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OWWA Membership a Prerequisite to Secure OEC Reference: Dolores BalladaresPelaez “OWWA mandatory membership must not be a prerequisite to secure OEC” HK OFWs expose this as a new scheme to raise funds for the 2010 elections “Since when did membership in the OWWA become a prerequisite for OFWs securing the Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC)?” This question was raised today by Dolores Balladares-Pelaez, chairperson of the United Filipinos in Hong Kong (UNIFIL-MIGRANTE HK) as members of the alliance and other concerned groups staged a lightning protest at the Philippine Consulate General (PCG). The OEC is meant to prove the status of an overseas Filipino worker to avail of the travel tax exemption and airport terminal fees. While it is actually redundant because the OFWs already have travel documents as well as valid working visa as proof, the OEC is still required by the Philippine government before departure for vacationing migrants and would-be OFWs. “We are alarmed by the growing number of complaints from OFWs who are being asked if they are active OWWA members before being issued the OEC. Never has this been a prerequisite. We

know for a fact that the only requirements are the passport and employment contract. This arbitrary condition to demand proof of OWWA membership is condemnable and demands immediate investigation,” she said. Consistent to their policy of simply implementing without consulting the OFWs, the POLO officials take advantage of Filipinos trying to get home to visit their families, to extort hard-earned money for the graft-ridden OWWA. “Labor Attache Romy Salud and the POLO should be made responsible for this treacherous implementation of the mandatory OWWA Membership via the OEC,” she stressed. This has been made worse by the fact that since 1996, OWWA membership contribution has been voluntary in Hong Kong because of the strong opposition of the OFWs, according to Balladares-Pelaez. “The mandatory collection of OWWA membership through the OEC reeks of pre-election fundraising scam by the corrupt Arroyo administration just like the E-card that was used to trap OFWs into paying

membership fees before the 2004 elections,” she stressed. From a collection of P6.2 billion in 2002, the trust fund has ballooned to P12 billion mostly from more than 3,000 first-time OFWs deployed abroad who pay the mandatory OWWA membership fees. The OWWA Omnibus Policies was created just for the sole reason of increasing the collection of OWWA and giving freer rein for GMA to dip her hands on the fund. It never included improvement of services to OFWs who had to go through numerous loops just so we can get assistance from this office, Balladares-Pelaez attested. “OFWs in Hong Kong will not allow this corrupt government to reverse the victory that we gained for a voluntary OWWA membership contribution in Hong Kong. More importantly, we shall assert our right to get the OEC without

precondition,” she affirmed. Finally, UNIFIL-MIGRANTE-HK expects immediate and concrete action to be undertaken by PCG Consul General Claro Cristobal against this anomalous transac-

tion of using the OEC to extort cash from OFWs by the POLO.

“This extortion has to stop now!” she concluded.

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OCTOBER 2009 VOL. VIi NO. 83

119 ditressed OFWs from Saudi Arabia brought home President Arroyo arrived on Thursday September 24 bringing home 119 distressed overseas Filipino workers from Saudi Arabia after seeking the intercession of the king of Saudi Arabia.

DepEd asks: Where’s P2.5 B of our stimulus package? Lilita Balane Funds meant to build classrooms this year being withheld by the budget department, Lapus says Next year, public school students will be deprived of more than 800,000 seats, 5,123 newly built classrooms, and around 7 million textbooks. That is, if the proposed budget for the Department of Education (DepEd) for 2010 will stay at P173 billion. This was explained by Education Secretary Jesli Lapus during the budget hearing on Thursday, where he also called attention to the failure of the budget department to release 80% of the P3-billion stimulus package meant for the agency this year and which they intended to use to build additional classrooms.

After a long wait the distressed OFWs were very happy to have finally been able to be repatriated to the Philippines. Many told of stories of maltreatment and abuse by their former employers in the Middle Eastern kingdom. One case said he was no longer paid for his services while another said her employer fed her garbage. Possibly one of the worst experience was from a female who said her employer attempted to rape her. She said however she was able to escape the attempt but not after pointing a knife to her employer. According to Malacañang, most of the OFWs were “runaways” or those who fled from their employers due to maltreatment and abuse. According to our source it is only the President who can ask favor from the king of Saudi Arabia and according to deputy presidential spokesperson Lorelie Fajardo “kung di si presidente ang makikiusap para mapabilis ang pag uwi ng mga ito, hindi po makakauwi ang lahat.” The statement also countered claims by activist alliance of Pinoy migrants Migrante International which alleged that the repatriation of the stranded OFWs in Saudi Arabia were intentionally delayed just “to indulge Arroyo’s proven penchant for photo-ops.”

“When the opening of the school year begins, we are always faced with the question, ‘Why are the shortages in classrooms not met?’ The bottom line is, always in the past, the budget provided for classrooms is fixed at P2 billion…. The regular school building program has been left by Congress to P2 billion,” said Lapus, himself a vice chair of the appropriations committee when he was congressman. DepEd is proposing a budget of P254 billion, or an extra P82 billion, for 2010.

Various artists join fundraising concert for Noynoy By Allan Barnuevo, MANILA - Various artists performed in a fundraising concert for the presidential bid of Sen. Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III dubbed at the UP University Theater in UP Diliman, Quezon City on Monday. Dubbed “Eto Na Po Talaga! Pinoy! Power”, the concert aims to gather funds and volunteers for Aquino’s 2010 presidential bid. It was attended by audiences from all walks of life to show their support for Aquino, who officially declared his 2010 presidential bid under the Laban Party last September 9. During the event, several performers encouraged the audience to join their campaign for government reform. The Apo Hiking Society led the concert by singing their all-time OPM hits. The group also supported the candidacies of Noynoy and Sen. Manuel ‘Mar’ Roxas, Aquino’s running mate. The Philippine All-Stars opened the Pinoy Power concert with their world class act. Juana Change, whose real name is Mae Paner, also made public her support for the Aquino-Roxas tandem and for a government reform. Singer Aiza Seguerra performed her version of Kaleidoscope World during the fund raising concert. Paraluman, led by vocalist Madeline Ramboyong, also rocked the house with their performance. Other performers were singer-songwriter Noel Cabangon, award-winning singer and composer Bayang Barrios, siblings Nicole and Carlo and Duster and former Miss Saigon star Isay Alvarez. Noynoy, Roxas and Francis ‘Kiko’ Pangilinan joined the crowd in singing some of the songs being performed by the artists.

Sagada’s hanging coffin Hanging coffins are practiced by tribal groups in Sagada, Mountain Province, wherein the elderly hollow out logs and carve them into coffins before they die. The ritual involves forcing the body of the dead into the coffin and breaking bones in the process. The coffins are then brought to cliffs, where the coffins are hung and the dead join their ancestors. The Sagada people have been practicing this ritual for more than 2,000 years

Fake 200 bills The local office of Bang-

ko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) has reported that 91 fake 200 bills have been recovered this year which shows that this year has higher rate of fake bills compared to last year’s 14 recovered fake bills. A police officer has also reported that several counterfeit money in denominations of P100, P500 and P1000 have also been circulated.

Congress panel approved 9th ray in Philippine flag The Senate and the House of Representatives has approved the addition of a ninth ray to the sun in the Philippine Flag during the bicameral conference on the disagreeing provisions of the two chambers’ versions of a measure amending the Flag and Heraldic Code. A badly injured endangered Philippine Eagle was found in Trento town of Agusan Del Sur by farmer Nenito Tabana in Pangan village on September 21. Tabana has immediately endorsed the eagle to Trento Mayor Irenea Hitgano, who turned it over to the staff of PEF who arrived the following day. The gender of the eagle has yet to be known; it is also believed to be around 9 years old. An x-ray examination revealed that the eagle now named as Pangyan (derived from the village) has two gun pellets embedded inside its body, an inch deep from the shoulders. Bautista said its two legs were also badly fractured and it is still unable to open its right eye.

OCTOBER 2009 VOL. VIi NO. 83

Philippine storm leaves 106 dead and missing By JIM GOMEZ,Associated Press Writer

KABAYAN More than 330,000 people were affected by storm, including some 59,000 people who were brought to about 100 schools, churches and other evacuation shelters, officials said. The “state of calamity” declaration allowed officials to utilize emergency funds for relief and rescue.


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politan Manila and their worried relatives flooded TV and radio stations overnight. Ketsana swamped entire towns, set off landslides and shut down Manila’s airport for several hours.

“My son is sick and alone. He has no food and MANILA, Philiphe may be waiting on the roof of his pines –Rescuers house. Please get somebody to save Teodoro said that so far, army plucked bodies him,” a weeping housewife, Mary troops, police and civilian volfrom muddy floodunteers have rescued more than Coloma, told radio DZBB. waters and saved The sun shone 5,100 people. drenched survivors briefly in Manila Many residents from rooftops Sunon Sunday and lost all their day after a tropical showed the belongings in storm tore through extent of devasthe storm, but the northern Philiptation in many were thankful pines and left at neighborhoods they were alive. least 106 people dead and missing. _ destroyed “We’re back to It was the region’s worst flooding in houses, overzero,” said Marikina more than four decades. The governturned vans and cars, and streets and resident Ronald Manlangit. Still he ment highways covered in debris and mud. expressed relief that he declared The 16.7 inches (42.4 centimeters) managed to move all his a “state of rain that swamped metropolitan children to the second of calamfloor of his house Saturday Manila in just 12 hours on Saturday ity” in exceeded the 15.4-inch (39.2-cenas floodwaters engulfed metrotimeter) average for all of Septemthe ground floor. politan ber, chief Manila government Mud covand 25 weather ered everystorm-hit forecaster thing _ cars, provinces. Nathaniel the road and vegetables Tropical Storm Ketsana roared across Cruz said, in a public market near the northern Philippines on Saturday, adding that Manlangit’s house. dumping more than a month’s worth the rainfall Governor Joselito of rain in just 12 hours. The resultbroke the Mendoza of Bulacan ing landslides and flooding have left previous province, north of the at least 83 people dead and 23 others record of 13.2 inches (33.4 centicapital, said it was tragic missing, Demeters) in a 24-hour period in June that “people drowned in fense Secre1967. their own houses” as the tary Gilbert storm Teodoro said. Garbageraged. Many parts choked The most of the capidrains and recently tal remained waterreported flooded Sunways, fatalities day, although along with included waters were fast receding. high tide, nine people in Bucomlacan, most of them TV footage shot from military helicoppounded drowned. A landslide ter showed drenched survivors still the in northern Pampanga marooned on top of half-submerged problem, province killed 12 passenger buses and rooftops in the villagers. An army soldier and officials said. suburbs four militiamen drowned while Ketsana, which packed winds of of Manila. 53 mph (85 kph) with gusts of up trying to rescue villagers in Some to 63 mph (100 kph), hit land early southern Laguna province. dangerSaturday then roared across the main ously northern Luzon island toward the In the city of Marikina near clung on Manila, a rescuer gingerly lifted South China Sea. high-voltthe mud-covered body of a age power child from a boat. Resculines ers carried away four other while othbodies, including that of a ers plodwoman found in a church, after a ded through waist-high flood waters. search in a flooded neighborhood, Authorities deployed rescue teams on an AP photographer saw. boats to save survivors sighted during Distress calls and e-mails from the aerial check. thousands of residents in metro-

pinoy news in hk Every Sunday as we walk along Des Voeux Road going to our favorite shopping mall the World Wide House where we can find our favorite foods, we passed by groups of our fellow OFWs busy packing their door to door boxes. Some are filling in small boxes, medium boxes or the biggest box of their door to door company. There are months where in we see few individuals packing door to door, but as the months of BER enter we usually have the hard time to squeeze in and pass through the crowd. Way back home, as the 9th month of the year starts, Christmas carols are being played. Everyone can feel the spirit of Christmas though three months has still to go. Some individuals are already making list of their presents for their loved ones. Like us Pinoys overseas, we are also preparing for our favorite and awaited season by sending presents to our loved ones through maybe sending our remittances or our door to door, an expression of our love to them as we celebrate the special season. Pinays with their dogs in Tai Hang Having pets in the Philippines is very common. Anybody can keep a cat or a dog without any extra expenses. But for Hong Kong, keeping pets like dogs needs caring and grooming. Dogs have their own house and they are provided with mats and blankets when it’s cold. They are groomed; their nails are cut, teeth brushed, hair combed and brought to vets when sick. Pet dogs in Hong Kong have their own food unlike in the Philippines our native dogs are used of eating left over foods. For people in Hong Kong their dogs are a part of their family means sometimes it’s their companion but for us in the Philippines some families keep dogs to guard them from danger like theft, some keep dogs to eat their left over and some keep dogs for special purposes like for hunting. On top are photo of our fellow OFWs who are taking care of dogs, I would say among of “an expert of dogs” in Hong Kong since not all of us are familiar to dog grooming. Pinoys flocked at World Wide House for their favorite stars. Sam Milby and Piolo Pascual together with the comedian Chokoleit who came for their heartthrobs’ concert on September 6, 2009 at the Hong Kong Coliseum attract a flock of Pinoys that stacked the passage of the first floor of World Wide House on September 5, 2009 Saturday for more than an hour. Pinoys most are women held 1528 balloons with their cameras prepared as they waited for their favorite stars. The fans who were delighted to have seen personally their favorite stars have cleared the area before 6 pm.

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OCTOBER 2009 VOL. ViI NO. 83


Malaysian woman desires for a 23rd husband

Japan’s progress in medical care, a factor to its more than 40,000 centenarians

An Indonesian woman has given birth to an 8.7-kilogramme (19.2-pound) baby boy, the heaviest newborn ever recorded in the country, a Wook Kundor, doctor said. The 107 year old Mababy boy is piclaysian woman, tured here next to is planning to get a baby of average marry again for size at a hospital the 23rd time. in Medan, North Four years ago, A report says that Japan’s medical care has progressed Sumatra. highly including their living standard since the end of she married a World War 11. As a result the Japanese centenarians man 70 years younger than her. Her 37 has grown rapidly having more than 40,000 most are years old husband has gone to Kuala women. They have one of the world’s longest life exLumpur for treatment of his drug pectancies — 86 years for women and 79 years for men. addiction. Wook Kundor fearing her It was reported that Japan will have 40,399 people husband will not return home is planaged 100 or older this month. More than 86 percent are ning to re-marry. by Mike Krumboltz women. September 21 is a national holiday honoring She has expressed her loneliness the elderly in Japan. Each new centenarian will receive without her husband. “I realize I Attention moms! Can we have your attention a letter from the prime minister and a silver cup to am an aged woman... My intention please? To everyone who likes to brag about giving mark this year’s celebration. to re-marry is to fill my unhappibirth to 8, 9, even 10-lb. babies, we advise you Officials have stepped up programs that encourage ness nothing more than that.” keep quiet around Ani from Indonesia. The woman older citizens to stay active and continue working. The Living in Northern Kuala recently delivered a 19.2-lb. bruiser, the heaviest government is gradually extending the retirement age to newborn ever recorded in the country. 65 from 60, and some advocate pushing it further to 70. Terengganu state she planned to A 114-year-old woman from the southern island of Okivisit her husband if her Ani’s epic delivery scored a lot of attention in the nawa, whose name was not disclosed, holds the title of neighbor would drive her to the Search box. After the “Today” show ran a segJapan’s oldest citizen. place where her husband is receivment and Al Roker and Matt Lauer made some Japan’s oldest man, 112-year-old Jiroemon Kimura ing voluntary treatment. She told lighthearted jokes, lookups on “19 pound baby,” from the ancient capital of Kyoto, is health conscious reporters that she would “indonesian baby,” and “heaviest baby ever” all and still active. He rises early, reads a newspaper every re-consider her plan of re-marrying spiked immediately. morning with a magnifying glass, enjoys talking to if the 37 years old husband still has guests, and closely follows parliamentary debate on live feelings for her. And pictures? Oh my, the baby’s pictures were TV broadcasts. Her husband, who used to be her also hugely popular. Queries for “19 pound baby photos” jumped from nil into the thousands, and photos within Yahoo! News are drawing big clicks. Not surprisingly, the baby is said to require “near constant feeding.”

19.2 Pound Bundle of Joy

lodger, had previously said it was “God’s will” that he fell in love with his wife. It was Muhamad Noor Che Musa’s first marriage. Muhamad, an ex-army serviceman said he found peace and a sense of belonging after meeting Wook Kundor, whom he said he initially sympathised with because she was childless, old and alone, the report said. “I am not after her money, as she is poor,” Muhamad reportedly said.

For those wondering if this baby boy (as of yet unnamed, but we suggest “Hulk”) is the heaviest newborn in history, the answer is no. The record belongs to an American infant born in 1879. He weighed 23 pounds, 12 ounces. Sadly, he died a few hours after being born. An ABC station reports that the heaviest baby to survive weighed 22 lbs., 8 ounces. We sure hope the big guy was always extranice to his mother.

Baby born Man’s tumor on numbers makes him the 999 tallest man in the world

Alexander, a name consisting 9 letters was named to a baby boy who was born on 09/09/09 (September 9, 2009). The timing was really peculiar as he was also born at 9:09. His parents, Patrick Sutla Kosen, 27 years old and a Turkish farmer and Deana Orient were in disbelief has been officially crowned the world’s tallest man at 8-feet, 1-inch on Thursday, 17 September about their son’s birthday, but his father Patrick Orient said that it will be easy 2009. for him to remember his son’s date of birth as he was holding his newborn His rival Stadnyk, 39, from Ukraine was said to son. Deana Orient also said that when he have dropped out of the running by refusing to be measured. He told reporters that he was tired went into labor at 4:45 a.m. Wednesday, of being in the public eye. “If this title had given all she was thinking about was delivering a healthy baby. me more health or a few extra years, I would have taken it, but the opposite happened, I only wasted my nerve cells,” he said. “If I have to choose between prosperity and calm, I choose calm,” Stadnyk said. Sutlan walks with crutches because of weak knees. According to news report he grew normally until he was 10, but then a tumor caused him to develop a medical condition called pituitary gigantism. The tumor was removed last year, and his growth stopped. Kosen who have told reporters through an interpreter that he has a difficulty to find a girlfriend is hoping to find one after he has been famous. “The first thing I want to do is have a car that I can fit in, but more than that I want to get married,” Kosen said at the launch of the 2010 edition of the Guinness World Records book in London on 16 September 2009. At the ceremony, Kosen wore a specially made suit, one of the first outfits he has owned that fits correctly. Sutlan Kosen’s hand measure 27.5 centimeters (10.8 inches) and his feet 36.5 centimeters (14.3 inches). A spokesman for Guinness World Records said that Kosen is the first person in more than a decade to be more than 8 feet in height. He has also said that: “The good thing about being so tall is that I can see people from a long distance. The other thing is at home they use my height to change the light bulbs and hang the curtains, things like that.” The BBC has reported that his visit to the UK was the first time he traveled outside Turkey and that he will go on to visit the US and Germany.

OCTOBER 2009 VOL. ViI NO. 83

Walk This Way: Honda Shows Off U3-X “Personal Mobility” Device TOKYO — Honda has rolled out another gee-whiz experimental device, the U3-X “personal mobility device.” The rider perches “comfortably” on the device in a barstool fashion and can move in a manner very close to walking, but without the actual physical effort.




balance control technology the company developed when creating its earlier ASIMO “bipedal humanoid” robot. An innovation on the U3-X is an omnidirectional driving wheel system that it calls Honda Omni Traction Drive, or HOT Drive.

A Honda employee displays Honda’s new ‘personal mobility’ device at a press conference in Tokyo, Japan, Thursday, Sept. 24, 2009. Honda’s new ‘personal mobility’ device looks like a unicycle, but all you need to do to zip around in it — sideways as well as forward and back — is lean your weight into the direction you want to go. The U3-X — available for a test-run for reporters in Tokyo Thursday — was designed to take up the same amount of space as a human being to be safe and unobtrusive enough to mingle with pedestrians, according to Honda Motor Co. (AP Photo/Shizuo Kambayashi)

This means the rider of the U3X can adjust speed and move forward, backward, side to side and diagonally in a natural way. The side-to-side and diagonal movements are thanks to a set of several small-diameter, motor-controlled wheels connected inline to form one large-diameter wheel. Leaning the upper body to shift body weight is “read” and interpreted by an incline sensor. The U3-X is a low-frills “unicycle,” more compact and portable than a Segway, and has a lightweight body with foldable seat, footrests and frame. It measures a mere 12.4 inches long, 6.3 inches wide and 25.6 inches high and weighs less than 22 pounds.


A possible Achilles’ heel would be its lithium-ion battery, which has one hour of operation time in it when fully charged. No plans for production were announced, but Honda will show the U3X at the 2009 Tokyo Auto Show next month.

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Crispy bacon and fried chicken the oldest person’s diet

This is the latest fruit of Honda R&D’s fascination with creating Jetsons-style robotic toys. The U3-X benefits from the

Gertrude Baine who just died at the age115 was the oldest person before her death. A report says that she liked her bacon crispy and her chicken fried but she never drank; never smokes and never fooled around.

Skin problems you have that body accents could help you

She was born in Shellman, Ga., on April 6, 1894. She was 4 years old when the Spanish-American War broke out. She had already reached middle age by the time the U.S. entered World War II in 1941. She worked as a maid at Ohio State University dormitories until her retirement, outlived all of her family members. She had one daughter who died of typhoid at age 18.

(above) A Honda employee demonstrates Honda’s new ‘personal mobility’ device at a press conference in Tokyo, Japan, Thursday, Sept. 24, 2009. Honda’s new ‘personal mobility’ device looks like a unicycle, but all you need to do to zip around in it — sideways as well as forward and back — is lean your weight into the direction you want to go. The U3-X — available for a testrun for reporters in Tokyo Thursday. (AP Photo/Shizuo Kambayashi)

1) Melasma – is known as mask of pregnancy when present in pregnant women. Although it can affect anyone, melasma is particularly common in women, especially pregnant women and those who are taking oral or patch contraceptives or hormone replacement therapy (HRT) medications. The symptoms of melasma are dark, irregular patches commonly found on the upper cheek, nose, lips, upper lip, and forehead. These patches often develop gradually over time. 2) Acne - Acne is a red, irritating skin rash primarily affecting teenagers and young adults. It can, however, occur at all ages. Typical acne appears in the oil-producing areas of the bodynamely, the face, chest, and back. Acne can also occur on the neck and upper arms. 3) Varicose veins - are veins that

have become enlarged and tortuous. The term commonly refers to the veins on the leg, although varicose veins can occur elsewhere. Veins have leaflet valves to prevent blood from flowing backwards (retrograde). Leg muscles pump the veins to return blood to the heart, against the effects of gravity. When veins become varicose, the leaflets of the valves no longer meet properly, and the valves don’t work.

This allows blood to flow backwards and they enlarge even more. Varicose veins are most common in the superficial veins of the legs, which are subject to high pressure when standing. Besides cosmetic problems, varicose veins are often painful, especially when standing or walking.

When Maria de Jesus died in Portugal at age 115 Baine became the world’s oldest person in January. Her title brought with it a spotlight of attention, and Baines was asked frequently about the secret to a long life. She shrugged off such questions, telling people to ask God instead. She has also mentioned that she owes her longevity to the Lord. According to a report the oldest person who ever lived, was Jeanne-Louise Calment, who was 122 when she died on the 4th of August 1997, in Arles, France.

healthy living

Twelve Symptoms to help you find Ovarian Cancer early A few simple questions may help women identify the early, often quiet, symptoms of ovarian cancer. While ovarian cancer is typically detected in its late stages, when it is least curable, there are some early warning signs. However, more than 20 symptoms have been linked with early ovarian cancer, including fatigue, back pain, constipation, urinary frequency and urgency, and many others. These symptoms are so common and vague that many women and doctors often dismiss them as unimportant. Researchers are beginning to narrow down the list, identifying the symptoms that seem to matter the most. This week, researchers at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center showed that just six key symptoms, coupled with a blood test, helped improve the early detection of ovarian cancer by 20 percent, according to findings published online in the journal Cancer.Have you experienced any of the following symptoms?



sound in order to rule out ovarian cancer as a possible source of these symptoms! In the meantime, Come and Try our RICA Cleansing Supplement, it will help alleviate your concern. For enquiries, please call RICA customer hotline : 8208-8847.

2) Ongoing pain in your pelvis or lower back.

4) Abnormal discharge from your vagina, containing mucus that may be tinged with blood. 5) Pain or bleeding during sex. 6) Nausea or loss of appetite, or you cannot eat normally. 7) Ongoing bloating or intestinal gas that is not relieved by home treatment measures. 8) Bigger belly size or a lump that can be felt in your belly. 9) Decreased energy level. 10) A change in your bowel habits, such as constipation or diarrhea. 11) A change in your bladder habits, such as urinary frequency or urgency.

OCTOBER 2009 VOL. VIi NO. 83



ne of the first questions that should be asked of any woman over the If you’ve had years of pelvic pain, bloating age of 35 when trying to or any of the other symptoms, chances are ascertain the level of their health is do you know where they are signs of other health problems. But if you’ve noticed these changes in the past 12 your hormone levels are? Fluctuations in hormone months, talk to your doctor about your conlevels, most specifically cerns. He or she may suggest a CA-125 blood estrogen levels, can cause a test and a transvaginal ultrasound to rule out myriad of health problems ovarian cancer. in women including mood swings and anxiety, loss of memory, insomnia, wrinThe six-symptom list identifys 50 percent of those women with early-stage ovarian cancer kles, heart disease, cramps, who did not have a positive CA-125 blood test irregular periods, intercourse difficulties due to vaginal result. dryness, osteoporosis and low fertilIf a woman has these symptoms and they are ity. Up to and during menonew to her and frequent, that would be a very pause, women lose up to good time to request the blood test and ultra- 40% of their estrogen level. 12) Weight loss.

1) Ongoing cramps or pain in your belly.

3) Abnormal bleeding from your vagina, especially after menopause if you are not using any hormonal medicines.


starts, the progesterone level drops, and although estrogen does as well, it is still dominant over the lower levels of progesterone. Aside from menopause, stress and dietary factors can be a factor of Estrogen Dominance if testing shows that the hormonal levels are normal. Progesterone is required for proper thyroid function.

Bio-Young Phytogen Plus contains phytoestrogens and is 100% natural. It is derived from two plants, Gegan Root and Kacip Fatimah, that are widely There are two main ways used as natural herbal to balance Estrogen levels. supplements designed to One is through Hormone balance estrogen levels. Replacement Therapy Gegan Root is widely (HRT) which involves the used as a health food providing of synthetic es- in Thailand and Kacip trogen as a replacement. Fatimah has been widely However, excessive doses used by the Malay society of synthetic estrogen for many centuries. During this time, some wom- can cause cancer. The second way is through en lose even more of their Bio-Young Phytogen Plus natural supplementation does not contain any progesterone. Women lose (phytoestrogen). The a larger percentage of their hormones, stimulants or benefits of this include progesterone as opposed drugs nor does it have 100% natural phytoactive any harmful side effects. to the estrogen they lose. ingredients, the abilThis causes an imbalance It has been approved as a between the two hormones- ity to balance estrogen health supplement by the when the ratio of estrogen to levels, and no harmful Ministry of Health and is progesterone is larger, this is side effects to speak of. available in capsule form Phytoestrogens can be known as Estrogen Domifor consumption and conobtained from legumes, nance. Estrogen, is a good venience. Look young, vegetables and fruits, hormone when it works in feel young, stay young however as a woman’s tandem with the other horwith Bio-Young Phytogen mones in a woman’s system digestive system ages, it is Plus. unable to absorb enough and everything is working phytoestrogen. Therefore, in balance. As menopause in order to get enough of this natural substance, women should also consume supplements. The benefits of phytoestrogen include stronger bones, improves heart function, improves memory, and alleviates menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes, vaginal dryness, pigmentation, mood wings…etc. In addition, phytoestrogens

FOR HIM Danny Bascal Jr., 42 years old Driver for 14 years in Hong Kong Nabasa ko ang tungkol sa mga food supplements ng RICA sa KabayanSTAR newspaper, nagkaroon ako ng interest kaya hinanap ko ang shop nila sa World Wide House. Noong nagpa consulta ako sa kanila nadiskubre kong mayroon pala akong high blood pagkatapos kong na BP. Palagi ding masakit ang aking buong katawan na nakakaapekto sa aking pagtatrabaho kaya tinanong ko kung ano ang magandang food supplement mayron sila na puwede kong gamitin. Ang nirekumenda sa akin ay Arginine, binigyan ako ng flyers tungkol dito at pagkatapos kong binasa ang mga benefits nito ay nagdesisyon akong bumili. Habang iniinom ko ang unang bote ng Arginine na binili ko, nararamdaman ko ang maraming pagbabago ng aking pakiramdam. Isang buwan palang akong nakakainom pero masigla ako, may improvement na rin ang mataas kong BP noon at malakas ang aking pakiramdam kahit maghapon akong nagtatrabaho.

over the long run can help firm breasts, contour body shape and supple the skin, regularize periods and the soothing of period pain, improves sexual performance, and improves fertility.

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healthy living


Obesity injurious Gusto kong gumfor patients having aling pero hindi ko akalaing Ovarian Cancer ganun kabilis!! As per a new study, obesity is found to give fillip to ovarian cancer. Obese women with advance ovarian cancer have a short span of survival than those having ideal weight. According to American Cancer Society, every year out of the 20,000 diagnosed cases 15,000 women die of the disease. As told by the researchers it is not clear about the corelation of obesity and ovarian cancer but predictions of previous study shows that ovarian cancer to be much affected with obesity. Scientists found the cause of death as the advanced recurrent disease in patient, possibly due to obesity, thereby leading to decreased survival time. The presence of fat tissues act as booster for tumour growth causing lower chances of survival of patient suffering from ovarian cancer. Thus, maintaining ideal weight by reducing obesity can help the patients of ovarian cancer to survive to some extent. So want to know what is your ideal weight? Come and visit RICA Health Food Store. We can check and find out your fat and muscle proportion and of course your ideal weight too.

For inquiries, please call our customer hotline : 8208-8847 (RICA - The Best Choice for your Health)


Meron akong nerve problem at dahil dito hindi ko makontrol ang paggalaw ng aking ulo. Mahirap dahil talagang kapansin pansin ang paggalaw nito. Naalala ko agn aking kakilala sa palengke na may katulad na karamdaman sa akin at nang nagkita kami sa palengke ay kaagad ko siyang tinanong kung ano ang ginamit niyang gamot o ano ang ginawa niya at gumaling siya. Nasabi niya sa akin ang RICA kaya hindi na rin ako nag aksaya ng panahon ko nang mag day off ako. Marami ang nakakita sa akin at nagtatanong kung paano ako nagkaganun at parang pasmado. Nang ako’y nakapagpa konsulta, nerve problem nga at pinayuhan ako ng Bio Young Amino Acid Complex. May kamahalan pero sinubukan ko pa rin. Isang linggo ang makalipas, bumalik ako sa RICA para magtanong kung totoo ba ang nakikita kong pagbabago dahil parang di rin ako makapaniwala. 2 Linggo akong nag Bio Young at talaga namang malaki ang improvement. Sabi ng marami mas naging maaliwalas ang mukha ko, halos wala nang mapapansing paggalaw ng aking ulo at medyo nabanit din daw ang aking balat. Gusto kong ishare kaagad ito sa lahat ng kapwa ko OFW lalong lalo na sa mga may karamdamang katulad ko. - Rina

 star news





OCTOBER 2009 VOL. ViI NO. 83

Sarah admits might end up with Mark Bautista

Iza Calzado caught in action? Iza Calzado who thought Ogie Alcasid’s birthday was going to be an intimate gathering brought along her non showbiz boyfriend Atticus King to the party. Upon arrival at the place she instantly spotted the TV crew rushing to meet her and immediately she put some distance between her and her boyfriend. But of course she is not supposed to leave him alone; still they sat in one place.

Napaamin si Sarah Geronimo, posible raw silang magkatuluyan ni Mark Bautista dahil sa umano’y masigasig nitong panunuyo! Pero bukod kay Mark, isang pulitiko ang umaaligid daw sa pop princess. Singer-actress Sarah Geronimo has laughed off rumor that she is being courted by Ilocos Norte Rep. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. Rumor has it that a car, reportedly registered to the 52-year-old congressman, was seen parked in front of her home but the pop princess denied the issue. “Nakakahiya sa family ng Marcos. Grabe naman ito. Hindi ko kinakaya. Ibang level naman. Sino ba ang nag-imbento niyan? Nakakatawa naman iyan. Nakakahiya naman sa mga political figures at respeto din sa akin,” the 21-year-old singer said. Geronimo, who is known in the industry for being conservative and protective of her private life, reiterated that she is not in a hurry to have a boyfriend because she is focusing on her career and studies. “Parang hindi ko naman po kailangang madiliin ang pagbo-boyfriend. Happy ako kung anong meron ako ngayon. Mayroon akong inspirasyon, nakakausap at kaibigan hanggang doon lang po muna,” she said. Geronimo will hold a concert dubbed as “Record Breaker” at the Araneta Coliseum on November 7.

Luis says breakup with Angel is untrue Luis Manzano has shot down rumors that he and his girlfriend Angel Locsin have broken up. He said that they are merely going through a “phase.”

Manny Pacquiao manager of Filipino singer A Filipino singer Madonna Decena will hold an international concert on November 15, 2009 in Las Vegas. Decena rose to fame after she reached the “British Got Talent 2008 semi-finalist.” Madonna will hold her very first US show with her manager Manny Pacquiao, and according to our source she is preparing for this big project who want the launching a successful one. Madonna Decena who has 2 daughters said that she will be forever grateful to “British Got Talent” where she got her instant popularity. She is also thankful for all the opportunities she has especially a chance to build up her own career. Aside from the concert she is preparing, she is also expected to make TV appearances.

“In the beginning, we agreed to protect our relationship by keeping it private,” Luis said during a press conference for his movie “In My Life.” “It’s only proper that we treat this phase the same way. I don’t want to answer questions about Angel. What’s between us is very personal.” The actor added. Sources report that Angel called it quits with Luis after he was romantically linked with actress Maricar Reyes but the actor denied this. He said all he knew about Maricar was that she was supposed to be his partner in the defunct show “Flash Bomba.” Maricar was later replaced by Roxanne Guinoo. “I’ve been hearing the weirdest stories,” said the actor, who claimed to be in constant communication with Angel. “There’s no third party—there never was.”

Bong Revilla has turned 43 Senator and star “Bong” Revilla, Jr., who will soon be appearing in his upcoming film “Panday”, turned 43 on September 25. In his real name Jose Mikael Mortel Bautista, he isn’t the first in the family, to play lead roles at a young age. Bong has been busy with his studies, a deal he had committed to his father. However when he was in high school, he was already given roles by his father at the same time his director.

“In my life” a mother’s story The star for all season Batangas Governor Vilma Santos Recto’s first movie with her son Luis Manzano and her first movie after 5 years since she has been very busy in her political career is giving excitement to many OFWs overseas who are mostly mothers away from their children and are also long and avid fans of Ate Vi. After given the permission by her colleague to go back to her first love which is her acting career, Ate Vi is working with her TV program.

After a short stint in the movies, Bong decided to go to the United States where he studied filmmaking. When he came back to the Philippines, Viva Films signed him up and was immediately assigned a major part in a film. During one of his movies, Bong met Maria Jesusa Victoria Hernandez, nicknamed Candy, also known as Lani Mercado. After their brief romance they eloped to the Us and later they had a church wedding in Imus, Cavite. From then, Bong was offered and performed in action films until there was no stopping him in the movies eventually, in politics. He became the province vice-governor of Cavite in 1995 and governor in 1998, respectively and in 2004, he won a seat in the Senate.

Willie got a warm wil-come on wowowee The favorite host Willie Revillame in pinoy’s favorite program wowowee was given a big, warm and special welcome as he got back in his show since he took a leave after a controversial issue took place during the burial ceremony of the late ex-president Tita Cory Aquino.

OCTOBER 2009 VOL. VIi NO. 83

Richard admit he is saddened Actor Richard Gutierrez admitted that he is saddened by the criminal charge filed against him by the widow of his personal assistant Nomar Pardo. “I just would like everybody to know na kahit anong nangyayari ngayon it’s motivating me and inspiring me to work harder,” Richard said. The actor said he and his family tried their best to talk to the family of Pardo but Lorayne refused to settle things out of the court. Pardo’s wife, sued Gutierrez for reckless imprudence resulting in homicide in connection with a vehicular accident that killed Pardo and almost killed Gutierrez. Lorayne blamed Gutierrez’s alleged utter disregard of traffic rules for the death of her husband. Cavite Provincial Prosecutor Emmanuel Velasco said his office found merit to the complaint filed by Lorayne but dismissed the latter’s claim that Gutierrez abandoned Pardo after the accident. Lorayne claimed that Gutierrez immediately boarded a GMA 7 van and left Nomar who was gravely injured but still alive at that time. Nomar was later pronounced dead on arrival at Adventist University Hospital in Silang, Cavite. But Velasco argued that, even if it was true that the actor immediately proceeded to the nearest hospital for medical attention, such act could not be taken against him. Velasco have told that human instinct to survive is paramount. He also noted that there were witnesses who told investigators that Gutierrez did not immediately leave the scene of the accident. It was reported that he tried to look for Nomar Pardo while it was so dark at the time. Richard just left the scene in order to seek medical attention after making sure that other persons have joined in the efforts to look for Pardo. “Hindi ko gusto ang nangyari. Wala akong crimnal intention or wala akong binalak na ganoon,” Gutierrez said.



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Cesar Montano in “the singing bee” Cesar Montano’s show the Singing Bee the favourite game show in town is back. Montano is known to be passionate in music. Cesar shared that he developed his passion for music since he was young, “I love playing the guitar. In fact, I had my first one when I was in grade school but I only learned how to play it when I was already a teenager.” So, being chosen to be the host in the singing bee is no big surprise. After all, he already wowed us with his album Subok Lang back in 2000.

Fil-Am jazz artist visits Manila

Kris confirmed selling her house After Noynoy Aquino announced his presidential candidacy on 2010 election, Kris Aquino made decisions to sell her house at Valle Verde 11 and according to our source she has confirmed of selling it and use the money for his brother’s campaign fund. Kris also mentioned that the buyer will move on November so they will move to a condominium to rent. She also said that she will work into a teleserye and new game show, half of her earning will go to Noynoy’s campaign fund.

Fil-Am Charmaine Clamor who has made a mark abroad with her new style of music is visiting Manila to promote her album titled, “Jazzipino,” which contains her versions of the traditional Filipino songs “Dahil Sa’Yo,” “Minamahal Kita,” “Pamulinawen,” “Dungawin Mo Hirang,” and “Sa Ugoy Ng Duyan,” among others.

Charmaine simply describes her music as a fusion of American jazz and traditional Filipino music, Kundiman. Coming up with a musical style all her own came gradually to the singer; far easier, she said, compared to the hardship she endured in trying to break into the Los Angeles music scene. Clamor also mentioned that mixing Jazz and Kundiman was inspired by Charmaine’s American audience. “They were the ones who encouraged me to do this because those watching my shows were mostly non-Filipinos who listen to jazz. Hindi naman panay Pinoys lang ang audience ko in the beginning,” said she. Many of these non-Filipinos told Charmaine that Tagalog sounds romantic. According to Charmaine it was her parents who first influenced her to become a jazz artist. “They introduced me to Kundiman, Jazz and Opera because that’s the kind of music that’s coming from our living room when I was growing up.”

Ara Mina may enter politics Ara Mina linked with Manny Pacquiao in the past was asked if she will accept financial support from Pacman if ever he offers money for her campaign funds in the coming election. The star planning to run for district councilor in Quezon City bravely answered yes yet was trying to ask Manny Pacquiao to defend her from the past intrigues and maybe still moving on. Ara may run for the coming election because she believes that it is her path and because her family is in this path. Her grandfather Mel Mathay was an ex- mayor of Quezon City, while his father Chuck Mathay was an ex- congressman.

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OCTOBER 2009 VOL. Vii NO. 83

Ang Kalayaan...Sa Likod Ng Mga Pangarap

Kinagabihan ay hindi na nag-aksaya ng panahon si Jonnathan. Pagkatapos nilang maghapunan ay nagpaalam muna siya kina Jonnamae na may pupuntahan lang siya saglit. Babalik din daw siya agad dahil nga may usapan sila na mamamasyal pagkatapos kumain ng hapunan. Pumunta siya sa may tabing dagat at saka niya tinawagan si Rosana sa cellphone nito ngunit hindi niya ito macontact kaya nagdesisyon siya na sa landline na lamang ito tawagan. “Alo!” sagot sa kabilang linya. “Hello! Can I speak to Rosana please?” hiling ni ni Jonnathan sa nanginginig na boses. “Ah! Madam Rosana? Not here, she go to Philippines to have a bebe.” Ang sagot ng kausap niya. Siguro ito na ang bagong katulong nila sa Indonesia. Dahil ‘yong dating kasama ni Rosana

na plano niyang umalis ay kilala na siya pag siya kinabukasan. Niyaya ay tumatawag. na niya ang dalawa na Hindi alam ni mamasyal. Wala pa Jonnathan kung ano ang ang mga tiyo Arnulfo kanyang nararamdaman, nila nang mga oras na kung matutuwa ba siya iyon. Ayaw namang o mananaig pa rin ang mag night swimming ng galit niya kay Rosana. mga ito. Mag-iikot-ikot Siguro nga ito na talaga na lamang daw sila at ang tamang panahon at pagkakataon para harapin namnamin ang malamig niya ito upang magkaroon na sariwang simoy ng hangin. Hindi na nila na siya ng katahimikan. inistorbo ang mga bagong Nakabakasyon naman kasal. Mag-aalas otso pa siya ng ilang araw kaya puwede siyang umuwi sa lamang kaya marami pa ring mga turista Mambusao upang na gumagala. makipagkita Nakasunod kay Rosana. For lamang si the last time Jonnathan kailangan niya sa dalawa na na ring malaman parang mga kung ano ang batang nagtunay niyang aagawan pag nararamdaman may mga pag nagkita sila at malaman niya NOVEL wRITER nakakasalubong silang mga rin ditto kung Erna Velado foreigners. ano ang tunay na “Jonna, ‘wag mo dahilan nito kung bakit namang bilisan ang lakad nagawa siyang talikuran. mo. Antayin natin ang Pagdating niya sa bahay kuya mo, para naman ay wala siyang sinabi siyang bodyguard na nakabuntot lang sa ating dalawa. At ikaw naman, feeling prinsesa na nakawala sa palasyo kung Caritas Community THUNDERBOLT makaporma.” Development Service ARNIS MARTIAL ”Hay naku! Language Programme ARTS Gusto kong for Ethnic Minorities Offers classes every Sunday mag-enjoy ano. 2009 – 2010 Ganyan talaga si at Happy Valley. Plesae call Eman - 93465813 Sponsored by CMAB, kuya. Mula nang pinagtaksilan Nene - 94516494 / 98472561 HKSAR Government siya at ipinagpalit ni Rosana sa CMAB 8 Sunday IntermeAGUS HK SOCIETY mabahong Arabo diate Chinese Writing Offers Classes On: Food & Meat 4 – 10 - 2009 to 24 – 01 gusto niya laging Processing, Soap Carving mapag-isa. Buti – 2010 2-5p.m. All Interested Party Pls. nga ngayon hindi Sai Wan Ho Centre, Rm. Contact: 67323021 / 67323096 7-8, 1/F., Lee Ga Building, (Eugene or Liza) 131 Sai Wan Ho Street, Hong Kong.


To all Filipino Drivers

We are inviting you all to join the Filipino Driver’s Society Interested parties may call Lyn at 6229 1444 and Dante at 6173 7393


Offers FREE Skills Training & Livelihood Seminars On: Food Processing, Soap Carving, Candle Making, Doll Making, Beads Craft, T-Shirt Printing, Hand Weaving, Cross Stitch Contact Person: Beadscraft making- tina 98532003, siony -91793785, for more inquiries, racquel 91457719, aida 62277285


Island Evangelical Community Church 8/F 633 King’s Road Quarry Bay Every Saturday (except for 3rd Saturday) from 10.00am11.30am For details, call Riza Guevarra at 2864 9337

CMAB 17 Saturday Basic Cantonese 31–10–2009 to 31-1-2010 10a.m.-1:30p.m. Fortress Hill Centre, G/F., 28A Fortress Hill Road, Hong Kong. CMAB 22 Sunday Intermediate English 11–10–2009 to 31–01–2010 2-5p.m. Shek Kip Mei Centre, Rm,7-8, 1/F., Tai Hang Tung Community Centre, Tong Yam Street, Shek Kip Mei, Kowloon. Total learning hours: 50 hours Fee: HK$100 per head Content & Format: · Speaking, reading & writing through exercises, role-play, singing songs & outing for daily life practice · CMAB will issue Certificate of Attendance to participants with at least 80% attendance rate

na natin siya kailangang pilitin na samahan tayo. Tinamaan yata sa’yo.” Sabay akbay kay April at pinisil pa ang pisngi nito. “Ikaw talaga! Kung anu-anong kalukuhan na naman iyang pinagsasabi mo.” “Hindi nga! Pwera biro. Sa palagay ko ang lakas ng dating mo kay kuya. Kasi, mula nang mabigo ‘yan, dalawang tan na halos ang nakakaraan, naging bahay-trabaho nalang ang buhay niya. Nasabi nga nina Tito Arnulfo na kung minsan ay hindi mo siya makakausap.” “Talaga? Ano ba ang nangyari sa girlfriend niya?,” curious na tanong ni April. “Hayun! Pinalitan lang naman siya. Nagpakasal siya sa anak ng mga among Arabo,” nakaismid na tinuran ni Jonnamae. “Kawawa naman pala siya.” “Sino ang kawawa?,” singit ni Jonnathan na hindi nila namalayan na nasa likuran nap ala nila. “Ay kabayong bundat! Kuya naman eh…Ano ka ba, ba’t ka nanggugulat?” “Kasi parang napaka seryoso nang pinaguusapan ninyo. Ano ba ‘yon?” “Wala lang, may ikenukwento lang naman ako kay April na nakakalungkot, kaya na carried-away siya. Ang

OFW of the MONTH Conchita B. Cosmino of Sison, Pangasinan, and 61 years old still single has been working in Hong Kong for 26 years. “Dumating ako sa Hong Kong noong August 20, 1983. Ang sahod pa namin noon ay $ 1,350. Dumaan ako sa maraming foreign employers na karamihan sa kanila ay nag for good o umuwi sa kani-kanilang lugar pagkatapos ng kanilang kontrata ditto sa Hong Kong,” Miss Cosmino said. According to Conchita her employer was an Indian who was very strict which made her feel of going home so badly but on the other hand she also said that she looked back of her goal and dreams of coming to Hong Kong. She also considered that if she returns home there’s no work for her so she patiently continued working. For almost 12 years Ate Conchita has stayed in the compound of

bagal mo naman kasing maglakad kaya nililibang lang namin ang mga sarili namin baka kasi mapanis na ang laway namin ditto at wala ring pumapansing foreigners sa amin,” pagpapakwela pa ni Jonnamae. Samantalang si April ay hindi na makatingin ng tuwid ka Jonnathan. “Matatandaan nyo pa ba ang daan pabalik sa bahay? Kasi gusto ko sanang mauna nang umuwi, inaantok na kasi ako. Mag-enjoy nalang kayo, mahaba pa naman ang oras.” “Okay lang ba sa’yo April na iwan tayo ni kuya? Sabagay type ko yon para maka paghunting tayo, he,he,he.” “Sapak, gusto mo. Ikaw talaga, kalian pasaway ka.” “Sige na Jonnathan kami na ang bahala, kaya na naming umuwi mamaya,” nanghihinayang na pagtataboy ni April sa binata. “Pasensiya na April ha, gusto ko na kasing magpahinga. Mag-ingat kayo at ‘wag kayong masyadong magpagabi.” “Okay na kuya, kaya na namin ‘to. Sila dapat ang mag-ingat sa amin. Uwi ka na, sweetdreams.” “Sweetdreams ka dyan, humanda ka lang sa akin pag may ginawa kang kalukuhan.” itutuloy

the Soldier’s barrack where in she said she enjoyed and learned a lot. “Sa 12 years na ‘yan lahat na naging amo ko ay mga soldiers. And I was so happy dahil hindi ako nahirapang mag hanap ng amo everytime na umuuwi na ang mga past employers ko. Dahil magkakakilala ang mga employers sa barrack they refer me to their friends before they leave. Hindi ako nababakante,” she said. She just left the place in 1996. As described by her friends Miss Cosmino is a person with perseverance and very patient. Though single she has also been very helpful to her nieces. She was able to invest her money into lots and house. Being a well experienced OFW in Hong Kong she is giving a word to new comers. “To my fellow OFWs most especially the new comers who are still under adjustment period I understand how you feel because I have also undergone that feeling, but when you are feeling bad I want you to refresh your aim and goal of coming here. Remember also your hardship in the Philippines. And foremost you must remember that you are here to fulfill your dreams for your children and to help your husband.”

13. The Philippines has the largest Christian population in Asia. China actually has over 80 million Christians and is therefore the country with largest Christian population in Asia. 14. Filipinos are the happiest people in the world. The World Values Survey conducted by University of Michigan in 1998 ranked Iceland 1st and the Philippines 12th among 54 countries in happiness index. The Philippines was ranked first among Asian countries though. The truth is happiness cannot be measured. 15. The Philippines is one of the safest and most peaceful places on earth. That is what the Department of Tourism claims but according to the International Red Cross, the Philippines registered the world’s fourth highest number of casualties and injuries as a result of natural disasters and manmade calamities from 1992 to 2001 - 5.8 million cases in all. It was behind China, India and Iran. China and India were expected in the accident list because they have the largest populations in the world. 16. Worst Disaster in History On July 12, 2000, the Philippines witnessed one of the world’s most horrifying images of social tragedy in history. Nearly 500 garbage scavengers who were living literally at the Payatas dumpsite in Quezon City were buried alive under tons of garbage when a 50-foot garbage mountain collapsed on their makeshift houses at the height of torrential rains. It was a tragic commentary on poverty in the Philippines, yet the lesson remains to be learned to this day. 17. The Philippines has the largest Christian population in Asia? China actually has over 80 million Christians and is therefore the country with largest Christian population in Asia. 18. Filipinos are the happiest people in the world? The World Values Survey conducted by University of Michigan in 1998 ranked Iceland 1st and the Philippines 12th among 54 countries in happiness index. The Philippines was ranked first among Asian countries though. The truth is happiness cannot be measured. 19. The Philippines is one of the safest and most peaceful places on earth. That is what the Department of Tourism claims but according to the International Red Cross, the Philippines registered the world’s fourth highest number of casualties and injuries as a result of natural disasters and manmade calamities from 1992 to 2001 - 5.8 million cases in all. It was behind China, India and Iran. China and India were expected in the accident list because they have the largest populations in the world. 20. Origin of name of places: Abra - abrir, a Spanish term which means opening Baguio City - bigjiw, an Igorot term for a moss Benguet - benget, an ibaloy term meaning head scarf Butuan City - butuan, a sour fruit in the area Capiz - kapis, a Visayan term for pearl shells Cavite - kawit or hook Ifugao - pugo, which means hills Ilocos - loco, a Malay term for lowland Kalinga - kalinga, a native word for headhunters Laoag City - iluag, meaning clear or light Luzon - lu zung, a Chinese phrase meaning a far away land Manila - may nilad, a phrase referring to a spot where nilad grows. Misamis - kuyamis, referring to sweet coconut Naga City - naga, a Bicolano term for narra tree Nueva Vizcaya - a Spanish phrase meaning New Biscayne Palawan - palan yu, a Chinese phrase for beautiful harbor Pangasinan - asin, which means salt Pasay City - paso hay, a Spanish phrase meaning there is a pass 21. The country has the highest concentration of birds and butterflies in the world. There are some 86 species of birds and 895 species of butterflies in the country. About 352 species of butterflies are endemic to the Philippines. 22. Food facts: The onion is named after a Latin word meaning large pearl. Ice tea was introduced in 1904 at the World’s Fair in St. Louis. Approximately one billion snails are served in restaurants annually. Botanically speaking, the banana is a herb and the tomato is a fruit. The world’s oldest existing eatery opened in KaiFeng, China in 1153. An ounce of chocolate contains about 20 mg of caffeine. Chocolate is the number one foodstuff flavour in the world, beating vanilla and banana by 3-to-1. Half of the world’s population lives on a staple diet of rice.

OCTOBER 2009 VOL. Vii NO. 83




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a + b = 3 Ltd Financial Literacy - Because money is more than adding up figures

Business Plan (4): the numbers! In our July money column, we talked about writing a business plan. A business plan is like a script of your future business movie: it tells the story of your budding business: what it is

which help you find out if your business will or can generate profit and cash: the income statement (also called “Profit and Loss” statement) and the cash flow statement.

you can re-use, change and fine-tune your calculations whenever you need (for example, if you plan to take one day off every week and close the shop, or lower the price at $9):

about, who your customers will be, what you will be selling and how, how you will run your business… Business plans usually have several parts such as (1) business summary, (2) market analysis, (3) mode of operation, (4) your profile, (5) the financials. Your business plan is a guideline for you to follow and it also helps you communicate your business idea to potential partners, or bankers if you need a loan.

The income statement is simply a list of all the business incomes and expenses and the difference between the two: if expenses are bigger than income, your business will make a loss; and if incomes are bigger than expenses, your business will make a profit! Where can you find the numbers? First of you, you don’t start from scratch: financials are the last part of your business plan; before dealing with the numbers, you have done researches on your business idea, your customers, competition, prices, how you can operate, etc… The financials are only a summary of all your assumptions. Let’s start with the income.

Try to plan between one to three years. Why? The first year your business will still be very small and you may not generate much income. But on the year 2 and 3, your business is likely to reach full speed: so it is important to know how much money you may lose on the first year, and how much money you will make on the “full speed” years to check that you recover your year 1 loss. Play with your numbers: you can have different sets of numbers: for example, one with one location where you know you can have lots of customers (but rents are very high!) and one with a less frequented location but lower costs: you’ll see which one is more profitable on the paper. Or an “optimistic” version and a “pessimistic” one (reality may be in between!). Don’t forget that your business may be seasonal too: a monthly calculation helps you plan lower and higher months. Be logical and consistent: typical errors of business budgets are to forget something (usually an expense) or to be inconsistent: you plan lots of customers because of advertising… and you hardly put any advertising expense in your budget! (to be continued…)

Financials… mean a lot of incomprehensible numbers! First of all why do you need these numbers for? And why try to guess how many dollars or pesos you will do … future is unpredictable! The difference between starting a business with a well thought business plan including a budget, and starting a business without a plan, is like walking in the night with a flash light… or without! The flash light won’t make bad encounters not exist but it may help you prevent them from bothering you! Numbers are guidelines: writing a budget for your new business, before you have even started it, helps you find out if it is worth opening it (i.e. whether you will make profit or not), or if you have to consider other ways to operate (reduce costs, choose a cheaper location, etc...). What kind of numbers do you need? There are two key words in business: profit and cash! You want your business to generate both. Accordingly, there are two documents or sets of numbers (“statements” as accountants put it)

Most of the time your business income is your sales: what products or services will you sell? At what price? How many a month? A year? With these pieces of information you can plan your income. Let’s take an example of an internet café: I plan to sell only one type of connection: by the hour, at $10, and I plan to have 5 customers a day for 5 hours on the first month: so $10 x 5 customers x 5 hours x 30 days (I’m open every day) = $7,500: this is the sales or income I estimate for the first month. Then the second month, I plan to double the numbers of customers (thanks to the word of mouth and some advertising): $10 x 10 customers x 5 hours x 30 days = $15,000. And so on for every month. Do write all your assumptions so that

In our next two columns, we’ll look at planning expenses and calculating the second statement: the cash flow. In the meantime, happy calculations! If you want to share you stories or questions: send me an email: Sophie@ or read Enrich, our not-for-profit partner in Hong Kong, gives courses on money matters (T: 2817.8928)

OFW DURING SUNDAYS Mr. Pontenciano Montero Jr. with Mommy Josie, Adviser of the Associations of Righteous Migrant Society (ARMS) who was sharing her message to the group, their challenger and to their guests on the opening of their Sport Feast for Basketball League at Tai Po Community Center of Home Affair. below : A Basketball team of men in Hong Kong joined the Basketball league in Tai Po.

Bituin Ganigan, 46, Fanling N.T. Mahilig akong gumamit ng food supplements dahil kailangan natin ito lalo na sa klase ng trabaho natin. Ngunit noong tumubo uli ang cyst sa aking kamay na pinaopera ko naghanap ako ng magandang food supplement na maganda para dito. Nabasa ko sa Kabayan STAR na may mga gumamit ng RICA Chlorella AI na natanggal ang kanilang cyst, mayroon namang lumiit at hindi na sumasakit pagkatapos nilang uminom ng Chlorella AI kaya tumawag ako sa hotline nila. Ang nirekomenda nga sa akin ay Chlorella AI at Omega 3. Pagkasahod ko pumasyal na ako sa kanilang shop at nagpamiembro agad ako. Pagkatapos ng 1 linggo kong pag-inom ng kanilang food supplements bumisita ako uli sa RICA shop at tinanong ko sila kong bakit hindi pa naman lumiliit although maganda at magaan ang pakiramdam ko. Natanggal ang pananakit ng aking buto-buto. Sinabihan akong at least 4-6 months ang healing process, gusto ko talagang matanggal kaya bumili uli ako. Laking tuwa ko nang 1 araw napansin kong wala na ang bukol sa aking kamay kaya tumawag ako sa hotline at binalitaan ko sila. Masaya ako dahil sa 1 buwan natunaw na ang cyst sa kamay ko. Liberty M. Antazo, 59 Ate Liberty has 4 grown up sons, two of them are in Canada and she is waiting for her visa to join them. She has been working in Hong Kong for 28 years. At her age she looks younger and she feels energetic. “Kahit na pagod ako sa maghapong trabaho ay malakas pa rin ang pakiramdam ko kaya masaya ako”, she said. Three years na akong gumagamit ng RICA Royal Jelly at Omega 3 kaya siguro hindi ako madaling dapuan ng sakit, matagal na rin akong hindi nagpapaduktor. I also introduce Chlorella AI to my sister who has mayoma, dati daw sumasakit pero okay na sya pagkatapos mag RICA. Pinagamit ko rin ang manugang at kapatid kong bunso na may goiter ng Chlorella AI. Gumamit ako ng RICA Food supplements na walang karamdaman kundi panlaban sa puyat at pagod. Para sa akin hanggang maaga ay dapat kong alagaan ang aking sarili at makakatulong sa aking immune system. “Prevention is better than cure” ika nga.

Miralona Coates,54 Tita Miralona is a chief cook in of the eatery in Hong Kong. She started her career since she arrived the territory. In the 2004, she was diagnosed to have mayoma that attracted her to use the RICA Food Supplement Chlorella AI. She heard that this Food Supplement is a very effective Body Cleanser. “Health conscious talaga ako kaya pag may narinig akong maganda na connected sa nararamdaman ko sinusubukan ko,” she said. For her you will never know the effectiveness of a medicine or food supplement if you don’t try. She used Chlorella Ai for more than a year before she decided to be operated. “Hindi na sana ako ooperahan ng doctor ko dahil after more than 1 year na gumamit ako ng RICA Chlorella Ai sinabihan ako na lumiit na ang aking mayoma at hindi ko na kailangan ma-operahan although pwede ko pa ring ipatanggal,” Miralona said. She was operated and her doctor was amazed because she was very strong and she had only 3 days healing. “Kinumpare ako sa mga ibang pasyente kasi ang bilis na heal ang mga sugat ko sa loob at labas.” Ludivina Lumbera, 40 Nagsimula akong gumamit ng RICA Chlorella Ai noong taong 2004 dahil sa aking high blood at palpitation. Ang amo kong lalaki ng taong iyon ay Australian. Sa pangatlong taon ko sa kanila nakita ng amo kong lalaki ang box ng Chlorella AI na ginagamit ko at sinuri nya ang mga sangkap nito. Nakita nyang mas puro ito kaysa ginagamit nyang ibang chlorella. Magmula noon ay sinimulan na rin nyang gamitin at pinapadalhan na rin nya ang kanyang pamilya sa Australia. Umalis ako sa kanila noong 2007 at lumipat ng bagong amo ngunit hanggang ngayon ay tumatawag pa rin sya sa akin para ipaalam na bibili sya ng RICA Chlorella Ai under sa pangalan ko.


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OCTOBER 2009 VOL. ViI NO. 83


OFW DURING SUNDAYS Different groups of Filipinos in Hong Kong gathered together at the Chater Road for the Ilocano Confederation’s Induction of Officers for the year 2009-2011 and An Ilocano Cultural Extravaganza which delighted the viewers. The program was graced by different officials including Consul General Cristobal Claro The Assembly of Ilocano Association was invited to represent the Philippines in the celebration of the 60th Anniversary of National Day. A ceremony at 10:00 in the morning opened the Celebration of the National Day by the Yau Tsim Mong District Council on September 20, 2009. At 11:00, parade was started from the Tower Clock of Tsim Sha Tsui to Harbor City. Aside from the Assembly of Ilocano Association who carried the Philippine flag during the parade, a Sri Lanka group and an Indian group have represented their countries. Ms. Petra Regua, President of the Association appreciated so much the invitation of Ms. Yip Yok Yee Sylvia Chairman of the Organizing Committee. Group leaders of Filipino Associations in Hong Kong assembled together for a meeting to plan their complaint of action regarding the new appointee for Land Based OWWA representative, Mr. Jojo Sapio. According to our source Cora Carsola the current OWWA representative was surprised for the sudden announcement. While some group leaders has put on an action to call on a meeting, they are seeking for an answer on what process was used to choose Mr. Jojo Sapio, the campaign manager of GMA in the last Presidential election, to be the new Land Based OWWA Representative.

Tita Lita in yellow shirt with Shirley in purple shirt

Ang mag Tita na lalong pinasigla ng RICA Royal Jelly” Ang Tita Lita ko ang unang gumamit ng RICA Food supplements. Matagal na siya dito sa Hong Kong kaya mas malusog at masigla siya sa akin. Minsang isinama nya ako sa shop ng RICA sa World Wide House, napansin ng kanyang mga kakilala ang aking katamlayan at lungkot sa aking mukha. Makikita sa aking katawan ang aking kapaguran kaya pinayuhan nila akong gumamit ng RICA Royal Jelly. Ito daw ang ginagamit ng mga hindi nakakatulog, stressed, over fatigue, may mga problema sa menstruation at marami pang karamdaman na bumabalakid sa pagtratrabaho sa malayo. Dahil wala pa akong budget nag-aalangan ako ngunit dahil sa support at pag-aalala ng Tita ko nag try ako. Malaki din ang tiwala ko sa aking Tita na talagang gumagamit din ng RICA Food supplements at kita rin naman sa kanyang kasiglahan. Pagkatapos lang ng isang linggo kong pag-inom ng RICA Royal Jelly marami nang nakapansin sa pagsigla ng aking mukha dahil naramdaman ko talaga ang bagong lakas ng aking katawan. Hindi na ako madaling mapagod kaya ako’y nagpapasalamat sa aking Tita Lita at syempre sa RICA International!

Nagkababy din sa tulong ng RICA Food Supplements

gumamit ng RICA Products bago ako umuwi para magbakasyon at ganun din ang aking asawa.

6 years na ako dito sa Hong kong at palagi kong minimithing magkaroon na sani kami ng anak ng aking asawa. Sa Pilipinas, bago ako magtrabaho sa abroad, dalawang beses na akong nakunan at sa hindi ko nalamang kadahilanan.

18 days lang ang aking bakasyon at balik uli sa trabaho, ngunit makalipas ang isang buwan ay nagpa check up ako at nabigyan ng napakagandang balita na ako ay isang buwan nang nagdadalantao.

Sa pagbisita ko sa RICA Worldwide shop ay nakapagtanong ako at nakapagsabing gusto kong magkaanak. Pinayuhan akong gumamit ng RICA Royal Jelly at Chlorella Ai, sa Asawa ko naman ang RICA Omega 3. Naging maganda ang pakiramdam ko at higit sa lahat, malaking blessing ang nairegalo sa amin dahil, nabuntis ako. May 7 buwan din akong

Tumigil muna ako sa Pilipinas hanggang sa makapanganak at sa awa ng Diyos ay naipanganak ko an gaming anak na babae na walang problema. Siya ay si Dianne Pascua at kahit ang mga Doktor ay natutuwang ibinalita sa akin na maganda ang kanyang kalusugan. Kaya bumalik ako sa Hong Kong na panatag ang kalooban kahit maliit pa siya, para naman mag-ipon

para sa kaniyang kinabukasan. Maraming salamat sa tulong ng RICA food supplements at ngayon ay buo na ang aking inspirasyon. Herminia Pascua

OCTOBER 2009 VOL. ViI NO. 83





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Filipinos Around the Globe Pinoy fruit carver shares talent in Europe A Europe-based Filipino is famous for turning a simple fruit into an extraordinary miniature work of art. Fruit carver Danilo Palit is admired by thousands of people who have witnessed his skills in Europe. “Wherever I give demonstrations, people are very much fascinated with this art. Since this is a God-given talent, I am always ready to share this to anyone,” Palit said. Palit recently demonstrated his talent in the presence of about a thousand passengers in a luxury ship that sailed the Mediterranean Sea. Armed with a small but sharp carving knife, Palit turned an ordinary papaya into a beautiful bouquet of flowers, a raddish into a tiny rabbit, and a rare orchid from a carrot. “He is really a very talented guy. And people joining our cruise appreciate his talent. This is the very reason why this demonstration and seminars on fruit carving are important part of our cruise program,” said the Romanian cruise director, Danny Buru. Palit is a native of Paete, a small town in Laguna famous for hand-crafted and carved wooden products. “I came from a wood-carver family. Kaya nga nagkahilig ako na mag-ukit ng kahit anong klaseng bagay. I am very glad that I have been given the opportunity to share my talent here in Europe,” Palit told ABS-CBN Europe News Bureau. Before coming to Europe, Danilo worked for a prestigious fivestar hotel in Manila. There, he learned the art of fruit carving. He aimed high and was given the chance to travel abroad, where he now shares his talent. “I am also conducting seminars and lessons on the technique of fruit curving. Mahirap din sa umpisa since, prior to the execution of your carving skill, it is essential to make all the proper arrangements. The carver must understand the texture of each fruit and use its natural color to imitate that of the chosen subject,” Palit explained. Palit is planning to publish a book on creative carving. He plans to presents simple, easy to make, and highly attractive ways of carving fruits and vegetables for salads, garnishes, unusual and exotic dishes, light-as-air fruit-based desserts, as well as table decorations. ABS CBN news

Flight attendant meets ‘baby’ she escorted decades ago

Instant celebrity: An old newspaper clipping of baby Anthony Villanueva with PAL flight attendant Terri Rivero upon their arrival in Manila / Balitang America

Microsoft-QWWA-Ofses CTLC batch 10 (Filipinos in Italy)

Filipinos in Italy Filipinos in Italy are either Immigrants or descendants of the Philippines. In Italy, Filipinos form the fourth-largest migrant community after the Moroccan, North American and Tunisian communities. Italy is also the largest European migration destination for Filipinos and Rome, the Italian capital is the home to the largest Filipino community. Approximately 108,000 Filipinos reside in Italy legally as temporary workers or permanent residents. Illegal Filipino workers in Italy are estimated to be 20,000 to 80,000. Sixty-three percent of Filipino Italians are women. Most of them work as domestic assistants. The Filipino Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) says that Italy allows 3000 non-seasonal/regular workers in 2007 and went up to 5000. “A sign of appreciation of the good bilateral cooperation with the Philippines in migratory issues,” the DOLE said. Most of those working in Italy are former residents of the City of Mabini and the Province of Batangas. A section of Mabini today is said to be named “Little Italy”, large homes are built from remittance money.

Nasisiyahan ka bang basahin ang KabayanSTAR? Kahit na hindi. Bakit hindi mo ipadala ang iyong papuri, puna o pintas? Mayroon ka bang opinyon, komento o suhestiyon? Kahit na kontribusyon--tula, kwento, sanaysay, anekdota. Pagkakataon mo na ito para mabasa ng libo-libo nating kababayan dito sa Hong Kong! I-email lang ang anumang kontribusyon sa

Anong bago? Anong meron?

In 2007, Filipinos in Italy sent the equivalent of US$500 million back to the Philippines, making it the fourth-largest source of remittances after the U.S., Saudi Arabia and Canada.

Does your association has upcoming activities? Spread the news. See them published here… and it’s free! For inquiries call Ann at tel. no. 2487-9722; email at info@kabayanstar. com

Source: Wikipedia the free encyclopedia Anthony Villanueva meets flight attendant Terrl Rivero, who accompanied him back home from US when he was 11 months old / Balitang America

A former flight attendant of the Philippine flag-carrier never thought she would be able to see the baby whom she cared for while on a long flight back home from the United States 59-years ago. “I never really thought that after all these years, that somebody would be trying to look for me. It was really quite a surprise. I must have done something right,“ said Terry Rivero. Rivero was a flight attendant of the Philippine Airlines when then 11month-old baby named Anthony Villanueva had to travel back home to his relatives alone. Villanueva’s mother died while giving birth to his sister. His father, a doctor based in Chicago was in training and could not take care of him.

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came to the office. His name did not ring a bell until he was about to leave the office and I looked at the medical chart and saw the name Rivero and before he left the room I asked him if he knew a Terry Rivero. And he said, ‘Yeah. She’s my cousin. I just spoke to her yesterday’,” Villanueva said. For Rivero, finding Villanueva is like finding a long lost son.

Elise Consultant



2857 6003

“I really would like it if we could be like a family, see each other once in a while and get together,” she said. “It may not be a miracle, but this is fate. Good fate and I trust in fate,” Villanueva said.

City Driving School

The infant was sent home to his relatives but his father did not accompany him when he flew back to the Philippines. While on board the PAL flight, the baby was taken care of by Rivero. The youngest passenger became an instant celebrity and a picture was even taken with his caretaker in the flight by Manila Chronicle. Long retired from PAL and now 80, Rivero lives in a senior facility in Fairfield, California. Villanueva meanwhile became a successful ophthalmologist in Daly City. Villanueva said it was the dying wish of his father to look for the flight attendant who took care of him. “August 28, when a patient named Victor Rivero

Report from Henni Espinosa, ABS-CBN North America News Bureau correspondent.

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OCTOBER 2009 VOL. VIi NO. 83


Church of God Community

JOYFUL CONTENTMENT Today I want to write about joyful contentment. My prayer is for you to see God’s way to contentment and joy. Some people are resigned to joyless existence. This is not God’s will. And so I want to help those who are unhappy about their work. I want to show how you can work joyfully and love what you do.

“From the very core of our being, we desire contentment. In my own limited experience I have found that the more we care for the happiness of others, the greater is our own sense of wellbeing. Cultivating a close, warmhearted feeling for others is the principal source of success in life. The key is to develop inner peace.” I also write for those who are For the Dalai Lama the keys desperate for more money. to contentment are care for These loved ones long for others and developing inner more. While others manage peace. Some teachers connect their finances well, they contentment with the ability barely make it to the end of to control one’s desire. One the month. They lack joy with author said, “The secret to their finances. They don’t contentment is knowing how thank God for His provisions to enjoy what you have, and except that they want more. to be able to lose all desire for things beyond your reach.” Most importantly, I want to reach those who are unhappy These wise but earthly with their faith in God. teachers see contentment They’re disappointed with as a human achievement. God. They feel abandoned, To their credit they have a betrayed, empty and simple solution: stop wanting powerless. All they have is and desiring for more. The religion and a claim to believe contented person masters in God but their hearts are her desires for anything and empty and dry. I want to show so turns into a self-sufficient you the way to enjoy God to person. the fullest. I have great news for you dear The way to contentment is not readers. You don’t need to new. Teachers and thinkers, resign to a life of desperation. both classic and current have Here’s how: all addressed this issue. Dalai Lama: The most important key to New disciples celebrates water baptism

joyful contentment lies with your desires. Contrary to what other teachers say, the blessing of contentment has nothing to do with controlling your desires, as desiring the right one! In other words, the problem is not that our desires aren’t met but that we desire the wrong things. C.S. Lewis says, “If we consider the unblushing promises of reward and the staggering nature of the rewards promised in the Gospels, it would seem that our Lord finds our desires not too strong, but too weak. We are half-hearted creatures, fooling about with drink and sex and ambition when infinite joy is offered us, like an ignorant child who wants to go on making mud pies in a slum because he cannot imagine what is meant by an offer of a holiday at the sea. We are far too easily pleased.” (Quoted in John Piper’s Desiring God, 20). Here lies the root cause of all unhappiness and discontentment in the human soul: that we desire something or someone else other than

serve their finances. They make their finances serve them and God’s purposes. God-satisfied disciples are careful about the dangers of pursuing wealth (1 Timothy 6:9). So they live according to their means, and trust God for daily needs. They don’t worry about finances One person who found because they have a Dear reader listen, joyful contentment in God heavenly Father, a God of God made you expressed, “You have made for himself and known to me the path of life; mercy, who loves them and provides for them. only when you you will fill me with joy in discover and live your presence, with eternal this truth out will pleasures at your right hand” And religion? When you meet God you stop being you ever find joyful Psalm 16:11 (NIV). See also religious. You enter a contentment. Pascal Psalm 27:4. relationship with the expressed it this Creator of the universe way: So how does this joyful who loves being called contentment in God affect “There once was in man a our work? How does it affect your Father. You align true happiness of which now our finances, and what does your life, work, finances, family, relationships, and remain to him only the mark it do to our walk with God? everything else to His will and empty trace, which he in seeking only to honor him. vain tries to fill from all his First, knowing that you surroundings. But these are live for God changes your Pastor Dan and Emma all inadequate, because the motive for working. You are part of the Church infinite abyss can only be filled don’t work to please your by an infinite and immutable master, or to merely take care of God Community in Hong Kong. This church object, that is to say, only of yourself and your family. family is part of the by God Himself.” (Quoted in You live for God, and you Piper, 21). work for God. Your work is a Churches of God in Asia divine assignment, and your and all over the world. For more information please So what is the key to joyful objective is to honor God call: Emma - 24097445; contentment? An intense with your work. Work may 66200710; or Mely at desire and seeking for God, a be difficult but it is never 61834496 and Fely at longing to be with him, enjoy meaningless. 92215491. You may visit his presence, walk with him our website: www.cogchk. daily, know him more deeply, What about finances? org. trust him completely, loving Those who love God don’t God. The more religious ones seek God’s gifts, his rewards. Their eyes are glued on his hands, interested only in what is the next best thing he will give. Now you wonder why there are so many discontented Christians.

him more passionately and live only for him - this is the key to contentment. Finding him, there is no more seeking, only a deepening of that relationship giving us pleasure, joy, and delight in God.

Thursday Group poses beside Noah’s Ark in Park Island

10 new disciples after water baptism Church and Food blend well Saturday Group tours Park Island

Friends celebrate Sis. Offie during her birthday Tuesday Evening Worship

With friends cheering

Emma and I with Pastor Dennis and DanJr and Charity celebrating our son’s 21st birthday at Kamayan, Makati

Thought for the day Posted by Frank Giuliani You always hear the usual stories of pennies on the sidewalk being good luck, gifts from angels, etc. This is the first time I’ve ever heard this twist on the story. Gives you something to think about. Several years ago, a friend of mine and her husband were invited to spend the weekend at the husband’s employer’s home.. My friend, Arlene, was nervous about the weekend. The boss was very wealthy, with a fine home on the waterway, and cars costing more than her house. The first day and evening went well, and Arlene was delighted to have this rare glimpse into how the very wealthy live. The husband’s employer was quite generous as a host and took them to the finest restaurants. Arlene knew she would never have the opportunity to indulge in this kind of extravagance again, so was enjoying herself immensely. As the three of them were about to enter an exclusive restaurant that evening, the boss was walking slightly ahead of Arlene and her husband. He stopped suddenly, looking down on the pavement for a long, silent moment. Arlene wondered if she was supposed to pass him. There was nothing on the ground except a single darkened penny that someone had dropped and a few cigarette butts. Still silent, the man reached down and picked up the penny.

He held it up and smiled, then put it in his pocket as if he had found a great treasure. How absurd! What need did this man have for a single penny? Why would he even take the time to stop and pick it up?

I pick the coin up as a response to God that I do trust in Him.. For a short time, at least, I cherish it as if it were gold. I think it is God’s way of starting a conversation with me. Lucky for me, God is patient and pennies are plentiful!

Throughout dinner, the entire scene nagged at her.. Finally, she could stand it no longer. She casually mentioned that her daughter once had a coin collection, and asked if the penny he had found had been of some value.

When I was out shopping today, I found a penny on the sidewalk. I stopped and picked it up, and realized that I had been worrying and fretting in my mind about things I cannot change. I read the words, ‘In God We Trust,’ and had to laugh. Yes, God, I get the message.

A smile crept across the man’s face as he reached into his pocket for the penny and held it out for her to see. She had seen many pennies before! What was the point of this? ‘Look at it.’ He said. ‘Read what it says.’ She read the words ‘ United States of America ‘ ‘No, not that.. Read further.’ ‘One cent?’ ‘No, keep reading.’ ‘In God we Trust?’ ‘Yes!’ ‘And?’ ‘And if I trust in God, then the name of God is holy, even on a coin. Whenever I find a coin I see that inscription. It is written on every single United States coin, but we never seem to notice it! God drops a message right in front of me telling me to trust Him? Who am I to pass it by? When I see a coin, I pray. I stop to see if my trust IS in God at that moment.

It seems that I have been finding an inordinate number of pennies in the last few months, but then, pennies are plentiful! And, God is patient.. Thought for the Day: If God had a refrigerator, your picture would be on it. If God had a wallet, your photo would be in it. He sends you flowers every spring.. He sends you a sunrise every morning. Face it, friend: He is crazy about you! God didn’t promise days without pain, laughter without sorrow, sun without rain, but He did promise strength for the day, comfort for the tears, and light for the way. Read this line very slowly and let it sink in.. If God brings you to it, He will bring you through it.

Pray Without Ceasing I Thessalonians 5:17

I will pray without ceasing, For it keeps me ever focused on you. I will pray without ceasing, For I know your promises are true. I will pray without ceasing, For everything, all my burdens, my fears and concerns have I given to you. I will pray without ceasing, For protection, guidance, strength, all that I need of you. I will pray without ceasing, All my love, my heart, I give to you. I will pray without ceasing, For all things you have seen me through... Finally, I will pray without ceasing, For I know I can always depend on you. I love you Lord AMEN. Jalna Edwards

OCTOBER 2009 VOL. VIi NO. 83

STAR* jokes


monthly horoscope



engines and will shortly crash into the ocean” The passengers were obviously very *BANG!* Pinatay ng killer si Teresa! worried about this situation but Your area of work seems to be bringing you some personal gain in spite of were somewhat some difficulties that you seem to be having with a friend. There is the need to make Dahil dito, nagpraktis si Marites. comforted by the captain’s next some adjustments at home so this will not affect you there. There is some delay conannouncement: nected to a far away place that is giving you much agitation and at the same time you Marites: Hinde. Marites. Hinde. Marites! “Mga kababayan, we at Philippine will be using some restraint so this will not affect you at your home base. There is the Airlines have prepared for such an need to watch your personal expenses very carefully as there is the tendency to spend Nakita ng killer si Marites. emergency more than you should and this could bring to you a hard lesson connected to your mate or partner. and we would now like you to Killer: Bisaya ka? rearrange your seating so that all the Marites: Hinde. non-swimmers Apr 21-MAY 21 Killer: Ano pangalan mo? are on the left side of the plane and Maritess: Marites. all the swimmers are on the right Any investment or speculation that you might have or you might be getting side of into should be profitable for you if you keep it under wraps as this could bring you Lumakad na palayo ang killer. Sa the plane” much unexpected difficulty otherwise. You need to use much prudence in communisobrang tuwa napasigaw si Marites. As commented by one of the cating about any of these matters and also ask many questions as adjustments will be passengers: called for. There are some worries and concerns that you are voicing about your joint sources of income and you will be taking personal action in order to work things out Marites: YIS!!! “Galing, that’s what i like about to your advantage. The immediate future seems to be looking very promising for you. A simple match thrown into the PAL, always has some contingency Follow your instincts. wastebasket grew into a huge fire *BANG!* measures of at Malacanang Palace. Meanwhile, some sort!, I hope they help me out Erap was surfing the smut net and 3 magkakapatid coz’ i definitely don’t know how to May 22-Jun 21 could hardly be bothered by it. His MAY 3 MAGKAKAPATID,ME SAKIT swim.” bodyguard breaks down the door and CLA SA UTAK NA KUNG SAAN, ANG After this announcement all the Your home and surroundings are in the limelight for you this month. You UNANG SALITANG MARINIG NILA pasengers rearranged their seating might encounter some difficulties concerning your outlook on the future as many les- pulls him out of his office and Erap says “What’s going on?” ANG PALAGIAN NILANG SASABIHIN to comply sons seem to be facing you concerning many limitations with your personal income with the captain’s request. Two and possessions. A contact with a friend or acquaintance could bring meaningful gain Bodyguard replies, “SIR, FIRE! FIRE! HABANG BUHAY LET’S GO, THE FIRE EXIT IS TO SI B1 UNA NYAN NARINIG NA SALITA minutes later the captain made a to you. You are having feelings of agitation concerning changes in your relationship with your mate or partner but your lines of communication are open while you YOUR RIGHT SIR”. AY KMI PO , KMI PO belly landing express your true feelings. This will provide mutual cooperation. Erap turns left instead and the guard, SI B2 UNA NYANG NARINIG NA in the ocean. realizing Erap is not behind him, SALITA AY KUTSARA TINIDOR , The captain once again made an turns around and grabs him by the KUTSARA TINIDOR announcement: Jun 22-Jul 22 arm, “SIR, WHAT DO YOU THINK SI B3 UNA NAYAN NARINIG SALAMAT “Mga kababayan we have crashed YOU’RE DOING? THE FIRE EXIT IS PO , SALAMAT PO into the ocean. All of the swimmers Communication is the key word for you this month. Matters dealing with THE OTHER WAY!” NANG LUMAKI CLA AT UMABOT SA on the right your shared money interest could present some unexpected difficulties. You could IKA – 8 GULANG GANUN PARIN ANG side of the plane, open your be dealing with this toward your advantage in the immediate future. There are many Erap says, “Ay, hindi ba lumalabas and apoy sa fire exit?” (“Isn’t that MGA SALITANG SINASABI NILA PERO emergency exits and quickly swim questions that you have concerning your outside resources and there are many adISANG ARAW away from the plane. justments that have to be made in this area. Your area of personal financial ambitions where the fire exits the building MAY DUMATING SA PULIS MAY For all of the non-swimmers on the is working at a smooth pace and in a luckier mode for you in spite of some tension Erap was just elected president & one PINAKITANG LITRATO NG BABAE left side of plane provided by a friend concerning your shared resources. This seems to be completely of the news reporters goes up to talk PULIS: KILALA NYO BA ANG PUMATAY THANK YOU FOR FLYING unfounded. There is the need to look for the truth in all this. to him. SA BABAENG ITO? PHILIPPINE AIRLINES.” The reporter asks, “Oh B1:KMI PO , KMI PO , KMI PO!! Jul 23-Aug 22 congratulations on your victory as a PULIS:TARANTADO KAYO ANU The Arab And the Ilocano An Arab Sheik was admitted to the Your area of personal income and values is in the spotlight for you this month. president, now that your president do OPINAMPATAY NYO!! you plan to dye you hair? B2:KUTSARA TINIDOR, KUTSARA Philippine Heart Center in Manila You are having some differences of opinion with your mate or partner that could disrupt your relationship. There is the need for much awareness of this situation Erap replied, “No my hair is always TINIDOR , KUTSARA TINIDOR!! for and not to let things get blown out of proportion. Your highest beliefs will help you alive” hahahahah!!! PULIS: MGA WALANG PUSO!! heart surgery, but prior to the through any crisis, small or big, that you might encounter. Loving lines of commuDADALIN KO NA KAYO SA DSWD O surgery, the doctors needed to store nication could smooth things out and bring some good opportunities for the future. A nurse who works here in America, KAYA SA BILANGGUAN!! his The desire to reach your goals in life too quickly could bring some unnecessary New York to be exact, wanted to B3 : SALAMAT PO, SALAMAT PO , blood in case the need arises. As tension into your relationship as things are not as they seem to be. make an overseas phone call, so she SALAMAT PO!! the gentleman had a rare type of dialed the operator... blood, it Nurse: “Operator I would like Araw o buwan couldn’t be found locally, so, Aug 23- Sep 23 to place an overseas call to the MAY DALAWANG LALAKE AT the call went out to a number of Philippines”. MUKHANG LASING NA LASING NA provinces. There are many circumstances surrounding your shared resources that will bring much gain for you in the near future. There are many sources of inspiration Operator: “OK, miss, what is your NAGLALAKAD SA DAAN!! Finally an Ilocano was located who that could come to you which could bring new innovative ideas to your work place, name?” PEDRO:ABA PARENG JUAN ANG TAAS had a similar blood type. and that could rebound for your personal gain and comfort. There are many adjustNurse: “Maria Quintero” N NG ARAW!!! The Ilocano willingly donated ments that you have to make with your past experiences and the obstacles which Operator: “Could you please spell JUAN:PARE BUWAN YAN ND MUH his blood for the Arab. After the you have managed in your life. An old friend could be the cause of some mental your last name Maria?” NAKIKITA!!! surgery, the anxiety for you because you have changed in many ways and this has been of much Nurse: “Ok, Quintero... Q as in AT NAGKALABUAN ANG DALAWA Arab sent the Ilocano as advantage in your life. Cuba...U as in Europe... I as in AT NAPAGKASUNDUAN NA appreciation for giving his blood, a eyebrow... N as in pneumonia... T as KUNG MAY MAKITA SILANG TAO new Toyota , Sep 24- Oct 23 in ptyalin... E as in India... R as in TATANONGIN NILA KUNG YUN AY diamonds & a million US dollars. Argentina...O as in Australia. ARAW O BUWAN!!!AT EKSAKTONG A couple of days later, once again, This will be a month full of many private moments for you. These private moMAY NAKITA SILANG DULING NA the Arab had to go through a ments could bring to you much advantage as you ponder about your future relation- Bisaya Killer NAGLALAKAD…AT TINANONG NILA corrective ship with your mate or partner. You could have some differences of opinion with a May isang tao pumapatay ng mga ITO.. surgery. His doctor telephoned the loved one and this could bring a hard lesson for you and cause much mental anxiety bisaya. Nabalitaan ito nila Inday, PEDRO:ANO YAN PARE ARAW O Ilocano who was more than happy about the way you communicate your feelings and thoughts to others. You will be Teresa at Marites, na pawang mga BUWAN!!! to donate looking your best in many ways and you will be putting much illusion in your DULING:SAAN BA DYAN UNG NASA his blood again. relationship with a loved one, but money matters seem to be an obstacle for you. Bisaya! KALIWA O SA KANAN!!! After the second surgery, the Arab Nakita ng killer si Inday! sent the Ilocano a thank-you card Oct 24- Nov 22 Lolong pilosopo & a jar Killer: Bisaya ka? NAKITA NI PEDRO ANG KANYANG of candies. Your area of friends is in the spotlight for you this month. You might have Inday: Hendi! LOLO NAKA-BISEKLETA AT NAPANSIN The Ilocano was shocked that the some difficulties concerning your friends and this is connected to your home. NIYA NA MAY PUPUNTAHAN ITO!!! Arab this time did not reciprocate You might meet some people at your work place who could become friends in *BANG!* Pinatay ng killer si Inday! PEDRO:ABA LO!!!!!MUKHANG MAY his kind the long run and this will be to your advantage in many ways. Changes with LAKAD KAYO!!! gesture as he had anticipated. He your personal income could bring you much agitation as you seem to see much Dahil dito, nagpraktis sina Teresa at LOLO:HINDI MUH B NAKIKITA NAKA- phoned the Arab & asked him: “I restriction in your future caused by money matters. You might have some luck Marites. BISEKLETA AKUH!!! thought coming your way, if you put your mind into it, that could aid you with your you would be generous again, money problems. Teresa at Marites: Hinde. Hinde. PLANE AT LAST!! that you would give me a Toyota , Hinde. Passengers on a Philippine Airlines diamonds & Nov 23-Dec 21 flight heard this money... but you only gave me a Nakita ng killer si Teresa. announcement from the captain, Capt. thank-you card & a jar of candies.”   Your goals and ambitions in life are in the forefront this month for you. Your Juan Amorpropio: To this the Arab replied: “Manong, future seems to be holding some gain for you in the matter of speculation and invest- Killer: Bisaya ka? “Mga kababayan, I am sorry to inform I now have Ilocano blood in my ments. Perhaps these investments could be connected to a foreign place. The possiyou that we have lost power to all of our veins.” bility of a short trip to a far away place could be on the agenda for you. Your area of Teresa: Hinde.

Aries Mar 21-Apr 20


A Filipino man died and went to heaven. Before he could enter the Pearly Gates, Saint Peter had to ask him three questions. The first one Saint Peter asked was, “How many days are there in a week?” The Filipino man answered, “Three. Yesterday, today, and tomorrow.” The second question Peter asked was, “Can you use yellow, pink and green in one sentence?” The man answered, “Of course... The phone greens, I pink it up and say Yellow!!” The last question Peter asked the Filipino man what GOD’s name was. He replied, “Howard... as in ‘our father howard be thy name...’”


Killer: Ano pangalan mo? Teresa: Tirisa!








work seems to be extremely busy as much activity appears to be taking place there. This could cause you some tension and you could be voicing your concerns, but this might not take you anywhere.

Capricorn Dec 22- Jan 20 Your outlook on the future could be changing very rapidly for you as you become aware of your personal income needs. Matters that are being started at your home base could bring much gain to you in the matter of learning how to handle your joint resources and savings. There have to be some adjustments between your mate or partner and you as your partner is setting some limits that restrict your desires to work for better goals. Things seem to be very promising and full of opportunities for you and all this is causing you much agitation.

Aquarius Jan 21- Feb 19 You are becoming very aware of all the changes that life has brought to you and all that you have learned in the way you communicate your feelings and your hopes for a better future. There is much promise coming your way on this matter as many good opportunities will be knocking at your door very soon. Anything that you can dream of could become a reality if you put your mind into it. There are many adjustments that you have to make at your place of work as many restrictions have been surrounding this area. This is causing you some worries, but you will be learning well in the long run.

Pisces Feb 20- Mar 20 Your area of marriage and partnerships is in the spotlight for you this month. You have become aware of the difference of opinion between you and your mate or partner. This awareness will be of great advantage toward your future and the way you handle your personal resources. You could feel some confusion in connection to your joint financial interest as many opportunities seem to be coming your way. You have to watch out for some deceptive influences that could be surrounding some of these opportunities. There is the need to expand your knowledge about these deals before you jump into them.

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Luminaw ang mga mata dahil sa RICA Omega 3 Laging sumasakit at humahapdi ang aking mga mata.Napapansin din ng mga kasama ko ang pamumula ng mga mata ko. Dahil na rin sa ako’y nagkakaedad na nanlalabo na rin ang mga ito kaya ako nagsusuot ng salamin kahit na mas gusto kong walang salamin. Lagi ring nararamdaman ang paghapdi ng aking sikmura. Kung minsan bigla na lang kumukulo at kahit hindi pa naman ako kumakain parang puno ang aking tiyan. May mga beses na may lumalabas na rushes sa aking balat na syempre kung minsan worried ako. Isang araw bumisita ako sa RICA Shop para bumili ng Royal Jelly at Chlorella AI na lagi kung iniinom para sa aking kalusugan. Nasabi ko sa kanila ang nararamdaman ko sa aking mga mata at rushes kaya nirecommend nila ang RICA Omega 3. Pagkatapos ng dalawang lingo napansin kong naging malinaw, hindi na sumasakit at hindi na namumula ang aking mga mata. Nawala na rin ang rushes sa aking balat. Maria Corazon - 11 years working in Hong Kong





KabayanSTAR#83 October 09  

KabayanSTAR FREE Monthly Filipino Newspaper #83 October 2009 distribute in Hong Kong

KabayanSTAR#83 October 09  

KabayanSTAR FREE Monthly Filipino Newspaper #83 October 2009 distribute in Hong Kong