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September 2013 | ISSUE 6


Letter from the Program Director


Panteón Rococó


Staffer of the Month: DJ Amber Lynn



What’s Coming up this September Top 10 KSJS Jazz Albums

12 Featured Artist: Summer Cannibals 16 Canine Companions for Independence

90.5 KSJS Ground Zero Radio is a non-commercial radio station licensed for 1500 watts, channel 213 and class A. KSJS’s transmitter is on Coyote Peak and our signal is received worldwide at www. KSJS broadcasts from San Jose State University’s Hugh Gillis Hall, Room 130.

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Letter from the Program Director Dear KSJS Team, A new semester drops upon Hugh Gillis Hall once again, with thousands of new potential “KSJSers” joining SJSU this 2013 fall semester. The chances of recruiting new talent to join our airwaves are higher than ever. Who knows, your next recruit could be your future co-host! KSJS is tabling on campus throughout the first two weeks of the fall semester, and I highly encourage everyone to use this experience to network and bond with one another. Some of my best times were hanging out with DJs that I never had the opportunity to talk to during our Tuesday weekly meetings. This semester, we are also unveiling a new KSJS department, the Digitization Department, led by Mohammad Harirsaz (some of you may know him as Mujah from Insomniac Nation). Mujah’s experience in technology and customer service is a great asset to this new KSJS venture. It will take some time converting our entire music library from physical CDs to digital files; our estimated time frame for completion is anywhere between one to two years. What’s more is we have the opportunity to deliver KSJS into the 21st century.

Staff Art Director Alysa Trinidad Creative Director Brittany Romby Editors Amanda Holst Arman Mahmoudi Photography Jessica Perez Ruben Casas Brittany Romby Writers Amanda Holst Franco Miranda Arturo Flores Brittany Romby Contributing Staff Jon Wold Patrick Kramer Bobby Leiva Robin Sawaya Vicente Heredia

The ability to recall any track with the stroke of just a few keys will give you and future KSJS DJs an advantage in the latest digital technology and the unlimited power in song selections. I wish everyone a great semester and lots of easy A’s. Sincerely,

Cover illustrations courtesy of Jason Quigley

Vicente Heredia KSJS Program Director

KSJS 90.5 FM School of Humanities & the Arts San Jose State University Hugh Gillis Hall, Room 126 San Jose, CA 95192

Panteón Rococó

Written by Arturo Flores Photography by Ruben Casas

On August 6th, a couple of the KSJS crew went on


an adventure to The Fillmore in San Francisco to watch

Panteón Rococó. For some KSJS members, this was their

high school in the mosh pit. As a true friend, the guy de-

first time watching this particular band, let alone a Rock en

cided it was time that Patrick took a trip to crowd “surfs-

Español concert.

ville.” In the last second that Patrick was getting picked up,

Although everyone had a great time, one person in

he managed to grab me by the shoulder and said the oh so

particular had a great time. This is the story of Patrick Kram-

funny words, “This is really happening.” He was picked up,

er’s time at Panteón Rococó! The day started like any other

taken to the very front of the stage, and there, the security

day at the radio station, weekly meetings and getting things

guards managed to grab him. It took him nearly two minutes

ready for the week to come. This time, it was Panteón night!

to get back to the mosh pit to tell me about the experience.

This meant that certain KSJS members would go and watch

By the time the concert was finished, Patrick had gone crowd

the concert. One of the members was Patrick.

surfing twice and was in the mosh pit nearly the entire time

Panteón Rococó was on stage.

Having been to concerts like these, I knew what I

Patrick found a friend whom he hadn’t seen since

would be getting myself into, so I set myself up mentally to

make this worth the trip! With this said, the event started

to make this happen again. The promoters were extremely

with Hector Guerra followed by Los Mascapulcos. These

friendly and allowed for all of this to happen. One thing that

guys were great and during all this time, we spent the time in

would always stand out would be the fact that Patrick went

the back just waiting for the headliners. Around 10:30p.m.,

crowd surfing. This was truly a great concert and showed

Panteón took the stage. Panteón started out playing some of

what an Alternativo concert looks like. Currently, there are

their classic songs to get the crowd rattled up, which worked,

many plans for the near future that involve big changes and

and then in the midpoint started playing music from their

more opportunities to involve yourself and have a chance to

latest album, Ni Carne Ni Pescado. Around this time, Pat-

go backstage and meet some amazing artists! Keep tuning in

rick, Ruben, and I, took on an adventure and decided to get

to KSJS and find out why Alternativo En Espanol is such a

in the mosh pit! At first, the mosh pit was pretty awesome,

hit when it comes to having a great time!

then around the halfway point, that’s when things got 4


Overall, the concert was amazing and I can’t wait




Interview by Amanda Holst Photography by Brittany Romby

SJSU catalog looking for electives and saw the KSJS class. At first I didn’t know it was an on-air class where you learn to be a DJ and actually be on-air. I remember walking in and seeing so many people. It’s kind of funny that I just fell into it. It’s funny irony the way it happened, but I’m glad it did. I really like it here.

When did you fall in love with music? When I was in elementary school. I listened to a lot of pop music playing on the radio. I listened to a lot of NSYNC and Britney Spears. Britney Spears was actually the first album I ever bought. But then I started listening to Hip Hop and Rap. My cousins would always listen to it so I got into it. I would listen to artists like Ashanti, Tupac, Biggie and Ja Rule. So I hear you have vocals? Growing up I always liked to sing for fun but then I joined choir for three years in high school. I like to do song covers. To me, singing is like therapy. It makes me feel better about things. Joining choir helped me mature my voice and it helped me figure out what kind of range I have. It also taught me about harmonizing. What artist do you currently have on repeat? Chance the Rapper. He’s my main squeeze right now. What was the best show you’ve been to? It has to be Rock The Bells in 2012. I had backstage access so I got to meet Tyga and J.Cole. Kid Cudi was my favorite performance. If I could go back in any time of my life it would be Rock The Bells 2012. That’s how much of a dork I am. How did you get interested in KSJS? I tried to get into choir and I didn’t get in. I had 3 extra units for my elective, so I went through the 6


DJ Bittersweet and DJ Berlyn at the Under The Influence Tour

What was your first experience at KSJS that made you want to join? When I found out what awesome music we had in our library. There was so much good music from the past and current. It brought me back to when I first started listening to Hip Hop and Rap with my cousins. What was it about the Urban department that made

you want to be part of it? The music. I thought at first it was just going to be Bay Area related artists. I was on a hiatus from Hip Hop because I was listening to Alternative and Indie music. I didn’t think KSJS would play Kendrick Lamar and J.Cole, so when I saw it, I got excited and wanted to join. Describe a memorable moment during your radio show. Sweet Champagne came to my show and we were

“What makes it fun is that the listeners know you but they don’t really know you. Listeners get to just know part of you through your taste of music.” talking about an artist in rotation that goes by J.Nolan. She got really excited and didn’t realize that the door was open and she ran into it! All this happened on-air which I found pretty hilarious. What’s the best part about having a radio show? The best part about having a radio show is that it’s yours. You run it and get to play the music you want. What makes it fun is that the listeners know you but they don’t really know you. Listeners get to just know part of you through your taste of mu-

sic. The listeners make it fun. When I choose music, I choose things that I like but what my listeners like as well. Swag, Swank or Steez? Swank swank swank! Do you think Kendrick Lamar’s verse “Control” was that amazing? Honestly, I like Kendrick, but it didn’t really move me. A lot of people hyped it up, but it didn’t shock me or make me go, “This is the best verse ever in the world!” If I didn’t hear it without the hype, I probably would’ve thought of it differently. For me, peoples’ opinion on a song affects how I feel when listening to it. All he did was diss rappers and say he was the King of New York, anyone can say that. When you’re not at KSJS, what do you enjoy doing? I like to hang out with family and friends, watching sports (basketball), singing and listening to music. What experience(s) do you want to get out of being part of KSJS? I would like to gain work ethics, networking and developing a passion. What advice would you give people thinking about joining KSJS? Don’t be shy and don’t be a wallflower. You won’t get anything done by being a wallflower. It took me a whole semester to know everyone. You just have to be comfortable and get to know everyone. The best thing to do is to go to the all the department meetings and see what they have going on. When I started to be more involved and feel more comfortable, I got to know more things and meet more people.




Football @ Stanford Cardinal Stanford Stadium


Eve @ Grand Live Venue Oakland


Volleyball vs Eastern WA Eagles SJSU Event Center


Brother Ali & Immortal Technique Catalyst

9.13 9.15 9.19

Men’s Soccer vs. Fresno Pacific Sunbirds Spartan Stadium Women’s Soccer vs. Santa Barbera Gauchos Spartan Stadium Men’s Soccer vs. Santa Clara Broncos Spartan Stadium


Football vs. Utah State Aggies Spartan Stadium


Volleyball vs. Utah State SJSU Event Center

9.14- Rock The Bells 9.15 Shoreline Ampitheatre 9.18

J. Lately x J. Good (with Chuuwee, Sayknowledge and Dregs One) Brick and Mortar Music Hall


Method Man & Redman (with A Plus and Eqipto) 1015 Folsom


Hard To Earn (Oneself Danvinci, Amplified Philasifer and Skratchpad DJs Gunderson HS


Trapshop Open U Edition (Featuring Symba, sayknowledge & Clarence J) Johnny V’s



8.20 - 9.3 KSJS Recruitment


Big Gigantic & Ill-esha Fox Theatre


Wolfgang Gartner & Tommy Trash Fox Theatre


Canine Companions for Independence DogFest Walk ‘n Roll

SUBROCK 9.26- C2SV (Create Converge Silicon Valley) Various venues throughout Downtown 9.29 San Jose

Calendar JAZZ 9.26

“Cooking the Blues” Poor House Bistro


Noel Catura JJ’s Blues Club


Emily Day w/ Christian Tamburr, Jason Lewis and John Shiflett Fairmont Hotel


Cyrill Aimee and Diego Figueiredo Cafe Stritch


Los Enanitos Verdes The Fillmore


Songbook of Romantic Mexico SAP Center


Festival Colombiano Swiss Park


“Viva Nicaragua” Gran Festival


SF Latino Film Festival TBA @ SF


Ireland Meets Mexico San Pedro Square Market


El Grito & Outdoor Feria del Mariachi Discovery Meadow


Marco Antonio Solis SAP Center

TOP 10






10 Noah Preminger Music For Objects 9

Glenn Casmann Southland Nonnet


Tim Warfield Eye of the Beholder


Joe Blessett Changing Everything


Dave Liebman and Michael Stevens Lineage





Charnett Moffett Spirit of Sound


Django Festival Allstars 2012 Live at Birdland


Bill Frissell Big Sur


James Zollar It’s All Good People


Chick Corea The Vigil


3 3




photo by Jason Quigley

FEATURED LOCAL ARTIST Portland’s Summer Cannibals “No Makeup” Interview by DJ Dark Chao What are your names and what is your band name? L: I’m Lynnae and we’re Summer Cannibals. V: I’m Valerie. J: I’m Jessica. M: I’m Mark.

What are some of your favorite albums? All: Ziggy Stardust by David Bowie, Pink Moon by Nick Drake, Surfer Rosa by Pixies, Grotesque by The Fall, Slaughterhouse by Ty Segall Band, and The Doors by The Doors. Is No Makeup your only album, or do you have more? L: Yeah, this is our first album.

I’m new to your guys’ music and I’ve heard your album, No Makeup. How did you start as a band? J: Mark and I started the band after I recorded a couple of songs on my own for it, and it started with a different lineup with a different bass player and drummer. After we recorded the album, the bassist moved to Cleveland and the drummer couldn’t come on this little tour with us. So, we had Lynnae join and play bass and we’ve known her for a long time. Then, our old drummer introduced us to Valerie. The four of us have been playing for the last four to five months. Where are you guys originally from? J: We’re from Portland, Oregon. What are some of your influences that define Summer Cannibals and the new album, No Makeup? What defines the sound of the band? J: I’m a big Patti Smith fan and I like the Pixies. The early punk bands and 90’s Alternative Rock feel really define our sound. For your current tour, how do you like that so far? M: So far, so good. L: It’s been very chill. J: It’s been really fun. V: We’ve been getting a little weird in the back heat. *all laugh*



What are some of your favorite movies? J: I saw Jurassic Park for the first time not too long ago and I liked it a lot. M: I really enjoyed The Amazing Spider-Man and this documentary called A Band Named Death. The latter is about an all-black punk band from the 70’s in Detroit. L: A really good movie that I enjoy a lot is Being John Malkovich. What do you like about In-N-Out restaurant? L: What I like about the restaurant is how novel it is. It’s a California thing and we don’t have them in Oregon, as far as I know. V: I think the restaurant is only in warm, sunny places as opposed to cold, rainy places like where we

come from. *laughs* What do you think of Animal Collective? V: *sings My Girls and laughs afterwards* *laughs* That’s it? Just that one song? V: Yup. *laughs* M: They’re all right but they’re not really my thing.

Jason Quigley is a photographer based in Portland, Oregon.

Jason Quigley |

Jason Quigley

L: I would listen to their music with really big headphones on since it’s very busy.

The Summer Cannibals album, No Makeup is out now.

And if you get it on vinyl, it will sound better. L: Yeah. We actually have a few albums on vinyl. Oh really? What do you have? L: We have our album, No Makeup, pressed on vinyl and sometimes, it’s red. *all laugh* What do you mean sometimes? L: I honestly don’t know. All I know is that our album is on black and red vinyl. *laugh*

Dark Chao is a DJ on 90.5 KSJS. Tune in to his show, Brave New World every Friday from 6 am -10 am


The South Bay chapter is excited to host the inaugural Canine Companions for Independence® DogFest Walk ‘n Roll on September 21, 2013. Recruit a team, get sponsors, and then head out to Vasona County Park, a facility of Santa Clara County Parks, for a morning of activities for all ages, and breeds too! You’ll have the chance to meet and see demos given by Canine Companions graduates and puppy raisers, win prizes, and peruse all kinds of canine loving vendors. Stay tuned as more activities and special guests are confirmed! More information can be found



Music Ticket Giveaways ELECTRONIC


Big Gigantic & Ill-esha Fox Theatre Wolfgang Gartner

9.25 & Tommy Trash Fox Theatre


Gui Boratto Regency Ballroom


Titus Andronicus Great American Music Hall


The Orb Regency Ballroom


Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros America’s Cup Pavilion

9.22 9.23 9.26 9.30

Jimmy Eat World The Warfield The Vaccines Regency Ballroom The Deer Hunter Regency Ballroom Frightened Rabbit The Warfield

For more information on ticket giveaways, visit KSJS-HIP-HOP

Interview Highlights Ap.9 on “Fresh to Death” AP.9 stopped by Strong Arm’s “Fresh to Death” radio show on July 26th for an exclusive interview. The legendary Bay Area recording artist spoke on many issues including his new album Pursuit of Perfection, his recent appearance in mainstream media, and tabloids for being seen with Ice-T’s wife Coco. AP.9 also explained how the legendary Mob Figaz crew came to be a group. He chronicled how he, The Jacka, Husalah, Rydah J. Klyde and Fed-X came to become “Mob Figaz” and released a series of legendary projects. Click below to view his latest project Pursuit of Perfection

Traxamillion On “Stop, Drop & Roll Show” Traxamillion stopped by The Barhemian’s “Stop, Drop & Roll Show.” He spoke on how production lead him to eventually start DJing. Traxamillion also spoke on his 2012 album, My Radio and about collaborating with Iamsu! on My Ferrari. He also let us know about his upcoming EP, with Mickey Shiloh, his new single, Real One, and Erk Tha Jerk’s She Ready feat. Iamsu!, which he produced. Traxamillion also dropped an exclusive record, “Chill Out” by Mickey Shiloh feat. City Shawn. He mentioned how he thinks City Shawn “gots next” in San Jose. View video content of the interview below



Shwayze on “Traffic Jamz” with Bittersweet On the latest show of “Traffic Jamz,” Bittersweet the held a phone interview with Malibu artist Shwayze. You may remember Shwayze from his collaboration with Cisco Alder and MTV reality show “Buzzin.” In July, Shwayze released his first full-length album “Shwayze Summer.” Bittersweet spoke with the artist about his latest album and working with upcoming artists and producers (including Paul Couture, Devin K, plus more!) Bittersweet also touched bases on new projects as well as getting to know a little bit of Shwayze as an artist. Shwayze Summer is available now on iTunes.

Click below to check out the rest of the Shwayze interview.

Washing Machines on “Brave New World” with DJ Dark Chao

Washing Machines self-titled EP is out now on Bandcamp.

DJ Dark Chao recently interviewed Washing Machines on his show “Brave New World.” Washing Machines is a post-punk/psych rock band from Los Angeles, CA. Washing Machines came to KSJS to talk to Dark Chao and the listeners before hitting the stage at Sugar Mountain in Oakland, CA. They discussed their new Sonic Youth and Nirvana influenced EP, and artists that inspired their role in the band, which includes bands mostly from Los Angeles. One of their influences come from Shag whom late lead singer Kurt Cobain from Nirvana enjoyed. They are currently on tour playing at various venues and college campuses. Click below to hear a clip of the interview



*Schedule as of Fall 2013


At 90.5 KSJS we aim to perfect the balance of hard work and free play. This fall, we’re looking for the next generation of driven KSJS members looking to gain real-world experience under the university setting. If you are a registered San Jose State University student interested in working in sports, entertainment, or audio/ music/ creative industries, consider joining our team. We’re comprised of all types of majors, from RTVF to political science to engineering majors. At the end of the day, we all joined KSJS for the same reason: our love for music. Click the QR code below to learn more about RTVF 121 or 21, and KSJS.



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September 2013 | Issue 6

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