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MAY 9, 2012


Droplets From Heaven

Mary Musings

A Devotional Touch That's Not Too Much

The days roll along, bringing us ever closer to the Centennial Homecoming. Less than 100 days now - this milestone was celebrated at last Wednesday's Bingo, with a special $100 prize of Consort Bucks, sponsored by the Consort & District Chamber of Commerce. It was won by Peggy Walker and I, personally, thought that was A-OK! This lady is not a Lion, neither is her husband, yet she's always there if we need a hand. This sort of support is so appreciated. The same goes for the Lions wives. When help is needed, they are right there by their husband's side at cleaning and set-up sessions for the Gun Show & Jam Session, working behind the counter at the Bingo and many more places that they lend their support. This is appreciated and it all adds to the fun, as well. I've just been handed a sheet of names of people registered for the Centennial Homecoming. Many are local people, but a few are out-of-towners, such as former Principal Jim and Mary George. They left a lot of friends when they moved away from here, who will be glad to sit down with them for a good 'gab session'. Neighbors, former students and church congregation members will be looking forward to this. Some of the other names are Diane (Hayworth) Elliott, Glenn Kennedy, Mel Rennich, Hugh and Margie Jones, Marguerite Price, Tracey Wahba, Bob and Anne Graefer, Pat Wiese and Jennie Bruha, Joe and Pat Sherritt, Gary and Maureen Schooler. These names represent families. We heard that all the Russell and Emma Schoff descendants are coming and plan to park in the yard of the old homestead. This will be a real nostalgia trip! We had a short visit with Larry and Janice Lewsaw of Camrose. Both raised in Consort, they are looking forward to a get-together with old friends. Larry taught school here and hoped there would be a tour of the school, as he's interested in what it looks like today and also thought this could be a good gathering place for former students. With the large crowd expected, it could be difficult to see everyone, so maybe designated spots could be arranged, identified by years, e.g. Grade 9, 1950 or Grade 1, 1980, etc. I remember one Homecoming, there were tables set up in the arena with the dates marked on them. Another time, there were miniature schools marked with their names from the rural areas - Neutral Valley, Little Gap, Silver Beach, and so on. A couple of these little schools ended up in the Sortland Museum. Several of Janice Lewsaw's family - the Scotts - as well as old friends and classmates, (the Kroker girls, Susie (Brodie) and Walter Bunting) are hoping to get camped together with their RV's, and wondered about parking spots. I've done a bit of looking and asking, and learned there will be space in the new subdivision, across Hy. 41 east of the Sportex. There are some other spots in town that may be used and private homeowners will likely have family members and friends in their yards. More information on this will be provided on request. Of course, the Park at Gooseberry Lake will be full and if you want to stay there, it would be a good idea to contact Ted and Debbie as soon as you can. Registration forms are coming in steadily. There's a place on them to indicate how many are coming and which meals will be needed and how many. It's important that this info is provided as well as the remittance for same.

by Ben Klumpenhower

The Aroma Of Good Things Smell isn’t everything but it sure helps, was something I heard someone say one time. When I was writing my last article Shirley was cooking supper and the aroma that wafted down the hall right to my nostrils was enough to make me go to the kitchen. There was no invitation needed, for the aroma was enough to make me want to be there. My wife is a good cook and every meal is something I look forward to, but once in a while the aroma is irresistible as it promises good things to come. It is such a blessing when we can smell the wonderful aroma of good food. Then there are certain things like Brussels sprouts that smell unpleasant when they are being cooked but with a little seasoning they become very pleasant and good for you. The apostle Paul wrote God’s instructions in his letter to the Ephesians and urges them to get rid of all that’s filthy and negative and become like sweet smelling aroma. Ephesians 4:31ff “Let all bitterness, wrath, anger, clamor and evil speaking be put away from you, with all malice. And be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God in Christ forgave you. Therefore be imitators of God as dear children and walk in love, as Christ also has loved us and given Himself for us, an offering and a sacrifice to God as a sweet smelling aroma.� We can chose to be as a sweet smelling aroma both to God and others around us when following Christ. When we put away from us the ugly and filthy and immoral and unrighteous and practice living in love then we become sweet smelling aroma. The aroma attracts, pleases and makes you appreciated just like my wife’s cooking does to me. Wouldn’t it be nice to live in a sweet smelling society? Alas, we hear and see and experience the stench of unpleasantness all too often and may even be guilty of doing some foul smelling things ourselves. God calls us to be a pleasant aroma, which from my experience with Shirley’s cooking is like droplets from heaven.

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started to groan at the idea of yet another fundraiser, Corinne Kelts and Wanda Diakow introduced the idea of bridge financing from the Special Areas so that they can have the daycare in place the fall of 2012 and they can start fundraising now so they can begin to pay back the Special Areas. If a new facility is built, the daycare would be adjacent to the school ground bordering the school fence and the ball diamonds. This location has proven to have positive potential as it is close to the school for after school programming and is in a low traffic area which were two concerns of the parents. The ability to control the design of the building and the overall size of the lot was also a plus in the eyes of parents as the potential lot is larger than 11,000 square feet allowing room for the 1500 square foot daycare center and leaving a significant outdoor play area with adequate parking, which were both concerns with the Community Connection Center. Also, a new facility will allow for an easier exit strategy in case the daycare fails; the society can still sell the property and land to get a return on their investment whereas the community center funds would be lost in renovation costs. The consensus of the night seemed to be resting on the hopes of a new venue that can be in place by Fall 2012. However, voting is open to all and anyone who wishes to have a say on the topic. To get your vote in or for more more information, contact Wanda Diakow or Corinne Kelts at the Special Areas office or Monique Jeffrey at the Village office. Voting will be closed at the end of May when it will be decided what location and building option the new daycare will go ahead with, allowing time for grant applications to be in by mid June. By early June the community will know whether they can expect a daycare by Fall of 2012 or if they will have to wait until 2013 for renovations to be completed. More information about

exact programming and other details will come later as the Neutral Hills Child Care Society obtains more information, such as the number of kids and the age groups they are looking at. Temporarily the estimated cost at this time for full time daycare would be around $700/month. The Neutral Hills Child Care Society is strongly encouraging people to be active in the topic and vote on the location of their choice. Grandparents, parents, and business owner alike are invited to weigh in on the idea and think of ways they could volunteer or donate their ideas to the project. The group hopes to organize another presentation to gain more interest and answer any questions people might have. They also encourage parents interested in day care to fill out a Pre-Registration Form so that the Society can better plan their programming based on specific numbers. For those without children for the daycare, but would like to donate time or labor, you can fill out a NHCCS Donation/Volunteer Commitment Form so the society can get an estimate of how much the community is willing to help. Overall the night was very successful and productive. Village CAO Monique Jeffrey explained that raising the necessary funds isn’t a large issue as the Consort community is “the most community spirited and minded community I have ever had the pleasure to work at�. There is no doubt that Jeffery believes that this daycare is achievable for Consort and once word is spread around the community, there will be no shortage of kids for the daycare. The Village of Consort will be accepting any donations for the new daycare, but the society asks that the memo line of cheques are clearly marked that it is specifically for the daycare and that all cheques be made out to the Village of Consort who will then pass on the money to the Neutral Hills Child Care Society so they can follow their goal of creating an affordable, available, and accredited day care facility.

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Young Mothers Gather for Community Daycare Meeting

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Daycare in Consort pt.2  
Daycare in Consort pt.2  

Part two of daycare story carried over from the front page.