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PETS/pets to fit your lifestyle

F i n d i n g a D o g Yo u r F a m i l y ’s

t o F i t L i f e s t y l e

by Kimberly Blaker


very year thousands of dogs are turned over to animal shelters because they were given as a gift without first consulting the gift recipient, or families discover they brought home a biter, barker, digger, or jumper. When pets are given away, the pets, their owners, and children all suffer. So before selecting your dog, do your homework. With a little preplanning, you can find the dog that most closely fits your family’s or recipient’s lifestyle. VARIETY OF DOGS, VARIETY OF NUISANCES Dogs can create many nuisances, some of which are more common in particular breeds. A barking dog helps protect against intruders. But excessive barking can become a problem.

60 • AUGUST • 2016

Some breeds known for their barking include the Alaskan Malamute, American water spaniel, bassett hound, Finnish spitz, fox and other terriers, Great Pyrenees, and miniature schnauzer. A playful, energetic puppy can make a great playmate for your child. But as your puppy grows, that hyperactivity could become overwhelming. High-strung dogs often jump on people and tear through the

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