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July 3rd 2021


The Royal Swedish Yacht Club, KSSS




RRS 40.1 will apply


Competitors and support persons shall follow all reasonable instructions from the Race Committee and race officials regarding behaviour ashore and under transport to and from the course area owing to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Competitors and support persons shall handle any equipment or place flags provided by the organizing authority with care, seamanship, in accordance with any instructions for its use and without interfering with its functionality. RRS 36 do not apply.




Any change to the sailing instructions will be posted on the Official Notice Board, “ONB” online at no later than 20:00 Friday, July 02, 2021.




Notices to competitors will be posted on the ONB. Messages to competitors may also be transmitted via SMS and, while racing, on VHF radio.


The race office is digital and can be reached by mail at or by phone +46 (0)703065157


On the water, the race committee intends to monitor and communicate with competitors on VHF radio channel 72 and 77. All boats shall monitor VHF radio channel 16. Messages from the Race Committee over the VHF radio will be read in English language only. Any actions or non-actions by the Race Committee concerning calls on the VHF radio will not be grounds for redress. This changes RRS 62.1(a).


VHF channel 77 is recommended as the boat-to-boat channel for competing yachts. Competitors are not allowed to call the Race Committee or otherwise transmit on VHF channel 72 during any starting sequence = during the time from first warning signal to last start signal of the day. For urgent matters the Race Committee will monitor channel 77.




Signals made ashore will be displayed on the ONB and in Sandhamn at the flagpole outside the KSSS Harbour office.




The warning signal is planned for 12:15 hours on Saturday July 3rd, 2021, with the starting signal at 12:20 hours. See description Starting Order on ONB.


Starting program and starting order will be published at the ONB latest at time of the skippers meeting.




Class- and identification flags shall fly from the backstay, with full visibility and no area/surface reduction of the flags, from the time when the boat passes the check-in gate, during the race, and until 100 meters after the finish line. See description Starting Order on ONB.




The racing area will be between Fjäderholmarna islands and the island Gotland in the Baltic Sea, including the surrounding waters of Gotland Island. The starting area is situated in Stockholm, close to Fjäderholmarna Islands est. 59°20.023'N 18°9.775'E Alt. starting area is East of Sandhamn est. 59°16.792'N 18°58.881'E Special conditions apply for the starting areas, see Appendix 1 - Starting Areas.




Positions in latitude and longitude (WGS84 DDM) are approximate.


Start in Stockholm Starting line appr. NW of Fjäderholmarna 18°9.760'E


Björnsgrundet lighthouse Iso WRG 4s, to SB

59°22.004'N 18°18.626'E

Bergholmen, to Port

59°22.064'N 18°23.243'E

Hästholmen tower beacon, to Port

59°21.821'N 18°26.609'E

Through Oxdjupet

59°23.926'N 18°26.384'E

Tisterögrundet lighthouse Fl(3)WRG 4s, to SB

59°25.850'N 18°23.480'E

Muskholmen beacon, to SB

59°26.316'N 18°23.900'E

Viggsö to Port

59°24.356'N 18°32.137'E

Kalvö lighthouse Fl(2) WRG, to Port

59°22.424'N 18°36.863'E

N Kanholmen lighthouse Q R, to SB

59°22.176'N 18°44.681'E

Hasselkobben, to Port

59°18.754'N 18°49.354'E

Getholmen lighthouse Fl(2)WRG 6s, to Port

59°18.044'N 18°52.480'E

Björkö tower beacon, to SB

59°17.701'N 18°57.578'E

Korsöhalsen lateral mark, to SB

59°17.227'N 18°58.654'E

Almagrundet lighthouse, to SB

59°9.304'N 19°7.565'E

Visby special mark yellow light buoy (FI Y 3s 3M)

app. 0,2 NM west of Visby, to Port

57°38.599'N 18°17.000'E

Almagrundet lighthouse, to Port

59°9.304'N 19°7.565'E

Finishing line SW of Skanskobb is defined by two positions, and approx. marked by two white and black checkered buoys 59°16.937'N 18°56.357'E 59°16.863'N 18°56.149'E The length of the full course is app. 245 NM In case of a restart outside Sandhamn, the start line will be north of Svängen lighthouse approx. 59°16.792'N 18°58.881'E Almagrundet lighthouse, to SB

59°9.304'N 19°7.565'E

Visby special mark yellow light buoy (FI Y 3s 3M) app. 0,2 NM west of Visby, to Port

57°38.599'N 18°17.000'E

Almagrundet lighthouse, to Port

59°9.304'N 19°7.565'E

Finishing line SW of Skanskobb is defined by two positions, and approx. marked by two black and white checkered buoys 59°16.937'N 18°56.357'E 59°16.863'N 18°56.149'E The length of the reduced course is app. 205 NM 8.3

While racing, boats shall not enter areas that local government or other regulations say are forbidden to enter, forbidden to pass or otherwise. These areas are obstructions as defined in the RRS.


Courses will not be shortened. This changes RRS 32.




Starting area in Stockholm (a) The starting area is located NW of islands Fjäderholmarna. The location, design and details of the starting area are shown in Appendix 1 - Starting Areas. (b) All competing boats shall check-in by passing a gate outside Hundudden marked by yellow buoys, the gate is open from 10:00 CEST. Passage through the gate must be made under engine operation. The flags with the boat's reporting number and class shall be readable from the gate vessel, and the flag shall if no wind be stretched out by hand. (c) A boat shall enter the starting box between two white buoys from the South, West, or North side (do not use the Eastern side) not earlier than starting time K minus 10 minutes. A boat’s starting time K will be found in Starting Order on the ONB. (d) After the start, participating boats are not allowed to enter designated obstruction areas as defined in the RRS). (e) Boats shall keep clear of commercial ferries at all times.


Starting area Sandhamn, only if so decided by the Race Committee

(a) The location of the gate SW of Skanskobb, is shown in Appendix 1 Race Areas. (b) The starting area is located east of Sandhamn north of Svängen lighthouse. The location of the starting area is shown in Appendix 1 Race Areas. A boat’s starting time will be found in Starting Order at the ONB. (c) Between 18:00 and 20:30 on Saturday July 3rd all participating boats shall mandatorily check in by passing a gate located next to Skanskobb (see Appendix 1) before entering the starting area. The gate will be between two checkered black and white buoys 2x2m approx. in line with a flagpole with KSSS pennant hoisted at Skanskobb (appr. same position as 8.2 finish line). The flag with the boat's reporting number shall be visible from Skanskobb. 10


10.1 Marks for the starting area are white buoys, and red buoys for the starting line. The finish line will be approx. marked by checkered black and white buoys. 10.2 For other rounding marks, see description of course SI 8.



11.1 Starting Races RRS 26 and Preparatory Signals in Race Signals are deleted. Races will be started using the following signals. This changes RRS 26 and Race Signals.

Minutes before starting signal

Visual signal displayed






Class flag


Class to start


White flag with number 5


Warning signal


Blue flag with number 4

White flag with number 5


Preparatory signal


White flag with number 3

Blue flag with number 4


Three minutes


White flag with number 2

White flag with number 3


Two minutes


Yellow flag with number 1

White flag with number 2

One long

One minute


Yellow flag with number 1


Start signal


Class flag


Visual signal removed



11.2 The starting line is between two cylindrical red buoys (approx. 2x2 m). 11.3 If any part of a boat’s hull, crew or equipment is on the course side of the starting line at her starting signal and she is identified, the Race Committee may in addition to RRS 29 as a service, and if possible call her sail number on VHF channel 72. Failure to do so will not be grounds for redress. This changes RRS 62.1(a). 11.4 A boat that does not start within 10 minutes after her starting signal will be scored Did Not Start without a hearing. This changes RRS A5.1 and A5.2. 11.5 After a general recall a) Subsequent starts will proceed in accordance with the Starting Order that is published on ONB. Any restart(s) will be made after the last

scheduled start. b) Flag First Substitute will be displayed until four minutes after the starting signal. c) Boats shall wait outside the starting box until called back to starting area for restart, on VHF channel 72 and race official boats showing class flag. This changes Race Signal First Substitute and RRS 29.2 11.6 The Race Committee can cancel the archipelago part of the race by showing flag N over flag S and/or flag AP over S from Race Official boats to boats already started, or non-started. All boats should then immediately proceed for restart East of Sandhamn (transport distance ca 38 NM) and pass check-in gate SW Skanskobb before entering starting area North of Svängen lighthouse in accordance with SI 8.2 and Appendix 1 - Starting Areas. See ONB for information on Starting Order and Starting Times. 11.7 When flag N over flag S and/or flag AP over S is hoisted, all boats shall search for further information at the ONB. 12


12.1 The finishing line will be between two positions (see 8.2) approx. in line with a flagpole with KSSS pennant hoisted at Skanskobb. As a service the line will be shown by two checkered black and white inflatable buoys that will/may not be exact on the finish line positions, buoys not on the exact line position will not be ground for redress. 12.2 A boat approaching the finishing line shall make sure the reporting number is visible from starboard side of the finishing line 100m before and 100 m beyond the finishing line, when finishing at night or in bad visibility, the flag and the sail number must be illuminated. 13


13.1 In addition to RRS 64.1(a), a boat may be penalized with an addition of up to 10 % of her elapsed time as decided by the Protest Committee.

13.2 RRS, Appendix T1 will apply. After finishing, but before a protest hearing starts, a boat may acknowledge breaking RRS part 2, RRS 31, SI 9.1 by accepting a 0,5 % addition to her sailed time. The boat shall inform the protest committee in writing following instructions on the ONB (or e-mail to stating the reporting number, boats name, the skipper's name, rule that has been broken, time and place for the incident.



14.1 When the display of a red flag is required for a valid protest, the flag need not continue to be displayed after the protesting boat has notified or tried to notify the other boat. This changes RRS 61.1(a). 14.2 RRS 61.1(a)(1) is changed so that a boat shall also try to inform the other boat of her intention to protest by VHF radio channel 72, except during a start sequence when channel 72 is reserved for Race Committee (see 3.4). 14.3 Protests or requests for redress shall be written on the protest form and following the instructions available on the ONB or e-mailed 14.4 Protests received will be published on the ONB. The time and place for hearings will be e-mailed to the parties and posted on the ONB and in accordance with SI 3.1 as follows: Monday July 5th, 16:00 Tuesday July 6th, 10:00, 13:00, 16:00 Wednesday July 8th, 10:00, 13:00 It is the responsibility of each boat to read the ONB at these times and comply with any call for a protest hearing. 14.5 Protests received after 13:00 on Wednesday July 8th will be heard at a later date. Call for such hearings will be e-mailed to the parties. 15


15.1 Identification flag with the reporting number and class flag will be handed out after completed registration, available from 12:00 July 1st at the Harbor Office at KSSS Guest Harbor at Junibacken in Stockholm (see NOR for opening hours). Flags shall be returned to the race office in Sandhamn after the finish. 15.2 In the area for the race Stockholm - Sandhamn heavy commercial traffic will appear. A boat shall not impede the passage of commercial shipping – see IRPCAS rule 9. If in an immediate risk of collision with a commercial vessel, a boat may use her engine to keep clear (see RRS 42.3(i)). If she does so, she shall note the time and place of the incident and the time the engine was used. A boat or the Race Committee may protest her if she may have gained a significant advantage in the race. 15.3 If you are in distress or if you have an urgent need of medical support, call Sweden Rescue on VHF channel 16. 15.4 The person in charge of a boat retiring from the race shall and is obliged to notify the Race Control immediately upon retirement by calling or texting number +46(0)76-7645303



16.1 Substitution of competitors is not allowed without prior written approval of the Race Committee. 16.2 No person on board shall intentionally leave, except when ill or injured, or to help a person or vessel in danger, or to swim. A person leaving the boat by accident or to swim shall be back in contact with the boat before the crew resumes sailing the boat to the next mark. A Crew Member having left when ill or injured, shall not return or be replaced during the race. The Boat must come to a complete stop before an intentional departure. The departure of the Crew Member shall be immediately reported to race control. This changes RRS 48.2. 16.3 Substitution of damaged or lost equipment is not allowed unless authorized in writing by the Technical Committee. Requests for substitution shall be made to the Technical Committee at the first reasonable opportunity, which may be after the race. 17


17.1 Official vessels will be identified by white flags marked with “Gotland Runt” logo, and additional flags marked “Jury” on white and “Safety” on red flag. 18


18.1 No official event harbor due to Covid-19 restrictions. 19


19.1 A boat shall report the times of the following roundings/passings: - Korsöhalsen lateral mark - passing Fårö lighthouse, in true bearing 270° - rounding the south mark Hoburgs Rev

- rounding the special mark app. 0,2 NM west of Visby - passing Almagrundet lighthouse 19.2 A boat shall in accordance with Appendix 2 - Other Race Info, via SMS (mobile text message), report passings and roundings as listed in SI 19.1 to +46(0)70 90 32 04 15 40 (note the long number) and a confirmation SMS will be returned. The reporting number shall be used when reporting. 19.3 In poor visibility reporting shall also be made passing Svängen Lighthouse, on VHF channel 67 to KSSS Finish Control.



20.1 A boat not starting shall inform the Race Office without delay. The entry fee is not refundable. 21.


21.1 Results will be posted on the web site 21.2 Results for perpetual prizes awarded for sections of the full course will be calculated on AIS positions used by TracTrac information on positions in SI 19.1. Malfunctioned AIS will disqualify a boat from participation in perpetual prizes. --KSSS Race Committee June 2021

APPENDIX 1 – RACE AREAS 1. STARTING AREA IN STOCKHOLM Located W/NW of Ängsholmen (Fjäderholmarna) approx. position 59°20.039'N 18°9.760'E

1.1. DETAILED STARTING AREA - STOCKHOLM The starting area will consist of 4 white buoys 2x3m, forming a starting box approx. 500 by 500 meters wide. The starting box may be adjusted depending on actual wind direction. The starting line will be approximately 350 meters marked with red buoys at each end. The starting line may be adjusted depending on actual wind conditions.

1. Pass the gate by engine for mandatory check-in 2. Do not enter the starting box from the East side (see 9.1)


3. STARTING AREA SANDHAMN, if so decided Located N of Svängen Lighthouse approx. position

59°16.639'N 18°58.557'E See ONB for instructions and start time, note that starting order may be changed. Give enough room for starting boats - Stay well out of starting area before your own start.

4. STARTING VESSEL The starting vessel MS Katieca.

APPENDIX 2 - OTHER RACE INFORMATION 1. REPORTING ROUNDING/PASSAGE A boat shall via text message SMS report passings and roundings as listed in SI 19.2. The boat's reporting number shall be used when reporting, not the sail number. Your reporting number is in the e-mail confirming your entry and, on the flag you get at completed registration. A boat shall report: Reporting number, boat’s name, passing/rounding mark, and time for passing/rounding. REPORT BY TEXT MESSAGING (SMS) Send message to +46 (0)70 90 32 04 15 40 (please note that the number is longer than standard format) in Format: “Report No | Boat Name | Mark | Time” Example: “009 BALLAD VISBY 13:45:05 If it is not possible to establish text messaging (SMS) contact as above, reporting shall be made as soon as possible to KSSS Race Control via telephone +46 (0)76-7645303 or sms text +46 (0)76-8353982 2. WEATHER FORECASTS At the KSSS website you can find weather pages with forecasts and observations. Other suggested weather forecasts; Skärgårdsradion at FM 90.2 Mhz Radio P4 Gotland at FM 100.2 Mhz Stockholm Radio

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