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ABOUT KSJS FM 90.5 KSJS Ground Zero Radio is a non-commercial radio station licensed for 1500 watts, channel 213 and class A. KSJS’s transmitter is on Coyote Peak and our signal is received worldwide at www. KSJS broadcasts from San Jose State University’s Hugh Gillis Hall, Room 130.

Letter from the Program Director

Staff Photographer Jessica Perez Ruben Casas

Dear KSJS team, Our 2013 fall semester is about to begin later this month. I would like to take a minute to recommend RTVF 121 and RTVF 21 for students who need exciting classes this fall semester.

Visual Designer Alysa Trinidad

Editor Amanda Holst

Dates to remember: t

If you would like a radio show this fall semester, turn in all Summer hours for computation by 8/21/13 (first day of school). t Wish Lists are due the following week, 08/27/13. t Our new fall Show Schedule goes into effect 9/3/2013.

This recruitment, KSJS will be releasing our first-ever mixtape containing amazing tracks from current artists played on KSJS. The mixtape will highlight five different genres: urban, electronic, jazz, alternativo en espa単ol, and subversive-rock, as well as sports and specialty shows. This fall semester we hope to hook up the entire SJSU campus with our music!

Writers Amber Lynn Brittany Romby Amanda Holst

Contributing Staff Joe Herzog Jon Wold Arman Mahmoudi Patrick Kramer Bobby Leiva Chris Cruz Arturo Flores Rowena Dayanghirang Vicente Heredia Yvonne Rodriguez

The KSJS booth will pass out mixtapes on campus during the first couple of weeks of the 2013 fall semester. Tell everyone to get themselves a copy of KSJS Mixtape Volume 1.

Vicente Heredia 90.5 KSJS Program Director Cover illustrations courtesy of Phil Emerson KSJS 90.5 FM School of Humanities & the Arts San Jose State University Hugh Gillis Hall, Room 126 San Jose, CA 95192


Written by Amanda Holst Photography by Ruben Casas


his year Music In The Park celebrated its 25th anniversary show in downtown San Jose, by bringing in a single concert. Grammy Award-winner Ozomatli, the Latin rock band

from Los Angeles, headlined the show on July 19. A favorite among KSJS Alternativo DJ’s, Ozomatli’s performance was no disappointment.“They performed popular songs along with some of their newest songs.” said Arturo Flores, Alternativo en Espanol Music

“Events like San Jose Blues Week continue to demonstrate that KSJS is active in the greater Silicon Valley community.”

Director. “They definitely have showmanship and are excellent entertainers and musicians.” The next day, the 33rd annual Fountain Blues Festival

“Events like San Jose Blues Week continue to demonstrate that

brought the blues to St. James Park. Headliners included John

KSJS is active in the greater Silicon Valley community and is more

Mayall, plus Ruthie Foster, Roy Rogers and the Delta Rhythm

than ‘just a college radio station’,” he said.

Kings, and Girls Got the Blues. Founder of San Jose Blues Week and longtime member of KSJS, “Chef Ramon” Johnson continues

A special thanks goes to KSJS members Yvonne Rodriguez, Ra-

to offer the station a positive interaction with the community and

mon Johnson, Shivaun Bates, Sarah Ragent, Gabe Golden, and

enjoys making new friends and listeners by reaching out and meet-

Ruben Casas for their contribution and dedication to Music in the

ing current listeners, and even running into former members of

Park this year.

KSJS now in the broadcast or music businesses.




Interview by Amber Lynn Photography by Jessica Perez As KSJS’ July Staffer of the Month, we sit down with Franco Miranda as he opens up his world of passions

How did you first get started with KSJS?

ative thing. Just pay attention to those and you’ll get along great in life.

I first got started when I was walking around campus. I was still at De Anza at the time. I came to visit my friend. We were walking around the

Who has been the biggest influence on your life?

campus when all the clubs were in the quad, we happened to pass by the

The biggest influence is easily my mother. My mother taught me who I

KSJS lounge and met Patrick Kramer (KSJS’ current Promotions Manag-

am today because she is a very nice and generous person and I’m pretty

er). He told us about KSJS. Even though I had a year left to transfer, I was

much the same. She’s very giving and she taught me the common knowl-

immediately hooked.

edge and rules as a human being. Being it from communicating with others and being responsible for your things.

What city are you from? Born in San Mateo, but I’ve been living in San Jose since 1999.

Do you have any hobbies? I do like to listen to music. I’m always discovering new or old albums. I

What is your Major?

love to play video games, walk, swim, and I also like to watch anime.

Computer Science What department are you in and what is your favorite thing about it? Subrock. My favorite part is the amount of music we get and also the people who are involved. The rock people are very cool and chill, and very friendly. What motivates you? Music really. I mean, anything relating to music motivates me: submitting music or organizing the library and doing shows and fill-ins.

What were your dreams of future when you were a kid? That’s a good one. I guess it would have to be something with computers.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Ever since I discovered the computer and Internet when I was 8, I always

I see myself working for a major company, such as Youtube, Apple,

wanted to discover something beyond that.

Samsung, any of those companies that involve coding or anything with computers.

What’s your favorite type of music? I pretty much like anything. As long as it’s good, it’s good. If I had to

Can you give any advice to the newbies?

choose a favorite it would be alternative or Indie. It’s a tie between the

I would suggest being involved with the departments right away and


getting to know the people in the departments very well. It’s not an individual basis, it’s a group thing, and have good communication. Because if

Who’s your favorite rapper?

your just a wallflower, it’s not fun.

It would have to be Kendrick. I do like 2Pac and Notrious BIG. But as far as current rappers go, Kendrick is the best.

What is the best concert that you’ve been to? It’s a tie between the Nine Inch Nails concert back in September 2008 at

What are the most important lessons you’ve learned in life?

Oracle. Black Diamonds Sky in October 2010.

I guess it would have to be just communicating with the best people that I know-people that aren’t into crazy things, they just enjoy the simple

Shout outs to all the people that I know at KSJS for introducing me to the

things in life. Just don’t take life for granted and don’t think of it as a neg-

station and giving me the advice and the tools to be an on-air DJ.



KSJS Event Calendar SPORTS


Spartan football vs. Sacramento State San Jose Jazz Festival Plaza de Cesar Chavez Park



Finish Ticket/ Night Riots / Local Hero The Great American Music Hall Black Sabbath

Glass Candy Mezzanine Jeremy Olander and Fehrplay Mezzanine


Simian Mobile Disco Mezzanine

Ras Kass Yoshi’s (SF)

First City Music Festival Monterey County Fair

Battle of Zae 2 featuring live battles with Dirtbag Dan, Rone, Joe Cutter, Fredo, The Deadman, Remy D, Reverse Live Cannery Park

Escort Mezzanine

Big Daddy Kane The Fillmore Ace Hood Venue Oakland


Z-Trip Mezzanine

ALTERNATIVO Cheech & Chong with War

Molotov Regency Ballroom Son De Madera Yerba Buena Gardens George Lopez The Mountain Winery Café Tacvba

TOP 10






10 CFCF Music For Objects Paper Bag Records 9

EMPIRE OF THE SUN Ice On The Dune Capitol Records


BONOBO The North Borders Ninja Tune Records


DIAMOND VERSION EP 4 + 5 Mute Records


BOARDS OF CANADA Tomorrow’s Harvest Warp Records

6 8





SHAPSHIFTER Delta TrueTone Records


QUADRATIC Between The Cracks Droid Song Records


LIMOUSINES Hush Self Release


PRETTY LIGHTS 8 Minutes 20 Seconds Records



3 3



Rey Resurreccion: The New Golden Era

Hip Hop Inspiration

FEATURED LOCAL ARTIST Interview by Amanda Holst Tell me about yourself, where are you from? Did you go to school around here? I moved around a lot when I was a kid, but I pretty much grew up in San Jose my whole life. I’ve spent most of my childhood / teen years in the south side of San Jose off of Monterey Road. I went to a bunch of different elementary schools, attended Davis Jr. High and graduated from Oak Grove High School.

I put out an album titled “Old Rust New Bang” which is my description of my sound / style. I’d like to think that my style has some nostalgia of the classic golden era hip hop sound, mixed with a new twist of what’s going on today or tomorrow. I try not to constrain myself into a box when I am creating, I just do what feels right. I love listening to

How did you get started as an artist? I started rapping and making beats in high school with my friends. It was all for fun and something that we loved to do. My friends and I would hang out, freestyle, make beats, and write songs for fun. As we got a little more attention and started booking shows, I got hungrier and wanted to take it more seriously–to actually strive to make it in the music business as a professional… But the core of it was all about the love of the music, the feeling that it gave me when I was creating and participating in the hip hop culture. How did the name “Rey Resurreccion” come about? It seems like there is a story there. Rey Resurreccion is actually my real name, believe it or not. So there’s not much of a story to it besides that. I have had a lot of different names when I started rapping and doing graffiti, but nothing stuck like using my own name. It just feels right. Most people don’t believe me when I tell them it’s my real name, lol. How would you describe your style? 12


new music that’s coming out right now, but I think what keeps me original is I just do me. With my style, I am aiming to preserve the sound of hip hop, but also hoping to help the genre move forward and grow. I don’t let what’s hot or trendy dictate or affect how I am going to create my music. What are your inspirations for the music you write? I make lifestyle music, it’s based on what I see and how I perceive the world. My subject matter can range anywhere from the struggle and real-life issues, to success, being on top, and striving to be the best. I just go with the vibe and my mood. There are different things that fuel my inspiration in different ways.

Inspiration is free and it’s everywhere if we can be open enough to accept it. I am inspired by everything around me. What is your view on the current music scene? There is and always has been tons of talent in the South Bay music scene. I am proud to be from here and to be able to interact with other rappers, DJ’s and

I definitely applaud them for keeping things going during the tough times. Though we have our own issues just like any other city, our weaknesses have played a part in making our scene unique. Since we don’t have an outlet we are being creative in finding new ways to release music, have shows and keep our scene going. The music scene and the street wear (fashion) scene have grown to go hand in hand. The local clothing companies and shops support the music scene by collaborating with artists for releases, having in-store performances and exposing their clientele to our music. KSJS is also one platform that has played a big part in keeping our scene together and moving forward by providing a way for listeners to stay up to date on what’s going on out here. For the most part, everyone seems to get along and support what we all got going on. There seems to be a lot of new, young talent coming into the scene. It’s dope to see young hungry cats out there with a fresh new outlook on things.

producers to help the scene grow. It seems like in the past few years a lot of people have been putting in work and taking their craft a little more seriously. The tough part about our scene is not having the proper outlet and platform for artists to showcase their work to the fans and interact with the scene. Our city doesn’t have a legit, all age performance venue. We need a place with around 1,000 − 2,000 capacity where touring acts can stop through to perform, while local upcoming talent can open up for them to gain exposure in the city. After venues like the Cactus Club and Voodoo Lounge shut down, things haven’t been the same. But there are still a few bars and small venues that have hip hop shows, and

How do you feel about being recently picked by Thizzler.Com as one of the Bay Area’s Freshman 10? How does that make you feel and what does it say about your work? Thizzler has been consistently supporting my music for the last few years on their blog site. It’s an honor to be recognized by them and the panel of judges as someone who is emerging in the Bay and can represent the Bay Area on a national / international level. I’ve had the opportunity to tour a couple times through different states throughout the country and it’s a great feeling to be on stage and let people know that I’m from San Jose, California. I feel like the Freshman10 is an accomplishment that I am proud of and can smile about, but at the same time, it’s just another piece of the puzzle and

there’s still a lot of work that needs to be done. Explain your growth as an artist thusfar. Maturity and patience. I try to maintain the same drive and hunger that I had when I first started, but back then I was all gas no breaks. Throughout the years I’ve learned the importance of taking my time to get it right before putting myself out there to the world. I guess it’s a balance of taking time to get it right while still producing in a timely fashion.

I’ve matured as an artist by being more open-minded and humbled to criticism and praise, something that can hold you back if you take them in the wrong way. Besides that, I’d like to think my skill is progressing as an artist / producer as time passes. I am growing with every song and every show. Working hard and working smart is the key. What is your greatest achievement as an artist? So far being able to tour has been one of the biggest things I’ve done. Last year I had the opportunity to go on two tours back to back. The first with Hieroglyphics, a group from Oakland that has been in the hip hop scene for 20 years now, and secondly with LA artist Bambu on the “Rent Money Tour”. In a short period of time I was able to travel to different states to perform. I learned a lot from about what it really takes to survive in the music game, 14


which isn’t the easiest thing to do. Besides touring, every release and show has helped me get closer to where I need to be. Where would you like to see yourself in 5 years? A lot can happen in 5 years…in 5 years I’d like to have been consistently releasing music and touring. During that time I’d like to play a part in shaping the

sound and helping the genre move forward. I’d like to participate in improving and growing the local scene in San Jose and the Bay Area by helping provide a platform for people to get their music out. Tell us what you are working on now. Currently I am working on my solo full length album. In the last 5 years I have released about 8-9 projects under my name. One full length LP, and the rest were short projects or collaborations with clothing companies. I feel like it’s time for another full length album–a full body of work I can stand behind for a while. Other then that, I have a bunch of side projects with my team (Suite 801) I’m working on. I am always making beats and writing, so I don’t see myself slowing down anytime soon.

Electronic Ticket Giveaways Tune in to Win 8.17 Jeremy Olander & Fehrplay Young Wes, “The Quest” Tuesday 2-6 pm (8.13)

8.23 Simian Mobile Disco Not Here, “No Show” Sunday 10-2 am (8.13) Nerdy Sanchez, “Nerd Party” Monday 10-2 am (8.19)

8.24-8.25 First City Music Festival Not Here, “No Show” Sunday 10-2 am (8.13) Nerdy Sanchez, “Nerd Party” Monday 10-2 am (8.19) Young Wes, “The Quest” Tuesday 2-6 pm (8.20) Good Dog, “Bark Side of the Moon” Thursday 2-6 am (8.22) Vonnie V, “Electronically Energized” Thursday 6-10 am (8.22)

8.25 Escort DJ Nicky, “Disco Katz” Tuesday 2-6 am (8.20) Young Wes, “The Quest” Tuesday 2-6 pm (8.20)

8.30 Z-Trip Mr. Mujah, “Insomniac Nation” Saturday 2-6 am (8.24) Young Wes, “The Quest” Tuesday 2-6 pm (8.27)


At 90.5 KSJS we aim to perfect the balance of hard work and free play. This fall, we’re looking for the next generation of driven KSJS members looking to gain real-world experience under the university setting. If you are a registered San Jose State University student interested in working in sports, entertainment, or audio/ music/ creative industries, consider joining our team. We’re comprised of all types of majors, from RTVF to political science to engineering majors. At the end of the day, we all joined KSJS for the same reason: our love for music. Click the QR code below to learn more about RTVF 121 or 21, and KSJS.