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Flexiblerating ratingPlan Plan Flexible Riskseminar seminarcredits creditsincrease increasewith with greater greater agency agency Risk participation and/or on-site audits participation and/or on-site audits ■■ Broad range of experience and loss free credits ■■ Broad range of experience and loss free credits ■■ Renewal longevity credits ■■ Renewal longevity credits ■■ Premium reduction for business placed with carriers’ ■■ Premium reduction for business placed with carriers’ customer service units customer service units ■■ Flexibility for mergers, acquisitions, and additional insureds ■■ Flexibility for mergers, acquisitions, and additional insureds ■■

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expert Claims administration expert Claims administration

Highly qualified claims department that is centralized and Highly qualified claims department that is centralized and staffed with experienced E & O specialists staffed with experienced E & O specialists ■■ Specialized, national legal network ■■ Specialized, national legal network ■■ Toll-free claim mitigation advice line—speak directly with ■■ Toll-free claim mitigation advice line—speak directly with an experienced claim analyst an experienced claim analyst ■■


Chris-Leef General Agency, Inc.

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Insurance coverage* InsuranceCarrier CarrierInsolvency Insolvency coverage* Personal and Advertising Injury for professional services Personal and Advertising Injury for professional services ■■ Contractual and Vicarious Liability coverage ■■ Contractual and Vicarious Liability coverage ■■ Vicarious Fiduciary Liability coverage ■■ Vicarious Fiduciary Liability coverage ■■ Innocent Insured coverage for fraudulent or dishonest acts ■■ Innocent Insured coverage for fraudulent or dishonest acts of employees of employees ■■ Insured vs. Insured Coverage for Personal Lines placements ■■ Insured vs. Insured Coverage for Personal Lines placements ■■ Broad supplemental payments section ■■ Broad supplemental payments section ■■ Broad definitions of covered professional services ■■ Broad definitions of covered professional services ■■ Broad coverage for people working on behalf of the insured ■■ Broad coverage for people working on behalf of the insured ■■ Automatic coverage for independent contractors ■■ Automatic coverage for independent contractors ■■ Punitive damages covered where allowed by law ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■

Punitive damages covered where allowed law EPL coverage available by endorsement withby separate limits ■■ EPL coverage available by endorsement with separate limits and deductible* and deductible* ■■ Professional Services Extra Expense coverage available ■■ ■■


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Insurance Agents E&O not available in AK, AL, FL, HI, LA, MS, NM, NV, SC,Agents WV E&O not available in AK, AL, FL, HI, LA, MS, Insurance



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January/February 2014 Vol. 19, No. 1 The bimonthly magazine of the Kansas Association of Insurance Agents

OFFICERS OF KAIA President Bob Wood | President Elect SueAnn Schultz | Vice President/Treasurer Dustin Davis |


Secretary/Assistant Treasurer Lyle Davidson | State National Director Bob Fee | Immediate Past President Tim Tyner |

COVER STORY: KAIA is launching a new statewide campaign in 2014 to promote the Trusted Choice® brand and the value of local agents.



Zone I Director Jim Wilkinson | Zone II Director Rob Lessen | Zone III Director Doug Smart | Zone IV Director Lee Gleason | Zone V Director Lonny Claycamp | Zone VI Director Scott Strong | Director at Large Jim Runnebaum | Director at Large Ron Bolz | Director at Large Chad Fuqua | Director at Large Kristy Wilson | Young Agents Committee President Ryan Murry |


Legislature kicks off 2014 Session



Cover Story: New Trusted Choice® campaign promotes value of buying local


By the numbers: Licensing in Kansas


Longtime EMC leader passes torch to new vice president


Company Profile: Accident Fund of America

DEPARTMENTS President’s Message 2 Industry Partners Program 3 Agents Council For Technology 4 Commissioner’s Column 7 Young Agents Committee 8 Trusted Choice Committee 10 Education Classes 29

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Advertising Index 30 Kansas Association of Insurance Agents 815 SW Topeka Boulevard | Topeka, KS 66612 785.232.0561 | 800.229.7048 w w w.k

Kansas Filings Report 31

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POSTMASTER: Send address changes to Kansas Insurance Agent & Broker, c/o Kansas Association of Insurance Agents, 815 SW Topeka Blvd., Topeka, KS 66612. (785) 232-0561. Kansas Insurance Agent & Broker (ISSN#1069-1847) is published bimonthly by Agency Services Corporation of Kansas (AScK), a subsidiary of the Kansas Association of Insurance Agents, 815 SW Topeka Blvd., Topeka, KS. (785) 232-0561. Periodicals postage paid at Topeka, KS 66612. The Kansas Association of Insurance Agents was formed September 1, 1992, through the merger of the Professional Insurance Agents of Kansas (PIAK) and the Independent Insurance Agents of Kansas (IIAK). The Association is affiliated with the Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers of America (IIABA).


Here, there & everywhere Don’t underestimate the economic and civic impact of your agency and the people you employ


s KAIA rolls out its new consumer campaign about the importance of buying local and buying independent, it made me stop and think about my own agency’s role in the community. We rarely – if ever – stop to measure how many hours our employees volunteer in the community, or how many local nonprofits we give back to, or how many times we’ve stepped up to help recruit and retain new businesses to boost our local economy.


Helping our communities is just what we do. That’s because we live here, we work here and we raise our own families here. And, that’s something that a telephone agent or a call center in another state cannot replace. the independent difference As we work to differentiate ourselves from the other guys, we can’t overlook the economic and civic benefits that come from “buying local.” In fact, studies show that every dollar spent locally recirculates in our local economy at least six times while every dollar spent elsewhere just goes to boost another state’s economy instead of our own. But, the benefits for the consumer hit even closer to home. We know, when a disaster strikes, the last thing our neighbors want to do is negotiate their claim with a telephone rep who doesn’t know the community, doesn’t know the magnitude of the disaster, and doesn’t know what community resources are available to the consumer. As independent agents, we’re right there – helping our clients through the claims process, making sure they get every dollar owed to them, and offering a helping hand so they can get back on their feet a little bit quicker. the real deal Last month, we lost one of our own: Charlie Hostetler who owned an independent agency in Manhattan and


had served as president of KAIA in 1977-78. Charlie was the real deal – the perfect example of what independent agents do to contribute every day to their local communities. Reading through Charlie’s obituary, I was amazed at all he had accomplished. He truly was here, there and everywhere! For starters, he graduated from both K-State and KU – first earning an undergraduate degree from KSU, then entering KU School of Law. He remained involved with both universities throughout his life, sitting on the KSU Foundation Board of Trustees and on KU Law’s Board of Governors. He was even appointed to a term on the Kansas Board of Regents. Charlie also remained politically active, recognizing how legislative action can affect all of us as taxpayers and as small business owners. He was a delegate to the National Republican Convention in 1976 and was a member of the U.S. Electoral College in the 2000 Presidential Election. Locally, Charlie was an enthusiastic member and supporter of the Manhattan business community, serving as president of the local chamber of commerce, president of the Rotary Club, and chairman of the United Way. all the right reasons But, the bottom line is this: Charlie stuck to his roots, like many of us have, fully dedicating himself to the community he grew up in. So, the next time someone asks “why is an independent agent any different?” It’s about more than the fact we can get consumers the best coverage at the best price. It’s about the fact that we are rooted in our communities – not just today, not just to make a few bucks, but for always and for all the right reasons.



Kansas Association of Insurance Agents

2014 Industry Partnership Program KAIA’s Industry Partnership Program was initiated by our Board of Directors to give company partners greater recognition and more options through a single annual sponsorship. Our tiered program allows partners to decide which level of sponsorship best meets their needs. This one-time solicitation allows maximum exposure to the KAIA membership throughout the entire year at our most popular events. Our industry partners also receive paid membership dues, priority selection of trade show booth placement at the Larry Magill Rural & Small Conference, special recognition on our online event registration pages, recognition in our event/ education registration packets, and recognition in every issue of KIA&B. Thank you to our Industry Partners!





NSI / West Bend

Accident Fund Insurance Company of America


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Bremen Farmers Mutual Insurance Company Burns & Wilcox Capital Premium Financing Cornerstone National Insurance Company Diversified Crop Insurance Services Kansas Mutual Insurance Company Marysville Mutual Insurance Company MetLife Mid-Continent Group M.J. Kelly State Auto Insurance Companies Upland Mutual Insurance, Inc.

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Time is now for commercial lines real-time rating By Thad Bauer, NxTech, Inc.

here would we be today without the evolution of the Interstate Highway system? We had roads – we could have remained complacent – but think of the time savings and efficiencies we now have due to Interstates. It took 35 years to be considered “complete,” but there are still sections that aren’t complete; roads are being widened and extended, repaved and changed. And yet, this one initiative has been a major contributor in making the United States a world economic superpower and a highly industrialized nation.


So you are asking yourself, what does this have to do with insurance and real-time rating? If we hadn’t broken new ground and then traveled the roads and bridges that were built, the next generation of roads would not have materialized. where are we? So where are we with Commercial Lines Real-Time Rating? We may still have some bumps in the road, but it is very usable now and will continue to evolve. And, it certainly does not need to take anywhere near 35 years for it to be considered complete. It also promises to add significant efficiencies to our distribution system and to help the agencies and carriers which implement it position themselves as modern, efficient businesses – our version of an economic superpower.


let’s take a drive The type of road and the route you take between agent and carrier destinations may vary. You may use a bridge, you may take the superhighway (where a rate is returned directly to you), and you may make a quick stop on the way. That’s ok, and that is how we move forward. The one thing that is constant is that this is real; implementations continue to evolve and agents are getting value. We are seeing success across the board from BOP and Package, Commercial Auto, Worker’s Compensation, and other commercial monolines. The amount of data that is being moved in a real-time quote is tremendous, including large schedules. Whether an agent starts in their management system and uses TransactNOW or Transformation Station or an MGA or broker who has implemented ACORD standards to pass policy data to their carriers, these roads are ready for travel. Here’s what agents may find on their drive: real-time quote bridge With a Bridge (also known as rating bridge, bridging or real time upload), the agency can ‘bridge’ the data for a quote from the client file in their agency system to the carrier, eliminating the need to rekey data in to one or many carrier websites. The agent then typically completes the quote at the carrier site. This is not a


website sign-on from the agency system; this is bridging the extensive amount of data that would otherwise be keyed manually. Carriers can respond with a link in HTML that automatically launches the agent to the website and drops them in the quote with the bridged data, providing one continuous workflow. By embedding the agent credentials it eliminates the need for the agent to sign-on to the website. In the recent 2013 Real-Time/ Download Campaign Agency Survey, agents said the number two improvement priority was to reduce the number of quotes that error out. The primary reason errors can occur are from either passing values that are not valid in the carrier system or having missing data that stops the entire quote from bridging. Here are some examples as to how carriers have resolved transactions erroring out: • If a limit or deductible is not an available value for that carrier, they do not error the bridge but instead based on rules default to the next highest value and provide a message back to the agent describing what has changed, or blank the value to be completed at the website.

• If required data is missing, a carrier can dynamically evaluate the data, and either display a page to the agent to collect or change the critical pieces of data, or they can default the missing data based on defined business rules. The goal is to get the data that exists bridged, and the rest of the rating rules can happen in the website. real-time rating For true rating, every piece of rating data needs to either be available from the agency system or needs to be defaulted or retrieved from other sources. Carrier systems need to be capable of processing the data in real time to return a rate and quote proposal. The goal is to stay out of the carrier’s proprietary system. In reality though, this ideal scenario across commercial lines is rare.

This doesn’t mean we have hit a dead end. There are successful implementations emerging that are using technology that is available to provide the same result – a rate and quote proposal back without the need to go to the carrier website.

data we can dynamically why retype present a when you can save these kinds screen to of keystrokes? the agent to gather only • An agent was able to pull the the missing data for a 621 vehicle fleet from his information for agency system and send it directly a specific quote to the carrier system. Not rekeying translated to a savings of 62,500 that requires keystrokes. agent input. The benefit to • One company estimates agents It may require a quick this approach save 98% of keystrokes by bridging stop along the highway, is that the commercial lines quotes versus but it paves the way agent is only starting in the website. for change. Here’s a answering what snapshot of what some is necessary, of these look like. and the company is not maintaining rules in multiple places. Carriers Some carriers are streamlining the are keeping the data input to a agent process by creating procedures minimum, and they default values that review in real time each quote wherever feasible. and compare it against business rules. With the technology available today, continued on page 20 by interrogating the ACORD XML

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Nominate the National Winner and Receive a $1,000 cash award!


Nominations are now being accepted in all 50 states and Puerto Rico for the 2014 National Outstanding CSR of the Year. This award is the highest honor for insurance customer service representatives who have distinguished themselves through contributions to their industry and profession. Open to everyone regardless of affiliation or professional designation, candidates must: • Be an insurance customer service representative, or have primary responsibility for customer service duties. • Write an essay of no more than two pages double-spaced (approximately 1,000 words) on the topic: “It is generally agreed that both new and renewal business are crucial to the success of an agency. Explain whether new business or renewal business is more important to the long-term value and profitability of an agency. Identify four ways a CSR, Account Executive, or Account Manager can have a meaningful impact on the new and/or renewal business written by their agency.” • Submit letter(s) of recommendation from a professional reference(s). To make your nomination, please complete this form and email, mail, or fax it today so your nominee may be contacted. NOTE: You may nominate yourself. All essay entries become property of The National Alliance, inclusive of permission to reprint. Deadline for all materials (including essay) is May 1, 2014.

Please print or type. My Nominee’s name is

Nominee’s designations (if any) Years of experience Position Agency/Company

Address City, State, Zip Telephone (






Nominator Information* * You may nominate yourself.

What are the rewards of winning?

Your Name

Nominees will first compete on a state level. State winners will automatically be entered into the national competition.

Address City, State, Zip

State Winners Will Receive— • Framed Certificate of Achievement • State recognition • Advancement to national competition 4 National Finalists Will Receive— • $500 cash award • National recognition • Gold and garnet pin

Telephone (






Please DO DO NOT mention my name when corresponding with the nominee.

National Award Recipient Will Receive— • $2,000 cash award • Gold and diamond pin • Employer receives a scholarship to a National Alliance program • Nominator receives a $1,000 cash award

Return this form to: The Kansas Association of Insurance Agents 815 Southwest Topeka Blvd. Topeka, KS 66612 Ph: 785-232-0561 • Fax: 785-232-6817 Email:

Sponsored by The National Alliance for Insurance Education & Research 2587-1213 KS




Our door is always open KID’s Property & Casualty Summit brings companies, agents and lobbyists together

SANDY PRAEGER Kansas Insurance Commissioner


he Kansas Insurance Department sponsored a Property and Casualty Summit meeting Dec. 5 in Topeka. The meeting allowed nearly 100 insurance company representatives, agents and government relations people the chance to meet with KID staff and discuss mutual concerns. With the goal of strengthening the insurance industry in Kansas, we looked to the summit to help define and enhance the issues that both the department and the companies face. We certainly appreciated the participation of KAIA members and staff, including Kerri Spielman and Stephanie Mullholland. For a firsttime general meeting, we had a good crowd and good participation. Participants heard from the following KID staff members: Tom Whalen, Producer’s Division; Steve O’Neil, Consumer Assistance Division; John Wine, Legal Division; Kris Kellim, Attorney/Government Affairs Liaison; Stacy Rinehart, Market Conduct; and Jim Newins, Property and Casualty Division. Some of the facts they presented:

licensing • To date, there are more than 107,000 agents licensed in the state. • Non-resident agents outnumber domestic agents by about 3.5 to 1. consumer complaints • In 2012, 58% of all insurance complaints received involved claims handling as the primary complaint reason, followed by policyholder services (23%), underwriting (13%) and marketing and sales (6%). open records • There are 49 exceptions to the Kansas Open Records Act. • Any company documents provided to KID not marked “confidential” may be given to anyone making the proper request. regulatory & government affairs • Typically in the regulatory review process, division directors refer new regulations or amendments to General Counsel & Legal division for review, and once approved, the proposal is distributed to interested parties for informal review and comment. • All four bills KID intends to introduce for the 2014 legislative session will affect financial surveillance laws.

• The P&C Division receives on average between 4,500 and 5,000 rate filings per year, and we have a staff of 9 examiners to review those filings. • A total of 96 to 98% of those P&C filings close before 40 days. Each PowerPoint presentation was copied onto a jump drive that participants received during the meeting. If any KAIA member would like to have a copy of them, please contact Bob Hanson, our communications director, by email at Participants asked questions of the speakers and Assistant Commissioner Zac Anshutz following the formal presentations, and they had the opportunity to sit down with specific P&C staff members during an informal afternoon session. We believe the summit was extremely successful because it provided an opportunity for dialogue, a building block for the relationship we have with the insurance industry. If you have any suggestions for future meetings of this type, contact us.

|January-February 2014| KANSAS INSURANCE AGENT & BROKEr



My challenge to you A young agent’s perspective on democracy RYAN MURRY Young Agents Committee President


emocracy has to be the most challenging form of government. It demands that we, the people, pay attention. It demands that we put a significant amount of time into educating ourselves about the issues and the candidates. It then gives us the opportunity to voice our position through a voting process that can be time-consuming and sometimes unrewarding. (With today’s technology, why haven’t they figured out a way to let us vote from our own computers?) It then requires us to allow a representative who may get elected with just a plurality of the vote to represent our interests – and this all happens at the local, state and national levels. NOT FOR THE WEEK OF HEART Democracy is not for the weak of heart. Democracy is not for the complacent. This year I challenge you to not be weak of heart or complacent. I challenge you to pay attention, put some time into our democracy and make your voice heard. I challenge you to do so for yourself and for your profession. While KAIA’s staff and Board of Directors advocate on our behalf all year round, it is up to each and every one of us in the independent agency system to build the relationships with the elected officials that, as their constituents, give KAIA the opportunities and leverage to make a difference. Here’s your chance There are many opportunities throughout the year to be active in building these relationships, but there are specifically two I want to draw your attention to:


Kansas Agents Legislative Day. This is an annual event at which KAIA educates agents on the issues at the state and national level, and then we are given an opportunity to meet with our elected officials over a steak dinner to share our thoughts, concerns and just generally get to know each other. It is one of the most well-attended events by the legislators because they expect to have constituents there. If you have never been, please consider trying it out this year – you won’t regret it. Go to to get registered and learn more about the agenda for 2014. National Legislative Conference. This is also an annual event held in the heart of Washington, D.C. Agents get the opportunity to be briefed on the national issues and visit with each member of their delegation. I have had an opportunity to attend a national legislative conference once before and it was one of the most impressionable events for me. It really opened my eyes to how issues affecting us locally impact our association at a national level. The Big I offers scholarships for young agents and KAIA helps with some of the costs as well. If you think you would be interested in participating, please email Joan Sutton at so we can tell you more about it and forward a scholarship application to you. here’s your challenge Finally, I want to clearly state again that I challenge you to become active in your democracy. The more young agents get involved, the stronger our communities, our business and our quality of life will be. I challenge you to help Kansas Young Agents become a force that demands attention.


We want to share your good news We want to share your good news in upcoming issues of KIA&B magazine. Let us know the latest from your agency! Did a new agent join your company? Did you acquire or merge with another agency? Did your agency or someone on your team receive an award or recognition? Is your agency celebrating an important milestone or anniversary? We want to know. Simply email your news and/or photos to us, or call and tell us about it. • 800-229-7048

|January-February 2014| KANSAS INSURANCE AGENT & BROKEr



Chasing the rabbit We have to keep trying in order to win the chase RON BOLZ Trusted Choice Committee Chair


o you ever feel like you are beating your head against the wall when you try and convince your customers to purchase additional coverage by adding endorsements to their policies? Seems like we can talk to a customer about the benefits of certain endorsements for months, even years without success. Ironically, a neighbor or friend can mention the same coverage and benefit to a customer and the customer will be in the next day to purchase something you have been advising all along. I assume the customer is thinking that we, as agents, are trying to sell them something they don’t need. getting through This line of reasoning oftentimes creates a problem for agents and agencies. How do you get customers to accept coverage or increased limits? As agents we are not allowed to add coverage or increase limits to a policy without the customer’s approval, yet when a loss occurs that is not covered adequately it is the agent’s fault for not providing coverage to protect against the loss. A recent article in IA magazine quotes an independent survey – conducted


by Trusted Choice® and the Big “I” – that found 30% of policyholders have not met with or even talked to their insurance agent within the last year. Almost 40% of the respondents said they were not confident or only somewhat confident that they have adequate and appropriate insurance coverage for their needs. Seems like the only time some customers are interested in discussing insurance is after a loss, which we all know is the absolute worst time to review insurance coverage. How can an agent help a customer determine the amount of adequate limits if the customer is not interested? The survey states that only 29% of respondents considered coverage limits, or the amount of coverage – the most important criteria when selecting an insurance policy. it’s all about the chase The answer is in the “chase.” Agents need to continue to encourage their customers to become more knowledgeable about the products the customer is purchasing. Continue to advise the customer of additional valuable endorsements and increased limits. You may never catch them at a time where they want to listen, but one day you might get lucky.


the rabbit When my oldest daughter, Cara, was about 5 years old, I would take her to school every morning. Each morning we would drive the same route. One day my daughter spied a bunny rabbit. She asked if she could keep the rabbit if she could catch it. I thought “why not.” This could be interesting and my daughter might learn something. I stopped the van and my daughter dashed out running her hardest to catch the rabbit. After awhile my daughter returned to the van exhausted. I complimented her on a nice attempt and took her on to school. This chase continued every day for about two weeks. One morning I had to be out of town and my wife was in charge of taking our daughter to school. As the van approached the designated rabbit spot my daughter screams at my wife: “STOP THE CAR!” My wife slams on the brakes. My daughter jumps out of the van before the van even stops in hot pursuit of the rabbit. After the chase is complete she gets back into the van. My wife is completely bewildered and asks our daughter what she thought she was doing. Cara says to my wife, “Dad says that if I catch it I can keep it.”

“You keep doing something over and over again ... and just maybe you might get to brag that you caught the rabbit.” try, try again Later that night I was read the riot act by my wife. Seems my wife thought she might actually catch the rabbit. My wife wanted to know what I would

have done if our daughter caught the rabbit. I calmly told my wife that I would brag to the boys like any proud father. Insurance is sometimes like chasing rabbits. You keep doing

something over and over again, like trying to get your customers to review their insurance, and just maybe you might get to brag that you caught the rabbit.

We Are Your Specialty Insurance Management Company We deliver superior program management capabilities, underwriting expertise and service standards to both our program partners and the broker market. • Animal Mortality

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• Artisan Contractors

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• Primary Workers’ Compensation

• Earthquake

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• Professional Liability

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• Occupational Accident

• Property

• Excess Umbrella

• Ocean Marine

• Special Events

• Excess Workers’ Compensation

• Oil & Gas 800.800.4007

|January-February 2014| KANSAS INSURANCE AGENT & BROKEr


Legislature kicks off 2014 Session he Legislature returned to Topeka Jan. 13 for the start of the 2014 Session. School finance is expected to dominate this year as legislators await a ruling from the Kansas Supreme Court. The court is set to rule on a multi-million-dollar school finance lawsuit that will most likely instruct the Legislature to allocate more money for K-12 education.


The timing of when the Kansas Supreme Court will rule and the amount that will be needed to comply with the ruling is still unknown. The Governor and Republican legislators have said they will not roll back the tax cuts passed over the last few years to fund education. However, all revenues and expenditures will be on the table for this discussion, including a sales tax on services, reduction in transportation funding, an increase in income taxes, an increase in the state sales tax, and the sweeping of industry dollars from the insurance regulatory fee fund. If the Supreme Court does not rule before the end of the 2014 Session, legislators are likely to be called back for a special session shortly after the court rules. This could impact the campaign timeline for House elections and statewide elections, including the race for Insurance Commissioner. Legislators will want to be home campaigning in their districts rather than in Topeka during the campaign season. Politics will be front and center during the 2014 Session. House Minority Leader Paul Davis is running for Governor; House Insurance Committee Chair Clark Shultz is running for Insurance Commissioner and all House members are up for re-election to maintain their seats. In addition to school finance and taxes, other issues front and center this Session could include an autism health insurance mandate, tort reform and workers compensation. Capitol renovations are nearly complete. The building now features a new copper dome and a visitors center.



Issues we’re watching in 2014 KAIA is monitoring a number of insurance and small business bills this Session. Additional bills that have the potential to affect independent agents are being added to that list every day as new proposals are introduced by legislators and other industry groups lobbying at the Statehouse. Here are the key issues on KAIA’s watch-list:

Workers Compensation KAIA supports ongoing efforts to modernize workers compensation in Kansas, including measures to reduce administrative costs in the state’s assigned risk pool and improvements to the formula in order to reduce the impact of isolated accidents on premiums for small business owners.

How to advocate for the future of your business Don’t miss Agents Legislative Day KAIA’s Legislative Day on Feb. 26 is our prime opportunity to show strength in numbers among independent agents and brokers. Get up-to-speed on the issues affecting your business and get to know legislators in a comfortable setting over a steak dinner. See the schedule on page 15.

Contribute to KIAPAC

Legal Reform KAIA supports continued legal reform efforts aimed at reducing incentives for litigation and lowering insurance costs for Kansas consumers. KAIA supports the current cap on settlements awarded for noneconomic damages as well as efforts to lower the state’s prejudgment interest rate.

Health Insurance KAIA supports a competitive marketplace without government competition. KAIA opposes unfair trade practices, contract provisions that stifle competition and efforts to reduce consumer access to agents. KAIA supports expanded tax incentives for small businesses that choose to contribute to employee health coverage and we support state-level solutions that will provide Kansas employers with more options to access group health coverage.

Consumer Protection KAIA supports state-level policies to protect Kansas consumers from insurance fraud and abuse, including background checks and adequate training for navigators working in the health insurance marketplace.

There’s no question – money talks. The stronger our Kansas Insurance Agents PAC is in this election year, the louder our voice is at the Statehouse. Help us cultivate more relationships with new legislators and the decision-makers on insurance issues by contributing to KIAPAC this year.

Go mobile Stay informed the easy way with our online communications. KAIA issues a weekly email update on the Session (called Capitol Notes), we post the latest happenings on insurance bills on our website, and we’re getting ready to launch a new government affairs mobile app to keep you up-to-date as legislation moves through the process.

Get to know your legislators

Strength in numbers Strength at the Statehouse is often measured by the numbers – the number of advocates and lobbyists that an organization has on the ground and the amount of campaign contributions an organization can make through its PAC.


kansas representatives


Contributions made by KIAPAC to candidates in 2013




registered lobbyists at the statehouse

Make sure you know the names of your hometown Representative and Senator. You can find out by punching in your home address on our Advocacy page at www. Then, make it a point to get to know your elected officials, offer to be a resource to them on insurance issues and stay in touch with them throughout the year.

Be a shadow See the process up close and personal with KAIA’s Shadow Program. If you are interested in spending a day at the Capitol this Session with KAIA’s lobbying team and your local legislators, call the KAIA office at 1-800-229-7048 to schedule a date.

|January-February 2014| KANSAS INSURANCE AGENT & BROKEr


Meet the insurance committees House Insurance Committee

Meets 3:30 p.m. Mondays and wednesdays in Room 152-S

Photo Not Available

committee chair

Vice chair

ranking minority

Rep. Steven Anthimides

Rep. Barbara Bollier

Rep. Pete DeGraaf

R-Wichita Room 519-N 785-296-6824

R-Mission Hills Room 168-W 785-296-7686

R-Wichita Room 458-W 785-296-7693

Rep. Clark Shultz

Rep. Mark Hutton

Rep. Roderick Houston

R-McPherson Room 521-E 785-296-7684

R-Wichita Room 352-S 785-296-7673

D-Wichita Room 54-S 785-296-7652

Rep. John Doll

Rep. Stan Frownfelter

Rep. Don Hill

Rep. Kelly Meigs

Rep. Richard Proehl

Rep. Gene Suellentrop

Rep. John Wilson

R-Garden City Room 512-N 785-296-7380

D-Kansas City Room 461-W 785-296-7648

R-Emporia Room 452-S 785-296-7632

R-Lenexa Room 187-N 785-296-7656

R-Parsons Room 581-W 785-296-7639

R-Wichita Room 186-N 785-296-7681

D-Lawrence Room 54-S 785-296-7652

Senate Financial Institutions & Insurance Committee Meets 9:30 a.m. daily in Room 546-S

committee chair

Vice chair

ranking minority

Sen. Rob Olson

Sen. Jeff Longbine

Sen. Tom Hawk

R-Olathe Room 236-E 785-296-7358

R-Emporia Room 235-E 785-296-7384

D-Manhattan Room 124-E 785-296-7360

Sen. Elaine Bowers

Sen. Jim Denning

Sen. Laura Kelly

R-Concordia Room 223-E 785-296-7389

R-Overland Park Room 541-E 785-296-7394

D-Topeka Room 125-E 785-296-7365

Agents in the Legislature The following legislators are licensed as insurance agents in the State of Kansas:

Sen. Dan Kerschen

Sen. Jacob LaTurner

Sen. Vicki Schmidt

R-Garden Plain Room 225-E 785-296-7353

R-Pittsburg Room 135-E 785-296-7370

R-Topeka Room 445-S 785-296-7374


Rep. Willie Dove, R-Bonner Springs

Rep. Virgil Peck, R-Tyro

Rep. Mario Goico, R-Wichita

Rep. Richard Proehl, R-Parsons

Rep. Daniel Hawkins, R-Wichita

Rep. Clark Shultz, R-McPherson

Rep. Roderick Houston, R-Wichita

Rep. Troy Waymaster, R-Luray


Kansas Agents Legislative Day wednesday, feb. 26 in topeka Agenda 1 p.m. - Registration & Welcome 1:30 p.m. - Legislative Briefings & Hot Topics (3 Ethics CE) 5 p.m. - Steak Dinner & Reception with Legislators

Featured Sessions

State of the Insurance Department Insurance Commissioner Sandy Praeger

What’s changing with workers compensation? Get an overview of recent changes and learn about more opportunities to improve the work comp market in Kansas with Rep. Marvin Kleeb, Chair of House Commerce (invited); Dan Murray, State Director for NFIB; and Eric Stafford, Senior Director of Government Affairs for the Kansas Chamber.

Is there still a health market despite Obamacare? KAIA member Tom Bryon will explore the options for carving out a niche in the health market despite Obamacare through the use of qualified self-funded plans. Plus, hear about a legislative proposal on self-funded association health plans that

could create new opportunities for agents and provide more Kansas businesses a way to soften the effects of Obamacare.

How can the new roofers law help your clients? Does conceal carry change things for your clients? There’s been a lot of talk about conceal carry in Kansas schools this past year. Get an overview with Attorney General Derek Schmidt on how the new law applies differently to cities, counties, schools, courtrooms, colleges and the other public entities you insure. Plus, learn about implementation of the new roofers law and how the registry can help protect your clients from fraudulent contractors.

Are you and your clients taking full advantage of the new income tax reductions? Learn how the state’s new tax policy reduces income tax rates for certain companies, and how Kansas businesses – including your agency – can take full advantage of these tax cuts.

Register online at

Registration is only $55 per agency, includes CE and steak dinner for as many agents as you want to bring!

KNOWLEDGE COMES FROM EXPERIENCE “I have a passion and love for working with agents and writing transportation business. My 34 years of experience in underwriting and working with our markets helps me to be a valuable resource for our customers and the relationships we’ve built together are priceless.”

Sandi Fritz, CIC, TRS Vice President, Underwriting and Branches

Managing General Agency Since 1920


Property/Casualty • Professional Liability • Commercial Transportation • Surety • Personal Lines • Premium Finance



the trusted choice® brand

Kansas campaign promotes value of using local agent


t seems everywhere you look these days people are promoting the value of “buying local.” Whether it’s seeking out locally-grown fruits and vegetables or shopping at locally-owned retail stores, consumers are increasingly recognizing the benefits of buying close to home. Buying local is equally important when it comes to buying insurance.

director of KAIA. “The Scoreboard Show is a unique opportunity to tout the fact that the independent agency system was born out of local leaders – like Benjamin Franklin – banding together to help their neighbors. To this day, independent agents are leaders in their local communities who are commited to helping their clients and bolstering their hometowns.”

KAIA’s new statewide advertising campaign – designed to encourage consumers to use an independent agent – is being channeled through local media across the state. The year-long campaign will include billboards, local newspaper ads and advice columns, local radio spots on news and farm talk stations, and sponsorship of the statewide Trusted Choice® High School Scoreboard Show.

KAIA members are encouraged to draw on the new statewide campaign by marketing the local impact of their agencies and the advantages that come from using a local, independent agent. This includes: localized customer service with agents who live and work in the community; claims assistance with a real-live person, not a call center in another state; the agency’s involvement in volunteering and contributing to community organizations; and the agency’s economic role in creating stable, local jobs.

“There’s nothing more local than high school football and basketball games,” said Kerri Spielman, executive

Leveraging the campaign for your own agency Latch on with local radio

Bulk up on local sports

Get on

Get your money back

Agents can latch onto KAIA’s sponsorship of the Trusted Choice® High School Scoreboard Show by placing radio ads on their local stations before, during and after the show. Agents are welcome to take local credit for the scoreboard show by including a reference in their radio spots such as “ABC Agency is proud to support our hometown Tigers by sponsoring the Trusted Choice® High School Scoreboard Show.”

Agents can also take advantage of the Scoreboard Show sponsorship by bulking up their presence at local high school games. Sponsoring your football’s team scoreboard, placing ads in game programs and underwriting the annual team calendars are all opportunities to build on the “buying local” focus of the statewide campaign and to position your business as the local hometown Trusted Choice® agency.

The most important step your agency can take to leverage the statewide campaign is to make sure your agency is listed on TrustedChoice. com. The campaign will direct Kansas consumers to the website to find their local agent. If you’re not listed, they can’t find you. It’s free for KAIA members to setup a profile, or you can choose the upgraded option to get higher placement for your listing and other benefits.

KAIA members can get reimbursed for their marketing expenses through our Trusted Choice® co-ops. With the Kansas co-op, your agency can get up to half its membership dues back, and with the national co-op you can get up to $1,600 back. A range of expenses, including promotional items, sponsorship of a community event, websites and business cards are eligible. Contact Nicole Schings in the KAIA office for details.

For more information on how to you can leverage KAIA’s statewide campaign to benefit your agency’s own marketing efforts, contact Stephanie Mullholland or Nicole Schings in the KAIA office at 1-800-229-7048 or

b y t he n umbers

licensing in kansas M

ore nonresident agents are operating in Kansas while the number of resident agents has remained relatively stable over the past six years. The latest numbers from the Kansas Insurance Department indicate more than 85,000 nonresident agents and more than 22,000 resident agents are currently licensed in the state. Nonresident agents

continue to be on the rise. Since 2008, the state has seen a 25 percent jump in the number of nonresident licenses issued as compared to a 2 percent jump in resident licenses. KID statistics also indicate a decrease in pass rates on the licensing exam for both first-time test-takers and those taking the test for a second or third time.

Exams given by type

Time Pass Rates First-timeFirst pass rates 80%


Life and/or Health

2,597 2,469 2,474 2,517 2,695

2010 2011 2012 2013

Prop and/or Casualty 1,326 1,157 1,310 1,546 1,298

Life & Health 70%

Property & Casualty

Personal Lines Only






Laws & Regs







51 48 43 47 34


75 54 46 54 96

Public Adjuster 1 2 0 1 2



Don’t Your Policyholders Deserve A Company with an 2011



In 2013, 69% of those taking the property/casualty exam for the first time passed while 59% of those taking the life/health exam passed. Pass rates have decreased slightly for both exams since 2011.

Rating from the A.M. Best Company? Check Out All KANSAS MUTUAL Has to Offer:

- Competitive rates - Excellent service for over 115 years - Simple online quoting system - Optional coverage available for sewer back up & replacement cost on rental dwellings - Easy access to our personnel Overall Pass Rate 80 1.800.873.5642 AGENCY INQUIRIES WELCOMED IN SELECTED AREAS OF KANSAS




KANSAS INSURANCE AGENT & BROKER |January-February 2014| 60

Licensee Counts 2013 Licensee Counts 2013 Individual Producer TotalTotal Business Entity TotalTotal Licensed agents Licensed agencies Individual Producer Business Entity 22,170 22,170 4,104 4,104 6,659 6,659

85,296 85,296

Of the 107,466 licensed individual agents in Kansas, 85,296 are nonresident and 22,170 are resident agents.

Among the state’s 10,763 licensed agencies, 4,104 are resident agencies and 6,659 are nonresident.

Resident Resident

License by Year Growth by agent residency

Nonresident Nonresident 100,000

Insurance Coverage for Municipalities and other Public Entities

Non-resident 80,000


• Program available to any agency • 3-Year Premium Rate Guarantee for Fire Departments • Loss Control and Training • All Occurrence Forms • Employee Beneets Liability • Public and Professional Liability with prior acts coverage • Blanket coverage on Inland Marine equipment and valued at replacement cost Policies are issued by


Resident 20,000 2008






The number of nonresident licenses issued in Kansas increased by 25% between 2008 and 2013 while the number of resident licenses grew roughly 2% during that same time period.


Source: Kansas Insurance Department Property & Casualty Summit Statistics as of October 2013



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Commercial lines real-time rating That’s the quick stop along the highway. Behind the scenes the additional data that was collected is added to the agent quote request. Defaults are applied based on rules to bump or roll other data before submitting the rating request. Quotes are then returned within seconds, including an accurate rate and PDF quote proposal. The agent doesn’t need to move to the carrier website, an accurate quote is returned, and errors are minimized. If the data submitted surpasses the bounds of the business rules, we bridge what we can, which still saves the agent duplicate entry inside the website. What is important from the carrier’s perspective is they are maintaining rules in one place, which benefits the agency from an accuracy perspective. why are difference routes necessary? Just as agents are independent and use different systems to run their business, so do carriers. And just as each agency has different system capabilities, the carriers have different rating system requirements and capabilities. As a result, each carrier may plan their trip differently. That does not change the destination. What it does is provide a road map for progress and efficiency gains along the way. This leads in to some of the feedback from agents in the 2013 Real-Time/ Download Campaign Agency Survey. Agents that are using Real Time clearly saw the value, citing the top three benefits as: saves many keystrokes, significant timesaver, and easy to use. These are great benefits that should have the industry excited to move forward, so why can’t we get more agents out of first gear?


In the same survey, agents not using Real Time were asked to cite the top three reasons why. Here are their responses and some of my thoughts. Agents: No consistent real-time comparative rater for commercial lines. I agree they are not prevalent for commercial lines, as they are for personal lines, but I don’t know why that should stop an agent from using real-time rating. You are still quoting today, and you are rekeying commercial lines data that exists in your agency management system to get a quote. Wouldn’t you rather use the data in your system than rekey the same data in to multiple websites? Agents: Too few carriers. We should shout out to the world about the carriers that do provide this functionality. Why not use what is available and realize significant savings now? Don’t wait for the road system to be 100% complete, that won’t happen. (There is constant road construction in this country.) More use means more roads will be built. Agents: Easier to go to website. Really? Granted workflow changes can present challenges. (Have you ever bought a new car where the gas cap switched sides? I bet you were able to still figure out how to fill up the tank.) Hitting a button on your system and saving hundreds if not thousands of keystrokes – using the system you already have put a significant investment into – has got to be easier than duplicating your entry of data into one or many carrier systems. what can agents do? Agents, here are some key ways you can help shape your future and move the industry forward: • Use commercial lines bridging


and rating for those carriers that are providing it. • Give feedback to your carriers on what works and what doesn’t. • Tell carriers you need this functionality. • Embrace the next improvement or new development. • Thank senior carrier executives when they provide you with time- saving real-time functionality. what can carriers do? • Get out your roadmap. • Understand your options. • If you haven’t begun, plan your trip. • Understand your internal capabilities and what is available externally to assist you. • Talk to industry resources to help. • Get started. Begin with one line. • If you have implemented, talk to your agents, get feedback, and enhance existing implementations. • Get creative! • Plan your next trip. NOW is the time Don’t wait for perfection. Travel the roads available. Build more roads. Improve those roads. Much like the U.S. Interstate system, commercial lines real-time rating will continue to evolve, but it is essential for the future of the independent agent distribution system to have agents and carriers get on the road and start that drive today. We need both the engineers to design it and the drivers to use it to understand its full capabilities. Now is the time to pave the road for our future. As the noted authority Lily Tomlin said: “The road to success is always under construction.” Thad Bauer is president and co-founder of NxTech, Inc., a firm that helps carriers, MGAs and brokers implement Real Time and Download. He can be reached at

former kaia president dies Bremen Farmers’ Mutual Insurance Company Serving Kansas since 1888 • Homeowners

• Agri–Pak (Farmowners)

• Preferred Homeowners

• Inland Marine

• Dwelling Fire

• Business Owners

• Online quoting, application submission, and document view available

Curtis Holle • President

201 Brenneke St. | Bremen, KS 66412 T: 800.562.5712 | F: 785.337.2414

Steve Meier • VP/Claims Mgr.

Bryce Peters • Underwriting Mgr.


Charles Hostetler, president of Charlson & Wilson Insurance Agency and a past president of KAIA, died Dec. 8 after a battle with cancer. He was 75. Hostetler was born and raised in Manhattan, graduated from K-State in 1960 and earned a law degree from KU in 1963. After graduation, he returned home to Manhattan to launch a career in banking and insurance. Hostetler went to work for Charlson & Wilson before buying the independent agency. He celebrated 50 years at the agency this past fall. Hostetler served as president of KAIA from 1977-78. Among his long list of community endeavors, he served on the Kansas Board of Regents, KU Law School’s Board of Governors. KSU Foundation’s Board of Trustees and as president of the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce.

Acquisition Strategy



“ Reducing losses adds value for your clients.” Chad Veach, Engineering Services Supervisor Provide more than protection to your clients. Provide the added value of EMC’s no-fee loss control services, which could help reduce the cost of their insurance. It’s just one of the many reasons policyholders Count on EMC®.

Wichita Branch: 800.223.0562


Home Office: Des Moines, IA © Copyright Employers Mutual Casualty Company 2013 All rights reserved



Michael Akin and Bernie Zalaznik, EMC Insurance

passing the torch michael AK I N tak es th e r e i ns at e m c i n kan sas

Bernie Zalaznik began working for EMC Insurance 27 years ago. Under Bernie’s leadership, as vice president and Wichita branch manager, the Wichita branch became EMC’s largest branch in the country. Bernie retired from the company on Dec. 31, 2013, passing the torch to the company’s new vice president and branch manager – Michael Akin. Michael, who has worked in underwriting, marketing and management with other insurance companies, is new to EMC and new to Kansas. KIA&B asked Mike a few questions to help Kansas independent agents and brokers get to know him better. Here’s what Mike had to say: how did you get your start in the insurance business? I started my insurance career in 1980, right out of college. I was a marketing major and I took a couple of insurance classes. Like many in the industry I did not necessarily aspire to be in insurance, but when I was looking for a job I found an interesting opportunity and have stayed in the industry ever since.


what drew you to EMC and to kansas? I had been with an insurance company in Ohio for 33 years. I was contacted after a current EMC associate referred me to the company. I really liked the people, the culture, and the deep agency/company relationships that EMC had to offer. I never envisioned that I would move to Kansas, but after visiting the state and Wichita branch office, I found it to be an excellent fit. What do you think is the biggest challenge the industry faces? I think one of our biggest challenges is attracting young, talented, career-minded individuals to the industry whether it be to the company side or the independent agency side. how do you see EMC addressing that challenge? EMC hires graduates right out of college and we train them to become underwriters. The training takes place in both our Des Moines corporate office and in our local branch offices. We also work with our agents to encourage and develop perpetuation plans.


What do you think makes emc stand out in the industry? EMC aspires to be the most sought after company by independent agencies. We pride ourselves in building agency relationships that are profitable for both EMC and our partner agencies. We are a generalist in addition to specializing in segments such as schools, municipalites, cities and counties. We continue to improve our already excellent agency services, which includes servicing existing accounts and writing new business. Our claims service and loss prevention activities help us achieve retention ratios that are higher than the industry average. what do you want independent agents to know about emc? We are dedicated to the independent agency channel and will continue to strengthen agency relationships. We continue to focus on technologies that improve and streamline processes but at the same time assign underwriters to each and every one of our agencies. It is our experienced and dedicated staff that puts EMC ahead of the competition. what do you think emc offers that agents might not be taking full advantage of? Unlike many of our competitors we are not a class underwriting company. We work closely with our agents to write profitable accounts in various segments.

what’s on the horizon for EMC? We will be introducing many technology and service enhancements that will improve our agency and policyholder services. Improvements include providing agents access to poliyholder information online, automating our internal workflow process for new and renewal business, adding additional upload and download capabilites, and expanding our product offerings. tell us more about you I replaced Bernie Zalaznik who, over the past 20 years, grew the Wichita branch into the largest branch for EMC. My goal is to continue Bernie’s success and strengthen our agency relationships. My wife Melanie and I have two daughters, a son and a grandson. We enjoy traveling, especially on our Harley. I have been a Harley owner and enthusiast for the past 25 years, and I have attended many rallies and events throughout the U.S. We look forward to exploring Kansas this summer. We also enjoy the outdoors and RV camping. what can kaia do that would be helpful to you in your new role? EMC supports Trusted Choice® and the Big I. We continually benefit from the association’s work to support and provide services to independent agents.

John Sprague, marketing manager for EMC (right), takes the mic to talk about Bernie Zalaznik’s career accomplishments with EMC during a retirement reception for Zalaznik at the Wichita branch office. Zalaznik (left) retired as vice president and branch manager on Dec. 31. He had worked 27 years for the company, during which time he grew the Wichita branch into the largest EMC branch in the country.



Hit the ground running in 2014 by john chapin

s this finally going to be the year? Will 2014 be the year that you finally step up, stand out, and live up to what you know you can do, to what you’ve been telling yourself for years that you’ll show the world one day? Do you remember when you used to think about how old you’d be and what you’d be doing in the year 2000? That was 14 years ago. Enough of “next year”, it’s time to make this year “next year” and in order to do that, you’ll have to hit the beginning of 2014 like a freight train. Here’s how:


use end-of-month, end-of-year sales tactics now Are there certain things you do to get business when you need it? If so, use those now. You can offer special discounts, have sales, you can also call your best customers and ask them to invest now. Whatever it is that you do to scare up business when you need it, this is the time to use those techniques now. The overall idea here is to develop a sense of urgency to get as much business in as fast as possible so that you can build some powerful


momentum and get way out ahead. Ideally you’re looking for the equivalent of three months of business in January. Another key here is once you’re way out ahead of the pack and feeling great, don’t fall into your comfort zone and take your foot off the accelerator. If you do, you’ll lose momentum, slip back, and next thing you know you’ll be back to 90% of quota at the end of March. Don’t back off, keep going. Pedal to the metal. double your activity If you usually make 50 prospecting calls in a day, make 100, if you usually make five presentations, make ten. If you double your prospecting calls and presentations, you should double your sales. Is that potentially going to take more time and resources? Yes, do it anyway. Follow tip 4 below and manage your time better, get those nonproductive activities off your plate or table other things for off-hours or even the weekends. Look, what activities pay you the most? You need to find creative ways to find more time to spend on those.


go to extremes Doubling your activity and using end-of-year and other tactics may sound extreme, but what I’m talking about here is really pushing yourself. I’m talking about a marathon prospecting day in which you make four to five times the number of calls you’d usually make, or a day in which you make four or five times as many presentation calls. These may be days when you dedicate the whole day to one sales activity and you start your day earlier and end it later. Another form of extreme activity is to make a BIG call every day. This refers to finally making that call that you’ve been thinking about forever and you just can’t get yourself to make it. Another form of this idea is to call at least one elephant – or person that intimidates you – every day.

sales and time management. Also, find people who are great at time management and sales, these may not be the same people by the way, and find out what they do. Do the same things the same way, get the same results.

get better at selling and time management This one is pretty self-explanatory. Obviously the better you are at selling, the better qualified your prospects will be and the better and more effective you’ll be at all aspects of the sales process. This also means that less time will be required to make the same amount of sales. That said, you still need to get better at focusing on your key activities which are: prospecting, presenting, closing, and client relationship building. Read, take courses, and study

The point is, if there is enough on the line, if you have a strong enough reason(s) to make it happen, you’ll make it happen. It simply comes down to knowing what your hot buttons are and then pushing enough of them so that you’re crazed with enthusiasm and drive to make it happen.

up the ante What can you do to really put pressure on yourself to make it happen? On the other side of the coin, what can you do to make the reward so great that you simply have to get the year off to a great start? Think carrot and stick here. Can you post-date a check for $1,000 or $10,000 or more, and if you don’t do what you say you’re going to do, someone gets to cash it, or it otherwise disappears forever? Can you make your dream vacation to Hawaii a reality if you make it happen? Maybe you can do both.

Remember, that you can do, be, and have anything you want, but it’s going to take hard work and sacrifice. The only questions are: Are you willing to put in the time, effort, energy and money that’s necessary? Are you willing to give up the excuses and other crutches and pay the price to get it done?


AVIATION INSURANCE HEADQUARTERS We at Nason Associates have daily contact with the worldwide aviation marketplace to help with uncovered exposures that are in your client’s path. If you have clients who are involved in flying or the aviation industry, our experience and marketing skills can provide you with a complete insurance program.

John Chapin is an award-winning sales speaker, trainer and coach, a No. 1 sales rep in three industries, and author of the“Sales Encyclopedia.” You may reach him at 508243-7359 or johnchapin@completeselling. com, or by visting

ALL TYPES OF AVIATION COVERAGE: Aircraft Hull & Liability, Aviation Products Liability, Airport Liability, including Products & Hangarkeepers, Aviation Non-Ownership Liability, Work Comp, Aviation Property Coverage NASON ASSOCIATES, INC. 6811 Shawnee Mission Parkway, #312 Shawnee Mission, KS 66202 (913) 677-1550 FAX# (913) 384-9350




Creating a culture of accountability reating and maintaining a culture of accountability should be an easy task – but it is anything but easy! Every business leader would like to believe they hold others accountable for performance, goal achievement and outstanding customer service. The challenge is how do we achieve a true culture of accountability?


what is accountability? Let’s first define accountability. says it’s “the state of being accountable, liable or answerable; responsible to someone or for some action, answerable; able to be explained.” If one were to define accountability for an organization’s culture, what would that be? An organization that has a culture of accountability encourages challenging conversations that ultimately focus productivity for the betterment of the organization and its individuals. what does accountability look like? What does that look like? It means employees at every level are empowered to ‘call’ others out when something is questionable or incorrect. It means individuals do NOT take comments personally, yet are open to feedback and willing to answer the difficult questions. Why is accountability important? Let’s look at what happens when we do not have a culture of accountability. Employees operate in silos never considering how an action impacts other facets of the organization. Employees operate listening to WIIFM (What’s In It – For Me). Employees do not coach or discipline others to improved performance. Employees make assumptions, spread rumors and discuss issues that should be addressed through formal means of communication. The absence of information breeds assumptions that are damaging to the organization and its employees. The key to a culture of accountability is open, direct, honest and frequent feedback. The conversations must be “safe” for all individuals with each accepting responsibility.


Can you reach this kind of communication? Let’s refer to the “Five Dysfunctions of a Team” by Peter Lencioni for starters. This book outlines building blocks for a functioning team. When the organization is not in a functioning KRISTIN SCOTT mode the following is Human Resources Consultant present: Absence of Trust; Fear of Conflict; Lack of Commitment; Avoidance of Accountability; and Inattention to Details. In another book, titled “Critical Conversations,” there is an excellent story about how individuals receive feedback and how to deliver a productive response. The owner of the organization issues a goal of reducing costs. The goals have been in place for six months. The owner has not seen progress to reduce costs yet the managers agree in face-to-face meetings that reducing costs is important. The owner calls a meeting to discuss why the organization is not reducing costs. One manager speaks up and says “the managers are willing to work to reduce costs, however, we understand you (the owner) are expanding your office and the furniture alone is $150,000.” The owner has options at this point. The owner could say, it’s my company and I can do what I want. What would this have accomplished? It would stifle future honest conversations, the discussion would have been refocused with managers agreeing to reduce costs, walking out of the meeting and not working one minute to reduce costs. Or, the owner could recompose herself and say, “Thank you for bringing the project up. We recognized a need to expand the marketing department to host client meetings. After the project was launched we realized the remodel and materials were more expensive than anticipated. The reality is the furniture cost is only a fraction of the project budget and is nowhere near


$150,000. We are taking a step back from this project and re-grouping to identify if we can complete the project within a reasonable budget. Are there other issues holding us back from focusing on reducing costs?” This answer completely changed the managers’ perspective and helped them focus on reducing costs. Bottom-line: Welcome challenges and encourage employees at all levels to be able to confront others with conflict in a safe manner. The challenge is how does an organization move from a culture of “conflict avoidance” to a culture of “accountability?” It is a step-by-step process that will take time. Successful change always starts at the top of the organization. The owner must be the one to launch the change and be the change champion. Four steps to changing the culture Here are four steps toward creating a culture of accountability in your agency: 1. The owner identifies the desired culture. Outline what that culture looks like. Establish goals and accountability

measures to monitor the change. As an owner, you must participate in each aspect of the change and be willing to follow the same “rules.” 2. The owner communicates the desired culture, goals and measurements to the management team and invites feedback. Items that need tweaked should be addressed. 3. Managers communicate the desired culture, goals and measurements to staff. 4. EVERYONE must now participate in the new culture with consequences to follow if they don’t. Organizations frequently use the term “open door” policy. The reality is employees can come and share thoughts, ideas or concerns. but no action is taken. Or, if action is taken, the employee does not see it or recognize it. Every employee’s idea, thought or concern must be responded to and appropriate follow-up must happen. Managers must start holding staff accountable to expected performance measures. Performance measures are not only focused on productivity, customer service and goals, but also acceptable behaviors. A true culture change takes time. It will not happen overnight. Organizations may have to change out the entire management team if the team in place has learned how to operate without continuous improvement. The new culture of accountability may be too much for them. Those that can survive will and those that can’t won’t.

Snow removal.

Kristin Scott owns Scott HR in Topeka, Kansas. As a certified Professional in Human Resources (PHR), she has worked nearly 14 years helping companies hire, train and manage their employee resources. In 2011, Kristin earned the CERP designation from The Retention Institute. You may reach her at 272-5410 or

This is one of many liabilities that can be difficult to place, but not for us! Specialized coverage for Difficult to Place Operations, Construction, Oil & Gas, Contractors’ Equipment and Contract Surety since 1956.


A member of Great American Insurance Group | | 918 587 7221 | 1437 South Boulder | Suite 200 | Tulsa, Oklahoma 74119

|January-February 2014| KANSAS INSURANCE AGENT & BROKEr



Accident Fund

Q&A with Accident Fund’s Mike Seling Tell us about Accident Fund’s current offerings in Kansas: As the WorkSafe People, Accident Fund specializes in workers compensation insurance for small- to medium-size business. Ease of doing business for agents is a top priority and we achieve this by allowing all business to be rated, quoted, bound and issued via our online portal.

What makes Accident Fund unique? Our agents often tell us that we’re different and better than many carriers they work with. We believe partnerships make the difference to our success – with our agents and our customers. Because work comp is all we do, Accident Fund has become an innovator in the industry. For example: Our Medical Center of Excellence team developed Care Analytics® where we use predictive analytics to create a network of experienced occupational physicians, identify abnormal treatment patterns, and identify medical resources within specific geographic areas. We partnered with Johns Hopkins University on a study that demonstrated the significant impact to overall claim costs when opioids are prescribed. We provide in-state WorkSafe Consultants to accounts to assist with their loss control needs. And, we offer customers a variety of solutions to assist in managing their accounts, including AccuPremium, our convenient pay-as-you-go option.

What factors keeps Accident Fund in Kansas? Kansas has a strong agency base and nearly half a billion dollars of available work comp premium, much of which falls within our appetite – small to medium-size business in a broad spectrum of classes. As of 2012, A.M. Best results showed Kansas performing 12 points better than the industry average from a combined ratio standpoint and historically the state has outperformed the industry. Because of the strong potential for valuable agency partnerships and favorable underwriting results, Accident Fund views Kansas as a key state to our success and plans for continued growth.

Does the company has any new products, plans or changes coming in the near future? Accident Fund is always seeking innovative ways to identify, write and prospect targeted business through various tools we share with agents. We also continually look to better our claims management and WorkSafe Consulting capabilities for our customers.



Mike Seling

Regional Director ACCIDENT FUND

About Accident Fund Headquarters: Lansing, Michigan Year Established: 1912 Years in Kansas: Accident Fund has been licensed in Kansas since 2001

Kansas agents currently contracted with Accident Fund 23

Kansas counties open for new agents All Kansas counties

How to get an appointment with Accident Fund

Contact our Regional Director Mike Seling at

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Upcoming Classes & Events KAIA is the leading provider of continuing education for agents in Kansas, managing both the Certified Insurance Counselor (CIC) and Certified Insurance Service Representative (CISR) designation programs of the National Alliance for Insurance Education and Research. KAIA offers educational programming throughout the year designed to help agents meet Kansas Continuing Education and Ethics requirements, including Designation Certification, Swiss Re Corporate Solutions Loss Control, Certified Insurance Counselor designation, and Certified Insurance Service Representative designation. Visit for a complete list of upcoming events and classes, or to register for classes online.

CISR Class Schedule february 2014 Feb. 12 Life and Health Essentials Feb. 26 Insuring Commercial Property

Overland Park t Wichita

MARCH 2014 March 12 Insuring Commercial Property March 19 Commercial Casualty 2

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April 2014 April 9 Insuring Personal Residential Property Topeka t April 22 William T. Hold Seminar Overland Park t MAY 2014 May 6 Elements of Risk Management May 14 Insuring Personal Residential

Hutchinson Hays

JUNE 2014 June 4 Elements of Risk Management June 11 Agency Operations June 18 Agency Operations

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August 2014 August 6 Personal Auto Exposures

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SEPTEMBER 2014 Sept. 3 Agency Operations Sept. 10 Insuring Personal Residential Sept. 24 Personal Lines Misc.

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OCTOBER 2014 Oct. 1 Insuring Commercial Property Oct. 29 Life & Health Essentials

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November 2014 Nov. 13 Commercial Casualty I Nov. 19 Commercial Casualty I

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DEcember 2014 Dec. 2 Dynamics of Service

CIC Class Schedule February 2014 Feb. 19-21 Commercial Property Institute

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March 2014 March 26-28 Agency Management Institute

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May 2014 May 8-9

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Ruble Institute

August 2014 Aug. 20-22 Commercial Casualty Institute

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SEPTEMBER 2014 Sept. 24-26 Personal Lines Institute

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November 2014 Nov. 5-7 Life Health Institute

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More Classes & Events FEBRUARY 2014 Feb. 26 Kansas Agents Legislative Day


APRIL 2014 April 2-4 Strategic Sales Training


MAY 2014 May 21

E&O Risk Management


AUGUST 2014 Aug. 13-15 E&O Risk Management


OCTOBER 2014 Oct. 14-17 Management Conference


Topeka t

Education without leaving your desk! KAIA offers live-streaming of selected classes. This means you can take the class and earn CE credits from your own computer or from designated classrooms around the state. Classes marked with t are scheduled to be live-streamed. Contact the KAIA office for details.



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Upon our acquisition by National Indemnity Company/Berkshire Hathaway in October of 2012, a new and improved GUARD emerged. A year later, we are pleased to introduce a new logo that better reflects our ENHANCED GUARD BRAND. As you can see, we highlight the immense resources available to us through our ultimate parent as we continue climbing to the top of our industry . . . while retaining reminders of the steps behind us – an assurance that the best of our old values still remain. Join us as we reach new heights: visit Berkshire Hathaway GUARD Insurance Companies are rated A+ (“SUPERIOR”) by A.M. Best Company and specialize in small- to mid-sized accounts – featuring Workers' Compensation coverage in 37 states and complementary Businessowner's Policy (BOP), Umbrella, and Commercial Auto products in select jurisdictions.






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Insurance Services Office IAT Insurance Group TRANSGUARD INSURANCE COMPANY OF AMERICA CUMIS Insurance Society Group CUMIS Insurance Society Inc EMC Insurance Companies EMCASCO Insurance Company Employers Mutual Casualty Company Union Insurance Company of Providence Philadelphia Ins/Tokio Mar Grp TNUS Insurance Co Philadelphia Ins/Tokio Mar Grp Trans Pacific Insurance Company Philadelphia Ins/Tokio Mar Grp Tokio Marine America Insurance Company Chubb Group of Insurance Cos Federal Insurance Company Vigilant Insurance Company Great Northern Insurance Company Pacific Indemnity Company Progressive Insurance Group United Financial Casualty Company Federated Rural Elect Ins Exch SPARTA Insurance Group SPARTA Insurance Company Nationwide Group Nationwide Agribusiness Insurance Co Nationwide Group Farmland Mutual Insurance Company Florists’ Mutual Group Florists’ Mutual Insurance Company Federated Rural Elect Ins Exch Zurich Insurance Group Ltd Assurance Company of America Zurich Insurance Group Ltd Northern Insurance Company of New York Zurich Insurance Group Ltd Maryland Casualty Company CNA Insurance Companies American Casualty Company of Reading, PA National Fire Insurance Co of Hartford Transportation Insurance Company Valley Forge Insurance Company Continental Casualty Company Zurich Insurance Group Ltd Universal Underwriters Insurance Company Hanover Ins Grp P&C Cos Hanover Insurance Company Hanover Ins Grp P&C Cos Hanover American Insurance Company Hanover Ins Grp P&C Cos Massachusetts Bay Insurance Company Hanover Ins Grp P&C Cos Citizens Insurance Company of America National Crop Ins Services Kansas Mutual Insurance Co Farmers Mutual Insurance Co Federated Rural Elect Ins Exch W. R. Berkley Insurance Group Berkley National Insurance Company W. R. Berkley Insurance Group StarNet Insurance Company W. R. Berkley Insurance Group

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Berkley Regional Insurance Company Liberty Mutual Insurance Cos Ohio Security Insurance Company United Fire & Casualty Group United Fire & Casualty Company Cincinnati Insurance Companies Cincinnati Insurance Company Liberty Mutual Insurance Cos American Fire and Casualty Company Farmers Mutual Insurance Co Farmers Mutual Insurance Co Farmers Mutual Insurance Co United Fire & Casualty Group Addison Insurance Company Insurance Services Office MutualAid eXchange Zurich Insurance Group Ltd Universal Underwriters Insurance Company Nationwide Group Nationwide Agribusiness Insurance Co Nationwide Group Farmland Mutual Insurance Company Insurance Services Office Amerisure Companies Amerisure Partners Insurance Company Munich-American Hldng Corp Cos American Alternative Insurance Corp Kansas Medical Mutual Ins Co Kansas Medical Mutual Ins Co HCA Inc Health Care Indemnity Inc HCA Inc Health Care Indemnity Inc Amerisure Companies Amerisure Insurance Company Florists’ Mutual Group Florists’ Mutual Insurance Company Amerisure Companies Amerisure Mutual Insurance Company Federated Rural Elect Ins Exch ILM Group Indiana Lumbermens Mutual Insurance Co ILM Group National Building Material Assurance Co Hartford Insurance Group Hartford Insurance Company of MidW Buckeye Insurance Group Buckeye State Mutual Insurance Company Farmers Mutual Insurance Co Nationwide Group Nationwide Insurance Company of America Assurant P&C Group Standard Guaranty Insurance Company Assurant P&C Group American Security Insurance Company State Farm Group State Farm Fire and Casualty Company Liberty Mutual Insurance Cos Liberty Insurance Corporation Amica Mutual Group Amica Mutual Insurance Company Liberty Mutual Insurance Cos LM Insurance Corporation

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-6.50% -0.40% -0.40% 2.00% 2.00% 2.10% 2.10% 3.70% 3.70% 6.50% 6.50% 6.50% 7.60% 7.60% 8.10% 15.00% 23.50% 23.50% -11.00% -11.00% -9.70% -9.70% -9.10% -7.70% -7.70% -7.50% -7.50% -7.00% -2.50% -2.00% -2.00% -2.00% -2.00% -0.10% -0.10% 2.70% 2.70% 4.10% 4.10% 6.00% 30.00% 30.00% 42.90% 42.90% -0.02% -0.02% 1.98% 1.98% 6.50% 9.90% 9.90% 10.20% 10.20% 11.00% 11.00% 11.40% 11.40% 14.90% 14.90% 15.20% 15.20% 15.30% 15.30%





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Homeowners Multi-Peril Homeowners Multi-Peril Homeowners Multi-Peril Private Passenger Auto Private Passenger Auto Private Passenger Auto Private Passenger Auto Private Passenger Auto Private Passenger Auto Private Passenger Auto Private Passenger Auto Private Passenger Auto Private Passenger Auto Private Passenger Auto Private Passenger Auto Private Passenger Auto Private Passenger Auto Private Passenger Auto Private Passenger Auto Private Passenger Auto Private Passenger Auto Private Passenger Auto Private Passenger Auto Workers Compensation Workers Compensation Workers Compensation

Rate Rate Rate Rate Rate Rate Rate Rate Rate Rate Rate Rate Rate Rate Rate Rate Rate Rate Rate Rate Rate Rate Rate Rate Rate Rate

Liberty Mutual Insurance Cos First Liberty Insurance Corporation Liberty Mutual Fire Insurance Company MetLife Personal Lines Group Economy Premier Assurance Company Auto-Owners Insurance Group Auto-Owners Insurance Company MetLife Personal Lines Group Metropolitan Group Prop & Cas Ins Co MetLife Personal Lines Group Metropolitan Casualty Insurance Company MetLife Personal Lines Group Metropolitan P & C Ins Co MetLife Personal Lines Group Metropolitan General Insurance Company State Farm Group State Farm Mutual Automobile Ins Co State Farm Group State Farm Fire and Casualty Company EMC Insurance Companies Union Insurance Company of Providence EMC Insurance Companies EMCASCO Insurance Company American International Group AIU Insurance Company National Council on Comp Ins

12/19/2013 12/19/2013 12/19/2013 12/30/2013 12/30/2013 11/27/2013 11/27/2013 12/30/2013 12/30/2013 12/30/2013 12/30/2013 12/30/2013 12/30/2013 12/30/2013 12/30/2013 12/2/2013 12/2/2013 12/2/2013 12/2/2013 12/15/2013 12/15/2013 12/15/2013 12/15/2013 1/1/2014 1/1/2014 1/1/2014

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includes selected rate filings from November 22, 2013 to January 3, 2014

includes selected rate filings from October 11 to November 21, 2013



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