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October heat!! Yes, not even the summers were half as bad as the October that scorched by! But it has given us some crazy stories that we’ll pass on to our friends as unbelievable anecdotes. Where else does a Leopard make an entry as the guest star (unwanted & uninvited) and makes us feel the heat, in our own den (the rooms are small enough to qualify as dens). To add to this physical heat we had to bear a temper raising plethora of pseudo facebook profiles ranging from gossip, dogs, watchman, keedas and what not. Even placements and internships are causing heart burn to the not so lucky few amongst us. But, there still is hope and as we all know, ‘winters coming’, and it’s going to be a long one. We are in the best place to be in at this time of the year in India. Our Placecom is surely working their asses off to bring in more companies. We even have Diwali to look forward too, not forgetting the tourist season and the chance to explore Goa!! Our October newsletter is aimed and timed exactly to soothe these uncalm nerves. So take things in your stride and breeze through the pages to enjoy some varied articles and segments and stay cool. Fasten your seat belts and drive along with our very own A.C.T. in the new segment ‘Auto Talk.’ Tulika inspires us to ‘Be Strong, Confident and to be Ourselves.’ For all the book buffs we have a book review & even if you aren’t one, still go through the review because Pankaj might just convert you. Rahul Chandran’s poem ‘Ephemeral’ captures the emotions perfectly.

Then we have a beautiful but easy to make kraft work for the season in ‘Krazzie Krafts.’ Trisha Chhabra expresses the feelings she experienced when she first saw the sea with ‘Lost.’ Love teaches us to accept and to be patient is what Saptak Bose says with ‘You and I Will Walk Again.’ Avishek Mukherjee takes us to his roots with his emotion filled writing in our new segment ‘Homeland High.’ Next we have this months ‘Horroscope.’ Kshama Adka’s ‘Nature, I Want You in Me’ made her the author of the month, check out why. ‘Women; to be or Not to be’ by Pranil Palan encompasses the value women add to our lives. Bidisha Bose lets her emotions flow as she writes on love in ‘Of Curiosity and Togetherness.’ Then we have our ever popular, ‘Sarcastically Yours.’ The essence of true bonding cannot be found on ‘The Social Network’ says Rajat Bhayana. ‘K-Hangover’ by Krithika, spills the beans of her one sided love affair. For the foodies we have an easy yet delicious offering by Malav Kansara. We have Prof. Subrata Majumdar giving us a sneak peek into his life and valuable guidance too. We also thank and appreciate our friends ‘IT@Gim’ and ‘HRiday’ for doing good work during this placement season. And our ast offering for the month is the ‘In Thing.’ So sit back. Relax. And read on. -Team Kshitiz.

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From ‘Let’s Go’ to ‘Let’s Go Khisko’ Replacing the highest selling model from its own stable with a new model, and that too the top selling model in a country for eight years, only Maruti can do that. Go to Google and key in ‘Maruti’, the first hit you would get is the Maruti Suzuki’s website of this car; the New Alto 800 – replacement for Maruti Alto which has been selling around 20,000 units per month. Within a week of its launch on October 16, 2012 bookings for Maruti Alto 800 have crossed 20,000. With its unique "Wavefront" design (as Maruti calls it), sloping window lines with a swaying roof, smooth long curves and the prominent wheel arch Alto 800 has more muscular looks than old Alto. The petal shaped headlamps along with a stylish grille and bumper adds to the cool look of the car. The cabin of the Alto 800 feels more comfortable with the extra head and shoulder room in front along with extra legroom at the back. Alto 800 offers a choice of two interior colour schemes "Cool Grey or Brown”; giving a fresh look to the interior. Maruti has added features like Cable Type Gear Shift Mechanism, Detent Pin Technology (DPT) and Diagonal Shift Assist (DSA) for smooth and precise gear shifting. The dashboard design has The dashboard design has taken cues from the old Alto and A-Star and has many smartly designed utility

Page 5 spaces. The silver accent on the new speedo and the three- spoke steering wheel gives a sporty look to the interior. Maruti has for the first time added front power windows and Remote Back Door Opener in top variant (Lxi) of its entry level segment car and a driver airbag is available as an optional feature. All variants come with tubeless tyres as well.

A refined F8D 796cc three-cylinder 12-valve engine comes under the hood producing 48PS at 6000rpm as compared to the old Alto’s 47PS made at 6200rpm. The engine delivers a torque of 69Nm @ 3500 rpm, improved by 11 per cent, which will be useful for city driving that requires better pick-up and frequent gear shifts. ‘Kitna Deega?’ – The Alto 800 has delivers 22.74 kmpl up by a whopping 15 per cent and more than that of Hundai Eon ( 21.1 kmpl ARAI). In the CNG range, branded ‘Green’, the patented intelligent Gas Port Injection (i-GPI) technology which comes as a factory fitment, achieves a fuel efficiency of 30.46 km/ kg on the new Alto 800 Green. The base model Maruti ALTO 800 STD is priced at Rs. 2,49,780.71 and the top end Maruti ALTO 800 LXI (AIRBAG) at Rs. 3.22,091.39. The full -option CNG variant, Maruti ALTO 800 LXI CNG is priced at 3,64,100.18 (All prices are Ex-Showroom, Goa). Priced at about 30 K below Eon, with better mileage will the follower beat the trendsetter? ‘Let’s See Khisko’ -A.C.T.

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Be strong. Be confident. Be You. We still think of a powerful man as a born leader and a powerful woman as an anomaly. About two decades ago, the term "Glass Ceiling" was coined by the Wall Street Journal to describe the apparent barriers that prevent women and minorities from reaching the top of the corporate hierarchy. Some recent studies have shown that women still face the glass-ceiling effect when it comes to top management jobs in the private sector. However, corporations around the world are in a ceaseless effort to remove this. According to a survey report released by TOI, around 90% of the companies list gender as the main focus of their diversity programmes across corporate India. Against this backdrop, I would like to share the story of Thermax Ltd. which has been a rare exception in the corporate world during the priod 1995 to 2007. A woman has been at the helm of affairs of this period 1995 to 2007. A woman has been at the helm of affairs of this professionally managed engineering company for this entire period. It’s a story worth reading to gain an insight into the role of women in the Indian context.

Page 7 A.S. Bathena; the founder of what is Thermax Ltd. today started a partnership firm manufacturing sterilisers and hospital equipment. In 1966 he founded Wanson(India) along with Rohington Aga who married his daughter Anu. Under Rohington’s leadership, Thermax (Wanson was renamed) transformed from a small boiler firm to a multi-division engineering and environment company. The company went public in 1985 with its share price rising to seven times its issue price. Anu was inducted into the company in 1985 as a director and was responsible for the management of the Human Resources function between 1991 and 1996. After her husband’s death in 1996, Anu was asked by the board to take over as the Chairperson of the company. Meher, the daughter was also inducted into the board with son-in-law Phiroz following suit in 1997, was asked by the board to take over as the Chairperson of the company. Meher, the daughter was also inducted into the board with son-in-law Phiroz following suit in 1997. Owing to the downturn in the economy, the company’s performance plummeted. Simultaneously with the downturn and its attendant problems, personal tragedy struck once again. Anu Aga lost her son in an accident.

Page 8

The crisis did not give her enough time to mourn for her son’s death and it was business as usual. Things did not improve for Thermax until one day Anu Aga received a letter from a shareholder. “You may not have problems with the performance of the company, but many of the shareholders do not have the luxury to afford it” it said. In Anu Aga’s words, “I woke up. I felt I had let people down.” She initiated a major restructuring exercise with the help of the Boston Consulting Group to put the company back on the road to prosperity. Unrelated businesses were sold off, the seven member board was replaced by a new board, a new managing director took over the operations and all major decisions were taken by a six member Executive Council. These tough measures turned the company around. She succeeded in transforming a 605 crore company that she had taken over in 1996 into a 1281 crore company in 2004, when the reins of the company were handed over to daughter Meher. After retiring from the Chairperson position at Thermax, Anu Aga has devoted most of her time to social work. Though she keeps a low profile and lets her actions speak she can be tough and uncompromising on matters of principle. “I reckon the events in my life have taken the fear out of me and made me bold” says Aga. She was awarded the Padma Shri by the Government of India in 2010 for social work. Women are made of sterner stuff. Power does not have to occur on a big scale for powerful things to occur, within our homes, our work spaces, our lives, we are powerful. -Tulika Mahapatra


“Business Maharajas� by Gita Piramal chronicles the life of eight of India’s most powerful men. These are the men who are an institution in themselves and rank among some of the most influential individuals of their time. Their life, a study in contrasts. Their businesses distinct and varied. Varying in their education background. Some of them inherited their empires, others build their own empires. Some dominated a particular business like Vijay and Bharat Shah, others like Dhirubhai Ambani, Ratan Tata and Kumar Mangalam Birla controlled several industries. The book not only marks the achievements of these extraordinary men but also maps the journey of India as a nation from the licenced Raj prevalent in 60s and 70s to liberalisation of the Indian economy, started in 1991. The book beautifully captures the life of the likes of Dhirubhai Ambani and Rahul Bajaj in the dizzying success days of Vimal and Bajaj Chetak respectively and their coming of age as titans of the industry with globalization.

Page 10

The detailed research and crisp writing by the author keeps the readers flipping through pages. The book enables them to have an insider’s view of the functioning of these businesses. The author is also successful in eliminating the problems which plagues Biographies on stalwarts, i.e. lacking objectivity. The book provides the readers with the most sincere and realistic portrayal of these “Maharajas” whose contribution and influence has been immense to the present business scenario in India and world over.

-Pankaj Saini

Ephemeral ?

Page 11

I will hold you off – With all my heart and soul, From falling into the grasps of death; Oh! Angel from heaven.

However transient our rendezvous may beWe are locked in the embrace of true love; This makes me wish, To hold you up for eternity.

Even if that means; We go down to the abyss; Entwined as one……….

Excerpts: Who could have measured the intensity of true love as the ephemeral rendezvous between the chaplet and the raindrop ,is long enough to create an everlasting bond.

-Rahul Chandran

Page 12

Here’s what you’ll need: -cylindrical glasses -colored chartpaper -colored tissue paper -ruler -pencil -scissors -double-sided tape -tea light or votive candle 

Measure the height and circumference of your glass and cut a piece of tissue paper that is the same height and 1/4″ wider than your measurement.

Put a strip of doublesided tape down the length of your glass and wrap the tissue paper around, securing both ends onto the tape.

Volume 1, Issue 1

Page 13

Measure and cut a piece of colored chart paper that is 1″ taller and 1/2″ wider than your glass measurement. 

Fold the chart paper in half lengthwise and starting at the fold line, make a series of cuts that are approximately 1/2″ to 1″ apart, making sure to stop about 1″ from the edge. 

Unfold the chart paper and stick pieces of double sided tape along the top and bottom, and all along one of the short edges.

Wrap around your glass, lining up the top and bottom of the glass with the top and bottom of the cardstock.

Light a candle and carefully insert it into the glass.

Page 14

Lost I was blown away by the magnificence of what I was seeing. This, I thought, was why we're alive. The beauty of what Mother Earth offers us is unparalleled by any other man-made object. The colors, the luster, the calm and peace. Every emotion strung loud and clear in all its beauty. It was a Saturday evening and my first time on a beach. It was full of families, little children laughing, playing and dancing. Those in love, walked hand in hand, lost in each other. I was a silent spectator of this dance. But this wasn't the reason I had come. I had come to watch the sun drown into the ocean. I had come to imbibe the million colors that filled the sky., to feel the passing of day into night, to experience the sun set into the horizon and finish its journey.

Page 15

The sun was turning orange. The big ball of fire had finally given me the permission to stare at it. Streaks of pink and orange were spreading in the sky. The water glistened as if getting ready to receive him. The tempo quickened. The sun was in a hurry to finish up his last show. I saw him drown in the water, taking all the light with it, leaving the cold night behind. The day was over. The last song had been sung. It was time for the audience to applaud and finally leave. One can get lost in a new city. One can get lost in work. One can get lost while choosing between right and wrong. But when you look around and observe the little squirrel eating a nut, a bird feeding its children, a bee hopping from flower to flower, you will get lost in the breathtaking beauty of this world.

-Trisha Chhabra

Page 16

You and I will walk again

(This poem is about a schizophrenic lover whose state of mind sways from time to time [captured in verses]. He hopes that his ruined relationship will definitely get better but the very next moment his brain cells repulse him with the thought of the past as he takes to sarcastic ways of demeaning his lady love. Though it dramatically ends with an optimistic state of mind, the infinite ellipses in the end symbolize that a schizophrenic can never have definitive thoughts; they sway forever, sometimes dangerously)

Hither is gloom, thither is glee, The crowded street is tired of me, My footsteps are now dying to see, A lonesome alley, With you and me.

Were we victims by choice or were you Pulsed and strode back, After travelling a mile? Devouring on the infected mind Like a cannibal-angel?

The alley’s not lasting too long It’s fleeting, like my memory of you I know you have to leave me again, Or better still, I do the same. Write on paper, I’ll burn it for you, I know how you cherish the ashes of memories. Those memories will stride the crowd once more, Till their feet and street are sore, And when they find us waiting in pain, You and I will walk again……

-Saptak Bose

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Page 18

Chandannagar; a small suburban town very close to Kolkata, the place where my roots belong. A small town, clumsy, congested, narrow lanes, no great facilities, no multiplexes, no malls. A place where people struggle for their livelihood, not very rich, busy struggling for their existence. Yet the city becomes the best place in the world just a month after the great "DURGA PUJO"-- the festival of all the Bengalis across the globe. However here in Chandannagar it’s a bit different its JAGADHATRI PUJO time and it becomes magical with awesome universally famous lighting in each and every pandal you come across. People from various places pour into this small town all those narrow roads get a story to tell. The ancient buildings of British architecture by the side of the Hooghly river are no less than any castle in a fairytale. These mammoth idols mesmerize you and the foodstalls by the side of the road are ever ready to blow your mind. The beats of the drums (well its tasa there mostly and not dhak) will make your feet keep time unconsciously.

Page 19 For 24yrs I have never ever missed Jagadhatri pujo, but this 25th time I will miss it. It’s an occasion closest to my heart, the source of energy, a legacy. Pujos continue for more than 300- 400yrs here, the unique rituals. Wherever I had been school, college, office I’ve never ever missed it. I thought I wouldn’t miss it this time either…I had promised my best friend that someday I would take her to my roots...I would show her this pujo...this year was supposed to be that year.

Destiny however has other plans...I am miles away from my roots and she infact is very close by. The irony kills me, I can’t believe I let her down. Anyways I can’t change my past, last year I had the best 10 days of my life during those pujos and that blueprinted my GIM journey from out of nowhere. I am thankful to all that I have received and can’t wait for the next year I get to go home. -Avishek Mukherjee

Aries (March 21 – April 20) First umbrellas then Luthans now Mankiw’s gone missing A thief lurking amongst us A thought we keep dismissing But the truth’s hard to swallow And this time will reveal quite a few For the kleptomaniacal thief my friend Is none other than you! Best career moves: Shark bait Taurus (April 21 – May 21) This month we talk about wealth About finance, shares and more I hope I captured your attention for money can never bore But before you get your hopes up Know that Lady Luck has you tricked For while you amble along so naively Your pocket will get picked! Best career moves: Crash test dummy

Gemini (May 22 – June 21) Feeling at home, safe and secure Through the campus you wander But we say, stay in where it’s warm Coz the nights are getting chiller Ignore our words at your own peril And bear witness to your murder We warn you now & hear us out In the shadows lurks the killer!!! Best career moves: Pencil sharpener Cancer (June 22 – July 23) This is the month of friendships Of ventures old and new And I ensure a delicious meet up For at least one of you Don’t be afraid try not to scream Though his smile is darkly He’ll love you strong he’ll savour you true Your friend, Leopard de Sankhli Best career moves: Bottle opener

Leo (July 24 – Aug 23) God works in mysterious ways Just do not let your faith rock Coz boats sink & shipwrecks occur Even when they are in the dock So listen jock, don’t try too hard No need to pull up your socks I see it sting you at godly speed What fates serving is an electric shock Best career moves: Cadaver

Virgo (Aug 24 – Sept 23) To all the birdies in love This month is dedicated to you For better or worse you’ll take each other And all that hullabaloo The sanctity of love however I’m afraid is ancient yore For while she loves you oh so truly She loves your neighbor more Best career moves: Helmet tester

Libra (Sept 24 – Oct 23) Wake up now and do not falter Gone are the nights of sleep You are being watched and stalked By what is diabolic, dark and deep You’ll hear them groan and laugh And alone you’ll tremble and weep the ghosts are coming to haunt you, suck your life and your soul to reap.

Scorpio (Oct 24 – Nov 22) Your walking on thin ice dear friend Bound to slip and break a leg Hard you’ll try but you won’t rise Problems befall heavier than a keg You try and fix it with paste and glue But your future’s like a cracked egg Broken and crumbled you despair To drown it you won’t even get a peg. Best career moves: Fan cleaner

Saggitarius (Nov 23 – Dec 22) The time has come to cover your face Coz people are gonna see the real you Catch you when your guard is down And they’ll hate what they view Even botox cant help you now Showing wrinkles long overdue Mirrors will crack on your reflection When your friends left you, you’ll have no clue Best career moves: Porter Capricorn (Dec 23 – Jan 20) Life’s a bitch you’ll get to know soon It’s gonna mess with you, jokes all mean You’ll get kicked out for sleeping in class And your attendance sheet will be clean You’lll lose your wallet and rfid card Financial conditions will be lean No internships or placements in an MNC You’ll end up working for eco-clean. Best career moves: Dog poop collector

Aquarius (Jan 21 – Feb 19) Revenge is sweet you'll get to know As people are gonna extract it on you Watch your back, you'll be attacked By your enemies, old and new Friends will turn out to be foes And everyone will strike down on you No one cares, soon you'll be forgotten Just like the vanishing morning dew

Best career moves: Shoe polisher

Pisces (Feb 20 – March 20) I foresee difficulties ahead As problems approach in waves Get ready to slog, dear friend You'll be digging your own grave Will be pulled from all sides And for freedom you'll crave Fight you will but in vain Coz you're gonna die a slave Best career moves: Sea shell cleaner

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Nature , I found you in me Sauntering along the countryside Different hues of green Tickling my senses, making them keen And I realize there are no rules nature abides I begin to ponder and slowly wonder As I travel the ceaseless length Listening to the sounds, gathering up my strength Getting uncontrollably fonder I pick up speed and begin to run Wishing I’ll catch her in all her beauty How could I? She’s the intangible earth, keeping my sanity She makes it revolve around her, the mighty sun Withholding the power of wind, water and fire Simply swaying and making the rest dance to her tune She makes it revolve around her, the mighty moon Gives herself away, making her the pyre

Forgive me, oh ethereal being, for I have taken you for granted Cause I never realized, your presence in me so grounded.

Women… to be or not to be?

Page 27

Red carpet along the entrance? check. Crackers while they enter? check. Flowers? check. Glittering bulbs? … The list just went on and on as Dad checked out the preparations. Soon he darted a voice towards me, it said, “Rohan, did you check the lights?” “I’m on it Dad”, I replied. “You better be”, said Dad as he rushed to check the other arrangements. Although, he wasn’t the only one running around that night. Uncles, Aunts – both paternal & maternal, near cousins, distant cousins, friends, neighbors and even my grandpa followed suite. Actually, a few hours ago my brother, Aditya Sahai, got married to Tamanna Singh(now my Bhabhi) in a wholesome Punjabi wedding. And so everyone except them was at home to prepare for the gruh pravesh ceremony. “Rohan, the lights”, asked Uncle. “I’m on it Chachu, don’t worry”, I asserted. I wondered why these adults never believe that even we kids can be responsible and they didn’t have to come, check all the time! “Betaji, push this kalash with your feet and embark into a new journey of your life”, my Mom said to Bhabhi.

Page 28

She obliged as everyone burst into claps and whistles as she proceeded with the other ceremonies. The kalash, as we call it in our native language, is a small metal pot. It used by the Hindus at almost all auspicious occasions. It signifies wellbeing and initiates the growth & prosperity in our lives. Although my granny gave me a good twenty minutes of ‘you should know it, it’s our tradition’ speech on it, this is all that I could gather from it. “Beta, you too are a Sahai from today”, my Mom said as all the women folk added things like – “Even we’ve been there”, “Sahai is so much better than Singh”, “You’re so lucky”, and so on…. Their talks made me ponder over how content and pleasant their lives were. They never had to attend those boring lectures, stressful exams, and moreover the horrible results. They were confined to their sweet cozy homes, saas-bahu sagas, kitty parties and innumerable gossips. There was nothing more they could have asked for, and starting today, even Bhabhi was a part of this elite group. Aaahh…if only I was that lucky!

“Life is not that fair to men as it is to women”. I thought to myself as I lay in bed later that night.

Page 29

“I need to go to college every day, Bhaiya and Dad have their tiring jobs. We hardly ever find time to indulge in anything else, while my Mom, and likewise so many other women like her, have all the time in the world for anything and everything they aspired for. Strangely, all those debates over the equality of men and women back in college made no real sense now. After that torrid night, full of thoughts, I was the first one to wake up that morning. On my way to the kitchen to get some water I saw Bhabhi in the living room. She sat on our newly bought sofa, talking on the phone. I proceeded towards her when I noticed that she was crying. “Mumma, I miss you already. My Room, Dada, my home…Yes, I love him and can’t stay without him, but…”, as she continued weeping. “I have spent twenty-five years of my life with you and Dada, how will I be able to spend the rest of my life in a new place? I hardly know anyone out here barring Adi. All the sudden changes are getting on to my nerves.” I was really dumbstruck standing out there. I couldn’t decide whether to go and talk to her or stand there in silence. Luckily my Mom woke up in the interim. She saw Bhabhi sobbing and understood the situation. She directed me to get some water, while she made her way to the living room.

Page 30

“What’s wrong, Betaji? Missing your family already?” said Mom as Bhabhi stood up and hugged her. She was no more on the phone although I could still hear her sobs. “Lost already? The real journey has not even started yet, Beta”, my Mom said as they both seated themselves on the sofa. “This is how our lives as women are…” my Mom continued. “We have two different phases in our lives, child. One where we are born and raised in our family, and the other where we move in with someone else to raise his family. Yesterday, when you disturbed the kalash during the gruh pravesh ceremony, you entered this second phase.” Bhabhi had stopped crying by now and had started to listen intently. “Men are capable of building concrete houses, but it is our responsibility to create a home where a family can thrive with love, affection and care. We’ve been sent on this Earth for this really special purpose. We have the power to create new life and also to determine its future. I know that the phase that you are entering is really difficult, but at the same time it is the only way to accomplish the purpose for which you were born as a woman.

Page 31

When I entered this house, your father-inlaw treated me as nothing more than just another luxury. But today after thirty years of joy, sorrow, pain and hurt; from a one room flat to this luxurious bungalow, he has finally realized my importance. And it is now, that I feel my life is worth it. Yesterday, I gave you the reigns of my family and accomplished my purpose in life. Now, it is your turn. So buck up and enjoy your transformation into a woman, a mother, a sister-in-law…” I stood there all along through Mom’s colloquy with the glass of water. I was pleased to see a content smile on Bhabhi’s face. After all life isn’t that unfair, I felt. “Thank you mom for making me what I am and hats off to all such women out there”, I said to myself. “Will you just keep on staring or give her water???” Mom said; she sounded so different now! “Sure I will Mom, sure I will”

-Pranil Palan

Page 32

Of curiosity and togetherness Do you think you could tell me, Which path goes right across those hills, And what lies beyond that horizon worth to see, If the ground felt the same or softer beneath, Tell me if you think you could tell me. 'Cause I can see a lake in the distant view, And I imagine the sunlight shining off its peel, And I know how the walk leading to it would be, On a bright, white day of crystalline spree. On a fateful day, that's what it should be. Away from the ignorance and tolerance, A short lived moment of perfection to seek, To search for answers that escaped our minds, And tread paths that were far away from our sight, Come walk with me, at least for a little while.

And if you think you couldn't tell me, I don't mind. Come sit with me, on my window ledge, Stare wide eyed and see the world in togetherness, And think of changes and upheavals we could make, Colour canvasses with shades of nameless paints. And if you think you couldn't tell me, I don't mind. Come sit with me, on my window ledge, Stare wide eyed and see the world in togetherness, And think of changes and upheavals we could make, Colour canvasses with shades of nameless paints.

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Page 34

I used to look at Barney Stintson and say “suiting up” must be fun #sigh #damnthisheat

At the Vatican in the middle of the night a gold and emerald augmented phone rang. It was Pope's private hot line. His Holiness picked it up thinking it was something serious. The caller was ecstatic, jumping around taking about a miracle. Pope asked, “What miracle are you talking about my son?” He said, “Sirji, today at GIM canteen there was no yellow curry, I repeat there was no yellow curry served all 3 provided were of different colors (taste still questioned)

Jaggu has decided to provide a mat , karaoke machine and picnic kits to those who are going to the library

Page 35

After the black hole theory, string theory, and relativity theory, scientists are desperately trying to figure out why chowmein is served with chhole in the canteen

Page 36

The “Social” Network Today, most of us are more content living in a virtual world where interaction happens via the internet. We are near, just a click away from each other and yet so far, so far that we can’t share what is happening with us. More so, after the so called “Social Networks” have hijacked our real networks and are now controlling us. As the gadgets around us are rapidly becoming wireless, by every passing day we are slowly getting wired all around and are now handcuffed. Now, the worst nightmare someone can have isn’t life without food or shelter, but life without a social network. Being social depends on the number of friends we have on our list, on the number of likes our picture gets or the number of birthday wishes on our wall, and not by the number of people who will come to us in times of need. We seethe with rage when people don’t accept us for who we are and yet we ourselves create these avatars online; these facades to hide behind. We try to be the master of our own destiny whereas some things are better left to destiny. The Virtual world provides customized solutions to your problems, but life is all about dealing with problems and not about running away, not about updating

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our status so people can sympathize but facing our problems head on and emerging stronger whether success or defeat. Someone has rightly said that �FACEBOOK� has now become like a fridge, where even after knowing that there is nothing new, we keep on opening it just to check. Well, that’s an addiction, deny it all you want. Today, chit chats have become chats, neighbours have been taken over by friends, group chats are the new found picnic spots and written cards are a long lost memory. And though we have a huge and ever increasing friend list, still we are getting more isolated. Will we ever unmask ourselves or will this mask become who we are? Many of us have created two parallel worlds, one in which we try to portray ourselves as perfect and the other in which, we are still trying to live with our imperfections. And for some the two worlds do meet at some point or the other but for many they are and will always remain poles apart.

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I must confess that though I am not an addict, the virtual world is taking a toll on me and I refrain from pondering about the future with such an addiction, but then what has to happen will happen, and we don’t have an option but to accept and experience it because, well, life is such‌such is life!

-Rajat Bhayana

Page 39 Books are indisputably my first love and writing has always been a pleasure. But, the problem is that I don’t write about anything that doesn’t affect me from deep within. There was a day, many years back, when I just stopped writing cognitively and penned down only those things that truly touched me.

I’m always in this quagmire every time I receive a mail from Kshitiz, requesting for articles. How can I not be a part of their newsletter…but what the hell do I send? My writing ranges from overly philosophical to sad humour. But tooo personal! Ugh! It’s October. I only have a few more months at GIM and I had to do this! So I choose this particular one which I wrote when I was in a pathetically one sided love affair. It’s short and funny and I always have a good laugh when I read it. Hope you guys like it! A page from my personal diary J THE K HANGOVER! The swooning world...the tumultuous rush of a million memories... And an aching heart. I just detest the K hangover. Just minutes before, I’m perfectly blissful in his intoxicating presence. His irresistible face makes me forget that I’m actually meandering in

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in this whirlpool of gorgeous destruction, racking every nerve of my body. The moment we part ways...PLOP! My heart just sinks like a rock in the sea. I hate the fact that he’s completely bewitched me. I’m his captiveBody and soul. But I know that he can never be mine. Then rationality prevails and I remind myself that I’m a strong and confident woman whose sense of purpose is much beyond these trivialities. I convince myself that true love awaits and this is just a…herculean distraction?! I rub my eyes, stretch to the sides, square my shoulders and take deep breaths. This is going to be a piece of cake. I can conquer this! Then...trinkletingting! My Samsung galaxy has a message for me…I’m destroyed! My heart soars; my mind is filled with possibilities. It is him! Oh surely it is! My eyes are wide with excitement. Like a tuna caught on an invisible hook I do an aquatic dance towards my treasure. Then I freeze midway. I surely can’t be this pathetic! Stop... About turn…back to the couch… Sit. Resume the yoga. This time I attempt the difficult postures and surprise myself. After what seems like eternity, I am Dalai Lama. With my serene gaze, I look towards eve’s apple. The room is filled with my divine laughter. Ah...the fragile human soul. I’m my own master.

Page 41 With austere steps I make my way gracefully towards the clairvoyant disturbance. My expert fingers dexterously glide across the LCD and notes from ICICI bank informing me of their new customer care policy.

Suddenly, I’m delirious. The urgent need to break my debit card and set the bank on fire takes over me. Feeling utterly miserable, I slump back into my couch. I shiver in the scorching heat and feel a cold sweat bead somewhere down my spine. Aspirin? Crocin? I’m sure even Madam Pomfrey doesn’t have a potion for heartbreaks! When will I resolve this conundrum? It’s time for class and there is a weather shift with thunder, lightning and the promise of rain. I sigh and think of a zillion ways to avoid him. Horse blinds? Too drastic! I grab my books, open my umbrella and stomp through the downpour. Life moves on and times change.

But how I detest the K Hangover!

-Krithika Subbaraman Iyer


The struggle against the downward spiralling economy is going on, and so is the GIMian’s struggle for good food. The Fruit Salad for Dummies from the last newsletter has reduced the odds against the struggle… a bit. Being a patron of the brave souls from Hostel 2, it was only an eventuality that I asked my mother for something that I could make in the hostel staying inside the straitjacket put on by the institution. On such a dark day when all hope from the canteen, kailash and jaggu was lost, had nothing but a huge hole in my pockets, I also dared into the unknowns of the footsteps of those brave enough to don the chef’s hat from the hostel. I searched the nooks and crannies of my room for the few pennies lying around unnoticed and coxed a few more from a few, who will not be named here, to get the few ingredients that are needed to make a the tasty and filling cheeseling bhel. What goes into the cauldron :  2 portions of cheeselings  1 portion of chana dal  1 portion of spicy boondi  Finely chopped Onions  Finely chopped Capsicum  2 tablespoons Tomato chutney/ Puree/ Ketchup  Salt to taste How to make it... 1. Put two cups of cheeselings into a bowl

Page 43 2. Put one cup of chana dal and spicy boondi into the same bowl Don’t be a miser add that boondi a bit more, it always helps to add the extra crunchiness 3. Add the chopped onions and capsicum to your liking 4. Add tomato ketchup/ Puree into this 5. Put Salt for taste Japanese believe that amount of salt you put in the food reflects the love you have for the person you serve)

The smile on the face of those sitting around is directly proportional to the size of the cup and the bowl Well, forget the cooking range and mix all of these in the bowl.. Use a spoon or still better mix with hands!! Serve fresh and while it is crunchy with grated cheese on top If you are one of those who want their food to burn a hole in their tongue. Add capsico sauce and chopped chillies to spice it up a bit Add pepper or lime if you are belong to the Praveen school of thought : “lime and pepper can only make things better” Now that you have made it share it with those around and don’t forget to call the author Recipe dedicated to my mother by Malav Kansara

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Tell us about your family I have a wife, 2 daughters and 2 dogs. They love me andI love them and we’re having a ball in Goa! I have been settled here for 3 years now. My wife is a corporate trainer. But now, she has given up and is looking after our house. One of my daughters is a graphic designer and another one is a film maker. They are all working. We are all meant for each other. Throw some light on your career My career is spread over a span of 35 years. For the first 20 to 22 years I worked with the best of corporates in India. I started my career as a sales supervisor at a company called Union Carbide in 1976 and when I hit 40, I became the national sales head of Cadbury Schweppes, for the CIS countries for their franchise division in Russia. Wrapped that all up and became an entrepreneur in my own right. Set up two small companies and ran them for 3 to 4 years. One was a direct sales agent for Maruti country-wide auto finance company. The other was a distributing company. In between I started a bit of corporate training and a bit of teaching, which I have been doing for last 12 to 15 years. More than teaching I would like to say, I have been facilitating young students and, I have survived. Q. What according to you is the impact of FDI on retailing in India? It is a reform that Dr. Manmohan Singh wants to bring into the country to create a facelift to the sagging confidence level of the agencies

Page 45 which give grades to Indian credibility at the world market. That's the political reason. But, India and retail! If it is implemented well, it’s going to create jobs. But if not implemented well, it’s going to create huge mayhem and a lot of hardship in states where poverty and connectivity is less.

At GIM, how do you see us your students and as youngsters? As students, I believe you are lucky to come to an institute which is amongst the finest of the country. It will give you a sense of humility and ability of working with people who are as good as you and better than you so you can foster the right kind of team spirit. This is an institute with which I have been working with for the last 2 years and it gives you ample amount of opportunities to do what you want, provided you want to do it! I have immense faith in the youth. As individuals, I believe each one of you are all extremely precious to yourselves and your parents. I wish each one of you the very best in life. You emphasize a lot on students contributing in class. How do you think this blends in with the faculty experience? In today’s situation where synergies have to be created it is not possible to just download information! Marketing and Sales are subjects where interest has to be created and learning processes are to be shaped in class. Beyond that the learning that people take, they apply to certain parts of their real life situations. So, one or two years down the line when you are in a job situation, you carry some positive synergies which are a blend of faculty experience and your own. After all, in a class of 60, some have work experience and others are freshers. Equally, their composite minds create the synergy that is required to understand the subject!

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A Note of Appreciation With a company coming in two hours and assignments due in one, we’re torn between researching and printing. Between reading headlines to prepare for GDs and brushing up our CVs. And just when we’re at our wits end there comes that knight in shining armour, a rescue we embrace with open arms. This month we would like to say a special thank you to HRiday for its ‘I know what you did last summer’ talks and IT@GIM for its Lakshya mails. We would like to recognise the hard work and selflessness put into these efforts to help us face these companies a little more prepared and a little less anxious.

Just hours after we learn of a new company’s arrival we see Lakshya in our inbox, be it for 145 people or just 2 the ppts are always impeccable. Crisp and full of the information we need to know. HRiday’s initiative helps the PGP1s interact with the PGPs to learn about their interview process and about the projects they had and to clear any other doubt they may have.

Page 47 The people behind the scenes are just as busy as we are if not more and yet they are always reliable and never let us down. We wait impatiently for these sessions as if it is our right but without the hardwork andselflessness(I cant stress it enough) it wouldn’t be possible.

So once again HRiday and IT@GIM, from each and every one of us, Thank You!

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We at GIM have diversity in all respects from inescapable rains to scorching sun, from Gujrati delicacies to Bengali bhoj, and from irritating insects to fierce leopards. Yup we have it all.

In the last 5 months of our GIM’s life we have never had as much of diversity as the last month. Though our professors brag that they have selected the best mix of students to solve assignments with wide perspectives, apparently there is only one poor fellow whose work is presented diversely by the whole group. But now we truly appreciate their effort. Whatever diversity is there we are all united with our primary aim in life; FOOD . From Gujrati jalebies to Bengali rosgulla’s. From Dandiya to Durga puja the whole essence of diversity has been seen. October has been truly colorful with so many cultural events happening all around. Kudos to all those who had put so much effort to make Dandiya and Durga Pooja so special .

Page 49 The climate here is just like a laundry cycle. First the unstoppable rains were washing us off and now this scorching sun makes us dry till we die. I just wish that we would have been part of some poor quality washing cycle where neither washing was proper nor drying. But in the end lesson learnt is, In Goa one thing’s indispensable ,an Umbrella.

Dear Mr. Leopard We are pleased that you took out some time to visit our beautiful resort. We all want to thank you for the most valuable managerial lesson that you have taught us. We have now realized the true value of networking . Your effort to even connect to your prospective food is a great example of networking at all levels. But if you just add an application of ‘My current location’ on your FB account then that will be highly appreciated . We as future managers are also interested in learning the new language that you have introduced through your name ,because its neither in French nor in Spanish. We hope that you enjoy your brief visit to Sanquelim. Your Prospective Food GIM student

Have a story, poem, essay, painting, cartoon, song or absolutely anything under the sun that you want to share with the entire college? Tell us. We’ll be only too happy to give you a platform to do so!

Or phone a KZ! Chetan Khushboo

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