancy Hignight, Independence Ambrose & Christina Hill Manhattan Jean Bigbee Hill, Manhattan Joleen Hill, Manhattan Rick Hill, Wamego Mrs OG Hill Jr, Dodge City

Ed & Brenda Heptig, Wamego

Mike & Michelle Hilliard and Family, Sedgwick

Donald & Kathy Herde Manhattan JM & Barbara Hayes, Tucson, AZ EG & Stephanie Herl Jim & Kathy Haymaker Overland Park Edina, MN Michael Hays & Janet St Clair Hays, Iola

James & Nancy Hignight Independence

Char Henton, Manhattan

Carol Hayes, Dodge City

Karen Haynes, Kansas City, MO

Larry & Mary Jo Heyka Manhattan

Kenneth Hinnergardt, Dodge City Yasuaki & Tomoko Hiromasa Manhattan

Michael & Linda Herman Manhattan

Robert & Sherry Hirschler Hutchinson

Robert & Cheryl Herman Forney, TX

Rose Mary Hirschler Valley Center

Mary Herold, Chase

Ronald & Bette Hirst South Hutchinson

Charles & Charlotte Herr Manhattan Billie Herrmann, Kinsley Harry Hershey, Holton

Bill & Eleanor Hiskey, Berryton Matthew Ho, Manhattan

Jackson & Janice Hoagland Manhattan Carroll & Velma Hess, Manhattan Brice & Shirley Hobrock Allene Hesseltine, Overbrook Manhattan Charlene Hewitt, Cave Creek, AZ

Accepting A Challenge 2012

Charlene Hodges, St George

Alice Hoover, Junction City

Dorothy Ideker, Kinsley

Edith Hodgson, Little River

Ellen Hoover, Manhattan

Joanne Imm, Phillipsburg

James & Carolyn Hodgson Manhattan

Ernie & Kathy Hoover, Wichita

Donald & Geraldine Ince Manhattan

Loretta Hoerman, Topeka

Glenn & Mallory Hoover Manhattan

Bill & Trudie Hoffman Westmoreland

Michael & Bobi Hoover Manhattan

Derek & Michella Jackson Manhattan

Brandon & Michele Hoffman Manhattan

Marian Hopkins, Manhattan

Randall & Marcella Jackson Clifton

Kay Hoffman, Manhattan Jim & Laura Hohenbary Manhattan LM Holcomb, Onaga Tom & Barbara Holcombe Manhattan Terry Holdren, Manhattan V Dean Holdsworth, Abilene Betty Holland, Arlington, TX Nancy Holliday, Overland Park Don & Judy Hollis, Manhattan Rich & Heidi Holm, Naperville, IL Eddie Holman, Salina Carolyn Holmes, Olathe Terrance & Donna Holmes Omaha, NE Gary & Ann Holthaus, Onaga

Ray & Marci Innes, Olsburg

Theodore Hopkins, Manhattan Jess & Lisa Hopper, White City Kim Horning, Wichita Erick & Karen Horton, Wamego Thomas & Carol Horton, Topeka Bert Horton & Family Council Grove

Ron & Janis Jackson, Oakhill Mike & Elaine Jacobson Kansas City, MO Stepahnie Jacquez, Manhattan Terrie Peterson, Chris Johnson Sandi Steinbach & Heidi Jafferis Geneva Jahnke, Manhattan

Harold & Chrystine Hosey Emporia

Samuel & Mary Jahnke Junction City

Dennis & Patricia Howard Halstead

Bruce James, Manhattan

Roy & Dorene Howard St George

David & Rita Jamison Moundridge

Verona Howley, Clifton

David & Barbara Janssen, Salina

Nathan & Dawn Hoyle, Wichita

Carl Jarrett, Denver, CO

Rob & Megan Huether Ballwin, MO

Kevin & Stacey Jasko, Topeka

Jean Hulbert, Manhattan

Gary & Cynthia Jeffrey, Olsburg

Kim & Helen Hullman, St John

Margaret Crook & Wally Jeffrey Manhattan

Norma Jeanneret, Onaga

Larry & Wanda Honig, Onaga

Robert & Ruth Hulse, Ellsworth

Kenneth & Dorothy Hoobler St Marys

Mark & Susan Hungerford Manhattan

Ed & Katherine Hooper Powell, WY

Melvin & Rae Jean Hunt Manhattan

J Lester & Olive Hooper Manhattan

Virginia Hurtig, Delphos

Ken & June Jennison, Salina Jim & Jean Jensby, Belleville Michelle Jenson, Champlin, NM

Ruth Hooper, Olsburg

Darrell & Connie Hutchinson Georgetown, TX

Sheri Hooper, Manhattan

Michael & Linda Ide, Manhattan

Mary Jessen & Family Omaha, NE Elnora Jinks, Topeka Jim & June Johns, Manhattan

Accepting A Challenge 2012


Charles & Monette Johnson Assaria

Bradley & Dick Johnston Creston, IA

Benjamin & Lindsay Kalkman Gilbert, AZ

Christina Johnson Springfield, MO

Bruce & Kathy Johnston Dodge City

S Willadeen Kamm, Junction City

Diane Johnson Highlands Ranch, CO

Mike & Theresa Johnston and Family, Topeka

Dwight & Roberta Johnson Manhattan

Betty Jones & Opal Clark Leonardville

Helen Johnson, Manhattan

Brett Jones, Manhattan

Jim & Paula Johnson, Salina

Brett & Renee Jones, Liberal

Jim & Tamra Johnson, Lindsborg

C Clyde & Midge Jones Manhattan

Karla Johnson, Manhattan Kent & Sue Johnson Phoenix, AZ

Clara Jones, Fredonia Clif & Kim Jones, Topeka

George & Betty Kandt Manhattan Mike & Linda Kantack, Clifton Norma Karhoff, Emporia Mark & Jayne Karmann Junction City Mickey & Karen Karr, Americus Richard Kary, Olathe Roland & Sandra Kassebaum Berryton

Larry Johnson

Dennis Jones, Manhattan

James & Carol Kaufholz Manhattan

Leonard & Ingrid Johnson Topeka

Elnora Jones, Clay Center

Richard & Viola Kauth, Neodesha

Ivan & Vicki Jones, Frankfort

Lori Kautzman, Yukon, OK

Jeff & Brenda Jones, Olathe

Ron & Eileen Kautzman, Wichita

Joe & Janet Barbara Jones Manhattan

Linda Kearn, Lansing

Mark & Kimberly Jones Ashland, MO

Kay Kelman, Sublette

Lloyd & Marilyn Johnson, Riley Lois Johnson, Wamego Lucille Johnson, Manhattan Mary Johnson, Topeka Michael & Asa Johnson Reno, NV Missy Johnson, Salina

Marlin Jones, Petaluma, CA

Morgan & Lila Johnson, Onaga

Marvin & Myrtle Jones Tonganoxie

Pamela Johnson, Wichita

Russell & Jacqueline Jones, Salina

Paul & Mary Linn Johnson Bendena

Steve & Jeni Jones, St John

Dennis & Susan Keller, Manhattan Heidi Kelsch, Manhattan Ruth Keltz, Wichita Gilbert & Joyce Kemnitz St George Jana Kendall, Beatrice, NE

George & Stormy Lee Kennedy Manhattan Steve & Opal Jones, Manhattan Randall & Kristen Johnson, Derby David & Brenda Juby Penny Kenney, Manhattan Cedar Rapids, IA Rick & Suzie Johnson Craig & Pat Kershner, Manhattan Bella Vista, AR Robert & Ann Judd, Liberal Barbara Keys, Herington Robert & Barbara Johnson LaDonna Junghans, Junction City David & Carol Keyse, Great Bend Manhattan Kenneth & Orcena Jurey, Clifton Sandra Kibler, Prairie Village Robert & Janice Johnson Scott & Sonya Jury Tecumseh Lawrence Kientz, Junction City Kansas City, MO Johnson Cancer Research Donna Kill, Grenola George J Kaberline, Topeka Center's Friends, Manhattan 54

Accepting A Challenge 2012

Karen Kindhard, Emporia

Gary & Sheila Knoll, Topeka

Bob & Gail King, Wamego

Pat & Deb Knox, Clyde

Gilbert & Jean Krouse, Onaga

Douglas & Eileen King, Manhattan Jana Knudsen, Emporia Keith & Marcile King, Kinsley

Bernard & Ann Koch, Wichita

Rosalie King, Manhattan

Tracy & Kim Koegeboehn Council Grove

Hugh & Franklin Kinsey, Troy Kent & Julie Kiracofe, Manhattan Karen Kirby, Topeka Elzene Kirchhoff, Smith Center Suzanne Kirk, Glendale, AZ MB Kirkham, Manhattan Harvey & Janet Kiser, Manhattan William & Mary Kisskeys Circle Pines, MN Tim & Cindy Kite, Onaga Kenneth & Linda Klabunde Manhattan Phillip Klebba, Manhattan Doris Klee, Manhattan Kathern Kleiner, Wamego Deanna Klenda, Marion Matt Klenda, Manhattan Preston & Jeanne Klick Manhattan Becky Klingler, Manhattan

Don & Dale Krouse Westmoreland Dennis Kuhlman Dean K-State Salina, Faculty & Staff, Salina John & Cindy LaBarge Manhattan

James & Susan Koelliker Manhattan

Ed & Elizabeth Tucker and Maria Labbe,Onaga

Gail Koelling, Wamego

Dannie & Linda Lake, Manhattan

Hideo Koike, Houma, LA Eric & Kelle Kolean, Topeka Tim & Amy Kolling, Topeka

Scott Lake, Manhattan Ken & Jane Lamb, Wamego

Pat Kolterman, Onaga

Harold & Madeline Lambert Clyde

James & Emily Komarek, Salina

Gary & Judy Lane, Burlington

Jeff & Joy Konnesky Overland Park

Lance & Michelle Langvardt Clay Center

Stephan & Maureen Konz Manhattan

Bill & Heather Lansdowne Manhattan

Richard & Barbara Koontz North Newton

Paul & Patricia Lapp, Leroy, NY Phillip Larmore, Manhattan

Thong & Michelle Kosak Manhattan

Richard & Anna Larmore Hebron, MD

James & Linda Kotas Overland Park

Chris Larson, Manhattan Dale & Connie Larson, Olsburg

James & Amber Kozak Manhattan

Daryl Larson, McPherson

Leland & Gertrude Kramer Lawrence

Murle & Edna Lassman Carl Junction, MO

Marjorie Kluber, Manhattan

Kate Dafoe & John Krampien Denver, CO

James & Mary Lathrop Junction City

Jerald & Mary Klutzke, Wichita

Ed & Pat Krause, Westmoreland

Buster & Judy Laughlin Sun Lakes, AZ

Gene & Sue Klingler, Manhattan Paul & Carol Klover, Manhattan

Mark Knackendoffel, Manhattan Lester & Donna Krause, Olsburg Robert Knake, Syracuse, NE Mark & Brenda Krause Scott & Nikki Knappenberger Shawnee, MO William & Marjorie Knock Sanborn, IA


Craig & Debbie Lavoie Loveland, OH Doug Law, Salida, CO

Margo Kren, Manhattan Gregory & Beth Krissek, Wichita

Robert & Fran Lawson Arroyo Hondo, NM

Accepting A Challenge 2012


Colin Leach, Kansas City, MO George & Jeanette Leary North Newton Iona Leatherman, Great Bend Garth & Shirley Lee Junction City Lori Lee, Aurora, CO Norman & Nadine Lee Junction City

Clark & Christy Linders Manhattan John & Mildred Lindholm Manhattan Larry & Connie Lindquist Milford, NE Lynn & Linda Lindsay, Topeka Marilyn Lindsay, Maple Hill Brian Lindshield, Manhattan

Angie Leek

Dan Lindsley, La Jolla, CA

Mick & Barb Leeper, Topeka

Linda Linin, St Joseph, MO

Steve & Sandra Leete, Liberal Nancy Lehman Barbara Lehmberg, North Newton Bill & Barb Lenhart, Clifton Tande Lentz, Manhattan Rustin & Kelly Leonard, Salina Kirby & Joy Lester, Wakarusa Joy Lewellen, Wichita Dave Lewis, Manhattan Jerry & Deanna Lewis Colfax, NC Kevin & Rachel Lewis, Derby Gene & Mary Ann Lewman Elk City Nick & Rosalie Lichter Havensville Parker Liebl, Manhattan Ross & Ashley Lignitz, Manhattan Dingbo Lin, Manhattan Barry & Thelma Linck Havensville Jake & Anita Linck, Onaga Richard Lind, Lawrence

Larry & Randee Loomis Manhattan Darin & Margaret Looper Wichita John & Evelyn Lorenz, Atchison Verle & Linda Lorenzen, Kinsley N Curtis Loupe, Topeka Anthony & Tamara Love Junction City

Craig & Christina Love Manhattan Fred & Janice Link, Twin Falls, ID Doris Liscum, McPherson

Fred & Sharon Lovesee, Kinsley

Mary Lou Little, Manhattan

Pat Lovett, Denver, CO

Rita Littleton, Manhattan

James Lowther, Emporia

Roger Litton's Friends

Darrell & Jean Loyd, Topeka

Elisabet Livengood, Newton

Gentra Loyd, Topeka

Pat & Ed Livengood, Kinsley

Max & Nanyan Lu, Manhattan

Donald & Judy Loberg Manhattan

Bev Lueers, Topeka

Deron Lock, Wichita Bryan & Marcia Locke Junction City Darrel & Mari Loder, Lindsborg Raymond & Sandra Logan Damascus, MD Arnold Lohmeyer, Clay Center Stan & Alice Lohmeyer Clay Center

Esther Lukert, Sabetha L Keith & Grace Lumpkins, Chase Greg & Rhonda Lund, Manhattan James & Lynne Lundberg Manhattan Debra Lust, Germantown, MD Kenneth & Johanna Lyle Manhattan Sandra Lyon, Emporia

Robert Lohse, Topeka

Monty Lytle

Gearldine Long, Raymond

Chih-Ching & Shing Ma Manhattan

Jessica Long, Manhattan Tom & Jan Long, Phillipsburg William & Trisha Long, Greenleaf

Jerry & Sue Long and Family Orival & Jean Linder, Clay Center Clifton 56

Ann Look, Topeka

Accepting A Challenge 2012

Donald & Barbara Mackintosh Holton Alex & Judy Macleod Hutchinson

Keith & Marie Macy, Clay Center Jerry & Sharon Martin and Family William & Marie McConnell Manhattan Manhattan Christina Madden, St George Opal Haden & Adair Martinez Donald & Ann McCord Heather Madison, Ft Scott Clifton Morristown, NJ Ron & Linda Madl, Manhattan Richard & Eileen Marzolf Mark & Shannon McCormick Sue Maes, Manhattan Berryville, VA Olathe Harlan & Mona Magee, Topeka

Brian & Katharina Mascareno Herington Roger & Susan Magnett, Wheaton Daniel Nicolas Nick Mascareno's Jane Magnuson, Franklin, AR Friends John & Sheryl Maguire, Lenexa Mike & Leah Mason, Leawood Harold & Connie Mai Philip & Janet Mathews Garden City Hutchinson Doris Malin, Liberal Ed & Sharon Mauler, Great Bend John Mann, Manhattan Lorilee Maxwell, Kinsley Terry Mann, Martinez, CA Robert & Jan Maxwell, Topeka Dave & Tahnee Maples, Wichita Terry & Ronda Maxwell, Liberal

Bob McCosh, Windsor, CO Donald & Sondra McCosh Oklahoma City, OK Ken & Lylah McCosh, Manhattan Pat & Marilyn McCourt, Onaga Mary Ann McCoy, Manhattan Randy & Camilla McCracken Manhattan Dick & Georganna McCrary Russell

Gisela Marchesi, Junction City

Ernest May, Havensville

John & Karen McCulloh Manhattan

Bret Marcotte, Wichita

Lowell & Janice May, Riley

Anita McDiffett, Alta Vista

Michael Markee, El Dorado

Ted & Martha May, Havensville Mary Jo McDonald, Chapman Ross McDonald Ed & Deanna Markley, Shawnee Bernard & Mary Mayer Westmoreland Gale & Nadine McDougal, Onaga Etheled Marshall, Minneola Fred & Susan Marshall Overbrook

David & Terry Umscheid McAfee, Wamego

Carter McEntee, Manhattan

Larry & Patty Marshall, Fredonia

Quentin McArthur Overland Park

Alice McFall, Manhattan

Roberta Marstall, Manhattan Richard Marston, Manhattan Ila Mae Martin, Topeka

Dan McEntee, Overland Park

Billy & Ruth McBryde, Liberal Glendora McCaddon, Clifton

Jeanette Martin, Lindsborg

Wayne & Bonnie McCandless Manhattan

Jeanne Martin, & Tina Glover Dodge City

Harvey McCarter, Fairview, TX

Paul Martin, Solomon

Dudley & Judy McCaw Manhattan

Stanley & Dorothy Martin Topeka

Richard McChesney, Manhattan

Tamera Martin, Herington

Bob & Nancy McConnell Overland Park

Richard & Betty McGehee Wichita Agnes McGilvray, Salina Gary & Judy McGinness, Topeka Paul & Cathy McGinty, Wichita Sandelle McGriff, Woodland, CA Lester & Susan McGuire, Wichita Ralph & Nolene McHugh Manhattan Patrick & Suzanne McKaig Wichita

Accepting A Challenge 2012


Jack & Carolyn McKain Manhattan

Siegmund & Barbara Meier Manhattan

Dorothy Bowers & Mike Miller Olpe

Ryan McKee, Manhattan

Joe & Darylene Meinhardt Manhattan

Mike & Barbara Miller, Topeka

Doug & Elaine Meloan Manhattan

Steve & Jan Miller, Benedict

Allison McKiearnan, Manhattan

Jerry & Susan Meng, Overbrook

Wayne & Vickie Jo Miller St John

Richard & Marge McKittrick Manhattan

Joseph & Julie Merklin Manhattan

Keith & Connie Miller and Family Great Bend

Kevin & Tammy McKeithan Germany

Tony & Lisa & Lauren McKeown Wichita Joy Mendez, Pittsburgh, PA

Douglas & Carol McLean, Kinsley Jay & Doris Merrill, Manhattan Brady McLeod, Manhattan Martha McLeod, Roca, NE Ted & Freda McMillan Garden City Marilyn Kay McMulkin, Topeka David & Julie McMullen, Salina Adam & Michelle McNabb Manhattan John & Joanne McNair, Lenexa Norma McNeely, Grenola Ruth McNish, Clay Center Tom McNish Highlands Ranch, CO Wanda McVey, Manhattan

Jerry & Jacqueline Mershon Manhattan Bob & Mary Mertz, Manhattan

Randall & Lynette Sue Miller, Peck Tarry & Linda Miller, Garnett

George & Janet Milliken Manhattan Harish & Ved Minocha Manhattan

Harold & Jeanne Mertz Manhattan

Jill Mirts, Manhattan

Joe & Kim Mertz, Manhattan

Jeff & Jacki Mitchell, Liberal

Doug & Gail Misch, Coffeyville

K Ted & Florence Metcalf, Liberal Douglas & Thresella Mitchem Manhattan Helmut & Susan Metzler Pitkin, CO Vernelle Mock, Sabetha Dorothy Meyer, Osage City James & Beth Meyer, Topeka Rich Meyer, Prairie Village Virginia Meyer, Powhattan James & Linda Meyeres, Chase Mary Michels, Clifton

Anita Jane Means, David Smith, Thomas Smith, Robert Means David Miles, Manhattan & Families Daniel Miller, Muskogee, OK Varena Mechsner, Collierville, TN Don & Gailya Miller Florissant, MO Elwin & Virginia Meehan Solomon

Donna Miller, Viginia Water Surrey, United Kingdom Donald & Joann Meenen, Topeka Jim & Irene Miller, Topeka Betty Lou Meier

Gene & Shirley Moherman Manhattan Charles & Grace Monitor Nemours, WV Emilio Montanez, Junction City Beth Montelone, Manhattan Beverly Montgomery, Clay Center Thelma Moody, Topeka Bob & Janis Moore, Iuka Thomas & Annette Moore, Lyons Troy & Carol Moore Santa Fe, NM Philip Moos, Sandy, UT

Jim & Sandra Miller, Toledo, OH Andy & Pat Moran Westmoreland Doug & Jody Meier, Lawton, OK Kenneth & Paula Miller, Wichita Norma Morey, Manhattan Arroyo Grande, CA


Accepting A Challenge 2012

Gregory & Barbara Morgan Junction City Kelly Morgan, Woodland, CA Lawrence & Carol Morgan Clay Center James & Lois Morrison Manhattan Dolores Morton, Larned Karl & Jean Morz, Ames, IA John & Lori Moser, Topeka Mike & Becky Mosier, & Whitney Mosier, Manhattan Don & Rita Most, Onaga Ray & Susan Mueller, Herington Scott Mueller, Granite Bay, CA

Peggy Neelly, Hutchinson

Helen Nielsen, Yankton, SD

Donna Nelson, Lindsborg

Monty & Anne Nielsen Manhattan

Glen & Ruby Nelson, DeSoto Kenneth Nelson, McPherson Kevin & Deirdra Nelson McPherson

Lydia Nieves Yvonne Nitz, Topeka Jere & Carol Noe, Topeka

Linda Nelson, Washington

William & Marian Nolan Scott City

Mickey Sheaks & Mary Ann Nelson, Wichita

Floyd & Billie Jean Nolder Wichita

Nina Nelson, Tecumseh

Gus & Judy Noll, Overland Park

Patricia Nelson, Olsburg Richard Nelson, Springfield, MO Rick & Jalayne Nelson & Alston Parker

Rhonda Nonamaker, Phillipsburg Alan Noraddin, Littleton, CO Pauline Norby, Manhattan

Marjorie Mugler, Hutchinson

Lyle & Ladonna Nemechek Blue Rapids

Dale & Joan Nordstrom Arlington, TX

Bob & Jane Mullen, Manhattan

Larry & Nancy Ness, Manhattan

Vaughn & Susan Nun, Derby

James & Linda Muller, Manhattan Dayton & Wilma Nester Blue Rapids Waunita Mumma, Independence Janis Newberry, Denton, TX Bonnie Munday, Caney Jay Newcomer, Crystal River, FL Larry & Sandra Murphy Manhattan Kathleen Newell, Manhattan

Jim Nunns, Hutchinson

Cody Murray, LeRoy

Michael Oetken, Salina

Pat Murray, Manhattan Subbarat & Asha Muthukrishnan Manhattan Galen & Vi Myers, Mulvane Robert & Eva Myers Granbury, TX Brad Nabors, Fayetteville, AR Jack & Pamela Nabors Manhattan Glenda Nash, Coffeyville Rick & Phyllis Nash, Manhattan Sherrie Nash, Harlowton, MT

John & Staci Newhouse Wellsville

Earldeen & Bonnie Olsen, Clifton

Rachel Nichols, Mount Hope Beverly Nicholson, Wakarusa Deborah Nicklaus, Denver, CO

Brian Niehoff, Manhattan

Vic & Marilyn Oertle and Kipp & Dena, Manhattan

Dennis & Chris Olin Stockton, CA

Michael Tran & T Annelise Nguyen, Manhattan

Pamela Nicklaus, Fairway

Kate O'Brien, Salina

Rosella Ogg, Manhattan

Bob & Mary Lou Newsome Manhattan

Edward & Roselyn Nicklaus Garden City

Tom Nunns, San Diego, CA

Vivian Olsen, Manhattan Martha Ann Olson, Manhattan Shirley Olson's Friends Frank & Coral O'Neill Manhattan Larry & Barbara O'Neill Manhattan Cris Oppert, Knoxville, TN

Accepting A Challenge 2012


Mike & Lorene Oppy, Manhattan Linda & Missy Patton Levelland, TX Harry Orbison, Manhattan Scotty & Karin Patton Rock & Stephanie Ormiston Phillipsburg Kismet Gary & Avelina Paulsen Darlene Osa, Tecumseh Manhattan Tom & Cathy Osborn, Manhattan Patricia Paulson, Wichita Kent & Rebecca Ott, Mulvane Porleow Paynter, Manhattan Paul & Barb Ott, Wichita Carol Peart, Boise, ID Carol Oukrop, Manhattan Ivan & Linda Pechanec, Wichita Don & Judy Owens, Liberal Kurt & Ashley Peintner, Lewis James & Jennyfer Owensby DG & Ila Pelfrey, Rossville Manhattan Mo & Shelley Penny, Hutchinson Madeline Oyola-Cruz Elvin & Kathryn Perkins, Emporia Junction City

Kristin Pfizenmaier, Clay Center Glenn & Janice Phelps Manhattan Duane & Alice Phillips Hutchinson Lloyd & Joann Phillips Bakersfield, CA Katie Philp, Manhattan Margery Pickell, Fredonia Jeffrey & Rachel Pickering Wamego Kirk & Susan Pickett, Wamego Jean Pike, Overland Park Jerry & Merrie Pinick, Havensville

Aurelia Pacey, Manhattan

Albert Perry, Potomac, MD

Bob & Jan Pinsince, Manhattan

Garry & Dona Pack, Wichita

Ruth Perry, Baldwin City

Keith & Sonja Pittrich, Shawnee

Terry Paletta, Topeka

Betsy Barrett & Patrick Pesci Manhattan

Cory & Amy Pladson Clay Center

Ed Peters, Hays

David Platt, Junction City

Matt & Sara Palmatier, Manhattan Larry Pankratz, Salina Janice Pankratz's Friends

Robyn Peters, Lindsborg

Ron & Julia Pape, Manhattan

Alan & Annette Peterson Wamego

Mr & Mrs Albert Park Osage City

Clinton Peterson, Liberal

Noel & Judy Park, Manhattan

Dallas & Susan Peterson Manhattan

James & Mary Parker, Lindsborg

Edna Peterson, Manhattan

Leonard & Eula Mae Parker Manhattan

Gary & Vicky Peterson, Louisville

Dwaine & Kathy Plummer Wamego Lori Poeske, St George Grant Poole, Manhattan Ron & Sue Poor, Anthony Jack Porter, Mount Hope Stephen & Donna Porter Valley Center

Georgia Peterson, Wichita

Betty Portuese, & Family Manhattan

Ed & Virginia Petrik, Topeka

Kit & Lisa Portz, St George

Albert Parnell, Ellinwood

Mary Philp & Jerry Pettle Manhattan

Charles Posl, Liberal

John & Deb Parry, Onaga

Naoma Peverley, Lyons

Pat Patterson, Topeka

Tara Pfaff, Randolph

Om & Sushma Prakash Manhattan

Steven & Rosann Patterson Council Grove

Verlin & Elaine Pfannenstiel Victoria

Robert & Arlene Prall Colorado Springs, CO

Nila Parks, Manhattan Donna Parmiter, Holton


Accepting A Challenge 2012

Roger & Beverly Potter, Emporia

Ron Prentice, Liberal

Kevin Rasure, Goodland

Jean Reiter, Halstead

Kent Press, Overland Park

Verne & Pat Ratcliff, Onaga

Kenneth & Christina Reitz, Hope

Tom Block & Norma Press Block Lake Suzy, FL

Paul Ratzlaff, Moundridge

Roger & Virginia Reitz Manhattan

Sarah Preston, Topeka

Tanner & Ami Ratzlaff Manhattan

Steve & Sandy Preston Manhattan

Stephen & Vicki Rauch Coffeyville

George & Marj Pretz, Paola

Doris Rauhut, Wichita

Lawrence & Barbara Reno Manhattan

Julianne Pribyl, Omaha, NE

Jannessa Rausch, Viola

Allen & Amy Renz, Manhattan

Beverly Price, Leonardville

Richard Rausch, Tecumseh

Traci Reust, Edmond, OK

Mike & JoAnn Price, Liberty

Robert & Edith Rawson, Wamego Rob & Lesa Reves, Westmoreland Barbara Rezac, Emmett Kevin & Sarah Reade, Salina

Ron & Barbara Price, Manhattan

Steven Releford, Manhattan Dolores Renner, Leonardville

Ronald & Karen Reade Hutchinson

Allene Rhodes, Marysville

Gerald Reeck, Manhattan

Donald & Sylvia Rice, Manhattan

Patty Prochazka, Solomon

Dale & Jean Reed, Salina

Edward & Janet Rice, Manhattan

Norman & Eilene Prockish Manhattan

Marjorie Reeder, Gardner

Velma Rice, Topeka

Trevor & Darlene Rees, Emporia

Chris Richards, Overland Park

James & Theresea Reeves Oberlin

Lisa Richards, Manhattan

Lowell & Carol Regehr Manhattan

Ralph & Beverly Richardson Manhattan

Betsey Printy, Junction City William & Belinda Probert Grove City, OH

Bryanna Prockrandt, Manhattan Karlene Propst, Salina Tom & Debby Pufahl, Berryton Spencer & Marilee Puls Manhattan Ernest & Connie Purling Colorado Springs, CO Leonard & Sharon Purvis Manhattan Robert & Stacy Pye Woodland, CA Dorl & Betty Rader, Larned Bill & Linda Raine, Topeka Kelly Rains, Wichita Scott & Gay Ramsey, Lenexa Lindsay Randall, Manhattan Mott & Delois Randle, Wichita

Betty Rhodes, Concordia

Dan & Kathy Richardson, Topeka

Randall & Cheryl Regehr, Wichita Kathy Richter Douglas & Debra Regester Mel & Ellen Richter, Great Bend Manhattan Raymond & Shelley Rickstrew Les & Sandy Regier Belvue Overland Park Clayton & Sherry Ridder, Olsburg Randy & Juli Regier Lutie Riedel, Hays Overland Park Wayne & Theresa Rieschick Rob Regier's Friends Soldier Laurene Reimer, Buhler La Moyne Riffel, Manhattan Robert & Rosemarie Rein, Larned Don & Sharon Riffey, Wamego Arnold & Christine Reinert Jack & Kay Rigdon, Tecumseh Lindsborg Loren & Kyanna Reiswig Manhattan

Larry Riley, Manhattan

Accepting A Challenge 2012


Lloyd & Mary Ringel, Havensville Hazel Rogers, Junction City

Jack & Jenney Ryan, Manhattan

Samuel & Verta Riniker Manhattan

Jim & Sue Ryan, Manhattan

Rita Rinkenbaugh, Coffeyville Richard & Clare Rippel, Wichita Drs Ripple & Liebl PA Dodge City Kirk & Carol Robb Westmoreland

Irene Rogers, Junction City

Jim & Susan Rogers, Manhattan Phil & Arika Ryan, Manhattan Ken Rohr, Hays

Tim & Karen Ryan, Manhattan

Allen & Glenda Rokey, Sabetha

Mary Joan Sage, Phillipsburg

Jim & Cibyl Ronen, St John

Bob & Kathy Sailors Overland Park

Janice Rood, Leonardville Jim & Helen Rose, Onaga

Marilyn Robbins, Havensville

Judy Rose, Manhattan

Kevin Robel, Manhattan

Dewayne & Faith Rosson Welch, OK

Louis & Rosine Robert Osage City James & Teresa Roberts Manhattan Barbara Roberts, Apopka, FL Carolyn Roberts, Manhattan Joy Roberts, Manhattan Donald & Jean Robertson Fredonia Brett & Tracy Robinson Manhattan Warren & Colleen Roblyer Manhattan Jeff & Tammy Rock, Colwich Maribeth Rodriguez Woodland, CA Stella Lee & Jeroen Roelofs Manhattan

Dorith Rotenberg, Manhattan Jeff & Sandy Roth, Ellinwood

Dennis & Susan Rogers, Topeka


Trudy Salsberry, Manhattan Jack & Arvilla Sampson Hutchinson Anthony & Claire Sapienza Union City, CA

Dr & Mrs Scott Rottinghaus New London, CT

Robert Sawyer, Manhattan

John & Cecelia Rougas Liverpool, NY

Conrad & Susan Sayson Manhattan

Robert & Sandra Rowe Osage City

David & Lori Schaller, Kechi

Laura Sayler, Ft Collins, CO

Joe & Kathy Rudd, Fredonia

Robert & Daisy Schalles Manhattan

Michael & Cindy Ruggiero Santa Clara, CA

Cindy Schauf, Colwich

Grace Runkle, Topeka Nina Rusco, Clifton Dan & Janelle Russell, Manhattan

David, Shennie, Davy & Doug Russell Harold & Kathy Roesler, Rose Hill Hazel Russell, Eureka Carmelle Rogers Dan & Bev Rogers, Manhattan

Kenneth & Betty Sallee, Troy

Loubna Tazi & Stefan Rothenburg Pauline & Gina Sapp, Grove, OK Manhattan Barry & Molly Sarvis, Manhattan Jerry & Carolyn Rothfuss Tex & Linda Sato, Pearl City, HI Clay Center

Wayne Roesener, Manhattan

Owing Mills, MD

Jack & Sandi Salava, Manhattan

Janelle Russell, Manhattan Phillip & Jacqueline Russell Manhattan Ron & Connie Russell, Wichita

Accepting A Challenge 2012

Bob Schaut Gerald Scheid, Lyndon George Schellenberger Richard & Barbara Schesser Manhattan Lavina Scheuerman, Bison Justin & Megan Scheve Manhattan Roger Schilowsky, Haslet, TX Jay & Carolyn Schlegel, Wichita

Brent & Tabitha Schlegel and Family, Onaga

Harlan & Colleen Schriner Lincoln, NE

Gene & Janice Sharp Valley Center

Claude & Agnes Schlink Overland Park

Jeff Schrock, Jeffersonton, VA

Brian Shaw, Garden City

Mark & Judy Schrock, Hazelton

Ed & Connie Shaw, Topeka

Larry Schroeder, Frankfort

James & Laverna Shaw Jr Hutchinson

Sheri Schlotfelt, Coffeyville John & Joanne Schlup Manhattan Chester & Deborah Schmidt Arlington Donald & Jeane Schmidt, Offerle Kristy Schmidt, McPherson Ruth Schmidt, Hesston Robert & Helene Schmitz Tulsa, OK Harold David Schneider Ken & Joan Schneiker, Olmitz Margaret Schnoebelen, Kinsley Eric & Kristin Schoeff Columbus, OH Robert & Evelyn Schoeff Manhattan Cynthia Schoeppel Alexandria, VA Jack & Sylvia Schonberner Junction City David & Bernice Schoneweis Manhattan Melvin & Verlaine Schooler Logan

Melissa Schroeder, Topeka PK Sauder & Judy Schroeder Emporia Rick Schroeder, Manhattan

Bob & Becky Shawgo Lakeville, MN Bud Shawgo, Manhattan

Mary Shawgo, Lamoni, IA Ray Schumaker & Kari Shumaker Steven & Mary Shawgo Fullerton, CA Manhattan Janet Schurle, Manhattan Donald & Elaine Shea, Manhattan Dale & Patricia Schurr, St George Mark & Debra Shelly, Bel Aire Mark Schwartz, Topeka Marilyn Sherman, Hutchinson Randell Sedlacek, Roeland Park Lavonne Shillington, Manhattan Chuck & Nancy Seel Johnston, IA

Andrew Shimon, Junction City Alan & Marilyn Shineman Manhattan

Terry & Janet Seematter Manhattan Brad Seibel, McPherson

Terry & Kathy Shinkle Clearwater

Greg Seibel, Emporia

Eldon & Shirley Shippy, Hope

Donna Seidler, Manhattan Dennis & Ada Seifert, Topeka

Kevin & Teresa Shippy Manhattan

Timothy & Machelle Seiler Lees Summit, MO

James Shirley Colorado Springs, CO

Larry & Susan Seitz, Manhattan

Vern & Helen Shoemaker Cawker City

Richard & Kathleen Selig Berryton

James Shoriak, Whiting, IN

Barbara Schoonover, Ft Scott

Ben & Florene Short, Kinsley

Mark & Anita Selph Litchfield Park, AZ Jim & Linda Schottler, Manhattan

John & Linda Shostak, Manhattan

Dean & Marjorie Schowengerdt Wamego

Doris Setterquist, Manhattan HL & Carolyn Seyler, Manhattan

J Kenneth & Susan Shultis Manhattan

Jacquelyn Schrag, McPherson

Leona Shandy, Leonardville

Dara Shumard, Wichita

Barbara Schreiber, Topeka

Rix & Phyllis Shanline, Manhattan Paul Shumard, Chicago, IL

Pauline Schreiber, Novi, MI

Ernest & Irene Sharp, Clay Center Ross & Faye Siegle, Manhattan Accepting A Challenge 2012


Robert & Carol Sieker, Chase

Eleanor Snelling, Wichita

WA & Diana Stapleton, Lewis

Jane Sieloff, Manhattan

Dean & Marcia Snepp, Topeka

Dally Sierra, Junction City

Larry & Susan Snepp, Topeka

Lois Steed & Gary Steed Plano, TX

Shirley Sikes, Tucson, AZ

Bill & Naomi Snyder, Emporia

Tom Silvey, Hamilton, MO

Bob & Nancy Snyder, Manhattan

Jesse & Beverly Simms Warsaw, MO

Edna Snyder, Junction City

Chris & Ann Marie Sims McKinney, TX Donald Skinner, Leawood James & Denice Sledd, Chase Nicole Sloan's Friends Francis & Henrietta Small Junction City Lloyd & Margaret Smelser McLouth Daniel Smith, Manhattan Dorothy Joy Smith, Marysville Doug & Mary Smith, Larned Duane & Lois Smith, Burlington Icel Smith, Miltonvale Jerry & Marlene Smith Junction City

Michael & Jennifer Steede Fairbanks, AK

Leah Sobba, St George

Rick Stefani and Phyllis, Steve, Randy & Ray Stefani Cedar Rapids, IA

Steve Sobba, Glendale, CA

Cynthia Steffan, Lyons

Eldon & Karen Solt, Wamego

Tyson & Kala Steffen, Larned

Linda Sorell, Manhattan

Don & Cheryl Stegman, Lyons

Peggy Souder, Newton

Judy Stehley, Manhattan

Russell Soupene, St George

Lisa Stei, Wakarusa

Rob & Jennifer Sowers Dodge City

Alan & Cynthia Stein, Great Bend

Clifford & Karen Spaeth Manhattan

Robert & Kathy Steiner, Sabetha

Phil & Cathy Spaniol, Katy, TX Elmer & Ethel Sparke, Kinsley Kenneth Specht, Randolph Phyllis Speck, Pocahontas, AR Brian & Mary Spooner Manhattan

Hank & Diane Steinbrock, Clifton Homer Stephen, Lincoln, NE Gary Stephens Gary & Brenda Stephens Manhattan Thad & Diana Stephens Overland Park Jonathan Stepp, Mission Hill

Joseph & Beverly Smith Independence

Phil & Grace Springer, Onaga

Andrew Sterner, Littleton, CO

Jon Srna, Manhattan

Bob & Kathy Stevens, Manhattan

Kent & Eloise Smith, Burlington

Paxson & Kelly St Clair, Leawood Jeff Stevens, Overland Park

Robert & Linda Smith, Manhattan Melvin & Dana Staatz, Manhattan Paula Stevens, Manhattan Steven Smith, Larned Rayburn & Anna Lou Stadel Verl & Betty Stevens, Manhattan Westmoreland Suzanne Smith, Alta Vista Josephine Stiles, Great Bend Tim & Rhonda Stadel Randy & Deb Smith and Family Larry Stilwell, White City Westmroeland Berryton Nichole Stoddard, Wamego Bruce & Leslie Snead, Manhattan Warren & Mary Lynn Staley Edina, MN E John Stonner, Lenexa Clarence & Janice Sneath Bill & Rae Stamey, Manhattan Wesley & Nancy Stotler Kanopolis Manhattan John Stanesic, Junction City Joannie Sneed, Lake Quivera


Accepting A Challenge 2012

Joseph & Mary Lea Stout Cottonwood Falls

Kevin & Jill Swenson New Cambria

Matthias & Dorothy Strahm Morristown, TN

Leon & Janet Sylvester, Wamego

A Mark & Toni Stremel Manhattan John & Sandra Stricker, Russell

Roberta Thimmig, Brighton, CO

Lyle & Betty Sylvester Clay Center Ron & Karolyn Tacha, Manhattan

Janice Thoben, Jetmore Delmer & Judy Thoman, Wichita Gail & Susan Thomas Clay Center Rick & Lori Thomas, Ellinwood

Carrie Strimple, Coffeyville

Glenn & Kathryn Tague Tucson, AZ

David & Susan Stroberg Hutchinson

Darryl & Diane Talbott Marquette

Rosemary Stroda Cocoa Beach, FL

Bob & Candice Thomas and Lynn, Rita, Lyman, Julie and Larry Jo and Families

Masaaki & Pamela Tamura Manhattan

Barbara Thompson, Ellinwood

Don & Rotha Strong, Offerle

Tanya Tappehorn Bartlesville, OK

Doug Thompson, Chapman

Daryl & DeAdre Strouts Manhattan

Sherry Thomas, Buena Vista, CO

Dick & Julie Thompson, Almena Eleanor Thompson, Sabetha

Rob Tasset, Dodge City

John & Carol Stubbs, Topeka

Megan Tate, Manhattan

Donavan & Marla Stucky, Salina

Brent & Jamie Thurman Taylor Overland Park

Mr & Mrs Robert Stumpff Springfield, VA Kenneth & Florence Stuver Topeka Qian Qian & Xiaoyu Su Manhattan Thomas Sullivan, Phillipsburg Arlan & Carol Sump, Clifton Susan Sun, Manhattan Kenneth & Dala Suther, Blaine

DeWayne & Kathryn Taylor Manhattan

Kent & Patricia Thompson Overland Park Robert & Jeannette Thompson Topeka Don & Joan Thomson, Manhattan Barbara Thorson, Lindsborg

John Taylor, Hays Sandra Taylor, Norman, OK Edward Teaford, Manhattan

Tom Tilden, Overland Park John & Deb Tillinghast, Clifton Henry & Phyllis Tillinghast Jr Ottawa

John & Martha Templeton Anthony

Richard Todd, Manhattan

Wayne & Marla Terpening Houston, TX

Frank & Judy Toman, Ellsworth

William Sutton, New Orleans, LA Carol Terry, Salina

John & Marilyn Tomich Manhattan

Ella Swain, Marion

Myrtle Teske, Onaga

Arbutus Topliff, Goodland

Linda Swank, Austin, TX Lloyd & Norma Swart, Oakley

Harold & Ramona Tessendorf Onaga

Daniel & Betty Townsend Garrett Park, MD

Glen & Cathy Swartz, Alta Vista

Don Tharp, Wichita

Amber Track-Moore, Topeka

Linda Sweany, La Harpe

Dean & Mary Thibault Manhattan

Doris Tracy, Scottsbluff, NE

Steve & Maureen Thien Manhattan

Tim & Michelle Traxson, Edna

Ron Sweat, Manhattan Patricia Sweeney, Abilene

John Travis, Kansas City, MO

Accepting A Challenge 2012


Tyler & Rebecca Traxson Manhattan

John Vanier, and John, Marty & Bob, Salina

Lonnie & Jan Tremblay, Clyde

E Daniel & Ronda Vannucci Woodland, CA

Tony & Elaine Trenkamp Spearville

Karlene Varnadore, Wamego

Bill & Marlene Trenkle Jr Leawood

Robert & Libby Vathauer Manhattan

Glen & Virginia Trogdon Grenola

Willie & Elizabeth Vaughan Winfield

Franklin & Tina Trudo, Wamego

Gavin & Kylie Vaughn Columbia, MO Janelle Trummel, Westmoreland Darren & Trudy Vaupel, Salina James Morris & Caroline Tsen San Francisco, CA

James & Patsy Tubach Manhattan

Joyce Kay Neville Waite George & Jacqueline Waitt III Wichita David & Elizabeth Walker Fredonia James & Patty Walker, Concordia Marshall & Donna Walker Colwich Jeff & Jennifer Walters Manhattan John & Marlyn Walters Manhattan

Chuck & Fran Veatch, Manhattan Alan & Lila Waltner, Kingman Julie Veatch, Lenexa

Ralph & Catherine Ward, Onaga

Randall & Susan Tucker, St John

Laird & Brandy Veatch Manhattan

Logan Wark, Manhattan

Tom & Marilyn Tucker The Woodlands, TX

Blake & Andrea Veenis, Wichita

Ruth Turnbull, Eskridge Dale & Eleanore Turner Salem, OR Jim & Martha Turner, Olsburg

Alvin & Mary Veesart, Clifton Darron & Dawn Veh, Hutchinson Lee & Ann Vendig, Dallas, TX Robert & Jean Venneberg, Onaga

Robert & Nelda Warnica Manhattan Jim & Karen Wasko Hammond, IN Tim Wassom, Sioux Falls, SD Betty Waters, Junction City

Joyce Waters, Kansas City, MO Brandon Vering Sr & Employees Joseph & Tongta Watson Greenleaf Doris Twitchell, West Linn, OR Manhattan Peggy Verschelden, St Marys Jelinek Tyson, Iola Lois Watson, Scottsdale, AZ Bernard & Rosalie Uhl, Wakarusa Cecil & Patsy Vining, Richmond Wanda Watson & Jeffrey Jerry & Sharon Volkman Gladys Ulrich, Gastonia, NC Jetmore Woodbine Mary Ulrich, Russell Susan Watt, Wamego Bill & Nancy Volkmann Pat Umscheid, Manhattan Gary Waugh, Salina Manhattan Arlyn & Jo Ann Unrein, Russell Fred & Mary Weatherbie Eileen Voth & Jan Voth Ft Morgan, CO Max & Lynn Urick, Manhattan Ellinwood Linda Weber, Longmont, CO Paul Van Nostran, Manhattan Terry Wages, Topeka Julie Tweedy, Kirwin

Rod Van Ormon, Ellensburg, WA Alan & Marilyn Wagner Manhattan Jack & Donna Vanier, Brookville Mary Vanier, Manhattan


David & Lynn Wagner Dodge City

Accepting A Challenge 2012

Dale & Mary Lou Webster Manhattan LeRoy & Verla Webster Westmoreland

Dorene Weckerling, Manhattan

Keith & Sheri Westervelt Manhattan

Paul & Barbara White, Byers, CO Jerry & Jeny Williams Mobile, AL Steve & Susan White, Manhattan Larry & Ruth Williams Warren & Candace White Manhattan Manhattan Nancy Williams, Manhattan Warren & Jean White, Norton Robert & Diana Williams Michelle White Godinet Manhattan Manhattan Sande & Shelly Williams David Whiteside, Overland Park Junction City Gary & Darlene Whitlock and Stephen & Marilyn Williams Lauren, Dennis & Becky Kansas City, MO Stuffer, Silver Lake Rochelle Neville Kim Whittington, Creston, IA & Don Williamson, Wichita Peg Wickersham, Newton Richard & Ellen Willis, Wichita Mike Wickly, Overland Park Kim Wilson, Fall River Darren & LuAnn Wicks Michael & Camilla Wilson Hutchinson Wichita Irene Widmer, Coffeyville Mitzie Wilson, Manhattan Roger & Lana Wiehe, Basehor Sean Ashley & Grier Wiltse Jacque Wiens, Lyons Mary Wiltzius, Clifton James & Betty Wild, Manhattan Beth Winans, Overland Park Earl & Lois Wiles, Leoti Brent & Carrie Winans Gene & Phyllis Wiley, Manhattan Dodge City

Jane Westfall, Manhattan

Wanda Wilhite, Overbrook

Byron & Bev Winans, Dodge City

Isabel Wheat, Emporia

Dana Wilkening Commerce City, CO

Rachel Winans, McPherson

Wilma Weckerling, Mission Francis & Mary Wehner Colorado Springs, CO Roger & Jeanene Wehrbein Plattsmouth, NE Mark & Betti Weiss, Manhattan Aaron & Helen Weller Manhattan Donald & Norma Wells Gering, NE Ruth Welti, Manhattan John & Susan Wempe Little River Aaron & Tiffany Wertenberger Clay Center David & Denise Werth, Salina William & Joan Wertzberger Georgetown, TX E Ben West, Manhattan Louellen West, Manhattan

Tom Colonnese & Alison Wheatley, Manhattan Dennis & Marsha Wilkening Hutchinson Patty Wheeler, Caney Cody & Shelda Wilkinson Vince & Pam Wheeler, Wichita Tuscola, TX Carl & LaJean Whitcomb Mary Wilkinson, Manhattan Stillwater, OK Scott & Fran Willbrant Alan & Patty White Manhattan Overland Park Darrell & Alvalene Williams Emily White, Kinsley Osage City John White, Belleville Eugene & Carol Williams Manhattan

Delvin & Delores Winfough Manhattan Lavena Winfough, Havensville Vinita Winfough, Havensville Mary Wingate, Ft Collins, CO Britt Winte, Newtown Square PA Dave & Julie Winter, Manhattan Donald & Betty Winter Manhattan Don & Treva Wiruth, Tulsa, OK

Accepting A Challenge 2012


Mason Wolfe, Monument, CO Fred & Nancy Wolfe Monument, CO Larry & Sandra Wolfram, Liberal Alan & Karen Wondra, Wichita Bob Wood James Wood, Ogden Ronald & Audrey Wood Solomon William & Marla Wood Junction City Joe Ann Wood Moore Manhattan

Philip & June Workman Burlingame

Clarence & Joann Zarger Manhattan

Larry & Rhonda Wray, Salina

Allen & Carol Ann Zimmerman Sublette

Keith & Sue Ann Wright Manhattan M Franklin Wright, Kiowa

Harry & Linda Zimmerman Manhattan

Lynn Wrosch, Onaga

Jerry Zimmerman, Sterling

Verl & Kristine Wurtz Columbus, NE

Pam Zipfel, Wichita

Marianna Wurtz's Friends Donnie & Laura Wyant Junction City

Anna Zolkiewska & Michal Zolkiewski Manhattan

Jatrice Wyatt, Oalthe

Bob & Kathy Zweifel, Waldo

Wanda Woodard, Manhattan

Stephen Wyly, Blue Springs, MO

John & Patricia Woods Manhattan

Douglas Wynn Garden Grove, CA

Kenneth & Pamela Woods Manhattan

John Yadon, Manhattan

Arlys Zoellner, Manhattan

Chris Yao, Plano, TX

Ray & Muriel Woods, Manhattan Gary & Susan Yenzer, St George Billie Woodward, Manhattan

Gary & Miriam Yonkey, Wheeler

Joyce Woodward, Manhattan

Cletus & Evelyn Young St George

George & Jan Woodyard, Riley Dave & Julia Woolfolk Manhattan Erma Woolsey, Darien, GA Ronald & Claudia Worcester Olathe

Carol Yoxall, Woodston

* Donors are from cities in Kansas unless otherwise noted.

Eldon & Dorothy Zabel Westmoreland Robert Zahner, Prairie Village James Zamrzla, Russell

A SPECIAL THANK YOU TO THE FUNERAL DIRECTORS Funeral directors often assist families in sending memorial donations to the center. This service makess an important contribution to the continued success of our researchers. THANK YOU!


Accepting A Challenge 2012

Companies providing matching contribution Some companies will match your charitable contributions. We thank these companies for supporting their employees' philanthropy. Abbott Laboratories, North Chicago, IL ATI, Leawood Conoco Phillips, Houston, TX Entergy Services Inc, New Orleans, LA

Merck Partnership for Giving Whitehouse Station, NJ Pfizer Inc, Princeton, NJ Thrivent Gift Multiplier, Princeton, NJ

Kansas Farm Bureau, Manhattan

Businesses & Organizations 2nd Grade Teachers, Schweinfurt Elementary School, Germany

Cigarettes 4 Less Inc, Kansas City, MO

30 Infantry Division Auxiliary, Manhattan

City of Topeka, Topeka


AG By Air Inc, Minneapolis American Legion Auxiliary #17, Manhattan Animal Care Clinic, Harlowton, MT

Citizens National Bank, Greenleaf Clare Generator Service Inc, Salina Cline Realty & Auction LLC, Onaga Conwell Management Company LLC, Topeka

AW & Nellie B Armstrong Foundation, Phillipsburg Crop Management Inc, Macksville B & B Redimix Inc, Stockton D & I Rentals, Manhattan Bayer Construction Company Inc, Manhattan Beta Sigma Phi Sisters, Manhattan

Dental Associates DDS, Manhattan

BG Products Inc, Wichita

Dick Edwards Ford Lincoln Mercury Inc, Manhattan

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas, Topeka

Diedrick Farms Inc, Tescott

Blueville Nursery Inc, Manhattan

Dolechek Trucking LLC, Claflin

Boy Scout Troop #52, Topeka

Douglas County Bank, Lawrence

Briggs Auto Lane, Manhattan

Edward Jones, Maryland Heights, MO

Brooks & Olson, Liberal

Elite Motors LLC, Liberal

Buchman's Double B Ranch, Alta Vista

Endacott Lighting, Manhattan

Buckeye Burritos, Abilene

Enterprise Holdings LLC Goup 51EE, Wichita

Butel Farm Inc, Overbrook

Farmers State Bank, Holton

C Bar H Farm & Home Do It Best, Garden City

First Financial Bank, Whiting, IN

Central Kansas AG Aviation Inc, Herington

First National Bank, Mount Hope

Chapman Valley Manor, Chapman

Flinthills Touring A's Model A Ford Club, Topeka

Christian Women Fellowship, Onaga

Frank Bergman Elementary Super Leaders Manhattan Accepting A Challenge 2012


Fraternal Order of Eagles Ladies Auxiliary #2468, Manhattan Fraternal Order of Eagles Ladies Auxiliary #830, Junction City Fredonia HS, Fredonia Gamma Resources Inc, Liberal Gerald Company, North Las Vegas, NV Gorges & Company, Wichita Grand Mère Development, Manhattan Griffith & Blair American Home, Topeka Halderson Farms, Manhattan

Lee's Christmas Trees, Junction City Liberal Animal Hospital, Liberal Mainline Printing Inc, Topeka Manhattan Breakfast Optimist Club, Manhattan Manhattan Coin Club, Manhattan Manhattan HS Booster Club, Maize Manhattan HS Lady Indians Basketball Team Manhattan Manhattan Town Center, Manhattan Manhattan/Ogden USD 383, Manhattan

Harper County Register of Deeds, Anthony

Manhattan/Wamego USBC WBA City Bowling Tournament, Wamego

Harry's Restaurant, Manhattan

Marr & Company PC, Kansas City, MO

Hartland Hearing Care Centers, Manhattan

Max Fitness, Manhattan

Hospice of Green Country Inc, Tulsa, OK

McDonald's, Manhattan

Independence HS, Independence

Medical Center Pharmacy, Dodge City

J & C Imaging Inc, Manhattan

Miller Mortuary, Liberal

J Glaves Attorney At Law, Wichita

Mission Towers Sunshine Club, Topeka

Jefferson Elementary School, Ft Riley

Morton County, Elkhart

Kansas District of The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, Topeka

MSHS Booster Club, Maize

Kansas Napus Chapter #13, Burdett

National Active & Retired Federal Employees Chapter 537, Huthchinson

Kansas Organization of Recyclers, Stockton Kansas Society of Land Surveyors, Andover Kansas State Alpha Kappa Psi-Bussiness Fraternity Manhattan Kansas State Army ROTC, Manhattan Kansas State Cats For A Cure, Manhattan Kansas State Dept Agronomy, Manhattan Kansas State Salina, Salina Kaw Valley Rodeo Association, Manhattan

N Zone Sportswear, Manhattan

National Association of Lettter Carriers Branch #201, Wichita New Beginnings Hairstyling Salon, Manhattan Nunns Construction Inc, Hutchinson Olson Ranch, Lost Springs Onaga Herald Inc, Onaga Onaga Historical Society, Onaga Onaga Pharmacy, Onaga Our Community Spouse's Club, Ft Riley

Konza Kamper Sams, Manhattan

Penwell Gabel Funeral Home, Topeka

K-State Credit Union, Manhattan

Phi Eta Sigma, Manhattan

Ladies Auxiliary VFW #1786, Manhattan

Phi Omega Pi-Study Club, Marysville

Larson Acres, McPherson

Phillips Seed Farms Inc, Assaria


Accepting A Challenge 2012

Pizza Hut, Manhattan

Thompson Law Office, Chapman

Positive Air LLC, Manhattan

TM Holdings Inc, Topeka

Pretz Farms, Paola

Town Realty, Windsor, CO

Professional Planning Services Inc, Manhattan Public Accountants Association of Kansas, Salina

Tri County Special Education Cooperative Independence

Raupe Sales Company, Haysville

Truck Parts & Equipment Inc, Wichita

Riley County Clerk's Office, Manhattan

Truist Inc, Washington, DC

River Creek Farms, Manhattan

Trust Company of Manhattan

RM Baril General Contractor Inc, Manhattan

Two West Inc, Kansas City, MO

Robel Graphics, Manhattan

United Commercial Travelers Council #626 Manhattan

Rocking M Radio Inc, Manhattan Schram Chrysler Dodge Jeep Inc, Manhattan Schweinfurt Elementary/Middle School Social Club, Germany

United Floor Company, Colorado Springs, CO Vanier Family Foundation, Salina Wagonear's Camping Club, Topeka

Sellers Equipment Inc, Salina

Wanamaker Elementary School, Topeka

Shinkle Family Services LTD, Clearwater

Webb-Shinkle Mortuary, Clearwater

Shred-It, Olathe

Welcome Club, Manhattan

Smelser Construction, McLouth

Western States Fire Protection Co Centennial, CO

SMH Consultants, Manhattan Smoky Valley Chiropractic PA, Lindsborg Southeast of Saline Jr/Sr HS,l USD #306 Gypsum Spencer Wernli Financial Consultants Inc El Dorado

Wheat State Campers, Hutchinson Wichita County Senior Citizens Board of Directors, Leoti Wise Equipment Co, Springfield, MO Wood Enterprise, Ogden

Spur Land Inc, Garden City

Woodland Joint USD, Woodland, CA

Stan Hartwich Construction, Onaga

Yoxall Trucking & Supply, Woodston

Staples Promotional Products, Overland Park Stephens Advanced Woundcare LLC Overland Park

* Businesses are from cities in Kansas unless otherwise noted.

Sub-Deb Sorority, Manhattan Tallgrass Brewing Co, Manhattan Tate & Kitzke LLC, Hugoton

During the preparation of this publication we have made every effort to ensure its accuracy and completeness. If you find any errors or omissions, we apologize, and ask that you call them to our attention.

Thank you! Accepting A Challenge 2012


NOTICE OF NONDISCRIMINATION: Kansas State University is committed to nondiscrimination on the basis of race, color, ethnic or national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, age, ancestry, disability, military status, veteran status, or other nonmerit reasons, in admissions, educational programs, or activities and employment, including employment of disabled veterans and veterans of the Vietnam Era, as required by applicable laws and regulations. Responsibility for coordination of compliance efforts and receipt of inquiries concerning Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Age Discrimination Act of 1975, and the Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990 has been delegated to the director of Affirmative Action, Kansas State University, 214 Anderson Hall, Manhattan, KS 66506-0124, 785-532-6220 or TTY: 785-532-4807. (Revised April 22, 2008)


Accepting A Challenge 2012

Becoming a Partner The Johnson Cancer Research Center is honored to receive gifts in memory, in honor and in celebration of friends and loved ones. The center allocates these funds to the programs described in this publication. Your gift is deposited into cancer research funds at the KSU Foundation. An acknowledgement is sent to those you designate—no amount is disclosed. You will receive a tax receipt from the foundation. Your ENTIRE donation is used to support the cancer programs at K-State, not any other costs.


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PART 5: SEND COMPLETED FORM (& CHECK) TO: Johnson Cancer Research Center, KSU 1 Chalmers Hall, Manhattan, KS 66506-3901 M 12

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CANCER RESEARCH & EDUCATION ADVISORY COUNCIL Council members offer a broad range of professional and personal expertise. They have strong ties to K-State and show remarkable dedication to the continued success of the center. According to their Bylaws, Council members are charged with the following duties: 1. Be advocates of the center. 2. Provide perspective and recommendations for the center's research, education, and outreach. 3. Provide feedback as to the effectiveness of center programs and promotional materials. 4. Identify potential supporters of the center and in other ways assist with development. 5. Suggest potential new Advisory Council members. In addition to their generous personal support, many members sponsor creative and fun fundraising events like the Regier Golf Tournament, College Cancer Challenge, Pink & Purple Polyester Party, luncheons, jewelry sales and more. They also promote the center in the media and in their communities. The center director and staff report to the council and provide opportunities for them to interact with university leaders, faculty and students. The director and designated KSU Foundation development officer interact with council members as opportunities occur.

2012 Council Members Brent Benkelman, DDS, Manhattan , KS Edie Dahlsten ‘66, Lindsborg, KS Clay Harvey ‘74, MD, Topeka, KS Jim Haymaker ‘69, MBA, Edina, MN Todd Herrington '86, Wellington, KS Mary Jo Heyka, RN, Manhattan, KS Mike Jacobson ‘70, PhD, Ft. Worth, TX Elaine Jacobson ‘67, ’71, PhD, Ft. Worth, TX Ken Jennison ‘49, Salina, KS Clif Jones ‘77, MD, Topeka, KS Bob Kinders '80, PhD, Maplewood, VA Dave Lewis, Manhattan, KS Bev Lueers ‘76, Topeka, KS Lorene Oppy, Manhattan, KS Albert Perry ‘70, Potomac, MD Sandy Regier ‘64, Overland Park, KS Jim Ronen, St John, KS Cibyl Ronen ‘60, St John, KS Jack Ryan ’74, Manhattan, KS Bill Snyder, Manhattan, KS Jennifer Sowers '94, Dodge City Bill Stamey, PhD, Manhattan, KS Julie Veatch '88, '89, '06, EdD, Lenexa, KS Dale Wright '99, PhD, Longmont, CO K-State graduation years indicted

At the fall meeting, the council honored Bill Stamey on the occasion of his 90th birthday! Jean Bridges helped him cut and distribute birthday cake.

Kansas State University Foundation 501(c)(3) statement of tax exemption:

Accepting a Challenge: 2012 Annual Report  

2012 Annual Report of Kansas State University's Johnson Cancer Research Center