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restaurant review embers by the lake

There’s a New place in the Forest

Embers by the Lake

by Cara Strickland photos by James & Kathy Mangis


had to look up Hauser Lake, Idaho, before driving there to experience dinner at Embers By the Lake. It’s just outside Post Falls as it turns out, and Embers has taken over the location that once belonged to Chef in the Forest. My guest and I were delighted right away with the twinkling lights that beckoned to us from the patio. The full mid-week parking lot told us that we weren’t the only ones being beckoned. It was the perfect night to enjoy the view of the lake, peeking through the trees. The outside seating also offered a front and center view of the live music, which was starting at 7 p.m.

144 • SEPTEMBER • 2015

Inside, we were treated to brightly colored paintings and more twinkle lights, giving the room a celebratory feel. On each table, a colorful fish gurgle pot stood ready to refill water glasses (or to head home with you for $39.95). The place was buzzing with conversation and activity, including at least one birthday party, and many families with children. Clearly, this is the place to be in Hauser. We started with a dish of hot corn and cheese dip ($6), served with multi-colored tortilla chips. The dip had a distinctly retro feel with a cream cheese base mixed with roasted corn, green chilies, red peppers and jalapeños and topped with shredded cheese. The Mexican flair of the dip kept up the fiesta atmosphere as we waited for our pizza,

Spokane CDA Living September 2015  

Fall Art Scene 2015

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