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Two Filipinos found guilty of human trafficking in HK Macau as waitresses. However, upon arrival, they were told to travel to Hong Kong for the jobs, subsequently they were forced to work as entertainers or prostitutes in a club in the Chinese territory’s Wan Chai district. The victims were assisted by other Filipinos in the area who reported their plight to the Philippine Consulate General.

Two Filipinos were found guilty by Hong Kong’s Wan Chai District Court of human trafficking in charges filed by their Filipino victims who are their distant relatives.

Picture taken from According to a news report, a business survey has rated the Philippines the fourth most corrupt among 16 major Asia-Pacific investment destinations.

pore rated as the least corrupt in the survey.

The corruption scores of 16 Asia-Pacific economies from a survey of 2,174 expatriate business executives by the Political and Economic Risk Consultancy (PERC).

The survey looked at how corruption affected different levels of political leadership and the civil 1. Indonesia, 9.27 The survey was conducted by the service, and how major institu2. Cambodia, 9.10 tions fared in terms of corruption. 3. Vietnam, 8.07 Hong Kong-based Political & Economic Risk Consultancy. The result 4. Philippines, 8.06 It also examined how corruption 5. Thailand, 7.60 showed the Philippines as the fourth rank from the 16 countries. is perceived to affect the overall 6. India, 7.18 business environment, and how Indonesia scored 9.27 out of 10 7. China, 6.52 easy or difficult it is for companies 8. Malaysia, 6.47 putting the country as the most corrupt nation in the 2010 survey. to deal with the problem inter9. Taiwan, 6.28 nally and externally when they 10. South Korea, 5.98 Cambodia was ranked second most encounter it. 11. Macau, 4.96 corrupt, followed by Vietnam, the The survey was executed by 2,174 12. Japan, 3.49 Philippines, Thailand, India, China, expatriate business executives by 13. United States, 3.42 the Political and Economic Risk Malaysia, Taiwan, South Korea, 14. Hong Kong, 2.67 Consultancy (PERC). Macau, Japan, the United States, 15. Australia, 2.2816. Hong Kong, Australia and Singa16. Singapore, 1.42


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A news report said the two Filipinos, a club owner and staff, are facing a maximum penalty of not more than three years. Carigtan Mercedes, 47, is penalized in jail for 18 months while Aapuria Carmen Bao Ilan is penalizeds for 21 months. The report also said in June last year the victims were told to work in

The victims will be provided the necessary assistance, such as livelihood support and filing of charges against their relative in Macau, upon the arrival of the victims in the Philippines,” the agency said. The Filipino victims are in the custody of a Hong Kongmanaged shelter house.

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The two were jailed for human trafficking, while the seven others were ordered deported to the Philippines.




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In a raid at the club by the Hong Kong Police Force, nine Filipinos were arrested, including the Filipino club owner and staff.

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APRIL 2010 VOL. Xi NO. 89

Biggest singkamas ‘Magic sugar’ caused FILIPINO DOMESTIC in Sta. Catalina HELPER CHARGED cancer to animals FOR ATTACKING dug-upped Officials released a warning against the use of “magic sugar,” saying the product caused cancer in animals.

partnered with the LGUs in managing the problem. She also mentioned there is an ongoing operation by the It was reported that a farmer Ramilo would be a record Bureau of Customs in prohibitfrom Barangay Cabittaobreaker. gan, Sta. Catalina, Ilocos Singkamas or Jicama is one The City of Manila called on lo- ing the importation of the magic Sur named Dominador of the crops being planted in cal traders and the public to be sugar. But these are coming cautious of using magic sugar mostly from the backdoors like Ramilo dug-upped a bulb of the Municipality of Sta. on different thirst-quenchZamboanga. Singkamas which measured Catalina. ing drinks as it could be very In Manila, City Administrator 18 inches harmful to a person’s health. Jesus Marzan issued the warnacross and According to news report, ining against magic sugar after weighed 23.4 spectors have been dispatched the Department of Health (DoH) kilograms. to pose as buyers from street considered the magic sugar as Dominador vendors and laboratory experts “dangerous” since the artificial was amazed will test the beverages to find substance was found to be by the extra out if they contain the so-called cancerous. ordinary magic sugar size of the or sodium singkamas cyclamate. and immediately told to FDA Director Mayor Carlos Tacandong R. Asuncion said it is the and other responsibility townmates of the local about it. government It is also known as a yam authorities to In the Guinness Book of bean. Jicama is originated Records, the heaviest Jicama in Mexico. They spread with keep vendors (singkamas) weighed 21 kg the galleons in the 1600’s to against using in Indonesia. It was weighed the Philippines and onto oth- the prohibon 25 January 2008. For er Southeast Asian countries ited product. But she said this reason, there is a posand China. the FDA has sibility that the Singkamas unearthed by Dominador

A 7-YEAR-OLD BOY A Filipino domestic helper appeared in court charged with pushing a seven-yearold boy to the floor and hitting him in the lower abdomen, causing lacerations to his small intestine.

cident attacked the boy from behind and pushed him to the floor and hit the boy in the lower abdominal causing lacerations, body bruises and needed to do operation for further treatment.

It happened in one of the flat at Royal Ascot, Shatin on August 14, 2009. The Filipino domestic helper name Palgue Jonita Awas, age 32, illegally and intentionally attacked the 7 years old boy, led to serious damage.

Accuser does not object defender to bail out for the final hearing but before the hearing day, the defender is not allow to leave Hong Kong, must not disturb and have any contact with the witness.

According to the boy, he did not want to practice his piano and led to a quarrel with the domestic helper.

Defender agreed to give $1500 for bail out, on time report to the Sheung Wan police station and to hand over her Philippine passport.

According to the accuser, the defender during the in-

The final hearing will be on March 30, 2010.

30% of new grads may be jobless Drought drives monkeys out from tourist spot As much as three out of ten college graduates looking for work may end up being jobless if the government remains unable to create sufficient jobs, according to a non-government research agency.

In a release sent , independent think tank IBON Foundation said around 848,000 new and old graduates may be looking for work after this year’s graduation, but only about 256,000 openings may be available to them. The figure was based on the government’s Labor Force Survey (LFS) in April last year, but IBON said the number of jobs may still be the same this year in the worst-case scenario of the economy being able to generate the same number of jobs.

The figure provided by IBON also does not include graduates who do find jobs but will probably take whatever work is available even if these are not related to their college degrees. Previous estimates show that

three out of five college graduates immediately join the labor force. With the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) estimating some 542,000 college graduates this year, IBON said an additional 325,000 degree-holding job-seekers will join the labor market. Those who are going to look for work will then be competing with about 523,000 other unemployed graduates as of January 2010, IBON added.

“This problem is mitigated somewhat if the newly-erupting global crisis early last year was a factor that particularly dragged down job creation at the time,” the group said, adding, however, that long-term job prospects of college graduates will still not be secure.

Over one in ten college graduates in the country are unemployed according to IBON, reaching 591,000 out of 5.63 million college graduates in the labor force after the closing of classes in April 2009 based still on LFS data. The new graduates are also set to join the some 4.3 million jobless Filipinos as of 2009, based on the group’s own estimates. This is about a third higher than the government’s estimate of only 2.8 million jobless Filipinos as of January this, which even then registered an improvement from 2.9 million recorded last year.

Endangered turtle rescued off South Harbor It was reported that a young Hawksbill turtle was found in a pier of the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) headquarters at the South Harbor. In the report PCG dental assistant Seaman Second Caesar Ryan Alvarez said he was smoking at the pier at around 9:30 a.m. when he spotted the turtle. “At first I thought it was garbage floating on the water or a basket but when I saw it move, I realized that it was a turtle. I immediately went into the water to get it. The turtle was weak and did not fight when I captured it,” Alvarez said. PCG spokesman Lieutenant Commander Arman Balilo said that this was not the first time they found a turtle, in the vicinity of the PCG.

Balilo turned the Hawksbill turtle, estimated to be between one year and three years old, over to the representatives from the Pawikan Conservation Project-Protected Areas and Wildlife Bureau (PCPPAWB) for proper disposition. It was also reported that these turtles declined by more than 90 percent over the years. “It is on the brink of extinction,” PCP-PAWB biologist Nilo Romoso said. He also mentioned that the Hawksbill is preferred to other kinds of turtles because of its “attractive scales, hard shell, and it has more uses. It can be used to make export products such as frames for eye-

After severe heat sag some crops in a village of Maguindanao, monkeys from mountainous areas abandoned their hiding place and transferred to mountainsides near villages. According to a report some crops including banana plants that serve as food for monkeys wilted due to drought that lead to lack of food to these animals. It was said the monkeys started to form groups and scramble for food, particularly bananas donated by Dole-Stanfilco. There were also times when the fighting over food turns deadly for the young and old monkeys. Barangay New Israel was recognized as a tourist destination due to the monkeys in the community. Local official said monkeys were free to move around the barangay without being harmed by villagers since the council had passed a resolution protecting the creatures.

“These animals even play with us and our children and visitors,” an official said. It was estimated that some 100,000 visitors, including foreigners, have visited the place since it was officially declared a tourist spot during the 1990s. But El Niño changed it all. Some of the monkeys have also stolen food to survive. Some villagers complained that some monkeys enter their homes and steal food.

The drought was also seen as the reason for frequent encounters with deadly king cobras in Davao del Sur. The cobras have killed two persons in Bansalan, Davao del Sur. Authorities said king cobras might have been driven out of their homes by the extreme heat. “Hunting for food and the destruction of their habitats cause most animals to venture farther from their territories,” said one animal hunter.

Filipino baby born in flight comes home An overseas Filipino worker who gave birth on board Singapore Airlines has come home with her two-week-old daughter.

with her newborn baby. “I’m just so happy that my baby is safe and for a successful delivery

glasses, picture frames, bangles, and earrings.” Each scale can reportedly be sold for $250. The turtle found has 13 scales and would have been worth $3,250 or P146, 250. According to the report the found turtle is still active and moved a lot. But they noticed that it has a scar and there are holes at the back of its covering. It seemed that it has already been captured before, maybe by some fisherman who turned it into his pet, but the turtle managed to escape.

Mylen Molina arrived at Terminal 1 of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport on Wednesday night

even though I was in the airplane. I would like to thank all the people who

helped me especially when we were up there,” Molina said in Filipino. Molina was in her eight month of pregnancy when she boarded the plane from Dubai on March 12. Molina said she was going back in the Philippines after working as a factory worker in the Middle East. At 30,000 feet above ground, Molina broke waters. The stewardess alerted the captain pilot who promptly used the public address system to ask if there was any doctor on board.

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30-M Filipinos exposed to Asking the gods Quezon City school cigarette smoke at home for rain renamed after Cory Aquino According to a news report, a national survey has reported that some 29.8 million Filipinos are exposed to cigarette smoke inside their homes. It was mentioned in the report that the first Global Adult Tobacco Survey (GATS) revealed “almost half of Filipinos,” or 48.8 percent of those who were surveyed, are inhaling tobacco smoke inside their dwellings while 54 percent, representing 32.9 million of the population reported that someone smokes inside their homes. The GATS 2009 gathered a total of 9,705 individuals 15 years old and above living in rural and urban areas nationwide. The number represents 61.3

million Filipinos in this age bracket. Ninety-four percent of them know that smoking causes serious diseases;

in the last quarter of 2009. Health officials declared the study as the official baseline for smoking prevalence in the country. This prompts health authorities to campaign against smoking even inside homes and in public places. Having a 17.3 million adult current smokers, 80 percent of whom are currently daily smokers, our government has a need to place a priority on strong tobacco 95.6 percent believe control legislation and acthat smoking can cause tion. The country has yet lung cancer, 81.3 percent to fulfill its commitment believe smoking can lead to promulgate graphic to heart attack, and 75.5 health warnings, which percent are aware that we were supposed to smoking can cause stroke. have complied. However More than half of comwe need to work hand in muters or 55.3 percent of hand towards achieving respondents representing this commitment and almost 28 million Filipinos need to work fast are exposed to secondtowards a 100 percent hand smoke. smoke-free environThe GATS was conducted ment.

Batasan Hills Elementary School in Barangay Batasan has been named anew as President Corazon C. Aquino Elementary School after the city council approved a measure in its favor. The school board resolution said, “it is appropriate that Quezon City honors former president Aquino to encourage people, especially the youth, to preserve the principles she stood for in the pursuit of creating a just and progressive society for all Filipinos.” Tribesmen in Barangay San Marino in Apayao perform a dance and other rituals to ask the gods for rain in the province, where rice and corn fields have been severely affected by a prolonged dry spell.


Anthrax vaccination for animals After a report last month that residents fell ill from eating a carabao stricken with anthrax disease, a massive vaccination of animals against the deadly disease is underway in Cagayan province.

The Philippine National Police’s first twin generals – Directors Ray (left) and Ronald Roderos – are honored during retirement rites early this month in Camp Crame, Quezon City.

It was said that Dr. Arnulfo Perez, Chief of the Animal Division of the Cagayan Veterinary Office, has been conducting vaccination of cattle, carabao and goats against anthrax disease.

Cebu top official warns lewd shows during Holy Week A lady Governor has reminded Cebu Provincial Police Office to arrest anyone who will organize or introduce vulgar shows in Santa Fe town during the observance of Holy Week. Governor Gwendolyn Garcia is against indecent and obscene shows.

Governor Gwendolyn Garcia Garcia said she issued the directive purposely to avoid a repeat of last year’s incident wherein the province filed cases against two Manila- and to the public through a written apology published in the newspapers. based actresses and several others in relation to the staging of a bikini show The governor said that the show organized in Bantayan Island. by Elton Tio in a resort owned by Rommel The two actresses, Maui Taylor and Jen- Solomon was “shockingly indecent, vulgar and obscene.” nifer Lee, already apologized to Garcia

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Michael Jackson’s Guinness World Record, Better visa rules luxury furniture smallest man died for foreign nurses, up for auction dentists : Japan LOS ANGELES – The luxury furniture Michael Jackson commissioned before his death will go under the hammer in June in Las Vegas along with other personal items from the King of Pop, Julien’s Auctions announced Friday. The 22 pieces of furniture Jackson ordered from Italy’s Colombostile Artisans to fill the home where he was to live during his “This is It” London concert series will be featured in the June 25 “Music Icons” auction at Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino. Before the event, the furniture and a recreation of Jackson’s home in Kent, England will be exhibited at Newbridge Silverware’s Museum of Style Icon’s, in Ireland, from March 16 to May 30, Julien’s said in a statement. The exhibit will then be shown in Las Vegas from June 14-25. “Michael’s fans and the public will experience how the entertainer’s home would have looked like with his custom designed” furniture, the auction house said. The collection includes sev-

eral armchairs upholstered in mother of pearl or platinumgold leaf (estimated at 18,500 dollars) and two with gold double-headed eagle embroidery (60,000 dollars). It also includes a 17th century style gilt ebonized wood

He Pingping, the world’s shortest man who stood just over two feet five inches tall (75 centimetres), has died at 21. He is a native of China who had a form of primordial dwarfism. Pingping was in Rome taking part in a television show when he suffered chest problems.

It was reported that Japan may lift work visa restrictions for foreign nurses and dentists, to help care its fast-ageing and reducing population. He was taken to hospital, where he died over the weekend. Guinness World Records said it would announce He’s successor as the world’s shortest man in due course.

All-black penguin discovered King Penguins are notorious for their prim, tuxedoed appearance -writing desk with mother of but a recently pearl inlay (120,000 dollars) discovered alland a Baroque red velvet black penguin and gilt sofa with stone inlay seems un(150,000 dollars). afraid to defy convention. In The auction will also feature what has been more than 200 items from described as Jackson’s life and career, a “one in a including a signed “Beat It” zillion kind jacket (estimated at 8,000of mutation,” 12,000 dollars), Jackson’s biologists say white Swarovski Crystal that the aniGlove (30,000 dollars) and mal has lost signed “Bad” Lyrics (2,000control of its 4,000 dollars). pigmentation, an occurrence From other music icons, the that is extremely rare. Other auction includes a lock of than the penguin’s monoElvis Presley’s hair (8,000 chromatic outfit, the animal dollars), a Fender guitar used appears to be perfectly onstage by Jimi Hendrix healthy -- and then some. (150,000-200,000 dollars), “Look at the size of those and Britney Spears stage legs,” said one scientist, “It’s costumes.

Japan’s immigration bureau is considering a plan to abolish visa limits for hundreds of nurses from the Philippines and Indonesia that currently restrict them to working in Japan for only seven years.

They may also invite nurses from other countries. According to the report changes may come as early as this month after the bureau formally endorses a new five-year policy plan. It was also said that Japan may lift a six-year work limit for foreign dentists. The population of Japan fell by about 75,000 in 2009. The country had a record of 28.98 million people aged 65 or over last year. According to the immigration plan, Japan would also consider accepting foreigners who graduate from Japanese universities and other institutions with national nursing and other relevant qualifications.

Giant meat-eating plants prefer to eat tree shrew poo an absolute monster.” The under-dressed penguin was photographed by Andrew Evans of National Geographic on the island of South Georgia near Antarctica. As the picture circulated, some biologists were taken aback -- including Dr. Allan Baker of the University of Toronto. His first response was disbelief:

The largest meateating plant in the world is designed not to eat small animals, but small animal poo. Botanists have discovered that the giant montane pitcher plant of Borneo has a pitcher the exact same size as a tree shrew’s body. But it is not this big

to swallow up mammals such as tree shrews or rats. Instead, the pitcher uses tasty nectar to attract tree shrews, then ensures its pitcher is big enough to collect the feeding mammal’s droppings. Details of the discovery are published in the journal New Phytologist.


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Snack soil in Indonesia In Tuban Indonesia, soil is not just a raw material for bricks and ceramics, it’s also a snack that one family has been making for many generation. This village in East Java Province, is the only village that produces ‘’ampo’’, a snack made from clean, gravel-free dark earth collected from nearby paddy fields. The villagers believe the soil snacks are an effective pain-killer so pregnant women are encouraged to eat them as it is believed to refine the skin of the unborn baby. Makers of the snack use a wooden stick to pound the soil into a hard, solid mass. Rolls of dirt are scraped off with a bamboo dagger then baked and smoked in

large clay pot for half and hour and then they’re ready to serve. According to it’s founder Rasima (53 years old), the better the quality of the soil, the better the taste of the snack.

Two of oldest people in the world die on same day Two of the oldest people in the world have died on the same day. Mary Josephine Ray, who was certified as the oldest person living in the United States, died Sunday at age 114 years, 294 days. She died at a nursing home in Westmoreland but was active until about two weeks before her death, her granddaughter Katherine Ray said. “She just enjoyed life. She never thought of dying at all,” Katherine Ray said. “She was planning for her birthday party.” Ray died just hours before Daisey Bailey, who was 113 years, 342 days, said L. Stephen Coles, a director of the Gerontology Research Group, which tracks and studies old people and certifies those 110

or older, called supercentenarians. “It’s very rare that two of our supercentenarians die on the same day,” Coles said. Bailey, who was born March 30, 1896, died in Detroit, he said. She had suffered from dementia, sai her family, which claimed she was born in 1895. Ray, even with her recent decline, managed an interview with a reporter last week, her granddaughter said. Ray was the oldest person in the United States and the second-oldest in the world, the Gerontology Research Group said. She also was recorded as the oldest person ever to live in New Hampshire.

Photo taken in 2006 shows Mary Josephine Ray during her 111th birthday party in Westmoreland, She died Sunday at age 114.

Alaska wolves ‘kill’ woman’s teacher out jogging Wolves in Alaska are suspected of killing a teacher in an isolated village while she was out jogging. An autopsy has revealed that Candice Berner, 32, died of injuries sustained in an animal attack, officials said. Her body was dragged off a rural road, leaving a bloody track, into the nearby bush and was surrounded by wolf tracks. Police said wolves in the area had been aggressive recently. If confirmed, it is believed to be the first fatal wolf attack in the US in 50 years. The Alaska State Medical Examiner said Ms Berner’s cause of death

was “multiple injuries due Col Audie Holloway, of the to animal mauling”. Alaska State Troopers, said: “There’s no other carnivores Her body was in that area that are out and found on Monday active. evening by snowmobilers after she “There were wolf tracks all was last seen that around the body, and drag afternoon at her marks associated with those school in Chignik tracks.” Lake, a community of about 100 “From the number of prints people 474 miles at the scene, we’re thinking (760km) south of there probably were, posAnchorage. sibly, two, three, maybe four [wolves],” he added.

FOR HIM Danny Bascal Jr., 42 years old Driver for 14 years in Hong Kong Nabasa ko ang tungkol sa mga food supplements ng RICA sa KabayanSTAR newspaper, nagkaroon ako ng interest kaya hinanap ko ang shop nila sa World Wide House. Noong nagpa consulta ako sa kanila nadiskubre kong mayroon pala akong high blood pagkatapos kong na BP. Palagi ding masakit ang aking buong katawan na nakakaapekto sa aking pagtatrabaho kaya tinanong ko kung ano ang magandang food supplement mayron sila na puwede kong gamitin. Ang nirekumenda sa akin ay Arginine, binigyan ako ng flyers tungkol dito at pagkatapos kong binasa ang mga benefits nito ay nagdesisyon akong bumili. Habang iniinom ko ang unang bote ng Arginine na binili ko, nararamdaman ko ang maraming pagbabago ng aking pakiramdam. Isang buwan palang akong nakakainom pero masigla ako, may improvement na rin ang mataas kong BP noon at malakas ang aking pakiramdam kahit maghapon akong nagtatrabaho.


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Natural Approaches to Colon Cancer Prevention There are a number Mr. Anthony Wu of ways founder of RICA International, to help holding Chinese prevent Medicine in The colon University of cancer. Hong Kong. In addition to receiving medical tests that help detect the disease early on, you can make a number of lifestyle changes to reduce your colon cancer risk.

*a change in bowel habits (such as diarrhea or constipation) *persistent abdominal pain or discomfort *tenderness in the lower abdomen *rectal bleeding or bloody stool *intestinal obstruction narrow stools *unexplained weight loss unexplained anemia fatigue

and vegetables each day, choosing whole grains over processed grains, and cutting back on processed and red meats may help prevent colon cancer.

ing from stomach irritation), it’s important to consult your physician before taking these drugs 3)Exercise on a regular For colon cancer preven- basis. In fact, tion, aim for at least 30 the Ameriminutes of exercise on can Cancer five or more days of the Society week. Getting at least 45 notes that “experts do not minutes recommend NSAIDs as a of moder- cancer prevention strategy Longevity and Causes of Colon Cancer ate or If you notice for people at average risk In most cases, colon cancer any sympvigorous of developing colorectal a Vegetarian begins with the formation toms of colon activcancer.” Diet of precancerous growths ity five cancer, con(polyps) that become can- sult your docor more Natural Approaches to cerous over time. times tor as soon as Vegetarians live longer Colon Cancer Prevention than meat eaters, weekly possible. To date, few natural concludes the British Although the cause of may remedies or alternative Medical Association. colon cancer is unknown, Colon Cancer further therapies have been found Vegetarian have a 28% the following may increase Prevention reduce to play a significant role lower risk of dying from your risk for the disease: your To lower your in colon cancer prevenheart disease and a 39% colon risk of colon tion. However, preliminary reduced chance of dying *being over age 60 cancer cancer, try research suggests that the from cancer, according *a family history of colon these straterisk. following substances may to a 12 year research cancer gies recomhelp reduce colon cancer program involving 5,000 *a personal history of 4)Limit- risk to some degree. Here’s mended by British meat eaters and breast cancer ing Your a look at some key study the American 6,100 vegetarians. *the presence of inflamma- Cancer SociAlcohol findings: tory bowel disease (such as ety: Intake Crohn’s disease or ulcerIn addi- 1)Vitamin D ative colitis) 1)Colon Cancer Screen- tion to avoiding smoking, High blood levels of vita*type 2 diabetes you should limit your ing min D may be linked to a *the presence of cancer alcohol intake to no more lower risk of colon cancer, Most people should elsewhere in the body than one drink per day begin regular colon according to a 2010 study. *a diet high in red or pro- cancer screening at age for women or two drinks Analyzing data on 1,248 cessed meat 50. However, those with per day for men. people with colorectal can*lack of physia family hiscer and the same number cal activity tory of colon NSAIDs and of healthy Garlic – Garlic or *smoking Colon Cancer cancer (or A landmark German individuals, its components can cigarettes Prevention with other researchers study found that help lower the risk of *drinking risk factors A number of determined vegetarians’ tumors in the stomalcohol for the dis- studies suggest natural killer (NK) that those ach, colon, lung, and ease) should that people with the cell activity was esophagus. Research consult their who regularly twice as high as the highest levels from China has reColon Cancer ported that those who physician use aspirin meat eaters’ NK cell of vitamin D Symptoms about start- and other had a 40% reactivity. NK cells eat a great quantity Although coing screen- non-steroidal duced risk of are among the of garlic have much lon cancer of- lower rates of stomach ing before anti-inflamcolon cancer immune system’s ten produces matory drugs prime cancer cancer than the rest of age 50. no symptoms, the population. (NSAIDs) have fighting cells. some people a lower risk of 2)Healthy with colon colon cancer. Diet cancer may experience Eating five or more serv- However, since NSAIDs with the following: ings of a variety of fruits can cause serious side effects (including bleedCome and try RICA Ecolon – Sweet Fiber (The Best Choice for your Health)…Just 2 sticks of Ecolon – Sweet Fiber a day and keep your colon healthy and relieve your body from toxins and causing the development of hernias, varicose veins, hemorrhoids and …etc. For more information, please call RICA Customer Hotline : 8208-8847 Noong 1998 naoperahan ako ng myoma at magmula noon tatlong beses lang akong nagbabawas sa isang lingo. Alam kong hindi ito mabuti sa aking katawan kaya nagtry ako ng iba’t ibang laxative drinks katulad ng mga tea. Marami na rin akong natry na iba’t ibang food supplements kaya lang medyo may nararamdaman akong sakit sa aking dibdib. Natutuwa talaga ako noong nabasa ko ang tungkol sa “Ecolon” food supplement ng RICA International sa Kabayan Star newspaper dahil pagkatapos kong inumin ang pangalawang box na ininom ko araw-araw na akong nagbabawas at hindi na sumasakit ang aking tiyan. Emma, 51 Erlinda Descargar, Wan Chai Twenty seven years na sa Hong Kong na nagtatrabaho. Last year, nagsimula na kanyang naramdaman ang paghirap ng kanyang pagbabawas hanggang naging irregular ito. May mga pagkakataon na nakakapagbawas lang siya after 4 – 5 days. Nabasa niya sa Kabayan STAR newspaper ang mga disadvantages ng hindi regular na pagbabawas at kung ano ang dapat na inuming food supplement kaya siya bumisita sa shop ng RICA sa World Wide House at bumili siya ng Ecolon sweet fiber. After ng kanyang pag-inom ng RICA ecolon, nakaramdam siya ng magandang pagbabago sa kanyang pagbabawas at naging tuluyang mabuti ang kanyang pagbabawas. Pauline Dimson Last month, may nabasa akong health news tungkol sa colon. Nabasa ko rin ang 2 testimony ng mga gumamit ng Ecolon Sweet Fiber ng RICA kaya nagkaroon ako ng interest na bumisita sa RICA Shop sa World Wide Shop dahil hindi ako nagbabawas araw-araw. Mabigat ang pakiramdam ko at hindi ako comfortable dahil dito, hindi rin talaga okay ang hindi everyday ang pagbabawas kaya kahit medyo may kamahalan ang sweet fiber bumili ako ng 1 box dahil gusto kong matry mismo kung okay siya talaga at gusto ko ring malinis ang aking tiyan. After na nakainom ako for 1 week may nakita na akong pagbabago, araw-araw na akong nagbabawas kaya magaan na ang aking pakiramdam. Dahil napatunayan ko mismo na maganda ang product ng RICA, after a week bumili din ako ng kanilang Royal Jelly dahil hindi ako masyadong nakakatulog at bumili din ako ng kanilang body cleansing na Chlorella A1 para itry din. After a week uli ng paggamit ko ng Royal at Chlorella A1 gumanda na ang tulog ko kaya bumili naman ako ng Sweet fiber para sa mother ko at ipinadala ko sa Pilipinas.

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Fiber – whole grains and other fiber-rich foods are essential to any anti-cancer diet, as fiber helps facilitate the prompt removal of toxins from the digestive tract. It is important to include a wide variety of these whole grains in the diet because different whole-grain foods contain different kinds of fibers. Consume at least 25-30g of fiber a day, equivalent to 6 or more servings of grains and 5 or more servings of vegetables (including legumes) and fruits. pre-diagnostic circulating vitamin D concentration and risk of coloreccompared to those with the Alternative Medicine and tal cancer in European lowest levels. (Come and Colon Cancer Prevention populations:a nested try RICA Liquid Calcium case-control study.” with vitamin D6) BMJ. 2010 340:b5500. Due to the lack of science behind their colon- doi: 10.1136/bmj.b5500. 2)Folate Making sure you consume cancer-fighting effects, Kyle JA, Sharp L, Little enough folate (a B vitamin it’s important not to found in foods like spinach, rely solely on any of the J, Duthie GG, McNeill G. “Dietary flavonoid above natural remedies asparagus, and fortified intake and colorectal as a means of colon cereals) may lower your cancer: a case-control risk of colon cancer, accord- cancer prevention. study.” Br J Nutr. 2010 ing to a 2005 meta-analysis 103(3):429-36. of 16 previously published Sources: studies. The recommended American Cancer Sanjoaquin MA, Allen Society. Can Colorectal daily intake of folate is N, Couto E, Roddam AW, Cancer Be Prevented? 400 mcg for most adults. Key TJ. “Folate intake May 18, 2009. Pregnant women should and colorectal cancer Gilberto Santana-Rios, consume 600 mcg daily, while breastfeeding women Gayle A. Orner, Meirong risk: a meta-analytical approach.” Int J Cancer. Xu, Maria Izquierdoshould consume 500 mcg daily. (Come and try RICA Pulido, and Roderick H. 2005 20;113(5):825-8. Dashwood. “Inhibition Chlorella-Ai for the abunShan BE, Wang MX, Li dant content of Folate) Omega-3 Fatty Acids RQ. “Quercetin inhibit – these fats, essential for human SW480 colon 3)Quercetin the proper functioning of cancer growth in assoIn lab tests on cell ciation with inhibition of cultures, scientists have all tissues and cells in the cyclin D1 and survivin demonstrated that quer- body, may inhibit cancers, expression through cetin may help stall the especially breast cancer. Wnt/beta-catenin signalgrowth of colon cancer. ing pathway.” Cancer What’s more, a 2010 popu- by White Tea of 2-AmiInvest. 2009 27(6):604no-1-Methyl-6-Phenyllation-based study of 672 imidazo[4,5-b]Pyridine- 12. people found that dietary intake of quercetin may be Induced Colonic Sun CL, Yuan JM, Koh linked with reduced risk of Aberrant Crypts in the F344 Rat.” Nutrition and WP, Yu MC. “Green tea, colon cancer. black tea and colorectal Cancer 2001; 41(1-2): cancer risk: a meta-analAn antioxidant available in 98–103. ysis of epidemiologic supplement form, quercetin studies.” Carcinogenesis. is naturally found in foods Jenab M, Bueno-de2006 Jul;27(7):1301-9. Mesquita HB, et. al. like apples, onions, and “Association between berries.

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Antioxidant and Aging Process There’s an old American proverb about aging: “Either Professor Vasco, Japan Haemoyou can dynamics (HK) live your Research Institute life in a cave, like a monk, and die with pearly white skin. Alternatively, you can live your life in the Sun, and die looking like an old man. The monk only knows the cave the old man knows the world, how’s the wiser?”

called a “free radical”, and it is very reactive. When cells in the body encounter a free radical, the reactive radical may cause destruction in the cell. According to free radical theory of aging, cells continuously produce free radicals, and constant free radical damage eventually kills the cell. When free radicals kill or damage enough cells in an organism, the organism ages. Damage and disease caused by free radicals

Chemically, a substance is oxidized when electrons are removed and reduced when In recent years, scientists electrons are added. (It’s worked around the clock to alright if you don’t underfind out why human ages. stand what I’m talking about, One of the theory is Free just read on.) All chemical Radical Aging (proposed reactions involve the transfer by Dr. Denham Harmon) . of electrons. All aerobic resFree radicals are atoms with piration organisms generate unpaired electrons. Accordenergy by gradually oxidizing to the free radical theory, ing its food (ie. Transferring radicals damage cells in an electrons from molecule to organism, causing aging. molecule) in a controlled manner and storing it in the Mitochondria, regions of form of chemical potential the cell that manufacture energy, called ATP (Adenoschemical energy, produce free ine Triphosphate). radicals and are the primary sites for free radical damage. Ironically, this energy-generaBy eliminating free radicals tion mechanism which is so essential to life can also set from cells through genetic means and dietary restriction, the stage for cell damage. The oxidation of foodstuffs is like laboratories have extended the maximum age of labora- a controlled fire which libertory animals. The administra- ates energy but can also let sparks fly, giving rise to potion of antioxidants, which eliminate radicals, to labora- tential damage. The sparks in tory animals fails to increase this analogy are free electrons escaping the transport system. maximum lifespan. These unpaired electrons readily form free radical molWhat is free radicals ecules which are chemically The nucleus of an atom reactive and highly unstable. (oxygen, for example) is surrounded by a cloud of electrons. These electrons surround the nucleus in pairs, Antioxidants As a way to get rid of the free but occasionally an atom radicals in the body, health loses an electron, leaving the atom with an “unpaired” care professionals recommend people to use antioxidants electron. The atom is then

(health food or skin care like facial masks). Antioxidants are substances or nutrients in our foods which can prevent or slow the oxidative damage to our body. Antioxidants act as “free radical scavengers” and hence prevent and repair damage done by these free radicals. Health problems such as heart disease, macular degeneration, diabetes, cancer etc are all contributed, at least partly, by oxidative damage. Most Commonly Known Antioxidants 1. Vitamin A and Carotenoids (Carrots, squash, broccoli, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, kale, collards, cantaloupe, peaches and apricots (brightcolored fruits and vegetables) 2. Vitamin C (Citrus fruits like oranges and lime etc, green peppers, broccoli, green leafy vegetables, strawberries and tomatoes) 3. Vitamin E (Nuts & seeds, whole grains, green leafy vegetables, vegetable oil and liver oil) 4. Selenium ( Fish & shellfish, red meat, grains, eggs, chicken and garlic) The Most potent Antioxidant ever found Recently, a group of Japanese researchers discovered a new type of antioxidant, apple polyphenols. Apple Poly-

phenols are phytochemicals concentrated in the skin of unripe apples. These chemical compounds are being studied extensively in labs around the world for their health effects in major diseases, including prevention and treatment of various serious diseases, such as Breast Cancer, Colon Cancer, Heart Disease, Diabetes, Alzheimer’s, Fat Loss, Hair Growth, etc. Recently, apple polyphenol extracts have been announced to dramatically decrease organ fat and increase muscle strength in laboratory animals. This exciting but preliminary report from researchers in Japan has fueled a strong interest in these natural botanical compounds. Polyphenols extracted from apples are also showing promise in treating male pattern baldness, improving skin disorders, and preventing allergic reactions. Apple polyphenol extracts have been shown to be 2 to 6 times more powerful then Vitamin C as antioxidants. It is available now at RICA International – The Best Choice for Your Health, for enquiry, please call Customer Hotline : 8208-8847.

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Facial Masks for Your Skin Type

Malambot sa mukha ang facial mask na black soybean. Matagal na akong member ng RICA, marami na akong nasubukan at ginagamit na food supplements nila. Dahil alam kong RICA could be trusted, nag try din ako ng kanilang bagong product na facial mask. Marami silang ibat-ibang facial mask at ang ne recommend nila sa akin ay ang black soybean dahil maganda daw ito for skin metabolism at nagbibigay ng nutrients sa ating mukha. So, bumili ako ng isa at ginamit ko ng gabing iyon. Masarap gamitin dahil malamig siya sa mukha kaya narelax ang aking mukha. 20 minutes ko itong ginamit habang nakahiga at 5 minutes after kong tinanggal ang mask naramdaman kong malambot ang aking pisngi. Hindi natutuloy ang pimples ng dahil sa Q10 face mask ng RICA. Usually, pag may tumutubong pimples sa aking mukha tumatagal siya ng mga 3 days. Pero one time na pumasyal ako sa RICA may nakasabay akong isang customer nila na bumili ng kanilang face mask. Narinig kong kinukuwento nya sa kanyang kasama na second time na daw niyang bili at maganda daw ito at nag dry ang kanyang mga pimples. Dahil may tumutubong pimples sa aking pisngi noong araw na iyon bumili ako ng isang face mask at ginamit ko bago ako matulog. Hindi lang nya pinadry ang pimples sa aking pisngi kundi na feel kong na relax din ang aking mukha. Kaya gumagamit na ako ng 2 mask every week!

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Fit Fact: Exercise is a Healing Foods — Hemorrhoids Must for Strong Bones By Karta Purkh Singh Khalsa

Most of us probably don’t think about how strong our bones are - they seem to take good care of themselves without much interference on our end, don’t they? Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. Brittle bones or osteoporosis can happen to any of us, particularly postmenopausal women, but it’s something we can stay ahead of with a little something I like to call exercise. Not just any exercise will do the job, though. A recent study found that weight bearing exercise is the key to building strong bones. That means activities in which the body works against gravity like walking, jogging, lifting weights climbing stairs or playing tennis. What it also means is that, while non-weight bearing exercises, like cycling or swimming, are good for you, they don’t always help your bones. Another study published in Medicine and Science in Sports and

that’s not your thing? Not necessarily because, don’t forget, strength training is one of those activities that can make your bones stronger. Just something to think about if you needed another reason to pick up some dumbbells.

Sources: Smathers, AM, et al. Bone density comparisons in male competitive road cyclists and untrained controls. Med Sci Sports Exerc. 2009 Feb;41(2):290Exercise suggests competitive cyclists have lower bone mineral 6 density than untrained people due to the fact that cycling isn’t Manske, Sarah L, et al.Bone Health: Part 2, a weight bearing exercise. Physical Activity. Sports If weight bearing is good, high Health: A Multidisciplinary impact exercise is even better. Approach, July 2009 vol. Activities that involve jumping offer greater strain magnitudes, 1 no. 4. rates, and frequencies - all fancy So come and try terms for the forces we put on RICA Calcium with our bones that, in turn, make vitamin D3 for better them grow stronger. absorption. For more information, please Does that mean you have to call RICA Customer run every day or jump up and Hotline : 8208-8847. down during your workouts if

Lee Archer perched over his desk at work, but he didn’t sit down: Hemorrhoids simply made it too painful. After trying to ignore his sore hindquarters for months, Lee scheduled surgery to cut away the hemorrhoids. But because hemorrhoidectomies require incisions and stitches in highly sensitive areas, he knew the surgery would leave him in serious pain for some time. In desperation, Lee turned to an unusual alternative—a diet in which half of the total volume of food he ate consisted of beets. After three weeks, he was pain-free, and his doctor cancelled the

surgery. Hemorrhoids may not make the most agreeable party conversation, but take comfort in knowing half of all Americans have them at some point in their lives. More than 525,000 Americans receive treatment for them each year, and 10 to 20 percent of those people undergo surgery. Hemorrhoids are swollen, painful, itchy blood vessels in the lower rectum caused by increased blood pressure in rectal veins. As blood collects in the veins, the blood vessels swell, expanding in size. Pregnancy, obesity, diarrhea, constipation, and long sitting spells all can increase pressure.

General Guidelines For people who have developed hemorrhoids, fissures, or fistulae, benign anal conditions associated with straining, hard stool and chronic constipation, the above information is intended to help you understand the important of taking RICA Ecolon – Sweet Fiber, the dietary requirements that you will need for your lifetime. For patients who have experienced complications of chronic fiber shortage, such as diverticulitis, getting started with a normal fiber intake can be more difficult, and may have to be very gradual. The same may be true

for patients who have undergone colorectal surgery. Nevertheless, the goal remains the same. Only the steps to achieve it, or the final amounts of fiber for each person, may differ. Good luck with your lifelong adventure to normal bowel function.

For most people, however, rectal blood pressure rises because of constricted blood flow in the liver, where narrowed

passageways bottleneck and raise pressure below. By improving circulation, beets help reduce that pressure. “I suggest beets and beet greens as a major part of the diet for as long as 40 days, if necessary, to detoxify the liver and relieve hemorrhoids,” says Kartar Khalsa, DOM, a physician and acupuncturist in Espanola, New Mexico.

or eliminated degenerative changes to the liver.

Rich in folate, manganese, and potassium, beets have a long history as a liver-promoter and detoxifier. Their fiber reduces constipation, while their antioxidants help reduce inflammation in the liver and veins. The main active nutrient appears to be betaine, which protects against fatty deposits in the liver and helps lower levels of homocysteine, a toxin that damages blood vessels. In a recent study, researchers fed beet extract to rats with liver damage and found that the extract reduced

Another great way to alleviate Hemorrhoids is to take RICA Chlorella-Ai and RICA Ecolon Sweet Fiber to detoxify, to reduce rectal blood pressure by smoothen the bowel movement, to improve blood flow in the liver and to speed up the healing of swollen and painful hemorrhoids.

To try this remedy yourself, make cooked beet roots or greens a large part of your diet until the hemorrhoids shrink. Use beet juice cautiously—some find it nauseating. Beets combine well with figs, bananas, spinach, and liver-cleansing carrots. The more beets you eat, the sooner you can sit back down.

RICA – The Best Choice for your Health. For more information, please call RICA Customer Hotline or visit us at Shop 107 Worldwide Plaza, Central, Hong Kong.

Bilberry extract ‘good for eye health’

tant sense, sight, for granted. Many of the eye conditions that affect people, such as cataracts and Healthy Direct has re- glaucoma, are associated cently launched its new with diet and lifestyle and Bilberry Extract and their oxidative stresses. High Strength Bilberry It is no wonder that how we eat and live can make a difference to the health of our eyes. Blurred vision, general decline in sight, sore or red eyes and headaches can all be signs of deteriorating eye health, so addressing your diet and lifestyle should be the first port of call. Eye Spy... Here are some key nutrients that have been shown to support and improve eye health: Studies have shown a positive link between two specific carotenoids (lutein and zeaxanthin) products which have been shown to and reduced cataract help maintain eye health. development. Egg yolks Bilberry was used during the second are a rich source of lutein, world war, when pilots discovered and zeaxanthin is found that eating bilberry jam seemed to in peas, improve their night vision. broccoli and sweetcorn. Beta carotene is converted It has since been shown to help by the body into Vitamin strengthen blood vessels and capillary A and is an important walls and to protect the eye memantioxidant in the fight brane. against oxidative stress. This stress may result in Many people take it to complement impaired blood flow to the their treatments for eye disorders eyes and has been linked such as cataracts, macular degenerawith the development of tion and glaucoma and to delay the cataracts. Bilberries, bluedeterioration of their eyesight. berries and apricots are all good sources of beta It is rich in antioxidants and its carotene. More familiar anti-inflammatory properties are also antioxidants, the A, C & thought to be beneficial for varicose E vitamins and veins and gout. selenium, have all been linked with DON’T TAKE YOUR EYES FOR protecting the GRANTED eye from vascular disease and add We shouldn’t take our sight for further fuel to granted as nutrionist Henrietta Norton the message that explains... we should all be eating more fruits So many of us take our most imporand vegetables.

If after reading this information and working on your own you still have questions, please bring your concerns to the attention of RICA Customer Service by calling the hotline : 8208-8847 and we will look into your concerns.

Consumers who are concerned about their eye health should consider taking bilberry extract, which is best known for its beneficial effect on the eyes.

With many of us leading busy lives, sufficient access to bilberries or lutein-rich foods may not always be realistic, so I would recommend a food supplement specifically formulated for the eyes containing lutein to make sure that your eyes are getting the nutrients they need for a bright future. Help yourself... •Make sure that you read or watch TV in adequate light. •If you work in front of a computer make sure that you give your eyes a break after 20 minutes as this can be a great strain on the eyes. •Smoking and excess alcohol reduces blood flow to the eyes and can speed up oxidative damage. •Get regular checks from an optician and always wear UV filter sunglasses in the sun. •Take a daily lutein supplement. Always seek medical advice before taking supplements, changing diet, or embarking on a new exercise regime, particularly if you have a medical condition or are already taking medication.

Delia 20 years ng nagtatrabaho sa Hong Kong. “Dahil may edad na rin ako lumalabo na ang aking paningin. Lalo pang lumabo dahil na rin sa aking pagpupuyat sa pagbabasa ng mga pocket books. Very dry at namumula lagi ang aking mga mata kaya nag try akong gumamit ng RICA Billberry. After na naubos ko ang 1 bottle naramdaman ko na medyo guminhawa ang aking mga mata.”

So come and try RICA Bilberry for your eye health. For more information, please call RICA Customer Hotline : 8208-8847.

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Judy Ann Santos is pregnant After almost a year of wishful thinking, husband-andwife Ryan Agoncillo and Judy Ann Santos finally get into breaking their much awaited news. In a short phone interview with Showbiz News Ngayon, Judy Ann herself confirmed with great thrill that they finally have a baby along the way. And for that, she has everybody who prayed for the said blessing with them to thank. As she said it herself: “Sa lahat ng nagpray kasama namin. Sobrasobrang thank you sa inyong lahat. Finally, heto na siya.” With much delight, Judy Ann shared that she is now two months and four days pregnant to be exact. She said that she and Ryan actually realized the said blessing a few days ago, but they have opted to remain mum regarding the matter up until they receive the confirmation from their obstetrician—which they did, just this morning dur-

ing her routine check-up. “Actually noon pa man nagpositive na. Nag-pregnancy test na kami tapos positive pero hinintay na muna namin yung sasabihin nung doctor kasi nga wala pa raw heartbeat. Mahirap naman mag-announce ng di pa sure di ba?” she explained.


Is Cristine Reyes going Arnel Pineda says sorry to NHI sexy again? Arnel Pineda, the Filipino frontman of rock band Journey, apologized Tuesday to the National Historical Institute (NHI) for singing the Philippine national anthem incorrectly during the March 13 bout

“Ano ba ang bago? ‘Yong traditional na pagkanta ng ‘Lupang Hinirang’ ang gusto nilang marinig. On my part, I’m just doing my artistic freedom. I was there as Filipino representing Pacquiao and the Philippines. ‘Yun ang impor-

And now that she has a dependent baby in her womb,

Judy Ann also took the said opportunity to relay her plan to take a slight step back from work. Since the said pregnancy is truly important to her, and her whole family for that matter, she claimed that she wants to be sure that everything will go along safely. In elaboration, she exclaimed, “Medyo dapat extra careful so mababawasan ng konti yung trabaho, sabi na nga rin ng doctor ko.”

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between Pinoy boxing champ Manny Pacquiao and Ghanaian challenger Joshua Clottey. “I apologize for my dissatisfactory performance dun sa fight ni Pacquiao and Clottey sa Dallas, Texas, according to their standards. What can I do? I’m just doing my job… but then again hindi ako sorry kasi artistic freedom ko yon. It doesn’t make me less of a Filipino dahil sa nabago ang pagkakanta,” Pineda said in an interview. Pineda said that he really did his best to represent the country while singing the anthem. The NHI earlier said it is looking into the possibility of filing a complaint against him.

tante,” Pineda added. On Monday, Teddy Atienza, chief of NHI’s Heraldry Section, told that the board was not pleased when it heard Pineda’s version of “Lupang Hinirang” during the Pacquiao-Clottey fight in the United States. Atienza lamented that Pineda sang the anthem slowly instead of of its original march tempo. He also scored the singer for belting out the last 2 words of “Lupang Hinirang” and being out of tune. He said this was a clear violation of Republic Act (RA) 8491. RA 8491 prescribes that any person who will violate its provisions may be punished by a fine of at least P20,000 or imprisonment of not more than one year.

One of the sexiest females in Philippine showbiz, Cristine Reyes top-bills yet another major teleserye of ABSCBN, entitled Kristine, which is based on the popular Precious Hearts Romances (PHR) pocket books. When she moved to the Kapamilya network in 2008, Cristine made primetime television sizzle when she played the title role in the sexy drama Eva Fonda, a performance that earned her a Best Actress nomination from the Seoul International Drama Awards in South Korea. What followed after Eva Fonda were several “less-daring” projects, which included two PHR teleserye chapters—Bud Brothers and My Cheating Heart.

as now talks are going around that Zanjoe’s girlfriend, TV host-actress Mariel Rodriguez, is worried over his intimate scenes with Cristine. “Hindi talaga maiiwasan na magkaroon kami ng mga romantic scenes ni Zanjoe dito kasi nga kami ‘yung magka-partner sa story. Pero work But it seemed that Cristine lang naman ‘yun. Friends naman is about to do another sexy portrayal on TV via the Kristine kami ni Mariel and I know maiintinseries. How true is it that she is dihan naman niya. Hindi niya ako preparing to bare more skin and pagseselosan,” Cristine explained. do love scenes in this new teleCristine and Zanjoe first got to work serye? “Hindi ko masabi kung together in the weekly gag show Bagaano ka sexy ang mga eksena nana Split. She left the show a few dito kasi hindi pa kami nagtetaping. Abangan na lang nating episodes after he and other stars lahat. Ngayon siguro kailangan were introduced in the new format of the program. Nevertheless, kong magpatuloy sa diet para Cristine shared she is excited over ready ako sa kung anong love scene. Siyempre importante rin his new leading who she found to be a natural joker. “Sandali ko lang na aralin ko ‘yung script para nakasama si Zanjoe sa Banana Split. magampanan ko nang mahuNgayon hindi pa kami nakakapagsay ‘yung role ko,” the actress taping. Pero so far ang napansin revealed. ko kay Zanjoe palabirong tao ‘yan. Mukhang maraming tawanan na Cristine’s leading man in mangyayari sa set kapag nagtaping Kristine will be the model-acna kami.” tor Zanjoe Marudo. As early

Janice wants reunion movie with Aga ‘yon to death,” de Belen said. Muhlach and de Belen’s possible reunion project surfaced after de Belen appeared in a special episode of ABS-CBN’s “Maaalala Mo Kaya.” Her MMK appearance last Saturday also triggered speculations that she might return as a talent of ABS-CBN. The actress, who hosted a now defunct morning television program in a rival network, quickly cleared that there are no talks yet about a possible return to ABS-CBN.

Actress-host Janice de Belen said that she is willing to do a movie with former reel and real partner Aga Muhlach.

Muhlach is the father of de Belen’s first child Iggy Boy. In an interview, de Belen said reuniting with Aga onscreen would be a fun experience. “OK lang bakit naman hindi? Nakakatawa lang kasi tuksuhan lang

She admitted, however, that she is open to the possibility of working for the network again. When asked about her take on stars switching networks, she said: “I think okay lang ‘yon kasi mahirap ang buhay. Ang pag-aartista ay hindi stable job. Work is work. Kung pwedeng i-accept, why not?”

Rochelle Pangilinan talks about new inspiration Very busy ngayon ang SexBomb dancer na si Rochelle Pangilinan sa paghahanda sa bagong season ng Daisy Siete na “Adam and Eve.” At pagdating sa lovelife, aminado ang dalaga na may bago siyang inspirasyon. Sa ulat ni entertainment reporter Lhar

Santiago, sinabi nito na tatlo ang magiging leading men ni Rochelle sa bagong season ng Daisy Siete na kuwento tungkol sa kambal na lalaki at babae. Ipakikilala rin dito ang grupo ng “mystery” women na hindi miyembro ng sikat na dance group. Dahil puspusan ang taping, wala pa raw plano si Rochelle kung saan magbabakasyon ngayong Holy Week.

gulong kinasangkutan nila sa Boracay noong nakaraang taon. “Kapag nasa public ka masyadong mainit ang mata ng tao, mas maganda pa yata na mag-stay na lang sa bahay,” pahayag niya sa Chika Minute ng GMA news 24 Oras nitong Miyerkules. Tungkol naman sa kanyang love life, totoo bang sila na ng Kapuso hunk na si Arthur Solinap?

“Basta masaya ako, masaya ako sa lahat,” Aminado siya na natatawang tugon ni hanggang ngayon ay naiisip pa rin niya ang Rochelle.

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Will Simon Cowell convert to muslim? Simon Phillip Cowell (born on 7 October 1959) a television producer and known for his role as a talent judge on TV shows such as Pop Idol, The X Factor, Britain’s Got Talent, and American Idol. Cowell is well known for being harsh and blunt in his comments about contestants and their abilities. A source said the 50 years old music executive has at last met his bride-to-be on the set of CANTONESE CLASS “American Idol.” Island Evangelical Community Did it make him Church 8/F 633 King’s Road Quarry Bay Every Saturday (except for 3rd Saturday) from 10.00am-11.30am


Offers classes every Sunday at Happy Valley. Plesae call Eman - 93465813 Nene - 94516494 / 98472561


Offers Classes On: Food & Meat Processing, Soap Carving All Interested Party Pls. Contact: 67323021 / 67323096 (Eugene or Liza)

For details, call Riza Guevarra at 2864 9337

To all Filipino Drivers

We are inviting you all to join the Filipino Driver’s Society Interested parties may call Lyn at 6229 1444 and Dante at 6173 7393

BALIKATAN SA ALP-AGRICULTURAL KAUNLARAN (BSK) HONG LIVELIHOOD PROJECT KONG COUNCIL To all members: Please submit I.D. Offers FREE Skills Training & Livelihood Seminars On: Food Processing, Soap Carving, Candle Making, Doll Making, Beads Craft, T-Shirt Printing, Hand Weaving, Cross Stitch Contact Person: Beadscraft makingTina 98532003, Siony -91793785, for more inquiries, Racquel 91457719, Aida 62277285



The common idea that success THOUGHTS FOR TODAY “spoils people by making them vain, “Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.” - Mother Theresa

egotistic and self-complacent is erroneous; on the contrary it makes them, for the most part, humble, tolerant and kind.”

“As one person I cannot change the world, but I can change the world of one person.” - Paul Shane Spear

“ You get what you desire in life when you demonstrate, sincerely, your readiness to have it.”

“ The hardest things in life are usually also the most rewarding things in life.” - Indiana

“I chose it because we do not receive by desire alone but through a sincere effort.”

a bit more mellow after falling in love to an Afghanistan born makeup artist? Mezhgan Hussainy is a makeup artist on ‘American Idol’ and she is also Simon’s makeup artist. The American Idol judge confirmed rumors he had proposed to his make-up artist girlfriend Mezhgan Hussainy last week (08Mar10) and reports soon surfaced online alleging they were set to exchange vows in a matter of weeks in Italy this spring. A report says that Mezhgan Hussainy’s family wants Simon Cowell to convert to Islam before he marries her.

The Gutierrez family gets a back-to-back triumph in judicial court Last year, beauty queen actress Ruffa Gutierrez personally filed a case at the Quezon City Regional Trial Court to legally claim custody of her daughters, Lorin and Venice. Since she and her former husband, Turkish billionaire Ylmaz Bektas, have been separated for sometime then, Ruffa said that it was just about time to do the said move so she could feel secured that her children will be properly taken care of. And just last week, the long awaited result of the said trial finally came out; and to Ruffa’s delight, the verdict actually went towards her favor. She gets the custody of the children, while Ylmaz on the other hand is granted with fair visitation rights. Surprisingly, in the said court decision, there were no clear provisions obliging Ylmaz to

april 2010 VOL. Xi NO. 89


render financial support for the kids; and in line with this Ruffa tried to remain nonchalant. According to her, it doesn’t really matter anymore as long as she has her daughters. To further elaborate on the thought she said, “Ever since, wala akong hininging financial compensation. Para sa akin, di na kailangan no’n kasi may trabaho naman ako... Ang importante lang ma-legalize lang [yung custody ko sa mga anak ko].”

First woman to win for the best director Kathryn Bigelow, director of the movie “The Hurt Locker”, became the first woman to win an Academy Award for best director and the Directors Guild of America Award for Outstanding Directing. She also won the BAFTA Award for Best Direction. Kathryn Ann Bigelow (born November 27, 1951) is an American film director. Her bestknown films are Near Dark (1987), Point Break (1991), The Weight of Water (2002) and The Hurt Locker (2009).

Lola wins Grand Knight Award in Miami Filmfest

Lola, directed by Brillante “Dante” Mendoza, won the Grand Knight Award at the Miami International Film Festival with a $25, 000 cash prize from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation.

Twelve films were said to have competed in the category from around the world.” Starring Anita Linda and Rustica Carpio, Lola also won Second Best Picture at the Venice Filmfest last year and Best Film (with a cash prize of $50,000) in Dubai. The Deauville filmfest

held a retrospective of Dante’s films, including Masahista, Tirador, Serbis, Kinatay, Foster Child, Kaleldo, Manero and Lola (which is currently competing at the Las Palmas de Gran Canaria International Film Festival in Spain and will compete next at the Fribourg International Film Festival in Switzerland).

Meanwhile, in a separate interview, Ruffa’s mom Annabelle Rama gladly informed SNN that her son, actor Richard Gutierrez, also got a chance to walk out of a courtroom as victorious as his sister. Apparently, the “reckless imprudence resulting to homicide” case filed against him, which was raised by his late personal assistant’s widow, has finally been dismissed.

Kim Chiu and Gerald Aderson are big fans of the Melason love team Gerald Anderson and Kim Chiu are not bothered about the fact that their love team is being pitted against that of Melai Cantiveros and Jason Francisco. The two are actually very fond of Pinoy Big Brother Double Up’s most popular couple.

sila.” “Maganda ‘yung relationship nila. Si Jason ang parang ganyan-ganyan; si Melai ang parang, ‘Huwag kang ganito, huwag kang ganyan.’ Nakakatuwa silang tingnan. Kahit nakakatawa, hindi sila nagtatawanan, parang natural lang “Nakakatuwa sila,” Gerald said. nila ‘yon,” Kim added. “Very natural sa isa’t-isa nakikita ng mga tao na talagang tunay Kim and Gerald are both confiang nararamdaman nila para dent that the Melason love team sa isa’t isa at ang cute nilang will go a long way in showbiz, tingnan. Lagi silang nag-aaway and Kim even added, “Iba talaga pero parang nagtatawanan pa kapag galing sa PBB.” The two rin sila. ‘Yun nga nakakatuwa also gave their advice for Melai

and Jason, who are still adjusting to the demands of their newfound fame. “I-enjoy lang nila kung anong meron sila ngayon and mahalin nila ‘yung mga nagmamahal sa kanila and they’ll go along way,” Kim said. “Balita namin sila ‘yung may pinakamaraming members ng fans’ club kaya dapat nila ingatan ‘yon,” Gerald said. “’Yon talaga ang sikreto kasi hanggang sa huli andun ang mga fans nila [para sa kanila].”

april 2010 VOL. Xi NO. 89




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a + b = 3 Ltd Financial Literacy - Because money is more than adding up figures

FINANCIAL LITERACY -Helping Others also important needs. Paying back debt is also on top of your priorities.

You’ve tried to manage your money the best you could, spending only on necessary things, writing a budget and saving. But every month, someone asks you for help, and this is tough to turn them down. Does managing money mean to be more selfish and only save for oneself? Definitely no! Helping others financially is part of managing money. That also means that financial help to others has to be managed too! You cannot give whatever amount to anybody. As any other type of expenses, giving money to others means less money for something else. So as for any other spending, priority is the key word. Money is limited so what do you choose to do with it? Writing a budget helps you think of the priorities you want or have to make. Write down your income and all your expenses, giving included, whether is a regular remittance you send to your family, money you give to a charity from time to time, or money you lend to a friend to give her a hand. Then, look at all your expenses and put priorities: vital needs such as food and housing (if you have to pay any) come first, but transportation, education, a minimum of communication to keep in touch with your loved ones (make sure it is under control though) are

So what happens if after listing all these priorities, you don’t have enough money to give? Well, it means that you are not in position to give money – don’t feel guilty: before helping others, you need to be in a safe financial position too. Would you dive and help someone if you could not swim? If you are too short because you need to pay back a debt, this also means that as soon as you have got out of debt, you will be able to give. It is a question of time. Don’t be afraid or ashamed to explain it to your family. You cannot give money you don’t have or money which does not belong to you (which is the case if you owe money). After writing your budget, you may find out that you can provide for your vital needs and have enough money to give. Then write clearly (prioritise!) how much you want to give, to whom and for what. Giving may never be enough! That’s why putting clear priorities and choosing recipients are very important. Stick to it as any other spending line on your budget. Because money is limited, you are likely to have to learn to say “no”: it might be “no” to some people, or “no” for certain things. Just be clear with others and yourself. And keep to your plan. Don’t be afraid to ask what your family is going to do with the money you give: why should you give up all “wants” and live on a very limited amount of money

if the money you send is used… to buy a fancy pair of jeans from an expensive brand? Challenge your family and encourage them to write a budget and prioritise their expenses too. Control what you send and make sure it is used the way your family agreed to spend it. Also check the fees and trustworthiness of the institution you use to send money: look at the different possibilities. It may be cheaper to send money less often. Don’t forget to build some saving, a bit every month, especially for emergencies. You may also want to choose to keep some of these saving for your family’s emergencies. So instead of giving regularly for a particular purpose, you may want to only give for emergencies. Be also clear on whom you want to give: immediate family or more remote family? Don’t forget you cannot give to everybody… and don’t forget yourself! Giving to other does not necessarily imply money: instilling positive feelings, love and support is as important as money. And teaching your family about managing money … can be a more lasting gift! Enrich, our not-for-profit partner in Hong Kong, regularly runs courses on personal finance and business in English, Tagalog and Bahasa. Contact Enrich at T: 6258 5265, email:


WHAT A WONDERFUL WAY TO EXPLAIN IT!!! A sick man turned to his doctor, as he was preparing to leave the examination room and said, “Doctor, I am afraid to die. Tell me what lies on the other side.” Very quietly, the doctor said, “I don’t know.” “You don’t know? You, a Christian man, do not know what is on the other side?” The doctor was holding the handle of the door; on the other side came a sound of scratching and whining, and as he opened the door, a dog sprang into the room and leaped on him with an eager show of gladness. Turning to the patient, the doctor said, “Did you notice my dog? He’s never been in this room before. He didn’t know what was inside. He knew nothing except that his master was here,

and when the door opened, he sprang in without fear. I know little of what is on the other side of death, but I do know one thing... I know my Master is there and that is enough.” (sorry - cannot break this) May today there be peace within you. May you trust God that you are exactly where you are meant to be.

Rafael is 8 years old, umiinom siya ng Chlorella Ai na best seller ng RICA International Food Supplements. His mom, Ms. Rowena Madayag has been working in Hong Kong and just like any mothers in Hong Kong dahil malayo sa pamilya worried siya sa anak na si Rafael na lagging matamlay at ayaw magaral. Bilang ina nag search siya kung ano ang best na bibilhin niyang para sa anak. Nabasa niya ang tungkol sa Chlorella Ai food supplement at ang bisa nito kaya bumisita siya sa RICA Shop 107 WWH. Pagkatapos inumin ni Rafael ang unang dalawang boxes na ipinadala ng mommy niya ibinalita naman ng kanyang papa na lumakas kumain ito at sumigla, hindi lang poi yon. Dahil tamad mag-aral mababa lagi ang score sa test, ngunit lately mataas ang resulta ng kanyang exams at pinagalitan ng kanyang papa noong nakita ang result ng kanyang test dahil pinagbintangan niya itong nangopya. Subalit na confirm naman ng kanyang teacher na it was his own effort.

Rafael Madayag, Chlorella Ai

Bituin Ganigan, 46, Fanling N.T. Mahilig akong gumamit ng food supplements dahil kailangan natin ito lalo na sa klase ng trabaho natin. Ngunit noong tumubo uli ang cyst sa aking kamay na pinaopera ko naghanap ako ng magandang food supplement na maganda para dito. Nabasa ko sa Kabayan STAR na may mga gumamit ng RICA Chlorella AI na natanggal ang kanilang cyst, mayroon namang lumiit at hindi na sumasakit pagkatapos nilang uminom ng Chlorella AI kaya tumawag ako sa hotline nila. Ang nirekomenda nga sa akin ay Chlorella AI at Omega 3. Pagkasahod ko pumasyal na ako sa kanilang shop at nagpamiembro agad ako. Pagkatapos ng 1 linggo kong pag-inom ng kanilang food supplements bumisita ako uli sa RICA shop at tinanong ko sila kong bakit hindi pa naman lumiliit although maganda at magaan ang pakiramdam ko. Natanggal ang pananakit ng aking buto-buto. Sinabihan akong at least 4-6 months ang healing process, gusto ko talagang matanggal kaya bumili uli ako. Laking tuwa ko nang 1 araw napansin kong wala na ang bukol sa aking kamay kaya tumawag ako sa hotline at binalitaan ko sila. Masaya ako dahil sa 1 buwan natunaw na ang cyst sa kamay ko. Anna Marie Acosta, 40 Occidental Mindoro Last year, may isang buwan na hindi ako nakakatulog sa gabi. Dahil sa may nabasa akong advertisement sa isang newspaper tungkol sa isang food supplement sinubukan ko ito kaya lang hindi pa rin ako nakakatulog. Then one time nakakuha ako ng KabayanSTAR newspaper sa World Wide House. Nabasa kong maganda ang RICA Royal Jelly sa insomnia kaya tumawag ako sa kanilang hotline at nasabi ko rin sa nakausap kong sumasakit ang aking mga paa kapag nakatayo ako ng buong araw kaya RICA Royal Jelly ang inadvice niya sa akin at pinasubok niya ako ng RICA Chlorella AI for body cleansing. After mahigit isang buwan kong pag-inom talagang sumarap na ang tulog ko, unti-unting bumalik ang aking sigla at hindi na laging sumasakit ang aking katawan. Naibahagi ko rin sa aking mga kaibigan kaya may mga nagtry na sa kanila.

Helen, 61 years old, 31 years na sa Hong Kong Dating napakataas ang kanyang blood pressure kaya siya gumamit ng mga food supplements ng RICA International Ltd. “Mataas ang aking blood pressure noon at madali akong mapagod kaya noong sinabihan ako ng aking kaibigan na e try ang food supplements ng RICA International hindi ako nagdalawang isip na pumasyal sa kanilang shop at nirecommend sa akin ang Omega 3 and Chlorella Ai para sa aking high blood pressure at Royal Jelly naman para hindi ako madaling mapagod.” Sa pitong taon na niyang pag-inom ng food supplements ng RICA natutuwa sya dahil malakas at energetic pa rin siyang nagtatrabaho kahit na 31 years na syang nagtatrababo bilang domestic helper. “Kahit na 61 years old na ako kaya ko pa rin ang trabaho ko”, she said. Noong hindi pa siya gumagamit ng food supplements madaling mapagod ang kanyang mga paa sa pagtayo. Victoria Leguerra 51, Iloilo Noong 2007, may mga naramdaman akong discomfort sa aking katawan. Pumunta ako sa Duktor at nalaman kong may myoma ako kaya hindi ako nagdalawang isip noong nasabi ng kaibigan ko ang tungkol sa RICA food supplements. Lagi din akong may ubo noon at lagi akong nanghihina siguro dahil na rin sa klase ng trabaho natin dito sa Hong Kong. Pero after na gumamit ako ng Chlorella Ai at RICA Omega 3 marami akong napansing pagbabago sa aking health una, hindi naging madalas ang aking pag-ubo, malakas na ang aking katawan kahit mahigit 50 na ako at kagagaling ko lang sa duktor at confirm na totally wala na ang myoma ko kaya lubos akong nagpapasalamat sa RICA.


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april 2010 VOL. Xi NO. 89


Destiny... Sa Likod Ng Mga Pangarap 3 Naghihimutok na na kinarga ni Jonna ang traveling bag niya. Mabilis mag lakad ang kasama niya kaya hirap na hirap siyang sumusunod dito. Hindi na siya kinausap nito mula pa kaninang sumakay sila sa bus. Ilang metro pa ang nilakad nila bago ito huminto sa isang building. Nagpindot ito ng mga numero sa may wall. Nagulat pa si Jonna nang biglang nag click at bumukas ang salamin na pinto sa tapat niya. Nang nakapasok na sila sa elevator ay pinindot nito ang 16th floor.

ka na. Siguro hindi ka man lang tinulungan ni tanda ano?” “Sinabi mo pa! Ganito pala ang mga tao rito. Aba’y hindi pa ako nakarating sa amok o “Hmp! Wala talagang good nagmukha na kaagad akong manners and right conduct. alipin sa kahahabol kay Paghihimutok na naman tanda. Ang bigat na nga ng nito dahil hindi na naman dala ko tapos ang bilis niya siya tinulungan nito. Nag door bell ito sa pinaka unang pang maglakad.” Kahit kalian napaka tactless talagang pinto na kanilang nadaanan, 16A ang magsalita ni Jonna. nakasulat sa taas ng pinto. “Ssshhh…hwag kang maingay, nakakaintindi iyan “Hello!” Bati ng ng konting tagalong.” isang Pilipina na “Paano naman kasi, ginawa nagbukas ng pinto. niya akong aso sa kahahabol “Kararating mo sa kanya.” lang?” “Kapatid yan ni ma’am Cindy, “Naku po! Ang taas Tumango lamang ‘yong may ari ng agency.” NOVEL wRITER naman ng palapag na siya sa Pilipina. “Ah, talaga?” Erna Velado pupuntahan namin.” “Halika, pasok, “Wala kasing trabaho kaya Napatingin kay Jonna akin na yang bag sumasideline nalang sa ang Chinese na kasama mo at parang hirap na hirap agency.” nito dahil napalakas ang pagkakasalita nito. Pag bukas ng lift naunang lumabas ang kanyang sundo.

OFW D URIN G SU NDAYS \Jemmable Favor received her certificate from towngas cooking centre.

]Cooking class in

Causeway Bay A group of ladies pose at towngas in Time Square, Causeway Bay after their cooking class. This group of ladies is attending cooking class on baking as well as Chinese and Western foods during their rest day. The group of ladies loves to cook and they continue learning more recipes.

OFW of the MONTH “Kailangang puno ng pasensiya at marunong magpakumbaba”

Fely Capricho, 58 Twenty-three years na si ate Fely dito sa Hong Kong na nagtatrabaho bilang katulong. Tatlo ang naging amo niya. Sa una niyang amo natapos niya ang isang contract for two years. Then lumipat siya sa anak ng kanyang unang amo at doon siya tumagal for eighteen years. Katulad ng mga ibang Filipino domestic helpers na tumagal sa kanilang mga amo for over six years, sabi ni ate Fely nagtiyaga at nagtiis din siya. Kailangan daw na puno tayo ng pasensiya at marunong ding magpakumbaba. “Pag pinapagalitan ako noon ng amo ko, tinatanggap ko at humihingi ako ng sorry. I think normal lang talaga sa mga amo na pansinin lahat an gating mga kamalian pero siyempre ginawa ko rin lahat ang makakaya ko para mag-improve. I took the corrections as my lesson.

her husband died because of cancer siya na lang ang nagsupport sa kanyang pamilya. I think a woman and a mother like her deserve to be recognized as an OFW of the month. She was inspired by her love to her children to continue pursuing her dreams with her children alone. And now that all her children have achieved their dreams ate Fely is very grateful. Her children are all employed, the eldest is in Canada, the second child is in New Zealand and her youngest who was only 6 years when she left them is working in the Philippines. After her three children finished their studies and have started their careers they have been asking her to go home for good to rest but she prefers to continue working for her own. Now that she is 58 and nearly to retire she is considering her children’s invitation to join them in Canada or in New Ms. Capricho is a widow. After Zealand. Pag nasaktan kasi tayo at nagalit din sa mga amo natin hindi na magaan ang loob natin na magtrabaho at very low na ang chance na magimprove dahil sa inis. So, I took them positive kasi ang mga Chinese naman ay galit sa ginawa mo hindi galit sa’yo,” ate Fely said.

Ma. Teresa, 48

“Medyo mataas ang aking BP kaya ako umiinom ng pang maintenance na gamot galing sa Duktor. Pero hindi pa rin nagiging normal ang aking BP kaya ako bumisita sa RICA noong nabasa ko ang tungkol sa kanilang products sa newspaper. Dahil madali akong mapagod at mataas pati ang aking pulse nirecommend nila sa akin na etry ang RICA Royal Jelly. Maganda rin ito sa stress at tulog kaya bumili ako. After few days ng aking pag-inom ng Royal Jelly napansin kong nakakapagtrabaho ako ng buong araw na di ko naramdaman ang sobrang pagod. Bumisita ako ulit sa RICA shop ng sumunod na linggo at natuwa talaga ako dahil bumaba ang aking BP kaya sabi nila sa akin na stress ako at nakatulong sa akin ang Royal Jelly. Kaya nagpapasalamat talaga ako sa RICA Intl


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kabayan corner

Filipinos Around the Globe Filipinos in Belgium Basing from a news report there are less than 10, 000 Filipinos working in Belgium. Some of them are undocumented and the larger part are working legally and are already permanent residents. 1. Did You Know, Donald Duck comics were banned from Finland because he doesn’t wear pants. 2. Did You Know, The cigarette lighter was invented before the match. 3. Did You Know, 40 percent of McDonald’s profits come from the sales of Happy Meals.

Most of the Filipinos in Belgium are working in the health and services sectors.

Just like other Filipino communities around the world, Filipinos in Belgium organized Last year, the government of Belgium associations to keep them has given a chance to undocumented united. They commemorate Filipinos who are working and living Philippine feast in Filipino in the country for a minimum of two culture with prepared programs and five years to legalize their stay be- and food feasting. cause of a policy that the government of Belgium implemented.

4. Did You Know, TYPEWRITER is the longest word that can be made using the letters only on one row of the keyboard.

The Potters House Christian Society Every Sunday, the members of the Potters House Christian Society meet for their church activities like worship, bible studies, evangelism and church revival. The group is happy meeting during Sundays as they worship together, share their experiences, learning, joys and sad moments. The group also shares their meals and celebrates their member’s special day. The members are like one family.

5. Did You Know, Coca-Cola was originally green. 6. Did You Know, 2,500 newborn babies will be dropped in the next month.

Hapi ka ba?

7. Did You Know, 25% of your bones are located in your feet.

Nasisiyahan ka bang basahin ang KabayanSTAR? Kahit na hindi. Bakit hindi mo ipadala ang iyong papuri, puna o pintas? Mayroon ka bang opinyon, komento o suhestiyon? Kahit na kontribusyon--tula, kwento, sanaysay, anekdota. Pagkakataon mo na ito para mabasa ng libo-libo nating kababayan dito sa Hong Kong! I-email lang ang anumang kontribusyon sa

8. Did You Know, 97% of all paper money in the US contains traces of cocaine. 9. Did you know fishes cannot live in the Dead Sea because the water has too much salt in it? 10. Did you know about 70 percent of your body weight is water? 11. The only 2 animals that can see behind itself without turning it’s head are the rabbit and the parrot.

Anong bago? Anong meron?

Does your association has upcoming activities? Spread the news. See them published here… and it’s free! For inquiries call Weng at tel. no. 2487-9722; email at

12. A hippopotamus can run faster than a man. 13. Did you know your hair grows faster in the morning than at any other time of day. 14. Did you know there are no ants in Iceland, Antarctica, and Greenland.

smart directory

15. Did you know?...A shrimp’s heart is in its head. 16. Did you know?...Some ribbon worms will eat themselves if they can’t find any food.

Driving School

20. Did you know?...A snail can sleep for three years. 21. Did you know?...The strongest muscle in the body is the tongue.

2530 0968

NGC Employment Agency


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Blk. A 16/F, Chung King Mansion 49 Nathan Road

transport services

OFW Helplines

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Central TST


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Health & Beauty Services

Rica International Ltd. Body Accents

25. Did you know?...Grapes explode when you put them in the microwave.

Time & Weather Dial-a-Weather Time & Temperature Enquiries


TST Rm. 503, 5/F Metropole Bldg. 57 Peking Rd. TST

24. Did you know?...Fish that live more than 800 meters below the ocean surface don’t have eyes.

30. Did you know?...Only one person in two billion will live to be 116 or older.


Employment Agency

Ligo Optical

23. The silhouette on the NBA logo is Jerry West.

29. Did you know?... In some eastern European countries shaking your head means “yes”. Whereas nodding your head means “no”

Topmaid Employment Service

22. The pupil of an octopus’ eye is rectangular.

28. Did you know?...Bill “Four eyes” Gates has enough money to buy every house in Alaska.

19. Did you know?...Human birth control pills work on gorillas.

27. Did you know?...In Alaska, it is legal to shoot bears. However, waking a sleeping bear for the purpose of taking a photograph is prohibited.

18. Did you know?...Sharks never get sick, they are immune to all known diseases.

26. Did you know?...An average human loses about 200 head hairs per day.

Wan Chai

City Driving School

17. Did you know?...Polar bear livers are poisonous because they contain too much vitamin C

hair salon 1878200 18501

Hong Kong St. John Ambulance Hong Kong Red Cross Legal Aid Department Patients Rights

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Welfare Services & Health Care AIDS Hotline 2780-2211 Anti-Drug Abuse Hotline 2366-8822 Christian Concern for the Homeless Ass. 2788-0670 Hong Kong Family Welfare Society 2527-3171

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christian living




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Church of God Community

mighty Creator, the Lord of the universe, poured out on Let me introduce a word to loved God, but that He loved shame, Jesus the fury of his wrath: you dear readers. The word us and sent His Son to be the and fear Jesus became the object of is “atonement” defined as propitiation for our sins” (1 that come the intense hatred of sin and “reparation for a wrong or John 4:10 NASB). with sin. vengeance against sin which injury.” A few years back, a Scripture God had patiently stored up movie was made with this We are separated from God frequently since the beginning of the title. “Atonement” sought to by our sins. To overcome says that world. Romans 3:25 tells us show the exquisite pain and our separation from God, we our sins were put on Christ: that God put forward Christ suffering that resulted from needed someone to provide “The Lord has laid on him the as a “propitiation” (NASB) a a single mistake - a lie that reconciliation and thereby iniquity of us all” (Isa. 53:6), word that means “a sacrifice led to a false accusation, bring us back into fellowship and “He bore the sin of many” that bears God’s wrath to the conviction and expulsion with God. Paul says that God (Isa. 53:12). Paul declares that end and in so doing changes - remedied too little and too “through Christ reconciled God made Christ “to be sin” God’s wrath toward us into late. While others thought the us to himself and gave us the (2 Cor. 5:21) and that Christ favor.” Paul tells us, “This was movie was boring, I thought it ministry of reconciliation; became “a curse for us” (Gal. to show God’s righteousness, was honest, moving and truly that is, in Christ God was 3:13). The author of Hebrews because in his divine human. The movie shows that reconciling the world to says that Christ was “offered forbearance he had passed a wrong done may so hurt himself” (2 Cor 5:18–19). once to bear the sins of many” over former sins; it was to others beyond repair. (Heb. 9:28). And Peter says, prove at the present time that We are in bondage to sin “He himself bore our sins in his he himself is righteous and This leads to our main and to the kingdom of Satan. body on the tree” (1 Peter 2:24). that he justifies him who has thought today: the atonement Because we as sinners are in Jesus also suffered from faith in Jesus” (Rom. 3:25–26). God made through Jesus bondage to sin and to Satan, abandonment, first, from his God had not simply forgiven on our behalf. Sadly, some we need someone to “redeem” friends, but far worse was sin and forgotten about the people ignore the cross. They us out of that bondage. Mark his Father’s abandonment punishment in generations live not knowing what God 10:45 records Jesus saying he expressed in the horrifying cry, past. He had forgiven sins has revealed about himself came to do just that, “to give “Eli, Eli, lama sabach-thani?” and stored up his righteous through his Son. We hope his life as a ransom for many.” that is, “My God, my God, why anger against those sins. But that as you read you will be The apostle Paul states that have you forsaken me?” (Matt. at the cross the fury of all that amazed at the greatness of God the Father “has delivered 27:46). The Lord reveals that stored-up wrath against sin God displayed on the cross. us from the dominion of at that moment on the cross, was unleashed against God’s darkness and transferred us he was finally cut off from own Son (see also Hebrews What is our Need and What to the kingdom of his beloved the sweet fellowship with his 2:17; 1 John 2:2; 4:10). Did God Do To Meet It? Son” (Col. 1:13). heavenly Father that had been Are you ready to lift your the unfailing source of his hands up in joy and worship? Our main problem is we have Why Did God Give His Son to inward strength and the element Will you bow before God sinned against God. We have Die for our Sin? of greatest joy in a life filled today and thank him for giving fallen short of his glory. This The Bible provides two with sorrow. his Son to atone for your sin means we failed to be who reasons. First, God saves us Yet more difficult than these and judgment. Will you now he wants us to be. He created because he loves us. John 3:16 three previous aspects of Jesus’ trust Jesus as your Savior? Will us for himself but we have says “For God so loved the pain was the pain of bearing you commit to turn from your rejected him, disobeyed him, world that he gave his only the wrath of God upon himself. sin and follow him – honoring rebelled against him, ignored Son, that whoever believes in As Jesus bore the guilt of our him who died for you? him, and dishonored him. him should not perish but have sins alone, God the Father, the Romans 3:10-20, 23 state: we eternal life” (John 3:16). all have sinned and God is just in condemning us. Second, Jesus had to die to meet his justice. His justice We deserve to die as the required that sin must be penalty for sin. To pay the punished. Paul explains that penalty of death that we this was why God sent Christ deserved because of our sins, to be a “propitiation” (Rom. Christ died as a sacrifice for 3:25-26 NASB). us. “He has appeared once for A group of all at the end of the age to put What Did Jesus Suffer? happily married couple who attended away sin by the sacrifice of Jesus suffered for our sins the Couple’s Night at Harbor View Hotel himself” (Hebrews 9:26). physically. He was beaten, nailed, and hanged on the We deserve to bear God’s cross for several hours. All of wrath against sin. To remove these involved intense pain below - What a wonderful couple Ralph us from the wrath of God that and suffering, but nothing & Jhai (Happy Anniversary) we deserved, Christ died as compared to the psychological a propitiation for our sins. pain of bearing our sins. We “In this is love, not that we have all experience the pain,

Pastor Dan and Emma serve the Church of God Community Hong Kong. This church family is part of the churches of God in the world, including the Philippines. For prayer and more information please call us at 24097445; 66200709. You may also call the church office, 25456808, or visit our website: Also we are starting an outreach in Shatin on Sundays. Please call Vi at 92099751 or Eugene - 61100716. Please note the following box for Schedule of Worship Meetings:

Church of God Community Hong Kong Room 834, Willy Commercial Building 28-36 Wing Kut St. Central Phone: 25456808; Email: Website: Schedule of Worship Meetings SUNDAY: Shatin Outreach 10:00 - 12:00 am SUNDAY: 10 am at the church office 2 pm - 17F, Jubilee Centre, Sino Cheer Plaza, Jordan Rd, Near Exit A, Jordan MTR

TUESDAY: 2 pm - Church Office 7 pm - Church Office THURSDAY: 2 pm at the Church Office SATURDAY: 2 pm at the Church Office


--> The couple Tak and Cathy

below Regie & Judy, the happy couple

A perfect couple Ric & Chona

Easter Inspirational Thoughts Easter is the best time in believe in the power and the year to take inspiauthority of the Supreme ration and to inspire Being. others. Easter is a time of love, of It is the day, which family, and of peace. celebrates the resurgence It is a time when we say a of Jesus in the world. It quiet thanks signifies that no matter for all that we have and how much the wrongfor all that doers might flourish the future holds. and grow, good always presides over evil. Easter is a feeling in our hearts of hope and faith It makes the beings and trust.

It is a day of miracles; a day when our dreams seem a little closer; a time of retrospection for what has been and anticipation of all that will be. And it is a time for remembering with love and appreciation the people in our lives who make a difference...

april 2010 VOL. Xi NO. 89

STAR* jokes


Aries Mar 21-Apr 20

New beginnings are yours on the 1st. Much creativity is available to you on the 3rd. Avoid getting into a fight with your friends on the 17th. If you buy it on the 29th, you will pay too much. In an anatomy exam Happiness in love matters and new relationship possible throughout the month. Business income specifically will remain very sluggish still. A possibility of gains the teacher asks the class to draw from real estate could come up this month after the 16th . a Female reproductive organ.. 1 girl feel shy, luks down and opened her panty.. then a boy shouts: Apr 21-MAY 21 mam oh! she’s CHEATING!! Many messages can come through your dreams at the beginning of this month. Avoid a power play with your friends on the 13th or the 17th. Friends Little Nancy could help you find Mr. or Ms. Right on the 21st—get out and about. Career will pickup tremendously this month. New avenues will give returns Little Nancy was in the garden filling and effort carried out in the past could bear fruit now. in a hole when her neighbor peered Progress in love matters, after a turbulent and somewhat difficult phase of over the fence. the last 3 month. Interested in what the cheeky-faced youngster was doing, he politely May 22-Jun 21 asked, “What are you up to there, Nancy?” “My goldfish died,” replied Pay attention to your dreams on the 1st. Intuitions to further your career are Nancy tearfully, without looking up,” yours on the 6th. Avoid saying too much on the 10th or the 13th. Look within and I’ve just buried him.” and avoid logical decisions after the 25th. Slow and steady progress will now come in career, although there will be monThe neighbor was concerned, “That’s etary pressures throughout the month. an awfully big hole for a goldfish, Pressures in money matters will remain throughout the month and could be isn’t it?” more pronounced after the 6th , although inflows will improve .



Cancer Jun 22-Jul 22 Ideas to further your career development are yours on the 1st. Friends have some great news for you on the 6th. You sparkle and shine on the 8th. More money can be yours at work on the 19th. Marriage matters will experience a rise in hurdles throughout the month due to aggressive speech, very fixed attitude and change in thinking. Marriage possible for the unmarried during this period. Second half of the month would be more favourable than the first half of the month.


Jul 23-Aug 22

Nancy patted down the last heap of earth then replied, “That’s because he’s inside your fucking cat.”

Ama Namin Pablo: Father, patawarin po ninyo ako. Pari: Ano ang kasalanan mo? Pablo: Nagnakaw ako ng limang manok. Pari: Magdasal ka ng limang Ama Namin. Pablo: Father, walong Ama Namin na po ang dadasalin ko. Babalikan ko pan yung naiwan kong tatlong manok.

Go out with your partner for a good time on the 2nd. Creativity is yours on the 9th. Avoid arguments on the 17th. You are full of very bright ideas on the 22nd. Don’t get full of yourself on the 29th. A somewhat slow month in career could be experienced. There will be a slide in Utak ng Pinoy option but an overall rise after 28th will take care of the deficiencies. Marriage not possible for the unmarried during this period. You should be sensi- Ano kadalasan ang sinasabi kapag nautot? tive to spouse this month. American: Excuse me. British: Pardon me. Aug 23- Sep 23 Pinoy: NOT ME!


Your partner could have some very good ideas for you on the 6th. Look out for unconscious motivations on the 10th. Don’t believe everything you hear at work on the 13th. Look within and avoid logical decisions after the 25th. Tremendous improvement over the mind set of the last one yer. There will be positive growth in business as well as areas like marriage and relationships. A smart recovery in finances possible this month. Unmarried people might find marriage opportunities this month.

Libra Sep 24- Oct 23 Your partner is looking for a fresh start on the 1st. Friends are demanding on the 3rd. Watch out for manipulative words on the 13th. Go out for an exceptionally good time on the 28th. Distances and difficulties in relationship due to work as well as ego till the 28th. You should avoid controversy as it could grow after the 16th . Slight misunderstanding should be cautiously avoided in the last week. Marriage matters will be very positive till the 16th and difficult thereafter.

Scorpio Oct 24- Nov 22 New ideas for creativity are yours on the 6th. Revelations concerning more money for you on the job are yours on the 9th. Don’t let others pull the wool over your eyes on the 13th. Partnerships come into a greater focus after the 20th. Positive month for career. There will be multiple options, which will create new areas of growth. Income will rise due to these efforts as well as results and returns on the work done in the last one year.

Sagittarius Nov 23-Dec 21 Go out for an exceptionally good time on the 3rd. Avoid saying too much on the 10th. You sparkle and shine on the 19th. Creativity is yours on the 28th but watch overdoing on the 29th. Level of occupation in work will rise and takes time off from family life, yet again. Pressures in money matters possible due to rise in volatility and commitment from other avenues.



Horseback Riding Tomas: Sobrang tabatsoy ang misis ko, kaya gusto niyang magbawas ng timbang. Nag-horseback riding siya... Jorge: Ano’ng resulta? Tomas: Nabawasan ng sampung kilo ‘yung kabayo!

Dalawang holdaper sa bangko: Holdaper #1: Yehey! Mayaman na tayo! Holdaper #2: Bilangin mo na! Holdaper #1: Alam mo namang mahina ako sa math. Abangan na lang natin sa balita kung magkano! Dear Dodong, Sa susunod anak, Nido non-fat na lang ang ipadala mo sa tatang mo. Nasisira kasi ang tiyan niya sa pinadala mong Nivea Moisturing Milk... Nagmamahal – Nanay

Mental Patient


Si Pedro at Cardo after the exam. Cardo: Perdo, nahirapan ka ba sa questions sa exam? Pedro: Hindi! Cardo: Ang galing mo naman! Pedro: Nahirapan ako sa answers!

Jim and Mary were both patients in a Mental Hospital. One day while they were walking past the hospital swimming pool, Jim suddenly jumped into the deep end. He sank to the bottom and stayed there. Mary promptly ANO, POOR? jumped in to save him. She swam to the NANAY: Anak, tawagan mo ang tatay bottom and pulled Jim out. mo sa Saudi at pauwiin mo na! ANAK: Nay, babae ang sumagot! When the medical director became NANAY: Napaka babaero talaga ng aware of Mary’s heroic act he ama mo ano, anong sabi? immediately ordered her to be discharged from the hospital as he now ANAK : You only have ZERO pesos in your account, kaya hindi ko na considered her to be mentally stable. When he went to tell Mary the news he itinuloy. MATAPOBRE KASI EH! said, “Mary, I have good news and bad Ngongo nga news. The good news is you’re being discharged because since you were able to jump in and save the life of another Eksena sa loob ng jeepney Ngongo: Mama, mangimara sa patient, I think you’ve regained your senses. The bad news is Jim, the patient nganto! Drayber: (hindi kumibo at derecho pa you saved, hung himself with his bathrobe belt in the bathroom. I am so rin pagmamaneho) sorry, but he’s dead.” Ngongo: Mama, langpash na ango, Mary replied, “He didn’t hang himself, I mangimaro na lang sa tami. put him there to dry.” Drayber: (derecho pa rin maneho) Ngongo: Mama ano ma!?! Saming Monkey mara sha tami eh! A woman gets on a bus with her baby. The bus driver says: “That’s the ugliest Drayber: (Ipinara din yung jeepney sabay baba ni ngongo) baby that I’ve ever seen. Ugh!” The woman goes to the rear of the bus Pasahero: Mamang drayber, bakit and sits down, fuming. naman sa malayo nyo ipinara yung She says to a man next to her: “The jeep kawawa naman yung ngongo ang driver just insulted me!” layo ng lalakarin pabalik. The man says: “You go right up there and tell him to apologize and I’ll hold Drayber: Mamuti nga sha nganya, your monkey for you.” ngasi nilolongo nya ango eh. Ay ngongo din pala yung drayber! Curse A man goes to see a wizard and says, “Can you lift a curse that was put on me years ago?” “Maybe,” says the wizard, “If you can remember the exact words of the curse?” The man replies without hesitation, “I pronounce you man and wife ...”

Chinese garter Galing sa iskul si inday...pawisan ng dumating at nagmano sa kanyang tatay. tatay: pawisan ka na naman, naglaro ka na nman ng chinese garter...sabi ko sau wag ka na maglaro at dalaga ka na, makikita na panty pag tumalon ka. inday: di po nila nakita panty ko tay, tinanggal ko po bago kami naglaro.

Addition Jose may tanong ako sayo. Jose- : Ano yun pare... Juan- : 1+1.? Jose- : 3 pare!!! Juan- : (natawa, natatawa, tawangtawa!!!) Jose- : Pare bat ka natawa?! Jose- : Kala ko kc di mo alam eh

It’s Wonderful!!!

Inday Rap - Inday bat di mo pa dinidiligan yung mga halaman natin sa labas? Day - Sir, umuulan po. Rap - Sus, magkapote ka. Ang tamad mo!

Amnesia Rex - O, binigyan daw ni GMA ng amnesia yung ilang miembro ng Magdalo. Rap - Amnesty yun, hindi amnesia, tange! Rex - Amnesia nga, kase bigla nilang nakalimutan yung mga reklamo nila.

Miss Philippines Rap - Oy, pare, bat mukhang asar ka? Rex - Kase napanaginipan ko kagabi na nasa Miss Philippines contest ako at pinaligiran ng mga seksing Pilipina. Rap - Anung nakakaasar dun? Swerte ka nga at kasama mo’y mga seksing Pinay! Rex - Eh, kase ako ang nanalong Miss Philippines dun sa panaginip ko. Whaaa...

Nagu-usap si GMA at Bush sa Oval Office: Bush: How is your country? While in a state visit to At the funeral... GMA : It’s Wonderful!! Bush: But there are people whp do not Washington, D.C.: ERAP: Tara na, Jinggoy. Alis na tayo! eat anymore.I wonder how they survive. JINGGOY: Kararating pa lang natin a! GMA : You See! Even you wonders! IT’S Bill Clinton: You know, we Americans hate you Filipinos going TNT in our ERAP: Naku mahirap nang maiwan. WONDERFUL!!! country. Sorry if I’m Frank. Basahin mo o: “REMAINS WILL BE Erap (shocked): It’s Okay, I thought CREMATED.” The Exam you were Bill!

Capricorn Dec 22- Jan 20 Many answers concerning your job can come from within as you begin this month—take time for meditation. Avoid a confrontation with authority on the 17th. You sparkle and shine on the 21st & 22nd. Marriage and business matters will influence personal issues to a large extent. You should try to keep your attitude rational. Distances and difficulties in relationship / love matters could build up this month too.

Aquarius Jan 21- Feb 19 You are extremely intuitive on the 6th—many answers can come from within. Home and family become more significant after the 20th. A new bolt of energy is yours on the 21st. Unusual creativity is yours on the 22nd. Steady differences and misunderstandings in relationship possible this month. Mind could be negative towards the end of the month and thereafter you should avoid being judgmental in love matters. Marriage not possible for the unmarried during this period.

Pisces Feb 20- Mar 20 Dreams have many messages for you on the 2nd. A positive change on the 9th could bring more money into your pocket. Don’t believe everything you hear on the 13th. Writing becomes easier after the 20th. Income will be better although gains from investment will be positive. Job matters will see a rise in gains, while business and professional will have a better period too. Positive period as level of confidence and abilities will rise.

TST / Mongkok District

Metro Bank Poloair Service Ltd Grace of Jesus Fellowship HK Jumbo Tour Ligo Optical Iglesia Ni Cristo Church of Christ His Sanctuary Church Shoestring Travel Ltd. Hung Hom BPI Remittance Uniwide M&T Shop Tambayan Pinoy Tsuen Wan RCBC Investment Ltd BPI Remittance PNB Hong Kong Philippines Consulate General Connaught Travel Shepherd`s Arms Church Church Of God HongKong PNB Bank Central Rica International Ltd World Wide Co. NGC Employment Filipina Salon World Wide Plaza RCBC INVESTMENT LTD (Shop 127-129) Sun Fung (Shop 138) BPI Remittance Centre (HK) Ltd. (Shop 115) Rica (Shop 107) Shops 101 and 122 World Wide House Filipino (HK) Travel Services Co, (Shop 227) Super Ace Cargo Ltd (Shop 271) LUCKY MONEY (Shop 319) EEC Forwarder Shop 332 , Express Padala Shop 237 Pacific Ace Forwarder





APRIL 2010 VOL. XI NO. 89

Kabayan Star #89 April 10  

Kabayan Star FREE Monthly Filipino Newspaper #89 April 2010 distribute in Hong Kong

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