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October 2013 | ISSUE 7

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Letter from the Program Director


Currently, our RTVF 21 DJs are learning all the good stuff about KSJS; it is the history and the skills required to be on-air certified.

Art Director Alysa Trinidad

We are almost ready to begin the digitization process. Mohammad, our Digitization Manager, has begun searching for motivated individuals to join his new team. All the department meetings have many new faces. I hope that all my managers are welcoming and they make your first semester at KSJS a great experience. On that point, over the rest of the RTVF 121 semester we will be spotlighting a different department each week. Make sure you come to every Tuesday 6pm meeting—you do not want to miss any of the craziness. Here is the presentation schedule: Urban (9/24/13) Productions (10/01/13) Promotions (10/08/13) Alternativo en Espanol (10/15/13) Sports (10/22/13) Traffic (10/29/13) Electronic (11/05/13) Social Media (11/12/13) Sub-Rock (11/19/13) Digitization (12/03/13)

Creative Director Brittany Romby Director of Photography Jessica Perez Editors Christopher Smith Leslie Bank Writers Brittany Romby Joy Lan Ryan Bui Arman Mahmoudi Photography Chantrea Chau Contributing Designer Ashley Song Contributing Staff Anthony Ngyuen Damien Percy Daniel Alvarado

Have a great October,

Vicente Heredia KSJS Program Director

Cover illustration: DJ Basura OCTOBER 2013 | ISSUE 7 KSJS 90.5 FM School of Humanities & the Arts San Jose State University Hugh Gillis Hall, Room 126 San Jose, CA 95192

Dizzy Wright


BELLS As told by Arman Mahmoudi

Rock The Bells photography courtesy of DJ Combsy, Seatty Than, Zero Luck and Brittany Romby

Kid Cudi

Earl Sweatshirt 6


Trinidad James

ROCK THE BELLS Rock The Bells 2013 was an amazing experience for our KSJS Urban staff and other KSJS DJs who attended the festivals. Our crew comprised of myself, Rowbot, Dreidel, AlanFreakinBeats, The Barhemian, White-Tee, Bittersweet, Trilla, Champagne, Berlyn, Nesto, Benofficial, Berto, Combsy, Naughty Seatty, Zero Luck, & more attended the two-day festival which saw the, as he played a room that barely had 250 people attending. Fast forward this year’s Rock The Bells, Kendrick and his crew Black Hippy performed on the main stage, in front of a crowd of at least 15,000. Similar rises to fame occurred for the likes of Action Bronson, Danny Brown, Hopsin, Dizzy Wright, Joey Bada$$, Earl Sweatshirt, Tyler The Creator and more, whom are all

Joey Bada$$

likes of Bone Thugs N Harmony, Wu-Tang Clan, Black Hippy, Danny Brown, Dom Kennedy, Dilated Peoples, KRS-One, Girl Talk & more all sharing the 3 stages at Shoreline Amphitheatre. It was interesting moment for some of KSJS DJ’s as many of the artists playing the festival were acts we supported during the early stages of their respective careers. Some of us remember attending Kendrick Lamar’s first Bay Area headline show (http://www.

amongst artists who rocked the festival, and were supported early on in their careers through our department. I personally felt proud to have played a small role, yet nonetheless a part of the big picture in helping quality artists such as Kendrick Lamar, Big K.R.I.T., Joey Bada$$, Earl Sweatshirt, Danny Brown, Action Bronson go from being independent “new artists” to being factors in the game and sharing the stage with legends at this year’s Rock The Bells. An interesting addition to this year’s festival was also the

incorporation of Team Backpack cyphers which saw KSJS regulars Rey Resurreccion, Chuuwee, C Plus, San Quinn, Moe Green, Erk Tha Jerk and more spitting dope verses live in the VIP section of the festival. My one critique is that something showcasing up & coming talent, should have been available to more than just the 5-15% of attendees which had VIP tickets.

Ab Soul

so and so at so bsluad

At an event like this, its impossible to catch every notable act. We all had to make decisions as to where we devoted our time during the two day hip-hop fest. For instance when Iamsu was performing on the main stage, some members such as Zero Luck, DJ Combsy & Berto went to watch Riff Raff, while myself DJ Trilla, Bittersweet & DJ Nesto decided to stay and support the local emcee at his Rock The Bells debut. It was a similar situation when I had to pass on checking out Dom Kennedy, who happens to be one of my favorite artists, because I wanted to check out Action Bronson and Earl Sweatshirt making their respective Rock The Bells debuts. That was the highlight of the festival to me, because there was so much quality that at times, you wanted to be at 2 or 3 stages at the same time. For instance, I missed Dilated People performance, which was pretty 8


big since the group hadn’t been performing as a unit for a long time, but I couldn’t pass up on witnessing Danny Brown make his Rock The Bells debut. Some of the highlights of the festival included guest appearances by Bay Artists The Jacka & Husalah during Freeway’s set, TooShort & E-40 ‘s iconic performances, Redman’s

Danny Brown and Ab Soul

guest appearance during Wu-Tang Clan’s closing set of the festival. When asked who was our favorite act of the festival, my choice was Big K.R.I.T., while many felt like Jhene Aiko, Black Hippy, Bone Thugs N Harmony, Iamsu & Action Bronson had memorable sets as well. We were priveledged to link up with Guerilla Union and cover the festival as a press outlet, and these photos are from our photo album of the festival which was shot by DJ Combsy, Zero Luck & Naughty Seatty and Bittersweet and can be viewed below on the KSJS website.


Contributing photography courtesy of the Urban Department.

Jhene Aiko

Tyler, The Creator


Tech N9ne


MEET MR. GHOST Lewis Geist is what many KSJS members describe as a “JACK-OF-ALL-TRADES” Interview by Joy Lan Photography by Chantrea Chau 10


Name: Lewis Geist Age: 23 Hometown: San Francisco Major: Political Science Time with KSJS: Since Spring 2012 Dream job: to play the outfield for the Oakland A’s. He’s an integral member of the Social Media department, though is also well known over the airwaves as Mr. Ghost on his jazz show. Lewis also announces sports games and is an all-around social KSJS member. Last year, to help celebrate the 50th anniversary of KSJS, Lewis even helped organize a cake and ice cream party for everyone after a KSJS meeting! Overall, he’s undoubtedly a great choice for staffer-of-the-month. To help highlight his contributions, we asked him a couple of questions. 1. How do you feel being named staffer-of-themonth? Being named staffer-of-the month is a great honor, I was side-swiped so to speak...I certainly didn’t expect it to happen. I do feel that I put in a lot of work, and so it was really amazing that people took the time to notice that. I felt honored. 2. You’re very, very involved with different departments and groups at KSJS, but how did it all start? What sparked your interest to join the station? So, I found out about the station my freshman year. I found out that you couldn’t play different genres on a show, and I thought - well, that’s not cool! So, I kind of just didn’t, even back then, though I loved the idea of a radio station. And one day, I was walking around campus and these people were handing out flyers saying “join the station”, and I needed some units, so I joined the class. And then I fell in love with KSJS.

3. You’ve been with KSJS for awhile now, what is a memorable experience that you’ve had with KSJS? I think my most memorable experience at KSJS was one random day in the Spring semester of 2013. I just bought a bunch of ice cream and soda and made it “root beer float day” just because. It was fun to be nice to people, everyone was excited because they got ice cream and soda. It was really fun!

“I AM Jazz! I was raised listening to Jazz m y e n t i re l i f e . ” 4. In terms of music, what genre do you listen to the most? Also, what artists or bands are on repeat for you right now? I AM jazz! I was raised listening to jazz my entire life. It wasn’t even until I got to college that I even expanded into other genres of music. It all really stems back from my father’s father (grandfather). He was a professional jazz musician, who went around and played in big bands back in the 30s and 40s before eventually settling down with my grandmother. He became an elementary and middle school music teacher. He didn’t consider music after jazz to be really music - like rock and roll wasn’t really music to him -and stuff before jazz is music. To finish the story, my father was raised on jazz - it’s all that he (grandpa) allowed in the house - and if I hadn’t got into the station maybe it’s all I’d be listen-

ing to as well. There were some things I knew, like Kendrick Lamar. I knew him before the station. I pat myself on the back for that one. 5. What are your favorite artists? ALWAYS Frank Sinatra! And Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Ella Fitzgerald, Joe Williams. I suppose for modern artists, Kendrick Lamar most

ing to be me. 7. And your DJ name, Mr. Ghost, how’d you come up with that? I’m Mr. Ghost because my last name (Geist) means “ghost” in German, so I’ve been calling myself variations of ghost for awhile - I want to be called Senior Fantasma for Alternativo en Espanol, the

“From KSJS,

how to be a bet

confident sp

being on-air, w

to believe b can’t shut up Digital Spirit for Electronic, and Lieutenant Colonel Fantom for Sub-Rock. I don’t have an alias for Urban yet.

definitely. I like Andre Nickatina ‘cause he’s from San Francisco, we have that connection. 6. If you were the lead singer of a band, what would be the name of your imaginary band? I’m a traditionalist, if I had a band it would be “The Lewis Geist Big Band” or “The Lewis Geist Orchestra.” I’m not trying to be flash, I’m just try12


8. You’re very involved with KSJS, that’s no secret. In fact the other night, you literally slept in the KSJS lounge. When you do have free time outside of KSJS, what do you like to do? Outside of KSJS, I watch a lot of sports - all of them baseball, football, soccer, college or pro, American or European. It doesn’t matter. Favorite team, the A’s! I may be from San Francisco, but I like the A’s. Most importantly, I hate the Yankees. Nothing mattersmore than them losing, absolutely nothing. I

would chop off my limbs for them not to win anymore. Other than sports, I don’t have time for anything else - KSJS takes it all, which is great because I love KSJS.

is cool. And I’ve learned how to broadcast sports games, which is surprisingly difficult. I used to make fun of broadcasters all the time, but it’s hard to tell people what’s happening live AND get it right.

9. Even though this is my second semester, I still 11. If you could trade places with any KSJS memconsider myself a “newbie,” so for all the other new ber, who would it be and why? KSJS members, what are some suggestions or advice you could give us?

I’ve learned

tter and more

peaker from

which is hard

because I

sometimes.” The best advice I could give anybody is to just dive right in, head first. Just figure out what it is you like. It was easy for me because I love sports and I love jazz, so that’s what I primarily focused on my first semester at the station. Then I started meeting more and more people at the station.

I would trade places with any of the music depart10. A lot of people join KSJS to learn real-life skills, ment directors, so I could destroy all their non-muwhat are some relevant skills that you think you’ve sic - ‘cause they don’t play real music. Minus Alterlearned from your involvement with KSJS? nativo, because they play real music—sometimes. From KSJS, I’ve learned how to be a better and more confident speaker from being on-air, which is hard to believe because I can’t shut up sometimes. I’ve You can catch Lewis Geist as Mr. Ghost on his show, also learned how to operate a radio board, which “Jazz in Your Face”, Saturdays 6-10 PM on 90.5 KSJS.


Hockey vs. College of the Canyons


Hockey vs. College of the Canyons


Women’s Soccer vs. Nevada


Hockey @ USC


Volleyball vs. Air Force

10.19 10.25

Volleyball vs. New Mexico


Football vs. Wyoming

Hockey vs. Long Beach State

KSJS Event SUBROCK 10.14

Hank 3 Regency Ballroom


Frank Turner and the Sleeping Souls The Fillmore


Goblin The Warfield


Streetlight Manifesto The Regency Ballroom


Gojira and 4AM San Jose State University


The Flaming Lips with Tame Impala and White Deni The Regency Ballroom

Football vs. Long Beach State


Women’s Basketball vs. William Jessup

PROMOTIONS 10.19 10.24

Sparta Q Spartan Stadium Fire on the Fountain SJSU Tower Lawn

JAZZ 10.9

Brian Ho Trio Lou’s Village, Willow Glen


Jazz Jam at the Hedley Hedley Club


Times 4 San Pedro Square Market


Moy Eng and Black Orchid Fairmont Hotel


John Worley and Friends San Pedro Square Market


Humanities and Arts Day: Student Showcase Barrett Ballroom at SJSU

Calendar URBAN


Roach Gigz & Husslah Slims

10.11- Battle of the Bay (Rap Battle) 10.12 Grand Live 10.16 10.29

Kid Ink DNA Lounge Trapshop: Open University Edition (Featuring Mumbls, Task 1 ne, The Gatlin, Penny, Cache, RJ x V and more) Johnny V’s


Heartbreak Halloween (Featuring IAMSU, Sage the Gemini, Jay Ant) Regency Ballroom


Hoodie Allen The Warfield


Smoker’s Club Tour (Featuring Ab-Soul, Joey Bada$$ & Pro Era, Chevy Woods, The Underachievers and more) The Regency Ballroom

TOP 10






10 Mexican Dubwiser Revolution Radio KinKon Records 9

Cumbia Tokeson Chuchos Vol. 1 Cumbia Tokeson


Union Cinema A Ser Historia EP


Making Movies A La Deriva 3-2 Records


Belinda Catarsis Capital Latin





Chico Trujillo Gran Pecador Barbes Records


Kinky Sueno de la Maquina Nacional Records


Boogat El Dorado Sunset Maisonnette


Raul y Mexia Arriba y Lejos Nacional Records


La Santa Cecilia Treinta Dias Universal Music Latino y Arju Productions







photo by Jessica Perez

FEATURED LOCAL ARTIST Interview by Brittany Romby Photography by Jessica Perez

Advantages: • You meet some really interesting people • You get paid to make people dance • If you can control it, you can drink on the job (haha) • I really love music, so it’s awesome to work with it

Over the years, the Electronic Music scene has become one of the most dominant genres. Whether it’s commercials, soundtracks to TV shows/movies, or what’s being played on your radio, you will hear it being played. In the San Jose Electronic scene, there’s one particular person who has been part of it and has been holding it strong for nearly 10 years. I took the time to connect with DJ Basura regarding the life as a DJ /Promoter in San Jose.

When did you know you wanted to become a DJ? I don’t think I ever ‘knew’ that I would want to be a DJ, it just kind of gradually progressed over many years of involvement with DJs. Having many cousins who were mobile DJs growing up, I went to a lot of their gigs from around the ages of 12-17. That’s where I got my feet wet with the whole thing. Eventually I bought my own turntables and mixer and started collecting records and whatnot. How did you get involved in party promoting? I got involved in party promoting around 2001, when I landed a monthly gig in San Francisco at an oxygen bar on Valencia. This was my first real monthly (which only lasted 4 months haha), which focused around experimental electronic and ambient soundscapes. I was really excited about it because, as far as promoting goes, it was all relatively new to me. What are some advantages and disadvantages of working in the Nightlife scene?



Negatives: • Pushy/drunk song requesters • It can take you away from friends/family if you DJ on nights Do you feel people just know you as the “DJ/ Promoter at Blank Club”? I’m sure a lot of people do, but I’m totally okay with that. I’ve been part of the Blank Club family for so long that I don’t mind if people associate me with such a cool venue. It’s actually an honor!

If you could describe yourself outside the Nightlife, how would you? These days, with a wife and a 4 year old, I enjoy spending my time with my family the most. So I guess you could describe me as a family man!

I think it’s a bit of both. People/companies are making a killing off of the younger generation in all sorts of ways and, at the same time, they’re giving a lot of exposure to some really talented (and some not so talented) musicians, bands, and DJs. What is life as a San Jose DJ/Promoter? Competition? Life as a DJ/promoter, for me, is pretty normal. I have a day job and a family, and enjoy my days off! As far as competition, overall I think that San Jose needs more options as far as parties and such, so I don’t see competition as an issue. At the same time, the kinds of parties I’m involved with are a little against the grain as far as what most of the clubs do. At the moment, there isn’t much to compete in that sense either. Do you feel Downtown San Jose nightlife is dead? (closing of many clubs, Music in the Park only 1 day) I don’t feel DTSJ nightlife is dead. It’s still alive and kicking, we just need more options and more involvement from the right people to make something happen.

Being in the Electronic scene so long, how would you describe the development in popularity? It’s unbelievable how popular it’s gotten. It’s shocking to me that DJs are now able to make millions. You turn your TV on, and the commercial you’re watching has a trap beat for its jingle. Do you think it’s just a trend in pop culture or it’s something amazing that’s happening?

What do you think makes Atomic Nights so successful and to be the longest running Electronic party in San Jose? I’m not sure I would label Atomic as an electronic party, as I play a big chunk of dance-rock-oriented music as well, but I think that for the most part, it’s successful because most of the music is familiar to most patrons. I try to keep it as accessible as possible so no one feels isolated and, at the same time, I try to vary music genres for the diversity of the patrons. You got your college kids mixed with people that actually grew up in the 80s, mixed with

the casual passerby, mixed with the goths, etc, etc. Also, people interpret what ‘80s’ or ‘New Wave’ or ‘Indie/Electronic’ music is differently, so I try to play a bit of everything based upon what I know and audience response.

What do you do to make the parties different and not seem like the same party and same audience? I don’t know if I do anything different, but at the very least I keep my eyes and ears open for forgotten greats, and do research regularly.

You are also part of 2 other parties with San Jose promoter Eric Belladonna. How would you describe the relationship between you two to make these events the way they are?

What do you during the day? These days I spend my week buying and receiving at Streetlight Records and selling cool things at Paramount Imports.

“You got your college kids mixed with people that actually grew up in the 80s ... people interpret what ‘80s’ or ‘New Wave’ or ‘Indie/Electronic’ music is differently.” Eric is an awesome person in general, and he has a great passion for what he does, which shows in his work. As far as Adult Club goes, Eric and I are very open and honest with each other. We respect each others opinions, and I think that’s what keeps things pure. How would you differentiate Workout Party, Adult Dance Party, and Atomic Nights? The Workout Party mainly focuses around Indie Electro and Nu Disco, etc. Adult Club rotates between differently themed nights- Indie Dance, disco/funk, 90s, and variations of them all (ie. 80s vs 90s, etc.) Atomic, overall, is more New Wave and Alternative than anything.



What advice would you give promoters who are trying to have a successful event in San Jose? Keep at it! There is so much room for growth for all parties involved. And always remember, that not all nights are gonna be insanely successful. You have to roll with the ups and downs of good nights and bad nights, and just try to stay consistent!

Connect with DJ Basura DJ

Music Ticket Giveaways URBAN



Roach Gigz & Husalah Slims

Land 10.23 Oh The Independent


Battle of the Bay 6

10.24 Woodkid


Kid Ink DNA Lounge

10.25 Vitalic The Mezzanine


Heartbreak Halloween Regency Ballroom

10.26 Bonobo


Hoodie Allen The Warfield

Rosie 10.28 Coco The Regency


Smoker’s Club Tour Regency Ballroom

The Warfield

The Warfield

SUBVERSIVE ROCK 9.20 9.22 9.23 9.26 9.30

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Scream it Like You Mean It Tour Regency Ballroom Paramore, Metric, Hellogoodbye SAP Center Goblin The Warfield Alkaline Trio, New Found Glory The Warfield Slayer SJSU Event Center




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The Official KSJS Newsletter  
The Official KSJS Newsletter  

October 2013 | Issue 7