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HEALTH BEAT/new health technology

Quantum Biofeedback

by Jennifer Burrows

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is a mind-body technique that has been around for many years. It helps teach people how to influence their autonomic nervous systems in the areas of general stress reduction, brainwave relaxation training, pain management, and muscular reeducation. The autonomic nervous system controls numerous involuntary functions such as heart rate, brainwave frequency, and muscle tension. With the use of electrodes, the information gathered is “fed back” to the person to learn to monitor and control responses in a more positive, balanced fashion. This form of active participation biofeedback is what we refer to as “Classical.” But, a newer, more holistic form called Quantum Biofeedback is gaining more popularity, as people realize the importance of a wellness paradigm shift versus disease treatment. Quantum Biofeedback operates on the same foundational principles of Classical Biofeedback of “teaching” and “re-educating” physiological responses, but occurs at a passive level. Every system in our body, whether cardiovascular, digestive or