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This client's large flat back garden was plain and not too interesting. The lawn took a long time to cut, and such a large garden had space in abundance to add a nice feature deck. We designed a large flat deck to complement the flat landscape of the garden. The curved corner softens what is otherwise a very angular garden giving it a comfortable look. There's a brick-built barbecue area, which features a storage cupboard to keep barbecue tools and charcoal tidy and out of sight. The brick surround round the deck not only adds to the contemporary look, but was also designed to make grass cutting easy without the need to strim. It's great for evening use with six recessed lights and a waterproof electrical socket.

…. To This! Features: ✔ Recessed Lighting ✔ Waterproof electrical socket ✔ Brick Barbecue

This NewBuild Holiday Home needed a Simple Kitchen Here – Fast!

Speed was important here – an anxious family waiting to spend their summer vacation in their new holiday home were champing at the bit. This understated kitchen is in a combined kitchen and living room area and was designed to blend into the area without drawing attention to itself. The addition of the breakfast bar breaks up the two areas so that the living room feels quite separate from the kitchen area. From flat-packed boxes to a complete kitchen in three days, the family were able to enjoy their holiday straight away.

…. Three days later It Had One! Main Points: ✔ Easy to keep clean – great for a holiday home ✔ Everything you need without anything you don't! ✔ Matching Breakfast bar

On Holidays? You Wouldn't Eat Your Breakfast Out Here...

What's a holiday home if you can't eat outside? The same client as the kitchen wanted a wooden decked eating area beside the house. As soon as the house was rendered and painted KS Home & Garden Services installed a beautiful hardwood deck for outside eating. The deck features a lockable storage area underneath allowing garden furniture to be safely stored when there's nobody there. As well as looking good, the use of hardwood means there's a very low maintenance overhead - meaning less work and more relaxation.

…. But We'll Bet You Would Now! Main Features

Beautiful hardwood means low maintenance – perfect for a holiday home

Lockable Storage area underneath

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A small selection of our work

KS Home & Garden Services  

A small selection of our work