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restaurant review Common Crumb

Common Crumb

Bacon Fontana Sandwich


Parsnip Soup Meyer Lemon Eclair

by Cara Strickland | photos by Rick Singer Photography

Have YOU noticed a stirring in the Saranac Building recently? If you amble inside, amid the new construction, you will discover a small Parisian storefront selling bread and pastries within earshot of a brewery. The bakery, Common Crumb, is a new venture from the people who brought us Santé. Light filtered in from the skylights, giving the impression of being in the open air on my recent visit. Even the exposed pipes and other industrial touches gave the impression of walking through a street market. Immediately, I was struck by the sheer array of colorful, tantalizing options, from the vibrant macaroons to the sumptuous éclairs and tarts. The glass cases were brimming with offerings displayed to maximum advantage. Next, I noticed the breads perched on wooden displays mounted on the walls and labeled with artistic signs. The enclosed kitchen featured a window where hot food could be collected, shaded by a cheerful striped awning. Although the area was very compact, it managed to make a visual impact. 164 • April • 2015

Spokane Coeur d'Alene Living magazine  

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