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It’s Been a Wonderful Five Years On Dec. 8, Memorial Park Community Center staff embraced the five-year celebration of the facility’s opening in 2012 by hosting “It’s Been a Wonderful Five Years.” The theme followed the famous 1946 Christmas film starring James Stewart and directed by Frank Capra. In the film, an intervening angel helps right Stewart’s character who realizes all the different lives he’s touched. MPCC became the fictional community of Bedford Falls, offering a drug store in which ice cream and other treats were served, a chance to chat with Santa Claus, a viewing of the movie plus other assorted fun and games. Thanks again for helping us mark this important milestone.

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Congratulations! James Ellis was honored by the Tennessee Softball Association and inducted into their Hall of Fame.

Administration Highlights ~  The annual Wall of Fame Banquet took place on Dec. 14 with 262 in attendance. The banquet was held at Memorial Park Community Center.  Staff presented potential athletic facilities to the City Commission and members of the Park Advisory Board.  GS&P is submitting project information to TDEC on the Civitan renovation project. Once approved the project will be sent to purchasing.  A site visit was conducted with the new concession vendor in preparation for the new season.

Athletics Division Highlights ~  The youth basketball program began on December 4 with 74 teams. This is an increase of seven teams from last season.  Adult basketball started Dec. 4 with 21 teams, which is an increase of one team from last year.  The Holiday Basketball Classic was held Dec. 11-19 with 70 teams participating.  Laura Shearin joined the Athletic Division on Dec. 11 as a recreation worker.

Park Services Division Highlights ~  Park Services crew members assembled the float for the city Christmas parade and tree lighting ceremonies downtown.  Basketball goals have been installed at Carver Park.  Winter cleanup of all park facilities is taking place. Trimming shrubs, installing mulch, and general grounds manicuring in preparation for the upcoming winter season.  Winterization of all locations is underway.

A Walk in the Park

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Recreation Services Division ~  Senior Services received the Positive Images of Aging Award from the Southeastern Association of Area Agencies on Aging. The award was for the Turtle Trek Challenge series.  Our thanks to Johnson City’s Forester Pat Walding for mowing the meadow area at Willow Springs Park. Mowing is necessary or the meadow will quickly fill with small trees, causing the meadow to rapidly disappear. A winter mowing is least disruptive to wildlife. The meadow will return in the spring with plenty of pollinator friendly plant life. “To catch the reader's attention,

 The team at Memorial Park Community Center has spent the month celebrating the facilities 5-year anniversary. Staff members made a surprise visit to several classes during the month with a Celebration Cart filled with goodies for class patrons. A handbell concert was held Dec. 6, followed by a community celebration Dec. 7 featuring a visit with Santa, inflatable fun, ice cream and crafts. About 250 were in attendance. Santa’s mailbox received 100 letters, which were answered by staff. The 36th Annual Wall of Fame Banquet was held Dec. 14 with 220 in attendance. The center also hosted the city’s employee Christmas luncheon and the department’s employee Christmas party. Rockin’ with Rudolf children’s Christmas party was held on Dec. 16th with 100 in attendance. City staff and several department employees participated in the delivery of the annual Senior Center Foundation Christmas Box delivery. Two hundred and fifty two boxes were delivered to needy elderly in the community.  Memorial Park Community Center hosted a free self-defense class on Dec. 4 and a teen game night on Dec. 5 with 10 teens in attendance.

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Kudos to Memorial Park Community Center staff and all those employees who assisted in making December a month filled with opportunities. They have hosted the center’s five-year anniversary celebration, a handbell choir performance, It’s Been a Wonderful Five Years, the city employee luncheon, the department luncheon, a Friday Night Dance and the annual Wall of Fame Banquet. Congratulations on a job well done.

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Walk in the park 2017 december  
Walk in the park 2017 december