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Natural tastes, small producers, biodiversity, future generations. Consuming of organic food may sound like a complex subject, but it starts with the simplicity of the production of good old-fashioned bread, baked in stone using fresh ingredients and natural fermentation. This is what PÃO – Padaria Artesanal Orgânica (Organic Artisanal Bakery), owned by brothers Rafael and Bruno Rosa, proposes.

“People are looking for a more balanced diet, and this involves bread”


A dream come true to the baker Rafael Rosa, the Padaria Artesanal Orgânica, also known as PÃO (Portuguese for ‘bread’), began in an unpretentious way, with only three workers. Its selling point, from the very start, was the offering of artisanal breads, prepared with organic, sustainable ingredients, slow fermentation and baked in stone. That was how he became a hit with a demanding crowd, that shows up everyday, and won the attention of food critics and journalists that elected the place as “The Best Bakery in São Paulo” by Veja

Prazeres da Mesa Magazine - May 2011

São Paulo Magazine, during its special edition Comer&Beber 2010, and the “Best Bread in Town” in 2009, by Época São Paulo magazine. Nowadays with two stores, a factory, and preparing to open the third store, PÃO employs 25 people and serves about 8,000 clients every month. Sought after by a high-income audience, seen at affluent neighborhoods of the city, such as Jardins, Itaim Bibi and Vila Madalena interested in a cozy and informal setting.

Veja São Paulo - Comer & Beber 2010 Award - The Best Bakery in São Paulo


Rafael’s relation with bread-making comes from his childhood, when he followed up close the production of the delicacies from his uncle’s bakery in Fortaleza. “I have loved to make bread ever since I was a kid”, he explains. A fan of breads from all over the world, whenever he arrived in a city, he would go out to discover local bakeries. After he graduated in Business in Brazil and studied Hospitality at Switzerland and the United States (Las Vegas), Rafael worked in Spain, Great Britain and at the French Polynesia. Back to the US, this time in California, Rafael had the chance to live in a thorough manner the organic food culture, while studying at the Living Light Culinary Arts Institute and worked in restaurants and places such as the San Francisco Market, the largest organic marketplace in the world. When he returned to Brazil, he decided to invest in two of his greatest passions: bread and organic food. Thus PÃO was born, in an unassuming but proper way by a talented and hands-on enthusiast.

“Bread is a very affectionate food; it brings back memories from childhood. It’s the expression of comfort food” DOM Magazine | 12/2006 - 02/2007

FRESHNESS, SIMPLICITY AND FLAVOR In a pioneering way in São Paulo, PÃO took a chance in 2007 in a totally artisanal production, using first-class organic and healthy ingredients selected using the highest standards. The choice to prioritize certified foods and small producers are signs of such concerns. All the organic items offered at the bakery are certified by organizations such as the IBD (Biodynamic Institute), Ecocert and AAO (Association of Organic Agriculture). The baking techniques used also show all the work from the baker Rafael Rosa. The offer is centered in slow fermentation

breads, of a more French ascendance, baked straight in the stone. The result is shown at the bakery’s counter, filled with items that delight the clientele that comes to the stores faithfully since their opening. The wholegrain bread, the gougère, the Belgium chocolate cake with organic cocoa, the brownie and the cookies are some of the store’s greatest hits. The bakery’s menu also includes options for light meals, such as sandwiches, tartines and quiches with salads, which sell well especially during lunch time. The highlight is the mozzarella, baked tomato and basil sandwich, a faithful translation of the concept behind the place’s recipes: simplicity and flavor.

“Our breads are made with organic flour, Himalayan salt and love” i Magazine - no 38

HOSPITALITY WITH NO FRILLS To invite, welcome and enchant. PÃO’s hospitality proposal is noted since its opening in 2007, in a small and discreet 45 m² house. At Bela Cintra Street, one of the most known streets of the Jardins neighborhood _ a noble area of São Paulo _ PÃO receives its clients in a place with an informal, rustic atmosphere that invites them to stay, not losing however attention and a great service. The small dining area paneled with wood from demolition sites, with a totally open kitchen and jazz, Brazilian and French music always playing, captivates about 3,000 clients every month. With the success, it was inevitable the opening of a second store, in December 2010. Keeping the charming characteristics of the brand, but inside Shopping Iguatemi

_one of the most fashionable addresses in the city_ the most recent unit has leather sofas and a bar with stools, where one can appreciate the delicious breads, cakes and sandwiches prepared by Rafael Rosa. The 40 m² room with 34 places receives about 5,000 clients every month. Nowadays the brand also owns a production unit at the Vila Madalena neighborhood, where a new store is planned for this coming October. From this factory comes the majority of the 50 items of the menu, including about 150 special breads and 200 cakes consumed daily by the two stores. The production also provides catering for events with up to a hundred people, with customized items and in special sizes according to the different necessities of the clients.

“To create a welcoming and informal atmosphere, with no frills, where the client feels comfortable to come in and stay”

PROJECT CAFÉ L’OCCITANE BY PÃO Public expected: 4.000 clients per month Revenue expected: R$ 90.000 (about US$56.685) per month

CONTACTS +55 11 2193-2116 Rafael Rosa

Bruno Rosa @padariaorganica


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