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Technology, Research, and Learning Resources Scholastic Halloween-Themed Resources for Grades K-8 Scholas c recently published a set of thirteen Halloween-themed wri ng and mathema cs ac vi es h p:// Sample resources include: • The Halloween Tooth: Max's Math Adventure h p:// is a math ac vity for K-2 students. In the ac vity students read and listen to a poem about Halloween candy then complete a set of ac vi es in which they make pa erns and count candy. • Halloween Web Hunt h p:// is a simple web quest for students in grades 3 to 5. The ac vity has students visit a virtual museum and online libraries to answer ques ons about mummies, bats, and Halloween history. • Wri ng Mysteries h p:// provides a template and walks elementary school students through the process of wri ng mystery stories. (

From the People at Teq for Learning The Teq website provides a full range of classroom technology and professional development services including informa on on Google and SMART notebook lessons. Recently, they published an eBook, All Things Google, that includes ps and tricks on I-search, Drive, Forms and Earth. The I-search sec on may be of par cular interest based on the conversa ons that were happening at our MSPLCS mee ng last Wednesday. Download the free eBook from at h p:// Addi onal topics of interest: • Refining Google Searches, "Google a Day," image searching, geCng more recent results • How to use Google Drive, Docs, providing voice feedback, references • Google Forms for assessments, adding images, new features • Using Google Earth, virtual tours

5 Interes ng Virtual Museums and Ac vi es for Students Looking for some virtual field trips and ac vi es for students? Here are five museums that offer excellent virtual tours: • The Va can Museum h p:// - which includes tours of the Sis ne Chapel, Gregorian Etruscan Raphael’s Rooms, Pinacoteca and the Ethnological Missionary Museum. • The European virtual Museum h p://—a collabora on of twenty-seven European museums. Students can browse European history collec ons by chronology, geographic area, object type, contribu ng museum, and tour i neraries (be sure your QuickTime player is up-to-date for this one). • Tenement Museum h p:// —Here students learn about the process of immigra on through a journey from Europe to Ellis Island. • John F Kennedy Presiden al Library & Museum h p://— This site contains four interac ve exhibits: We Choose the Moon, The White Hour Diary, The JFK Timeline, and Virtual JFK Museum Tour. • The Museum of Obsolete Objects h p:// —this is a YouTube Channel that features items that use to be cuCng edge technology but are now obsolete. (

Mouse-ercise for Kindergarten New to using a mouse? It may take a li le prac ce for those li le hands to get the hang of it. Here are some simple exercises to help them get acquainted. (Exercises can be repeated by using the browser’s Refresh bu on). h p://

Learning Opportunities Parkway Library Media Webinar Series 10/10/13—Google Collaborative Tools - Bill Bass - 7 PM 11/12/13—Digital Citizenship—Tom Swoboda—4 PM 12/3/13—TBD 1/16/14— Seeing Horizon Through Student Eyes - Katie Stafford - 4 PM 3/4/14—TBD 4/8/4 TBD

Each webinar will be held using Google Hangouts (h p:// and will be archived on a Parkway Library YouTube Channel which we will set up soon. If you want to par cipate in the webinar and ask ques ons, you are free to do. You can also just watch as it's happening, or you can watch it aRer the fact as it will be archived on the YouTube channel and a link put on our website.

Can you feel it? October is Connected Educator Month! What is Connected Educators about? It’s an online professional network supported by the Department of Educa on. The mission is to help educators like yourself thrive in a connected world. Connected Educators combines research, development, and outreach all year long, but invites you to celebrate and par cipate the whole month of October. There are more than 130 educa onal organiza ons, companies, and communi es that have signed up to par cipate in CEM 2013! Sessions include topics like flipped classroom, 21st Century Tweetup, MOOCS (Massive Open Online Courses) for Educators, Using Pinterest in Educa on, Interna onal Cyberfair and come in a variety of formats, such as, webinars, book clubs, classes, collabora ve projects, contests, and games. You will need to create an account or login to join the events. To get you going, Connected Educator has created a Starter Kit for you to peruse in order to get the best experience. Visit the official Connected Educator Month site at h p:// or check out the calendar h p:// and filter according to you needs! The dates are set for the Library 2.013 Worldwide Virtual Conference http:// The third annual global conversa on about the future of libraries is scheduled for October 18-19, 2013. If you want to be kept informed about the conference news join the Library 2.0 network h p://

PEERS Class: Digital Ci zenship for Elementary Librarians—STARTS TODAY! Tom Swoboda will facilitate the first class of the Digital Ci zenship course on Monday, Oct. 7, 4:45 at Green Trails. The course has been proposed in PEERS and should be ready for registra on within the next day or two. He will let you know when it is ready. On Oct. 7, you will need to bring your laptops and your ideas! DENapalooza Oct. 26! Brought you by Discovery Educa on On Saturday, October 26th Discovery Educa on will present a full day event with formal presenta ons in the morning on topics like Digital Storytelling, Project-Based Learning, and Building Your PLN with the DEN. Then, the aRernoon will be spent unconference style. A endees will choose the topics and lead the conversa ons. More ques ons about DENapalooza check out the wiki at h p:// The event will be held at Ritenour Middle School, 2500 Marshall Ave., St Louis, MO 63114. Register at h p:// K-12 Online Conference is coming soon! This online conference is organized by educators for educators around the world interested in integra ng emerging technologies into classroom prac ce. The goal is to help educators make sense of and meet the needs of a con nually changing learning landscape The conference is organized into four strands and each strand has an invited keynote speaker. The opening keynote speaker is Shannon Miller! Strands for 2013 are: Week of Oct 21 – 25: Open Learning and Outside Learning Week of Oct 28 – Nov. 1: Leading Learning and Building Learning Par cipa on Credits—ARer you have par cipated in the webinar, in order to get credit, you will need to go to h p:// LibWebinars and record your par cipa on. Remember that district credit is based on the number of hours that you par cipate. Six clock hours will get you .5 credit and 12 clock hours will get you 1 credit.

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Purchasing! Please be sure to check with Nancy when you are wanting to acquire items for your library using the Library Services Budget. Thanks! Don’t forget to give us your feedback from last weeks department MSPLC meeting. We need your input to better facilitate your needs. Respond at

Tis the night—the night Of the grave's delight, And the warlocks are at their play; Ye think that without,

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The wild winds shout, Teen Read Week @Your Library! Teen Read Week: Seek the Unknown is October 13th –19th To celebrate there is a video contest sponsored by St. Louis County Library Details can be found at h p://

But no, it is they—it is they! ~Arthur Cleveland Coxe

Movie Titles @Your Library Inspire teens to read Ender’s Game before it hits theaters November 1. It might also be fun to pull those other books off the shelf that have also been made into a movie. How fun would that display be! October @Your Library Sink your teeth into a good book @Your Library Bully Preven on Month @Your Library—Edutopia Resources h p://

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Contact Information Bill Bass Twitter: billbass Skype: bill.bass3 Kim Lindskog Twitter: klindskog Skype: klindskog

PLN NBC Learn has digi zed more than 12,000 stories from the NBC News archives, da ng back to the 1920s. In addi on, collec ons are updated with current events every day, Monday through Friday. Join the conversa on @NBCLearn on Twi er.

Nancy Ikemeyer Skype: nancy,ikemeyer.pearl Twitter: NancyIkemeyer

BONUS RESOURCE NBC Learn, in partnership with the Na onal Science Founda on and Na onal Football League, unravels the science behind professional football. They also have great tle like Science of Golf, Sustainability of Water, Science of Innova on, and more. h p://

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