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Let’s go CLUBbing! A special edition on clubs@GIM

From the Editor’s desk!


Firstly, we want to congratulate everyone on actually completing a year here! Infinitely, we want to bid farewell to our beloved SCC‟s for their invaluable support and continuous encouragement. We wish the universe forever plays on your team. This final month has been surreal in so many ways that given a chance we would capture it and play it on repeat in our heads. Where else do you have … A „Razzmatazz‟ that played with both water and fire to ensure that our awesome seniors have an unforgettable blast in their final month here. Where else do you get to be a part of … A tale with choppers landing and commandoes swarming, culminating into the PM landing … leaving us spellbound and in awe.

When else would you be …. Living in a paradise sooo wonderfully fabulous that forever now, love for this land will remain elemental. As „clubbing‟ is our verb of the month and as Clubs do need some balm after the recent ST carnage, we present to you this special edition of our newsletter „Let‟s go Clubbing. In the words, learn what newly turned SCC‟s have to say about their Club In the spaces, know what they think about other Clubs We know that most of you started reading


Student’s PR Cell ............................................................... 4 RazzMaTazz ............................................................... 6 Brainvista ............................................................... 8 Prayas ............................................................... 10 Mecca ............................................................... 12 Ribandar Talks ............................................................... 14

this magazine from the back but still we

Cover2Cover ............................................................... 15

would want to take this chance to flatter

IT@GIM ............................................................... 16

ourselves as no degree of cultism, anonymi-

Alumni Association ............................................................... 17

ty, secrecy or risk of getting verbally assassinated stops Kshitiz from bringing to you what you truly desire to read. It is this zeal that manifests itself as an exclusive interview with The Sanquelim Times. Happy Reading!!! Team Kshitiz

Health club ............................................................... 18 Sofia ............................................................... 19 HRiday ............................................................... 20 Kshitiz ............................................................... 22 i3 ............................................................... 24 GIM Speaks ............................................................... 25

Special segment  Tête-à-tête with Sanquelim Times………………………….26


My club in one word




My next favourite club :

My favourite club event

i3 <what a rejuvenation they have had…phoenix>

Handling PG and FB says Prithvi. Dikshant enjoyed Celebracion the most, although he‟s also a big fan of Razzie events. Chitra and Prajakta get their kick from the press calls they attend to!

-Prithviraj SAC (Love paying those fines) -Dikshant Prayas -Chitrangada & Prajakta

Ambassador of our club If I could rename my club, I would call it:

“No…we would prefer a er!!!!” Prithviraj


Prithvi and Dikshant would call it just PR Cell, and the girls would go for a fancier „RishteNaate‟.

“Mr. Avinash Jha” Dikshant “Prithviraj Gupta (PVR)” Chitrangada & Prajakta

Which brand of alcohol would my club be: Prithviraj thiks PR Cell would be LIIT (Long Island Ice Tea) as it has a touch of everything. Dikshant cracks an inside joke and says “It would be a cocktail called Ladyboy from Pattaya“ (We are as clueless as you are!), and the girls would go for „The king of good times, Kingfisher‟ Event suggestions to the other clubs Prithvi has a suggestion for all the clubs about Inception “Lets get together and make Inception bigger…turn it into a proper cultural festival”. Now we all know that Dikshant loves his drinks.“Some sort of drinking game organized by Razzmatazz and Prayas would be a great idea” he says. Chitra and Prajakta on the other hand would like to go back to their childhood days by asking Prayas to conduct “ back to childhood games (hide and seek, lock and key, corner corner etc.)

Our favorite meeting spot Vaibhav‟s room and the millions of impromptu meeting all over the campus seem to be all of their favorites. Which one did I love (Induction Dinner or Farewell ) & the place Induction dinner all over Panjim seems to be the unanimous favourite. Funniest club moments Mails from PR account without names and when asked who has sent the mail, the reply was „me‟ Prithviraj The sweatshirt incidents :P Dikshant Deciding nick names for all club members was fun.. We have rhyming nick names.. Prajakta (PR) and Prithviraj (PvR) have the PR tag in their nick names.. Vaibhav (VR) and Devyani (DR) rhyme too.. Chitrangada (CB) and Dikshant (DB) rhyme again.. All our mails to each other are addressed the same way Chitra & Prajakta






My club in one word




My next favourite club

renames my club !!!

Kshitiz is Noman‟s fav club.

My favourite club event

PR Cell is Sharvani‟s and Prayas is Oritra‟s choice.

Fresher‟s Night‟s scores highest on Noman‟s list, while Sherry and Odi swear by BeachOnomics

If I could rename my club, I would call it: Razzie Noman would call it Pulse if given a chance. Sherry and Odi however completely love their club‟s name. Oritra even goes as far as saying “I would definitely murder the one who

Ambassador of our club “All Six of us make RaZzMaTaZz” says a modest Noman. “MEEE !! “ say a not so modest

modest Sherry and Odi :P Which brand of alcohol would my club be: Johnnie Walker is Noman‟s drink of choice. Sherry opts for a classy Moet & Chandon (champagne), and Odi can‟t see beyond Resolute Black Event suggestions to the other clubs “Please have as less events as possible so that we get more attention” !!! :D Noman

It‟s Farewell Dinner at 21 Coconuts @ Arambol for Noman and Induction dinner, Stone house for Sherry and Odi Funniest club moments Sherry shares her funny club moment with us: On the farewell dinner everybody tricked me into thinking that the honey dispenser, kept on the table was actually a sanitizer… and well.. ahemm.. I did fall for it :p Every other moment is funny says an ever fun-loving Odi :D

“E cell (should do atleast one event” :p) Sharvani “Placement Party” :(


Our favorite meeting spot And finally the three of them attain a congruence of opinion with „Between H1 and H3‟ Which one did I love (Induction Dinner or Farewell ) & the place


BrainVista My club in one word


Wit‟s Up!



My next favourite club Prayas is Aditya‟s fav club. RazzMaTazz is Gunjan „s choice IT@GIM is Abhishek‟s, and i3/ Prayas is what Astha likes. If I could rename my club, I would call it: Aditya would call it Quiz -O-Manics. Gunjan, Κουίζ. Abhishek fancies

Brain(win)7 and Astha would rename it enQuizta@GIM My favourite club event Auto is the winner for Aditya and Gunjan, while Manroa and Astha go for Quiz na mile dobara. Ambassador of our club Aditya thinks it‟s Astha, Astha thinks it‟s Aditya. Gunzi and Manroa think alike. Both think it‟s

Which brand of alcohol would my club be: Absolut hain Aditya ki pasand. Manroa goes for a classy Chivas Regal. Gunjan thinks BV would be BelVedere. And Astha innocently chirps in– Vodka! :D Event suggestions to the other clubs Aditya smells business opportunity and says “Any club would like to conduct a quiz in their area of expertise we are ready to collaborate . Abhishek gives his two cents to Prayas and IT@GIM to conduct a PC Gaming competition. Gunjan naughtily suggests a Strip show to be conducted by RazzMaTazz, while Astha chooses to keep all her suggestions for BrainVista. Our favorite meeting spot The girls like meeting outside H1, H2 (2103). Aditya says he likes to meet his team in Induction and Farewell parties. Manroa goes an step further and says „We

Never believed in meeting much , straight Execution !!!” Which one did I love (Induction Dinner or Farewell ) & the place It‟s Farewell Dinner at 21 Coconuts @ Arambol for all but Astha, who liked the Induction dinner @ Sunny side up better. Funniest club moments Reading of quiz answers of participants Aditya Whenever we click Gaurav Dani ! Abhishek Having to Push a Car on the Club Farewell Dinner ! Gunjan The U-turns during Fare well!! Astha

PRAYAS My club in one word


My next favourite club: Razzmatazz for Derrick and I3 for Raina If I could rename my club would call it Derrick wouldnâ&#x20AC;&#x;t like to change it where as Raina would embellish it a little by calling it The great Prayas club My favorite club event Gully cricket was Derrickâ&#x20AC;&#x;s fav event and


Sports & Beyond

Raina had fun during the Matki breaking while Gana loved Panache and smash Ambassador of our club Both agree that it is

none other than CHORUS : Ruhshaad Daroga

Which brand of alco hol would my club be: Blenders‟s Pride says Derrick, 8PM is Raina‟s choice. Gana says “Would be hard to choose considering the no of drunkards in the club”. Event suggestions to the other clubs Something more from the Alumini Derrick Razzies can organise A dance floor after convocation night Raina Our favorite meeting spot Between H4and H5 say All.

Which one did I love (Induction Dinner or Farewell ) & the place Again both agree that it was the Induction dinner at St Anthony‟s Shack Funniest club moments There‟s never a serious moment :) :) “ says a chilled out Derrick while Raina says that the Mixed doubles‟ event final round conducted on Valentines day cracked him up

My club in one word



My next favourite club: LEGENDARY

Prayaas.. Their events bring the college together – Shawn Kshitiz – Disha PR CELL –Strafford If I could rename my club, I would call it: The keeda club says Disha while Shawn and Straffy would keep the same! My favorite club event: WIZBIZ 2012!!-Shawn & Disha Citius Altius Fortius –Strafford Ambassador of our club: Disha-Strafford The 6 of us!! - Shawn

Ummmm.. if headquarters were Panjim then SANCHIT :P - Disha 12

Which brand of alcohol would my club be Chardonnay,chivas

regal ,ABSOLUT

THE MIGHTY MECCANS !!! Our favourite meeting spots: Communic tion Lab, Amphitheatre, Board room of Library

Hum jahan khade jo jate hain mee ing wahin shuru ho jati hai :P It‟s fun when we are meeting in open… ppl pass us calling „MECCAAAaa.. „ and thinking „now wat they r upto‟ when we are jst chatting :P Which one did I love (Induction Dinner or Farewell : Farewell Dinner.. We had all

A day before WIZBIZ @the flex printer Shawn gets mistaken for a new political candidate (I take full responsibility in creating the confusion) after Congress workers hear shawn tellin every1 to keep qui-

hai..kaunsa party se hai..? Me: (wth they askin in hindi) Haa yea yea..hai hai.. They Say(among themselves): Dekko kitna Sponsor hai..naya candidate hoga !!

et as hez gonna do a radio in-

Me: ha ha hai .. <leave me

terview & then telling the


printer to print fast as we

They: Kiska party ka repre-

have the Event tomorrow (which incidentally happened to be th day Sonia Gandhi was having the Congress Rally in Goa) They ask me: yeh kaun


sentative hai.. Me: Really nt wanting to talk to them any more(wierded out).. SALGAONCAR ka hai !!


RIBANDAR TALKS- Let‟s think, Let‟s ship activi-


ties" on Google Our favorite meeting spot: Between H1

My club in one word

& H3

My next favourite club:

(Courtesy Vignesh LoL)

Pyaaaar Cell (waha toh bas

Which one did I love

Pyaaar baate hai) ;-)

(Induction Dinner or Fare-

If I could rename my club,

well ) & the place:

I would call it

Farewell @ Bottle Bay (you

Jantar Mantar (At least ppl

enjoy it more when you pay

will turn up for talks) :P


My favorite club event:

Funniest club moments:

C2C Mela

Too confidential to disclose

Ambassador of our club:


Pranav Pai Vernekar (PPV) Which brand of alcohol would my club be: Chivas Regal (People only have it with "Big" Names) Event suggestions to the other clubs: C2C enter "fun entrepreneur-

Cover2Cover My club in one word

Farewell at Arambol

Understated My next favourite club Razzmatazz If I could rename my club, I would call it Inicio My favorite club event Utsav Ambassador of our club Abhijeet Roy Which brand of alcohol would my club be Old monk Event suggestions to the other clubs Kshitiz – photoshop workshop

Funniest club moments Lost on the way to arambol – driving through the spooky jungle with no road in sight, with google maps ditching us at every

Our favorite meeting spot

turn and SCCs calling


frantically thinking they‟ll

Which one did I love (Induction Dinner or Farewell ) & the place

have to pay for their own farewell dinner


My club in one word




My , next favourite club


the other clubs Paint-

If I could rename my


club, I would call it

Our favorite meeting



My favorite club

Conference Room Li-



Citius Altius Fortius

Which one did I love

Ambassador of our

(Induction Dinner or

club Ishmeet aka Ishu Which brand of alcohol would my club be Absolut Event suggestions to

Farewell ) & the place Farewell Dinner@ Soul Soufle Funniest club moments Selecting Event Tagline as GOD IS GREAT

Alumni Association

My next favourite club RT

The Ghanta Awards

If I could rename my club, I would call it

Our favorite meeting

Ranvir Sena


My favorite club event

CR no. 4

Grand Alumni Meet

Which one did I love

Ambassador of our

(Induction Dinner or

club Rana Saâ&#x20AC;&#x;ab Which brand of alcohol would my club be The Glenlivet Single Malt

Farewell ) & the place Farewell



Event suggestions to the other clubs My club in one word

Health Club


tro ver sy Kin g

My club in one word My next favourite club E Cell (No work no controversy 


If I could rename my club, I would call it Ghost Riders

Our favorite meeting spot Undoubtedly Cafeteria

Midnight Snacks

Which one did I love (Induction Dinner or Farewell ) & the place

Ambassador of our club

No comments !!!

Kermit The Frog

Funniest club moments

Which brand of alcohol would my club be

Finding that the person paying Maximum MG is from our own club !!!

My favorite club event

Feniiiiii Event suggestions to the other clubs Don‟t “mess” with us My club in one word :

My next favourite club :


Kshitiz / Prayas

My favourite club event : Ranbhoomi If I could rename my Club, I would call it : Fin-Ninza Our favorite meeting spot : Ankur‟s Room (has to be this ;) Event suggestions to the other clubs : More strategy games by clubs like Mecca, Hriday and IT@GIM Funniest club moments : a)Went to the Farewell Dinner in a MINIBUS in-

Ambassador of our club : Himanshi Which brand of alcohol would my club be :

stead of a cab because of a screw up, but ended up

Single Malt( Subtle

having more fun than was possible in a cab J.

and Classic)

b)Farewell Dinner, SCC Piyush Malani went on a sing-

Which one did I love

ing spree –sang whole “Breathless” song nonstop, JCC Ankur „s answer- “Meri baat sunke koi hansna nahi” whole song.

(Induction Dinner or Farewell ) & the place : Farewell Dinner

c) Ranbhoomi dry run, when Himanshi was trying to

- bahut saare

sell her stake as vegetables, Lelo-lelo and everyone

raaz khule the us din

laughed their hearts out ;-)

J, Place: Brittos


My club in one word : Emotions, Inspiration,

Favorite club event

Stupendous, Revival

The Hriday members have

My next favourite club:

their favorite

Prayas gets all the votes

in-house club events. Vivek

from Vivek, Xstie and

loves the Republic day

Deepankar while Kalpana

staff felicitation while

sticks to Razzmatazz

Vivacity is Kalpanaâ&#x20AC;&#x;s favor-

If I could rename my

ite club event.Xstie loves

club, I would call it

to make the monthly

Vivek would call his club

newsletter while

Symphony while the other

Deepankar has some

3 love the name Hriday!

surprise in store for us when he says his favorite event is COMING SOON !

Ambassador of our club Its alwaz WE!! Which brand of alcohol would my club be D'Amalfi Limoncello Supreme liquor Our favorite meeting spot: Behind the Fomento hostel ..dont get confused itâ&#x20AC;&#x;s your own hostel 1 only ;) Which one did I love (Induction Dinner or Farewell ) & the place : Farewell at candolim.. Funniest club moments : Gossip during the farewell dinner ď &#x160; Event suggestions for others: bit of everythingfrom gaming to P-shop, marketing to more beaches


I CREATE. THEREFORE I AM. My next favourite club Prayas is a big hit amongst female KZs! Nishant‟s vote goes to Health club, Sid‟s to HRiday and Piku‟s to RazzMa-





Tazz. If I could rename my

is our club-meetings :P

club, I would call it

Ambassador of our club

Vartika, Sid and Neelu won‟t change the name.

Veene-the CR of Kshitiz as well :D Neelu

Piku wants a „j‟ in kshitiz

Aravind N G Nishant

instead of „z‟, KZ Nishant would call it „Creativity

Siddharth-The PR, Veena –The CR Piku

Cell‟ (ahem!), and Veene

All of Us Vartika, Sid

would rename it


„Scrabbles and Doodles‟. My favorite club event Veena loved GIMmicks, Vartika‟s favs were YMMD and BeachOnomics, Neelu, Sid and Piku give thumbs up to


Which brand of alcohol would my club be Neelanjana says “Absolut Vodka because it‟s Chic, pop ular and comes in really fun bottles! Green Fairy ;) fares

„Sleepless in Sankhli‟,

well for Nishant. Pinot Noir

while Nishant‟s fav event

for Sid and Desi Daru for

Piku!! The teetotaller Varti

All agree that it was

Funniest club mo-



Event suggestions to the

What‟re you sayin dude!! ;)

other clubs

We have „The Fun of GIM‟

Neelanjana suggests Hikes

himself in our club.

and bikes to Prayas and a cult

Need I say more? :P

cul-fest by all.

more marketing events, Sid wants a Food festival/Master Chef by Health Club. Vartika suggests RazzMaTazz to resume movie nights (“loved Tom and Jerry Screening”). Employee of the month celeb in cafeteria by Hriday with a

the clubs??

terrific sense of

Our favorite meeting spot

humour leaves you ROFL!

while it‟s Jaggu‟s lounge for Veene Induction or Farewell ?


JCC selection inteview :P Sid

out).A cultural week by all

Amphi/Outlook for the 5,



Listening to Neelu‟s Nishant‟s responses, comments, and observations…their

pic board (Kshitiz can help u


Once someone asked us to design a logo for them and we all stood looking at our logo Nishant Neelu mimicking Nishant! This has a recurrence every time we meet :P






aki wants Mecca to conduct


Ikkees Naariyal :D

-drinker Veena chirps in „

Kshitiz “Treasure hunt!!” Pin-


Farewell Dinner@

ka has no idea, and non

Nishant‟s suggestion is to


Vartika Every moment involving The „N‟otorious duo‟ Veena




i3 Tra





My club in one word My next favourite

Guala Hall

club IT@GIM If I could rename my club, , I would call it : Industry In teraction cell My favorite club event : Stay tuned. . Ambassador of our club (Within ur club) : Me (ď &#x160;) Which brand of alcohol would my club be: Haywards 5000 (inke josh se bachke kaha jaoge ?) Event suggestions to the other clubs : Distribution of free alcohol every Saturday by RaZZmatazz Our favorite meeting spot:

Which one did I love (Induction Dinner or Farewell ) & the place: Farewell Funniest club moments: When Wipro speaker extended for 2.5 hours instead of half an hour and we did not know where to look.!

What GIM junta wants its clubs to do! CLUBS– PLEASE NOTE :D Shashibhushan suggests Kshitiz to have a Flash Mob Contest ”Which ever team can pull off the best flash mob in GIM Campus/Sanquelim” Krishnasish Nath suggests Kshitiz to have Art competitions. Karthik.S has a loooong suggestion for RT “ Find the real problem which that particular company has faced and bring in the speaker who was most involved in sorting out the issue. It gives a specific problem based study and learns the practical application of those with practical difficulties and how really company countered the same”. If RazzMatazz wants be in Shawn Menezes‟s good books, it should have Jazz sessions and POOL PARTY!!!!!!! Kalpak Iyer wants Mecca to conduct Outdoor Advertising competition within the GIM campus! And finally Fuzail Anjum says “ IT@GIM should have a LAN Gaming contest,like FIFA or NFS”

SPECIAL SEGMENT We have cracked our ribs laughing while reading their blog. Some Clubs took their acid tongue with a pinch of salt, while their sarcasm was lost on others! We don‟t know who they are, but we sure know that GIM has never been entertained like this before. These new freedom writers speak exclusively to KSHITIZ about clubs and beyond. Welcome aboard Team Sanquelim Times. You have arrived. And we‟re glad that you have :) 1) What compelled the birth of The Sanquelim Times? A: Constipation. And a relentless passion to bring out news and happenings, regardless of it being true or fake.

3) Why soo anonymous?

2) Was it envy? Are you one among those that didn't get to be “the elite of the campus” ? A: Oh, dammit. Is it that obvious?

A: ST‟s philosophy is certainly not “club-bashing”. We respect the work Clubs are putting in voluntarily to make our GIM life more… just kidding!

A: And you guys… why soo serious? 4) Is there some philosophy behind ST or are you just here to kick-ass ?


5) How many times have you felt an intense urge to laugh and say Ok Guys this is who I am? A: I tried saying. Nobody believes it‟s me. I don‟t exactly fit you know. So now every time I feel like laughing, I think about the half grand I lost on buying sweatshirt.

, 6.) So, let‟s get it straight once and for all. Which club makes it to the „ST Wall of Shame‟ and since we doubt the possibility of a „ST Wall of Fame‟, we would be happy to know which club is the farthest from this Wall of Shame. A. Wall of shame – Shiktijz. You had to interview us to have enough content for a newsletter? !! Wall of fame – Pee Easy. At least until 6th trimester

7) Since you have an opinion on all things GIM, do you think the Administration is a part of GIM too? A: GIM has administration too? We thought it‟s just “The Sack”. 8) Any advice, suggestion or comment for any club? A: Hey 2-cover-2, why-owhy? 9) Your blog says „You‟re Hiring‟. What kind of people are you looking for? Are JCC‟s eligible? A: That‟s just a gimmick to get funny applications. We got some too. But yeah, anyone who can contribute is indeed welcome.

10) Your reasons to agree to this interview? Are we ever going to get know your identity perhaps in a year or so?

12) How thrilled are you by the fact that you have become something close to the fake IPL Player of GIM?

A: Reason for interview? I just do things. The mob has plans. The clubs have plans. GIMâ&#x20AC;&#x;s got plans. I'm not a schemer. I try to show the schemers how pathetic their attempts to control things really are. And my identity, itâ&#x20AC;&#x;s already known. My IP address has been compromised. Lulz.

A: I get very thrilled, but then my MG gets deducted and I go back to sulking and finding ways to recharge my RFID. P.S. These are my views and not necessarily of team ST as a whole.

11) Or maybe, you can come out in the open after the second year and pass on your legacy of humour with secrecy to some likeminded PGP 1? A: Maybe.


March 2012 Newsletter  

Kshitiz presents monthly newsletter of Goa Institute of Management (GIM)