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Primary 4-5

Knightsbridge Schools International Panama


Issue 5 September 20 Important Dates:

Sept. 23 Assembly

Keep Smiling Keep Striving Be all that you can be.

Sept. 26

First meeting of the Parent Teacher Organization @ 2pm

Sept. 27

Hot Dog Sale during morning break

Oct. 1

Grand Opening of KSI Panama

Oct. 2-3

No school for students

Uniform Info

Grand Opening Guest Speaker

Thank you very much for helping us out with the filming of KSI Panama by sending your children to school in the KSI logo shirts and jackets! We had an excellent week of filming and the film crew is very positive that they have gathered enough footage to make a fantastic video that represents the best of us!

As part of our Grand Opening KSI has invited a psychologist from the KSI Learning Center in Bogota to present to our parents on the topic of “Raising Happy Children.”

I would like to clarify that students are still allowed to wear their plain white polo shirts now that filming is over. We do ask that you rotate the new uniform top into the school week at least once per week. Only school issued jackets is allowed. There are a few students that do not have school issued jackets because we do not have their size but those students have talked directly to the school Administration. Please remember that students should wear the appropriate uniform bottom and boys should also wear a belt. All students must wear white socks and have their shirts tucked into their pants. I would also like to remind all girls that the appropriate footwear is a Mary Jane style shoe. (Black shoe with a strap across the top of the foot). I hope this clarifies any misunderstandings. Please feel free to contact me directly,, if you have any questions. Have a great weekend. Wendy

Annie de Acevedo has 30 years of experience and is one of the most recognized Colombian Psychologists on parenting and family issues. Annie is a psychologist at the University of the Andes, with a Masters in Psychology from the University of Alabama and a postgraduate degree in Neuropsychology from the University of Miami. Annie also studied Neuro and Learning Disabilities at Johns Hopkins University. Annie is the author of three books and is a successful international speaker. Annie’s message is practical and useful and stresses the importance of healthy families and healthy minds as the foundation of the future of our society. Annie will be presenting to KSI Panama parents and other guests, in Spanish, her seminar titled “Hazlos Feliz Para Que Sean Buenos.” Ms. Annie de Acevedo will be speaking on Monday, September 30th at 7:00 p.m. in the KSI Panama library. There is limited seating so you must call to reserve your seats. Please email Ms. Nancy Pierre at to reserve your place. The seminar will be free for all KSI parents and all other guests will be charged a $10.00 entrance fee. We hope you will take advantage of this wonderful opportunity and join us for Ms. Acevedo’s presentation.

KSI Panama Parent-Teacher Organization Afterschool Activities The ASA Program has been canceled this semester due to lack of interest, unless you were otherwise notified. If you already signed up and paid, your money will be refunded. Please contact me with any questions,

We are very excited about starting our first KSI Panama Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO). On Thursday, September 26th at 2:00pm in the school library there will be a meeting for ALL KSI Panama parents to come and learn more about the organization and how it will be structured. The aim of the PTO is to foster strong relationships between parents and KSI Panama faculty and staff and to help make every child’s potential a reality, by engaging and empowering families and the community in their children’s education. KSI Panama’s first PTO will set the foundation for a wonderful organization for many years to come, so we hope you will take some time to come and join us for the meeting. Some parents are nervous to attend the meetings because they are not English speakers, but please be reassured that your participation and presence speaks louder than any language and we encourage you to join us. We look forward to seeing you there!

Learner Profile – BALANCED Hot Dog & Hamburger Sale Intellectual, physical and emotional balance to achieve personal well-being for oneself and others. On Friday, September 27 we will host a hotdog & hamburger sale at morning break time. Hot dogs will be sold between 10:00 and 10:15 a.m. to all students wishing to purchase one. Prices are as follows: Hot Dog - $1 Hamburger - $1.50 Water – $0.75 Soda - $0.75 San Pellegrino - $1 Chips - $0.50

KSI Panama Vision To educate a community of global citizens by providing them with opportunities to be all they can be and inspiring them to make a positive difference in a changing world.

Important information for Parents: ADECOP Track

KSI Panama’s Service Learning

ADECOP is hosting a track meet on October 12th at Rommel Fernandez Stadium. The meet will consist of track and field events, from distances of 1500 mts to 50 mts, as well as long jump and shot put. KSI would like to put a team together to take to the meet. The cost will be $40.00 per student. Students will participate in their KSI PE uniform at the track meet.

Students at Knightsbridge School International Panama participated in their very first Community Service Learning (CSL) day on Wednesday September 18th. The first CSL day was held at the school and was designed to educate students about Community Service Learning, its components, expectations and objectives. Students had the opportunity to participate in a hands-on, school wide activity that fostered leadership, teamwork, and portrayed components of an effective group. Through a brief reflection, participants identified the importance of planning, organization and effective communication in the implementation of an activity.

Practice will be held October 8th and October 10th. Those interested will need to stay after school those two days, so we can see what events each student will be best at. There will not be buses for these tryouts. Parents will be responsible for pick up at KSI at 4:15.

During the second half of the CSL afternoon, Elementary students took part in an activity that expanded their existing knowledge of communities, interactions and environments. They were able to develop skills in-group collaboration and demonstrate their abilities to act as contributing members of the school community. Middle and Secondary students were empowered to act as leaders in the school. Through an interactive experience, students and teachers were responsible for identifying community service themes and the key issues that apply to the local community, the country and the world. Students chose the specific themes that best suit the work of KSI and established the CSL activities that they are most passionate about. Moving forward, it is expected that Secondary students will take on leadership roles, building the foundation for success in CSL and establishing interesting and age appropriate activities to benefit our community.


September Menu Sept 2-6 Monday

Week 1 Tomato salad with vinaigrette Chicken with provenzal sauce Cookies

Sept. 9-13 Monday


Bean salad Ham and cheese omelet Garden Vegetables Cake Caesar salad with croutons Lasagna with meat sauce Fruit


Cucumber salad Chicken nuggets with BBQ sauce Mashed potatoes Cake Week 3 Mixed salad Steak with pomodoro sauce Pasta Fresh fruit Coleslaw with raisins Chicken fricassee Potatoes Crepes Caesar salad with crouton Chow-mein Stir-fry teriyaki pork Cake Lentil salad Sausage Green beans Rice pudding




Sept. 16- 20 Monday





Sept. 23-27 Monday




Week 2 Mimosa eggs Pork stir-fry with parsley Garlic green beans Tropical fruit cocktail Corn Salad Espa単ola style meatballs Fried potatoes Flan Chef salad Spaghetti with parmesan cheese & Carbonara sauce with ham and mushrooms Fruit Tomato salad with pesto Baked chicken Rice pilaf Cake Week 4 Tuna salad Beef bourguinon White rice Fruit salad Chicken wraps Potato wedges Cake Chees empanada BBQ pork Garden vegetables Yogurt Green salad Lasagna with meat sauce Cake


Newsletter ksip sept 20 2013  
Newsletter ksip sept 20 2013