Spokane Coeur d'Alene Living magazine January 2018 #146

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CHASE HALLAND Textile Taxidermist Chase Halland is a textile taxidermist but it isn’t what you think: “Think taxidermy, but instead of fur I use fabric,” he says. His work is motivated by the ability to create custom pieces for clients and witness their reaction to the final product. It provides a sense of accomplishment to see the customer elated with what hhe creates. He is always looking to improve and grow in his craft by not allowing himself to feel stagnant. Chase says, “I push myself to try new designs and methods and have experienced great rewards with taking great risks.” In the future, he hopes to open an interactive workspace to collaborate with other makers and artists alike, with a storefront incorporated to showcase curated pieces from local makers. He loves what he does and wants to share it with other “like-minded” local talents. Chase has come closer to realizing this dream by opening a showroom in Coeur d’ Alene called Midtown Workspace. Out of all the places that Chase has lived, the Inland Northwest has always felt like home—many of his designs are inspired by surrounding mountains, lakes and wildlife. You can find Chase’s work on Instagram @ farawaylovely or on his website at farawaylovely.com. Visit his showroom in Coeur d’Alene at 2022 N. 4th St.

trous dripping red of a pomegranate seed,” he says. deRoulet’s goals and dreams are to continue to draw on even more images from his inner world and from his past—ensuring that his style develops parallel to the themes of his life course. DeRoulet is not originally from the Inland Northwest, but came here for school and stayed due to the cost of living. Making the Inland Northwest his home has allowed him to focus on investing the technical skills to do the kind of work he has wanted to accomplish. He has felt blessed to live in such an amazing place, describing the Inland Northwest as a truly hidden gem.“There is always something to do, but not so much as to distract me from my work,” deRoulet says, and recommends the area for any artists early in their career. You can find deRoulet’s work on the web at johnderoulet.com. Terrain is a nonprofit dedicated to building community and creating economic opportunities for our region’s artists and culture creators and increasing access to and participation in the arts. Follow them on Facebook on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @terrainspokane or visit their website at terrainspokane.com.

JOHN deROULET | Painter

JOHN deROULET | Painter John deRoulet works primarily with oils but has expanded into relief woodcut, ceramic and charcoal. He finds his work to be meditative, “sometimes like dredging my inner world,” he says. Not being able to stare at an object while painting means there is always an aspect of recollection, and in turn, the image is filtered through deRoulet’s own experience before it reaches the canvas. Consequently, and even when painting mundane objects, they become infused wiht something greater than the sum of their parts. He believes the expressive power of paint can communicate emotions without explanation. “The early abstract expressionists showed this, and I find it amazing how much humanity can be communicated in the lus-

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