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Goa’s getting hotter with all the tourists coming in and of course all of us reporting back to base after our term break. We start by welcoming you all back to campus and away from civilization. This term is quite important for both the PGP1s and PGP2s. With internships and placements playing on our minds, everyone seems to have become serious or maybe it's just the perpetual 'formals on' that's making us seem that way. Whatever be the reason for this seriousness we assure you that this edition of our newsletter will surely lighten the mood.

an ardent devotee…..4 Krazzie Kraft………...7 Don’t sweat the small stuff………….8 Lunatic…….11

We have a very good mix of articles, poems and other entertaining pieces. Pranil rekindles the fond memories we have of the guest who visited our campus for only a day and half. Our new section on origami, 'Krazzie Kraft' will teach you how to make paper swans, like the ones shown in Barfi. Tulika's take on the book 'Don't Sweat the Small Stuff' actually makes you want to read the book. 'Lunatic' by Abhishek is abstract and pays tribute to Syd Barrett. Krishna Kiran's keen insight brings to the fore the problems affecting sports in India. For those who like to have a good laugh and don't care what’s in store for the future we present to you 'Horrorscope.'


Olivia with her beautiful poem 'Let Love Be Forgiving Lord', reminds us that forgiveness is what makes us human. We attempt to tickle your your funny bone with 'HAHAHAHAHA'; another new feature in this edition. This month's 'Guru Cool' has Prof. Raghuveer Vernekar giving forthright answers and invaluable guidance to students. For those who take things with a pinch of salt, we have the ever popular 'Sarcastically Yours.' The brain behind 'Emotional Intellectuals' Society' writes about giving back to others in 'Somebody' while introducing EIS. Some current happenings have been highlighted in the 'In Thing.' Kshama brings to life the playing days of Michael Jordan and gives us a sneak peak to the real MJ in her well researched article 'Slam Dunked.' The novelty of this edition is further enhanced by another new segment 'What’s Cooking' where we feature our in house masterchefs. This edition has Chetan Kale share one of his lip smackin recipes so keep reading to satiate your taste buds. We continue this adding new segments spree with 'Captured', where we feature a brilliant picture taken intentionally or accidentally by our fellow GIMian. And at last we have a beautiful 'Prayer' by Rahul Chandran who also happens to be our author of the month so flip through the pages to find out why. Thats all folks and good luck for this season. Happy Reading,

Key problems facing sports today………....12 Horrorscope.14 Let Love be forgiving Lord...20 HAHAHAHAHA…………….21 Guru Cool….22 Sarcastically Yours………….24 Somebody….26 In Thing……...28 Slam Dunked………30 What’s Cooking…….34 Captured…...37 A Prayer……..38

Team Kshitiz. 3

Questions of an ardent devotee Ganpati Bappa Morya! That grandeur That poise That stature Shri Ganesha Deva No one can beat that! “Shift it a bit...hmmm…thoda aur, yeah that’s fine!”, said Avnika, as we laid out Bappa’s seat. Hostel 4’s common room had an unruly setting that day; people decorating the room, running helter-skelter to get missing things, wondering what would look good, what would not, etc. But there was something different. The environment had a different buzz to it altogether. Why? Because our beloved Bappa was supposed to arrive tomorrow! “Hmmm, nahi yaar, isko fir se shift karna padega”, urged Avnika pointing towards Bappa’s seat. “But we’ve already done it twice…”, I asserted, but in vain as she started moving the seat on her own. Looking at that simple, honest dedication, I wondered – What is it? What force is it that draws her into putting in so much effort? What is she getting out of it? Why is she putting in so much? 4

There are ten of us out here, so what is it that binds her so much? Really…what?? And the story just doesn’t end with her… Every year, you’ll find thousands of devotees thronging for hours at a stretch to catch a glimpse of their beloved Bappa at different pandals across Mumbai. Adding on, thousands get the Ganesh idol at their home for days together, take care of it, worship it, and bring out the best they can offer. But, the question remains – Why? For what? Although I am not an atheist, I often wonder what is it that I’m getting from religion? Am I worshipping just a statue, made up of mud?

“Am I worshipping just a statue made of mud?”

Then again, you have these thousands leading the way and showing you that yes, there is something like god; yes, he exists! Suddenly a voice caught my attention. “Vināyaka, Vighnarāja,…Ekadanta, Gajānana” Avnika was naming the synonyms of the Ganesha. They sounded interesting and I was curious to know more. On querying Avnika, she said, “Ganesha is the Lord of Good Fortune who provides prosperity and fortune and also the Destroyer of Obstacles” Strangely, and to my indifference, all my questions had found their answer. 5

Man, I believe is a really needy being. And he constantly needs something or the other to put his baggage on, his worries, his tensions. And that’s where God enters the scene, and takes it all away, so easily! They say life is all about self-actualization, about making oneself happy, and I guess God is just another way to achieve it. “I guess it’s still not right”, said an unconvinced Avnika. With a big smile on my face, I said, “Let’s do it again, and again, and again if we have to till we get it right” - Pranil Palan PGP2



Don’t sweat the small stuff As the title of this book says, "Don't sweat the small stuff", something I really believe in (doesn’t mean I’ve mastered it, still trying though). When I was home for summer vacations last June, I came across this book (which I would aptly call the Bible for a healthy mind today), neatly stacked on one of the shelves of my mini library (like to call it that, even though it’s just an ordinary wooden cupboard with glass windows). Titled, "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff", by Richard Carlson. I looked at it and attracted as I was to the mustard yellow cover with things in blue and white printed on it, I wondered what the title really suggested. Was this a book on health and to be specific on perspiration? Or was it just another self-help book, good enough to make even the most cheerful souls believe that there is something serious about life? And what really do they mean by "small stuff"? When hinted at something so casual, the 8

word small can bring to your mind all kinds of thoughts, even the kind that are not to be mentioned here. It was this curiosity that led me to probe further through the pages. What I came across cannot be described in words; it would probably be difficult to express it in any form of communication. This book is an experience, as intangible as any other. You have to live it to realise the importance of it. It has the power to transform, both the individual and his life. In simple words, Dr. Carlson teaches us, in his gentle and encouraging style, simple ways of living a more fulfilling and peaceful life. I decided to bring this up, to the extent that I even titled it this way, is because I believe this to be the most essential part

“What I came across cannot be described in words� part of our lives. The only thing that makes life easy, not so easy, tough, out rightly depressing, cheerful, perfect or whichever way we take it and how we perceive it. We can learn to put things in perspective by making the small daily changes, he suggests. And believe me, even for those of you who do not like to read, this is the best reading experience ever. These 245 pages of wisdom, neatly segregated into 100 small and readable essays carry an unmatched body of thoughtful and supportive suggestions. It encourages you to trust your intuitions and live life king size. It leaves you with satiety and a feeling of fulfillment that no other activity can provide. 9

So go ahead, grab your copy now, read it, love it, live it. And remember not to sweat the small stuff...because, well‌ it’s small stuff.

Tulika Mahapatra PGP 1


“Lunatic”- and you refrain. Didn’t you create this mysticism? You danced that night, when the hallows beyond me were not even known, Of bloom or of blight? You drank glass full, unaware of what you are raising to Of remorse or of goodwill? The indiscretion is in your perception. You can judge me in white and black. my identity is born out of your curiosity, and my end in your judgement. While you write the gospel. Just, ponder over, grass is but an un-loved flower! Dedicated to the Genius of Syd Barrett! Abhishek Shrivastav PGP 2


Key problems facing sports today There are a variety of problems facing sports today. These range from lack of proper management and administration to the loss of talent at the grass root level. Although there are a lot of other challenges like match-fixing, usage of drugs, etc. I believe they can be overcome if there is a good sports administration in place. India is a classic example of a sports industry where proper management can widely promote sports. With a huge market of over a billion people, majority of whom are young people, the country and sports are made for each other. Unfortunately, none of the sports other than cricket has really taken off here. The BCCI has done a fantastic job marketing and popularizing cricket but the same cannot be said about other sport governing bodies in the country. Our national game; hockey is struggling to stay alive and football hasn’t really improved in a long time. In my opinion, these games would have 12

thrived here if we had had a sound administrative system and good management to look after these sports. Another huge challenge the sporting world faces is the loss of young talent. Sports skills should be honed from a very young age and a lot of kids, especially in developing countries do not find time for sport because of the academic pressure put on them. This calls for more sports schools in these places where education and sport can go hand in hand.

“A huge challenge the sporting world faces is the loss of young talent�

Most of the problems can be solved if we have a strong management and government of sport, which the programs like FIFA Master and others can contribute to, immensely. Krishna Kiran PGP1


Aries (March 21 – April 20) Ah thou people of the Ram Get ready for a surprise For tis month will be quite eventful Full of treachery and lies Beware of your roomie (Ignore if you have none) Sleep with one eye open And if he/she approaches RUN!! Taurus (April 21 – May 21) Best career moves: Sausage packer, The valiant Taurian people car test dummy, live punching bag Who walk with heads held high Doom is predicted for all your souls But alas you’ll won’t die Ease up o green eyed beast Or face the wrath of Neptune For you cant have and eat your cake But you’ll be stepping in one soon. Best career moves: The loser in prowrestling matches, brain donor, cat walker 14

Gemini (May 22 – June 21) The two faced soul of a Gemini Wrought with a thousand sins Cursed with wrinkles and pimples And bulging double chins And as if fate hadn’t done enough The worst is yet to come For this month Jupiter makes merry with Venus The consequences gruesome Best career moves: Dumpster cleaner, prophylactic roller, organ donor

Cancer (June 22 – July 23) For all the Crustaceans out there We have for you a merry treat A sadistically delicious recipe All wrapped up nice and neat Whoever’s tampering with you meals You’ll never have a clue But get your mind off real estate Cos you’ll be living in your loo Best career moves: Bathroom tissue paper tester, fertilizer 15

Leo (July 24 – Aug 23) Ah the strong and powerful Leo The mighty king of us all With a roar as loud as a falling feather You stand with pride tall But your strength is most prominent What an odour! What a smell! Such a foul penetrating stench Even the Devil cringes in hell! Best career moves: Sewage transporter, garbage collector, deodorant tester

Virgo (Aug 24 – Sept 23) The infamous Virgo Virgins So much comes to mind But I’m meant to simply predict the future Not laugh at your kind But the name fits like a glove The name surely holds true For even mirrors crack into pieces When they get a glimpse of you! Best career moves: "Before" model in before-and-after ads, live target at a gun range, slave


Libra (Sept 24 – Oct 23) Ah Lady Justice with thy blindfolded eyes And thy vulnerable naïve mind The scales have tipped and not in your favour Thy cloud isn’t silver lined I don’t know how to break this to you Without making you worry or vex But the gender of the person you’ve fallen in love with Is actually of the opposite sex Scorpio (Oct 24 – Nov 22) Thy sting might have killed orion Best career moves: Bailiff in a kanBut those are the days of yore garoo court, ambulance chaser, You better hide and trust no man Coz soon you’ll lose ur mojo The hunter comes prepared this tym To avenge his defeat, so cover your tracks. Warn you that I’ve heard them whisper To take your soul here comes the reaper. Best career moves: Drug dealer, hit man, panty hose inspector 17

Saggitarius (Nov 23 – Dec 22)

The ballads of your bravery are fading Your quiver out of arrows, mighty archer Fall and your dear ones will be smirking Your hand won’t rise again, no dreams you should nurture Doom written all over, bad things befall The rope your treading will get narrow. It dwells on your mind and it will eat you All I foresee in your life is sorrow. Best career moves: dog poop collector, underwear stain remover, urine donor Capricorn (Dec 23 – Jan 20) Hail the rugged goat we say For your days are numbered Run you billy while u can Coz soon ur gonna get butchered The clouds conspire with the trees And you will get no leaves to feed Friends will stab you where it hurts And to your death you bleed. Best career moves: Thief, goat milker, gas station bathroom attendant


Aquarius (Jan 21 – Feb 19) Well now this is quite ironic O bearer of H2O But those who can’t do, teach That’s what they’ve told us so Tis a painful future I foresee Full of cries and moans For this month you’ll be blessed with A bunch of kidney stones! Best career moves: Water bearer, fish baiter, alcoholic Pisces (Feb 20 – March 20) Ahoy me mateys gather around Tread carefully, make no sound For me tale is full of blood and gore I promise not to drag and bore They say the fishes have delicate bellies That are threatened by even a blade of grass But if I were you I’d go on a diet For your food’s going to be embedded with glass Best career moves: Aquarium cleaner, barnacle scraper, sewage maintenance 19

Let love be Forgiving Lord.. Let love Forgive! Let egos be put aside,and let there be one more chance to give. For the depth of love is letting love forgive! Lord I ask you to see my thoughts, my desires and my imperfections See what is best for the one I love. And if I do not have the best in me, then the one I love deserves better! It will pain me to see, It will pain me to live But love is to forgive and I will try to forget But the love will still live The Fire will still burn and my heart will always yearn For my love to return Olivia Dmello PGP 2 20


What made you take up teaching as a profession? 40 years ago, I took to teaching to be selfreliant. Perhaps my personal approach of being passionate about everything I do, found me immersed into teaching, volunteering to take up related responsibilities. Later, I did not want to give it up for so called better options in life. I did think I would do something different ten years ago, but Fr Romuald D'Souza prevailed upon me to join GIM; and there I am, continuing. Which is your favourite literary work and why? 'Prophet' by Khalil Gibran, amongst many others. It encapsulates deep philosophy in such simple words, that it sets you thinking and reflecting, amidst mental turbulence. I experienced the same with Ayn Rand's works on objectivism. What is your favourite pass time? I like reading, travel, theatre, movies, photography, music ... the list could go on. The question is not about not having 'pass time', but not having time to pass. Lot of my friends ask me which life I am going to read all the books I have, thousands of albums and hun22 dreds - perhaps couple of thousands of movies collected

I don't have an answer - and I am not much bothered. I still would like to find time to learn some more music, watch theatre, listen to new genre of music, enjoy new works of art - and yes go touring yet again. What is the wittiest answer you received from a student? Not the wittiest, but something I cherished : 'I would never believe I could do what you made me do, and do it so well'. Student sleeping in lecture; what's your policy? I frankly have not faced the problem much. Rarely when I do, I get them back to life without much ado. What is the most childish excuse any student has given you? That they did not hear the alarm go off. If you were given a chance to go anywhere in the world, Where would you like to go and why? To visit, Egypt. There is so much to unravel from past in several knowledge domains. It is so intriguing. I shall go there soon anyway. To live, I would like to live in Goa of yore,simple and exotic. But that is fast eluding us. The placement season is going on, some words of advice for the students? Success is not success if it is accidental, incidental or occidental. It needs to be function of your efforts and commitment. Wishful thinking will get you only as far as fantasy land. You must exhibit and live with self-belief, commitment and perseverance to chart your career trajectory. No one else can do it for you. Make success a habit and life will take care of itself. 23

1. Toilet flushes on H2 floor 1 not working...AGAIN. Notorious Section C hand(s) suspected. (Section C students were suspected for rearrangement of exam seats from MPH to Classrooms) 2. Ohhhhhhhh.. they are routers.. and not UFOs? Fire alarms or A/C sensors? Are you sure?

3. End term Economics paper was pretty easy, says a GIM student right after saying 9/11 had better fireworks than Diwali and Rakhi Sawant is the sexiest woman alive.


4. Jaggu plans to keep new cups for chai coffee. Bad news: They are smaller than the previous very small ones. Good news: If accidentally spilled on your shirt/top, it will be just a tiny dot.

5. Sanquelim villagers stunned as even the Ganesh celebrations faded in comparison to the cry of joy emanating from a GIM student who discovered he can once again see‌. pictures on FB.


Somebody Somebody did a golden deed; Somebody proved a friend in need; Somebody sang a beautiful song; Somebody smiled the whole day long; Somebody thought, it’s sweet to give; Somebody said, I‘m glad to live; Somebody fought a valiant fight; Somebody lived to shield the right; Was Somebody… you? If Being Somebody is your preference; Join EIS and make a Difference!! Remember Life is about making yourself – Life isn‘t about changing yourself. If a drop of water falls in lake there is no identity. But if it falls on a lotus leaf it shines like a pearl. Choose where you can shine and be there!


EIS is: First of a kind platform to increase your Emotional Intelligence and make yourself different from the rest We help you cultivate your potential to become a leader Interactive session with HR managers of reputed companies We train you to outperform others during the summer placements interview We follow an individualistic approach The Placement Cell may get you Job offers here we help you get those jobs These events are free and open to whole family of GIM We Offer:  Debates and Workshops.  Self Management Skills.  Competency Mapping.  Positive attitude Building.  Communication Competence.  Team Spirit Building.  Conflict Management Skills. FREDERICK CORREA PGP 1


The Slow Keeda. Since the beginning of time(read semester) we were waiting for our keeda’s. Meanwhile we had so many uninvited guests during nights coming through the open windows and troubling us the whole night. Farzi or fake keedas. Crawling on our windows, hovering around our tube lights. The screams from girls hostels faded, The FB page picture updates on farzi keedas receded. But our special insect was coming from some far flung place. They took their time. And when it was just the term end and we might have lost hope. They were there. Black, white and blue. The great Luthans Robbery. Though the Rain God is not still ready to say goodbye, the mysterious “umbrella thief” has changed his target. Recall the dark era, when PGP1's were fighting armed with their calculators and pens against those game 28

planners relaxing in their AC chambers. And when each fighter was full of determination, there was somebody stealing one of their most powerful arrows from the PGP1 quiver. Everybody was speculating whether the mysterious thief was from the enemy side or somebody from amongst them. Today we are in some other happy and gay era but the mystery still continues. The quest for the lost Fred Luthans, still continues. Onam Payasam , Sheera Ganesham The GIM campus in September besides getting enveloped in the clouds was engrossed in celebrating an awesome Onam and Ganesh Chaturthi. This was the time the great citizens of GIM gathered in great numbers to celebrate these festivals. It was the time for pookalums to be made; it was the time for brilliant decorations in the halls. It was a time where people ate paysam with their heart mind and soul. It was the time when they feasted on the delicious sheera and other prasad offered for Ganesh Chaturthi. And yes, it was the time when all the silk lungis were pressed and worn, all the Kurtas were out and flaunted. All the pretty traditional dresses were matched with (begged borrowed and stolen) ornaments and accessories. Ethnically clad festive GIM was a sight to behold. 29

What an Awesome party! Joy exploded as the grandest moment in the lives of Raina Raj and Sumeet Saluja turned into the awesome-est , craziest night GIM has ever witnessed. The celebrations were a blend of every layer of magic - from the divinity of the occasion to the fabulous-ity of intoxication, to the randomness of conversations and the Ready-Fire-Aim moments accompanying the eclectic bunch of guests. Where else can we expect a literally exploding dance floor ; )


Slam Dunked: the story of Michael Jordan MJ, as he is known, (and no not the moon walker) is 6 feet plus another 6 inches, a professional basketball player, an entrepreneur and owner of the Charlotte Bobcats. Yes, he is the one and only Michael Jeffrey Jordan. Born on February 17th 1963, Michael was born into a cubbyhole of athletes. He was the fourth child to his parents Deloris and James R. Jordan. The family moved to Wilmington, North Carolina to keep their children away from the drug-worshipping streets of Brooklyn. Much to everyone’s surprise, this famous slam-dunker’s first love was baseball. However, his brother Larry initiated him into the sport and he kept going until his 5’11 inches was no more a handicap. “You have to expect things of yourself before you can do them” was his mantra, and his first rejection in sophomore year was only a minor blip in his burgeoning career ahead. Awards began to pour in as his talent was recognised and Michael began ascending the stairway to success rapidly. In 1984, he won the Olympic gold medal and “Rookie of the Year” Award from the NBA. Michael went on to attend college from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, majoring in cultural geography. In his first season Michael was critiqued for roaming in defence and not having a good shooting range. But he continued to work harder and harder, creating his own style that became a treat for viewers. Jordan’s matches were usually played to a full house and even oppos31

sing team supporters went home feeling their money had been wellspent, even if their team lost. PHILADELPHIA – APRIL 16: Michael Jordan #23 of the Washington Wizards on the court during the final NBA game of his career, played against the Philadelphia 76ers at First Union Center on March 30, 2003 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Sixers won 107-87. “You have to expect things of yourself before you can do Brand “Air Jordan” came to life when he signed a major deal with Nike. Clauses, such as the “love- of- the- game clause” were introduced, which allowed him to play even during the off-season. Ever wondered how kids wore baggy shorts that were not short enough to be called shorts nor long enough to be called pants? Yes, “His Airness,” as he was known, set the trend of baggy shorts that used to cover a pair of ‘lucky shorts’ which he wore beneath. Extending his stay in the little hearts of children, he dipped his toes in the world of cinema with “Space Jam”. He won his first MVP award in the 1987-88 season, followed by another in the 1990-91 season. A juggernaut on the court, he took the Chicago Bulls to the NBA finals for the first time ever and broke down in tears when he won the NBA finals trophy.


The NBA website states that he is the greatest basketball player of all time but he always had his head in the game without compromising his humility. In his book, For The Love of The Game: My Story, Jordan wrote: “There is no such thing as a perfect basketball player, and I don’t believe there is only one greatest player either. Everyone plays in different eras. I built my talents on the shoulders of someone else’s talent. I believe greatness is an evolutionary process that changes and evolves era to era. Without Julius Erving, David Thompson, Walter Davis, and Elgin Baylor there would never have been a Michael Jordan. I evolved from them.” The court grew dim when Michael decided to draw the curtains in 1993 and retire, stating his loss of interest in the game. His father’s murder was another cited reason as he was very close to him. Jordan created a signature style of sticking his tongue out when shooting as his 33

father used to do when he was deeply involved in his work. Michael fired up the courts soon after by signing a deal and then playing in the NBA for the Bulls. His form slipped with his gambling habit but made sure it never affected his family. His time away from the game only made him realise he wanted to play more and he went on to win several games and prove his mettle. In 1999 he announced his second retirement and entered as a part owner of Washington Wizards. Though he was very sure that he would never return, he slam dunked his way into the hearts of crowds and satiated their hunger. Age was no bar: he was the first forty-year-old to tally up a 43 points in a NBA game. However, with age comes experience and he began to openly rebuke his team mates for lack of focus and training. April 16, 2003 was the last time “Michael Magic” was on display. He received a standing ovation for three whole minutes from his team mates and the crowd. Post retirement, Jordan emerged into golf and philanthropy. He went on to become the first NBA player to be a majority owner of a basketball league franchise. In 2010, Forbes Magazine ranked him as the 20th most powerful celebrity in the world. He is one of the most highly marketed sportsmen, with several brands raking in money under his name. With his repertoire, he single-handedly globalised the NBA. As Magic Johnson said, “There’s Michael Jordan and then there is the rest of us.” Kshama Adka PGP1


It strikes when you can’t decipher what is being served in the canteen (we are referring to the cuisine ) It strikes when good old Jaggu’s is closed for the day. It strikes when you can’t afford to go to JK or even Sawant (yeah you vegans, we love Sawant) Hunger is what we are talking about and unlike lightning; it does strike more than thrice at the same spot or person in this case!! In such times of hardships a few brave souls take up the mantle of rescuing their brethren from the clutches of hunger and giving salvation to some of the famished souls of our campus. In this ‘need to feed’ game we keep playing and losing for the better part of it. But sometimes, we find someone who, for a game or two gives us the cheat codes that help us feel well fed for some time at least. We are indebted to that person for feeding us with whatever they manage to dish out with the severe restrictions put on cooking. Of course, we can’t use electric kettles, induction cookers, etc. but these few men/women rise up 35

from the famished souls, defy all odds and cook (mostly edible) dishes without using the above mentioned tools of the civilized world. In this section, we present to you easy to make recipes, shared with us, very generously, by the same enterprising people we have been talking about. Today, the very popular (coz he feeds almost the entire H2 1st Floor on regular basis) and always energetic, Chetan Kale shares his recipe for Fruit Salad..!! Ingredients 200ml milk cream tetra pack Half pack Mango frooti (seriously?!) 3 tblspn sugar 2 bananas 1 apple any other fruits Mapro Strawberry/Mango crush Falero Strawberry/Kacchi Kairi Fruit Salad for Dummies1). Take one 200ml milk cream pack; mix half a pack of mango frooti in it. (oh boy.. he’s actually adding the frooti) 2). Add 3 table spoons of sugar (no you won’t be fined for adding a little more or less). Mix it well and keep it aside. 36

3). Cut two bananas, 1 apple and any other fruit if you prefer. Add the fruits to the milk and frooti mix. For the more adventurous, add strawberry or mango crush, preferably made by Mapro. (No, this section has not been sponsored by Mapro) Ideally should serve 2 normal sized people with regular appetites. Disclaimer- We do not take any responsibility for any side-effects, which could range from pure joy to loose motions. At lastly we thank Chetan for sharing this recipe with us and request him to make many such dishes and call us to taste. You can send in your original recipe or yours friends recipe if you want to help your fellow GIMians stay full and some what healthy. Photo credit: Atish Gandhi 37

Photo Credit: Praveen Joseph 38

A Prayer I am the raindrop that slides on the leaf; You made me, to sparkle in the gleaming sunlight You made me, to dance in the gentle breeze; And you made me, to hold aesthetics in awe. I am the raindrop, you made, that slides on a leaf. You made me fragile, You made me crystal clear, You made me to bring others, innocent joy. I am the raindrop, you made, that slides on a leaf. A brisk gale, or a gentle touch; The hot sun or a little fly; Is all it takes to make me die. And with that you wipe away the smile, From those dear ones’ faces ; Whom I loved to entertain with the deepest glee.

Author of the Month 39

Why you made me do the twinkling dance ; Why you made me crystal clear ; Why you made them all to like me; When all it’s worth is a little moment. A little moment of joy; A joy overwhelmed by imminent sadness. And as I lay writhing to die. Please let me not see them cry. Never ever let me see them cry. Excerpts : A humble prayer to God , not to make others suffer because of one’s frivolous deeds.



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